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Review #26, by Pia Prisoner

27th July 2014:

So I've been reading your story for the last week and it's freaking fantastic, really!

It's the first time I read something from this era and I never read anything before because I always thought that it would be very difficult to make Tom Riddle justice but you totally did it! Your
Tom is so realistic that is actually scary how well you portait a psychopath haha!

And Anne!! Oh Anne! She is such a complex character! I really can't see her as a bad person, maybe is because most of the story is from her POV so I undestand her better but also because it seems to me that her love for Tom completely brainwashed her, I can't help to see her more like one of his victims! I know she is far from innocent but the future parts seem to imply that somewhere along the way she realize how wrong she was and that makes me think that there is still hope for Anne!

Now the randon part, since you like to put music with your chapters, I must say that Tom and Anne's relationship remind me of two songs right away: Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey ("He used to call me poison/Like I was poison ivy/I could have died right there/Cause he was right beside me/Jim raised me up/He hurt me but it felt like true love/Jim taught me that/Loving him was never enough") and the other song is Over The Love by Florence and the Machine (" I don't want to see what I've seen/To undo what has been done/Turn off all the lights/Let the morning come/There's green light in my eyes/And my lover on my mind").

I don't know if you know these songs or even if you like them (sorry if you don't) but I just wanted to share! :)

Please try update soon and keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Eee thanks so much for your kind review. I hope to have the next one up quite soon, no worries. And I do know the songs, I'm a huge Lana fan haha

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Review #27, by marauderfan Prisoner

25th July 2014:
Ok, I've caught up! Wow, what a story! There is something so morbidly fascinating about Anne's descent into darkness and I just can't stop reading, even though she's pretty well mired in darkness by this point and has the most unhealthy obsession with Tom and is headed for total destruction. Sometimes I feel bad for her, but at the same time she got herself into this mess in the first place. It's like watching a building burn down or something - horrible, but you can't look away.

I see from your author's notes that there is often a long time period between updates, but I'm hoping there's a new one soon :p Amazing story so far!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, seriously. Next one shouldn't be long at all, so I hope you stick around to enjoy it!

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Review #28, by marauderfan Lost

25th July 2014:

every chapter of this fic gets better and better! Your characters are so complicated, so intriguing, and I love them and hate them at the same time! Even Tom had a little bit of feelings in this chapter. And Anne, wow. Your characters are brilliant.

Author's Response: Yayayay thanks so much!

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Review #29, by marauderfan Grindelwald

25th July 2014:
OMG THIS STORY IS WAY INTENSE. Seriously it's nearly one in the morning and for some reason I'm still reading even though I'm really tired.

Also, her parents ARE involved with something relating to Grindelwald! They recognised her last name! There is something there, I know it.

The scene where Tom spins her around was really sweet but also so WEIRD because it's VOLDEMORT we're talking about. But I can see him having that reaction to his first country take-over, I suppose. haha

Gah that scene with the guard was so intense! like I don't even know how to feel about it - who is the enemy here? Tom Riddle's side or the Nazi's? Asdjkfjalskdf but that's why this story is fantastic

Ps I think the amount of sense my reviews make is inversely proportional to the lateness of the hour. Sorry :p

Author's Response: Hahahah I'm so happy you're spending the time to read my story and that you're enjoying it. It means a lot!

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Review #30, by marauderfan Crushes & Clubs

25th July 2014:
ooh, so she's a wolf. I assume. Also her date with Joey was the cutest ever. If only she actually liked him rather than manipulating him because of Tom. Her crush on Tom is so obvious, and ughhh. If only her future self could step in and provide some advice to her thirteen year old self.

Your characterisation of Anne continues to shine, and has been very consistent throughout. I love her kind of moral dilemmas in that she does have a conscience, but keeps ignoring her instincts. Her instincts tend to be correct too, but she's just focused rather possessively on Tom and forgets anything else.

I've been wondering what's up with her parents, why they're always gone. I wonder if it's Grindelwald related. Hm. This chapter was the first hint that it might be more than it has seemed so far, so I'm intrigued. anyway, reading on!

Author's Response: I'm loving your reviews and hope they don't stop! They motivate me to keep writing.

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Review #31, by marauderfan Grandpa's Little Girl

24th July 2014:
So much happened in this chapter!

Poor Anne. Losing someone so important to you is incredibly hard, and I think you handled her feelings really well. I could perfectly understand her wanting to talk to Tom because he wouldn't give her empty condolences like everyone else. She doesn't want comfort, she wants someone who understands.

I loved the cameo of McGonagall, and Myrtle and Olive. It's fun to see these canon characters show up -especially from the opposite point of view! It's funny too because it's not explicitly stated in canon that Olive was a bully - we only heard the story from Myrtle's POV, who wouldn't have said she was giving Olive a hard time about being a Slytherin. So I like the spin you put on it.

