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Review #51, by maggiepotterblack Dress to Impress

13th November 2009:
i like Lily's ou fit best, i think. i love this story it is so funny

Author's Response: Thanks! And I liked lilys too

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Review #52, by maggiepotterblack The Lake

13th November 2009:
that is so funny i love this story.

Author's Response: ahah thanks!

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Review #53, by Lottieloo The Party

25th October 2009:
Oooohh we likey the drama!! Can't wait for more!!! :)

Author's Response: ahahah Thanks soo much for reading and the review!

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Review #54, by giantsquidlover The Party

24th October 2009:
Oooh so much drama! Hmm Chris seems alright but I like Sirius so much more! This story is really good though, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank soo much for leaving a review! Thanks reading as well, love your name btw!

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Review #55, by Sirius<3 Dress to Impress

13th October 2009:
This is great! i like Chris, just don't make him more important than Sirius! (I'm sure you won't though!:)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and the review! And thank you for liking Chris and I wont make him more important!

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Review #56, by Lottieloo Dress to Impress

11th October 2009:
This is really good!! Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: I am really glad you like it! Thanks for reading + the comment!

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Review #57, by inspiredl Dress to Impress

11th October 2009:
YAY! Thank you for updating!! :)
And no I don't like Chis -_- but that's just because I love Sirius, I'm sure Chis is important so I won't complain about him anymore ;)
Really good chapter!!! Please make the next one longer!
I really enjoyed it but once again their were quite a few spelling mistakes and stuff, I still got what it was meant to be but just thought you'd want to know. I understand it's hard to go through your own stuff checking it (I never do) so maybe you should get a Beta reader?
Just an idea.
You've got a great story going here though!!
Please update soon!
Lily ;) x

Author's Response: I am really sorry about the spelling mistakes, I am like the worst speller ever. And I know that no one would like Chris and I love Sirius too ahah. But thanks for reading and commenting! And I'll try to spell better!

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Review #58, by inspiredl Friends?

5th October 2009:
A really good beginning!!! I love Marauder stories (and I do have a bit of a soft spot for Sirius I must say :P) and this one seems really good.

I like your idea but you need to work a bit on your spelling/ punctuation/ grammar and maybe read over the chapter before you publish because a few sentences didn't quite make sense (I got the gist though :) ).

I feel really mean criticizing you but it's just to try and help!

It didn't stop me enjoying the story and I can't wait to read more!

Lily ;) x

Author's Response: I totally understand it's ok! Thanks for helping!
It's just my Microsoft Word isn't working so I have been using Notepad.

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Review #59, by Eva Friends?

4th October 2009:
Ah, that note at the bit made me feel a bit better, I was like WHAT chapter two and friends already?!?
It's nice that you showed Sirius' mature side a bit, that he can walk with her and be normal. Though the whole laying on the lap thing, and the whole "deep" moment with his big nice grey eyes and "godlike" and whatnot? That was pretty cliche for me...I'm glad you atleast said at the end that it's not what it seems, though.

Awesome cliffhanger!! It's interesting that she slept in...why would she do that? Up late for something? I'd like to see it explained or see that go a little further or something, instead of just lurking as a minor detail. Maybe it could come up in like a couple of chapters? That'd be kinda cool if that came back in like chapter 10 or something lol. Sorry, obsessing over minor details! I should stop like foreshadowing your story! You don't have to do that of course btw :)

OH she missed Transfiguration, I'd like to see McGonagall's angriness hahaha :) I mean anger, wow bad grammar. Anyway, like I said before, super good cliffhanger! It's exciting. I bet they'll think she was doing naughty things, looking all disheveled :) lol

ps. defense against the dark arts, not offense of course :) or maybe they just had it under a different name in the 70s?

Author's Response: Ahaha I think you might be my favorite reviewer.

ALRIGHT soo I think you might like what's in the next chapter but just remember the story is still like coming in to play. And sorry it was to cliche, but I was really debating if I should put that in but as you can see I did.
Oh and thanks for the tip about the dark arts. I was away from my harry potter books at the time I wrote this story.
Thanks for reading and the review!!

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Review #60, by eva The Lake

4th October 2009:
Sorry I'm reviewing when another chapter is already posted..! lol.

HAHAHAHA that was a really good hook! I loved the way you started off the story. Layla is funny :) And I like how she can't ALWAYS be super witty against Sirius like most girls, she occasionally can't come back with a comeback and she also is kinda affected by his, well, sirius-ness (seriousness, lol). She's not like superwoman like I see in a lot of stories. But she's still really funny! I quite like her, and her little quirks, like angry that Sirius Black can't say two extra letters... :)

The ending was fabulous!! haha that did make me laugh :D I'm upset you only have two chapters thus far! argh!

And the little thing about Madam Puddifoot's is pretty interesting.I also like the art thing...I think you could work off of that! Though, here's some constructive criticism sorry if it offends you, I think the "most beautiful art" thing was a bit overdone.either that, or Lily really hasn't seen that much art. How can a 16 year old girl be better than Picasso or something?! It's a bit too cliche for me, sorry. Still, I like the fact she wants to be like a half-artist half-auror, that's pretty unique that you threw the art thing in there.

Chapter was a little short, but it was pretty good for a short one. Keep on writing, I'm hooked on this story :)

Author's Response: First off I love how you actually took the time to write this, and to add criticism is really ok with me, I need the help!
And I really didnt mean for the most beautiful art to come off like that because I totally know what you mean. And I think I might change that now that I look at it.
Sorry if it was to short! Thanks for reading!

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Review #61, by dyqw1700 Friends?

4th October 2009:
I love this story! I added it to my favorites. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it and you added to favorites!
And I will update soon don't worry I hate when people don't update I like die waiting.

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Review #62, by giantsquidlover Friends?

4th October 2009:
Hey this story is so awesome! I love how sirius and layla dare each other on everything. It was cute how they just hung out this chapter as well. update soon!

Author's Response: Im really glad you like it!!
And i'll probably end up updating every like two weeks since I'm writing the 10th chapter now.

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Review #63, by Wednesday Darling The Lake

29th September 2009:
Eep! I'm loving it.
Good job so far.
I can't wait to read the next one.

Author's Response: Aww thanks for being my first review ever! THANK YOU FOR READING!!

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