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Review #26, by magicaljess Chapter 12

26th October 2011:
your fanfic is amazing!! i mean it, even my friends that are not harry potter fans love it...
i really hope James and Abi would be together soon, they make a cute couple. I love James especially when Alyssa is around.
hope you update soon...

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Review #27, by hushpuppy Chapter 12

26th October 2011:
It was good to see an update of this fic. When are she and James going to talk about how he behaved at Hogwarts? Because people do not usually change and ther is no reason to believe that James wouldn't just break her heart again.

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Review #28, by Vanillaberries Chapter 11

10th October 2011:
oh this story is amazing! it's so well written and so realistic! i like how you take things slowly and don't whizz by themm! please update soon :D

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Review #29, by Kayelle Chapter 10

19th February 2011:
It's a really good story and I'm really enjoying it. When's the next chapter coming out???

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Review #30, by melanie Chapter 10

15th October 2010:
I love your story!! Please update! I check every day :)

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Review #31, by Sharryhanker Chapter 10

8th October 2010:
Read and loved the whole story. Particularily loved James' character evolution, and I'm hoping he will get what he wants soon.

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Review #32, by Smile :) Chapter 10

7th October 2010:
NO! She made up with Pete :( I hope she gets together with James soon... I really love this story!!! Abi is just amazing, and Alyssa is really cute! I was really really excited when there was an update :) Cannot wait to read more!

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Review #33, by heyy Chapter 9

4th June 2010:
hi! i love this story :)
it should have 1000 reviews :P
update sooon :D pleasee :)

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Review #34, by <3 Chapter 9

4th June 2010:

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Review #35, by blackheart 96 Chapter 9

14th May 2010:
ok so right now everybody is being annoying. abi is being really annoying not letting james tell anybody and not letting him see alyssa also james is being annoying for not breaking up with jen who is being really annoying because shes just a bitch. also there are some typos in this if you wanted to edit this iit wyhould be a good idea.

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Review #36, by anonymous Chapter 8

3rd March 2010:
james was a jerk to abi, but i must say i do pity him here. not much "wiggle room" as he puts it.
i like how there are two perspectives. i like to read jame's POV especially.

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Review #37, by blackheart 96 Chapter 8

2nd March 2010:
omg! soo good! i really like abi's boyfriend who ever he is he seems so understanding and i dont want him to get hurt when/if james and abi get together... jen can leave... as far as im concerned.
cant wait for the next chapter!

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Review #38, by blackheart 96 Chapter7

8th February 2010:
OMG Soo good!

i had to read the whole thing over agian b/c you hadnt updated in like forever!! so please update soon.

if i was abi i would be so mad at james for thinking that after 4 years in spain he could just come back into her and allyssas life, even though it was her who decided not to tell him aobut her.

and pete is just to stop the lonlyness to her but i think he really likes her and james and his girlfriend could be over in less then a second so thats not really a problem...

but anyway reallly great chapter!


Author's Response: I know its been ages, I'm sorry, life got very busy for a couple of months but I'm back now!!! Really glad you liked it, hopefully I'll be updating again this week, but the queue is huge atm :(

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Review #39, by hushpuppy Chapter7

7th February 2010:
You have done a good job throughout this story of showing the reader why Abi would not tell James about the baby. This chapter, in particular, show that James moved on to yet another girl within weeks of breaking up with Abi. That act, combined with his cheating and lying, could make any girl resolve to keep the baby a secret. The only problem with this characterization is that I don't see James being a good father at all or being worthy of Abi.

You've got to redeem him in order for him to be a good romantic interest for Abi or a half-way good father to Alyssa. But, is it possible to redeem a character as shallow as James? After all, look at the girl he now chooses to live with--bitchy, vain, superficial, possessive and judgmental. She reflects the worst of James and shows he has not matured at all since Hogwarts. What would Alyssa learn from him? He's charming but incapable of commitment, which he would surely show through his "parenting". He'd make promises that he didn't keep and charm her into forgiving him for forgetting her birthday, not showing up for important events etc... She'd grow up thinking that men are unreliable and only care about women as toys. Then she would choose a man exactly like her father and get her heart broken again and again! See, I've depressed myself with the possibilities.

Now, I do feel bad that Alyssa will never know her grandparents or great grandparents but she seems to be doing fine so far...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I agree that this is the problem I now face, I have to try and make him a credible father somehow, hmmm we shall see, anway thanks again, hope you keep enjoying the story.

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Review #40, by EnchantMe Chapter7

6th February 2010:
OMG! This is such a great story. I don't know how I haven't noticed tis before
It almost made me cry(I don't know why)

- Marit

Author's Response: Thank you, I hope you keep enjoying it!

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Review #41, by blackheart 96 Chapter 6

2nd November 2009:
omg! love it! i love everything! i really like how james knows that jen isnt right for him, makes it easier to forgetabout her.


ok update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for all your reviews, I'm really glad you're enjoying it so far. And the next chapter should be up soon(ish). To clarify, Abi and Rose were in different years, sorry if it was unclear. I haven't had much time to edit.

Anyway thanks again.

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Review #42, by blackheart 96 Chapter 5

1st November 2009:
great chapter... i love james and his over protectiveness of abi almost.
how he wouldnt leave her alown.

i love how much he likes her and how she doesnt know that..
and omg the baby, well actually i saw that one coming... but i cant wait to see more of alyssa

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Review #43, by blackheart 96 Chapter 4

31st October 2009:
wow that was a really good transition. you moved 5 years into the future semlesly... it was perfect. i congradulate you on that its not easy
not much content in this chapter just summing up the years out of hogwarts

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Review #44, by blackheart 96 Chapter 2

31st October 2009:
wow... james is really stupid
and that suzie person is a real bitch

i feel awful for abi right now. james doesnt know when to stop

good for her not giving in to him

even if they love each other abi shouldnt keep going back to him or she will probably end up much worse then she is now... james needs a wake up call.

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Review #45, by blackheart 96 Chapter 1

30th October 2009:
really good
love it so far
you might want to read through it though. there are a few inconsistenceys...

like you said 6th years dormitory then 7th... .unless abi and rose arent in the same year.
but there are a few other ones too.

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Review #46, by lexie Chapter 6

30th October 2009:
this is getting better. :) hope james breaks it off wit jennifer.. hmm, can't wait for your next update!

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Review #47, by beautiful blues Chapter 6

27th October 2009:
This should be interesting. Will James realize what he did wrong and give up his heart breaking ways?

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Review #48, by hushpuppy Chapter 6

26th October 2009:
Guess he had to find out at some point, right? It's nice that Abi has someone and isn't hung up on James after all these years (at least I hope she's not just letting random guys stay the night with her). She deserves someone better than James. It'll bet interesting to see what kind of father James turns into with his daughter and how his girlfriend tries to sabotage everything (or not)...

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Review #49, by adorably cute Chapter 4

15th September 2009:
Ok, really excited. It was a great chapter. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it the next chapter is nearly ready!

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Review #50, by bunnyboo19 Chapter 3

22nd August 2009:
She's preganant, I just know it. Lol.
Can't wait to read more. XD

Author's Response: My lips are sealed! ;)

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