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Review #26, by Ginny Caught

8th December 2012:
i think your story is so cute:) i love it! please update soon

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Review #27, by Kristina1990 Glued

8th December 2012:
I just spent a few hours reading 'Stupid' and the first chapters of this sequel and I'm absolutely in love with your story. I'm always on the look-out for good Lily/James stories and I've totally found one in yours!

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Review #28, by Opalpixiechick Immobile

28th August 2012:
I love this chapter. :) Keep up the great work. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

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Review #29, by Opalpixiechick Frozen

28th August 2012:
Awww. :) I loved this chapter. :)

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Review #30, by greek panda Captured

26th August 2012:
I adore this chapter and this story and YOU. This is most certainly my favorite Lily-James story because Lily has a personality and she's not wimpy and perfect and a little innocent dainty butterfly. She's real and hilarious and I love her (ALMOST as much as James, but that's a pretty high bar)

I'm kind of excited to see this Charolette-Sirius relationship develop...or not develop. Either way it's fun drama and I'm intrigued.

Also, James is ridiculously cute and masculine all at the same time. I don't know how you manage it, but you do and it's fabulous.

Great work as always :)

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Review #31, by Ravenclaw7 Captured

25th August 2012:
That's all.

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Review #32, by Jess the Enthusiast Captured

24th August 2012:
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one :D

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Review #33, by Galaxy567 Captured

22nd August 2012:
This is one of my favourite marauder's era fanfic I have ever read. I really like this version of James. Keep up the good work. And please update soon.

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Review #34, by LysLovesHP Captured

19th August 2012:
Hullo there :) I absolutely LOVE your story :D I love everything about it. I think you have the characters spot on and I simply love the plot. Pleasepleasepleaseplease keep going! (sorry I've only reviewed on this chapter xD) 10/10

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Review #35, by Opalpixiechick Caught

12th August 2012:
What did Sirius do? I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

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Review #36, by harrypotterforever24 Captured

12th August 2012:
Before I started reading his chapter, I had to go back and read the previous one because I had forgotten what happened in it xD then my heart warmed sufficiently enough that I remembered The Corner and proceeded with this new one xD
But this chapter was definitely worth the wait! I like how James and Lily are at a point in their relationship when any conflicts are resolved quite quickly, just like this one. Although, I did rather enjoy it when James punched Jefferson XD Also, I like how each chapter is so heartwarming- they always manage to brighten the day. And one thing that I think makes this story especially different in a good way is the resolution of conflict by the end of each chapter because sometimes, it just feels good to read light and happy things like these :) Good job with this chapter!

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Review #37, by Ravenclaw7 Fastened

31st July 2012:
I. need. another. chapter.

Ready this still gives me the tingles. And makes me want to cry.

I can't with James's perfection. I. just. can't.

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Review #38, by Hope's Mom Fastened

18th July 2012:
This is a sweet chapter. I loved how nervous James was about their first date. The patronus conversation was adorable, too. Thank you for the chapter - I really enjoyed it!

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Review #39, by greekpanda Fastened

13th July 2012:
Oh my! I giggled far far too much during this chapter. I felt ridiculously like a giddy teenage girl but I couldn't help it! They are so cute! I love the dynamic they have together and how James can just make Lily blush so much it's like her face might melt off. I would like to see some of James' character flaws though because right now we've seen him through Lily's eyes (in which he's amazing and perfect) and James hasn't talked very much about what's wrong with him. I want to know why he's human.

Author's Response: hey there again :) don't worry- I feel ridiculously like a giddy teenage girl all the time.

I'm really glad you like their dynamic! I hoped to achieve on that would do the pairing justice.

hey, thanks very much for suggesting that I should point out James' character flaws. that's very good advice and you're absolutely right in saying that I've neglected to do so up until now. I will most certainly be taking that into consideration while writing the next chapter.

thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #40, by Jess the Enthusiast Fastened

12th July 2012:
So much fluff! I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter :) 10/10 :D

Author's Response: tehe I know, VERY fluffy. thanks :)

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Review #41, by Jess the Enthusiast Immobile

12th July 2012:
Awww, this is adorable!! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: thanks :) *blushes*

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Review #42, by Jess the Enthusiast Frozen

20th June 2012:
I loved this chapter! So does this mean that they're back together? I sure hope so! Can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: oh it's good to hear from you :)
I'm so glad you liked the chapter! and I guess you'll have to see ;)
thanks for reviewing again!

