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Review #26, by MissAnonymousYou Horror House

16th August 2010:
Great chapter, i think it was very well done, i could almost feel their pain as i read it and it gave me chills

Author's Response: Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted for readers to feel! So thanks for telling me that :]

Thank you for taking the time to review!
I just updated, so let me know what you think of that chapter too!

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Review #27, by fire witch Horror House

16th August 2010:


So hopefully it'll be up asap and that you'll like it!

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Review #28, by prettydifferent Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

15th August 2010:
I'm in love with this story. :) So much that I read all the chapters in one night, reading until 11:30 pm. I just couldn't stop, it was too amazing.

Can't wait for more chapters, because this story is wonderfully well written and the plot so far seems great and focused. I love it.

Author's Response: Aw, yay! That makes me so happy to hear! Ego boost, haha. I'm glad you like it so much!

Anyway, I just updated! So hopefully it'll be up soon :]

Thanks for reading it all in one night and reviewing! :D

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Review #29, by RonNiffler The Welcome Back to School Prank

11th August 2010:
PsstÖ Guess who it is? Give up? I donít blame you, you havenít seen one of my reviews in ages. But itís that girl, RonNiffer, who is suppose to be reviewing your story. Weird I know, youíd think youíd see me every deecade.

Alright, hi. If you didnít get the paragraph before Iím really sorry that Iím such an awful reviewer, but here I am again (how long has it been one year, two, a million?)!

My favorite line from Peter: ĎYour face looks like a hippogriff chewed it up and spit it back outí

I love a lot of lines in here as well as that one. But if I copy and paste them all youíll just have your whole story in the review! =D

Their was one line from Sirius that got my attention: ďHave a good fall, Pete?Ē
It just stirred a memory in me of my father always laughing when I fell and saying: have a nice trip, see you next fall.
Now I highly doubt you meant for me to make that connection, but I just found that really cool, I love when I can make connections when Iím reading!

ďSheís even beautiful when she canít scream at me,Ē Oh that James, what a hopeless Romantic. Lily needs o give him a break!

Another beautiful chapter image like always!

I donít know if Iíve mentioned this before, I probally have, but anyways I love the length of your chapters! Their just the perfect length, not too long nor too short!

Ok I shall go now by saying Great job and keep up the good work! =D

Author's Response: Why, hello there. Long time no see. Hahhaa :]

No, it's okay you took a while, I took over a month to get back to you :P It's only fair lol

Anyway! I want Peter to be sort of like the comic relief sort of deal :] Especially since a lot of people don't like him and he was described as being not very smart haha. And I'm glad you liked a lot of lines from this chapter and that you found a connection to real life! I draw a good amount of things from real life.

I felt like this one wasn't one of my strongest ones, so knowing you liked it, is good :]

Haha, I love making James a hopeless romantic, he's so great. And we'll see about Lily later ;]

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you x 95329785892794 ;]
I'm so happy you're still liking everything.

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Review #30, by lupin.mayhem Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

6th August 2010:
Can't wait for the full moon!!! An absolutely fantastic story!!

Author's Response: The full moon is coming up NEXT! I just posted it, so it should be through the queue soon :]

Thank you for taking time to review! I appreciate it! :]

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Review #31, by Mayhem Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

2nd August 2010:
I can't wait, this is a fabulous story, one of the few amazing remusxoc stories out there, and I definitely like the turned on Remus!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! :D
I like a turned on Remus too, haha. I find it funny sort of.

Thanks for the 2nd review!!

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Review #32, by Mayhem A Secret Genius

2nd August 2010:
These chapters I've read have been awesome, don't worry about including every detail in transitions but I really like it so far!! Only 2 chapters and I (a nonreviewer) thought it was worth a review!!

Author's Response: Wow, I got non-reviewer to review?!?! My work here is done (not literally, of course haha). I'm glad you liked it so fast that you felt the need to let me know! Your review made me do this -> :D

Transitions are tough for me because I like letting people know what happens in between and how it effects the characters...and my OCDness likes to put those things in, haha. But I'll keep that in mind!

