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Review #26, by still_fly Crazy Mates

15th August 2010:
Aw man that wait was so horrible..
but the chapter DID make up for it :)
The Courage Concoction was pure genius!
I loved it!
update soon and congrats on reaching Trusted Author status!

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I'm so awful at forcing myself to write. For some reason, I write much better when I know I'm not supposed to be, so since I'm going back to school updates will hopefully be much faster ;) Thanks for the congrats and for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #27, by meee Trying to Try

9th July 2010:
OOOh that was soo good. Now I'm so curious as to what James' dad said and why James doesn't trust her. Poor Lily, she is so completely awesome and her life completely sucks. I usually don't read to many Lily and James stories because all I can think is oh no they're all going to die! :( But I'm really enjoying this one so far, I can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad I've got your attention with that mystery; it'll all be revealed in time. Yeah, her life does suck just a bit, but it gets better! (Well, it gets worse before that, but eventually better). I'm glad you decided to give this one a shot, and very glad that you've liked it so far. Thanks!

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Review #28, by azzlle28 Trying to Try

13th June 2010:
Loving the difrence of your storry and you definatly dont write to much :) update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy that you think my story is different and I definitely plan to (:

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Review #29, by Livvy Trying to Try

9th June 2010:
Well I absolutely love this story and you are a fantastic writer. I love Lily's character and I like how you've made James too. I'd like to see a little more interaction between James and Lily even if he doesn't like her but then again, the build up to it all is great and I can't wait to read the next chapter!! Keep up the brilliant work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I actually didn't even find it odd that there was no real interaction between Lily and James for a few chapters until people started pointing out, so now I am trying to figure out how to incorporate something a little earlier. I hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint, and thanks for your review; opinions are really a lot of help to me! :)

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Review #30, by mooneylooney262 Trying to Try

5th June 2010:
i can't wait for the next chapter! i want to see what happens on their hogsmade trip!! eek i am just sooo excited!! anywhos, i thought lily and sirius chat was just right, even though i would have liked to know why james hates her...but i think you are saving that for later, and to hold all of us poor readers in anxiety! :) but i absolutely love your twist to this story and i can't wait to read on! please write quickly!! and thanks for an awesome chap!

Author's Response: Hopefully I'll be able to write that sooner rather than later so that you won't be in suspense for too long ;) I'm so glad you liked this chapter a lot, and, yes, sadly, it will be a little bit before you find out the exact reasons for James' hatred. Hopefully not too long though. Thank you! Hopefully the next chapter won't disappoint.
Well, thank you for such an awesome review! (:

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Review #31, by XPingufeetX Trying to Try

5th June 2010:
Another fantastic Chapter :D I'm very curious as to what James' dad has to do with everything? This chapter just makes me want to find out more and no I don't think that the conversation between Lily and Sirius was too rushed. That just furthers the idea that James would obvisously be suspicious of their sudden friendship, in other words they had to be quick with their convo or else it would seem strange. I honestly can't wait to see how Lily and Dorcas make fools out of themselves in the next chapter.. keep up the good work on this story.. it's a winner :)

Author's Response: Thank you! You, Lily, and everyone else are wondering the exact same thing ;) You'll find out eventually. I'm so glad to hear you don't think so and that does seem like a reasonable explanation for why it moves a little quickly. Haha. It's quite fun to read about embarrassing situations when they're not your own, yeah? ;) Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #32, by Jillian Ryn Trying to Try

4th June 2010:
This story has renewed my faith in fanfiction. Rich characters, well written, funny, sweet, and thoughtful. I love this story!

Author's Response: Wow. That is such an amazing compliment to receive from someone and I cannot thank you enough. I'm glad that you've re-entered the world of fanfiction and I wish you luck in finding good stories (because there are a lot more that are even more incredible than mine, I assure you). Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Review #33, by couldyoureallyknow Trying to Try

4th June 2010:
yeees another great chapter!!
im so confused about james comments though but obviously it will come in later chapters
hope you write more soon!
1 million/10

Author's Response: Yay! :D I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm also glad that you're confused. If you weren't and understood exactly what James was talking about, I'd be worried that you'd somehow hacked onto my computer and read the story outline or something ;)
I'll certainly try. Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #34, by DemetersChild Trying to Try

4th June 2010:
So, this is awesome. Just awesome. I wish it wasn't so late at night so that I could actually LAUGH instead of having to muffle it. Damn my sleeping family.

