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Review #26, by Fonzzx 43: Her

17th November 2014:
Actual tears in my eyes right now. This was beautiful!

Author's Response: Wow! What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much :)

-Sarita x

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Review #27, by Ali 43: Her

16th November 2014:
Oh my goodness
There are no words (not literally) to describe how beautifully this chapter is written! You have captured exactly what it is like to give birth and the things that run through your mind! I have never given birth before, yet reading this chapter made me feel as though I had transformed into Rose, that feeling of being there in that moment
Now while I was feeling all of this, I also wanted to sob and weep over the fact that this is the second last chapter!
I haven't been in this story from the start- I started reading it about a year ago and in the first day I found it I could not stop reading! This has been such a brilliant, funny, emotional and quirky story and I have loved every bit of it! I sometimes would think OMG, they should make this into a movie
This chapter has moved me so much! The connection and love between scorpius and rose is magical and I'm super jealous of rose (and scorpius) that they have found people to love one another despite their flaws!!!
Ahh I just lived this chapter! Thankyou so much!
PS. Will we be given a name for little squidlet??
PPS. ignore my rating of 10/10- this chapter is more like a 20/10

Author's Response: Ali,
I love this review, and all your reviews, and the factthat you review!

I am so glad that you felt Rose's experience was realistic and easy to fall into her character throughout the labour, which was hard to write as I have never had a baby either!
I'm so so so happy that the chapter moved you, for any and all reasons, because it means that you have made a connection with the characters enough to feel their joy, their sorrow, their pain and their happiness. That is all I ever wanted from a reader :)
The baby does have a name (in my head) but I haven't revealed it in the next chapter in case I decide to revisit this fic and change it!

Thank you so much, as ever!

-Sarita :) xxx

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Review #28, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

14th November 2014:
Hey Sarita,
Me again!

Exams! So stressful, I'm feeling so sorry for Rose, her back ache, but Scorp's concern is super cute. It's a real pain being pregnant! I'm glad she's happy though.

Well...that didn't last long. The poor girl! Pregnant women should not be forced to take exams!
Poor Lily and Hugo though, mocks are scary too.
She's going to miss her little brother! That's super adorable! I'm in the process of thinking about Uni's and the thought of not being with my sisters is too much to bare! I can totally relate to Rose here!
I love Scorp so much, he has just a simple quality of knowing what to say and when but it makes all the difference in little conversations like that! He's just too perfect. Sarah, also, my love for her continues, she knows what to say and do to make Rose and her family feel better. (and James look was cute)
Obviously those lot are going to be babysitters! And James? Well, we love him a lot, but maybe not on his own just yet!

Random woman in the hospital, very sweet, a nice little moment to put on in there!
She thinks it's a girl, eh? Interesting! I really hope it's a girl! Are we going to discuss names soon?! It's only less a month to go!

Sarah's got it! Anyway, oooh, that could be interesting?!
Everyone there for support, well, that's a lot of people that could stress her much as they try not to! But hey! Nana Molly's had loads of kids! It's all good!

Giving thing about having kids I'm not looking forward too! Sounds terrifying! Scorp's going to be the best Dad, he is so incredibly a hundred percent there for her, I'm so happy!
These parents don't mess about though, they've got all this sorted, the house, everything!
Right, James, you better not mess this up! You are the oldest!
She's got to joke… how else is she going to get through it?!

James, you are adorable, but there's no way...what?!
JAMES AND SARAH! Godparents?! OH MY STARS THAT IS AMAZING! That is so perfect!

It's good to hear exams have gone well!
Everyone's all so cute! It's too much to bare.
Well, that blonde haired (really brown anyway), so and so, she had it coming! I don't feel bad either!

Aww, reminiscing! Cute! Memories and what could have beens!
She totally should count herself lucky, Sarah and James are just...arg...I mean, I don't have to explain to you how much I love them. I just do. A lot.
And they're all there for her! THAT is just too perfect and gorgeous and serious friendship goals going on right there!

