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Review #26, by ScarlettANDJames there's something about you

15th July 2010:
oh my god
if u ever stop writting i will kill u!!! i m serious!!! ur writing is amazing!!! i just love it! but it just shoudnt have end!!! omg i love this fic ... so beautiful, i love the way scorp tries to prove rose his love and all this stuff he knows about her ... so cute ...

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Review #27, by blondeWeasly there's something about you

15th July 2010:
I actualy loved it! I thought it was had a truth to it. It was simply brilliant.

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Review #28, by miaa there's something about you

24th June 2010:
not your best. she was convinced too easily
u need to make it more than a ONE SHot

Author's Response: really? he spent like, months hounding her about it, and then, after all the things he said to her...
if i was her, i would forgive someone if they said that to me as well, so...
maybe i'm just a forgiving person and passed that on to rose, haha.
i dont think i'm adding to it, but thanks for the suggestion...

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Review #29, by Friday_Star there's something about you

15th June 2010:
don't stick to humour!

i mean, keep writing humour, it's great. but do this too!

this was beautiful (: (:

except i reckon rose should have needed a better explanation about his bum-ness.



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Review #30, by harrypotterplease there's something about you

13th June 2010:
it would have been cool if he kissed her to prove it to her
or he tried to take her out on a date

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Review #31, by mrsphantom there's something about you

13th June 2010:
This whole STORY is beautiful! I loved it!

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Review #32, by FoundriaPenguin there's something about you

11th June 2010:
You're a wonderful writer.

Writers who can manage to still make stories great despite the genre are the best ones. You've shown that you can write humorous stories AND serious ones. Keep writing more of each for practice, and you'll truly be ah-mazing.


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Review #33, by wincica there's something about you

10th June 2010:
aww, that was so cute! it was very short&sweet. a little different from your other stuff, but it was a good different. i liked it!


Author's Response: thanks! i'm so glad that you liked it :D

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Review #34, by Rosie there's something about you

10th June 2010:
That was so cute. Although I wouldn't forgive him that easily!

Author's Response: thanks!
really? if someone told me what he said to rose with as much sincerety as he did, then i probably would forgive them.
he did, after all, try to persuade her for a good month or so.
i dont know - that's just my personal opinion. i'm a forgiving person.
at times.

thanks for the review!

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Review #35, by still_fly there's something about you

10th June 2010:
I really liked the idea of this and I thought you wrote it nicely but I think, at the end when Rose agreed with Scorpius, I would of liked to have seen her thought about it a little more. But other than that it was fantastic!

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

see, i was thinking about having rose think it through and whatnot, but then i realized that the only time i ever had her really think was in the beginning, during the part when i sort of set this story up. i wanted to keep it more simple, i guess, with not too many words to take away from the meaning.
but thanks for pointing that out - maybe i'll go back and change it :D

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Review #36, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 there's something about you

10th June 2010:
Let's say that this story was really different. Offbeat. Somehow, this feels more real, you know?It is like something that might just happen... Not something which is so cliched and happens just in stories kinda thing. Nice attempt. It was more serious, more mature, kinda. It is this sort of randomness which happens in real life, you know, atleast in mine. But like I said, It is not like a firework display like most of your other stories are. They are like jojoba, you know, the Indian Gooseberry, they taste a bit off but when you drink water after eating them, the water tastes so sweet... I think you better get on with getting your reviews answered. Good luck with that. You've got a mountain of a job ahead of you...


“I notice you. All the time. Even when we went to Hogwarts, as soon as you walked into a room, I just knew. You had a presence around you, a light, almost. And, even though I knew it was wrong, it drew me to you. I couldn’t help but notice all of these little things about you. Truth is, you fascinated me. Everything about you intrigued me. It still does.”

Author's Response: thanks. yeah, this story was very different from my usual work. i was sort of nervous about putting it up because i'm sort of trying out something new - a little bit more simplistic than my other writing. i like the simplicity. i think it gives more power to the words.
then again, most people like my humor best, so must not be doing a great job with this whole 'simplicity' thing.

dude, i know. i'm sort of terrified. i dont know how long this is going to take me D:

oooh, thanks for the fav quote!

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Review #37, by Avanell 2 there's something about you

10th June 2010:
Very lovely story! Glad he was persistent ;)

Author's Response: haha, me too ;)
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by marciabarcia there's something about you

9th June 2010:
Your doing a great job and I must say that the plot was pretty unique.


Author's Response: thank you! i'm so glad that you enjoyed this XD

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Review #39, by Bookworm045 there's something about you

9th June 2010:
It was kind of cute. I liked it. Am I first?! Maybe?? yes!! (y'know, if I am...)


Really good.

Author's Response: yes, you are first! yay for being first!
haha, thanks. i didnt exactly intend for it to be cute until his little spiel at the end of the story, so i'm glad that it's 'kind of' cute :D

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