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Review #26, by Elesphyl Astute Observations

9th May 2009:
God, Susan! First, let me say something.


That single name makes the fic. We all saw how angry she got at Moody for calling her by her given first name, and not 'Tonks'. That she doesn't blow up in Remus's face is a true test of her character and of love. And Remus, similarly, is not afraid of calling her such. It's a mutual understanding on their level that is impressive and flawlessly executed on your part. A superb pas de deux, if you will.

This was just ... sigh-inducing. I've never loved Remus/Tonks, thinking they were so absolutely wrong for each other. This fic is just heart-wrenching. Because I know they're going to die - OH MY GOD! Look at me! I'm crying! My throat is constricted. No, seriously, I am. It's the effect your writing has on me. Absolutely addictive. It's like a drug. I could get high off of your writing. XD Forgive the crude metaphor.

Yes, in any case, continuing my rambling line of thought - I've never really liked Remus/Tonks, but this has made me truly appreciate the fic. Mainly, I think, because your characterization of Tonks, while still in canon, had such a touch of you in it, you know what I mean? Not necessarily tragic or clumsy, but there's just that perfection that she has, this angelic (eurgh, forgive the word) aura about her. It's so sad, especially, knowing that they die.

Good God, but I'm rambling. To summarize, it was superbly, brilliantly touching. Flawless. But then, with you, that's hardly a surprise.


Author's Response: Alright, I admit that I like that line from the story - "maybe it was the way he said her name". Although I've used it in another story, I still love that idea of the power saying a name can have, very romantic. And for Tonks it does mean more, like you said. She lets Remus get away with things that no one else could.

It was a surprise when in HBP they got together, but it still managed to catch my interest. It's a wonderfully unlikely ship, and their wrongness is what makes it worth while. They complete one another, in a way.

Arg, now you're making me sigh romantically.

I'm sorry that this made you cry. I didn't even think much of DH while writing this, as HBP was the focus. Though, I can understand why it's affected you so: perhaps if Remus had "given in" sooner, they'd have had more time together. It's a heartbreaking thought.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Kalina. I always love hearing your thoughts and appreciate what you say. *huggles*

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Review #27, by RonsGirlFriday Astute Observations

9th May 2009:
Wow, this moved me so much...the emotions were described perfectly, and it was heart-wrenching. I'm fascinated by the way you arranged it, too, with III and IV in the beginning. It worked out so well that way. And the characterization was great...Remus was a lot more dark and brooding than you often see him, but I thought that made it real and thrilling. 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much for this! :D I'm really glad that having the story "out of order" worked - it was a risk I took and wasn't sure if it would actually make sense for the story. But it did, so I'm happy. ^_^

Readers have been saying that about my Remus, and I didn't mean for him to be so gloomy and dark. He did just return from the werewolves, but he's desperately in the dumps, perhaps more than necessary. :( Something to work on, as I'm now intrigued enough with this ship to write another like it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review! It's great that you enjoyed this and were moved by it. Hearing that it did means a lot to me. ^_^

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Review #28, by padme_alejandra Astute Observations

8th May 2009:
Just, wow. This was really, really great, Susan! It was so real and heartbreaking and just…wow. It was a tragic story with an optimistic ending that is so easy to connect with, which makes it all the better. You’ve created a strong, believable Tonks and a kind, reserved Remus, both of which were perfect in terms of characterization. What’s more, in such short time, you managed to attach me to them. I cared for them, rooted for them, teared for them. You capture emotions beautifully my dear!

And your writing? I’ve said it before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Love it. Just, love.

I think one of my favourite parts was the structuring. It was creative and split everything up perfectly.

I’ll end how I began: Just, wow.

Author's Response: Thank you, Dani! The ending, haha! I realised how horribly depressing it was going to be and decided that some of Tonks's optimism was necessary in order to lighten things up, not only to better suit her personality, but to prevent myself from writing another very dreary and unhappy conclusion. :P Have too many of those on my author page.

