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Review #26, by Lupinlover321 Wedding

5th January 2013:
I loved loved loved the story! I'll have to check out your other ones, since you said that you had other stories planned. Keep writing it was amazing!

Author's Response: Yeah I'm finally gonna get around to those...

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Review #27, by butter_beer_junky2499 And So it Begins...

26th December 2012:
So I felt like the beginning was a little slow, but I understand you had to set the stage a little bit, create a sort of context within which you could work. Summarize and lay groundwork. Good job. It was a little boring though to be perfectly honest. I am a patient reader and am going to keep reading. FYI, I have began reading your story, unless it's unbearable, I will finish it, and when I write comments, I stop now and then while reading a chapter to respond, so it's like a commentary. Hope you can appreciate my reviews nevertheless :) I am noticing grammatical errors and spelling problems. Thought you should be aware at least that they are present. You are very good at descriptions too. You don't find that much but I'm waiting for some dailogue, that's always been my favorite ;) Great sentence about Draco and Pansy's relationship, well said and made me laugh! It's funny, I know this feeling exactly, having suffered through unbearable or even just mildly annoying roommates for 5 years of college. You rejoice when you come home to an empty house and get all kinds of pissy when you come home and they are in the open, public area of the house. You just feel like telling them to GO AWAY lol. Very funny. Funny that he should notice her body though lol. Full red-blooded hungry teenage male. Typical :P So he's going to do it as a joke, become her friend, sounds like Malfoy :) He doesn't know he's setting himself up though does he lol. Nice. You'd think that would be really cruel of him but equally difficult, because he hated her so much, but we already acknowledged that he's attracted to her. This is going to be good! :) Your dialog is very good. I definitely picked a good story, I can already tell. Wow Draco, well done, you actually said it. I could hear sound effects in my head when Hermione restrained from letting her jaw hit the floor. Funny her mind should head toward a booty call, that tells us two things. She thinks she is attractice and he has a reputation for a ladies man. Quick to change her mind though isn't she. She's like me ;) Lol. Well done!!

Author's Response: Quick to change her mind when she talks herself into something! Thanks for such a long commentary! I hope you enjoyed the rest of it!

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Review #28, by BabyshoesBlack Wedding

11th December 2012:
I loved this story so much! You're great!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading!

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Review #29, by titesilve Wedding

17th November 2012:
Very good story, I truly enjoyed it^^

Author's Response: 18 year old me is touched.

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Review #30, by Kajsa Wedding

15th November 2012:
I'm stunned! I love the story. Best I've read yet. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading!

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Review #31, by Quentyn Giving

26th September 2012:
This chapter was AWE$OME!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #32, by Angelica Winterglow Wedding

22nd September 2012:
loved the story
just wondering (i think i didnt pay attention or smth) bt what does diligo centego mean?
wht spell is that?


write a sequel! please? Pretty please?

Author's Response: That's a great question! I don't remember.

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Review #33, by Katie Wedding

13th August 2012:
Aw, by the end of this I was sqealing shamelessly at the Draco's last words, I know extreamly girly but what can I say... I will say that I absolutely loved this fanfiction, I was hooked from the beggining and it was beautifully written!! Thank you for writing this ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience with my story. And there's never anything wrong with a little fangirling! Embrace it!

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Review #34, by Georgiaxx Dancing

6th August 2012:
I had a little freak out when I read The Hex Girls; I love that movie. I actually sung the song :3 But, I think this is my favourite chapter. So far I have loved reading the story, mostly of the plot line, but also because of the way you write. It's amazing. Thank you x

Author's Response: The Hex Girls are my favorite! I have Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost on DVD. Thank you so much for your kind words! I have you enjoy reading the rest of the story!

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Review #35, by HermioneTheBrightest Wedding

27th July 2012:
i loved this, i loved the whole story and read the whole way through in one sitting from 9pm until 3am, it was so gripping i couldnt put it down. Truly amazing plot and story line as well as staying true to the characters we all know and love. I also love how you incorporated the title into the last line, it was so sweet.

Author's Response: aww, thank you! I can't believe you stayed up that long reading it! But I admit to having done the same when I found a story I really liked. Thanks for reading and leaving a review! I'm glad you enjoyed my story!

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Review #36, by dracos lover Wedding

15th July 2012:
Awww every time i read this book it makes me smile and cry. Ur book is absolutly amazing and i think u should write another book similar 2 this amazing dramione book.

Author's Response: I plan on writing a canon marauders story in the near future! but if I write another Dramione story, it won't be near as fluffy as this one. I feel like I got the dynamic of their relationship wrong.

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Review #37, by dobywinky Wedding

8th July 2012:

Author's Response: a;sldkjf you are so sweet! Thank you!

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Review #38, by Peeves Kissing

1st July 2012:
Is it bad that I find it kind of irritating that Lavendar is considered to be a friend of Hermione's?

