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Review #26, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

5th August 2014:
I look forwards to seeing how this set up goes. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! An update is in the queue, hope you like it! :)

-Sarita x

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Review #27, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

5th August 2014:
Im happy to see that things are working out. Im just wondering what Scorpius was thinking when he said that to Rose at the beginning? See you next chapter!

Author's Response: In my mind, I though that seeing as Scorpius is such a sensitive guy, he'd not want to be just a friend with benefits and thought that if Rose wanted that, he couldn't cope. Stay tuned for the actual holiday :)
-Sarita x

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Review #28, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

3rd August 2014:
Poor Rose having to give up Quidditch. I really feel for her, I'd be annoyed too! But I'm so glad she's looking on the bright side. And again, I LOVE their friendships! SO MUCH! It makes me all happy.
I'm not saying I feel sorry for Chelsea, because I don't. I just think maybe it's all a bit harsh. Although, after what she did, I don't blame them all for feeling the way they do!
That's interesting! But terrifying, I would have flipped out if it was my fur! That's totally scary!
I LOVE that idea! I have a feeling that it's going to be a very interesting two weeks! I can't wait!

Another fabby chapter!
Well done!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey :)
Yes, as if pregnancy hadn't taken enough from Rose!
Aww I never thought I'd see the day that one of my readers felt something for Chelsea! I thought I'd made her as unlikeable as possible :P
The fur thing is all a bit unsettling, but I think they dealt with it in their usual blasé manner!
Next chapter up soon, hope to hear your thoughts on it!
-Sarita x

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Review #29, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

3rd August 2014:
Awww, that was really sweet!
I still love love love the relationship that Rose and Sarah have, it's so real and feels so natural!
I think that it's a shame everyone's so caught up on revenge because really there isn't ever a perfect outcome to that. However, with that in mind, it should make for a fantastic story, so I don't mind too much!
Hugo is so so cute, I really love the way you portrayed him. He's obviously younger but the way Rose thinks of him it almost seems as if he's younger than he really is, which, as a big sister myself, I can totally relate to. You can't possible think of younger siblings as the age they are, in your mind they have to be at least 2 years younger!
Ron and Hermione were PERFECT. I couldn't have wished for better reactions from them. They are the caring parents I hoped they would be. Family is REALLY IMPORTANT and I think for the Weasleys this would just be magnified considering what that family has gone through in the past.
I love the little Hugo birth bit though, that was really cute. I love the idea of Hermione not laying off work and duties until the very last second!

WONDERFUL chapter once again.
Well done!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Aww I'm glad you like Rose/Sarah's relationship. I tried to make it as organic and natural as possible.
Revenge doesn't ever really work out perfectly, but I wanted to make characters who weren't ready to be walked over and revenge is quite a big part of that!
Hahah poor Hugo! As a big sister, you understand why she thinks of him as so young!
I'm so happy you liked the Weasley reactions. You're right - I think after everything they would be stronger for it and ready to face anything.
I had to get that little glimpse of Hermione in there - I love to play with the characters of the golden trio in the background.
Thanks as ever Emz!
-Sarita xx

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Review #30, by Bob Chapter 4: Kiss The Girl

28th July 2014:
The pub wasn't that good of an idea. If they had their first kiss that would mean that they kissed in the chamber of secrets.

Author's Response: Sure I replied to this once already haha but I hope you enjoy the rest!
-Sarita x

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Review #31, by potterfan310 Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

28th July 2014:

New chapter, yay! I've resisted the temptation to read it over on ff so I'm happy for an updated :D

Oh my god, James!!! That boy will be the death of me I swear. :p I love him so much :D The fact Sarah is de-fleeing him is too funny that and the fact he's growling aka purring at her XD Seriously don't ever change James!

Oh uh-oh I can't believe their potions teacher found their hair/fur/feather's!! I just hope she thought not to dna test them or anything.

I swear the parents, well more Hermione and Astoria ship ScoRose and I refuse to believe this factor now that they are meddling. Squeee! I'm excited to read the next chapter now, especially if Rosie and Scorp are being made to live with one another!!

I think with the previous chapter and this you're missing your normal page break lines or *'s breaking up scenes. I don't know if it was intentional but just thought you should know they're missing.

Looking forward to number thirty-six!


