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Review #26, by ForgottenFace Now It's History

28th October 2011:
Hey Susan!

Yes, I have decided that I'm going to read your stories =P Starting with this one, which looks like it's one of your most famous ones.

I loved this Prologue. You don't know how hard this hit home for me, since I'm facing a similar decision as Rose faced here. One that I think will end up as this chapter ended.

Beautifully written =) And on to the next chapter I go. ^_^

Author's Response: Is it? I actually had to look and compare to double check, and yes, it's my second most popular story! Murder on the Hogwarts Express is the only one with more reviews, and while this one has more favourites, MotHE has a Dobby, so it all balances out in the end. :P

It's sad that I had to check and weigh the two stories against each other. It's what comes of being from a numbers family. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, thank you so much for your review! I didn't expect you'd take on a long one, being busy as you must be, but it will be wonderful to hear your opinions on this story! It means a lot that you've enjoyed this chapter, and I hope that you enjoy the rest as well! ^_^

I'm very sorry to hear that you're facing the same decision as Rose, probably with the same results - it hits Rose hard, and I can imagine it would be worse in real life. *huggles*

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Review #27, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Building Me A Fence

25th October 2011:

I don't want that to be the only thing I say in this review. So, I'm going to tell you - I really love this story. It's not one of those typical "angsty beginning, happily ever after ending" types you see a lot. At least not yet, I hadn't gotten to the end. But I don't expect that.

Oh, one more thing: TEDDY!

Sorry. :P


Slytherin Review Brew. (let's see how many times I remember to actually put this at the end of a review. :P)

Author's Response: Even if it was the only thing you said, I'd understand and appreciate it. XD It's wonderful that you're loving the story so much - it's definitely not the usual type of story, and while it does sort of follow that typical plot line, there are a lot more twists and turns along the way. And of course, whether the beginning is angsty and the ending happy depends on how you want to look at it - I doubt that Scorose shippers find the ending very happy. :P

Anyway, I'm very glad that you like my Teddy (and yes, he's MINE) and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story, too! Thank you! ^_^

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Review #28, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The Loser Has to Fall

25th October 2011:
I have to say; I really don't like this lily. She's whiny and selfish - even if she herself doesn't realize it. She's like the rebellious one in the family, only not the normal kind; she's going about it completely the wrong way.

But you can also see she's naive, easily manipulated (three months? Pfft), unlike Rose.

Makes for a very interesting character. I need to see how this all plays out. So I can start the sequel (yeah, I saw it :P)

Also, can I be a tiny bit depressed that Teddy is married to Victoire? And hate her a little for laughing because he said he wanted to be a poet? I love what he does. ^.^


Next chapter...

Author's Response: And that's exactly what I wanted people to think of her, so it's good that you don't like her - if you did, I'd worry. Honestly. Maybe one could feel sorry for her as one learns more about her side of the story, but Rose never does, and therefore the reader isn't really meant to either - Rose's opinion and bias guides the portrayal of other characters, especially Lily.

She does make a great "villain", though - the perfect protagonist for someone like Rose, who can't help being jealous of Lily's beauty, as much as she doesn't want to envy such a thing. :P

You can be depressed about that - I had to follow canon to a certain extent - but like what happens with Scorose in this story, Teddoire goes down the drain pretty fast. I'm glad that you love what he does, though, as it was such a random choice, very unexpected for the wizarding world, but I thought "why not?!" and went with it.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing! I look forward to seeing your reactions to Teddy when he makes a full appearance. ;)

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Review #29, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Why Should I Complain?

25th October 2011:
You say wolf, I say TEDDY!

I don't, I've never read this till now, but I do. I can't help it. I love Teddy. And Rose. And Teddy/Rose. LOL.

Hehe. 10/10!

Next chapter...

Slytherin Review Brew.

Author's Response: lol, it's definitely an obvious bit of foreshadowing - at least I can prove to people that this was meant to be Teddy/Rose from almost the beginning! I loved writing Teddy for this story (and its sequel now, too) and I hope you like how he turned out when you get the chance to meet him!

