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Review #26, by nextgenoration 

8th January 2010:
Woah, what a fantastic chapter!

I was really pleased to see Sirius actually try something with Laura for once. Though Laura is becoming increasingly annoying with her whole idea that no one as attractive as Sirius could ever want to be more than friends with her.

I was also really happy that the whole Sirius caught snogging someone else scenario was cleared up. :) I hoped it would! The part with Alecto Carro was interesting as well - I wondered briefly if there was something more going on with her, you know, if she succeeded with that spell.

Oh, and poor Laura. Falling like that must've really been painful!

Another great chapter! Cheers!

-NGseries :)

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yes, poor Sirius. He's trying just about everything he can think of and none of it is working. I am cruel to the poor boy. And you're not the only one who was frustrated at Laura in this chapter. She really needs to get rid of those insecurities!

Hmm, now you've got me thinking whether I should expand on the Alecto Carrow thing! I think not, on the whole - I think that she's just been underestimated in general and isn't as bad as people think, otherwise she wouldn't have made it to seventh year. I can't see the Death Eaters accepting someone who was completely incompetent, you know?

thanks again, Mel

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Review #27, by pinaygrl3123 

26th December 2009:
Er.. well. Okay, that was freakin' hilarious about the midget comment. Too bad, I'm short and I take that into offense... merr.. I prefer the term pocket-sized. Ahem. Haha, anyway. Remus is sweet and that is crazy that they guys would have a fight like that. I have some ideas on what it was, but I'm not too positive. And wow... he's not really with that girl? GOOD. Now, if only he would buck up the courage to tell her that he liked her. Cause it's starting to get really close to the point where he's gonna pull a Lily and just snogging her. Haha. That'd be really funny to read about!

Author's Response: Hi again!

So sorry about the midget line - I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. *hangs head in shame* But then Laura wasn't too fussed about sparing Alecto's feelings right then, if you know what I mean. As for the fight, well that was about Remus and Laura being seen in what could be termed a compromising position - he'd cleaned the blood off her face so it wasn't obvious she'd been hurt. As one person put it, "hitting on another Marauder's girl". I hope that makes sense.

And no, not really with that girl. It was just really really bad timing on Laura's part.

cheers, Mel

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Review #28, by JeanSyrotS 

4th December 2009:
Okay, so i decided to review this chapter too, (even tho in ch 37 i say that i didn't lol!)

First off i loved that laura gets totally 'kick butt' atituded...yes atituded, even tho she does end up in the hospital wing.

I liked that you were able to pull off what most would consider the cleche' of 'main girl sees Sirius with another girl and it's not his fault'.--when most people write this they drag it on for chapters and the reader loses intrest temporarily. Yours did not, it was in and out, and i really beleaved Sirius was with another girl! lol

and i still love 'giglers' rather than the over used 'fan club' phrase.

I also enjoy the casual/sarcastic banter that Sirius and laura can maintain all the while Larua being a quivering wreck and thinking 'Why was he so perfect'.ah the joy of young love...
(gasps!--did i really say the 'L' word?!!!) LOL!

Keep writing! cuz we love it!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Wow, an extra review. I do feel spoiled. :D Anyway, to respond to what you said ...

I'm really pleased that you liked the way I did the other girl cliche - because like you said, it is a cliche; I strung it out for 2000 words, but that was it. I agree with you that chapter upon chapter of teen angst about something like that (ie a blatant misunderstanding) can be a bit wearying. But then again, I've been stringing out chapers of teen angst about another misunderstanding so I can't really talk.

And yeah, gigglers is a great term isn't it? I had to think of something the boys would call them, because I couldn't see Sirius the way I characterised him as being comfortable with referring to them as his fan club, and that was what came to me. Short, simple, and to the point - we all know exactly what is meant by it.

cheers, Mel

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Review #29, by Wanna 

2nd December 2009:
Marauders Era is possibly most sought after because its more easy to believe characters that have not already been established in a concrete manner. but you have made the best of the above stated fact. Excellent work so far. Glad the romance did not start after the first encounter itself :D but waiting with bated breath when it will! Gr8 job! :)

Author's Response: Hi Wanna! Thanks for the review! :D

I'm so pleased that you like my story and characterisations - like you said there are a lot of different versions of the canon characters out there, but I just wrote my interpretation of them. And it seems to be working!

