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Review #26, by goddessofsnark Afterglow

6th February 2007:
Oh, i can't believe i didnt' find this until now! You have to go searching every nook and cranny of this place to find a decent HG/SS fic, and I found this one by pure chance! It's good, it's very well written, I love the style, it's blunt, and descriptive at the same time, you get a great picture of what's going on despite sparse wording, and it's just...good.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! It's great to find another Snape/Hermione shipper. =D I'm glad you enjoyed this story - it was my first venture in the ship and certainly my first story featuring the trio in any way.

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Review #27, by musicgirlhp14 Afterglow

31st January 2007:
Good plot, and good story. It would actually be really interesting to see this in a full chaptered story. But it was still good. I've always found the ship Hr/Snape a weird one that was never really possible, but you actually wrote this really well and I actually felt I could believe it. This story was amazing. 100/10

Author's Response: Oooh, a novel length? That would be exciting! I did have an idea for one once - it could still be done, I suppose. =D It is a strange ship and hard to find a really good one - I really appreciate the fact that you enjoyed this one. Thanks very much for reviewing. =D

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Review #28, by fallendevil Afterglow

16th January 2007:
wow i love this story alot keep writing please!!!


fallendevil x

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #29, by LostMaeblleshire Afterglow

6th January 2007:
At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to read any angst at the moment, but then I started into this, and it was literally like I was sinking into it. I sort of relaxed and my eyes sighed. ♥ I love this pairing so much, and this story was absolutely wonderful. I don't know what else to say.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thanks, Amber. You're much too kind. This story does need some work, but I'm still glad that you enjoyed it so much. If only there were more good stories with this pairing - I have so much trouble finding any. Once again, thank you for your great review. =D

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Review #30, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Afterglow

27th December 2006:
Beautiful, this was absolutely beautiful. I'm a big Ron/Hermione shipper, but this pairing really worked for me. It was written so wonderfully... no words- just beautiful. Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really appreciate your review and hearing that the pairing worked for you (the moment with Ron still brings a tear to my eye). ^_^

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Review #31, by omgaaRAWR Afterglow

24th December 2006:
good stuff
totatlly unexpected.

Author's Response: Thanks! =D

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Review #32, by CrystalClear Afterglow

22nd December 2006:
A very interesting take on a very interesting ship. I enjoyed this, although the end was perhaps a bit too light - an abrupt change from the beginning and middle sections of the one-shot. Good job overall.

Author's Response: It's on my list, to write another ending to this. Romantic, yet not at all fluffy... Anyways, thank you very very much for your review, CrystalClear. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. =)

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Review #33, by The_Dementor Afterglow

16th December 2006:
i loved it. extremely good.

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #34, by painted_black Afterglow

19th November 2006:
You have managed to capture my attention and keep me itching to find out what happens at the very end. I was sitting at the very edge of my chair, wanting to read on and on to see what would happen in the end. You have a very unique writing style. You make your words turn into images; you don't just clump words together to make paragraphs. This is a beautiful piece of writing, and I must say, I was very happy to discover just who Hermione's savor was. I'm not a big fan of Snape/Hermione ships because a lot of authors don't stay in character and I am mildly turned off by that ship. But you have managed to get me interested again! 10/10 for you and your excellent fanfiction. It is a rarity to find something this good to read! I am definitely looking forward to more of your work :]

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! I agree that the ship usually isn't written very well in terms of keeping in character, and after writing this one-shot, I can see why because it is really hard to keep Snape in character yet make a romantic story out of it. I'm glad that you liked the descriptions - as for the images thing, you probably saw it that way because I imagine the story in pictures, like a movie, then write down everything about the the image in my head (if that makes any sense at all). There will be more Snape/Hermione from me soon, I hope. =)

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Review #35, by tiffers Afterglow

6th November 2006:
First off, I love that you chose Severus and Hermione, there are not nearly enough of this ship on this site. You did such a wonderful job of describing the battle field. I honestly felt like I was there besides Hermione, running through the mud and carnage. The descriptions just honestly blew me away, they flowed so well, and really added to the story. Sometimes too many details can really distract me, but you pulled them off brilliantly!