No worries though, I'll be re-reading it tomorrow to do a little dissecting. Muahahahah!

Heh, far as plot goes I loved this chapter. I'm really curious to find out why James dislikes her so much. Turns out he actually has a reason! Humhum...

Next chapter, please? :D

Author's Response: You're awesome too :) And I can completely sympathize; having to muffle laughter is the worst. It makes it so much less enjoyable.

Hahaha, I heart you and your dissecting. I wish I would've stuck with James not having an actual reason because it would make it so much less complicated. Now I have to fret about everyone's reactions to the inevitable chapter where James' reason is openly revealed. I'm terrified that everyone will be all, "Wut? That doesn't even make sense! *unfavorite*". Yeah, I'm paranoid...

Pssh, well I might be able to write if I didn't have to respond to your PMs >(

(Haha, just kidding. I love you and your uber long PMs and I wouldn't be able to write anyway because I'm supposed to be studying.)

Thanksies! :)

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Review #35, by silver ink A Shortage of Answers

3rd June 2010:
This whole story is incredibly brilliant. The general idea itself is something no one has thought of before, and I really like it. In chapter three, you asked in the author's note if you were writing too much-- the answer: absolutely not! I love the length of these chapters, the events happen neatly and clearly, unlike in some fics that I've read, where it's just BAM BAM BAM this happened and this happened, then she said that and did this! In the lengthier chapters, readers definitely get to know Lily better, and I think you've really captured her character.

Anyway, the way James snubbed her was a mental "Awww" for me. You did a really great job showing how it feels to be unnoticed, which I think people can relate to a lot. I feel unnoticed whole lot, actually, particularly at school, so Lily also proves to be a relatable character. Everything in this is so believable. I can see it happening with immense clarity in my head, unlike some fics where, as I've said before, authors do not put in enough detail (something I'm actually guilty of myself).

I love the characterization of Sirius; his "charm", wit, and general moodiness is exactly how I pictured him to act.

You've also incorporated Voldemort and the Death Eater's rise to power, which I adore, because most Marauder's era stuff tends to leave that (very important) bit out. Which leads me to the part where Gwen says, "It doesn't look different. It doesn't look like mud." That really touched me for some reason. You showed exactly how Muggle borns must have felt during this time.

Well, I'm sorry for ranting, but I really like this story! Fantastic job. I don't think there's a single thing I would suggest for you to improve on. You've got a 10/10 rating from me, dear :D

-silver ink

Author's Response: You really have me blushing right now; your review was so incredibly sweet. Honestly, the length and detail of my chapters is one of the things I'm most insecure about and your opinion means a lot to me. So thank you so so so much because I think what you've said here is definitely going to make me a lot more confident when I write, and that's a huge accomplishment on your part. Also, thanks for this nice long review because it totally rocks :D

I'm so glad that you can relate to Lily a lot because I feel like I can relate to her too and it's what makes her such a special character in my mind. Honestly, who hasn't been in Lily's position - feeling unnoticed, unwanted, unworthy? I used to actually be really awful at detail and I still think I am, so I think you just need to have confidence in your abilities :) I'm sure you're fantastic.

Thank you! I'm not even entirely sure where this Sirius came from, but I love him too.

I agree that it's really important to include Voldemort in Marauder's era stories, and it really irks me when stories don't. So thank you for noticing, and also thank you for appreciating that scene. Writing that scene gave me chills because, to me, it just felt so utterly real. Is that sad? :/

This wasn't a rant at all. It was an incredibly fantastic review and I cannot thank you enough for leaving it. You are the sweetest and I would be honored if you continued to read and enjoy my story. Thank you so much!

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Review #36, by Ronsgirl29 Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Oh I just loved this chapter. I love your whole story! I'm super curious as to why James doesn't trust Lily! I mean, she's a muggle born so how would his dad know anything abou her...? The suspence is just killing me! Please update soon , I wanna know how they make a fool of themselves (;

Ps. I don't think the lil/sirius conversation was that rushed, I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D That just brought a huge smile to my face. Teehee, it will all be revealed in time. It's pretty funny, because it seems like half my reviewers are planning on enjoying reading about Lily acting like a fool and the other half are dreading it. Glad you fit into the former because, like you, I think it'll be rather humorous.

Thank you! It's really great to hear you enjoyed the part that I was the most insecure about.

