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Review #26, by TallestTower (flavour of life)

25th April 2010:
Hello again. I know what you're thinking- Oh no! Not another babbling review from that crazy TallestTower. Well tough, it's here anyway. :P

Once again I am blown away... I wish I was as talented as you with words, and I could some how describe how awe filled I am by your incredible writing. I am so overwhelmed with jelousey that I don't care about that emotion anymore- Your writing is too good for me to envy, because I know I will only get down if I begin to compare our writing. I am not jelouse of you for writing such a brilliant story, but thankful. Thank you for allowing me to read this. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece. Your description is filled with sensitivity and emotion. It's heartbreakingly wonderful.

Considering this was a short chapter, I am still very much in love with it.

My favourite part?

All of it. But I'd also like to quote back to you this, just so you can take in your own aweomeness:

It is an overwhelming feeling.

It threatens to slip forth, from centers of her eyes to her lips. It is Saturday night. So remarkably unremarkable. The night had long slid into the sky, ink upon glass and the world was resoundingly silent.

You are very, very talented. In fact, you have a bit TOO much talent... care to halve yours with me? Haha, only joking. You keep that talent to yourself and use it to write another chapter of this story that I have fallen in love with. I will be waiting eagerly for you to update!

Please write more soon. You should be so proud of this story. Thank you for posting! You = awesome.

- Helena.

Author's Response: Oh my god, don't say that! :P I love your reviews - they're so adorable!

Wow. I'm speechless. o_o My writing's not really that good and it's not much to envy, I don't think. But I don't think I've ever received such a sweet review before!

I can't really say much more than that I am not as good as you make me seem and that I'm so, so grateful for an absolutely amazing review like this! ^_^ It will forever remain one of my absolute favorites!

If you liked this story, I recommend reading its sequels-of-sorts: The Sound of Silence (which features the progression of Teddy/Molly as a side ship) and orange groves (which is a one-shot that covers how their relationship ends). :)

Thank you so much for reviewing! This is any author's absolute dream review! ♥♥

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Review #27, by TallestTower (winding road)

25th April 2010:
That is what I feel for this story.

I think this review may be a little crazy simply because I am still recovering from your beautiful (very very beautiful) writing which blew me away. Oh my. I'm favouriting this for sure.

This was stunning, the kind of piece of writing I would aspire to write. In maybe 20 years time, with a lot more practice, I'll be halfway there ha! It flowed very well, the foreshadowing/character development was subtle, and blended well into the beautiful description.

Molly seems so real. Her character is wonderful, her thoughts are great to read.

I've never read Teddy/Molly before so I'm glad to start off with such a great piece of writing. I hate it when a ship is tainted by a bad fanfic you once read, which then leads you into thinking that the ship is the problem- Sorry, I'm rambling. But in conclusion - Yay Teddy/Molly!

I love Molly in this... I think I mentioned that before but I'll say it again, she was brilliant.


I think this is the most rambling and incoherent review I've ever left, that's because I'm in shock. A good shock. Everything was so vivid, I can imagine it all so beautifully. I feel like I was there- or that I dreamt it and I can taste the images but I don't quite remember it all. I'm so intrigued... I love it, I love it, I love it.

Oh and did I mention I love it?

This is really incredible, thank you so much for posting - PLEASE write more, I will be waiting eagerly!

- Helena

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the late response!

Okay, first off: this is one of the sweetest reviews I have ever received. Don't discount it as crazy because it is lovely and bursting with energy.

No, no, definitely not 20 years! Firstly, it's really not that great. And second, loads of practice makes for rapid improvement.

Thank you! I'm so honored to hear that I started off the Teddy/Molly ship well for you! It really is a great ship. Let me suggest 'Colour Me' by GubraithianFire and 'Once Bitten' by PenguinsWillReignSupreme as they are both excellent Teddy/Mollys.

You are being silly and I love this review for it. Really, it is beautiful and stunning and made me smile so, so much!

I'll be updating rapidly through June as I'm trying to complete this story!

Thanks for the wonderful review!
- Celeste

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Review #28, by SnitchSnatcher (flavour of life)

6th April 2010:

I love the relationship that you've established between Molly and Lucy. There's a definite sense of reality in their conversation; it's very believable and similar to one that I've with my older sister in the past. You don't usually see Percy's kids written like this: either they're the best of friends or they hate each other, but here, that's not the case. I can't really explain it, but it's there!

The description, as always, was stunning. Breathtaking, even. I don't know why you always doubt yourself - you're such a fantastic writer than I can never imagine ever reaching your skill of description. It's just...GAH! I LOVE IT!

