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Review #26, by SiriuslyLily Chapter Eight: The Weasley Catfight Round Two

5th November 2012:
hhmmm, dunno.maybe Rose? cuz he was with her first. tata.

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Review #27, by FLYING BUNNAH Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

22nd October 2012:
Please. Continue. This fanfic IS MY LIFELINE! I die if you don't continue! Surely you don't want a fan of yours to die right ?! It's been WAY too long, and I check obbsessively for the next chapter! And right when it seems like James and Elaquay are getting at it ... BOOM! They're back in the friend zone! It's so unexpecting ! I'm at the edge of my seat! You have a gift, like I think your the best writer on HPFF. No joke. You. Are. Amazing. You broke my scale this is definitely worth more than 10/10!

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Review #28, by AA Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

15th October 2012:
Beautiful, dearie. Please continue the writing. The
tension is literally killing me (well not literally but
you get the general idea).

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Review #29, by Rorpius Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

10th October 2012:

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Review #30, by potter_epic_riddle Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

20th September 2012:
Um, wow. This is amazing! Please update soon! I've always loved this story, but I've only just recently found it again. (: 10/10

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Review #31, by Rose Smithson Prologue: An All American Witch

1st September 2012:
Hey awesome chapter! My last name is Smithson strange...

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Review #32, by Melis Chapter Eight: The Weasley Catfight Round Two

31st August 2012:
scorpius have to be with rose. I know you've probably wrote it but i just wanted to review :D

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Review #33, by update Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

24th August 2012:
could you please update. I've been looking forward to this story. So please please update faster!

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Review #34, by longbottom_inthehouse Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

22nd August 2012:
Ahhh this is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE

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Review #35, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Prologue: An All American Witch

17th August 2012:
I'm reading it again I love it so much. And, I think its been less than a month since I finished it the first time.

Please update soon.


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Review #36, by MollyPotter<3 Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

12th August 2012:
I am actually in love with this story!! I started reading it yesterday and have finished it already - I couldn't put it down!! I really hope you add another chapter soon!! I really think that you should do a chapter - or maybe even half a chapter of James POV now, how he feels about El now. The suspense is killing me I can't wait to find out whether James and El get together and whether Rose and Scorp do!! I M completely enjoying your book and am looking forward to the rest of it! I will be. Checking everyday for an update!! :)

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Review #37, by kate Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

11th August 2012:
Great story!! PLEASE finish!!! :)

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Review #38, by Shindig Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

9th August 2012:
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! you updated! Finally. And that was a great chapter. N'aww poor elaquay. But yes. Do you think you'll update more often?
Shindig :D

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Review #39, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Twenty Four: The Talk

1st August 2012:
I've finally finished reading the 25 chapter monstrosity of a fantastic, magnificent, AMAZING, and lovely story that is this one and I have to say one thing...

James is going to be punching himself and pulling out his own organs soon. hehehe

So, I wanted to let you know that while most of my reviews are actually quite crazy, I do truly love this story. Its gripping, witty, drama filled, and so darn humorous I think I might have broken my jaw from all the smiling and laughter.

Speaking of laughter...my favorite line from this chapter was DUN DUN DUN..."Albus has taken a recent obsession with the idea of screwing a hippie girl.Yeah. I know. No comment."

Siriusly! I started laughing out loud and I think I might have awoken my sister. She's going to be so totally thrilled about this tomorrow when she realizes she only got four hours of sleep because of me.

So, I wanted to let you know that I adore this. I can't say it enough. I really hope that you are truly back from your four month hiatus as I assume you are because of you "about me" status... but really, what right do I have to complain about not having the next chapter out. I just had the chance to read all 25 chapters without having to wait for any of those to come out! so. yeah. I guess, I can't complain about anything.

ANYWAY, I'm very grateful to you that this story was written. It kept me busy the past two days and it has been added to my favorites and I will be checking for updates every day.

I would rate this story as one of my favs and it is definitely being recommended for a dobby. Thank you so much for writing this! It is bloody fantastic.