As for relationship pace, well like a lot of people I was sick of it all happening within six weeks or so, so I strung it out a bit. And some people hate that, but lots seem to appreciate it. :)

thanks again, Mel

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Review #30, by Sam 

27th November 2009:
I love your story.. Really, its so addicting. The only peice of advice i can give you, or maybe its just my silly opinion but please stop reffering to Laura's "quivering wreck" episodes.. Its getting old and a bit annoying. Other than that you are awesome! keep it up. xx

Author's Response: Hi Sam! Thanks for the review! :D

You know, it's funny that you bring that up about Quivering Wreck, because I've had so many people ask me to put more in. But I have taken your comments on board and I appreciate the feedback. :D

cheers, Mel

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Review #31, by nire 

27th November 2009:
Oh what an amazing chapter. I was bumper to bumper on the highway when I was coming home one afternoon when I decided to read this. I honestly just did not even want to have to look at the road anymore, just pull over in the break down lane and finish it. Thankfully there was lots of traffic [I donít think I have ever said that happily before] and I got to finish it in time.
Unfortunately that meant that I was unable to review straight away which is always a pain because I want to get all my thoughts out and down onto this review quickly before I forget all of the Ďheat of the momentí thoughts. Luckily I have 2 days off now to read it again and respond [New Moon came out so I worked up my hours and took two days off Ė ridiculous right? Iím such a teeny].
Anyway, Iím sure you donít want to hear anymore about that, so Iíll get straight onto the review now.

Okay I was literally cringing for the first sentence. I was like crap, whatís going to happen!? I was seriously hoping that it was all a mixup Ė which I found out eventually that it was. Thank goodness. I loved how defensive he got when Laura turned up and the girl was trying to convince him/Laura that they were in fact going out. I can just imagine how mortified he would be Ė Laura turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time, all on a fluke. And I was so mad at the Hufflepuff girl! Running her hands through his hair!?!?! Who in their sane mind would do something like that to a stranger, or someone they hardly know. Ridiculous. Girls like that are bad for our name!
I loved the line ďQuivering wreck has just caught the snitchĒ... thought it was so clever!

Remus is so kind :) He makes me so happy when I read about him. In fact, all the Marauders do that, but there is so something so refreshing about Remus. I have never been able to explain myself properly about him. But yeah, in that situation, I loved that he made a joke, and didnít immediately try to seek revenge or bad mouth her [well not horribly]. I was a little confused in that awkward moment when Remus was taking Laura to the hospital and they saw James, Sirius and Peter at the bottom of the stairs. Itís been a while since I read it, so perhaps I just skipped over something, or maybe it is because itís something I will find out later, in any case, Iím very curious. Oh yeah, I remember now .Something about someone breaking the code. I wonder which one it was. I have a feeling Iím meant to have more of a clue.

When Sirius and Laura were talking at the end of the chapter... I was getting really frustrated about how he kept trailing off and how she doubts herself. She is so adamant about the fact that Sirius could never like her. I suppose if I put myself in her shoes, I might be the same. And the mistletoe Ė I couldnít work out if he was actually trying to look for it or not. Or if he was, why is he so nervous about kissing her? I suppose he might want to try and convince her once and for all about him liking her before he starts kissing her. She might take it the wrong way.
And, the last sentence to him about what is realistic and what isnít. I was wondering if he took that the right way. I donít want Sirius to end up thinking she is the one that doesnít like him. That would be completely awful, but I also have a feeling that is going to happen too.

Wel I think they are all my thoughts for this chapter. I apologise for not doing any direct quotes like I usually do. But I put in a bit more content and thoughts so I thought it might weigh out.
Loveeellly chapter. I donít think I have read the latest chapter... Iím a bit confused coz you have deleted chapters , I think, but how exciting if you have!
10/10! I love this story, Mel!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Now first of all I'd like to say that I definitely don't condone reading my story when you're supposed to be driving. A passenger, fine, but not driving, it's not a ecipe for arriving in one piece. And I love your reviews and want to keep reading your story so I definitely want you staying in one piece if I have anything to do with it. :) And no worries about the lack of quotes, it was a great review anyway. :D

Ah, that giggler. A few people worked that out, that it was a misunderstanding, but I will say that it wasn't quite so much of a fluke that Laura was there as you seem to think. Just remember the Marauder's Map! Of course, Glenys Marsh wasn't supposed to be there, so yeah, poor Sirius. He was horrified. And I wouldn't have wanted to be Glenys Marsh afterwards.

I'm glad you liked Remus there. He's a nice guy. But I'm sure you can understand that it did look suspicious, him and Laura with their arms around each other moving very slowly, and he'd cleaned the blood off her face so it wasn't obvious she'd been hurt. James and Sirius kinda got the wrong idea when they saw that, so that's what the argument was about. It's that Marauder loyalty we all love so much. :)

As for the mistletoe, well Sirius was looking for it so he knew where to avoid. I think I threw something of that sort in the early chapters when I revised them, too - him getting caught by the gigglers at Christmas time. However, he soon recognised the opportunity it afforded so he tried to make the most of it. And then, along came Peeves.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #32, by DEMMA LOVA 

26th November 2009:
AHHH! yes! finally! I have found a fic where I absolutely can't find it in my heart to stop reading!!! This is wonderful!!! Ompc! pls pls pls update soon! I love how everything is so beautifully described and the dialouge just flows!

I personally never thought I'd like maurader era fics but this was great!! I was actually wondering if I could post this on another site called fanfiction dot net. Of course I'll give you all the credit, but that's only if you want me to! You can say no if you want to, it's only a suggestion.