Thank you for the review! :]

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Review #33, by naflower05 Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

16th July 2010:
great chapter!! cant wait for the next one!! =]

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is waiting in the queue! Exciting :]

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by Kaylaway Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

15th July 2010:
I really really love this story! And Remus too. You make him so adorably shy. Can't wait for the werewolf transformation. Keep up the fabulous work =D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I love shy boys, haha.
I just posted chapter 15 which features the transformation ;]

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #35, by Kaylaway Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

15th July 2010:
I really really love this story! And Remus too. You make him so adorably shy. Can't wait for the werewolf transformation. Keep up the fabulous work =D

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Review #36, by RonNiffler Getting In

12th July 2010:

So I decided two reviews in one night donít make up for how long it took me to come back to your story and start reading and reviewing. So how about three review? Better right! =D

Your first couple of chapters seem a bit dull to the last couple of chapters I just read. Even though, those chapters were still great, you got to catch their attention early on so they can continue reading and see how great it becomes!

Seriously these chapters just get better and better! Itís more interesting; things are always going on, theirs conflict, and many other things that make it fantastic!

Your detail is pretty good, but remember there is never too much detail! You can always add more! But how much you have now is fine! =D

Iíve got to tell you Iím really glad you came and requested your story for my review page! Iím really enjoying your story and canít wait to see what happens!

Great job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Three reviews is awesome!

I think if I do a re-write or something, I'll be sure to edit the beginning chapters to make it more interesting :] It seems everyone feels its slower than the rest of the story, which I agree with for the most part.

Yes! I've been trying to add as much detail as possible without it being all detail for the whole story.

Thank you so much! You're almost done with reviewing D:

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Review #37, by RonNiffler Welcome to the Dark Side

12th July 2010:

Look at this two reviews in one night! I hope this makes up for the such long breaks it has taken me to get to your story! Though I understand if youíre mad at me! But lets stop my jabbering and get onto the review, shall we!?

Have I mentioned how much I love your chapter images? Their absolutely gorges and lovely sight to see before starting a wonderful chapter! Keep them up!

Iím really mad at those boys. Sirius acting all disgusted with himself from flirting with a Slytherin, even though they knew each other before hand. *Shakes head in shame*. Iím disappointed in them. And then Remus gives up on her so quickly! Gosh! She was nice to that loner (even if they didnít see that) and rejected Evan!

I got to say though it would be interesting if her and Evan got together, but Iíd be worried he wouldnít treat her well and ask her to join Voldemort. I guess all have to see what you decide to make them have a fling or not.

Your story is progressing wonderfully and each chapter you capture my attention more and more!

I canít wait to read more!

Great job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I could never be mad at you! Don't think that! You are definitely on a roll, I see another review from you above too (three in two days? amazing!).

Chapter images, thanks! No one comments about those :[ My favorite ones are chapters 9, 11, 12, and 15, lol. I spend a lot of time on those so I appreciate the comments!

Yeah, I know huh?! But, they're 16 year old boys, so they don't really know any better. Later, you'll see that Remus comes around, sort of, haha.

Evan and Addie would make a very good looking couple if I do say so myself, Josh Harnett and Mini Anden hahah. Anywho. I've decided to use Evan in a different sort of way lol. He'll still be chasing after Addie though, sort of.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

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Review #38, by RonNiffler The Sorting Nerves

11th July 2010:

Iím such an awful person. I feel so bad for not getting to your story for awhile. I thought my schedule was opening up, but I turned out to be wrong. Yesterday I finished reading this chapter and had wrote your review when my power went out. I was so angry about it I just didnít get back online and by the time I finally did, I forgot that I hadnít sent your review. Not like thatís a good excuseÖ Alright now onto the review.

I had this whole speech planned out about how though your stories great itís not unique. I would have gone on to say itís beginning to sound clichť and that you need to have something in your story that makes it one of a kind. That sticks in peopleís mind.
My speech should be thrown away. Because you just showed all of your story is unique, and wonít be easily forgotten in the pile of other stories they may read.
Having her be in Slytherin is not something you see a lot. We were all guessing that she would be in Gryffindor, but BAM you werenít going to let that happen.