Author's Response: Well done you! Temptation is too much for me I'm so glad you left it for this site though, I love the review-respond system here!
Haha oh I'm glad you love James still. I never tire of writing about him.
Yeah, Hermione and Astoria clearly ship ScoRose ;) Secretly, I think Draco and Ron do too.

Oh no, I didn't realise my break lines were missing! I will edit, don't worry :)

Thanks as ever,

-Sarita x

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Review #32, by Bob Chapter 4: Kiss The Girl

28th July 2014:
The pub wasn't that good of an idea. If they had their first kiss that would mean that they kissed in the chamber of secrets.

Author's Response: Okay, well thanks for reviewing and reading, I hope you enjoy the rest a bit more!

-Sarita x

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Review #33, by Bob Chapter 3: Amortentia

28th July 2014:
this was pretty good. I think it could used more love.

Author's Response: Thanks, the love will come in time! -Sarita x

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Review #34, by Celeste Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

28th July 2014:
I finished reading this last night and only just remembered that I forgot to post a review.

I love that James and Sarah are back together, even though it's unofficially but still so glad about that. I really hope they call out Amy and Danny very soon.

Speaking of Amy and Danny, ever since they both started going out with Sarah and James and they got introduced I have felt like they that is to say Amy and Danny were already secretly together and had planned it all along. I could be completely wrong but it just seems that way.

Great story!

Author's Response: All the Amy/Danny stuff is explained soon, and hopefully it will all become clear. I will just say now that you are closer to being right about their relationship than you are to being wrong!

Thanks so much for your review! Glad you're enjoying it so far.

-Sarita x

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Review #35, by Allie Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

25th July 2014:
ahhh yay! Another chapter!! Haha loving the sly destruction of evidence haha! Love love love this story!! Xxx

Author's Response: Hahaha glad you liked it!
-Sarita x

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Review #36, by oldershouldknowbetter Chapter 33: Making a Statement

24th July 2014:
OK, Sarah and James decided to keep their reunion a secret. I wondered how this would work, James has been mooning over Sarah for the entire story - everyone would spot its absence and I don't think James is that proficient at acting that he could hide it. And ...

Oh I see, keep it secret from everyone else except for the pack members. Of course.

The conversation between Rose and Sarah upon which Scorpius intrudes. There is something sad about it, I don't know, just melancholy. I think it stems from the fact that ROSE AND SCORPIUS NEED TO TALK.

I like James, I really do, but sometimes he doesn't really deserve how much Sarah actually loves him. He is explaining his feelings to her so that she will understand how much he loves her. Fine, it probably needs to be said, but she thinks it is her fault or that she is to blame!? Even when he asks why she didn't say it was his fault that they broke up; she still takes the blame upon herself - "I was ashamed. ... It must have been my fault." One cannot help but feel that it results from her stunning beauty, perhaps even her partial veela-ness. She thinks that inside is not worthy of what the outside attracts. James is very lucky and I don't think even he could stuff up their relationship again (even when the ruse is discovered by Amy and/or Danny).

Rose's POV is just some plot movement - so that we know it will be a fancy dress party and also that Sarah has a PLAN. Rose wanting to go as a nun is a good touch.

Amy' POV
It is good to see her POV for once because, as I've said before, she's not a villain. She has had the bad luck to have a bad friend (because the swear filter won't let me say excrementy) in Chelsea and to have a bad boyfriend in James. Not that he's bad, just the boyfriend-hood is execrable. Chelsea really does treat Amy like excrement and she's not so nice to Sarah either, soon Amy must realise and divorce herself from Chelsea's toxic influence.
Amy goes along with Sarah's suggestions, not because she's stupid (though from her thoughts you do get the impression she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer), not even because she thinks she is 'outfoxing' Sarah (what a delicious irony considering Sarah's animagus state), but because we get the impression that she wants to be loved and wanted and needed and not just by James but by decent people. All she seems to have is the horrible Chelsea and the cheating Danny.

They make an entrance to the party, and boy do they make an entrance - you love your signs don't you. James goes all jealous. Sarah shows up Amy, without even trying. Really as punishments for Amy go it is really rather light, I get the feeling that Sarah is not trying too hard to hurt Amy. Sarah's intrinsic nature is too good and also she cannot blame Amy for wanting James, after all she does.