You see, I have an account there and I've posted a few stories of my own, but I've noticed that a lot of people are asking for Maurader fics which I'm not very good with. I promise to give you all the credit, I'll write it in the author's note I PROMISE!

But remeber you CAN say NO! I'm just asking, i don't want to force you into doing something that you really don't want to do. Anyways, AMAZING story, keep it up! and pls pls pls update soon!!

~Demma Lova~

Author's Response: Hi Demma Lova! Thanks for the review!

While I'm very flattered at your offer, I think that if my fic is loaded onto another site I'd prefer if I did it myself, under my own name. If nothing else I'd be uncomfortable at you responding to reviews of my story, and you would probably have trouble doing that anyway since you didn't write it. But thanks for asking. Feel free to point anyone to this site though if they ask again. :)

Other than that, I'm thrilled that you liked this so much. I'm amazed that I could convert someone to Marauders era - I'm a bit of a diehard fan myself, but to have convinced you is just incredible, and the most amazing compliment. So thank you!

I have just loaded up the next chapter so I hope you enjoy that.

cheers, Mel

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Review #33, by Hanna 

24th November 2009:
Hm, I just realised I never reviewed this chapter when I read it the first time. Why? I've no idea x)

I was just thinking that I really like that Sirius seems to realise just how inferior Laura feels to him in this chapter, because it means he's growing to understand her a bit better.

And it's kinda cute of the boys to have their rules about life + I can really understand how angry Sirius must've been - I mean, not only did the girl he fancied hang on some other bloke, but that other bloke was his very own best (almost) friend who knew about it.. I'd be pissed off too! Especially if I valued loyalty like they do.

Anyway, I must say I can't decide whether I want you to update before or after Saturday. I'm not sure it's a good idea if it's before, because I've got a really big exam this Saturday (stupid university..) and I don't need the distractions, but I really would like to know what happens.

Ah, dilemmas.

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review! :D

Yep, you've got it spot on, now at least Sirius knows what he's up against. I thought it was cruel to leave him in the dark about that for too long. (Okay, it was probably cruel to leave him in the dark for as long as I did, but anyway ...)

I'm glad you liked the code, too, and picked what the argument was about (because some people didn't) - the boys thought Remus had been doing the dirty by, as one person put it, "hitting on another Marauder's girl". Because it would have looked suspicious, especially considering he'd cleaned the blood off her face which meant that it wasn't so obvious she'd been hurt. But yes, loyalty was really really big with those boys - as it would have to be, with the secrets they had - so this was one way I found of showing that.

Good luck with your exam on Saturday, and I'm sorry but I will be updating before then. The editing is almost done so my timeframe for tomorrow or Friday is looking pretty accurate. But maybe you can just ignore the fact the chapter's up and read it on Saturday as a reward for finishing your exam?

thanks again, Mel

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Review #34, by Pixileanin 

24th November 2009:
I am SO addicted to this story! No wonder you won.

I'm so glad you decided to go with the characters the way you did. It is so believable and FITS!

I'm trying to contain myself until your next chapter... even dreamed up what I thought might happen next. Can't wait to see if I've come even close.

So so fun!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! :D

I'm very pleased that you like my characterisation - I just wrote them as I'd always interpreted them so to have other people appreciate that is just fantastic. *beams*

As for the next chapter, well I'm on track to post it tomorrow or Friday as promised. And it'll be a nice long one to make up for the wait.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #35, by Noelle 

23rd November 2009:
oohhh I love your fanfiction. Amazing. Laura is a great OC. Congrats on the awesome fanfic!

I can't stop reading its taking over my whole life, instead of teaching physics I'm oohing and aahing at your story.

love, love, love it.

Sirius and Laura are like the most perfect couple ever.

Out of all the sirius/oc stories I have read yours is in the top 5 and I've read a lot, believe me!

Keep on Writing so I can keep ignoring my students lol!

Just a question how did you come up with your story line? Its so intersting would love to hear of its beginning.

Noelle xx

Author's Response: Hi Noelle! Thanks for the review!

Now I'd just like to say that I don't condone procrastination from work/study with this story. It is a work of fiction set in a world and with characters I didn't even invent. :) Having said that, of course, I procrastinate from work with it myself, and I've had other reviewers say they've been choosing my fic over real life (eg earning a living), so you're not alone. In fact I find it quite flattering that you think so much of it, so thank you!

As for the storyline, well, good question! It was a rather organic process, I think. The story came about because I wanted to read a Sirius/OC fic that fit with the canon that we do have without any major stretches of credibility; had the canon characters acting pretty much in character; included Peter; didn't have Lily hating James (because I never read the Snape's Worst Memory scene as her hating him); and didn't have Sirius' love interest as jaw-droppingly beautiful/brilliant/popular/Lily's best friend, or any combination of the above. And I couldn't find one. There are probably heaps out there, but at the time I was hunting I couldn't find one. So, I thought I'd write it instead.