Thanks very much for reading and reviewing this, Sam - it was a great surprise to see you reading this story, and I hope that you enjoy the rest! ^_^

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Review #30, by argetlam shadeslayer The Loser Has to Fall

20th October 2011:
Fall break is almost here, which means I'll have more time to read this! I'm currently waiting for my next class/ensemble to start, so in the meantime, I will happily review and (hopefully) continue reading more of this. I seriously can't believe it's taken me this long to come back, but since term started, I've been neglecting HPFF (but have been working on things at TDA, so I suppose it's give and take :P). However, I'm so thrilled that I'll have time to catch up on this lovely fic this weekend. And on a side note, congratulations on 'The Fires Within,' you fabulous writer, you! What a well deserved Dobby award! Anyway, on to the actual review.

Firstly, I absolutely loved the interaction between Ginny and Molly - it progressed so naturally and felt entirely in character for both of them, and it was such a lovely glimpse inside the Weasley world that never seems to change much. This section in particular was fantastic: "As Harry came through the door, Ginny leapt toward the kettle, keeping her still-scarlet face hidden from sight. He had all the confidence of the Boy Who Lived, saviour of the wizarding world, and the head of a Ministry department. Some said he was slotted for the next Minister of Magic, though most of the family supposed that he'd never take the post, following the inspiration of his beloved Professor Dumbledore. But in Harry's case, it would be a useless post; he already ruled the world." Truly, this quote captures how I always imagined Harry to be post-DH - to me, these simple, yet eloquent lines ARE Harry. What I mean to say is, if there were a dictionary definition of post-DH Harry Potter, that would be it. That's all we need to know about him, since you've captured him so beautifully and realistically.

Lily, on the other hand...ugh. She's insufferable! (Great job writing her, though!) If ever there were to be a reincarnation of Lydia Bennet, she would be it. I want to feel some sort of compassion toward her, but honestly, I just feel like introducing her to a Chomping Cabbage. (I love how invested I am in your characters! Ha ha.) Bless Harry for fathering her with so much patience. And it goes without saying, I support/adore/empathize with Rose twenty times more after seeing Lily.

Ah, anyway, to end my rambling musings, this was a wonderful chapter as usual, and you're such a spectacular writer! I'm still ridiculously hooked on this story. (:

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, Emma, what a review! It's wonderful that you've come back to read this story some more, even with school - it means a lot to hear from you, and even more that you've taken the time to write such a long review, too. ^_^ Thanks for the congrats on Fires Within - gosh that story keeps coming back to haunt me! Just when I hope that people will have forgotten about it, it goes off and wins a Dobby! *flails* It was lovely to get a Dobby, though - can't say no to one of those yummy awards!

Writing this story taught me a lot about how comfortable I was with writing the Weasleys. They're a great family to write - very complex yet much closer than my own extended family, which was probably why I didn't think I could pull them off. And writing the older Trio-era characters is far, far better than I ever expected - they make good adults, for some reason, their personalities adapting well to maturation. I re-read that part you mentioned and was in awe of it - I couldn't have written that! Harry actually turned out well! And I don't even really like him. Strange what comes out of one sometimes. I'm glad that you liked it and Harry's portrayal - it's a wonderful compliment to be able to write the main character so well because usually they're the hardest to capture due to the fact that so much is already written about them.

Haha, Harry's used to having a brat for a daughter, even if he doesn't quite understand how it happened. She's like a freak of nature, and I wonder often if I went too far with her character, making her too extremely insufferable - of course, it is from Rose's perspective, so there's a definite bias against Lily. I'm glad that Lily makes Rose more sympathetic, though, as Rose is pretty flawed herself and many have questioned her behaviour throughout. ;)

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story! I'm incredibly glad that you've been enjoying it so far! ^_^

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Review #31, by Erised Now It's History

9th September 2011:
Hi Susan! It's Jenny :)

Well, wow. Have did I miss this fic exactly? It's wonderful! Such a beautiful start with the setting and description, and of course, Scorpius and Rose. I love them as a couple so it pains me to see you separate them (haha), but they way it was done was so perfect that I almost didn't mind! ;)

I loved the flashbacks as well, which helped to explain their past and how she had reached this point. I think what jumps out the most is that it's so realistic - not full of cliches and completely believable.