Albus' POV
Your storytelling is so well crafted - this particular scene needed to be told from a neutral point of view, so whom to select? Albus (the wild card) is perfect and as a bonus we get to see his burgeoning affection for Becky. About time.

He points out to Rose how unintentionally cruel she is being to Scorpius and she runs away crying. Scorpius does chase after her - and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that about 50% of the plot of this entire story? ;)

She feels fat and ugly and unloved and scared. Scorpius tells her she is right to be scared, but he reassures her in a very unequivocal and physical way that she is far from being unloved and unwanted; especially by him. I don't know whether to rejoice in their reunion or not (especially with the knowledge of what comes up in the next chapter). We want to see them together, but emotionally far more than physically. This is just physical, yes there is some love there, but you cannot help but feel that Rose is getting comfort from it rather than anything deeper. In this way it is a parallel of how the story began. They hooked up physically then, things have changed a lot in the mean time and this physical hookup is not right; it's like their relationship has just been treading water if this is all it's come to. But I think it needed to happen just so that Rose can tell later on that what she wants and what she really needs is a true loving emotionally fulfilling relationship with Scorpius.
Not that she will mind it being physical, but the love is far more important - to Scorpius as well as for her.

So things are happening - plotwise, story-wise and character-wise. I saw that a new chapter was up and I should be reviewing, but then I saw I had somehow missed two. So I shall chew my way through all these as quickly as I can - not that I wanted that to sound pejorative in any way shape or form. It sounded like I was comparing your tale to cheap, greasy fast food, when in fact it is a four star extravaganza of a feast.

Castle Rose finally lowers the drawbridge,
The Knight of the Rose is made welcome once more.

Author's Response: Of course, the pack would know. James could not bear to hide anything from them.


Sarah and James. What a mess! Sarah' deep insecurities do stem from her outward appearance not matching up (in her eyes) to her inner beauty. James insecurities of not being able to win (and then keep) such an attractive girl led to their breakup. There is insecurity and mess and chaos on all sides - typical of teenagers, never mind the fact that they are famous and the world is always watching them.

I needed Amy's POV here. I seemed to have done too good a job of making her out to be a villain, which as you have pointed out, she is not. She may well not be a victim either, necessarily, except to the need to be loved and wanted and accepted. Chelsea's toxicity has obviously rubbed off on her and we do see the ties between them snap very soon.

Sarah's inclusion of Amy starts off as punishment for Danny, but ends up hurting all involved - James, Danny, Amy, even Rose and Scorpius, who are dragged into the drama of the signs. I wanted to fit in another Sarah POV in here, but decided against it. I felt I didn't need to spell it out how she realises that she cannot deliberately hurt Amy - she empathises and sympathises with her instead. The two girls have a lot in common - both a victim of James' tunnel-vision, both a victim of Danny's charm and good looks, and both a victim of their own personal insecurities.

Albus - our favourite wild card - is used to display the tension. Rose runs, Scorpius chases - perhaps I should have made his animagus a hound? In any case, it's the same old song.

I reverberated the storyline right back to the beginning in this chapter - a party, Scorpius and Rose trying to show each other how they feel in a misguided attempt - James and Sarah playing the proverbial back-and-forth and Albus watching, observing and doing some pining of his own while Dom drinks and Becky stands around awkwardly.

'Four star extravaganza of a feast' - sounds wonderful and delicious!

I hope to hear your thoughts on the latest chapter soon!

-Sarita x

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Review #37, by DestinyKrystal Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

20th July 2014:
Love the story please post the next chapters as soon as possible!!!

Author's Response: You'll be pleased to know that the update is in the queue now :)

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Review #38, by potterfan310 Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

18th July 2014:

It makes me so happy that they got together, since I've been waiting forever for them!! :D

I kind of get the feeling maybe, Becky was with Albus. Hmmm...

I love Rose, she's just brilliant. I can't believe she blurted it out to Sarah and James :p

Hugo is adorable! Him and Rose together are just perfect the way you've written them and I can see Hugo as to being like Ron a lot.

"Cheer up, chicks. I'm going to marry her and then I'm going to put a baby in her and then you'll both be fatties together!" James said happily," - THIS IS WHY I LOVE JAMES! HE IS SO FABULOUS AND I WANT HIM.