10/10 (you know I really want to give it a 11/10. *sigh* if only i could)


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Review #40, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Twenty Three: Giving In...Again

1st August 2012:
Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.

I don't freaking care if it takes you longer to update on this site. I'm just happy that you will continue.

I love this. Really.

Please. Please. Please. update soon.

Love you to pieces!


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Review #41, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Twenty Two: Two Months Later and No Action

1st August 2012:
Love it. Love it. Love it.

Fantastic...and Jamsie poo "I sort of have a thing for American girls"


11/10 you know...if I could

10/10 :)

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Review #42, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Twenty One: Besties

31st July 2012:
hahahahahahaha! I love this! Okay...Now to my 18th review??? I WANT THEM TO GET TOGETHER DARN IT (see I keep it 12+).

But, I know not everything will work out my way. I'm so glad that you wrote this story and I'm so pleased with this story.



if I could, I'd make it 11/10

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Review #43, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Twenty: Friends

31st July 2012:

AH. Okay, lovely though. Seriously I love it.

And, I'm quite pleased that this is my 16th or 17th review on this story in 2 days.

I'll be so surprised if you actually read them all. haha

10/10 :)

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Review #44, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Nineteen: A Roaring Fire

31st July 2012:
Why did she run? WHY?

And James? HELLO! You should be HAPPY! not swearing every two seconds and all that.

Boo. As I am extremely thrilled that they finally kissed (!!!) I am confused! WHY DO YOU RUN AWAY FROM THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE AFTER YOU KISSED HIM?


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Review #45, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Eighteen: Bonding Time and Unexpected Reconciliation

31st July 2012:
Go rose! Go rose! Go rose! I'm so proud of my favorite little Gryffindor Chaser! AND I'm proud of Lily and I know that's quite an accomplishment with everything that she has done and said in this story. But, I love it. Love it. Love it.

I'm so glad that I gave this story a chance and I'm so thrilled that you gave the time and effort to write such a gripping story.

Thank you :)


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Review #46, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Seventeen: All Lily, All Elaquay, All James

31st July 2012:

Okay, so last night I was going to read this chapter, but after seeing the numerous amount of reviews for it and the length, I thought it would probably be better if I read it when I was in sane mind.

And wow. I'm glad I did.

Thank you for making it all right again! I know things will continue to get complicated. as they always do. But, I'm so thrilled with this.

Not only are you a fabulous author when it comes to dealing with relationships between characters, but the whole quidditch match was lovely. Those are probably my favorite chapters in this story. I mean, the one's with quidditch in it. And wow. There are a lot.

So, as this is probably a rather long review, I'd like to say THANK YOU! and LOVELY WORK! (siriusly) Wow.


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Review #47, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Sixteen: Dresses and Potato Faces

31st July 2012:
AW! Okay, I'm starting to love you again. THEY LIKE HER! THEY TRULY LIKE HER! YAY!

on to the next chapter...really I need sleep. darn you.


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Review #48, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Fifteen: Wake Up Call

31st July 2012:

hahaha, okay, well as you can tell I'm a bit tired and I'll be amazed if you actually read the tons of reviews I've left for you today. But, you are an amazing author and I've been hooked to this story since the morning. I love it. Fabulouso!

10/10! Keep up the excellent work!

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Review #49, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss and a Strange Bond

31st July 2012:
I don't like this chapter. I love it in the sense that your an amazing writer and all, but I hate that everyone hates her and James said that one word that I've been dreading to hear come out of his mouth.


WAH! I can't believe that this is happening to her when all of two days ago everything was fine between her and her friends! REALLY! you can't take the stupid things someone does while drunk seriously. It just ruins your life.

So...I'm planning to read one more chapter tonight before I go to bed. It might end up being quite a few more chapters...but that is up to you. Will you leave me on yet again another cliffhanger? we'll see. :)

10/10 as always!

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Review #50, by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon Chapter Thirteen: Catching Elaquay Smithson

31st July 2012:
You're mean. I don't like an upset James. Not at all. Especially when Els WAS out of her mind.

I do not like this at all.


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