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Reading Reviews for This Time With Us
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Review #26, by iatevoldysnose October, 2029 - In All Honesty

5th April 2013:
This was such a great chapter :)
I love how you made each chapter an individual person's POV, it makes it really interesting to read and we see it all in many perspectives...
I really like this story and Bathing in Roses...Please update as soon as you can:)


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Review #27, by rez October, 2029 - In All Honesty

4th April 2013:
cute! poor trista's confusion is almost funny haha

I'd forgotten that this was a short sequel, looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up :))

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Review #28, by AlexFan October, 2029 - In All Honesty

28th March 2013:
Good luck with your busy life!

Anyway, I really liked reading this and I felt so sad for Trista because she's so alone and she has no one. I wish that she was happy and if she does take the job for Puddlemere, I'll be really excited for her. Henry is so wise though, I was just sitting here like "woah, Henry just got deep."

Anyway, the chapter was awesome *le awkward thumbs up*

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Review #29, by Rumbleroar goes roar August, 2029 - Questions, Questions

7th January 2013:
Really enjoying the story :)

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Review #30, by viccy6 July, 2029 - Someday Soon

1st January 2013:
I see that I reviewed this chapter without being logged in, I have no idea how I wrote in my username without remembering it!! Haha :D

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Review #31, by viccy6 August, 2029 - Questions, Questions

1st January 2013:
We, same happiness here!! The chapters are all so filled with love and happiness!! Iīm practically grinning my face off right now :D

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Review #32, by viccy6 July, 2029 - Someday Soon

1st January 2013:
That is the sweetest chapter I have ever seen :ī) I smiled wickedly, looking like a real oddball here Iīm sitting in my room, throughout the whole Nicholas/Priscilla chat after she said she was pregnant. It was so cute!

If you someday lose your writing inspiration, just remember that your writing makes people happy, and you can lighten up other peopleīs days :) Cause you just made mine.


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Review #33, by viccy6 June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

1st January 2013:
OH, so itīs from a lot of peopleīs view! Even better! :) Desmond is awesome, and I always liked Priscilla so I am looking forward to the next chapter (which Iīm going to read now)

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Review #34, by viccy6 Mid May, 2029 - The Friday Blues

1st January 2013:
OMG, I didnīt see before now that a sequel had come up! I was skipping through storyīs to read when I suddenly saw "June Bernand" and, and then I saw it was the sequel, so here I am!

I love your writing, itīs kinda calming to read, itīs so good structure :) I love that it is from Albus`point of view as well. And June is so sweet, always there for here friends.

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Review #35, by ASDFGHJKL1234 August, 2029 - Questions, Questions

29th December 2012:
AW That was so cute! It's lovely to see how close their family is. Dear Albus is still so darling. I enjoyed this chapter a lot :D UPDATE SOON!

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Review #36, by ValWitch21 August, 2029 - Questions, Questions

29th December 2012:
This was a lovely chapter to read! I stumbled across BIR a few weeks ago, read it all in one go, reread last week, and I've really been waiting for a new update of this story.

I love the interactions of the Potter family - particularly between Harry and Ginny. Lily is wonderful to read as well, a bit snappy and nasty on the sidelines, but I think that's typical of youngest siblings (and she's still a very loveable character)...

So, yeah. I can't wait to read the rest of this, and to see Albus propose to June, which I suppose will contain a hefty dose of embarassment!

And yes, I had a great Christmas and I hope you did too :)

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Review #37, by AlexFan August, 2029 - Questions, Questions

29th December 2012:
I'm getting excited now for Albus proposing. You had me laughing while reading this chapter and I was talking to my best friend about it while reading it. She's gonna read Bathing in Roses, I've convinced her to read it.

Author's Response: Ahh, this really excited me to see! I was totally thrilled to see that you'd convinced your best friend to read it - that's something really special for me! I started out writing fanfiction alone, but I roped my best friend into it and she was such a huge encouragement for the few months she was on here. I even wrote a whole novella dedicated to her to commerate how lovely the whole experience really was for me. So I'd feel so thrilled if you and your friend would have Bathing in Roses to chat over like me and my friend did - sort of brings me back full circle to three years ago :)

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Review #38, by HPG Mid May, 2029 - The Friday Blues

26th December 2012:
Lol the first thing I sawon this was your pen name. My real name is Celeste xD

Author's Response: That's cool, but in the future, if you're going to leave a review, please make sure it pertains to what you've read.