Well done on another great chapter! Loved it, again! I would so love to read on but it's past midnight and I should really go to sleep. So, I will hopefully back soon!

Until then,

Emz xxx

P.S. Wait, what? Only three chapters! No! That can't be! I can't handle that! Don't end!

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Exams are certainly hard enough without being heavily pregnant, you're right.

I'm glad you can relate to Rose's loss of Hugo (figuratively) - I miss everyone so much when I'm not at home, even for a week!

It's good that you liked Scor/Sarah/James in this chapter - You're so right about James - not fit to babysit just yet :P

No names to discuss yet, I haven't actually given the baby a name, mainly because I want it to be personal to the reader, but also because I may revisit this story and may change what I think the name should be for the sequel :P

Giving birth does sound terrifying, I can happily say I haven't had any experience there yet! Scor sure seems to have the full package doesn't he?!


Looks like you're happy about Chelsea's comeuppance :P I didn't regret writing it either!

Glad you liked the reminiscing, it was cute to write :)


-Sarita xxx

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Review #29, by WVGirl Chapter 42: Oops?

6th November 2014:
brilliant, so something a teenager would do, forgetting something that important! love it

Author's Response: It certainly is, especially a teenager like Rose! Thanks for reviewing :)
-Sarita x

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Review #30, by potterfan310 Chapter 42: Oops?

5th November 2014:
Hey Sarita!!



Scorpius, aww bless him. I can't help but feel that he's going to faint or something later on. But at least Sarah's got a calm head on her.

HA! I love that line about the teachers getting drunk in Hogsmeade, too funny :p At least Scorp is paying attention now and organising things.

Of course, James has to try and say that. That boy will always be my favourite. If he can carry Rose at Nine months pregnant, is there anything that boy can't do? Haha.

"We practised with a first year," James said gleefully" - Oh my Merlin, of course they did, why wouldn't they. :D

I can't, I actually can't cope. James!! I LOVE, LOVE the line about him always being between 'Prison' and 'Hospital' on the Weasley clock. XD

Bless Rose. It's gonna be a long old process for her. I can't help but think of Rachel from Friends, especially the bits about smoking the baby out and how every other woman is having a baby but her.


HOW DARE YOU LEAVE IT THERE MISSUS, NO FAIR! (Kidding, love you really :p) Baby Weasley-Malfoy best make an appearance next chapter!

~Sophie xx

Author's Response: I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT! It was exciting to write :L

Yes, Scorp and Sarah to the rescue, with James doing his best but not really adding any comfort to the situation, as expected :P

Hahaha, I'm glad you liked the line about James' position on the family clock - the idea amused me so I put it in :D

The Rachel from Friends is right - I had watched the episode not long before writing this chapter and may accidentally have plagiarised a little bit!

Next chapter is in the works, with even more drama and stress and yes, a little baby (puppy?) Malfoy-Weasley :P

Thanks as ever, hugs!

-Sarita xx

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Review #31, by Ali Chapter 42: Oops?

5th November 2014:
I'm so sorry I couldn't help laughing at this! Only This would happen to Rose!!! Very very cleverly done I must say!!!
Loved it! Cannot wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Never apologise for laughing! Yeah, only Rose would forget something this big :L
Thanks so much, see you next chapter :D
-Sarita x

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Review #32, by Fonzzx Chapter 42: Oops?

4th November 2014:
Oooh this is getting tense now!

Author's Response: Yep, the big moment is coming! Thanks for reviewing :)
-Sarita x

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Review #33, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 42: Oops?

4th November 2014:
I hope they can fix this little oops, or she is having a big puppy. Only Rose would forget something this important. Good job.

