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Review #26, by mrsWeasleyLongbottom Fall For You

18th August 2012:
Omg beautiful! And to answer your question I do want an epolouge! I was thinking maybe the birth of hugo and even maybe the Grangers finally accepting Ron after bursting into their home but its entirely up to you. And if your not feelin the epologe that totally okay. It ended so great you could do it both ways. I am so happy and so sad. You lucky person, this is the first fanfic ive read. Ever. And ive followed it the whole way. Youve made me laugh, cry in anger, suprised multiple times and i dont really know where this is going so im just going to stop now...but your writing is lovely and like me you are a deticated romione fan (down with dramione i say!) And your writing is wonderful. Alrighty...well that was an intresting spur of emations

Author's Response: Glad you liked the chapter! I hope it was believable and all that, what with the dramatics of the story. I wanted the chapter to seem sweet and romantic but still real. I'm glad that my fanfic interested you enough for you to read it until the end and feel all those things!

I am indeed a dedicated Romione fan (ew, Dramione) and it's lovely to see that people who are just as dedicated to the ship are reading my story. ~writergirl8

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Review #27, by Cristiweasley Fall For You

17th August 2012:
I love this story, it was great and so fun to read. I really hope that you write one last chapter, maybe about the wedding or hugo

Author's Response: Oh, good call, I think I will do that! Thank you :) ~writergirl8

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Review #28, by ronzdbest Fall For You

17th August 2012:
hi there. sorry couldn't review all ur chapters
But this was an AWESOME ending!
Again the story was awesome. Loved it!
Looking forward to another Romoine(hope it will be soon :))
And hope u write the epilogue!!! PLEASE!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! The next Romione story is Sleepless, and there are already three chapters on my page, so go check it out if you like my stories :)

Epilogue is happening, though I don't know how long it will take. ~writergirl8

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Review #29, by ShePotter One

17th August 2012:
Oh poor Ron, & Hermione! I don't feel anyone has the right to make decisions for other people. I can't wait to see how Ron handles this! I hope he makes Hermione realize he asked her to marry him before Rose & now he even wants her more! I would like to know how the future runs, maybe even their wedding, please. Update soon, we're waiting.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's true that what Ginny did was really, really wrong. But she had best intentions. It's kind of just a mess, isn't it?

Okay, I can do that. I will write the epilogue and see how you guys like it :) ~writergirl8

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Review #30, by grednforgesgirl My Junk

12th August 2012:
totally caught the big bang theory reference. You meant to do that, didn't you? Regardless, it was hilarious.

Author's Response: Um... I don't remember my own chapters because I write them long, long before I post them. Care to tell me what the reference was? Lol. It probably was BBT. I love that show. ~writergirl8

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Review #31, by Ginger Lust For the First Time

10th August 2012:
Well, I had to go back to an older chapter. Couldn't reply on present one.

Thoughts on what's gonna happen? Well, of course I want them to be happy. And you know that I depend on you for that. So my first thought was... Ron sees baby, melts, becomes great dad, loves Hermione and Rose forever, everybody happy! But I am a LIBRA and I see everything from every possible side.

- Ron sees his baby, hates himself for what has happened in past, loves Hermione forever!
-Ron sees Hermione with his baby, takes them home, is happy then finds out Perdita got pregnant and has a son by him also!
-Ron sees baby. Desides he's not ready for fatherhood, turns and leaves.
-Ron sees baby, back in love, marrys Hermione, everybody happy.. then Death Eater kidnaps baby, kills Ron and Hermione and raises baby Rose to become a Death Eater! :-)
So many possible endings. But what I think might happen?...
Well, the scenario I see is the first. Ron falls in love with baby Rose, straightens up and they get married and live happily ever after. I don't foresee any more problems but knowing you a little better now, there may be more. So I'm hesitant to hazard a guess.

Also, I do understand the guy who spoke up about how he felt you wrote about Ginny. Like I said, I think she was so wrong to butt in but she was trying to protect her family. Still, it was wrong. But that is what makes a good story. The 'villian!'. I also think that Ron would have 'manned' up and took over his responsibilities as a husband (to be) and father. He (and Hermione) had already talked about it before the breakup, wouldn't they? He was already expecting to before a father some day.
Then again, I would have told Ron that I was pregnant even after I found out about Pedita. I know I said that I was pissed off about that but being pregnant changed the situation.