I can't wait to read more! Bye for now :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much, Jenny! I'm floored by this review - first because it was totally unexpected and second because of all the amazing things it says. I don't know if I can handle reading it for the hundred time (slow to respond, quick to read over and over and over again - that's me :P), but it'll be a pleasure to at last respond to your kind words. ^_^

Haha, a painful separation to see, but still acceptable due to perfection? That's awesome, and I'm glad that it turned out for the better rather than the worse. It's hard working against the popularity of Scorose with this story, and even up to the end, I was really close to tipping in that direction, but it's more fun to keep readers hoping (not to mention hopping). I'm so glad that it sounded realistic, too, as that's central to this story - I'm not usually a realist, but for some reason, this version of Rose and realism go together much to well. :D

Thank you again! I'm rambling, rather than expressing my gratitude in the way that I want, so I'll just end with more gratitude. ;)

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Review #32, by Snapdragons Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

31st August 2011:
So I confess that I've been meaning to review this chapter for ages. Ever since it came out, actually. But I was sort of nervous, because if I reviewed it, that would mean that it was done. And I wasn't really ready for that. :P So I sort of put it off to the side, but I've decided to come back and give it a proper review.

You tie up loose ends so brilliantly. You managed to leave it open ended but still quench my thirst - it felt satisfying. Rose has grown up so much as a character from the beginning of the story. I found myself feeling proud of her towards the end: how she dealt with Scorpius and Lily, Teddy, moving...

You also might just make a Teddy/Rose shipper out of me yet! This is definitely one of the first T/R I've read, and you did it really well. I liked it, because it felt more honest than a lot of ScoRoses and Ted/Vic. Less of the childhood sweethearts and Romeo and Juliet and more of the... real, for lack of a better word.

I also got why Rose might not have wanted her family to visit in China... there are some things best left separate, you know?

Lovely, lovely chapter and a lovely, lovely ending. Completely satisfying and it was so wonderful to read. A bit shameful that it took me so long to review, especially since I read this right when it came out, but oh well. I've enjoyed reading this story and you've done a marvelous job! :)

Author's Response: Putting off as a way of extending the reading process - that's a really nice way of putting it, and I take it as a compliment (if I may) because the fact that you didn't want my story to end means there must have been something good about it. :D Thank you very much for reading, enjoying, and reviewing - the first two of those things are always most important. It's wonderful to be able to write things that people love to read. ^_^

Oh yay! I'm very glad to hear that the ending wrapped things up, but still kept a carrot or two dangling. This is the longest story I've been able to finish to my satisfaction, but even then, I was afraid of missing something, a plot point that I'd forgotten, or a character getting left out, etc. Even better is hearing that Rose did develop after all - I came into writing this chapter thinking that she'd gone nowhere (writer as worst critic, yes?), and it was a struggle to come to a conclusion with that thought in mind.

The whole "childhood sweethearts" and R&J themes were just what I was rebelling against in this story. I can't stand those kind of things, mostly because they're so rarely true, not in the idealized way people tend to portray them, so I wanted to do something different. Let the romance grow itself, almost out of nowhere, to pop into the forefront just at the right moment (though Teddy almost overthrows it due to his hesitancy, silly man). ;)

Thank you again! This story was my dear baby for a while, and it's sad to have finished it - feels like so much of my life went into constructing its plot and making its characters come to life. Maybe that's why I tend not to finish stories. :P But to hear compliments like this, it was definitely worthwhile putting this story to an end. ^_^

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Review #33, by Elizabeth Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

29th August 2011:
Amazing is there more please

Author's Response: There is a sequel now - "Welcome to Mars" - if you happen to still be around. I couldn't resist not writing more. ;)

Thanks very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #34, by xXJamesandLilyXx Their Minds as Cold as Ice

23rd August 2011:
I really liked this story, and then you just had to go and stick a big Dramione reference in it! However, I like it enough that I'm just going to pretend that never happened and continue as such. Sorry :P

Author's Response: It's strange that people like Scorose but don't like Dramione because they're basically the same thing - that's why I thought it'd be acceptable to include this Dramione reference, especially since it's meant to demonstrate the close links between the two ships (and, thus, their utter inconceivability).

But anyway, I'm glad to hear that this very minor reference didn't deter you from continuing. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story. :)

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Review #35, by adahpfan Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

19th August 2011:
I may as well just go and favourite all of your stories, I know that they'll be amazing... this story is one that I only read at specific times, namely, on my phone, on the bus, coming back from visiting from my grandma, with my headphones in, listening to ABBA... I don't know why I do, but it always made me feel bad after the weekly family rows, for which I am eternally grateful. Rose is such a strong charecter and I feel like the stories been leading up to her decision since she saw Teddy in the early chapters. I would love a sequel, but I do agree that this is a perfect ending. 10/10 *adds to favourites*