Author's Response: A big puppy would be adorable, just imagine! Thanks for the review :)
-Sarita x

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Review #34, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 40: Comeuppance

30th October 2014:
Hey Sarita,
First let me apologise for it being such a long time since I last reviewed, I've been really busy with real life but I'm back for now and I'm ready to be impressed by your amazing fanfic!
Addressing stuff from last review:
(Okay... To be fair... I probably would love James running about in my veil...)
(I don't have an older brother but I do, funnily enough (and more like Rose's reaction), have a heck of a lot of cousins!)
Thank you so much for your review of my story by the way! It was really lovely to see you there!
I'm sorry to hear someone didn't like this story because I competely love it! You shouldn't listen to the haters! Listen to the lovers of the story, because there are loads to outweigh that one person! I'm glad I reassured you last time though!

Now, onto the chapter at hand! I had big fun with this chapter as you said, I loved it!
Rose's POV:
Can I address how amazing your descriptions are? I dare say they've developed and are even more impressive than normal!
A dance-off? That is one crazy idea for a wedding, an interesting one to say the very least! I wanna know how won?!?!
He has a rehearsed speech? That is adorable. (I love the way you've portrayed Draco here, I love him to bits)
That is the cutest little speech I have ever heard, I can literally feel the meaning behind every word and am feeling a fuzzy happy feeling and grinning my face off right now. I don't blame Rose for finding it contagious at all. He is so gorgeous, it's just the perfect speech! I'm so glad he's plucked up the courage to finally tell her all the things I've been waiting to hear! He needs her about as much as she needs him really and they both deserve to spend happily ever after together! (Which I really hope is where you're taking this)

I love Lily so much, she's a family person. Her character is so right!
Oh dear, oh Merlin, oh lord... Oh (many choices words that they won't let me write in this box). The picture. Of James and Sarah. Oh my stars!
A fight! Wait, GO DOM! You punch that guy in the kidney! She is so amazingly loyal to her friends, I actually love that about her. (It's a shame Becky had to hold her back but I do understand it was Sarah's fight!)
I NEED TO EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR SARAH AGAIN! You have created one of my FAVOURITE non-canon characters of all time in Sarah. She is a beautiful human being with all the right qualities AND she can aim the right punch?! This girl is unstoppable and totally fantastic!
To be fair though, go Amy! Chelsea more than anyone deserves to be hurt. She has done unspeakable things to our 'heroes' per say, Rose and Sarah, and she just gets away with it. But above all that, one thing I will not tolerate is her bretraying friendship. You sign up to be someone's friend and they do the same to you, and that means that no matter how annoying you are, despite all your flaws, there is someone who loves you, your friends are meant to go down with you, not watch you suffer. Even though her friend is Amy, and she's done a fair bit wrong in my book, there is nothing worse than not being a persons friend when you said you would. (Sorry about that little rant... It's just got me a bit wound up)
So, glad Al and Scor are shielding Rose from drama though, that is not going to be good for her bold pressure!

Sarah's POV:
JAMES AND SARAH 4EVER. Seriously this needs to happen.
Danny, oh Danny, you poor twisted little soul. I want to hate him so, so much for what he did to Sarah, I really do, because it hurt me so much that he would do such a thing to her, so I do hate him for that. I also hate him a little bit for screwing over Amy, I don't like her, we both know that, but the fact that they were childhood sweethearts makes it just harsh that he would knowingly lead her on just to get back at James for something he can't help and Sarah who wasn't even doing the thing he was accusing her for. So, I hate Danny now. But also, I kind of feel sorry for him. I mean look what he did, his little mind wrap this idea of Sarah using him and never feeling anything for him because he was insecure and then he went and blew it. He lost Sarah. I want her to do nothing else but get together with James but she is the most amazing person, so it would be a significant hit for him to lose her, even though he loves her. So, I hate him and feel sorry for him.
I want to give Sarah the biggest hug ever and she deserves one. Can we just skip to the happily ever after where she gets married to James and they live in a beautiful house with gorgeous kids? Sarah has had such conflicted emotions with her love life and I can see why. She really did love Danny and that must have hurt so bad when he cheated, mostly because it hurt so badly to get over James and she thought she was doing the right thing by being with Danny. Although it made her realise that the one person for her was James which I am very grateful for.