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Review #37, by magicofmusic Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
I liked this chapter. You've certainly given us a few things to think about. What had Lily done that made James not trust her? And how is his dad involved? I'm really curious about their trip to Hogsmeade, so please post soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with it too. You'll get all your answers eventually, I swear. I'll try to update as soon as possible because it seems like everyone is dying to find out what happens :D I'm really pleased that you like this story.

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Review #38, by still_fly Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Ahh I can't wait to see what happens at Hogsmeade.
I think you're doing the whole role reversal thing absolutely wondefully! Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I really put a lot of effort into this chapter because I felt like the last one was kind of iffy, and so far it seems to have paid off. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that you think I've pulled this idea off so far.

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Review #39, by Josephine Evans Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Good chapter! :) I like the conversation between Lily and Sirius and I didn't find it rushed at all. I'm really curious about why James doesn't like Lily, what does he mean with 'eveything his dad has told him'? What does his dad have to do with anything?? I really don't want you to make a fool out of Lily though! He already dislikes her, do you have to make it worse!? Sorry, I just know that if you do, I will suffer tremenduously with her...

I really enjoy this story and I just added it to my favorites! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm getting mixed responses over that conversation, but I'm glad you found it acceptable. Haha, that's exactly what Lily's wondering right now. Don't worry; all will be revealed in time, and Lily's experience in the next chapter won't be too bad (although I don't know for sure as I haven't exactly written it yet). I'll try not to make it too embarrassing, though.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like this story that much.

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Review #40, by Flower n Prongs Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Another very good chapter. =) I'm just as confused as Lily now as to why James hates her and why he doesn't trust her. Surely it can't be the blood thing (Sirius is a blood traitor after all!), but I can't really think of anything else it could be. Hmm... I guess I'll just have to wait for more chapters.

I agree with you that the conversation with Sirius was a tad rushed. However, it's also easy enough to imagine that he wants to keep it pretty short because of the entire James-being-suspicous-he-is-suddenly-talking-to-Lily thing. I liked the fact that you made Sirius a bad liar though, it would put an interesting spin on him trying to deny pranks that he did.

I quite like the new summary. But, to be perfectly honest, I don't entirely remember the old one. The new one peaks my interest though.

Can't wait to see how Lily and Dorcas make fools of themselves in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm honestly hoping that everyone won't be too disappointed by James' reason when it is eventually revealed; there's so much mystery and hype about it right now that I'm scared when it's finally revealed everyone will be all, "That's it?!! That doesn't even make sense," or something like that. So hopefully that won't actually happen (:

Thanks for your honesty. I'm glad you think so too because it makes me feel a little less crazy, although as you point out it would make sense for him to keep it short. And I want my Sirius to be original, and what better way to do that then make him not only not a womanizer, but also not a good liar? Glad you enjoyed that :)

Haha, well it's still good to hear your opinion. Sometimes I think no one even reads the author's notes ;)

Thanks for your review! Hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint.

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Review #41, by Mrs_Padfoot_and_Prongs Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Honestly, I have no idea how I have never come across this story before. It. is. amazing. Obviously, I like the new summary better which all in all is probably what convinced me to read this (which I certainly do not regret) the only thing I could ask of you to make this even better is to update and quickly.

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much; I'm glad that you managed to stumble upon it now. I'm getting some mixed reviews about the summary, but it means a lot to me that it encouraged you to read this story. I will definitely try to update as soon as I can! :)

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Review #42, by Blue Biro Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
oh, i love the new summary! wel done you, great chapter! i think i almost felt like crying whlst reading lily's reaction to james and sirius converstion, which is quite unusual as i dont usualy do that!
and why wont james trust her?
and what does that have to do with his dad, hm?
i really cant wait for more!
pleasepleaseplease update soon!
your biggest biggest fan becky!
i am basking in you awsomeness *basking*
you rock! (rocking = you)
7864378361784678126478132548276584 / 10! (big number!)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm immensely pleased that you're such a devoted and kind reader/reviewer. Your reviews really make me smile. I'm glad that I could evoke such an emotional response from you with that scene; if I was Lily, I probably would've broken down bawling after hearing that.

