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Review #26, by Krista chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

9th January 2014:
You're such an amazing writer. I love it! Chase is hilarious, and i cannot get over how awesomely weird she is. I love Albus so much, and I really want to find out what happens in the next chapter! The boys are great and seem incredibly sexy ;) I REALLY hope you get your inspiration back :( I would just die of sadness and unknowingness if you didn't :'( So Good Luck, and know that I adore your writing style and ideas!

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Review #27, by VV chapter.six - Tapestry.

4th January 2014:
This story made me laugh! Its like 4-5 AM and I am still reading it!
I started of late!
You are so awesome!
Where were you my whole life?
I am married and I would marry you if I m not!
Love the characters and the story.

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Review #28, by Sophia chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

20th December 2013:
You remind me of Barbara Park, who writes the Junie B. Jones books! Best story I have come across in recent times! Keep up the good work!

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Review #29, by Kathy aka unstable teenager in need of you to finish your st chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

26th October 2013:
dear dream big who ever you may be. you may just be the best writer i have every come across on hpff. i loved this chapter, it wraps up a lot. but when the hell are you planing to finish it??? PLEASE my ilfe might depend on it! do you want the life of a harry potter loving teenager on your hands? i need you to finish this story i have been wating 1 whole year for you to come of you hiatus! PLEASE i am begging. if you do ever finish it (whitch i hope is soon) please finish your other stories. mainly De Ja Vu and Breathless please i have read all of your stories and they are briliant but you left me hanging! im on my knees here PLEASE FINISH YOUR STORIES please pretty pretty pretty please with cherries on top finish your stories when you've finished them then you can retire or not i mean you could always just write more awesome stories i mean if you want to i'd give review a 100/100 ifi could please finish it. okay i rambled a bit

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Review #30, by AG chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

23rd October 2013:
Bro, I have just came back to this story after about a year, and omg I still love it so much! You ned to update! You write so well, and I love your humour and characters! Amazing :D

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Review #31, by rosanne chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

9th October 2013:
please update! this is not over yet!!! :( xx

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Review #32, by Crazy101 chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

22nd September 2013:
dude. I loved this story so much.

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Review #33, by asdfgh chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

24th August 2013:
NED NEXT CHAPTER :o please? pretty please?

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Review #34, by maya chapter.thirteen - Trust.

31st July 2013:

he probably likes you. In my experience, friends are usually right about these things!

another splendid chapter! xxx

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Review #35, by Maya :) chapter.twelve Princess.

31st July 2013:
Okay, so I loved this chapter. But mostly i'm curious about what is currently going on between you and that guy you've liked for a while? Because I know you wrote that a while ago and i actually am genuinely curious because the whole situation sounds sort of adorable. So yeah.sorry if this is really super creepy! but I really hope that the attraction was mutual! Awesome story! xxx

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Review #36, by A.C chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

29th July 2013:
Listen up. You are going to update, for the sake of my mental health. That is a demand! Demand! I'm going to end up in the loony bin otherwise, and you don't want that on your conscious, now do you hmmm? So update! I'll give you cookies! I'll give you chocolate! SO UPDATE!

(You really should. I get slightly psycotic about these kind of things, you know, and if you are unlucky I might just sing. Be scared, amazing writer, be scared...)

And have a really nice day, full of really creative writing.

// A.C
Ps. Love your humour!

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Review #37, by OrianaBlack chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

29th July 2013:
Lovelovelove this! I absolutely love the way Al and Ree are and the way she's actually good at quidditch and all the characters (especially Burly) but now, I've got that horrible squeal-ending feeling in my stomach because I really want to know what happens on the date. You wouldn't even have to complete THE PLAN part of it for this to feel squeal-worthy for me again, just give me a fangirl moment over Al and ree.

Sorry, bit demanding, I know but it's kind of got me feeling gushy and swoony and like I WANT it and I'm sorry. Otherwise this is amazing and I'm just knit-picking but I LOVE this so sorry.

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Review #38, by willow1 chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

22nd July 2013:
look, write a happy chappie and finish. DO NOT MESS IT UP OR I WILL GIV YOU A 1/10! RIGHT NOW YOU ARE AT 100/10! DO YOU WANT TO GO DOWN 99 POINTS? no? I didn't think so. Your writing is amazingly funny by the way!

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Review #39, by cappuccino chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

21st July 2013:
I love your way of describing things ..
Great story :)

Hopefully there will be an update soon :P


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Review #40, by xMsFiggx chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

19th July 2013:
I love Ron challenging Scorpius to a chess game. And Al finally asked Ariadne out!!! I love those two and I love Rose with Scorpius. :)

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Review #41, by Julia chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

16th July 2013:
This is truly my favorite story. I freaking love it! You have the best style of writing and every single one of your stories are genius. Sooo please keep writing! Because you have talent. LOADS of it. So yeah, just please finish this story because I need to know what happens and love it so much!

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Review #42, by AwkwardWeirdo chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

29th June 2013:
This story is A M A Z I N G
I think its on hiatus?? as its not updated recently aw :((

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Review #43, by xeno564 chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

6th June 2013:
this is so good! Please update! Pretty please?

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Review #44, by willow1 chapter.thirteen - Trust.

29th May 2013:
here is the "what-what" you requested

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Review #45, by willow1 chapter.twelve Princess.

29th May 2013:
i love the flashback... it is so amazing!

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Review #46, by willow1 chapter.ten Destruction.

29th May 2013:
i love it! poor rose:(

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Review #47, by willow1 chapter.eight Kissing.

29th May 2013:
i love this, and lysander is really a great weird and awesome guy. yay.

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Review #48, by MaryOlivia chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

29th May 2013:
PLEASE UPDATE! Its been like a year and I seriously love this story pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease soon! x

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Review #49, by casscass09 chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

19th May 2013:
The fact that this hasn't been updated in a year makes me sad. Come back!!

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Review #50, by J chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

5th May 2013:
Please please please finish this fucking amazing story! Love love love it!

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