Lily's POV:
Rose and her little plans!
This one is a pretty good one.
Becky was struggling with the excerise?! She sounds like my kind of girl!
Dom is seriously scary when she wants to be, I would not want to be Chelsea right now!
I SERIOUSLY HATE HER. That's all I'm going to say because I am going to angry if I continue.

Sarah's POV:
Poor Sarah! BIG HUGS TO HER. I'm so so so glad she has James and he understands her so well! It truly has made my day.
James! He's so cute, class clown! I love it!
Rose really is her mother! I truly outstanding witch!

We'll done on another great chapter! Loving it as always!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz, no need to apologise, but I did miss you! :)

Thanks for your reassurance, let the haters hate, let the lovers love. The compliments for this story definitely outweigh the criticisms, which is wonderful :)

Aw, thanks for your lovely words - Scorpius' speech and the descriptions were so important for me to get right and I just needed everything to be clear and perfect between them for this dazzling moment at a wedding under the stars. They've been through so much that they deserve it at the very least!

Hahahhaa I'm glad you loved Dom's reaction to Danny - just whack him and let him crumple to the ground for now. She's gone crazy badass in this chapter :L

As for Sarah being unstoppable, as I got to know my readers and frequent reviewers, I started to feel a very real strength and power from you all. Sarah, the classic beauty and unlikely insecure girl, is the champion of the readers in this chapter - I wanted her to win, not just for her to win against Amy and win James, but to win FOR Amy. Amy put her trust in a girl who broke her heart in a similar way that Danny did... and at Amy's party, Sarah tried to make a fool of her by getting her to join in with their gang, but didn't have the heart to really hurt her, so she did the one thing that would both hurt nd heal her - she put the realisation in Amy's head that friendship is real and Chelsea is fake. That was the beginning of the end for Amy, who began to feel something real, and felt very real regret for her actions. Of course, this all goes on behind the scenes, but I'm glad to see it wasn't lost on you, my hawk-eyed reader.

Your feelings about Danny are wonderful and perfect and I love you for it! What a good way to sum everything up. He hurt Amy, he hurt Sarah, he hurt James. But they all hurt him too. He is a mess, and he is exploding from the inside out- just trying to make sense of everything. But as the old saying goes, hurting people hurt people. Danny is a good example of this.

Haha! Becky is struggling with the exercise, but not as much as Rose would have been... :P

Dom is one of the best characters for me to play with - often overlooked, but that is a big mistake!


The next one is in the queue, I think you're going to like it :)


-Sarita xxx

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Review #35, by dracodarlingxx Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

22nd October 2014:
and where is James?! the guy who signed in his own 'blood' and gave a lock of hair for an oath that he'd be with her isn't here!
but James is genuinely being so awesome, and I'm glad awesome Scorpius is back to his usual self :)
please update soon xx

Author's Response: ARGH I KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN- WHERE IS JAMES? Don't worry, next chapter sees Scorpius going to find help and receiving it!

Thanks for reviewing, see you next chapter :D

-Sarita xx

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Review #36, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

22nd October 2014:
so sentimental, I thought it special that they make the last walk around the grounds. Look forward to the birth next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought it was important to get closure from the school!
Look forward to seeing you next chapter, thanks ! :)
-Sarita x

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Review #37, by A Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

21st October 2014:
Ultimate cliffhanger!!!
Loved the chapter! Looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: Aww thanks, next one is in the works :)
-Sarita x

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Review #38, by potterfan310 Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

16th October 2014:
Hey :D

Rose, bless her. But James, what can I say he is still as awesome as ever.

I feel the same as Rosie, about the siblings thing.