She's still trying the Animagus transformation, huh? I don't think she's a dog. But she is definitely some sort of four legged mammal and I'm still holding with my guess of wolverine! I'm excited to find out :D

Gaaahhh no she should have gone with Joey!!! I like Joey! Instead she's going to spend the whole time sulking because Tom sure isn't going with her.

One question about continuity - earlier in the chapter Anne says Tom found "a spell" called the Imperius curse, implying that she doesn't know much about it, but then later on she says it's one of the most well known, illegal curses in the world, so that didn't quite match up.

Otherwise, though - this story is really good! It's addicting! I really should be reading stuff for work at the moment but this story is way more interesting :)

Author's Response: Hahah thanks so much, I'll definitely go back and check the chapter for continuity, I'm glad you caught that!

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Review #32, by marauderfan Growing Up

23rd July 2014:
I love love love how you've tied history into this. Firstly with Gone with the Wind - I was laughing when Anne said she loved Scarlett O'Hara. Personally I always found Scarlett so obnoxious and greedy how she took everything for granted and wanted more... but she does have a certain vivacity and power to her and I can DEFINITELY see how Anne admires her! So yeah, that was great.

It's nice to see Anne having friends other than Tom, because I feel like they provide a really necessary balance for her. And they probably could have helped her avoid whatever happened to her far in the future, if it weren't for the war.

I'm really glad you incorporated WWII in here, as it sets the stage so well for why Anne stuck with Tom for so long in his hatred of Muggles. Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, hope you keep reading :)

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Review #33, by marauderfan Nott & Nagini

23rd July 2014:
Hello! I'm sorry I've been a bad reviewer so far! The temptation to click "next chapter" is too great ;) Anyway, I am still here and enjoying the story!

I kind of love Joey... Please tell me you don't kill him off later. O_O I have this ominous feeling whenever I read a scene with him, like "this is too good to last" because this is a fic about Voldemort. Um... eek. That's all.

I like that you've shown how difficult it is to become an Animagus, how even determined Anne had to give up and attempt something new. (Though I'm curious what she would have been. Maybe a wolverine or something.) But I think it's good that she did switch tracks, because Legilimency will be a useful skill to have around Tom. Maybe Occlumency would be better, though! ;)

Ya know, you should be a little nicer, kid. Who do you think you are? If I wanna see your snake, Im gonna see your damn snake until Im good and satisfied. -- HAhaha *snort* Ok, I know this is a serious scene and all, but.. Could he have possibly said this in a more ridiculous way?! Ahem. Sorry that my mind lives in a gutter. Back to the story.

The rest of that scene was really intense though! I am not surprised about the way Tom waited to let the information be known to the rest of the Slytherins, about him being a Parseltongue. He won't just tell people, he has to show off and make them really in awe of him. So true to his character.

Anne sure does know how to play her cards to get in Tom's good graces.

I love the little italic bits from future-Anne. And this one in particular. So ominous. Gah I'm worried something is going to happen to Joey.

And as for the 7th of September 1940, if I'm correct then her grandfather was killed in the beginning of the Blitz in the second world war. Such a destructive Muggle war would definitely put Anne along the same line as Tom in hating Muggles. Ok, reading on now! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: HAHAH i didn't even think about the snake scene like that but now i'm laughing too. Whoops. As for the rest, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #34, by Mice Prisoner

20th July 2014:
I love love love this I just can't get enough lol you really do have me at the edge of my seat

Author's Response: Yayayay haha I'm happy I do. More soon :)

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Review #35, by marauderfan Friends

17th July 2014:
Ah, of course Tom would never make the effort - especially now that he's found more "interesting" things to occupy his time, which he can actually gain something from. I can understand where Anne is coming from though, trying to figure out this mysterious, charming boy and her good opinion of him seems justified. You've done really well depicting how Tom can be so charming when he wants to.

You're showing Anne's Slytherin qualities and her desire for power very well, and despite her fascination with Tom (or because of it?) I think she's a great character! I love the eerie little notes from her future self too, noting how young and foolish she once was. It adds this really creepy foreboding tone, knowing it's told from the perspective of Anne as much older and aware of what Tom becomes in the future.

Hah, he only says he's Anne's friend when he's convinced that he can gain something from her. As expected. Your writing of eleven year old Tom is chilling and just how I would imagine. The scene at the end in particular, when he's irritated with his only friend because she actually did something better than him, and he just can't allow anyone to be better. He has to be the greatest. Your grasp on his character is perfect.

One minor thing though, there might be a typo in this chapter - unless it went back in time, this chapter is set in 1938 whereas in the previous chapter it had just turned over to 1939.

