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Review #26, by Tinka (too lazy to log in) Late Nights

4th April 2005:
Lol, I looked back on your reviews and *Hands up in defeat* I'm writing, I'm writing :P. Can't wait for your next chappie =D

Author's Response: BETTER BE WRITING!!! *breathes heavily*

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Review #27, by Michael Sullivan Late Nights

29th March 2005:
I just read the first chapter... and it was really amazing. oh man, two more stories after this one? can't wait.

Author's Response: Lol, if you're just reading it now you've got a lot of catching up to do!! Hope you enjoy!!

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Review #28, by Sin a.k.a. BadAssBytch69 Late Nights

26th March 2005:
Hey babe, I'm finally starting your story and I'm excited to keep reading, so this review won't be very long... The first chapter is short and sweet - thus I loved it and I can't want to keep reading the others!!! Love, BadAss.

Author's Response: Yah!!! I am so glad you finally came to visit me!! You know I always keep my chapters short and sweet!!! I hope you enjoy!! and i can't wait to see you move over here!!

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Review #29, by CrystalClear Late Nights

25th March 2005:
Hey, I was just seeing that you made some awesome banners, so I was wondering if you could make my friend a banner for her story? That would be great! When it's done, just leave it in a review for one of my stories or something and I'll give it to her (she's new here so she might need my help in setting it up)! Okay, here's the info! The title of the story is Harry Potter and the Unforgettable Bond and her penname is Aristocrat! If you could put both of those on! Okay, for the pics, she would like an OC on it (I have the pic) and Harry on it and that's all. She would like the banner background to have music notes in it somehow because the lead OC loves music! I'll just leave the rest up to your creativity, it's an action/adventure story, nothing too angsty but not too cheery either. Sorry if I'm not helping. Anyway, here are the pics I'd like you to use:

I like this picture for Mark Evans, the main character (OC), https://webmail.pas.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=1915&attachno=1&folder=INBOX&x=-945185539

For Harry, http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/image...onesheet_md.jpg, http://www.corriere.fantascienza.com/imgba...otter-3-loc.jpg, http://tinypic.com/1j5f2o, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/mel...ear_banner1.jpg, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v302/mel...it_banner1a.jpg, http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/warner_brothers/harry_potter_and_the_goblet_of_fire/daniel_radcliffe/goblet1.jpg, http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/warner_brothers/harry_potter_and_the_prisoner_of_azkaban/daniel_radcliffe/harry.jpg. If these don't work, I'm sorry, I'm technologically retarted. If you could do this thanks, if not please let me know so I can ask someone else! =)

Author's Response: Okay first of all, I'm glad you like my work but please don't ask for banners in a review. Just email me. that is so much easier. And two, NONE of those links worked. I would lvoe to make your friend a banner but you have to give me some good links.

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Review #30, by silver phoenix Late Nights

5th March 2005:
In response to your note on my review: I'd gladly do your laundry!!! ^_^ Oh, and I FINALLY submitted chapter eleven of "This Sort-of Fairy Tale With You", so it should be up in about 56 years! LOL!

Author's Response: lol, well come over then!! ANd I'm glad you updated!! What about the not in kansas anymore story??

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Review #31, by luna45 Late Nights

4th March 2005:
love it

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #32, by dreamgazer220 Late Nights

26th January 2005:
hey, awesome start so far. i know you have a lot more chapters up, but i only have time to read this one. it's great. hope the next ones are as good :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! I hope you enjoy them!!

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Review #33, by songstress180 Late Nights

26th January 2005:
oooh i like what you're doing with it! i read it on quizilla before, but i like this beginning better! off for 2!

Author's Response: Yeah, this one is a whole lot different from the quizilla one.

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Review #34, by Majestrix WIndrider Late Nights

23rd January 2005:

Author's Response: thanks!!

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Review #35, by silver phoenix Late Nights

12th January 2005:
*claps* Very good first chapter! Can't wait to read about what happens! Could you do me a favor and read over my story "The Doe and The Werewolf" and tell me what you think? Thanks! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, and sure I can read your story.

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Review #36, by silent_robin Late Nights

10th January 2005:
Great story so far. It was a little bit slow at the beginning but that may just be my lack of sleep and how right now I'm finding everything to be boring, but I liked your story, so that should tell you something if I liked it and think about everything else right now is boring. Did that make any sense? I honestly don't know. Well I liked it and I'm going to read more either tonight or tomorrow so keep up the good work and thanks for taking time out of your day to write.