I also think that Hermione was wrong for not telling Ron about Rose once she found out that he didn't know after all. But then again, she was very confused by that time... having a baby and then finding out that Ginny interfered and the fact that Ron didn't reject her and Rose but just didn't know. All those emotions were just too much for a new mother. But over a year to wait? That sort of thing just doesn't get better with time... I guess she was afraid of getting rejected.
Personally, I would have just smiled at Ron when he walked into her room and I think Ron would have melted and they were have, again, lived happily ever after... after killing Ginny. of course!
OMG! Can you see Molly once she found out that Ginny did what she did? And when you think about it, why didn't Ginny go to Molly for advice in the first place?
Oops... there I go again. But I am done now..
Can't wait for more. And I see you updated the other story...
'Talk' to ya soon.

Author's Response: Whoa, monster review under my bed. Aaaahh.

Just kidding. You know I love your long reviews. I deeply enjoy the exchanging of opinions that goes on whenever we two meet.

And I loved your scenarios! I think one of them was pretty close, but none of them were head on, obviously.

...Perdita pregnant? My god, you have a very sick mind. IT WAS ONE TIME AND THEY WERE ON A BREAK.

You're forgetting that the story follows canon, my friend. The epilogue does not permit Rose as a death eater.

I like how you actually read other people's reviews! Wow, that's commitment. I loved that conversation because the first person who read this story all the way through was a man and BOY was he furious about the whole thing. At Hermione, at Ginny. It actually shocked me how faulted he felt the characters were after all this happened. So I'm interested in everybody's opinions.

Of course Ron would have manned up and become a father. But would the resentment that Ginny so feared come back into play had they had no time to grow and really learn how much they needed the other? Maybe. Maybe not. Distance and time did solve some things, you have to admit it. Maybe it arose more problems than the solutions weighted out, but still and all you must know that it was helpful for them to develop as people. And I think Ron will still be able to love his daughter with every fiber of his being. Either way, he would have. But, I mean, there has to be something to be said for emotional maturity. The thing is, we don't know what would have happened had Ginny intervened. And we never will, and that's what makes her actions so gray. If we knew how it would have ended, we could applaud her or throw tomatoes at her. But we just don't.

As for telling him after he slept with another woman... Logic gone. Hurt consuming. Imagine doing that with such an ache in your heart and desperate tears in your eyes because you think that this man no longer loves you? She was too scared and too angry- not to mention too proud. It was a wicked combination for Hermione.

For the second situation... um, can we blame hormones? But once again, I stand by my argument that fear is enough to make people do crazyass things like not telling the love of their life that they have just given birth to their child. And you're right, she waited that long because she never stopped being afraid. I mean, go back and reread the story thinking about this secret along with it. Every little thing that occurred... and Hermione has Ron's baby. Can you imagine the pain? Can you imagine how that would feel? That to me is where the story becomes an entirely different story, where it becomes 3D. You have to look beyond the writing and think about the situations with the character in such distress. It's absurd, to me, how she managed to do all that she did. She was really messed up for a while.

Ginny didn't go to Molly because she's a hot-headed, meddling Weasley who thinks she knows everything about life. I've always gotten that impression of Ginny- and I think those things are what Harry is drawn too. He loves her fiery temper and he loves her confidence. He's led for so many years, I think he just wants a bossy, beautiful wife. Ginny has what he needs. So her innate character is why she didn't go to Molly.

Also, I can't imagine that unplanned pregnancy is smiled upon in the Weasley family. ~writergirl8

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Review #32, by Ron_The_King One

9th August 2012:
I understand Ginny's concern for her brother and his relationship with Hermione.. She might be right that Ron was in no condition to be a father,, but she didn't have a right to hide that letter from him.. who knows, Ron might have become a responsible one after knowing that he was to become a father.. But sisters have this famous tendency of believing that they're always right..
So what happens now? I'm really looking forward to see some Ron/Rose interaction.. update soon :)

Author's Response: I agree with you wholly. She had absolutely no right at all to just block him from his child! It was very wrong of her to do. But we all admit that he wasn't ready to be a father, so Ginny had reached a bit of a stalemate in her head, you know? And to her, this was the only possible solution.