You'll find out soon, don't worry (well, not all that soon, but eventually, I promise). Thank you so much for your reviews/compliments/insane inflating of my ego, Becky! You rock, too :)

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Review #43, by flying_rabbit Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Hm, didn't Dorcas and Seb recently tell Lily something about their relationship being perfect? It's quite strange that Dorcas didn't tell her friends about the break-up, or about her fight with Twillfitt. Do those things have some connection, perhaps?
I'm glad Lily decided to take matters in her own hands and went to talk to Sirius, even if that caused her to have another unpleasant encounter with James. But, at least she didn't make a complete fool out of herself. She seemed rather normal to me :) Sirius lying to her about James wasn't too nice of him, even if he would've wanted to spare her feelings. Sure, Lily hasn't really tried getting James to fancy her back, but it's not as if he's really giving her a chance. It's not exactly motivating that a person seems absolutely disgusted by you when you have to try and flirt with them :P
That fight between Sirius and James was pretty heavy. It's strange that apparently, James holds a grudge against Lily while she has no idea what for, and he doesn't trust her for some reason? Why? :( And what does his father have to do with this? Is it about Voldemort rising and Lily being a Muggleborn? I can't really imagine that, since James probably won't be hostile towards all the other Muggleborns in school... What does James' father know? Lily's parents, her whole family, are Muggles, no? This is very, very strange... But it is awesome that Sirius came to Lily's defence like that :D Even if that caused James to tell him to be careful and not get too close to her :S
I'm glad she could at least talk to Mary, even if Mary didn't really know what to say about it. And now Lily's going to be all alone with the boys tonight? That'll be fun... at least most of the Marauders don't hate her, right? Perhaps she'll overhear another conversation and find out some more. Or perhaps she'll really be subjected to nothing but filthy glares coming from James :S Let's hope that that won't be the case.
As for Lily's conversation with Sirius... I don't think it was extremely rushed; I mean, Sirius probably didn't want to have a very long conversation because then James would be (even more) suspicious or whatever. That sort of makes me wonder, why did they go to the library to shout? They could've fought about Sirius inviting Lily in their dorm, right? Is James even going to come along to Hogsmeade now? :S
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Your reviews are always so awesomely long, so thanks a bunch :) Hopefully I can get to everything you mentioned in this one.

Yes ;) Dorcas would like to pretend things are perfect, but I'm sorry (well, not really) to say that they are far from it. You'll find out soon enough. I felt like Lily was almost too pitiable and pathetic in the last few chapters and I wanted to give her some of that spark that I had always envisioned her with. Glad to hear you liked it. As for Sirius, his heart is in the right place but his loyalties are crossed, y'know? He's in a bit of a difficult situation right now, but it'll get better soon. And I agree; that would be pretty awkward ;) Poor Lily.

Yes, lots and lots of awkward fun. The other Marauders don't hate her, per se; they've mostly just avoided her up to this point out of respect for James' dislike for her. She's at least acquaintances with Remus, since they are both Prefects, so things won't be too awful for her.

Thank you! That makes sense and it does make me feel a little bit better about it because when I was writing it I really didn't like it one bit. Well, first of all (and the lamest answer of all) is that the library was good for plot purposes ;) And the better answer is that they weren't exactly shouting in the library; they were in their working on homework or whatnot when the conversation got sidetracked to that night and voila: one whisper/low voices argument.

Hope you won't be disappointed by the next chapter! :D Thanks for your fantastic review.

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Review #44, by Nicole Trying to Try

3rd June 2010:
Please, please, please hurry with the next chapter! I'm absolutely addicted! I read all 5 chapters in one sitting! I'm dying to know what happens and why she wouldn't be trusted! You're an incredible writer! :)

Author's Response: Wow, that's pretty amazing :O It's great to hear that you like my story so much, and I'm sorry that there's not more chapters up yet. Soon, though, I promise! Thanks so much! :D

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Review #45, by RocketBabyDoll9 Trying to Try

2nd June 2010:
You definitely updated this sooner than I was expecting, as I was planning on finally reviewing Ch 4 today. But since I saw that you updated again, I'll just review this one, if that's all right.

Anyway, Dorcas annoys me a bit. Constantly grouchy people just shouldn't have human interactions; that would make life so much sweeter. Which means I should probably remain a hermit forever, as I am a rather grouchy person irl. :p

I can't decide how Lily made me feel in this chapter. I'm on the line between rooting for her and being a bit annoyed with her. James is a prick, so she should just stop liking him, but when you like someone, you can't just stop, so I feel bad for her in that regard. She can't help her feelings, and that's what is making her miserable. Why doesn't James trust her? I don't understand that a bit, and if it's blatant and I've missed it, feel free to point out my mistake. Haha. I still like Lily though, fyi.