Normally when giving birth, your only two people in the delivery room with you, not four.

I'm so glad Ron has finally accepted it now. But I kind of wish Scorpius was there with her. I means he's an idiot, he wanted Rose at first and now he doesn't. I want to shake him and tell him to make up his mind!!

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Yes Rose has a tendency to just blurt things out as and when she can get a word in! I'm glad you like Hugo's character!

Oh James, what a dull world it would be without him.

I realise that there's only two people in the delivery room usually, but I wanted to imply Rose's special treatment due to her unique circumstances (i.e. being 17) and who really wants to say no to the daughter of the people who literally saved the world?! hahaha :)

Scorpius is an idiot, but he does care. It will become more and more obvious from this chapter on that his feelings for her are real.

Thanks as ever!

-Sarita x

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Review #39, by Fonzzx Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

10th July 2014:
Aw Ron is so cute :)

Author's Response: Aw thanks :)
-Sarita x

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Review #40, by Nimbushowl13108 Chapter 33: Making a Statement

30th June 2014:
Please continue to write more of your story. Thank you for your insight into what you believe to be the nest generation of the Harry potter world

Author's Response: New chapters will be coming soon, I think I've finished the story now so just have to keep updating! Thanks for your review, glad you like it!
-Sarita x

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Review #41, by potterfan310 Chapter 33: Making a Statement

29th June 2014:

New chapter, aww yes... :D

James and Sarah ♥

Somehow I don't think the party and Rose will be a good mix, buy hey ho, lets see what happens.

They definitely needed to talk, and they're not the only ones *cough* Rose and Scorpius *cough*

Aww I love Rose, bless her for thinking she's so fat. How far is she now? But her going as a nun, priceless! XD

Haha, oh I love it. Sarah's revenge to make Amy look as stupid as possible is brilliant. Is she so thick that she bought it or will she do anything for James even when she's sleeping with Danny.

Aww, Albus is a cutie. I feel there's not enough of him. I love how he's noticing Becky more foe who she is, and not just another girl. Their whole girl power thing is fab!!

Rose and Scorpius ♥♥ He loves he does, I am sure of it! Poor Rose for not realising and bad Albus for making her cry, although I don't suppose the hormones help.

OH MY GOD YES! ♥♥ ROSE AND SCORPIUS ARE A-GO-GO. I am so glad he is there for Rose, I only hope that they get back together because y'know I love ScoRose!

Two little things; You forgot the space - "and even yourparent's"

Also after Al's POV I got a bit confused because I missed Rose's name as it wasn't underlined or anything. I was wondering why Albus was there when her and Scorp were talking.

Can't wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Yes, James and Sarah finally talked it out. Maybe ScoRose can follow suit!

Rose is about 6 months gone by this point.

Amy's reasoning is difficult to follow - perhaps she is really stupid enough to buy Sarah's story, or just wants to keep James. When I wrote it, I actually kind of thought that subconsciously she wanted to express herself and also a small part of her wanted to be surrounded by actually nice girls for a while, and realise what true friendship could be. It was my way of subtly humanising her.

Yes, I deliberately kind of kept Albus as a wild-card character. He appears when he's needed and progresses the story, while retaining his individuality and his lone-feline personality.

I'm sorry for the confusion! I will have to edit that, I don't want it to look like Albus is being a weirdo and following Rose and Scorpius! Hahaa!

Thanks as always,

-Sarita x

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Review #42, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 33: Making a Statement

28th June 2014:
Glad we're having some Rose POV. I'm not sure the party is a good idea.
AWWW, those two! James and Sarah having their little hear to heart. I understand where James is coming from, they both caused serious hurt to each other and Sarah's insecurity is seriously breaking my heart too. It shouldn't be like that at all and I'm sorry it did. I'm glad their talking it out again and they both now know everything about each other now, I mean they knew everything else, they just didn't realise how much they hurt each other.
That really is an idea! Those outfits should horrible. I really love the way you add simple scenes like that one to show their friendships. It's so so cute!
Sarah is quite literally wicked. I feel slightly sad for Amy though, she seems quite insecure as well. Which is basically what Sarah is, which makes me feel bad for hating her. But not too bad.
Al is so cute! He's looking a Becky differently! YAY! THAT'S GREAT!
I take it back Al is an idiot. He obviously didn't think through those words when talking to Rose. That poor girl didn't know what hit her! And she's all hormonal so her tears would flow quicker than ever!
Poor Rose I repeat! She's a mess but I'm so glad Scorpius is now there to help! So glad that they're going to sort things out because that's what's going to happen right?
Everything's going to be okay! So glad!