Author's Response: Hmmm... that made a little sense but it's okay!! And I'm glad you are taking time out of your day to read this story.

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Review #37, by LadyLupin Late Nights

5th January 2005:
Forgot to say that I'm happy your Rupert one is coming out:)

Author's Response: Lol, I know you are!!

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Review #38, by firefawn Late Nights

29th December 2004:
Okay couldn't resist but am responding to someone else's question. Dark Princ3ss asked why Makaya wouldn't ask odd questions about someone having a pet owl, but while that as a pet is odd to some people it's not odd to others. Three of my close friends have owls actually, trained and all, so I wouldn't think it was weird at all. Even when I read JKR's books the first time I didn't find the whole Owl Post thing too odd, I mean people used to communicate that way with pidgeons so I think that it's just a matter of perspective. :)

Author's Response: Right on!! I wish I had an owl, like the one in my story.

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Review #39, by Tinka 4 Ever Late Nights

24th December 2004:
Hey girl!! Lol, I just got back from vacation and read your 7th chapter. Again, another amazing chapter ^-^. I'm really sorry to hear about your nana, I hope she gets better :D.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! Hope your vacation was good and happy holidays!!

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Review #40, by Phenomena Late Nights

16th December 2004:
Erm... Harry lives at number 4 Privet Drive, not number 3.... but it was good otherwise.

Author's Response: Lol, yeah i know, gotta go fix that!!

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Review #41, by Tinka 4 Ever Late Nights

13th December 2004:
Lol, loved the chappie :D. Hope ya keep up the awesome work :D.

Author's Response: Thanks you chappie, lol.

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Review #42, by Bartimaeus Late Nights

11th December 2004:
Cool story...great grammer...LOVE IT! Keep it up...oh, but, I don't like the black chic goin' with Harry on that banner!

Author's Response: Huh?? You don't like it that a black girl is with Harry?? Why not?? There needs to be some interracial dating since no one else has done it!! Well, sorry you feel that way but I am not changing it. Everyone else likes it!!! You should be more opened minded.

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Review #43, by Urvi Late Nights

11th December 2004:
Awww...Harry's got a crush on the new neighbor!! You're a pretty good writer. I like the way you describe things; it's very original. Moving on to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!!

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Review #44, by me! Late Nights

7th December 2004:
woohoo! i like so far! great job KA2003! tata!

Author's Response: KA2003, that's really cute!!

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Review #45, by prplangl26@aol.com Late Nights

3rd December 2004:
That was a really good chapter...I only have one problem...Your put that Harry lives in number 3 Privet drive. When its number 4 privet drive.but onther then that I did enjoy this 1st chapter.

Author's Response: Number 4??? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! MY STORY IS RUINED!!!! Lol, thanks a lot for pointing that out for me. And I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #46, by Rowan Late Nights

22nd November 2004:
Hey! I tried logging in, but those darn cookies. GREAT story so far!!!!

Author's Response: Yeah those cookies suck!!! and thanks a lot!!!

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Review #47, by ramhockeyfan Late Nights

18th November 2004:
i like what you've done with your story. its better than the quizilla version.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! When I first did it with quiziilla I wasn't really focusing on any detail or an actual story line, but when I thought of one it was too late. That's why I'm glad the lovely firefawn introduced me to this site.

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Review #48, by LadyLupin Late Nights

17th November 2004:
Hey it's Lara, I like this new beginning. I can't wait to see the differences in this from the other. I'm reposting my story here to as it got deleted from here a few weeks ago. New name is LadyLupin. Love the story:)Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey girl what's up?? I'm glad that you like my new approach and I can't wait to read your story here. Holla

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Review #49, by firefawn Late Nights

15th November 2004:
Well since the site crashed and my first review was obviously deleted from your story heres another for ya! First off, even though I've read part of this on Quizilla, it's SO good that I LOVE reading it again. So if your a new reader to this story TRUST ME IT'S GOOD! The author really incorporates a LOT of witty humor into the later chapters and the plot is truly unique, taking it's own course rather than the typical HP fanfic would. It's a MUST read! Great job KawaiiAce2003! I can't wait to read the rest of it!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the advertisement!! Everyone should check out firefawn's story too, it is one of the best fanfics I have seen in a while!! And I am very picky!!! lol!!

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