"it will only take a second to barge unceremoniously into the other's room and demand help getting rid of a poltergeist/spider/James." THIS! I LOVE THAT JAMES GETS A MENTION BECAUSE THAT BOY IS THE BEST :D

Hugo most certainly isn't wrong, James is the party organiser. Rose must insane or that sleep deprived to let James babysit when baby Malfoy's here!

One thing about swapping between the numbers and writing them, nothing major but it slightly disrupts the flow.

Jamesie, he has the Snitch!! Of course he does. Forever my favourite in this ♥

Of course Ron would exaggerate to scare Rosie, the drama queen.

JAMES, JUST JAMES! I swear if it's a boy they should give him 'James' as a middle name for sure :)

Sarah and James as godparents = perfect! I was actually about to mention that James should be godfather before reading it.

"on your bladder and only two allotted toilet breaks for me" - Think you mist out a 'are' between and only.


I'm excited, can you tell :p Cannot wait for the next one now!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hey!

Of course James gets a mention - he seems the type to want to embarrass/annoy younger cousins relentlessly until forced otherwise :P

I will really have to sort out my numbers/writing them thing - I am such a pest!

SORRY FOR THE CLIFFHANGER, HAD TO BE DONE! Next chapter should be up soon :)

Thanks so much for reviewing, see you soon!

-Sarita x

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Review #39, by Ali Chapter 40: Comeuppance

11th October 2014:
Well well well! Danny and Amy deserved what they got I'll say!!! Love the chapter!!! Looking forward to the next one!

Author's Response: Aw thanks so much I'm glad you liked it! :)

-Sarita x

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Review #40, by potterfan310 Chapter 40: Comeuppance

4th October 2014:
Hello :D

That starting paragraph just beautiful, I love it! Your descriptions are just perfect.

Who else who start a dance off, only James! XD That boy is my favourite and always will be ♥

Scorpius, baby! the cutie, asdfghjkl his speech to Rose is just absolutely perfect and urgh GET TOGETHER OFFICIALLY ALREADY!

"My father whispered to me that I was the daughter of the brightest witch in the wizarding world." - Confused me a little, since Scorpius said he was the daughter? Did you mean to say that Rose was the daughter?


Uh-oh. Ha I am so glad that the picture of Sarah and James was on the top. It's fate :p AT LAST IT'S ALL COME OUT! *happy cheering*

I feel a teeny bit bad for Amy but either way she should never had done ANY of what she did. She deserves it as much as Danny and Chelsea. Chelsea just urgh, glad she gets her comeuppance too!

James and Sarah, so happy for them at last they can be together again :D

I feel like there aren't many chapters left since I think it's around 42 that are on the other site? Can't wait for the next one.

Soph ♥

Author's Response: Yeah, gotta love a dance off!

OMG I can't believe that mistake, I'm going to edit it now :L

SO MANY SCOROSE FEELS, ALL OF THE FEELS! This is the start of their happily ever after!

Yes- James and Sarah's picture is fate. Everyone starts to feel bad for Amy around this chapter - it becomes apparent that she isn't really a villain, just a girl who got led around by someone with a more dominant personality. Unfortunately it all comes a little late for her - she loses James (she never really had him, but she loses him for good now) and realises that Danny's motives were not coming from a good place either. However, in a parallel to Rose, who feels like she slowly lost everything then gained it back over the story, Amy is just beginning to claw her own life back.

There aren't many chapters left - the last one is chapter 45, so not long to go now! :(

Thanks so much as ever!

-Sarita x

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Review #41, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

24th September 2014:
Hey Sarita!
Back to Hogwarts!
Oh dear! Dom and her Dad... not being pure and all that! And Lily with her brothers! (Thank Merlin for Sarah!) I like the idea of them having unicorns though, I really do.
Sarah, I love that girl and how much of a girl she is! I mean in the sense that I can totally relate to her, probably being quite like her and knowing people like her.
Yay! The Love again!
Girls with gossip... I love it!