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Review #43, by Bluestreakspirit Frozen

18th June 2012:
Aww they made up! I AM SO GLAD. Thank goodness Remus is such a brave soul. :) That flashback was also super sweet and silly - I really liked it! This chapter did feel a bit short, but maybe it's just me. I felt like it should have continued after ge flashback ended. Thanks :)

Author's Response: I AM SO GLAD AS WELL XD and yes, Remus is such a good friend, huh? I always thought he was a sweetie.

I'm so glad you liked the flashback! I thought it was sweet and silly too :)

it was a bit short, you're absolutely right. I was running a little short of creative muse unfortunately :(

but thanks so much for the review!

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Review #44, by harrypotterforever24 Frozen

18th June 2012:
OMG :D here I am in summer vacation, not doing anything but being bored, vaguely looking at the hpff website and then i see THIS beautiful piece of writing. Hyperboles aside, I really, REALLY enjoyed this chapter. James got her back :D hooray! At first, I also thought that Lily was being a little overdramatic, but then she apologized and she said some of the stuff that I was thinking and then James apologized again and it was so wonderful :) It was all very nicely done, and James was absolutely adorable and delicious, especially in the last part xD Thanks for the update, and I can't wait to see what happens next in the adventures of James and Lily!

Author's Response: OMG. your review made me :) a lot!

I'm really REALLY happy to hear that you liked it! I had my doubts regarding the whole 'apology' scene, so it's really nice to hear someone thinks it was okay! also really glad to hear James is "absolutely adorable and delicious" :) tehehe that's awesome.

no problem for updating! I love doing it, trust me. thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #45, by juliana63- Caught

30th May 2012:
This is really good! Will you please write more? I read Stupid and really want to see how this progresses. Please, oh please write more!

Author's Response: thank you so much! and of course I will be writing more! just suffering a bit of writer's block right now :(
thanks again for the review!

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Review #46, by harrypotterforever24 Caught

20th May 2012:
I have read Stupid at least 7 times and I am so glad you are continuing it :D and I love how this is going to be from James's POV bc we know lily really well so it'll be interesting to get to know James that much too. And this chapter, like all your others, is really well written and has me hooked for always. I cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wowzers- it's amazing to hear that you like my writing so much! The next chapter will be up asap, I promise.
Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #47, by Faith100z Caught

14th May 2012:
Eeeek! It's here! Oh my gosh, this sequel just made my day. So, thanks for that. :P if I can start talking like a sane person again, I'd like to leave a halfway articulate review. Here goes nothing.

I'm honestly so excited to see more from James' point of view, especially trying to win Lily back. The diary entry was perfectly James, semi-awkward and honest and sweet, and well, you get the point.

The carving of the initials was a nice touch to the treehouse dream, I loved it. Very bittersweet, reading that and then remembering what happened at the end of Stupid and being crushed like a bug :P

I guess I should stop rambling now. Most of this stuff would probably have been perfectly fine staying in my head, but that didn't work very well. In short, so excited to see where this goes, amazing job so far! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Aww, it's so nice to hear that this made your day. I really appreaciate your feedback- I don't think it's rambling! I love to hear what you think.
Thanks so much for the praise! It makes me SUPER happy to hear that this is a good continuation of Stupid.
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #48, by Jess the Enthusiast Caught

4th May 2012:
I'M SO GLAD YOU POSTED THIS!!! I was so devistated by their break-up at the end of Stupid; now I'm just like, "YOU GO JAMES! YOU GO GET YOUR WOMAN BACK!" I'm very excited for this story; can't wait for the next update! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: AHH I'M SO GLAD YOU REVIEWED THIS!! haha :) I will update ASAP, I promise!
Thanks a million for the review!

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Review #49, by LooneyChick Caught

30th April 2012:
AH! I have been WAITING for this! I am so excited you finally posted! Yay yay yay! Thank you for adding the story!!

Ok, sorry. Initial excitement has passed. Now, that was really excellent writing. The dream sequence was beautiful, and I really feel like you capture James. The way he journals, and the way you write his movements. It all seems so dead on to me. I can't wait to read more so please update soon!

Author's Response: I've been waiting too!! haha :) and no problem! it's the least I could do.

I'm really happy to hear you liked this beginning. it's very encouraging to read a review like yours. thanks so much!

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Review #50, by Silly Potter Caught

29th April 2012:
I absolutely loved Stupid and now I'm really excited to read Stucky! Lily and James are adorable and you're a great author. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear you liked Stupid and are excited for 'Stucky'

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