Anyway, excellent work on this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! I'm glad you like little Tom, it was hard to get a balance of his personality and the immaturity of an eleven year old, but I did my best! Thanks also for pointing out my typo, I'll have to go back and fix that. I hope you continue on reading :)

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Review #36, by marauderfan Dumbledore

17th July 2014:
Just clicked on this story on a whim and already I'm really impressed with your characterisation of both Anne and Tom. Everything is in the details, Tom's reticence, unwillingness to be vulnerable/has to always be right or he doesn't say anything, and how the only reason he doesn't seem to like Anne very much is because he doesn't think he can gain anything from her - its all very subtle, and that's what makes it so good. I like Anne too, she is a great foil for Tom, although I'm worried about what's going to happen with her. The scene in this chapter where Tom tells her to go down the tunnel first, although innocent as they're eleven, makes me wonder what will happen in future, if Tom will use her for spell practise or something, considering her disposable.

Loved the introduction of Nagini, btw. It's kind of sweet in a really twisted, horrible way, that he still has Nagini all those years later haha.

Wonderful start and I will definitely be reading on!

Author's Response: Yayy a new reader! I'm really happy you stumbled upon my story, and I appreciate reviews so, so much. I hope I can keep you entertained with where the story goes!

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Review #37, by rhi Prisoner

14th July 2014:
Yay! It makes me so happy that you haven't given up on this story. It is truly fantastic! Your development of Katarina is amazing, I love how she has become this reflection of anna's future, not sure who I feel more sorry for. Please keep it coming! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for sticing with me even though I'm slow! There will always be more, promise. I'm glad you liked it, more soon :)

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Review #38, by Alyssa Prisoner

14th July 2014:
I loved this! The character development is seriously the best! I couldn't be happier with this chapter. I have been looking forward to a Katrina/Anna meeting for a long time. I saw the similarities between them as soon as you introduced Katrina (which is great writing/foreshadowing by the way). Anna is just so dedicated to Tom, which is terrible but also understandable. I can't wait for more! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! PLEASE!

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you liked it and reviewed again! I'm working on the next one, it shouldn't be terribly long :) Thanks again.

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Review #39, by Alyssa Prisoner

14th July 2014:
I loved this! The character development is seriously the best! I couldn't be happier with this chapter. I have been looking forward to a Katrina/Anna meeting for a long time. I saw the similarities between them as soon as you introduced Katrina (which is great writing/foreshadowing by the way). Anna is just so dedicated to Tom, which is terrible but also understandable. I can't wait for more! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! PLEASE!

Author's Response: answered the other one :)

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Review #40, by Meleessuhh Prisoner

10th July 2014:
So I never read stories with tons of reviews because they get sloppy and take too long to read, but I have spend TWO (2!) days reading your fic because it has been absolutely intriguing from the start. I get tired of reading stories that Tom could have loved because it was literally impossible and you have nailed his character since the beginning. Your character development is amazing and your fluff/romance is done strategically (I have a hunch he knows Anne loves him so he's repulsed by it but kisses her to control her). I haven't even written these last two days because I couldn't stop reading! Haha. I also noticed that you started this in 2009 so I commend you for sticking to it and hope you don't take too long to update. I am super jealous at how phenomenal you are! You've been patient and have let the story flow effortlessly. I have one question though, how old is Anne now? I know she's telling the story from her memory so I'm guessing she's a lot older. At first I thought she could be dead since it started such a long time ago, but then Tom brought up the horcruxes I became pretty positive she made at least one--because death is one of the things she seems to fear. Anyways, amazing job!! Update soon :)

P.S. I think we might be the same age? I thought I saw you mention somewhere you graduated high school in 2011 haha.

Author's Response: Ahhh reviews like this seriously make me so happy! I'm thrilled you took the time to read my story (Don't worry, I took a HUGE break after the first chapter because I didn't think abyone would read the story. I'm slow, but not THAT slow!)
Anywhoo, thanks for noticing all the little things. Writing a character that can be as cruel as Tom is tough, but I think it's worth it to create an interesting story! Anne is indeed older, but I don't think I'm gonna share her ending just yet muwahahah
Thanks again for the review, I hope you keep giving me your feedback! More soon :) I'm 21 btw...too old for Harry Potter? I think not.

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Review #41, by shez Prisoner

9th July 2014:
It was kind of short but I loved this chapter. Katarina's conversation with Anne was both heartbreaking and insightful; I see her as the future version of Anne (and I think Anne is beginning to see that too). Even so, her infatuation with Tom is so strong that she'll do anything for him.

My last review was kind of lame and I didn't mention this but I love your Tom Riddle. He's exactly how envision a teenage Voldy to be. And I love your OC too, the slow and sneaky way you've developed her, as well as her 'descent into darkness' and the dark romance she sometimes shares with our favorite psychopath. I don't really review often, because I usually don't get hooked on stories, but I just wanted to tell you that your story (and imagination) is really vivid and just plain awesome.