Author's Response: What?! All of them? O_O Goodness, that's a lovely compliment, and I hope that if you do end up reading them all (quite a feat, I assure you), they all deserve such high regard. It means a lot that you took time out to read this story and that you enjoyed it. And that you read it with ABBA is really cool - I wonder how much it added to the experience? I listened a lot while writing, but never while re-reading. *is curious*

There will be a sequel - I've finally decided on that, having missed writing about Rose and Teddy and all the rest. It's a very different type of writing from my other stories, and I need that difference to keep me going - a change of sense, so to speak. :)

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing. It means a lot to hear such fantastic words from you. ^_^

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Review #36, by argetlam shadeslayer Their Minds as Cold as Ice

18th August 2011:
Wow! What a risk, indeed, but you executed it flawlessly. These days, when I read a fic and Hermione is given some sort of strange past with Draco, it always comes off as a bit of laugh, kind of like, "You know Aunt Hermione, she totally had that thing with Scorpius' dad, eh?" and people tend to reference it as a joke, at least in most Next Generation stories. But I really, really loved the way you tied this in with the story. It added so much depth to Hermione's character (which you've written beautifully, by the way), and this sentence - "She wouldn't want anyone to see that she, too, could suffer" - gosh, it's captured Hermione Granger in a nutshell for me. And again (I think I've mentioned this in previous chapters, but if not, here it is!), you have such a beautiful, eloquent way of writing. Seriously, I can't even begin to communicate the beauty in a simple sentence like this one: "No, no. Don't think of that, Rose. It was painful, unhealthy. A thorn in all their sides." And your writing is full of beautiful, simple sentences like that. I wish I could somehow convey just how much I adore your narratives. Again, excellent chapter! (Sorry it took so long to read this chapter. I literally just finished summer exams.)

Author's Response: Can I "wow" you back, Emma? Like, really? How can you say all of these things, they're making me too happy!! I don't know what to say other than a giant glomping thank you so much because this review is definitely a spirit-lifter - just the kind of beautifully inspiring thing that every author ought to have. ^_^

A Dramione past can be funny, like you said, and it would have made a good joke ("had" because I'm sure it's been overused by now), but it's in this story to add more to the characters, especially Hermione, who, unlike Ron, was lacking somehow for me. Ron came through in this story with strength and clarity, but I didn't know what to do with Hermione - she needed something to link her more closely with Rose, who is, otherwise, very different in personality and mannerisms (Rose is definitely her father's daughter). The past relationship is also a parallel with Rose's relationship with Scorpius - one can see how both Malfoys acted and how the Weasley women interpreted, and in both cases, it turned out poorly. It gives Rose some way of connecting with her mother, and that felt important to this story - for some reason, I don't write many mother-child relationships that are truly positive, so I was glad to get that chance here. :)

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Review #37, by Anon E. Mousse Rules Must Be Obeyed

14th August 2011:
Oh, good grief. That did NOT just happen. (Repeat until thoroughly convinced.)

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you are one great imbecile ever! 8D

Author's Response: Oh yes it did! Very evil, eh? ;)

He's definitely an idiot, and that's why I love writing him this way - it's a huge change from other portrayals of Scorpius in fanfiction.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #38, by Anon E. Mousse Though It's Hurting Me

14th August 2011:
Good hsfak, Rose! Just hex that bloody imbecile to a pulp! -___-

Brilliant 8D

Author's Response: Haha, yes! She definitely should. That would make a great scene... ;)

Thanks very much! Glad that you're liking this story so far!

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Review #39, by MissPurpleSmileyFace Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

10th August 2011:
Wow. This was great. I'm so glad that Rose has finally gotten over Scorpius, I like Teddy much better. ;) The description in this story was awesome, and I love how you made the characters different from everyone else's.

I really loved your story, and I hope you write more in the future. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's amazing to hear that you enjoyed the story, its conclusion, and Teddy (that really clinches it :P). It was fun exploring new ways of writing the next-generation characters - there's so much wiggle room, and it'd be great to see more authors trying to see how far they can take these blank slates JKR gave us. :D

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Review #40, by Siriuslover177 Why Should I Complain?

6th August 2011:
I cannot believe that Lily is going to marry Scorpius! That is so very evil, and mean of her!
I mean, didn't everyone know how Rose felt about him, and even if they weren't 'together' doesn't mean that it's right!
I mean, that's just horribly wrong in my opinion!
Really good chapter though!
I feel really bad for Rose though ):
I hope home if alright for her.


