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Review #26, by Ella The Foot Massage

23rd January 2012:
LOVED this chapter!!! please update quickly!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will be updating as soon as I write one or two more pages :)

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Review #27, by Floometotherain The Foot Massage

19th January 2012:
Please try to keep up with this stor as much as possible!!! Its amazing!

Author's Response: I'm going to try as much as possible! Thanks :)

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Review #28, by justcause The Foot Massage

17th January 2012:
Oh, I just absolutely love this story. I love how no one else knows about Rose and Scorpius, and the drama is awesome. Please please please keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate it, and am going to try really hard!

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Review #29, by Cristina The Foot Massage

16th January 2012:
OMG Scorose!!! Best idea ever! And an awesome chapter too! I hope your next quarter isn't that bad! Good luck!

Author's Response: Isn't it though? Thank you so much! I'm going to need all the luck I can get :)

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Review #30, by Gin-gin06 The Foot Massage

15th January 2012:
Weasleynumber8!!! How I have missed you, and the story! And i don't consider you spoiling us with this chapter, more like making up. Joking! But I do hope you write another one.

Dan is at the top of my hate list. And that list is pretty long... I mean he even tops Voldemort, Bryan's dad off of Nine Lives of Chloe King (amazing show btw), my Science eacher, and the much loved and hated chocalte syrup.. which i should not have eaten today. He shouldn't be pressurikng Rose to have sex. It probably wouldn't even be good. If it would be with Scorpius it would be filled with passion and the exciting element of fobidness. Not to mention it'd be with the man she actually LOVES!

And speaking of passion, my what a little sexay scene in the ROR. Looks like Scorpius couldn't handle it anymore... Is it bad i only feel .0001% of pity for Dan?

Loved it! Every teeny-weeny bit!


Author's Response: Well hello! It's nice to see you again!

Wow that is a looot of hate! More than chocolate syrup? What madness! He is kind of pressuring her, it's true, but also remember that he's a guy! He's just being all pouty really.

And thank you! I was hoping that it would be sexay lol But it's really not bad that you feel pity for Dan. You have no idea what's going on in that kid's head anyways, trust me it's cool.

Hehe NOW you're intrigued.

Thanks so much for the review! It made me super happy :)

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Review #31, by Fanifical The Foot Massage

15th January 2012:
Well, well, well, WELL.
Look who's back!!! Hahaha, I thought you left completely!! But no! I'm glad your back though, I've missed this story! And it makes a big BANG with a new chapter full of SNOGGING. Lovely:) Completly understand the whole "GAHTOOBUSYFORLIFEGAHSCHOOLSUCKSGAHIDONTHAVEANYTIMEFORMYSELFGAH" yeah, it's a horrid exsistence I'd say. BUT this chapter DOES make up for it, a little bit;) I hope you whip out another chapter sonnn!! Totally made my day this did, another chapter will make ANOTHER day. If you catch my drift here. Dan sounds like a douche to me:/ I hope Rose ditches him and goes for the lovely-blonde-hottie-who-walks-through-metal-detectors-and-his-ABS-OF-STEEL-set-them-off-specimen. Hehehe. Update PLEASE STAT. So this FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC story to continue. Thammks:)

Author's Response: Well, well, well, WELL.

Yeah, I'm back lol It's super exciting! I was so mad at myself last quarter :[ I'm glad you liked the chapter, it was about half finished for three months and I had begun to hate it a little bit if you must know lol

I plan on sending a new chapter to the queue very soon as a matter of fact! I just need to right about three more pages I think. Sooo excited!

To the last part of your review, maaaybe that would happen sometimes soon! Then again... I guess you'll see soon!

Thanks for the review! I smiled the whole way through reading it :)

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Review #32, by ms4aisa The Foot Massage

15th January 2012:
THEY KISSED :D or rather snogged, but still :) loved this chapter :) Scorpius is soo adorable :) can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: THEY DID! He is freaking adorable, I love that kid. Thank you for the review! I'm almost done with the next chapter :)

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Review #33, by Vlevvy The Foot Massage

15th January 2012:
The best chapter ever ! arghh cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm almost done with the next one, it's going in the queue soon!

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Review #34, by Vlevvy Love Is in the Air

15th January 2012:
This chapter was umm really hot and heavy needless to say i loved it

Author's Response: Yesss isn't it great? lol thanks!

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Review #35, by Vlevvy Let's Blow It Up

15th January 2012:
OMG the kiss rocked i read that part at least 6 times before i thought to finish the chapter love your writing and this story keep up the awesome work :P

Author's Response: Really? Awesome! Thanks so much, that's great praise! And I will try lol

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Review #36, by Brookeweasley23 The Foot Massage

14th January 2012:
SO GOOD! I loved this!!
Pleas keep writing! UPDATE!

Author's Response: YOU'RE SO GOOD! Hehehe That's what she said.

Well, that was embarrassing.

I will definitely keep writing! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #37, by FredSnapeCollinTonksLupin The Foot Massage

14th January 2012:
YES! *does excited dance about makeout session* MORE MORE MORE! Sorry, but this was really really good.

Author's Response: Hahaha that was hilarious. Thank you verrryyy much! I will be sure to give you MORE MORE MORE!

