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Review #26, by Majerus A 'Those' Day

9th November 2013:
You'll never hear a complaint out of me for long chapters :)
It seems sad that James hasn't figured out anything about Stac. The very fact that she has 'protectors' should be a screaming loud clue. As soon as the Head Boy gets attacked the guards practically cloister her away so there's another clue. I dunno. It doesn't speak very highly for his - or really any of their group's deductive reasoning skills since they've known one another all this time.
I know he's Harry 'clueless' Potter's son... but still.

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Review #27, by Majerus Vengeance Is Mine *

9th November 2013:
It must be all the more infuriating for Stac, who likely could say but a word to her goons and Marcus would be Very Clearly instructed on not touching her ever again. For that matter she could obviously dismantle the git herself. Which makes me wonder, why doesn't she spurn him openly?

You portray James so well, and lines like:
Not that Stacís kindness was calculated, butÖJames was suddenly very glad he wasnít the type to think out loud. Here he was, digging himself a hole, and the only person he was holding a conversation with was himself.
just makes me laugh and appreciate the depth of the character :)

Who can understand birds indeed :p

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Review #28, by Majerus All Bets Are On

5th November 2013:
Well this is just very cool stuff! None of that fluffy bat-the-eyes crap, a genuine character drama! I'm impressed and enjoying the heck out of your story!

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Review #29, by m Under-handed Dealings *

3rd November 2013:
Devastating! A prank for the ages, though her highness seems to be walking a dangerous line if I understand things. Though... I doubt I do!
Very fun read!

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Review #30, by Majerus False Impressions

3rd November 2013:
Very fun, love the characters, your method of reveal is smooth and full of cool surprises.
The story keeps getting more intriguing and interesting :)

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Review #31, by Majerus Fall At Your Feet

3rd November 2013:
Fun start! I like the attitude and resignation of fate with James.

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Review #32, by hiddenhorcrux We're All Stories - Part I

7th October 2013:
I'm so glad to see you haven't abandoned this story! It's so sad to see good stories being forgotten, so happy this isn't one of them. Can't believe it's almost the end, I just spent the last few hours re-reading this story.
Please update soon! :)

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Review #33, by AKS21 We're All Stories - Part I

30th September 2013:
Ahh thank god you are back! This is by far my favorite story and it was such a pleasure to be able to read more! I hope the next one comes out soon. You are a very talented writer so keep it up! Hopefully, there will be more Stac and James and Rose and Scorpius moments in the future.


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Review #34, by a rollerball We're All Stories - Part I

31st August 2013:
please update soon :) it was an amazing chapter

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Review #35, by Lily As Darkness Breaks

23rd August 2013:
I have read all the chapters and utterly and completely loved them... being new to this website it is the first story I decided to read it is amazing the detail is great and the plot is intelligent

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And welcome! Though be warned, it's a dangerous place - you get sucked in and you just can't leave! I'm so glad you enjoyed this!

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Review #36, by Derek All In The Morning Betime *

1st July 2013:
We so need an update to this fantastic story!

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Review #37, by hpfan? All In The Morning Betime *

3rd May 2013:
6 months .please update it has been to long,you cant end it like that.

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Review #38, by hpfan! All In The Morning Betime *

28th April 2013:
you said its nearly the end,but you're taking so long ,it has been 5 months.please update!im dying!

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Review #39, by Serendipity1234 All In The Morning Betime *

15th February 2013:
They are so sweet ❤❤ I love James and Stac because they're both so courageous and stubborn and loving. The whole wedding scene was an interesting sort of subplot too. I especially loved Ron's advice about marriage, which was pretty funny. I really want to know how/if Stac is going to get away from her family's control. Also, I was wondering...this may be far-fetched, but...there probably aren't many death eaters around anymore. It's been a long time and with Harry and Ron and them bringing them to justice it seems like thre wouldn't be very many. But Harry and Ron are very busy is it possible they know something about Stac's family and their business? Maybe that's what they've been working on. And Harry didn't recognize Stac as a Sangraal because they didn't use her full name. Just a wild guess.
Anyway, I love this! Update soon!!