Author's Response: Thank you again for reading and reviewing! :D

Is it Lily or Scorpius doing this, though? Lily is being cruel - the two of them never got on very well, even as children - but how much does she know about what went on between Scorpius and Rose? I don't actually know myself, that's why I'm asking. ;)

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Review #41, by Siriuslover177 Now It's History

6th August 2011:
Wow, that chapter, it was breath taking.
I really, really liked it.
I could feel the emotion in Rose's mind. I could feel her fighting with herself on what to do.
I could feel how much Scorpius wanted her to just say yes, but in a way, you made it feel as if he knew what she'd say all along.
I just adore the flash backs as well. You did amazing with this chapter.
It flew together really well.
Very, very good starting chapter.


Author's Response: Thank you! The first chapter is always a hard one to write, both because the rest of the story is still rather hazy in one's mind and because it's meant to really grab readers, making them want to find out more. I'm really happy to hear that this introductory chapter was a successful one. :D

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story! ^_^

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Review #42, by crazypotterweasley77 Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

5th August 2011:
So I just finished reading this whole fic today, and I loved it so much. I do ship ScoRose, but I just don't think it would work out if Rose and Scorpius ended up together. I don't particularly think that Lily and Scorpius belong with each other, either, but nor to Rose and Scorpius, and I have to say, I can sort of imagine Lily being a Mrs. Malfoy and all that. I also enjoyed the Teddy/Rose plot line. I was rather glad that it was Draco and not Scorpius at the door, too.

After the end of this story, a thought did occur to me: what would it be like if this story was told from a Lily-ish standpoint? Would Rose seem like the bad person and Lily the good? Hmm... I think it would make for an interesting idea...

Overall, this was a wonderful story and a delightful read and it just flowed so perfectly. You did a great job of developing each character and their personalities and so forth. I really loved this story, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the story - I know that it's unconventional in its shipping and its characterizations, but that makes it all the more a treat when readers like how things turned out in the end (especially you Scorose shippers :P).

You're right in that Scorpius and Lily aren't any better together than Scorpius and Rose was - personally, I can't see my Scorpius with anyone. Perhaps Rose had her chance in the past, and perhaps she could even have changed him, but now, he's become too twisted. Lily's in it for the position more than anything (which is silly because she is a Potter, and you'd think that would be enough). They definitely win the least compatible couple award. ;)

I'm VERY glad that you liked the Teddy/Rose plot - it was worrisome for me to try and pull off, since there was a faction of readers wanting to see Rose get together with Scorpius, or even go off on her own. I'm pleased that my own choice for things worked out for others. ^_^

Re: you comment on Lily's POV, I did write a one-shot from her perspective, "The Name of the Game", which looks at how she and Scorpius came to be a couple. It's rather disturbing, though, because it's told by Lily, but you might want to check it out. :)

Thank you again for the fantastic compliments! I can't thank you enough for loving this story. :D

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Review #43, by Mrs Padfoot Now It's History

5th August 2011:
It's an interesting first chapter but, although Scorpius obviously has his faults, to me it's Rose who's coming off worse here. It's a bit much to ask someone to wait for them for God knows how long

Author's Response: You are very right - Rose is at fault in many ways, and no matter what happens later on, she can't forget that (won't be allowed to, actually). ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #44, by Aiedail Why Should I Complain?

31st July 2011:
So as soon as I saw wolf my first thought was admittedly Remus, because well he is obviously one. And it was confusing for a moment before I thought that probably it was Teddy. So I was on the lookout for him everywhere after that.

I also love the idea that Rose has to decide what the wolf means, has to one day learn that "there is far more to Seeing than looking into a cup." There's a contradictory nature to that advice and to Divination in general, which is what Rose says she doesn't like about it: she likes to think that her future is up to her and Divination seems to contradict that, but at the same time, she gets to decide the significance of things in her life and ultimately has control over her future. It's like--BRM inception noise.

Your description of China is so earthy and real, I feel like I'm there! It looks very green to me, and red, like clay, and I feel like you have the perfect tone for the enormity of the country but also the closeness and mysticism of the kind of old-world Seer.

Lily's letter is obviously infuriating--I have read stories about her before being generally unpleasant but here you can tell she's playing a game. Her letter appears too wholly innocent to actually be that way. And poor Albus--I also like that he and Rose are close friends. I always have imagined them that way and the way you've written their characters from what we can see in this chapter supports their friendship.

This chapter also made me suspicious of Scorpius's intentions. I couldn't tell here if he was after nursing his own broken heart, which despite in the first chapter seeming empty and hollow, I believe he has. I couldn't tell also if he was after revenge...