I like your Sirius. I think I've told you that before. I don't think the conversation was rushed or anything, just ambiguous 'cause Sirius wasn't answering her questions. Understandable though, since he's just trying to protect his best mate. But Sirius seems like a genuinely good guy.

I'm glad Lily is still going to dinner though! I figured she'd back out, I'm glad to see she isn't going to.

But you have gotten me extremely curious about James' distrust of her. I'm really upset that there isn't another chapter to read, haha. (:

Oh, and I must admit, I kind of like the old summary better. But either one works. (:

Good job as always! Sorry the review kinda sucked, I haven't reviewed anything in a while, so I'm a bit rusty.

Author's Response: I know! I was so so so proud of myself for getting this out in such a short amount of time (compared to normal), and I'm glad that you're not too upset with me ;P I'm happy to get any reviews, believe me.

Dorcas annoys me too :D I wanted Lily's friends to be as flawed as she is, so...voila, grumpy annoying Dorcas. Don't worry; she has her good moments too (not any that are coming up soon, though...) And no to you being a hermit! Who would I have a constant wall-to-wall conversation with on the forums then? D:

It's good that you're iffy (I use that word a lot, hm) about Lily, because I think this is sort of an iffy situation - fancying some stranger, that is. It's cute, it's romantic, ect., but at the same time, it's bizarre and unrealistic and completely childish. At least, that's what makes me feel iffy about her feelings. Haha, I should hope that the reason James doesn't like Lily isn't blatantly obvious yet; when you do (officially) find out, it'll be pretty out in the open and like, "James hates Lily because of such-and-such", y'know? It might be a while till that, though, because I have a feeling that desire to find out why is what motivates most people to keep reading this ;)

Thank you! You have, but I can never hear it enough :D That seems to be the general consensus, so thank you for soothing my concerns. He is a good guy, I think, but like James his ideas are a bit...muddled.

I wish Lily wasn't going out with them :/ I know that sounds bizarre but I'm absolutely dreading sitting down and trying to write the next chapter. Blegh. Glad that you're properly intrigued by this story :D

Thanks for your opinion! I might end up changing it back; I dislike both of them equally as much because I'm really picky :/ Hopefully I can think up something actually decent for a summary, though.

Not at all. All your reviews are spectacular :) Thank you so much!

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Review #46, by Gryffy Girl917 Trying to Try

2nd June 2010:
I found Sirius' avoidance of her interesting. If anyone was going to avoid the other, I thought it'd be Lily. I love Sirius' failure at lying. Completely hilarious! He couldn't get his story to make any sense. Haha. And poor Lily, the conversation that she overheard. What is James talking about? Is it just that she was friends with Snape, or something more? I mean, Lily has no reason for him not to trust her, and considering how long this has been going on, what could have happened? The whole bygones be bygones thing makes it seem like she did something herself, but what? Obviously it's important to James if Sirius was avoiding her to avoid explaining that they were friends to James. And for him to want to avoid her that much. I loved how he told Sirius that he was just trying to protect him, but from what? Why does the fact that Sirius is hanging out with Lily bother him as much as it does? I can live with shorter chapters if they're updated more often, because I love this story and waiting for the next update takes so long! I can't wait for the next update! And to learn exactly what James meant and why he hates Lily. Update soon! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this chapter; I really love hearing any comments about my story, so thank you! (: Yes, Lily does seem a bit like the avoiding type, but she's a little hypocritical in that she doesn't like when people avoid her. Haha, I guess you'll have to wait till I update to find out. I don't want James to seem like a complete jerk, so I thought it important that it seem like he thinks he's doing the right thing; he's very heroic, he's just got his...ideas muddled, I suppose. You'll see :)
Hopefully the next update won't take too long, as I'll be out of school in just about a week and then free to do what I like (a.k.a. write). Thanks oodles!

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Review #47, by DemetersChild A Shortage of Answers

31st May 2010:
I think that this was a good chapter to show the relationship between James and Lily. It wasn't just Lily's word anymore that James disliked her, we actually got to see his snub.

The interaction between and girls and the Marauders was interesting. It seems that they suddenly warmed up to her after avoiding her for James's sake the past five years. It makes sense though, because Sirius had befriended her it wasn't so taboo to talk to her anymore. Remus has always been a pleasant guy, no matter what AU you put him in, and Peter goes along with the crowd. Since the crowd was friendly with Lily, so was he.