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Review #40, by Serendipity1234 Best of the Bad Days *

13th February 2013:
I'm loving the mystery of all of this! And the characters are wonderful -they're all flawed and complex and endearing and amiable. I like seeing them change. Even if James is being a bit childish...I love him anyway.
I still have a few chapters to go before I catch up, but right now what I'm hoping for (probably unrealistically, but this is just for fun) is some big, glorious revolution where all the nicer, cooler, younger wizards just band together against the evil older people messing their lives up. (Yeah, probably not going to happen, but I don't know, thought I'd share where my thoughts are at this point in the story) I was thinking this would involve a lot of espionage, maybe a little reuniting of the remainder of the order of the Phoenix and Dimbledore's army, and Anastacia befriending her guard. I really have hope for Creeten, you see (as unfortunate as his name may be...), because unlike his brother, he still has some...feelings. And independent thought. Sure, he seems to like to boss Anastacia around a bit, and he's probably mostly doing it because one of his goals in life is probably to rise to his father's position, br I think he must also care about Anastacia, at least a little bit. Everything he does is to protect her. He sacrifices his life for hers and is unfailingly loyal to her. He doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her and he doesn't seem to like her all that much, but he has reason for feeling that way -she's made his stupid job kind of difficult at times. The same goes for the rest of her guard. Maybe not all of them as I don't really know much about most of them but the Farlows seem cool. Regardless of whether there's an actual uprising coming (I mean I do sort to expect one in some capacity, but you never know) I think it would be smart of Anastacia to beforend her guard. It may seem like it's too late for that but you can always try again to connect with someone. People change over time, so maybe they would get on a little better now. But why would she want to be enemies with him? It only makes her situation worse. She might gain a little leeway here and there if he actually likes her and trusts her. Not to mention more loyalty to her rather than mostly her father.
So I see them all banding together and a crazy, big battle or an escape and just all the good people taking over and putting an end to the evil rule. Because that would be fantastic. Maybe the guard would join in because they have their own friends and want their own lives, I don't know.
I just hope Anastacia is brave and gets out. It's really cool how Duardo did that, though he might just get killed for it...regardless it was brave and noble (at least assuming Celeste's story was accurate). At the moment he's kind of the Fortinbras to Anastacia's Hamlet.
Another thing I don't really get -did Anastacia's father ever really care for her? Does he now? I'm not sure if I should think that he never really cared, or her used to care but it's faded over the years, or if he still cares but it's never been a very significant amount of caring (meaning it's a lower priority to his plans for world domination or whatever).
This is so fun to read.
Update soon!

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Review #41, by Serendipity1234 Density

12th February 2013:
Owen is really cool. I like your twist on amortentia too -how the smells aren't the actual scents of the actual people they love but smells that remind them of the people they love. And the flashback was adorable and I feel like I now understand a lot better why Anastacia's always let James take the blame.

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Review #42, by Serendipity1234 Fall At Your Feet

9th February 2013:
This is a really cool idea, but I kind of hate Anastacia. I mean that's not a very honest or loyal thing to do is it? Not really characteristic of a good friend. She shouldn't drag him down and make him take the blame and punishments...why does she do that? Does she not care about him very much?

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Review #43, by Sqveege All In The Morning Betime *

11th January 2013:
Lovely luvey chapter! I loved the bit with Ted, Harry and James in the attic, and what romantic gesture in the Great Hall. Can't wait for the next!

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Review #44, by a rollerball Sticks and Stones

12th October 2012:
update soon. pretty please.

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Review #45, by AKS Sticks and Stones

7th October 2012:
absolutely lovely chapter! I loved how clueless James was, typical! Please update soon this is by far my favourite story I have read, you are truly talented. Keep writing, I am always checking to see when you update!

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Review #46, by Talia Sticks and Stones

6th October 2012:
So unbelievably glad you've updated - I'd all but lost hope and this is one of my all-time fav stories. Brilliant chapter, as always :)

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Review #47, by AKS21 Many Happy Returns *

17th September 2012:
Incredible story. I have been waiting for a very long time to find out what happens next but it was well worth the wait (but please don't make us wait that long again! haha)

Stac's birthday sounded magical and unique... i wish my birthday's were that special! Also, I love Stac and Jame's relationship

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Review #48, by Talia Many Happy Returns *

16th July 2012:
Loved it!! So glad you've updated, and it's such a cute chapter as well. Good work :)

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Review #49, by Hannah Many Happy Returns *

8th July 2012:
OMG I'm so excited this is back!I love it!I can't wait to read more,update soon please!:)

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Review #50, by Conflicted Density

24th April 2012:
I'm so upset it's taken this to get James to realize his feelings!I have no idea who to root for now.
Can I please have an Owen of my own though?That'd be nice.
Gotta keep reading!:)

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