Well done on another fantastic chapter!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: James & Sarah's 'clearing the air' scene was one that I wrote a long time ago and tweaked to keep up with the story - it was that important to me to make to clear that James is no angel, but he does try and that Sarah is imperfect despite common belief. She needed very much to be relatable. It was so important to me.
Hahaha I LOVE your conflicted feelings over Amy - she divides opinion like that in everyone which is perfect. She's not a bad person really, she's just a bit thick, easily led and angry at the world because she's insecure.
I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT! This story has a lot of themes, and I would hope that girl power is a big one!
Yes, Al is an idiot *But he means well!* But he's still an idiot. Becky has been in front of him the whole time, sharing his interests and supporting him, and all the time he was watching other girls and even his brother's girlfriend! Naughty, naughty. And to top it off, offending his beloved cousin... silly boy!
It acts as a catalyst for Scorpius. He seems to only know what to do with Rose when she's emotional. Then it all kicks in and he remembers how much he cares. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY! :D
Thanks as ever!
-Sarita xxx

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Review #43, by ScoroseOTP Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

28th June 2014:
So, Rose is always right. We know that. Glad that was put as a reminder at the start!
That kind of broke my heart a bit. I mean, I know he had to tell her about it all and it was really cute that he got her the jewelry and everything but it broke my heart. That poor girl not thinking she's good enough.
Then she can't sleep and is just thinking about it all. She's so strong though. I love Sarah. I really love her and applaud her, she wants pay back on people who hurt her and I think she should get it!
She always loved JAMES! That is just great! I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH! YAY! YAY! YAY!
So happy if you haven't already guessed, huge grin on this person's face right here!
Al's really cute. Bless him trying to help and having to deal with Scorpius and James! Still at bit strange he likes Sarah so much... but I'm electing to ignore it.
Just as a side note. As I read this I can't help but feel a bit weird how quickly James says Amy was always dead to him. I mean, I HATE her as much as the next person but it just doesn't sit right with me. I think I just hold James as a slightly nicer person than that. But then again, I understand why he feels this way, so maybe it's not an issue.
SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY after this chapter though. It's really great to see everything coming together with James and Sarah! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!
That's literally all I wanted from them!
Well done on this chapter!

Sorry it's been a while. I've been super busy but I'm back now!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Good old Rose, ever knowing!
I'm glad Sarah's reaction touched you. I wanted to negate her good looks by making it clear that she's just a normal girl who falls for the wrong person and gets her heart broken. I guess one way or another we can all relate to that.
OF COURSE she always loved James - I can't imagine anyone ever falling out of love with him! haha :P
I'm so glad you're grinning, I am too!
Al's feelings for Sarah are fading fast - he has intense crushes but gets over them quickly, bless him.
I'm happy that it doesn't sit right with you that James is so easy to brush off Amy. It is only right and fitting in with his character that he realises his poor treatment of her. That will come.
It's good to have you back, Emz!
-Sarita xxx

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Review #44, by oldershouldknowbetter Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

3rd June 2014:
So I'm back to review your work. I was feeling a bit burnt out so I gave reviewing your story a bit of a break, I didn't want my reviews of such a wonderful and enjoyable work to be any less than my best. Also there are only so many chapters, once I've reviewed them all it'll be gone :(

And here is a brand new chapter for me to review - hooray!

James has a burning secret, his supposed girlfriend is cheating on him with the boyfriend of the love of his life. What does he do, he tells Rose about it. He doesn't ask what he should do (he already knows), instead he simply tells her and sees what she says to do (Thus confirming what he already suspected he should do). He must tell Sarah.

I read over my previous review before starting this one and found I'd called it - James went to Rose first - the emotional heart of the pack. As Sarita said in her comments, 'James always takes Rose's intuition as pure hard fact - she has never steered him wrong.'