I would have liked to see more of James during that interaction though. I mean, Lily would notice every single thing he did during what little time together they had, so I think she'd be more focussed on what he was doing than any of the others. Even if its just to mention that he looked anywhere but at her, or that he seemed suddenly over-interested in the condition of his nail beds, or something like that.

I liked the Prefect meeting. It was short, to the point: Lily'd lost her partner and had to find a new one. I loved the way that Lily "accidentally" grinned at James. It made such perfect sense, I could see the events happening in my head. It was so awesome.

Very curious about what the heck is going on with Dorcas. Mood swings to the max!

I suppose I'm left waiting for the next chapter. :P


Author's Response: I just responded to your uber long response on the forums, so definitely see that for more information on my uneasiness about the relationship between James and Lily so far :)

I'm glad that you liked that scene. As you said, Peter's always just gone with the flow in avoiding Lily and, while Remus is polite to her as they're both Prefects, he's mostly stayed away from her to respect James until now.

Now that you mention it, I do think that it would've been better to include some mention of James during the interaction. I'm pretty sure that when I wrote that scene I was dead terrified of messing up James or even attempting to write him at all, but it seems silly not to mention what he does since Lily would be paying attention to it. Add that to my list of things to edit, I suppose ;)

Honestly, I've done the exact same thing as Lily by accidentally grinning at a boy I fancied once and it really stuck out in my mind so I'm glad that you thought that was realistic.

Bahahaha. I'd send it to you but there doesn't seem to be much of a point as it'll be posted in just a few more days.

Thanks for your awesome reviews and such!

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Review #48, by DemetersChild The Escapable Inevitable

31st May 2010:
Alright, fine. Well it won't let me post my review because it "exceeds character limit", so I'll just send it in a message on the forums. I loved this chapter. It was beautifully written, as usual.

Never stop writing,


Author's Response: I've had that happen to me before too ;) It really sucks. Stupid maximum character limit. Anyway, I've just responded to your forum review. Thank you so much!

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Review #49, by DemetersChild Dirty Little Secrets

30th May 2010:
I forgot how much I loved this story! It's even more amazing than I remember. You did a beautiful job with Sirius and Lily. It would seem odd that she would spill her heart to Black or even that he would care, but the way you portrayed it, it made complete sense. After all, Sirius is more than just a good-looking bloke.

Also...I totally just got your message about beta-reading, and if you're still looking I would still love to do it. You mentioned that my email didn't work, but I'll give you one anyway though you can message me on the forums. I will be sure to check those this time. :D

Anyway, love this fic. On to the next chapter. :DDD


sarahcbeard @ gmail . com

(obviously, take out the spaces)

Author's Response: I'm glad you remembered, then ;) Thank you so much for your very very complimentary review; it's just as sweet as I remember your first one being. I'm so so so happy that you think that I could pull something as odd/illogical as the scene between Sirius and Lily off. And I completely agree that, to con the Transformers phrase, Sirius is much more than meets the eye.

I got your message on the forums too, so I'll message you back about it on there, mmkay? :D Thank you so much for offering, and for your amazing reviews. I hope you enjoy the next chapters as much as you've enjoyed the first two! :)

Thanks again! You rock.

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Review #50, by Blue Biro A Shortage of Answers

30th May 2010:
well im not iffy about this chapter at all! it was bloody brilliant!
aw, right now i hate james! what motive does he have for hating lily, and how can he be so un-caring?!?
oh, and sirius has a plan next chapter!
how can you do this to me!
ugh, i need more!
darn you imaginatve creativity! i swear, it'll be the deatn of me...
please update soon! im dying for more!
update update update!
your biggest fan ever: becky!
673863646348658354873053085437854785784587574374 / 10!
yes you are that good!
im favouriting you as of now!
you rock!
oh, and update! (please? for the children?)

Author's Response: Becky,
Thank you so much! Your reviews are just about the sweetest things I've ever read, and all your compliments have seriously inflated my ego. James' motive will be revealed eventually, but you'll get some small hints in the next chapter (which is in the queue right now, so you won't have to wait long). Hopefully you won't die before it gets validated, yeah? ;) Again, thanks so much for all your reviews and for the favoriting! I'm really happy to have such a devoted fan.

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