My interest level has been pretty good this whole story, but now itís 10 times more. Iím dyeing to know whatís going to happen (meaning Iím going to go read the next chapter in about 10 seconds)!

Upon entering Hogwarts and the amazement. It was fascinating to read it from someone older perspective then a first year. Itís kind of like their a kid again thinking anythingís possible and I loved reading that from her eyes.

Oh and before I forget. I Love Remus in this. You forget that he noticed girls too, but had to force himself back because of his furry little problem.

Alright! Now onto the next chapter!

Great Job!

Author's Response: No! Don't feel bad about leaving late reviews! I'm taking forever to update now, so I'd be a hypocrite to say that you're taking too long. You're taking time out of your day to let me know how I'm doing, and that's awesome, so thanks!

Anyway, yes, haha, I made her a Slytherin! I get tired of when they always get thrown into Gryffindor too, it's been done too many times. I wanted to give another twist to the story :P

Ah, I'm glad I'm keeping people interested! That's, I think, going to be my hardest part now when I'm writing the next couple chapters that I'm working on :/ I need to keep the interest level up.

Yup! I had to make sure to write from a new person's perspective. I'm sure no in their right mind would look up at that for the first time and be like 'Yeah, whatever', haha. And Remus :D I just had to add some lovin' in there. He definitely will notice Addie in my story, hahha.

Thank you SO much! This one made me smile :]

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Review #39, by Nynfadora Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

29th June 2010:
Heh heh, thanks for the mention inthe Authors Note :P

Firstly, it's great seeing that detail is still a larger proportion of your work than what it was, it's such an improvment from the beggining!

The content is good, and Remus' moment in Charms actually made me laugh out loud!

A few things though (this is still good, I'm just being harsh, don't take it the wrong way :P)

1) Some of the wordsare abit repetitve after awhileand this damages the flow. This happened on more than a few occasions too, in this occasion I understand that it may be done for effect but under the circumstances it didn't reliease its full potential; "When the quiet Marauder, Lupin he remembered, met his gaze before they passed through the large doors before the Marauders, Rosier did not dare to hold back his smirk. It seemed, he mused, that the Gryffindors even had good taste sometimes. - The word 'Maraaauder just feelsslightlyy over used :( As a replacement, you could of used ' The dispicable group' or 'The close friends'-a theasorus would help :)

2) Sentence styles could perhaps bea bit more varied, in the paragrapgh about the description of the Charms classroomconectives would of turned it into a slightly more mature style of work (But I still loved the description)

3)"Once he was finished preparing for bed.Bed? lol, it's morning!

4) She goesoff ina dreamless sleep straight away? Personally, I would worryand toss and turn all night- it perhaps isn't themost realistic of things to doafter what she just heard!

Well... sorry about that,I was being sttupidly picky ( I don't think I'veeverbeen thatharsh on areview beforebut just think of it as that your writing is valid enough for extrem nit-picking!:)

On the otherhand your description has improved by 10% , the plot is quirky, humerous, attractive and original and the way you wrote the group dynamics is stunning- realistic and something for the reader to think about. Spelling and grammer?Flawless.


Very veryy sorry about thespelling and grammer in this review- it won't let me change mymistakes- hopefully you can read mostofit though!

Author's Response: no, no. i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it :D
i love that you've pointed all this out! i really don't mind, and definitely encourage it! it helps me out a lot :P
as you probably remember, this was the chapter i had the most trouble with, so i'm currently re-editing it and fixing everything you suggested, adding some stuff here and there, and eventually re-post it by the end of next week and maybe have the next chapter ready too :]

anyway, thanks for the tidbits ;] they're helping a lot. i don't think you're being too harsh on me.
and i'm glad you're enjoying a few things still despite all those little mishaps xD

and yes, i got through the misspellings and mistakes, so don't worry.

it was wonderful :]

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Review #40, by Jasmine (: Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

27th June 2010:
hi! I started reading this story on Mibba & then I continued reading it on this site. I really like this story. A lot. I'll stay with this story from now on, and I hope that you update soon!

