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Review #26, by Kat Chapter 12: Life in Paint

28th August 2011:
Please hurry i cannot wait!

Author's Response: chapter 13 is done, chapter 14 is nearly finished- when should i post? :)

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Review #27, by LilyMinervaLunaMalfoy Chapter 12: Life in Paint

27th August 2011:
This is a great story !! Cant wait to read more :)

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Review #28, by Amulu_potter Chapter 6, Remembering:

25th August 2011:

Its been really a long time i read ur story m sry for that... i promise to read all the chapters and also review them..

U r just brilliant.. just love ur work!!

i like the way u played hermione's reaction on hearing the lose of her foster parents or rather her mom

Tht song was really nice

i love the young Drakey!!! :) he is soo sweet and the portrial of the whole memory was nicely done

i luv how draco comforts hermione and how they display their emotions preety cool

Ginny and Blaise! really?! i like tht pair:)

ha ha book on how to interpret girls ha ha really??

u know it true tht u can say wen someone has a crush on someone else but wen it comes to urself its..well u cant say if the one u like likes u..

Awww it was sweet of draco to say such things to hermione at the last part

looking fwd for more


P.S lovely pics cya in the next chap ;)

Author's Response: you are amazing! so dedicated and nice! thanks so much for being a constant name on my review pages

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Review #29, by KiraPotter16 Chapter 12: Life in Paint

25th August 2011:
it made me cry. Ginny's story about Hermione made me cry. you're a writing genius :)

Author's Response: why thank you! you made me blush! it made me cry to write it, honestly, but Draco needed to know

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Review #30, by fallen faery Chapter 12: Life in Paint

24th August 2011:
I really am happy for the wonderful update!!! Please update again soon!!! I like how Hermione is able to put all the pieces of her life into perspective and that Draco got some much needed understanding of the situation.

Author's Response: thank you, im glad it went over well, she told me she liked to paint and i figured it was a good way to "put all the pieces" into perspective just like you said. thanks for reading!

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Review #31, by qtbaby88 Chapter 12: Life in Paint

24th August 2011:
aww thats so cute and maybe hermione wont be completely mad and im glad draco reaalizes now what hermione has been through

Author's Response: wait till you read chap 13, you'll love the reaction. its so simple :)

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Review #32, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Chapter 12: Life in Paint

24th August 2011:
hope draco didnt throw up on ginnys feet when he threw up on the hogwarts it update soon please

Author's Response: *impish grin* maybe i should rewrite it so that he does and gets hexed out the window lol. no he didnt, but it would have been funny if he had! lol chap 13 is done, 14 is 2 paragraphs away from being done. When should i post? lol :)

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Review #33, by Mari Chapter 4, A Plan In Action:

12th August 2011:
Oh please, everybody knows. I really like this story, but you're killing me with this! It's just not realistic! Oh well. Im not stopping now!

Author's Response: this is a very confusing review lol - do you like the story or not?

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Review #34, by Mari Chapter 1: A Brand New Me

12th August 2011:
It's definitely not bad! There's a couple kinks to work out obviously-because even if she didn't like James she wouldn't have accepted it that well, and Blaise is too quiet to blab like that, but it's still great. Keep it up!

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Review #35, by NoOneKnowsTheTrueMe Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

10th March 2011:
This is awesome!! i was so sad though when the chapter was over, but it was incredible!!

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Review #36, by qtbaby88 Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

29th January 2011:
omg that was sad but also amazing job i cant find the right words to put it in but awesomely amazing would hvae to do for now

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Review #37, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

29th January 2011:
love it so far...cant wait til the next chapter.

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Review #38, by Baylee Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

28th January 2011:
This is wonderful! I felt like I was reading a book. Till I got to the end cause it ended.:( when will then next one be up?

Author's Response: Soon, i am almost done with chapter 13, actually. :D

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Review #39, by realhermionegrainger5 Chapter 3, A New Year Begins

27th January 2011:
oh she is going to drive malfoy crazy

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Review #40, by alice Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

27th January 2011:
have been waiting for ages for this chapter, it was totally worth the wait though :)
can't wait to read what the mural looks like,
please update soon?

Author's Response: The chapter where the mural is fully explained is done. It's waiting for it's turn to be put up. It will go up once i finish chap 13, which i am half thru with

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Review #41, by Lynnlana1 Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

27th January 2011:
I hope they get back together soon and Ron just backs off.

Author's Response: idk what im going to do with them, they have a mind of their own some days, lol

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Review #42, by Dragoness101 Chapter 11: Conflicting Interests

26th January 2011:
I loved this chapter. I didnt like how in the last chapter you kind of gave away the ending. But apart from that iv loved reading this so far.

Author's Response: when did i give away the ending?

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Review #43, by Shar Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

20th November 2010:
More! plz! Plz! Wright more!

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Review #44, by AmazedByYou Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

9th July 2010:
KEep on goin this is great work!

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Review #45, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

7th July 2010:
love it love it love it and UH-OH...CANT WAIT til the next chapter

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Review #46, by rusol Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

6th July 2010:
i can't wait for the next chapter. omg write it quickly. come on i love it u r such an amazing writer. i want more love scense between draco and hermione. i want kissing and maby if u can make a makeout scene

Author's Response: as i've said, i try my best to repost soon after my next posting, but i've hit a block. writer's block sucks big time lol. anyway, i've got ideas on where i want to go, just not sure how to get there, lol. but check back soon!

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Review #47, by qtbaby88 Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

5th July 2010:
wow just finished the story cant waot to fin out what happens amazing job

Author's Response: im working as fast as i can, but writer's block strikes again

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Review #48, by missgreenebean Chapter 9, Masquerade

4th June 2010:
I unfortunately don't have photobucket...I used to but that was like forever ago and I can't even remember my name/password. Anyway e-mail would work, but I guarantee that if you have already been editing/playing around with your own images they are much much better than the one I have, haha I was just doing it for fun, and was slacking on the actual getting it to be perfect aspect.
Anyways, I'm super new to this website and I'm trying to find your profile page but everytime I click on the "click here to meet me" thing or whatever it just sends me an error...and I just tried to send you a review with my e-mail in it and it wouldn't go through. Lol I clearly need to figure this website out.

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Review #49, by missgreenebean Chapter 9, Masquerade

3rd June 2010:
Since for some reason I can't write to you on your actual profile page, this will have to do. I haven't read fan fiction for a couple of years, but something about your story drew me in. Anyway I was having a hard time of it picturing hermione with black hair and green eyes, so I went ahead and did a little photoshop work and got as close as I could. It's not my best work but it gets the job done. If you would like the image I made I'd be more than happy to give it to you, since it would be cool and all to actually visualize Hermione as a Zabini. I sort of assume you know some photoshop skills or some program because your banners are quite nice... Anyways, keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Yes, I would LOVE to see it! do you have photobucket? or perhaps email?
Yes, I love working with photoshop and If you would like I'd gladly send some photos I messed around with. I have an entire folder of pure hermione pictures that i have been editing and messing around with for fun so i have plenty of her looking like a Zabini.

What did you think of the story?


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Review #50, by dracosgirl18 Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

20th May 2010:
Argh you know how I hate cliffies! I'm hping that this dream doesn't come true but if it does I know that Blaise, Brandon and Draco will be there to comfort her and help her!

11/10 Kitty


Author's Response: oh definitely

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