I think the flower thing is something perfect that Albus would say. It's easy going and joking enough but you can tell it's kind of an angry thing. Still made me laugh--my name is Lily and I've been jokingly called almost every other everyday flower name over the whole of my life that this little quip even added to the reality of the story. It seems surreal in a way, that she's so far away and still can't escape her home life...but at the same time, the pacing of Rose's thoughts, the way they bounce around, the way she's hard on herself and doesn't stay away and actually plans to go's all so real at the same time.

Author's Response: Haha, because Teddy could pop out at any moment, even when Rose is halfway across the world (it was actually part of the original plan to make him pop up in China, but sadly, I put that aside as the story developed - it would have been fun, though). Anyway, you're right that the reading of tea leaves is primarily based on one's own interpretation rather than what's in a book because it's very much like those Freud ink blots - it's impossible to see exactly what it is, rather your imagination does the work for you. Whether Rose or Ming had Teddy in mind, I don't know - it could just have been a dog (to signify Scorpius's behaviour? :P That'd be cruel to dogs). I love what you've said about Rose choosing her own future, though - she's very independent, and she spends most of her time paving her own way even though she could have had it easy and let things play out as others (her parents, for example, or Scorpius) wished them, but that's not how she is. It gets her into trouble, but maybe in the end it'll work out for the better. ;)

I'm very glad to hear that the description of China had the right feel to it - I've never been there, and was just guessing based on National Geographic's photos and what I've seen on television. Rose is definitely in one of the rural parts of the country, a valley somewhere near the mountains, so there's more of a feeling of vastness and openness that greatly appeals to her. She'll always have a connection to that place, even though she'll spend most of her life in England.

When I think about it, I can't remember why I made Lily such a nasty character - she's manipulative, almost more than Scorpius because she lacks his repressed emotions and down-to-earth side (that Rose typically brought out of him). Her letter, more than anything else, throws Rose over the edge because it goes too far - it's testing Rose, in a lot of ways, and catches at her weaknesses.

Albus has a very different personality, and even now I can't explain why Lily is the way that she is - I guess siblings are like that sometimes, so perhaps it's possible. I'm glad that you like him, though, as he's one of my favourite next-gen characters to write. He's got a lot of common sense, which Rose lacks in many ways (she's more of the intuitive type). The flower joke was bound to come up sometime - JKR includes so many flower names in her story that she's got a lovely English garden amongst her witches. XD

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! It means a lot to hear from you and I love how detailed your reviews are! ^_^

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Review #45, by Aiedail Now It's History

31st July 2011:
So I admit that it's not very fair that I'm coming back and reviewing after I've already read the entirety of the story, but I can still comment on some things that I remember feeling when I read it yesterday :)

Firstly, although you get the feeling that Scorpius isn't a good person, you know how he makes Rose feel, and when he said goodbye I was absolutely stricken. I'm a fan of the pairing, although I believe what you've written them to be is probably much more canon than any of my attempts. The characterization makes sense, even if we don't have that much information about Scorpius's specific past, because we understand his family name well enough, and it seems like he does as well and remains within its boundaries. I like the empty Scorpius, partly because his attraction then is empty, and like a real live human Rose has a hard time wrapping her mind around that, or accepting it even when she does.

Hokay, I'm rambling ! Anyways, this chapter made me sad--in a way that I kept thinking, I hope we aren't getting a preview of how it all ends and we're going to get up to this point. I had hopes for a fairytale--for things to work out from this point, that Scorpius would finally admit to actually in all reality being a wonderful person who could actually make Rose happy. But I knew it wouldn't, partly because that isn't how writers think so much as how readers do, and partly because you said you were inspired by Austen. As easy as those characterizations seem to people who haven't closely read them, plot lines as well, there's a depth and reality to her novels that I knew you would be able to capture.

Your description seems so natural, and the scene unfolded easily for me while reading. The beauty of the surrounding made the whole scene feel even more tragic, but I believe it is necessary for us to feel that way, along with Rose (although she seems to settle for a semi-resignation in the last line), in order to fully appreciate the emotional journey Rose traverses.