Author's Response: ahh i know it was short sorry. I didn't wanna start another scene after that though haha. I'm really glad you took the effort to review my story so kindly, you have no idea how much it means! I'll do my best to get another one out soon, and I hope I can continue to entertain :)

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Review #42, by random person The Irish Exit

15th June 2014:
I confess that when I started reading this fic, I wasn't sure if I'd end up liking it - I was worried you'd end making Tom into some brooding bad boy that falls for the OC and is redeemed. I am, however, PLEASED and STUNNED at how impeccably you've managed to characterize him - he's creepy, violent, and yet there's something magnetic about him - like Anne I just can't get enough of him either haha. I really like your spin on the events happening that we already know (like how he got Nagini, killed his family, opened the chamber of secrets, etc). I seems to me that he's possessive of Anne, maybe not int he romantic sense, but in the she's-mine-back-away. Well there were a lot of pseudoromantic scenes - I think Tom's very well aware of her feelings him, in the context of manipulation, and then also, maybe a little curious himself. There was a really good scene a few chapters ago where he kisses her and then is surprised/horrified/angry at him for it, like he can't believe he was capable of doing such a thing, and I think he gets angry at himself (and her) a lot when he has these 'moments'. I commend you taking that sort liberty with such a (as we know) despicable character and making us - i dunno - root for him? pity him? fall for him? I know Rowling said Voldemort can't love, but it seems to me that he really has become attached to Anne ( again, maybe not in the romantic [though I want it to be haha] but because he knows that she simply would do anything for he trusts her? I hope I'm not misinterpretating.) Anyway, I can't wait to see what sort of end you have in store for us and what will become of Tom/Anne.

It's been a while since I've read and enjoyed fanfiction SO MUCH - and been so fascinated by a story and character. Most authors write fluff which is OK I guess but gets old fast. But I LOVE this sort of psychological horror stuff more and I'm so scared for Anne and what happens next. Sorry for the rambling. I hope you update really soon.

Author's Response: Omg you just made my day, possibly my week. Don't ever apologize for rambling hahah its reviews like this that make me so happy I write. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me, and I'm flattered. I hope you like the rest of the story, more soon! Be sure to let me know how I'm doing :)

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Review #43, by shez The Irish Exit

13th June 2014:
I'm not really sure what to say except that this is really good. I hope that you continue and I eagerly await an update :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on the next one, shouldn't be too long now!

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Review #44, by Alyssa The Irish Exit

12th June 2014:
Hm.I don't know how I feel about the Malfoy situation. He seems like he genuinely likes Anna, but I have a prejudice against Malfoy's in general and just can't help but be wary of him. Malfoy would certainly be better for Anna, but I think she's in too deep with Tom for that (and tom is too possessive to share).I just don't think Anna will let herself get involved with Malfoy with Tom around. I think she has too much self preservation for that. Anyway-great chapter-I really can't wait for an update-please try and get the next chapter up as soon as you can!

Author's Response: thanks so much! It's true Malfoy is definitely an interesting and ambivalent situation, I wasn't even sure what his motives would be at first! More soon :) Thanks for reviewing, as always.

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Review #45, by Natasha The Irish Exit

9th June 2014:
fantastic chapter ! I loved every bit-- I will be sitting here faithfully waiting for the next ^^ xoxo

Author's Response: yayay thanks so much! More soon, promise :)

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Review #46, by Tanith The Irish Exit

1st June 2014:

I just wanted to let you know that I really, really like your story, I love how you portray the characters, the era, your plot and the great twists!
You are a great writer, there was no chapter I did not like so far (and youve written 36! wow!!)
Please keep on writing! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's knowing there are readers like you out there that keeps me writing :) More soon.

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Review #47, by Jen827 The Irish Exit

31st May 2014:
I don't mind waiting for updates as long as you keep 'em coming. 10/10

Author's Response: Hahah I will finish it, promise! I'll try not to take so long though. Thanks so much for reviewing, it keeps me motivated!

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Review #48, by FawkesFelicis The Irish Exit

26th May 2014:
I loved Anna's escape, your fight scenes are always very creative! It's also interesting to watch Tom start to notice Anna as more than a pawn...or does he? Great job as usual!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! More soon since it's summer and I have fewer distractions! haha thanks for sticking with me and always reviewing :)

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Review #49, by Rhi The Irish Exit

26th May 2014:
Oh my goodness you updated! Love it, Love it, Love it. Awesome chapter and I can't believe they have Katarina! Great twist that one, but how will they explain that if someone finds out? ;) Please don't take so long to update this time as I don't think I can stand the suspense!

Author's Response: Sorry to take so long, it means a lot that you've stuck with me so far! I'm glad you liked it, more sooner this time hopefully haha

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Review #50, by Savanna Hiding

16th May 2014:
Love this story. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Just submitted! Thanks for waiting :)

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