I think you did a wonderful job of painting the scene for the final battle, talking about the killing curse and how much it's being used. Not to mention the hundreds of other small detail that really bring this scene together. The whole scene where she trips over Malfoy and looks into his cold lifeless eyes...OMG! It was just so unexpected, and I loved her reaction. I know that they all hate Malfoy, but when it comes to death, you can't ever really wish that on anyone.

I really liked that she could still see Harry, Ron, Remus, and Tonks as she headed to join the battle once again. For a while I was relieved to see all my favorite characters still fighting, alas they didn't all make it through *tear* I think you did a wonderful job of writing the action scenes, I have a lot of respect for people who can do that, as my attempts are complete rubbish (they get deleted before even seeing the light of day). I love that he comes out of nowhere and rescues her, like a knight in shining armor; LOVED it! I think you did a wonderful job of writing her, weak and tired, and completely trusting. Once again your beautiful descriptions leap off the page.

I like how it went from the battle to three years later, it's always so great to see how the characters have changed after a major event. Poor Harry *sheds a tear*, he really did have such a horrible life, and even in the end it was all for other people. I think you did an amazing job of showing how everything changed Hermione, her life is so different than the life she used to lead. Hearing about Ron was so bittersweet, I was relieved to hear he was still alive, but saddened to see that too much had happened. I think it was a nice touch to have Hermione distracted even when she had her books with her, it shows how much everything affected her in the end.

I loved how you described her feeling as she went into the Leaky Cauldron, it's amazing how places can bring those memories back in a rush. I also liked the memory you chose, because her and Ron were arguing; but I'd bet she would wish to have that arguing back.

Finally, the appearance of her hero, the man who took her away from the horrors of the battlefield. The man who stole her heart, and haunted her dreams; I love that she recognizes him by his voice. It's the one thing she could connect with him, and I think it was a really beautiful touch! The whole ending of this story was incredible, the way she finds out, her reaction, the feeling that she knew all along and couldn't admit it to herself. I honestly think the ending to this story is the true genius, you changed this story from this raw emotional story, to something that could really give us hope.

Overall I thought this story was stunning, I loved the pairing, and your writing was spectacular! It's the small attention to details that really makes this story stand out, I love the details. I also think you really brought the characters to life, they were real and they had real emotions. Once again a fabulous story, I can't wait to see what other stories you have!

Author's Response: *is stunned* My stunned-ness is the reason why it's taken me so long to respond to your review. I really don't know what to say even now. You've hit on so many of the things that were really important to me in this piece, like the details of the battle scene and the memories within the Leaky Cauldron.

You're actually one of the first people who's like the ending of this story. Many, including myself, feel as though it's rushed and too light when compared with the beginning scene. I'm still going to rewrite it, but maybe as a separate chapter rather than a simple editing job. Reading your review (which I've done a number of times already) has certainly upped my confidence in my writing and I thank you very much for taking the time to leave such an in depth analysis of the story. =)

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Review #36, by paine Afterglow

2nd November 2006:
wow you have writen a great story i loved it write more tata

Author's Response: Thanks. =)

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Review #37, by Wynter Afterglow

24th October 2006:
Loved it. I love this relationship between the two. Snape seemed perfect in this.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! =)

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Review #38, by GinnyRox(not logged in) Afterglow

14th October 2006:
This is the first Hermione/Snape I ever read and I must say I'm impressed! Your figurative language was amazing, it really made the story have more depth and meaning. I couldn't find any grammatical errors or typos. So kudos to you on that! But the way it ended was quite sudden, I must admit. Overall I'd give you a nine out of ten. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review. My biggest criticism of the story is the ending. I wrote it twice and still can't get it to work right, so I sort of gave up on it. It doesn't hold up to the intensity of the beginning, that's for sure. Anyway, I'm still glad that you liked the story as a whole. =)

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Review #39, by Padfoot4 Afterglow

25th September 2006:
Oh My Gosh! That was SO good! Yet....... i fell of of my chair gagging and I had 2 run into my bathroom to because I was SO close to puking. I was shaking on the floor out of disgust! But still, I think that I'm starting to get used to the idea of Hr/SS stories, now..........!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol, good but yucky. That happens with a story like this. I'm glad you liked it, even with the gagging part. It's just a ship that has to grow on you - I felt the same way about it once as you do. ;-) Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #40, by Pyro_Maniac Afterglow

23rd September 2006:
I ma officialy in love with your stories, you should be a writer one of these days and when you dowrite your first story and have it published, email me okay? you already have the e-mail I gave it to you in my review for ch.10 of 'Murder on the Hogwarts Express'. So Yeah . . .