I really enjoyed reading this and I think that you're doing Austen great justice as a muse :)

Author's Response: It's wonderful that you've come back to review this story, and I really appreciate that you've done so. It'll be fantastic to read your thoughts and opinions as you revisit the story - maybe something different will strike you as you go along, you never know. ;)

Your view of Rose and Scorpius is very accurate, and it actually made me think of them as fire and ice - feeling and emptiness - because Rose, throughout the story, has too much feeling, and this overabundance is what gets her into trouble. She keeps running into the brick wall that is Scorpius's emotion and manipulative practices - his wall does crack once or twice, but never for long, as though because he's a Malfoy, he has spent so much time not feeling that he finds emotions too difficult to handle. That's something very alien to Rose, who is the child of two oddly emotional parents (even emotional-teaspoon Ron has trouble hiding his feelings). To place Scorpius and Rose in a canon context means making them opposites in many ways, and no matter what they say, even the opposites attract clause has its limits.

Rambling is good. It would be interesting to have gone back and written their story up to this point in full, but I have learned that I can't humanly write Scorose, it's that much against my better judgment. :P Instead, I wanted to show what came before - which is the typical Hogwarts-based Scorose story of fighting to be together, etc. - and then cut it all to pieces once they leave school, which is sadly what happens in real life quite often. There may still be a fairy tale in this story, though, but it won't be in the usual way.

Thank you so much for your amazing compliments! I've read and re-read these reviews a number of times and haven't known how to respond. The Austen-esque style did float away from this story as the plot developed, but I love her way of subtly critiquing characters, and it's very rare that any of her characters avoid some sort of critique (Mr Knightly is one who comes to mind who emerges unscathed). It means a lot that you think my writing captures that kind of depth and reality because that's my goal as a writer - to write things as they are. ^_^

I could go on thanking you forever, and I probably will in your other review, so I'll move on to respond to that one now. ;)

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Review #46, by DramaticEmerald Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

25th July 2011:
I was reading this and thinking "Jeez... that sounds familiar!" Not in the "I've read it before" way.. more like I see that being my life. Anyways, this was a good story. Very full of Shakespeare, which was lovely. Though it reminded me of another aspect of my Scorpius-like problem. Oh well. A lovely read. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: That's actually amazing to hear! I wanted this story to be realistic, and that it feels that way to you is fantastic - I succeeded! There are sadly too many Scorpiuses in the world, though, and I hope that you can find a solution like Rose did. ;)

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story! ^_^

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Review #47, by dianap00 The Game Is On Again

25th July 2011:
Rose needs to move on. The very fact that she's uncertain of what she wants with Scorpius (whether she wants him enough) makes it rather evident that he is not who she wants; he's made it evident that he will not wait for her, which, I think, shows either the depth of his feelings or his maturity. They seem stuck in this place of not yet or not enough that makes them seem not right for each other. I guess they need to just get unto a room together to know for certain if there are still feelings between them. I do not enjoy any suggestions of revenge. I don't want this all to be a ploy to get Rose home, nor do I believe this is the case. I do feel as though this wedding business could have been handled more delicately so that Lily would not have been ostrisized from much of her family, and Rose would not have felt so very (rightly, actually, completely) wronged. Scorpius' haste gives me pause, and his lies are flimsy - it seems his father is hesitant to accept them. Ultimately I find it doubtful that he wants the roses to bloom for the wedding because of a romantic whim but, for his sake, things may work out best if things were as simple as that; he and Lily fell in love. Rose and he have some talking to do at the very least, I should think he'd want to clear the air before he marries into her family.

Ron Weasley is completely right. Always. It's no wonder that Rose loves him best. He is difficult not to love best.

Author's Response: You've hit the nail on the head when it comes to Rose (I probably have said that about your reviews for this story before, but it applies here just as well - you "read" Rose's character perfectly, and it's fantastic to find readers who do so. I do this with stories far too often, so it's a treat to have someone do it to my characters). She's very confused, and much of the story is about her personal growth away from Scorpius, away from her adolescence, and into a new life - one in which she can make her own way in the world. At this point in the story, the idea that she doesn't love Scorpius is in her mind, but she's stuck on the fact that they had something once, and that he appears to have moved on without her. She knows that he's not right for her, but she still feels possessive about him.

To be honest, even by the end of this story, I could not find a suitable excuse for Scorpius's behaviour here - his haste and disregard for those around him. I could just put it down to his selfishness, but that doesn't seem to fill in all the blanks. There are hints of revenge, of Scorpius purposely rubbing Rose's nose in the dirt, but at the same time, it backfires on him because he handles it so poorly as you've noticed. It says a lot about him, actually, and the kind of person he is, effectively adding proof to your argument that he's not right for Rose at all. They're not opposites, but they have very different understandings of people and emotions, and it makes them pretty much incompatible.