Author's Response: aw, thanks! yeah, mibba readers don't comment as much as i would like, especially for the amount of readers i had, there were so few comments, so i've kind of ignored that site for now lol

anyway, i hope to update soon as well, but i'm actually editing this chapter and reposting it, because it wasn't too good. so i'm hoping in a few weeks the next chapter will be up! :]

thanks for the review! :D

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Review #41, by RonNiffler Platform Nine and Three-Fourths?

18th May 2010:

So my schedule is about to clear up in a couple of weeks so I'll actually be able to review you chapters in a timely manner soon! But really I am so sorry for the long wait. I have a bit of time right now so I'm going to review your chapter! Yay! =D

Have I told you that every chapter just gets better and better! I really love the length of you chapter too! There just the perfect length. There not to short that you don't have enough time to get interested, but there not to long where one looses interest. It's somewhere in the middle and just perfect.

Poor Remus challenging his sexuality! I mean come on! Remus has to be strait, or my major crush on him just got :)

I have met a few guys though who are insane about chocolate, but it is a bit odd. Remus and Addie just got cuter! I swear if they don't get together!

I'm also falling in love with Sirius (even if he's a player!)

Addie is getting much more three dimensional in this chapter! The whole make-up deal really gave insight about her. And then her mom and stuff! Great job!

Ed seems like an interesting guy, I can't wait to learn more about him.

Oh can I just say I'd pay for her to get in Slytherin! I mean they have it coming talking about pranking her and such!

Speaking of houses, I resent that HufflePuffs are the rejects. There's just no house good enough for us! =D (That's my inner HufflePuff pride coming through!)

All right! I'm going to go now because I do not wish to repeat myself. Well great job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: no worries! my schedule just cleared up too, so i'll be able to get on more and the like x]

haha, i always try to write just up to the point where it might seem the person might get bored with it, and at the same time to the point where people aren't like 'that's it?'. length is very important to me i think lol

lmao, yes Remus is straight :] wouldn't have him any other way, and there wouldn't be a point of having this story if he wasn't! lol i try to make them as compatible as possible without making it outrageous.

Sirius is amazing, i love him too haha no matter what he does and what era.

:P i'm trying my best to keep her as three dimensional as possible, just to keep her real. thanks for noticing xD good to hear that :]

ed will be showing up more in later chapters ;]

oh the're gonna have to see for yourself ;] and don't worry, i'm sure i would've been in Hufflepuff if i went to Hogwarts haha.

you're amazing :P

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Review #42, by nanee5 Friendship Seeking Friend

9th May 2010:
I love thisss :) Can't wait for the next chapterr!

Author's Response: thanks!! :]
it'll be up soon hopefully :P

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Review #43, by fire witch Friendship Seeking Friend

8th May 2010:
update soon!!! !!! !!!

Author's Response: i'm hoping to have updated by the end of the week! :]

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Review #44, by Nynfadora Friendship Seeking Friend

8th May 2010:
:D Good for it to be back! Can't wait till chapter 15, sounds amazing :)

Your style at the moment is really nice and I think its safe to say that its going to stay like that :D The added bits of description that you are now doing makes you as close to perfect as you can get :)

Hope your enjoying you job still, remember HPFF needs you lol :P

Author's Response: haha, you're wonderful :D
chapter 15 will, hopefully, be epic, i certainly love the graphic i made for it lol

thank you so much! that's definitely a confidence booster :]

gahh, hopefully i can get something up by the end of the week for you guys :]
i'm so sorry for the LONG delay between updates :[

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Review #45, by orangezauber Friendship Seeking Friend

8th May 2010:
Strange how our schedules sound extremely similar. When it comes to things like that I fully understand the time it takes to write a chapter or two and then decide they are ready to post. I make countless outlines and then find myself changing them so I never really make it much further than the intro chapter. So not to worry about delayed updates, you are already way better than I am :-)

Another great chapter. This is one of the fanfics that I actually seek out and check for updates. I love how you write the interactions between Addie and the jealous females of the school. Addie is really a great character and I look forward to see how she develops throughout the story. Great Chapter!