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Review #38, by AlmightyGinge The Muggle World

21st December 2011:
ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT! I love the story from the beginning and the anticipation is killing me! When's the next chapter going up?! I'm normally a very patient person but I'm about to go insane! :P

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm putting it up as soon as the queue reopens in January. I missed the boat by just two days! I hope that you enjoy the next chapter :)

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Review #39, by Gin-gin06 The Muggle World

22nd November 2011:
*sobs* That was your most deep and heartwrenching chapter EVER! and, having said that, I LOVED IT! gawd, when Rose was saying to always come to her when he was upset, and she was all and now im goona hug you, eep, i was like DENIAL! ROSE YOU LOVE HIM JUST SAY IT! it's like Bri, and we all know they do ed up in a brrom closet snogging.

Speaking of, please write that, please! Their my second favorite pair in this fic, and that would make my day!

Lol, i knew they were gonna tie! I love their code names too, Candy and Cherry. Sometimes i wonder what would happen if the Malfoy's would go in the Muggle world, so funny.

Post soon,


Author's Response: Thanks! I really wasn't sure about this chapter, but I think that it turned out pretty well, and people seemed to like it a lot, which is great! And I know, Rose needs to open her freaking eyes for goodness' sake...

And I will definitely consider writing the broom cupboard scene, most definitely indeed :)

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback!

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Review #40, by Gin-gin06 Quidditch, and Other Epic Battles

22nd November 2011:
Sorry, sorry, sorry! School has been so getting in the way, its like, like how harry always wins the snicth, but i'm Malfoy! Sucks!

Scorpius isn't being very nice to the other girls! Gawd, Rose nneds to teach him a lesson!

Aw, this line made my heart break. It made me forgive him for being a manwhore!: He wished he was in denial too. :(

Bri and Freddy were snogging? In a broom closet? Finnally!!!

oh my gosh, there's this kid, and he looks exactly like Harry potter! Except mexican! I call him Mexican Harry Potter, i don't think he likes it though. He says hp is gay.

Off to the next chap,


Author's Response: Well! I'm glad that Malfoy finally caught the snitch! Lol I know... Scorpius can't be perfect all the time, he'd be boring if I did that! But I'm glad that he redeemed himself in your eyes.

Yes! Bri and Fred in the closet! Winnage, if I do say so myself :)

Well, this kid sucks. Mexican's make me laugh, and HP makes me happy, so I would take it as a compliment if I were him lol Thanks for reading!

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Review #41, by Cristina The Muggle World

6th November 2011:
I just read the chapter again because I don't want to do homework, and I remembered why I

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Review #42, by missmalfoy The Muggle World

15th October 2011:
AMAZING STORY. Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm making you wait so long! But the next chapter is ALMOST done!

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Review #43, by BellaLuna03 The Muggle World

20th September 2011:
i really liked this chapter and i hope you update soon
:) i want to say this is one of your better chapters but then again that's just my opinion :) keep up the good work :) it should be Fri . that sounds alot better than Bred :)

Author's Response: Well thank you! I'm actually really excited that you think that it's one of my better chapters, not going to lie! That means I didn't fail in my attempts at being cute! Win! And thanks for your vote lol I'm pretty sure that Fri is winning!

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Review #44, by Anna The Sorting

11th September 2011:
That was great! I actually liked your sorting hat song! All of the other Authors just skipped that part, and yours is more REAL, at least to me.Thank you for the awesome story!

Author's Response: Well thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

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Review #45, by LilyHermionePotter The Train, Nineteen Years Later

11th September 2011:
Its really good. I personally don't think, especially as being raised by the wizard equivalent of upper class, Albus would use the language that you make him use. I like the idea that Al has a big temper!!

Author's Response: Hmmm you may have a point there... I will confess that I swear a lot and I'm probably just transposing my personality on my characters lol but anyways, thanks for the review!

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Review #46, by Cristina The Muggle World

3rd September 2011:
LOVE the teaser! and the chapter hope you come up with another one soon! PS I think Fri is better than bred

Author's Response: Hmmm I'm getting mixed reviews on Fri v Bred... This is going to be a toughy! Thanks very much!

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Review #47, by casey The Muggle World

3rd September 2011:
dude, im loving it. i cant wait until the next one! im obsessed with this fanfic no joke

Author's Response: Hahahaha well I'm glad that you're obsessed... I think lol I'm working on the next chapter, so hopefully I'll get it up soon!

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Review #48, by jessie :) The Muggle World

3rd September 2011:
It works much better :3

Also, i haven't had a chance to review every single chapter because i've just been so engrossed in the story xD

But it's really good.
I've read many a story of Rosius (Rose/Scorpius)
But this has to be my absolute favourite.

Keep writing, you're really good at it. ;D

Author's Response: Well geez dude, what's stopping you from reviewing all the rest of my chapters now, huh? You'ver reached the end, now reread! Haha juuust kidding! I do actually realize that ppl have beetter things to do than read my story, despite appearences :P Thanks for reading and reviewing!

ps. Yes, Bred is growing on me... Hmmm...

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Review #49, by Nat The Muggle World

3rd September 2011:
Wow this story is so good!! When do you think we'll see the next chapter? Can't wait :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Umm... That's a very good question... Let's just say that the next chapter is a work in progress... But eventually, it will be posted!

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Review #50, by Ana The Muggle World

3rd September 2011:
Hi! I absolutely LOVE Scorpius and Rose !
And I love you for writing this! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Who doesn't, I ask you! Thank you so much!

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