Once I'd made the decision to write the story, I wanted to start it in 5th year because that's when most of the canon we have for that era is from. And I wanted my OC to start off a nobody (or, looking at it another way, an everygirl) and then grow into someone Sirius could fall for (but without the huge dramatic makeover so prevalent in these fics). So in a sense it became a coming-of-age story for the heroine rather than a traditional romance, showing her development from 15 to 18 years old and how that could attract someone like him. And that, of course, brought in plot elements like Bea, who was holding her back in a lot of ways and whose absence from 6th year onwards gave her an excuse to blossom. I built a basic plot structure around some key scenes, and then I had a list of things I wanted to include because they were canon for that era (eg Bertram Aubrey getting his head engorged), so I had to work out how to fit those into the outline that I had ... and can I say, the way I characterised Bertram made him fit a number of plot points very conveniently for me! Even I was surprised by how well it all came together. I will say however that it's been steadily evolving, and even though I had most of the story written before I started posting it at all - that way, conversations or events that happen later in the story can be hinted at earlier or foreshadowed in some way - even that has changed, with several chapters having quite substantial re-writes before I've posted them.

Hmm. I don't know if I've answered your question there or not. It's a hard one to answer though because I'm not sure that the process of coming up with this storyline is clear in my own head, so explaining it to someone else is a bit of a challenge. But I did my best.

cheers, Mel

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Review #36, by sav 

22nd November 2009:

I just started reading your story a few weeks ago, and its been consuming my life ever since!! You write really well, and I'm on pins and needles for when Sirius FINALLY says somethingto Laura!!

But I'm slightly concerned- In the weeks I've been reading, I haven't seen more chapters! This isn't the end is it? I'd be heartbroken because personally, I've grown quite attached to this story.

Anyways- I hope there's more!

Best Wishes,

Author's Response: Hi Savvy! Thanks for the review! :D

I'm not sure when you started reading, but the last chapter was uploaded on Thursday 12 November, and the next one should be posted this week on Thursday or Friday. So fear not, it's not over, there's a lot to go still. I'll be finishing it at graduation for 7th year, though there's an epilogue after that (I don't think that's too much of a spoiler).

cheers, Mel

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Review #37, by vengeance 

22nd November 2009:
So, I've had this story in my favourites for a while.. A reminder to myself to read it, but I never quite got there.

Though, during a boring lesson at school the other day - I started to read this. I didn't really do much else until I finished it, and I love it. This is, one of the most addicting stories :D

I would've reviewed sooner too, yet when I got on the computer this morning, I basically had to get off straight away for work. (yawn, boring.)
But, now i'm reviewing.

And hooked on this story.
I'm glad that the two weeks will be by the 26th or 27th.. It's just like a late birthday present for me =P haha.

But, excellent story. I thoroughly enjoy it :)

Thanks :)

- Jaidd

Author's Response: Hi Jaidd! Thanks for the review! I do love getting reviews from new people ... actually, I love all reviews, but you know what I mean. :)

And such a nice review! Thank you so much. I'm stoked that you're enjoying my story so much. And if you want to think of the next chapter as a late birthday present, that's great! So flattering. I hope you have a great birthday for whenever this week it is. :D

Anyway things are on track for the early chapter edit so I should be able to get the next one up on Thursday or Friday as promised. And it will be a nice long chapter to thank you for being so patient.

cheers, Mel

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Review #38, by SlytherClawx 

21st November 2009:
I am sorry, you must think I abandoned reading this story! (You make of that what you want; if you care or not. I don't mind what you think. XD)
But no, I didn't. My internet provider (no names said ;]) barred us for about a month! And we had 2 new routers and mechanics... and the fault was up their end. It annoyed us to no end. Ugh.
Yep. But I have it back and I rushed to read the new chapters and they are as great as always.
My problem is that Sirius obviously likes Laura as she does him. And she CANNOT SEE THAT! Oh, and I believe I know what Mary was talking about before, about Remus and James and Sirius. I think Sirius and James thought Remus was coming on to Laura (Or something) when he helped her to the Hospital Wing. And that goes against rules as they don't go after the girl another one likes. Right? I might be wrong but it is my thought...
FINALLY! Lily and James :]. All we need now is Sirius and Laura (Well, Laura to realise. And Sirius if he doesn't realise [when I think he does realise so it don't matter.] Obviously.) And Remus and Charlotte ^_^. They'd be cute.
So, great as always. Too bad you have to "fix" your earlier chapters.

Author's Response: Hi Leoni! Welcome back!

Yes, I do admit I wondered where you had gone. But I figured that you had a good reason for whatever you were doing - whether you had abandoned the story or were just busy or whatever - and it wasn't really my business anyway! :D But I am glad to see you back again. :)

Ah, that fight. The one I almost didn't include because it meant too much of a rewrite of the chapter! hahaha. I'm glad I did include it though because people seem to like it. And yes, that's exactly what it was about. Someone else said in a review "hitting on another Marauder's girl" which I think sums it up pretty well. The code itself is more complicated than that, but that's the particular bit they were on about. (Oh, and Peter was there for the argument as well, but he was too scared to say anything.)