Author's Response: i'm glad that there's someone out there who understands what i'm going through at the moment...or was going through lol
haha, i'm trying to not fall behind and keep up the standard i've set at the same time, which actually leads to one or the other. and i know what i want to happen, but i'm trying to figure out the best order to put everything as well :/ which is also delaying the writing process unfortunately.

aw, thanks! you don't know how happy i am to hear that! :D i'm tyring to keep things natural between everyone and not go overboard on the whole all the girls are jealous of her sort of thing, the next chapter might fail at that in some sort of aspect lol

anyway, thank you so much orangezauber! :]

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Review #46, by sherlock Friendship Seeking Friend

7th May 2010:
yay! i was worried for a while that maybe you had abandoned it.
can't wait for the next one :D

Author's Response: just got out of school ;] so i have more time to write. so i'll try my best to update as regularly as possible!
and i will try to update by the end of the week xD

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Review #47, by naflower05 Friendship Seeking Friend

7th May 2010:
this is a really good story!!! i cant wait for more!! update soon!!! =]

Author's Response: thank you! i'm hoping to get something up this week :]

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Review #48, by RonNiffler A Simple Look

23rd April 2010:

I'm a bad person. I have not been leaving reviews for your story! How dare I?! I'm really sorry I'll try to leave some more reviews real soon!

I swear every chapter of yours just gets better and better. =) Your detail gets better and it flows great!

There were some slow parts, but they didn't last to long so super great job! =)

Have I ever told you how much I love you for not just saying 'said' all the time! It was such a breath of fresh air so thank you!

Alright I love the boys! I just wish I could go hug them all!

Well this is going to be a short review, but I donít want to repeat myself so I'll leave by saying Great job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: i'm even worse -_-
i just updated after month of barely writing anything. and i answered your review 3 weeks after you wrote it. so yeah, don't feel bad about being slow :]

thanks! i try to make everything as detailed as possible.

ahh! i don't want slow, maybe i'll change it - maybe. this chapter was more of Remus background type so i can see why you thought it was slow :/

lol i feel redundant if i keep typing said all the time! i annoy myself if i do haha.

i love my boys, hahaha.

thanks for project reading my story! :D

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Review #49, by RonNiffler A Secret Genius

6th April 2010:
Alright this is my I'm really sorry it took me so long to leave you another review. I'm suppose to be doing homework, but I felt really bad for not leaving another review in a long time so here I am. (It's probally going to be short since I really do have a stack of work to do. Sorry)

Ok so here I am ch 2.

Let me just say every chapter just gets better and better. I'm really excited to see where this will go. (good thing your my project eh!)

The boys are just great. I love Sirius and James finsihing each others sentences and such!

And then there's Remus! Oh how I wish I could go to Hogwarts with them. Those boys are all heart throbs! :)

Addie and Remus is very cute. Can't wait to see how they work out. (That is if Sirius can stop flirting!)

Your story flows great. I didn't spot any grammar mistakes and it was just GREAT!

So good job! I'll try to leave a review for ch 3 as soon as I can!

Sorry for the wait, and for the short review.

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: do not feel bad about how long it takes to review, my life has gotten a WHOLE lot busier lately too, so don't worry about it ;]

i always wanted to write something when friends/family members finish each other sentences. i always love it when Fred and George do it in the movies so i did it with James and Sirius :D

Remus is amazing with Addie :] i'm trying to make them compatible as possible without making them TOO compatible, you know?

thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #50, by AlfonsoandWOL Uncomfortable Conversation

1st April 2010:
can't wait for the next full moon! really enjoying this story and thanks for updating so fast :D

Author's Response: i'm writing the full moon as we speak (write).
hopefully i'll get the next chapter up soon! :]

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