Scorpius POV- Oooh!
Boys and gossip... I kinda love that too!
The way they have basically the same conversation, just shorter and with a lot less detail!
"love will be in the air" James, I don't think anyone could have said it any better.
My fingers, toes and everything else are crossed the love WILL be in the air for EVERYONE!

James' POV- Oooh!
Oh! Steve walked in!
And then Dom!
Wait. This is getting WAY to complicated. Steve keeping the secret. It's cute that it's for dom though. I like that quite a lot.

Back to Rose's POV-
Poor Rose, to be fair, it's got to be difficult to be her age and have all these things suddenly happen to her body. And now she can't do anything fun either! That poor girl needs to hurry up and have the baby do she can be happier about herself again.
Scorpius so so cute! Carrying her stuff!
The press! That is not cool. Not cool at all. I have a great deal of sympathy for them. It isn't cool that they also have an ACTUAL formation for this sort of situation, they shouldn't have to deal with that!
Dom! That's hilarious... drugged... again? She does seem very calm though, surely she should be more stressed!
I would be exactly the same as Rose if people kept touching me like that! I'm glad Ron is becoming less awkward though and I'm very proud of Scorpius for being so brave!
I literally cannot wait for this wedding!
I love weddings! I've had, like, two in my stories and to be fair, I think I'm adding another... it's a problem... I just love love!
WELL that didn't last long... although I'd be pissed off if James was parading around in my veil too!
I love Sarah so much! I'm sorry I keep telling you this but I do, I do, I do! She's in love! And she's so caring and helpful!
Lily, patting Rose on the hand though and going to sort it out was a really sweet touch (I know it probably seems random to comment on but the way she's so used to sorting her brother out makes me feel all fuzzy and familiar).
Rose is so cute, she literally can't wait to see Scorpius and that is fantastic! I love it!
And Dom has a point here! That is not going to be fun!

THE WEDDING! I LOVED IT! I'M SUCH A CRIER TOO! IT'S AWFUL! Teddy! I love his description. I love that they're a perfect match.
I love James and Sarah's love.
I love Scorpius and Rose's love.(I also love how Astoria and Draco love their love)
I love how blunt Dom is too. I'm just putting it out there.
Exactly what Scorpius wants. I want that too happen too. Right. Now. Please.

You've seriously got a lot of words and emotions out of me this chapter!
I love it so much!
So, thank you!

*Big hugs*
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Haha yes, Dom is in trouble and drags Lily into question, thank god for Sarah - everyone should have one and if you relate to her it probably means you are her!

There will definitely be some love flying around for the gang. What can I say, I'm a romantic!

Aww I'm glad you liked the gossiping and the Sarah/James/Steve/Dom scenario - I wanted to emphasise that Dom finally has someone who cares for her and respects her, because at the beginning of the story she didn't have anyone.

Yes the press are a nuisance, but Harry, Ron and Hermione dealt with it at their age and now the kids do too!

Don't pretend you wouldn't be just ecstatic if James hopped around in your wedding veil :P

All fuzzy and familiar at the idea of Lily looking after her brother - how cute are you! Does someone have an older brother she tries to keep from mischief? :P


Next chapter should be fun for you, there's fluff, drama, action and reaction - it's gonna be big :P

Your review literally just made my day. I received a review this morning saying this was the worst ScoRose they had ever read so this was a huge relief!

BIG hugs, thank you so much!

-Sarita xxx

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Review #42, by dracodarlingxx Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

21st September 2014:
Scorpius is such a darling. He's like the sweetest guy ever and I love him so much. Him and Rose are so perfect together and it's just too adorable :* loved James and Sarah but I reckon the truth is going to come out soon to Danny, judging by the fact that Steve found out last chapter?
Well I'm super excited for the next chapter, so please update soon xx

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like Scorpius and Rose, there's a lot more fluff coming next chapter for them...
Yes, the truth is out next chapter - you'll have to wait for the details, but you won't be waiting long! Thanks as ever!