And yes, poor Laura. Can't see what's right in front of her nose. And of course Sirius is trying everything he can think of and none of it is working. I am cruel sometimes. *evil grin*

Anyway the edit is almost done now so I should be able to post the next chapter on Thursday or Friday as expected.

cheers, Mel

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Review #39, by sonia1093googfh 

18th November 2009:
Sorry for not reviewing for the last couple of chapters; I was out of the country with no internet access! This chapter, as always, is brilliant! Once again, I admire your Sirius (and how's he's still a prankster, but still serious - hah!- in the way the way Rowling shows him in her books.) I have to admit, I was so scared with the thought of Sirius with another girl I didn't even stop to think she might be a giggler. I wonder what Sirius did in revenge to Gladys for her 'attack'!
The thing is, from Laura's POV it's SO obvious that Sirius likes (if not loves) her. I realize she's oblivious and I accept her for it, but why are there always damn interruptions whenever Sirius tries to ask her out??? *tries to strangle Peeves* (after Sirius is through, I'll torture the bones!) And how much does Lily know about this love story? (Does James have a rule of not even telling Lily stuff?)
I'll confess, I miss seeing some of the teachers (and quidditch matches), especially Dumbledore, and Slughorn. And I'm rather curious about Perkins as well (what happened to Viridan, I loved him!) Just as a random thought, do you know what Sirius would do if he saw Laura kissing someone (with the Boyfriend Rule) or if someone flirts with her? *shudders* It could be worse then Lily/James!
A few more things: Does Alecto get her punishment later after putting a trip jinx on our dear Laura (how DID she actually hit her target?!) What exactly are Laura's features (does she have brown hair, eyes) and how tall is she? Secondly, I don't believe that our Laura is THAT ignored by boys;why don't more ask her out? Lastly, you mentioned that you have a couple of one-shots from other POV, but I would REALLY enjoy reading: Lily asking James out, James being asked out, Sirius when he discovers Laura seeing him with a fan girl and Remus with Laura in compromising situation. *swipes eyebrow* I'm sure I can think a lot more, too! Do you also have any AU where everyone lives happily ever after (which they don't, really)?
And just because I'm a question addict and nosy, what's up for the next couple of chapters? Can't wait till next week! And keep writing the most fantastic Sirius/OC I've read!!!


Author's Response: Hi Sonia!

Well, that's a review and a half. I'll try to answer all your questions - or as many as I can without giving anything away.

1. Sirius cast a Revulsion Jinx on Glenys Marsh. He then threatened more and she skedaddled pretty quickly because ... well, I wouldn't want a furious Sirius Black pointing his wand at me, would you?
2. There are always interruptions (like Peeves) because I have a very strict story plan and The Snog has to happen at a certain time. And that time hasn't happened yet. Sorry!
3. Lily hasn't been discussing it much with James, because James is bound by the code of honour to not tell anyone else's secrets without their permission. (And Sirius isn't giving permission.) She's got a fair idea, though.
4. Sorry about there not being much in the way of classes, quidditch matches and the like. It just hasn't fit the narrative. (That, and trying to think of subject matter for classes when we don't have any info about seventh year at all can be tricky.) Both Dumbledore and Slughorn (and Perkins) do make more appearances, though - I'm just not saying when. Or in what context. Sorry!
5. I don't have a reason Viridian left. We had to have a new teacher every year so I had him leave. How about (*thinking wildly*) he left to write the book on curses that Harry looks at in Flourish & Blotts.
6. Sirius would react badly if he saw Laura kissing someone else. Or being flirted with. And that's all I'm saying there.
7. Alecto got a detention for the trip jinx. Laura had to explain to McGonagall why she wasn't in Transfiguration, after all. And, well, it was a lucky shot.
8. Laura has brown eyes and mid brown hair, a few inches past her shoulders. I've got her as about 5'7 (170cm) which is a little taller than average.
9. Other boys are interested in Laura. She just doesn't know it. And remember, Caradoc Dearborn DID ask her out but she told him that she's not allowed to date anyone this year. Well, things like that get around. There's a little more to it than that but that's all I'm saying now.
10. I've written some of those as one-shots but not all of them. If I get inspired, however, I might write those others. And yeah, I've got some AU. I wasn't planning on posting those though, for a number of reasons, one of which is that AU doesn't fit for a story that's supposed to be canon-compliant. They're more a self-indulgence than anything else, I think.

As for coming chapters, well I'll try to be as vague as ever with that info. How about, next chapter has Laura almost being late for Ancient Runes, and the one after that features a Jelly-Legs Jinx.

Thanks for saying such lovely things about my story, and I really hope you like the next chapter once it finally gets up.

cheers, Mel

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Review #40, by Aimee 

18th November 2009:
Hi there!

