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Review #26, by xLauriePotter Nothing

9th February 2011:
orderofthephoenix: Hellooo! Laurie here with your requested review!

Ok. First of all. EEP! I love the Script. I'm going to see them live in March! Ok excitement over.. Onto the review ^.^ ...

Aww. The way you start the fic of is great (obviously because I'm feeling sorry for Scorpius), The way he feels hopeless at home and good ol' Albus Potter is trying to get him out, Bless. ;) ~ This is my comment on good characterisation by the way ;D

I feel a little angry at Rose in a way, but I guess I shouldnt because I haven't heard her side of the story :( Its a shame Scorpius is so hung up on her.

You've done well to get the story from the lyrics; I think you've really listened and looked between the lines to get the best out of it. You've done a really good job and I was singing along while reading hehe.

~ Laurie.
Ps. *And I know that I'm drunk but Iíll say the words
And she'll listen this time even though theyíre slurred* - Stuck in my head now -.- hehe

Author's Response: Thanks Laurie! I'm glad you liked it. I seem to be getting good responses from this fic so I'm happy :D

I love the Script too! That's so awesome that you're seeing them live! ^^

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Review #27, by ravenclaw_princess Nothing

8th February 2011:
This was such a sad story, poor Scorpius. You captured Scorpius' mood really well and his actions seemed very realistic for someone who was heartbroken and under the influence of alcohol.

I like how this story had a not so happy ending, it just added to the realism, and the song and the story fittted together well. Everythign flowed well and grammatcially it was very much spot on.

Over all, a wonderfully heartbreaken and well written story.

Author's Response: Thanks for your lovely review. I'm glad the feelings and emotions that I wanted to get through to readers actually did get through :) That was the main thing I was worried about.

Thanks! ^^

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Review #28, by Shelby Nothing

8th February 2011:
Oh my gosh! WOW! Holy Moley! A-mazing! 10/10

Geez girl this is amazing! I actually decided to watch and listen to the lyric video on YouTube while I read! No joke the EXACT same time I was reading the "They say a few drinks will help me to forget her
But after one too many I know that I'm never
Only they can't see where this is gonna end
They all think I'm crazy but to me it's perfect sense" The song was on at the same time and it happened pretty much the whole way through...especially when he was saying "nothing" :( It was so sad!

This is the FIRST EVER song fic I've read! GREAT first impression! I've only read Scorpius/Rose being happy and together I loved the diversity in this story!

I don't know what else to say...other than I loved it and I'm very happy and proud of you hehe! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Make sure to tell me okie doke!

Lots and lots of love your way deary

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much Shelby!! ^^

I am so glad I've given you a good impression of song fics. I don't usually write songfics but as soon as I heard this song I knew I had to write this for Rose & Scorpius! No joke :)

I've not actually listened to the song the same time as I've written/read this 'cos it distracts me :P But I think I'll have to try it out :)

Thank you soo much for this lovely review! I'll let you know when my next piece is up. Shouldn't be too long :)

Thank you x1000 :D
Love youuu

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Review #29, by LadyMalfoy23 Nothing

7th February 2011:
oh, so sad! poor Scorpius!! I like stories where they dont always get the happy ending! Call me crazy but they seem more realistic then the happy ending garbage everyone writes, lol dont get my wrong i love those ones too but these are the ones that capture my heart!! And seeing how scorpius acts was great!! And al with scor, //sigh great writing sophia!! :D xx

Author's Response: Thanks Jess!! I'm glad you liked it! :D I think I prefer the unhappy ending stories to the happy ending ones too. ^^

Thank you again :)

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Review #30, by TenthWeasley Nothing

7th February 2011:
Oh. You have just brought a tear into my eye, that was so... poetic. ^^

Your Scorpius characterization? Spot. On. I absolutely adored your characterizations of everyone, really, and you just did SUCH A GOOD JOB. I'm trying to get that into you, hehe. ^^ And you fit this song so well, too! Gah. I just thought this as beautiful.

And, to top it ALL off, I love sad endings. I don't know why, but they seem so much more real and beautiful when things don't always end up happily ever after. Going into this, I was thinking, "Oh, yes, hmm, and then they'll end up happily ever after..." but then you totally twisted it, and it was GREAT.

Seriouslyseriouslyseriously loved this. It was fabulous! ^^

Author's Response: You've just made me cry (happy tears, of course) with your beautiful review!! I'm so so so glad you liked this and you totally understood what the story was about :D

Thank you, thank you for your amazing review!!! :D You don't know how happy you've made me, Jane ^_^

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Review #31, by slytherinchica08 Nothing

7th February 2011:
OMG the emotion you portrayed throughout the whole oneshot.. is just so sad! It really made me feel as if i was scorpius going through all those emotions hoping to get back together and then finding out that they never would again.. and i liked that you had it as scorpius instead of rose that was begging to get the other one back.

You did a great job with description and it all flowed really well..

Great job


Author's Response: Yay! You're the first reviewer! :D

Aw, thanks, Erica. I'm so glad those feeling came across as they did and that you thought I did a great job. :D

Thank you ^_^

Sophia x

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