Seriously though, if you delete this, I will be very upset and my finger might just slip over the delete button. You wouldn't want that, would you? :P



I have no coherent response for the abundance of lovely LIES (but lies nonetheless!) that you've posted.

You're already a far better writer than me and we all know it, so stop making yourself sound bad! :P

- cowers from delete button-

Thank you for reviewing! :D ♥♥
- Celeste

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Review #29, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme (flavour of life)

6th April 2010:

You delete this, I refuse to read anything of yours ever, ever again. Ever. I'll also delete something of mine and never write the Dean/Daphne and make an anti-Cho club and everything.

You really have zero confidence in yourself and it is quite adorable and infuriating at the same time.
Really, you touch this and I'll have to kill you because it would be the deletion of what could be my favouritest Molly/Teddy ever.

Yes, really.
No, I'm not lying.

That conversation between Molly and Lucy is stunning - natural, just the right amount of awkward, cute, adorable. That relationship isn't usually played out in stories [am guilty!] and you wrote it so well.

The start - well, floaty description galore and it's gorgeously gorgeously gorgeous.

Seriously, you delete this and I'll have to make Marina ban you. Only solution.

I love it, you silly goose.


Author's Response: -CHOMPS REVIEW-


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Review #30, by The Empress (winding road)

3rd April 2010:
I SHIP TEDDY/MOLLY! Well, actually, I ship Teddy/Myself most often, but anyway...

This was beautiful. The dialogue was gorgeous and your description, per usual, blew me away. -steals talent-

I really do love Teddy/Molly, almost as much as I love Teddy/Rose. And you wrote them so well here. The story you didn't tell came across so well, the relationship with her family, she and Teddy's history.

Great story Celeste!


Author's Response: I SHIP TEDDY/MOLLY TOO! Though not as much as Rachelle does. Ooh, maybe I should make it a Teddy/Shiloh instead? ;)

Thank you for the review, oh great Empress! I'm really glad you liked this little story!


- Celeste

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Review #31, by SnitchSnatcher (winding road)

25th March 2010:
Without question, this is absolutely brilliant.

Even though your description isn't as heavy as it usually is, it still possesses that wonderfully sweeping quality. Oh, how I wish I could write so simply, yet so elegantly as you! You've got more talent in your pinkie than I've got in my entire body!

This was great. I loved Molly and Teddy and their dynamic. There was just enough humour in their conversation to downplay the seriousness, yet not completely drone it out. Very well done, dear!

Favouriting this, I am!

Author's Response: You are lovely, d'you know that? :)

The description is definitely simpler, since I'm trying to work harder on dialogue. LIES. YOU LIE. You write a thousand times better than me! Need I remind you that you effortlessly transcend genres and time periods? Electric Twist, Conventional Wisdom, etc, etc, insert more Molly brilliance here.

Dialogue is something that's difficult for me, so I'm so pleased (and surprised) you liked it!

Thank you so, so much for reviewing! Seeing this review made my day! ^_^

- Celeste

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Review #32, by Jasaline (winding road)

14th March 2010:
Celestie, I notice this story flows with less description, but it's still simple and innocent and pretty. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: Jasaline! xx

It does have less description, because I wanted to make each chapter short and simple. This is me experimenting with weird styles. :D I shall update soon, hopefully!

- Celeste

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Review #33, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme (winding road)

14th March 2010:

1st - love.
2nd - love.
3rd - love.

I'd make this more coherent but I DON'T WANT TO.
WHY must you be so brilliant at this ship? WHY?

This was absolutely gorgeous - your description was a little simpler than usual and yet still enrapturing. Your dialogue was really prominent too and so well written - funny, well-timed, natural.

Molly and Teddy's dynamics were excellent, and the lighter, more humorous moments in this worked brilliantly interjected around the more serious relationship between the two of them.

I love. Favouriting and raving about in the cbox as soon as more people appear!

♥ ♥ ♥


Author's Response: RACHELLE xx

I'll freely admit my reaction to the first part of this review was "Er - what?". :P

Silly Rachelle. I'm not. :P There are authors who take this ship so much further than I can. YOU, for example, and Jane, and Gubby.

FUNNY? -makes note of this-
I am NOT funny. This is monumental!

I adore Molly and Teddy. Teddy's a git, Molly's nasty and pretentious, but I like writing them!

ILY for this review, even if I don't deserve a word of it. :D Thanks so much! xx

- Celeste

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Review #34, by redherring (winding road)

14th March 2010:
Brilliant! Your writing is as amazing as always - both the dialogue and all that beautiful description. I also adore the title - nice and simple but elegant and it works really well. Can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I miss seeing your lovely reviews! I'll admit I do kind of like the title, but not really much else. XD Thanks you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it!

- Celeste

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