I just have to say what a completely brilliant story you have written here - I've literally just finished reading the whole thing so far and feel incredibly guilty for not reviewing any of the other chapters *looks sheepish* - but I couldn't stop myself from reading the rest - I'm completely addicted; no wonder you won that Dobby award, well done :D

I ADORE how you've depicted Sirius! I hate other stories with a passion when they depict him as some ditsy womanizer, so I'm so so so pleased to see him in your story as how I'd imagine him to be like in canon :) I'm finding myself in love with him more and more now - I don't know what I'll do when this story finishes :'(

And Laura and Sirius together are so cute :) You've completely ruined me now, I tried reading another Sirius / OC story earlier and just couldn't continue with it because she wasn't Laura :(

But I was looking through some earlier reviews, and you said that Sirius has been confused slightly because Laura has been giving off "mixed signals" - what would he interpret has "mixed signals" ?

And on that point - you absolutely HAVE to put up those Sirius POV one shots! I'm really intrigued in knowing about whats been going on behind the scenes so to speak :)

So, anyway, just to say that I love love love this, and looking forward for next week to see the muchly anticipated next chapter :D Good job!


Author's Response: Hi Aimee! Thanks for the review! *beams*

First of all, don't worry about not reviewing any of the earlier chapters. I'm just happy that you've reviewed at all. And, to have such a nice one makes up for just about anything. :)

I'm just thrilled that you like my Sirius so much. I spent a lot of time researching his mannerisms, figures of speech and the like, as well as trying to get the personality right, and like you I was sick of stories that depicted him as a complete womaniser. It didn't fit him as I imagined him. So, I wrote a story that had him the way I thought he would have been, and people seem to like it so that's just fantastic. *beams again* As for Laura, well I'm just floored that you couldn't read another Sirius/OC story because the girl wasn't her. That's amazing. And of course the most incredible compliment - everyone of course wants people to think that way about their story, but to have actually achieved that ... well, I'm speechless. (And if you knew me you'd understand how unusual that is.)

Right, mixed signals. I'll try to answer your question in a way that's not too convoluted, but I haven't had my morning coffee yet so no guarantees. Okay. When she saw him with that other girl she went all pale and looked horrified, so he thought that might be an indication of jealousy (which it was). James and Remus, as well, are telling him that his chances are good. However, every time he tries to talk to her or get close she freezes up and runs away, which he's not exactly reading as "interested" - more, he's a little concerned that she knows he likes her and is trying to put him off lightly by not letting him tell her. Does that help? (Or, at the very least, make sense?)

Ah, those one-shots. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to write more because the dozen or so that are good enough to get posted may not be enough to satisfy people's appetites! Oh, and not all of them are Sirius' POV. I've got one that's James, for example, one that's James' mum (of all people), one that's Hermione (yes, I know, an odd choice), and I think there might even be a Charlotte POV in there. But most of them are Sirius, and most of them inspired a re-write of those scenes in the narrative to make sure I had his characterisation correct. But the other thing is that I do take requests. If there's a particular scene you want, let me know. I won't guarantee that I'll write them (if they don't already exist), but I might.

Anyway, thank you again for writing such lovely things about my story. Now I just have to hope that you like where I take it from now on!

cheers, Mel

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Review #41, by lacycherbert 

17th November 2009:
Oh peeves. I feel like he may have interrupted sirius telling laura how he felt! Frustrating but I'm sure more things need to happen before that happens.

This was another great chapter, I was worried sirius had moved on, but i'm glad it was all a misunderstanding!

I feel like after all that happened this chapter, laura's mopeyness, the marauders loud argument, and well just watching sirius and laura interact, more people should putting two and two together and figure out that they like each other!!!

Oh and the last scene, love it. Laura really needs to gain some confidence. but i feel like sirius may now know what he is up against. And though he may not know for sure if she likes him, he knows that he is really going to have to prove how he feels before she will agree to go out with him.

how is the editing going? Is there going to be a ton of changes to the earlier chapters?

Another great chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! Another lovely review, thank you! :D

Ah, you're not the first person to be frustrated by Peeves' entrance at that point of the story. In fact, there's a bit of a queue to curse him into next week, and with Sirius at the front of said queue I don't think there will be much left of him.

With Laura's mopeyness, however, you have to remember that she was the only person who didn't realise there wasn't actually a new girlfriend, so people weren't making that connection. The rest of the school had the whole story, just not her. Even Mary was surprised when Laura said she was a bit worked up by it. As for the argument, well unless you saw what Remus and Laura looked like as he was helping her to the hospital wing, would you have had the slightest idea what that was about? We know because we have context. Other people, however, would have been just as confused as Mary was - and we also need to remember that not many people know about the code at all. Laura's picked up on it because she spends so much time with them, but most of the school wouldn't have a clue. (Having said that, though, it hasn't gone unnoticed by everyone in the school. Mary, Martha and Charlotte, yes, but not everyone. And that comes up a bit later on.)

And yes, now Sirius has some idea what he's up against. He now knows there will have to be some convincing involved. So he's got that to work with. Of course, she's still giving massively mixed signals, so he's a little confused, but yeah, he's got that at least.

