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Reading Reviews for Déjà Vu
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Review #26, by Elmo Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

4th May 2013:
So much love for this story! Please update!! SOON!

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Review #27, by Romance_Fanatic98 Visions, Full Names, and Silent Conversations

6th March 2013:
Ok so I hope you are getting all of your reviews, because being the oh-so-creepy stalker person that I am, I read some of your most recent ones. I have to say, they would really boost your confidence. Like a lot. Anyway, on to the point. So I very literally JUST left you a review for chapter 26 (I can not believe you are going to leave us hanging like that) and after reading your reviews and visiting your author's page (I'm not creepy, I promise) I have come to a decision. I am going to leave you a new review every day, because I know for a fact that you have been on this website recently to update your various other stories that I can't wait to read. So, yeah, you're an amazing author and I wish I could write half as well as you do. I love all of the characters, except for Sarah, as I mentioned in my previous review. Gosh I hope you read this. I really do. By the time I write a review for every chapter I have a feeling that you will know me quite well. I'm a little crazy. No, scratch that, I am not crazy, I am creatively insane (feel free to use that in one of your amazing stories, although I would love some credit if you choose to do so.) I can honestly say that I think I would be best friends with all of these people. Like BEST FRIENDS. Especially Artemis. Because, as I previously stated, I am creatively insane. I am probably boring you to tears right now... that or entertaining the shit out of you. Probably the first, although I'd like to think it's the latter. At this point I'm avoiding sleep. I like sleep, honestly, but I don't like FALLING asleep. See? Me and Artemis have something in common: we don't like falling. Ok, so I shall leave you now. See you tomorrow!

Toodles! (I just love that word)

Much love,

(for your information, if you couldn't tell from my very manly review, I'm a GIRL. Yes, I have a boy name, though Jo is just a nickname I'm trying out (my name is Jordan, shhh), deal with it.) ;D

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Review #28, by Romance_Fanatic98 Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

6th March 2013:


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Review #29, by SiriuslyLily Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

5th March 2013:
Please please hurry. I have to know what happens. (Please?) I love this story way too much. It's infested my brain like... Bees. Yes. Bees. It's so good! (Bees aren't as good though;)) waiting for chapter 27!

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Review #30, by katieKMY Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

15th February 2013:
Write more please! I'm begging you! I can't go months without this story. NOT AGAIN. DO YOU HEAR ME. NOT. AGAIN.

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Review #31, by Ella Taglof Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

13th February 2013:
Uhum, Still waiting...

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Review #32, by EMMA Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

10th February 2013:
PLEASE UPDATE!!! This story is awesome and i want to know what happens !

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Review #33, by Ms Padfoot Black Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

3rd February 2013:
Okay Seriously!

Where's my update???

You cannot just leave it there and not give me anything else! I need confirmation that James and Artemis fall desperately and hopelessly in love with each other, and they have many adorable little babies together! No ending it like this! Don't abandon me!
I've followed this story from the start! I need closure!

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Review #34, by Erin thompson Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

30th January 2013:

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Review #35, by The Coolest Girl Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

17th January 2013:
PlEaSE, iN ThE naMe Of AlL tHaT iS gOoD aNd HoLy, UpDaTe!! This story is absolutely AMAZING! Seriously, I haven't read that many fanfics, but this is epic. It's better that some published books I've read, and I swear some of the scenes are based on me and my friends!!! PLEASE FINISH IT SON!!! :)

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Review #36, by me and livia (my brain) Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

7th January 2013:
PLEASE DON'T LEAVE me HANGING please i need more now.

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Review #37, by PERSON-WHO-IS-GOING-TO-HEX-YOUR-ARES-OF-IF-YOU-DON'T-UPDATE Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

28th December 2012:
You have to continue writing this story!!


It's the best nex gen fanfic that I know!!!

You have so many fans, don't let us down :'(

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Review #38, by jjsqueeze Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th December 2012:
You need to finish this story!!! It's one of my very favorites.

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Review #39, by A Big Fan Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th December 2012:
Ah, I love this story so much :D

I hope you're planning on updating, it has almost been a year now... i doubt that you'll keep writing on this story...

At least let us know if you're planning on writing an end to this story or not..

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Review #40, by Peyton Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

7th December 2012:
Oh My God... Please, please update,
or a young pregnent lady (under the name of Dom) will die due to grumpiness.

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Review #41, by GryffindorsPh0en1x Time, Stars and ‘Panda-who’s?’ Box

20th November 2012:
No. He doesn't have a new girlfriend. I refuse to believe that. I think my heart broke when I read that. Seriously, I'm such a loser haha - But anyway, this is so good! I love it!

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Review #42, by Europa27 Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

16th November 2012:
Love the story.. Pls pls update... U r going to update aren't you.. Please *pout*

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Review #43, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

10th November 2012:
Ah... update please. This is an amazing story and I've been reading it the whole day. The plot, the characters have been portrayed perfectly and you writing style is incredible. I was so relieved when James broke up with Sarah and shocked that he was being blackmailed all this while. Lovely twist and i really can't wait to see James's reaction when her finds out about her. The relationships you have created between the characters have been realistic and adorable. Jason was my favourite character, the way you made Jason and Artemis have such a close bond. You have created an amazing story with a clash of many genres. I really did enjoy this story and do hope you update soon.


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Review #44, by ur biggest fan Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th November 2012:
Come on, continue!!! Please!!!

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Review #45, by JAQUELINE WAITING FOR ANOTHER CHAPTER! Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

27th October 2012:
this is amazing!

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Review #46, by Tantintan Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

20th October 2012:
Just why answer me saval and I might leave you alive

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Review #47, by Tantitan Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

19th October 2012:
May I just have the pleasure of figuring out the next chap
Artemis - James do I really have to do it? Puppy dog eyes unleashed but
I am a seer
You are not surprised
Well you do look like trelawny
Shut up
How many children are we having
You fucker James
The end

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Review #48, by t3ssyg Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

17th October 2012:
Can you please update this story? I love it so much!

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Review #49, by t3ssyg Time, Stars and ‘Panda-who’s?’ Box

16th October 2012:
I like all the Greek myth mentions in this story. This story is awesome!

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Review #50, by t3ssyg Ice, Hurt and Electric Shocks

16th October 2012:
Uh Artemis you suck!

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