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Review #26, by SlytherClawx The Snobbery of Success

30th September 2009:
Aww, I guess that explains what I asked. A little. =D
Well, do whatever but. You know what I mean :]

I guess 3rd person is better. I don't mind either way though! :]
Lolz beta. I have never beta'd before, so I will not offer!


Author's Response: Haha you will see what she does in the next chapter which i added today :D

I know what you mean, i would do anything to make sirius happy but that doesn't neccessarily make a good story so i had to add sad points for sirius as well :(

Thanks for reviewing x

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Review #27, by SlytherClawx Confused?!

26th September 2009:
Aww. I am not confused! Well, I am a little but not really!
Young Marauders are my favourite characters! I love them soo much! I only read Marayder fics. Yes I am addicted! I don't need to be told twice. :]
Nice chappy. Did Sirius and Jen have a little kiddy-widdy crush? xD That'd be quite the...thing?


Author's Response: everything will be told about them in the next chapter which i am currently writing. Hopefully you won't have long to wait. i know i only read marauder fics too so i am excited to be writing my own :D x

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Review #28, by Lady Amalthia Confused?!

23rd September 2009:
Thanks for the props, the story is still good can't wait for more. Nothing too confusing just maybe tell us from who's point of view you're telling the story from, it took me a minute to figure out it was Sirius. Sorry now looking back you made it obvious but I had to go back and start over, I'm a little ditzy. You are doing really good.

Author's Response: Thanks i only realised that i'd forgot to put that while i was waiting for it to be validated and i didn't want to make it go back to the start of the queue.

Thank you so much means a lot that you took the time to review x

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Review #29, by SlytherClawx Preface

11th September 2009:
This could be on the way to something good!
I didn't read the original, so I wouldn't know about this at all!
I can't have Sirius being sad. It makes me sad xD.
Or Remus. Or James. I like them! They are coool!

Okay, looking forward to the update ^^


Author's Response: wow thanks. you will be pleased to know that i added the next chapter yesterday so look out for the next one soon.

i know how you feel - it kills me to make sirius sad!! x

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Review #30, by Lady Amalthia Preface

11th September 2009:
I am confused who is the Fairy God Mother? I feel bad that Jenifer hurt Sirius's feelings but I have a feeling she will be sorted into Gryffindor, then she can try to expain herself. But I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Jenifer will be able to make people's wishes come true except her own. The first part of the story was meant to be from the future and then the 1st September goes back in time to tell how she got there. it will probably make sense in future chapters.

Thanks for your review x

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Review #31, by Liisarr Preface

4th September 2009:
I liked it, but I don't really think eleven year olds would be that hung up on boyfriends/girlfriends. They'd probably have only just got over the stage of thinking the opposite sex was gross.

Just a thought! ;)

Author's Response: Ye i know. I've decided to change it. The edited version should be up soon

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Review #32, by Rachel Preface

9th July 2009:
That was really good! I think I am going to keep reading this story. I haven't read the other reviews and I don't know whether or not they have mentioned it but I have one suggestion: Occasionally you switch to 1st person while you're on 3rd. Everything else was pretty much good though! I'd just watch out for that. :)

Author's Response: oh okay lol x than\\\'q for your comment i appreciate it x

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Review #33, by poopiness Preface

27th June 2009:
Oh, this is a great start! Can't wait till the next update! C:

Author's Response: than'q it means a lot and congrats on being the first review. i've sent the next chapter so it should be on soon x

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