I wondered how long this mess would drag out, how long it would take for James to finally tell Sarah? Sarita said James would think it a betrayal not to tell her and true to her word, it's not a day later (story-wise) and he's going to. This is what really makes this story different from a lot of others - the lack of mis-communication. I've read fictions where this sort of thing would be dragged out over multiple chapters, hell, I've even seen entire stories devoted to just this. But not here, within the Pack feelings and information are shared. The only mis-communication/misinformation happens with the individual character's own feelings. Yes they may lie to themselves but the others do not lie to them.

He confronts Sarah, gives her some 'forgive me' jewelry (nice touch by the way) and then just rips the band-aid off - 'Danny is cheating on you'.

She's gutted, yes, but when she hears who she is cheating with, Amy, she feels almost more upset for James rather than herself. James reveals a bit too much when he says, 'she's dead to me, always has been,' but it slips by Sarah in all the emotional trauma.
James is upset for Sarah, upset he had to tell her and even upset at himself for being secretly glad that it has happened.

We switch to Sarah's POV.

Sarah recounts the breakup she had with James and it is used by Sarah to juxtapose the events this time around with those of the past. The one main thing that we see is Sarah still loves James and always has, it's just that she has been able (unlike James) to push those feelings down and try to hide them away. Try to move on and forget. She has been a bit dishonest with herself, or is it that she has deliberately squashed down her feelings for James to ameliorate her hurt and pretend to get over it.

She needs to go to someone for comfort and that person is ... Albus?

He comforts her and does what he should for a friend; and I get the feeling it may be the end of his little played-out-in-the-background not-so-secret-crush that he has had on Sarah. He wanted someone and she is hot, but that is not enough and he might just realise it now. Plus all that other baggage Sarah has ... someone else (namely his brother) is welcome to it.

James finds Sarah after a bit of a panic, only to find she has revenge on her mind. And it's ... well, it's almost exactly what James wants. Actually after a bit of to-and-fro and honesty between them it turns out to be exactly what James wants - Sarah and he back together. And happily it seems that is what she wants as well, now that she is finally being completely truthful to herself. She did move on when she broke up initially with James in everything except the deepest part of her heart. Now that her heart has been broken again, the only whole piece she finds still belongs to James.

They are going to pretend to be with their nominal partners, but in reality the two of them will be secretly together. We might though, have to have a bit of sympathy for Danny and Amy, because THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE!
Neither Sarah or James have truly loved the partners they were with. It was very obvious in James' case, but now we learn that it has been true of Sarah as well. So both Amy and Danny have tried to love people who would never/could never truly love them back. I don't feel as sorry for Danny as I do for Amy. That Sarah slept with him, meant that she had a lot more than just like in her heart for him. Amy though probably knew something was majorly wrong when a boy wouldn't sleep with her when she wanted him. I think when the secret affair is finally revealed as a punishment to the two cheaters, some of it will rebound back onto Sarah and James.

Things are quiescent with Castle Rose,
she has time to help out a neighboring kingdom in need.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking a break from it instead of being half-hearted - good choice :)

'Yes they may lie to themselves but the others do not lie to them' - brilliant... and true to the letter. James can easily lie to himself - attempt to bury his feelings etc - but lying to Sarah would be criminal.

James tries to lessen the blow, but finds Sarah is not so easily distracted. She is good at focusing herself... better than James . She was infinitely more successful in hiding her feelings than James was, and paying lip service to closure is her game.

I needed to use Albus here. He is the wild card as we've discussed, and here is where he wildly pops up. Sarah cannot turn to Rose, busy as she is. Ditto Scorpius. Becky came seemingly unscathed from her own long term relationship, so is seemingly unaccustomed to pain like this. Dom has never been in love - she cannot begin to empathise. Lily wants too much for Sarah and James to reconcile that it clouds all her rational judgement.

Albus is the quiet, unassuming character. An obvious choice in an otherwise bad selection. We see his teenage crush on Sarah is present... present but not serious. He enjoys looking at her, enjoys daydreaming about her... but she is not his to have. He knows this and has managed to keep his lust in check. He knows that it soon will pass... or is in the process of passing. He begins to see her as a sister, a platonic friend.

After all, James is top dog. He gets the pick of the pack, and he has picked. Albus slinks away, not too affected, and directs his energy elsewhere.