-Sarita x

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Review #43, by potterfan310 Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

20th September 2014:

I love the idea that Bill and Fleur own horses/unicorns and run a stables, sort of! So creative! Poor Dom though :p

Haha, oh Lily. Bless her. I love Al and James' reactions priceless.

I'm she told Sarah! She's admitted she loves Scorp to him and now told Sarah, it's so meant to be. Those two need to get together soon! Preferably before the baby is here :)

I honestly don't know why but it makes me laugh that the boy are having a good old gossip about Rose and Scorpius and their relationship.

FINALLY! Hopefully Danny gets caught out at last, him and Amy deserve each other in a way. They're both evil.

James and Rose ♥ Honestly I love their relationship so, so much. They are literally fabulous together and James, well he's just all round brilliant! :D James is such a mummy's boy, I swear ♥ Seven letters to Ginny, ha! XD

"JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, YOU TAKE MY VEIL OFF THIS INSTANT!" - My love for James grows every chapter ♥

Dom, I love her so much in this chapter. Especially as she's a lot more prominent. I wasn't fussed on her before but now this chapter has changed my perception.

Yay they're going to live together!! So happy :D ♥

Can't wait for the next one! ♥


P.s I shall reply very soon to your lovely reviews, probably after I've posted this ♥

P.p.s Is James a 7th year and the rest 6th years because for whatever reason that's what I keep thinking, as James is older Al and yeah a tad confused, lol. So what year is everyone in?

Author's Response: Hi!

I actually came up with the stables idea as I was writing the chapter, but it seemed too funny to resist - the idea of Dom trying to pull one over her father and possibly succeeding, but trying to pull one over on the unicorns and failing miserably!

Aw, well now Sarah knows, and James and Al know, they'll do their best to meddle, not that Scorpius needs help -the next chapter is jam packed with action and drama and fluff. You'll love it!

You'll have to stay tuned for Danny's comeuppance. You won't have long to wait!

Awww I'm glad you love James and Rose - he is a mummy's boy writing seven letters to Ginny, but he might also be just a tad excited about getting Sarah back ;)

Yes, Dom is coming into her own in this chapter, and in the next one she is quite the little badass, but quietly!

James is the year above them technically, but he was held back to repeat the year after he and Sarah broke up and he flunked all his exams!I only mentioned it in passing in one of the chapters I think so it's easy to get confused, sorry!

Great to hear from you, I am going to be making my way over to R & R chapter three of yours shortly!

Much love,

-Sarita x

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Review #44, by ABookishBeing Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

19th September 2014:
That. ending. Was. Brilliant. I'm in love. Not sure if I've reviewed before but I am completely in love with James in love. Favorite character ever. Rose and Scorpius get on my nerves because the don't communicate, but eh, every couple has its fault.
Amazing ending, can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: I am so glad you love James - he has become a very popular character which is great.
ScoRose do have communication issues, but hopefully they will start learning from it after this.

The next chapter is a very exciting one - lots of fluff, lots of action, stay tuned!

Thanks for reviewing!

-Sarita x

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Review #45, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 38: Hormones

16th September 2014:
Hormones to the rescue! That was an awesome way to save the relationship. Not saying sex has all the answers... But for this fiction, it saved about 5 extra chapters :) Very creative.

Author's Response: Haha hormones to the rescue indeed! It was a good plot device for them right now - you're right, it saved a lot of time :P
Thanks for reviewing!

-Sarita x

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Review #46, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 38: Hormones

10th September 2014:
Hey Sartia!
Another great chapter!
Poor Rose and her hormones! If I was Scorpius I would have been scared out of my wits when presented with an unpredictable Rose but to be fair to him he did a good job.
It'll be great if they move in with each other for real after the baby's born. That'd be really cute and really good.
I'm so glad they finally did it! I mean, they both obviously wanted it!
And they said they loved each other! That's FAN-TAS-TIC! I love it that they love each other!
I hope we get to go to Victoire's and Teddy's wedding! I really want to go!