As for the editing, well I'm quite happy with how it's going at the moment. My timeframe is looking pretty accurate. There won't be massive changes, though - all I'm really doing is making the narrative a bit tighter, adding some dialogue, extending some scenes a bit and changing chapter breaks around, all in an attempt to make it flow a bit better. And I think it's working.

cheers, Mel

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Review #42, by Zira 

17th November 2009:
This is realy god :)
Love the marauders and lily they are my fave hp charaters :D
Please update sooon :) xxx

Author's Response: Hi Zira! Thanks for the review! I do love getting reviews from new people ... actually, I love all reviews, but you know what I mean. :D

I'm really pleased that you like my story and I can tell you that the revision of the early chapters is going at a good rate so I'm expecting to be able to update late next week as advised in the author note.

cheers, Mel

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Review #43, by carabella 

16th November 2009:

I read this a number of days ago, but hadn't reviewed yet, so I figured I would..

Glad to know that I was right about that girl being a giggler! I just knew (hoped) it had to be that, Sirius is way too into Laura to be with anyone else. It goes back to that whole thing about him actually falling for a girl, HARD, and not knowing what to do with himself, eh?

I'm pretty sure the cause of the Marauders argument is evident to all us readers, but not Laura or Mary (as per usual). Therefore I am not even going to bother saying it, but I will say I liked it, and it's demonstration of the boys' dynamics.

I still feel like we were left on a cliffy (albeit a way more subtle one). Something definately has to come from that discussion between S and L, even if it is just a slow development. Sirius must know a little more about Laura's mind and how she sees herself, and that will cause ... possibly nothing. I have no idea.

My point is I can't wait to see what happens, after your hiatus.
Hope it goes well!

Patiently yours,

Author's Response: Hi Caro! Another lovely review thank you :D

Yes, you guessed it. There were maybe 4 or 5 reviews from the last chapter that got it right (and probably several more people who just didn't articulate it to me) and yeah, she was a giggler. Because you're right, of course, he cant' really see himself with anyone else any more, but he's got no idea what to do about it. He's tried just about everything he can think of and none of it has worked. At least, though, with the conversation at the end there he now realises just what he's up against, so it's something he can work with.

And yes, that argument. To be honest it wasn't going to be included because it required a pretty significant re-write of the whole chapter, but like you said it does show the boys' bond and dynamic so I'm glad I did throw it in there. Mary, of course, wouldn't have read anything into it anyway because she didn't see Remus and Laura in that potentially compromising position, but yes, Laura doesn't even think it might have anything to do with that. She's just confused by the whole thing.

Anyway, thanks for being understanding about the break, and I'll promise a nice long chapter when I come back as a reward for your patience.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #44, by Fairytale12 

16th November 2009:
Wow, this was such a good chapter. Thank you very much for clearing up the Sirus thing before taking a break, it was much appreciated. I'm glad it was a misunderstanding, I would have had a hard time forgiving him otherwise. And, wow, the writing at the end of this chapter, wow. I really thought he was going to tell her when he stopped and said her name, but that darn peeves. gah, I was so frustrated. And that whole sequence at the end. I'm wondering, maybe now is Sirius getting a a glimpse of the truth that the reason Laura isn't giving him any response is because she feels unworthy not because she doesn't like him. I hope that by the end of the story Laura gains some more self confidence and sees that she is a catch, and that Sirius would be just as lucky to have her as she would be to have Sirius. Anyways, I hope Sirius catches on to what she was saying. Such a great chapter, I especially loved the writing between the two of them at the end. Thank you very much and I can't wait to see another chapter in a few weeks!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Hahaha. You thought you were frustrated by Peeves? How do you think Sirius felt? Cos you're dead right, of course, he was about to do something, and they got interrupted. And then the moment had passed. Yes, I'm cruel.

But yes, you're right, now at least Sirius knows what he's up against. There will need to be some convincing involved if he's going to get the girl. Of course she's still sending out all sorts of mixed signals, which isn't helping matters much, but yeah, he's at least worked that much out.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #45, by anna_potter 

15th November 2009:
Really? I have to wait till the 27th? Love the story and I don't know why you keep apologizing for long chapters, they're my favorite.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! :D

Yes, the 27th. Or thereabouts. It all depends on how long it takes me to re-do the early chapters so hopefully I'll be able to keep to that timeframe.

As for long chapters, well I'm just conscious that the longer they are the longer they take to read, and I know how inconvenient it can be trying to find a good block of time to read something extra long. So I try not to let them go too far over 5000 words. (Having said that, the next chapter will be a long one, too - a reward for you all being so patient!)

thanks again, Mel

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Review #46, by AmberEyes 

15th November 2009:
aww I love this, and I think I figured out what the fight was about :) keep updating!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! :D

Ah, a few people have worked out what the fight was about. However it's not explained any more anytime soon because that would mean Laura would understand it, and we can't have that, now, can we?