It's really wonderful that the characterizations turned out. I felt as though I was writing them blindly, guessing my way through how they may act toward each other. So not only is there good characterization, but they're sympathetic? Fantastic! :D

The thing I was more worried about for this one was the structuring, so I'm really pleased that you liked it, and thought it creative. *squees* Thank you! ^_^

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Review #29, by GubraithianFire Astute Observations

8th May 2009:
Susan! You know I've always loved you and your work, so imagine my surprise and excitement to see this at the top of the Recently Added page! Especially after the exhausting day I've had today, this was just... wow.

Firstly, I have to say that I am not a Remus/Tonks shipper myself, and prefer Charlie/Tonks. I don't know why; I suppose it just never clicked for me, you know? They didn't seem right. That's what I loved about this one-shot: they weren't right, they weren't soulmates. There was no sweep-you-off-your-feet romance, and it wasn't larger than life, as most fanfic romance is. It was... life. It was real, it was melancholy but beautiful. It wasn't quite tragedy, since it did end with a spark of hope, but... it's just so beautiful and melancholy. The characterizations of Remus and Tonks were splendidly executed, which made me believe in them so much more. Also, the way you handled Sirius's "ghost" of sorts and made him a character, that was brilliant. It lent the story another dimension of reality, gave strength to the characterizations. Remus and Tonks's relationship throughout was just masterful, I have to say, and especially in Part I with "I came for you." How heartbreakingly beautiful! My favorite thing about the story is definitely how you separated the specific parts and didn't tell it in chronological order. It was all the more powerful that way, I think, especially having Part I in the exact middle, with the others branching off of that. It's like the climax - Part I - is the chronological beginning, though it's placed in the middle, and I think that's amazingly original.

There was one error I found, though, in Part III: Even him, who was so gentle, so soft-spoken, contained a monster in the darkest reaches of his being, a part he would never let her see. - the "him" should be "he" if I'm not mistaken.

Nonetheless, a beautiful and melancholy story that gives credence to the Remus/Tonks ship. This is absolutely gorgeous in its desolate reality. Superb. But how can anyone expect less of you?

Author's Response: Before I respond to everything you've said, I have to tell you that your review has brought tears to my eyes. It's very touching and beautiful, and yeah, I'm getting mushy. This is the first thing I've posted in a couple of months, so it means a lot that you've enjoyed it. ^_^

With that out of the way. thank you so much for this! I was really worried about how this story would sound, not only because it's been a while for me (a while that's been spent instead writing essays), but because I was trying something new. This is my first foray into the ship, and into writing a semi-serious Tonks. Not to mention the lack of chronology in this. :P Told myself a few times "no one's going to make sense of this!"

So I'm really glad that it made sense after all. :D

I never thought of the placement of the first part in that way - it certainly sounds brilliant (if only I had thought of it! It is the most romantic part of the story, providing the hint that maybe they had kissed afterwards (Remus being unable to take notice of his actions), but it's a very subdued sort of romantic. So you're right about it being the climax, the central part of the story. Perhaps some unconscious genius planned that out - I did it without noticing. XD

I'm glad that the characterizations are plausible for both characters: I've only written Tonks as part of a humour story, and Remus not for a long time (since Eleanor Digby, I think), so I felt a little blind writing them, as much as I consulted HBP for help. The setting actually inspired me more than the characters - an empty, half-haunted Grimmauld Place that seems to suck the life from both characters.

To address the romance part a bit further: I decided to do Remus/Tonks for the challenge because a few weeks before, I had been looking for a good R/T story, and found too many that were fluffy or just... not what I wanted. I'm not sure if this story, had it been posted by someone else, would have gotten my attention (too depressing, for one thing), but I'm pleased that you like the realism of it. :P No fluffy romantic stuff for my writing, and not for such a mismatched couple as Remus and Tonks.

Thank you, Gubby! I've also fixed that mistake (and a few other wording things I'd noticed on the way). :D It's just so wonderful that you enjoyed this story!

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Review #30, by SunSation Gal 07 Astute Observations

8th May 2009:
I absolutely loved this Susan. They way it was written, with the different sections, was brilliant. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you! And congrats for getting the first review. :D On your birthday, no less.

I'm glad that the different sections worked; putting them out-of-order felt like a dangerous risk, but I wanted to try something different. It's wonderful that you took the time to read and review this. ^_^

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