Author's Response: Haha, of course. Thanks very much for your review. =D

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Review #41, by Belle_Journee Afterglow

23rd September 2006:
Fantastique, moi amie! Je suis impressed. Tu es brilliant!! On the flip side...
Fantastic, my friend! I am impressed. You are brilliant!

Belle Journee!


Author's Response: Thank you. =)

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Review #42, by dim at best (not signed in) Afterglow

18th September 2006:
That was beautiful, and to be honest, the first I've read of this ship. I detest student/teacher pairings, mainly because I'm not the type to like the whole age difference thing and also because I don't particularly like any teachers (least of all Snivellus).

But for some reason, reading this, with one of my favourite characters, Hermione, and one of my most hated, Snape, falling in love... it didn't bother me. Not one bit. In fact, I clicked on this fic because although I knew that this ship would normally repel me, you as a writer would be talented enough to make me see different.

I'm not sure if I'll become a dedicated shipper of this ship, or even read more of this kind, but I do know that I definitely did not come close to hating this one-shot. Quite the opposite in fact.

You portrayed the broken and unknowingly in love Hermione very nicely, and it was easy to feel empathy. The result of the war and her detachment from everyone was believable, the reason you gave for the animosity between her and Ron sufficient (it's amazing how many stories kill off Ron or make him evil so that Hermione can get with another guy. What you've written is refreshing.)

And, somehow, you make Snape stay true to his being a greasy git while also making his romance with Hermione, well, romantic. ♥

Great job, and sorry for such a long review...


Author's Response: Long reviews are welcome, don't worry. They do make me grin like an idiot, but as long as no one else sees me, it's quite fine. ;-) It makes the story all the more gratifying when a non-shipper ends up liking the story even with their prejudices. That's quite a compliment to me and I appreciate it very much. ^_^ Keeping Snape in character is too much fun; writing Hermione was a bit more of a challenge, especially when I had to make her fall in love with someone who was once her enemy. That scene with Ron never fails to break my heart since I love them together -- I'm glad that his reason for hating her worked out for you. I really didn't want to make him evil - it suits his character more to make him extremely "good".

Before I ramble on to no tomorrow, thanks again for your amazing review. It brightened my day considerably. =)

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Review #43, by juls Afterglow

16th September 2006:
This story sucked me into it with it's flow and imagery. It's very well written, and the thought of Hermione being in love with Severus Snape doesn't sicken me at all. He's her match in intellect and she just needed to age enough for her to realize it. You made me feel Hermione's pain in not being able to greive and move on until her savior was revealed. 10/10 from this Snape supporter. =)

Author's Response: Yay! Another shipper! I've seen your story about and keep wanting to read it (I will one of these days). It's excellent that you enjoyed this story -- it's one of my personal favourites -- and thought that the ship worked out. I don't like it when writers make Snape all "fluffy", though I almost did at the end of this. *blushes* Thank you very much for your review. =)

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Review #44, by Misty_Rey Afterglow

21st August 2006:
OMG Susan/Violet!!!! That was surprisingly awesome!! The angst was practically dripping from the comp's monitor!!! I loved the utter emotion you put into this, it shows. At first I was skeptical about reading this fic coz one, the length scared me a bit and two, the pairing. But you made me enjoy this immensily. The end was a bit too fluffy for me but I adored the first and middle part. You captured the emotions so well, it's astounding!

P.S:- Thanks to you, now I love that song, the Afterglow! It's soo Haunting...

Author's Response: The ending used to be worse in terms of fluffyness, and I agree that it's still too mushy. Maybe I'll take another gander and it... =D Thanks so much for reviewing, Misty_Rey! The angst in this story was amazingly exciting to write - I've never gotten quite so deep into a character before like I did here with Hermione. And the song just fit it all so well with the haunting presence of both Snape and the memories she has of her friends. =)

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Review #45, by Lucid Afterglow