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Review #39, by MaryAnn Mid May, 2029 - The Friday Blues

12th November 2012:
yay I just found out there was a sequel!! Just this friday on netflix I found the k-drama 'Playful Kiss' and immediately thought of 'Bathing in Roses' =D I finished the show (including the special editions) in just three days. I'm totally obsessed with it!! I look forward to reading more of this sequel =D =D =D

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Review #40, by Bea July, 2029 - Someday Soon

26th October 2012:
i loved this chapter seriously. Priscilla being pregnant and her hysterics and everything. Loved it. im happy that they're still together, Pris and Nicholas. And the back story was really good, helped explain Pris' insecurities. Im so excited for Al and June's chapter! Update in exactly 7 days again!

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Review #41, by AlexFan July, 2029 - Someday Soon

26th October 2012:
That was great Nicholas is so completely happy. I can't believe he made a bet with his dad about Priscilla getting married.

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Review #42, by Rupertlover July, 2029 - Someday Soon

26th October 2012:
Aww yay I loved this! I'm glad she finally told him she is pregnant and they will get married !
Please update soon !

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Review #43, by Mazz June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

20th October 2012:
oooh oooh ooh what happened to cora is she still as crazy as before??

Author's Response: I hadn't planned on mentioning her but since you asked, I'll write in a special appearance for her somewhere along the line! Thanks for reading!

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Review #44, by Rumbleroar goes roar June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

20th October 2012:
Aww really loved this chapter! You have such a great style of writing! Aww I love Lucy :) And Desmond and Nikita sounds like fun! Can't wait to read more :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy that you liked Lucy all settled down, haha :) I was happy with her future too! And they definitely are loads of fun! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by bester_jester June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

20th October 2012:
Hey! Just spent a lot of yesterday reading Bathing in Roses - it was lovely.

June was, at times, dumb. But you managed to balance it out perfectly with her moments of insight. I especially loved her determination to earn money by working. I also loved that, despite my hating Albus at the start, there was a moment when i sort of thought OH his behaviour makes complete sense.

I'm actually sad about reading the sequel! It really feels like a conclusion of sorts. So far it's been interesting. I never expected Patil to be a gold digger! Haha i hope their business works out.

Anyway i'm kind of rambling. Thanks for sharing so many amazing stories. I cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I hope reading so much of it in one go was worth it!

She certainly was dumb. That was the angle I was going for. She was a parody of a lot of rom-com leads. And Albus was the typical chauvinist pig. Until both of them accidentally grew up and grew sympathetic.

It definitely is a conclusion of sorts but a good one I hope! And Nikita's not a gold digger by choice, more like by circumstance. You'll see how it works out as we go :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #46, by Carellio June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

18th October 2012:
I'm do glad you are writing a sequel! I love the idea that you are writing from every characters point of view. I loved this chapter! I like how you brought patil back into it, and it would be cool to see another chapter with them because I'd love to see them together :)
Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you! I almost didn't do a sequel but it was too tempting - I just had to write in their futures at least a little. This chapter covers the majority of their scenes together I'm afraid, but you'll see hints and bits of them together as we go. There's certainly a good mention of them in the epilogue.

I'm also not writing a chapter from every character's perspective. You'll definitely see all eight boys and girls, but Lucy, Henry and Duncan won't get their own chapters as they're all relatively settled down. They certainly make appearances and have things to say, though :) Priscilla and Nicholas share a chapter as do Albus and June.

I hope you stick around!

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Review #47, by Bea June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

18th October 2012:
cute chapter! I'm liking the direction you're taking with the characters even if it's not what im expecting (which is a good thing) but it's a good decision. cant wait for albus and june! update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad to here there are some surprises! There'll be a few shocks and twists and turns but I hope that keeps the story interesting, haha :) Al and June will be up after Priscilla! Keep an eye out!

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Review #48, by AlexFan June, 2029 - Bits and Bobs

18th October 2012:
That was shocking, I didn't expect any of them to actually be married or with kids. I'm happy for Lucy anyway, I wish this story would get more notice but oh well, you can't have them all.

Author's Response: I actually almost didn't marry off but plenty of people get married in their early twenties. I definitely saw Lucy settling down soon in life and having a child so off she went :) Ah well, it's all fine and well as long as the readers who are reading are enjoying it!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #49, by krapfm Mid May, 2029 - The Friday Blues

14th October 2012:
The first chapter sounds very promising! :) I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the sequel. :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy you find it promising and I hope you stick around for the next few chapters!

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Review #50, by AlexFan Mid May, 2029 - The Friday Blues

5th October 2012:
Oh my goodness, I just loved this. June/Albus FOREVER! Can't wait until your next chapter, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Ahaha, thank you :D I love when other people ship my characters as much as I do! I love them together! And thanks so much for reading!

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