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Review #26, by Forgotten Truth

6th April 2004:
Ah, the tender angst you inflict on us. You have a gift for making us want to cry, and I hope you make me want to cry for many years yet to come.

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Review #27, by Sara Truth

31st March 2004:
This was so sad and I love it. Cried in the end. So beautiful.

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Review #28, by draco_luver Truth

31st December 2003:
WOW.......that was so sad, the writing was amazing your an awesome writer

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Review #29, by Chris Rose (Whiely) Truth

28th December 2003:
Just read it...that was so incredable, i wish i can right more about this story but i can't not because it is bad but because it is amazing, i have never read anything like it, i am speechless p.s i dont get the rating thingy so i am saying on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being worst and 10 being best i will give you a 10:):) Wll done

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Review #30, by krcool Truth

11th December 2003:
that was a great story. although it was a little sad. and what is HIV?

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Review #31, by addick Truth

16th November 2003:
this is the second time i've cried reading your story! you've gotta stop it!!!! but u rock anyway

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Review #32, by AmylinFelton Truth

15th November 2003:
All your stories make me cry... you should totally go into being a professional writer, you rok!!!

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Review #33, by Brin Summers Truth

21st October 2003:
You are horrible to write a story that makes me cry so much! Hermione is such a lovely person and you killed her. Apart from that, this is beautifully written and lovingly detailed. Well done. *Sob, sob*

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Review #34, by Deana Truth

17th October 2003:
*wipes tears* that was awesome.

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Review #35, by JeNs Truth

4th October 2003:
god that was beautiful. Hermy dying is a new one on me. This viewpoint is interesting-Rowling never wrote from the viewpoint of other characters, did she. the ending scene, the Yule Ball was really well done, I think, though some of the dialogue was a bit sappy- like when they find out she's going to die. I would think there'd be more in the unspoken than the verbal. I love the herbology bit where Hermy recounts all the memories and has flashbacks. lovely fanfic. yess! keep writing!

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Review #36, by riaJem Truth

2nd October 2003:
i think i've reviewed this b4 ... but i'll do it again. it's so damned good! honestly, this is brilliant, if you like angst, plz check out my fic: the chosen. i hope you'll write more stuff .. this is really really good. xoxo riaJ

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Review #37, by LogicalRaven Truth

29th September 2003:
Oh My God....that was possibly one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. Sad, but beautiful......

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Review #38, by Novkalwen Truth

29th September 2003:
Why have all your reviews disappeared? I have read this story before and I loved it! It was so sad made me cry! Did you delete your stories and then put them back or....??? Anyways, I love your stories! You are an amazing writer!

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