12th August 2006:
It has taken me an age to get here and review, so I apologise for my extreme lateness. I didn't realise it was a HG/SS straight away, but I was very pleased to see it was. Its the first ship I loved, and a secret of mine, as a lot of people don't support it and it can get squicky, but you have found a way for them to be together in a totally believable way which has been handled in such a mature way. I love this and have it added to my favourites, thats how much I liked it. I particularily liked your descriptions of the battle at the begining, you had some very dark things to say and bring the reader to observe, and throughout it you managed to make Hermione seem dazed and almost running from outside herself, I loved how that came across. This line in particular really stuck out to me - "The fires burnt lower, there being not much else to feed their hunger than the infernal mud that was everywhere." - The language and phrasing brought 'hell' to mind vividly. I love how after she wakes up, you don't reveal how everyone has reacted to her in the last few years. The fact she left, Harry died and she wasn't there seems wrong but you allow the reader to know that she wasn't really a coward, its something she has inflicted on herself. I honestly would have liked more at the end, but then that could just be me being greedy, and I know it was already quite long. I think I would have liked to have seen what happened next, but that does not take away from the end at all, because I enjoyed Hermione's curiousity. Your characterisation of Hermione was very good, but I think your characterisation of Snape was excellent, and you seemed to do it in a single sentence - The Hermione Granger that once was died there. You are nothing compared to her. - I thought it was a rather brilliant line, that shone out from the screen. I'm also happy to see that you are considering writing the ship again, please do! I'd love to see what else you can do with them.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so incredibly much for reviewing this, Lucid. Don't worry at all about the time it took, I know that you were extremely busy with other things. It's a huge compliment you've paid to me with this review. This ship is really interesting to write about (excluding the icky stuff that people tend to get from it) with the dynamic between Snape and Hermione. The beginning part of this turned out very different from what I planned, yet it's perhaps one of my best setting descriptions - this battle scene is definitely very hellish. This was my first time writing Hermione, so I'm glad that she turned out well. The ending was very difficult to write. First it was too fluffy, and even now it's rather too fluffy, but not as bad as it had been. I would have liked to have made it longer, but for the length that the story was becoming. When I do write more of the ship, I'd really like to add on to the ending of this piece, just to show a bit of the aftermath. Thanks very much for reviewing this! =D

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Review #46, by Paige Weasley Afterglow

9th August 2006:
Like it a lot thumbs up definately

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #47, by Dumbledores_Army Afterglow

4th August 2006:
OK LoL I love Hermoine/Severus ships and there just isn't enough of em' out there :'( I loved this story, it was awsome the writing was perfect everything was just...great. I LOVE IT!!!

P.S. if you know any more good Hermoine Severus ships could ya let me now, e-mail me or something at :D

Author's Response: You're right, there aren't enough good stories in this ship around. It's hard to find them without all the fluff and silliness. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my take on the ship. =D

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Review #48, by TheOne Afterglow

12th July 2006:
Very good! You definatly do have a strong talent for writing. This is the first Snape/Hermione story I've read and I'm greatly impressed.

One thing I'd just like to be picky about. When writing you want to say as much as you can in as little words as possible. For example Never before had the death curse been used so often in one place. I'd like to see this line changed up a little bit. My suggestion would be, "Never before had the death curse caused such a masacre." Less words often create more flow and deeper meaning. Even the strongest - and the strongest were the only ones left This line was confusing at first... perhaps could you make it into two sentances? I noticed it in a few other spots but mostly at the beginning. You might want to just re-read this one and make some sentances shorter.

That's it for the critisism. I truely did enjoy this story. The way you described the kiss just shook my knees and that was a great way to end such a great fic. Fantastic Job. I'll be reading more of your stories soon! :)

BTW: Who did your banner? It's brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the helpful review. The second suggestion I'll follow - looks like one of my half-finished sentences that go nowhere because I forgot about it. The first, on the other hand, is just the way I say things, and I like it that way. I tend to be wordy in speech, so it's just part of my writing too. =)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the kiss scene. It was so hard to write, like pulling teeth at times. And the banner is one I made, I'm glad you like it too. =D

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Review #49, by Magic_Marker Afterglow

26th June 2006:
Ah! I loved this. It was sad, but I liked the rather interestingly bleak view on life after the final battle. I am a HG/SS shipper, guilty as charged, so please write more of this 'ship in future stories!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! It's great that you enjoyed the story, as angsty as it was. =)

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Review #50, by spiderwebs Afterglow

6th June 2006:
so sweet, i luv Hermione and Snape fics, this is great

Author's Response: Thanks very much! =)

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