Next chapter will be a nice long one to make up for the wait in between.

cheers, Mel

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Review #47, by rosiemaripotter 

15th November 2009:
helloo. I've been reading this story for a while, but i don't think I ever reviewed, but I'm doing it now. This story is really amazing and I love it. By the way, late congrats on winning a dobby.

I really like this story. The way you are building the relationship between Laura and Sirius is very realistic. Your writing is very good and it keeps me interested, especially with the funny little thoughts Laura has. I really like how you portrayed the characters in your story and how your sticking to canon. However, the fact that you are sticking to canon makes me feel that something will happen to Laura or their relationship because she's an OC. Anyway, I really love this story.

Now onto this chapter. I found this chapter amazing. When you stopped last chapter, I honestly thought that Sirius had given up on Laura and would be dating someone else. I was very happy when the girl was just a giggler. I really liked the arguement the boys got into because it ahows their strong bong. I also found it really cute how the wrote up a code. I'm actually happy that Laura and Sirius didn't kiss yet because I didn't think it was the right time yet, especially with how Laura still thinks of herself. I feel really bad for Sirius because he's trying so hard to get her to realize that things are different.

I completely understand that why you have to take a hiatus. I'm sure that the next chapter will be amazing whenever you happen to post it.

Out of curiosty, in what chapter did it become apparent that Sirius has a crush on Laura? Well, I should stop now before this review gets even longer.


Author's Response: Hi Rosie! Thanks for the review!

I don't think you've reviewed before either; normally I'm good at remembering names but with the sheer volume of reviews I've had now I can't always keep up. However, your name isn't familiar to me so I think you're right. :) So thank you :D

I'm very pleased that you like my character development and the pace of my key relationship. Like a lot of people I was frustrated with stories that moved everything too quickly so I wanted something that felt more realistic, so if you think I've managed that then I'm just thrilled. *beams* And I kept to canon because I wanted a story that could just slot into what we know of that era from JKR without too much difficulty. As for what that means for Laura/the relationship, well all I'll say there is that we know that Sirius ends up in Azkaban so there was never going to be a happily-ever-after. Not that anyone from this generation had a happily-ever-after story, anyway.

I was quite happy with this chapter so I'm chuffed that you agree with me. I thought it was a lot stronger than the last couple, which was one reason I chose it for the break. (That, and there wasn't a cliffy.) I too liked the argument the boys had, though to be honest it nearly didn't make it - it needed quite a significant re-write of that scene to include it and frankly that happened about 2 days before I posted it. I'm glad I did include it though because like you said it's a good demonstration of the bond they had.

As for when it became obvious, well Sirius needed it to be pointed out to him (he's a bit naive in a lot of ways) and that happened (off page) in about chapter 27 I think. Well, ch27 as it currently is, though in a couple of weeks it will probably be something like chapter 24. But yeah, about then.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #48, by Shyin 

15th November 2009:
so this is the chapter that I had been waiting for. I've started a review a couple times now, but I have no idea what i want to say. This is the first in a couple chapters that I've read it twice in a row.
I like two things in this chapter:
Laura finally understands how much she acutally likes Sirius.
Sirius finally gets what he has to break through to get Laura.
There. Short, sweet, and completely unfulfilling. Over all a horrible review to a fantastic chapter.

Author's Response: Hi again!

Hey, don't worry, it's a great review! I'm just thrilled that you're reviewing at all. :D

Yes, you've hit on the main things of this chapter - she finally knows just what he means to her, and he finally finds out exactly what he's up against. I thought it was a pretty strong chapter (stronger than the last two, at least) so that was one reason I chose it for the hiatus. That, and it wasn't a cliffy. :D

Next chapter will be a nice long one to thank you for being so patient over the break.

cheers, Mel

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Review #49, by hilbilly 

15th November 2009:
ARGH! i hate peeves.
well, not really but OMG the mistletoe? then along comes peeves?!
anyway good chapter :)
hope to see you update soon as possible after you do what you do

Author's Response: Hi again!

You're not the only person mad at Peeves. In fact, if you want to curse him into oblivion you'll have to wait in line (and there may not be much of him left once Sirius has finished with him). So sorry about that! :)

Thanks for being understanding about the break. Next chapter will be a nice long one to make up for it.

cheers, Mel

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Review #50, by natrox14 

14th November 2009:
I love this chapter, especially when Sirius yelled at Remus for "fudging the code". I'm assuming the code was something along the lines of "If a Marauder likes a girl, you can't start going out with them" or something like that? And oh dear Laura, how could you not see that Sirius was basically asking you out?

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review! :D

Yes, that's pretty much what Sirius was referring to. The code itself is more complicated but that's the bit he was talking about.

As for Laura, well, like I've said to someone else, in a lot of ways she's still stuck in fifth year and doesn't recognise just how much things have changed. She knows they've changed, but she doesn't see the extent. So yeah, she didn't see it. She thought he was just joking around.

cheers, Mel

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