Glad that you like Ron - it was wonderful to make him right instead of making him into that cliched overbearing father that comes up too often in fanfiction. I'd like to think that he'd make a good father, one who can understand Rose (if even to a degree) and who can push her in the right direction, by the end. ;)

Thank you for this terrific review! I hope that you continue to find much to discuss about the remainder of the story. :D

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Review #48, by dianap00 Why Should I Complain?

25th July 2011:
I think she's going to end up keeping the peace. The Potters seem completely out of sorts. I very much doubt that her dad would 'told you so' her about Scorpius now - things will be complicated enough. Malfoy's comment makes me think Lily may be pregnant but I'm inclined to doubt this as this would be too convenient an explaination, and result in more rushed nuptuals. I still feel that Rose did the right thing in going to China to study, explore and discover; my impression of Rose's relationship with Scorpius is unfavourable - he seemed sweet but pushy, lacking selfless consideration and empathy - it seemed almost forced. It would have been nice if he appreciated Rose's ambition and acknowledged her need for adventure.

How can he say he love her and only to become engaged to her cousin?
How could Lily date him?
Poor Albus.

Author's Response: Yes! You read the characters perfectly well, especially Rose and Scorpius. She was much better off leaving, and I think she knows it inside - on the surface, she's upset that Scorpius would treat her so lightly and carelessly, but she did the right thing in pursuing her career, which holds a lot more meaning for her in the long run. As for Scorpius, my way of understanding him and Lily's relationship was that he convinced her that she was pregnant so that she would stick with him - it's a cruel thing, and I don't know if it's actually plausible, but it's part of his strategy of manipulating others to suit his purposes.

While writing these early chapters, I was unsure about how to characterize the Potters, which is why their portrayal is a bit flimsy at the moment. Albus improves - at least I think so - and I give him the excuse of enjoying exaggeration, making things seem far worse than they really are in his letter.

Thanks very much for reading and reviewing! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about the characters in future chapters. ;)

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Review #49, by Hermione288061 Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

18th July 2011:
I just read the last three chapters and I think I fell even more in love with this story. I thought you ended it brilliantly and I thought that everyone dealt with the Rose and Scoripus situation quiet well.

I continued to love the Teddy/Rose plot line and I'm glad it ended on a good note as well. I was really happy at the end. I also love how you threaded the song "Winner Takes it All" through the chapter titles. It is one of my favorite ABBA songs.

Thank you so much for writing this. It gave me hours of entertainment (when I had the time to read that is). Please keep writing; you are brilliant at it. Have I mentioned how much I loved this? Well I do. Again, thank you.


Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! That's an awesome compliment and it means a lot that you enjoyed this story, especially the end (which I love, too - finally was able to come up with the "happy medium" ground that I'd been looking for). I can't thank you enough for this review - it's so positive and lovely and definitely has made my day (if not longer). It's wonderful to have given a reader so much to like about a story. ^_^

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Review #50, by argetlam shadeslayer Though It's Hurting Me

17th July 2011:

Brilliant chapter as usual, especially with your characterizations, since I'm feeling particularly mutinous toward Scorpius, the jerk. Ugh. What a mark of Rose's self control that she hasn't hexed him yet. (Then again, this chapter did sort of end with Scorpius having the last word.) Oh, I just can't believe him! He's so infuriating! But on the other hand, I love that this chapter and your writing are so brilliant that I'm literally sitting here, groaning aloud in frustration and flailing my arms. I do hope for Rose's sake that she doesn't act on her possible desire for revenge, but all the same, I'd turn the other way and whistle a merry tune if she did. I can't really blame her, Scorpius is such a prat! Ah, well, amazing chapter as usual! New. Favorite. Story.

Author's Response: Haha, that's exactly what I want you to think of Scorpius. :P Poor guy, he got the bad rap in this story, mostly because too many of the Scoroses were making him such a sympathetic, weepy character, and I thought it'd be more fun to make him very much a Malfoy, along the same lines as Lucius. He's wonderfully evil to write, at the very least, and it gives Rose an excuse to be mean right back at him (though I don't think she's capable of it, she's just not the mean sort).

It's fantastic to have evoked such emotion with this chapter! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed reading this story so far, and I hope that you keep doing so! ^_^ Thank you for the lovely reviews!

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