You have made an excellent point. In the rubble and destruction of Sarah's heart, she wanders through the wasteland and picks up a huge, battered, dusty sign. She blows off the dust, and what do we have carved deep into it? "JAMES WAS HERE"

She finally accepts her denial. Accepts the truth. Accepts her fate. And she begins to try and control it.

Punishment for the offending party - Danny and Amy - is hurtling towards them. But as you've said... nobody will get out unscathed. James and Sarah were in the wrong in varying degrees. Danny and Amy too. There is no such thing as black and white... just varying shades of grey. Retribution comes for all of them based on the severity of their discretion.

Castle Rose watches quietly, and prepares to rejoice through the ashes of heartbreak.


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Review #45, by dracodarlingxx Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

27th May 2014:
AW they're back together x
too cute, too cute :*
loving the ci; sarah's looks evilll
and i love sarah's little flashback to her and rose crushing on james and scor xx and al's pov was great, 'cos it was nice to hear that scor is still thinking about rose :D

p.s. i'm thinking about writing a next gen fanfic like this (but not pregnancy, because i can't write that), so any tips? xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Sarah's flashback to her and Rose crushing on Scorpius and James made me smile - I had to put it in!! :)

I'm so happy you like the story so far. To write this story, I had to stop reading ALL next gen fanfiction - a lot of it was so good that it made me want to try and rewrite it in my story, but I couldn't. So that's number one for me.

Number two is remember that there are less rules for writing next gen compared to Hogwarts era and Marauders era - the next gen characters are loosely described, it gives you a lot to play with. Try to consider the personality traits of children created by Harry and Ginny, children created by Ron and Hermione - they'd be a real force of nature wouldn't they! Consider what Harry/Ron/Hermione are up to these days. Consider how their fame would affect their children and family.

Most of all, have fun with it. I did!

-Sarita x

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Review #46, by potterfan310 Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

26th May 2014:
Ahhh new chapter, yay! :D

James, oh how I love him. He is just brilliant and I adore his and Rose's relationship as cousins/friends.

Awww, poor James for having to tell Sarah, it can't have been easy. Him giving her 'Forgive me jewellery' is so cute and I like that he thought of that to sort of soften the blow, because James is an absolute cutie. He needs happiness.

It's super interesting to see Sarah's POV especially the things about how she's focused on James and I love it. There could be a chance for them yet! ♥

Oooh Albus' POV, well this is new! Bless Scorpius, he needs to talk to Rose really, and not via Al. It's sweet that he's worried though. I'm actually surprised to find that it was Albus who Sarah went too. So long as they don't get together and are friends, I will forever be happy.

Her plan is interesting! I seriously hope this is going to be the push that her and James need to get back together for good! ♥ "I love you. I've always loved you," she said anxiously looking up at me," - THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY I MEAN YAY!

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Yes, James has had it rough recently - he never wanted to watch Sarah's relationship with Danny progress to the point where she loved him, but it did. And everyone suffers - nobody gets off easy from this I'm afraid!

I'm glad you liked having Sarah's POV - I have to admit I didn't put her POV across enough in this fic, but when I do I try to make it count :)

Yes, Albus' POV was so fun to play with.I wanted to put his view across to show that he is an unlikely shoulder to cry on for everyone on occasion.


Thanks as ever :)

-Sarita x

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Review #47, by HogwartsAlum Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations

10th May 2014:
Ok, so I just finished this story after a few hours of reading and I really like where it is going. I already cant wait for the new chapter. However the only question I have is how you consider this a short story when it is over 100,000 words, haha. Well I will be waiting for your next update.:)

Author's Response: I really never thought it would get this long! I hadn't planned for anything near this size, I really should change the category :L

Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it!

-Sarita x

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Review #48, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations

9th May 2014:
So Danny is moving on. James might be happy for the heads up.
short chapter, but it said so much :)

Author's Response: Indeed, a lot going on!
-Sarita x

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Review #49, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 29: Facing Feelings

9th May 2014:
5 minutes before he gets put on the block, he finds out the baby is his. Awesome!

Author's Response: Haha yeah he didn't have much time to prepare in fairness!

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Review #50, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 28: Front Page News

9th May 2014:
That's one way to get the word out lol

Author's Response: It certainly is...

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