Author's Response: Not at all. But they would be living together, so I figured that hermione would be the bigger person and get along despite their differences.

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Review #39, by luzianne Sneezing

12th June 2012:
Liked the pace and tempo. How you are letting us know how both are feeling . nce easy going style. enjoying it. reviews. from me will be few, hard to write with this computer, even to read, but will try. Know this is an older story and has been reviewed amany a time. thanks

Author's Response: Thank you so much for simply taking the time to read it! I appreciate it a great deal! Don't worry about leaving reviews. Just enjoy the story!

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Review #40, by Megan Graduating

11th June 2012:
In a pervious chapter I thought that it was snaps who was head of house but in this one it's slughorn, and Dobby was still dead

Author's Response: Not gonna lie, I wrote the later chapters way after the first ones and didn't fact check to make sure it was consistent, so you could very likely be right. YOLO.

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Review #41, by bomberchica Kissing

4th June 2012:
Oh, how evil you are in the present that Ginny gave Hermione!

Author's Response: Ginny always struck me as pretty spunky and mischievous. I regret nothing.

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Review #42, by bomberchica Falling

4th June 2012:
Oh the suspense! This was a great chapter :)

Author's Response: Yay for cliff hangers! I'm glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #43, by bomberchica Snowing

4th June 2012:
Cute ending :) There were just a few parts where I thought it was weird.
1. Lavender and Hermione are friends?
2. If Draco is still not used to apologizing, I don't think he should be entirely sincere, even to the point of his eyes. I think that he should be angrier when Hermione yells at him. But that's just my opinion.
3. Hermione talking about her favorite Quidditch team?

I really do like the snowball fight. It's so cute!!!

Author's Response: Gahhh, I know. Isn't it awful!?!? I had read way too much OOC fanfiction before I started writing this and had lost sight of the characters. It gets better, I swear.

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Review #44, by bomberchica Sneezing

4th June 2012:
Oooh! This chapter was really good. Much more in character, I think than the first one. Also, I love Hermione's line about the pants. Teehee. There were a few grammar/spelling/spacing mistakes, but nothing that detracted from the story. Great job!(Even though the story is already completed)

Author's Response: I've been meaning to go back and fix those, just haven't had the time. Again, just skip to chapter 6. It gets way better. I swear.

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Review #45, by bomberchica And So it Begins...

4th June 2012:
I like it. It's a good start to the story. The only thing that I disliked was that I think Draco would have been a little too arrogant to even apologize to Hermione. I love the last line of the chapter. It's great!

Author's Response: Oh gosh. I know the first like, 5 chapters of this story are awful and everything is super OOC. But it's way too late to go back and change it now. Thanks for struggling through the first chapter.

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Review #46, by Madeleine Shaw Wedding

3rd June 2012:
I was weeping so much when this ended. Such a beautiful story

Author's Response: aw, do not cry! It was a happy ending! But thank you so much!

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Review #47, by Adrienne Wedding

2nd June 2012:
Thank you so much for this beautiful story. This is my all-time favorite Dramione story ever. (It's also the first I'd ever read-a year or so ago)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sticking with me as I took forever to post for the past year. Your loyalty is so heartwarming! I could have never done it without readers like you.

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Review #48, by Ariba Wedding

24th May 2012:
AHHH! I loved this so much! All day in school I couldn't wait to get home and read this! I annoyed my friend so much because I kept on talking about how amazing your fanfiction was xD This was so amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you! Tell your friends to get their butts over here and read it too! :)

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Review #49, by littleberry Dueling

23rd May 2012:
I couldn't stop earlier to review, but now I felt like I had to since I burst out laughing (a very rare thing, usually I just smile genuinely at funny things ;D) when reading bout Harry kicking Voldemort's ass. This story is amazing, nice and fluffy and sweet

Author's Response: Yay for fluffiness!

not gonna lie, when I started this story I had no idea what was going to happen (and I wasn't a very good writer) so I'm glad you think it's so good this early on! Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #50, by Voldemorts_Little_Helper Dancing

20th May 2012:
Seriously? You used a band from Scooby Doo?


I love this story so much, it's so addictive. You write a really convincing story, and it's amazingly well written. I don't usually go for Dramione stories, because they're boring and unrealistic, but this one is just beautiful. They're taking it slowly, so it's believable, but still hopelessly romantic. The romantic moments are so sweet and pure, I just want to go 'aw' I seriously enjoy this story, and it's nice to read something that makes Draco out to be a nice person rather than a cold-hearted prick. I know you've finished this story so input isn't that important but I really wanted to tell you how much fun this is to read. Thanks so much for using the Hex Girls, cause they're epic ;D

Author's Response: RIGHT?!?! The Hex Girls rock! Anyway, I'm so thankful that you read my story! I hope you enjoyed the rest of it, and I'm glad that you have enjoyed it thus far. I can always use feedback to use in my later works, so don't hold back just because this story is already done!!

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