Well done again! It's great! Keep it up!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Yeah, to his credit, Scorpius has been doing a pretty good job of lion-taming!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! You do get to go the wedding, and I really think you'll enjoy it! Make sure you wear your best hat... :)
Thanks as ever ! :D
-Sarita xxx

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Review #47, by Allie Chapter 38: Hormones

8th September 2014:
The awkwardness between Rose and Scorpius is so cute and just makes them even more lovable characters!!!
I very much love all of Rose's sa*siness and attitude!!!
Once again, a wonderful chapter! Looking forward to the next one!!! x

Author's Response: I'M GLAD I WAS! :)
Aww yeah, well it's quite sweet to see them both vulnerable at the same time - they usually both keep missing each other!
Haha, yeah Rose's attitude and hormones are really putting her through the wringer!
Next chapter will be up soon :)

-Sarita x

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Review #48, by potterfan310 Chapter 38: Hormones

5th September 2014:
Heyyy, me again!

Scorpius, baby!! Why are you doing this me, all the feels!? HE AND ROSE NEED TO GET TOGETHER NOW, PRONTO!

Seriously the two of them are adorable and the baby kicking was the perfect little thing to bring them together! ♥♥

Yes, if the two of them were dating it would be perfect ♥ *hint hint*

"so either you carry around this little spawn of Satan" - Hormonal Rose is bloody brilliant!! XD Shame she can't stay just to tease Scorpius.


The parents were hella right about them living at the cottage, some good has come from it!

Small thing but it sounded a little off, try myself instead of me. "me, Dom and Lily were bridesmaid"

Cannot wait for the next chapter!!!

A very happy/excited Potterfan310

Author's Response: ALLL the feels just to ease you into the chapter with a punch to the heart :P

Yes, hooray for the baby kicking :P

Hormonal Rose, while fun to play with, probably isn't all that fun to be around!

Aww, they pretty much do go official now. More cuteness to come at the wedding, on all sides.

Thanks for the CC - when I've finished the fic I'll go back and clean everything up :)

Glad you liked it, thanks as ever - look forward to hearing from you next chapter :D

-Sarita x

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Review #49, by potterfan310 Chapter 37: Belle Cottage

5th September 2014:

Aww bless Rose, her hormones getting the better of her. Baby duckies are adorable though! Poor Rose having them all make fun of her, don't suppose that helps her and her crying.

James and Sarah, ahhh they NEED to go official already, it's killing me!!

Trust Ron to try and intimidate Scorp, at least he didn't react. I feel like Ron's got a lot more little things up his sleeve since Scorp did get Rose pregnant. "Dad looked slightly put out, like he'd rather be referred to as 'Sir' or 'Master of the Weasley house' or 'King Ron of the United Kingdom of Weasleys'" - Of course he does, this makes me laugh so much, lol. Typical Ron XD

Cottage, that isn't a cottage :O The place sounds huge! Though I suppose by Malfoy standards it's teeny compared to the Manor.

Nooo the two of them need to stop being so awkward around one another. Maybe even sleep in the same room. They need to sort themselves out before the baby comes. *Shakes some sense into both of them*

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Aww, I know, but it wouldn't be the gang unless they were all making fun of each other :P
Sarah and James will come soon, as well as tons of ScoRose fluff and cuteness :)

Haha I'm glad that made you laugh - I go the feeling Ron wouldn't just let someone knock up his daughter and then swagger around the place without a warning :P

Yes, I wanted to make a kind of joke with the 'cottage' thing - Malfoy standards are kind of extravagant!
I hope the next chapter is all you'd hope :P

-Sarita x

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Review #50, by Celeste Chapter 38: Hormones

4th September 2014:
I am so so so so glad that they both finnaly told each other that they love each other. I have been waiting for that moment.
Now I can't wait for James and Sarah to be officially together :) can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Aw thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, James and Sarah's day is coming soon, as well as lots of cute ScoRose :)

Thanks for reviewing!

-Sarita x

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