What happens now? Well, what happens now is that the story ends next chapter! Or maybe in two chapters, if I'm nice and decide to write an epilogue. ~writergirl8

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Review #33, by Taylor One

8th August 2012:
oh my god. There was not one point during this entire chapter that I WASN'T in tears. literally still sobbing. I know you love to make people cry, so feel accomplished! LOL. This chapter is one of my favorites. That memory of Hermione after she gave birth just crushed me. And, ugh just the fact that she was alone. I can't even begin to describe the heartbreak of that fact. ugh. Well, excellent chapter and I cannot WAIT for the next one!

Author's Response: How did you know? Gasp! I NEVER release THAT information to the general public. When do I EVER talk about enjoying making people cry?

No, you're right, I'm ever so proud of myself.

Glad you actually liked the chapter, and that I was able to crush your spirit and break your soul and all that. It's a great skill for a person to have.

In all seriousness, that entire scene was quite tough to write and I'm glad you were able to appreciate both the good and the bad parts of it. ~writergirl8

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Review #34, by Eryka Mullen One

8th August 2012:
You make me cried is wonderful how you picture the
scenarios is excellent i can wait for next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have really vivid pictures of each and every scene in my head, what the characters are wearing, what their environment looks like, the hand gestures and facial expressions and emotions. If I can convey half of that in my writing, I will be VERY happy. ~writergirl8

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Review #35, by SierraF One

8th August 2012:
I think you're right. She was a little of both. In true Weasley fashion, she was trying to protect her family and friend, who is like family anyway.

Author's Response: Yes, yes. I fully agree with what you're saying. Glad that you, as a reader, could see that. Means I'm doing my job right! ~writergirl8

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Review #36, by Anna One

7th August 2012:
Love it can't wait for your next update! You are hands down my favorite author on this site.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Wow, that means so much to me. Thanks a million!!! ~writergirl8

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Review #37, by HermioneandRonald4ever One

6th August 2012:
Dude, you're amazing. Thank you. I love this so much! I don't know if you read my review from the previous chapter ... please do read it. You've influenced my life. :)

Author's Response: DUDE- Thank you! I actually saw your review and I replied to it. Go read my reply:) It was a really beautiful review for me, one of my favorites of the story. ~writergirl8

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Review #38, by SierraF One

6th August 2012:
I loved this chapter. I must admit I was a little mad a Ginny, but I understand she did it out of love and for the well being of Ron, Rose, and Hermione. The ending was cute and exciting. I can't wait to read up on what happens next. Amazing job.

P.S. I'm reading sleepless too. Can't wait for the update for that story too!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you were able to see that. Whether or not she was right is entirely your opinion, but you have to admit either way that she had a point. I mean, this is a very gray area for me as an author. Whether Ginny was right or wrong. She was a little of both, I suppose. What do you think? ~writergirl8

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Review #39, by HipogriffDancer One

6th August 2012:
Oh my Godric my heart! I really am speachless which means this review probably won't mean that much to you but I just need you to know I loved it OK? :')

Author's Response: No, speechlessness is good. It tells me that my writing skill is pretty good AND that you enjoyed the chapter. Which means a lot. ~writergirl8

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Review #40, by ShePotter One

6th August 2012:
OMGoodness, update soon, please. Thanks

Author's Response: I will! You're welcome, and thank YOU! ~writergirl8

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Review #41, by PostPotterDepression One

6th August 2012:
I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ~writergirl8

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Review #42, by Ginger Lust One

5th August 2012:
Hi Rachum.
Read it. Cried alittle. Understood. Hate Ginny.
LOL here we go again!
No, I love Ginny but could kill her right now. But then again, I guess she's kinda right.
Poor Ron.
Breaks my heart.
Well, gonna go wait for I read it again. First time didn't stick!
Good job.

Author's Response: Hi there. I'm glad you understand, at least. That's good! I feel bad about murdering Ginny's character, but I thought it was necessary. I felt like she was right, but when I got a guy's opinion on the story he was FURIOUS at her. It really is heartbreaking, though, isn't it? Especially how it will effect Ron and Ginny's relationship. What do you, as an incredibly insightful reader, think is going to happen with them? ~writergirl8

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Review #43, by mrsWeasleyLongbottom One

5th August 2012:
That was beautiful. I liked the whole thing honestly. The pensive, Ron's reaction and even the fact that Hermione's father didn't let him in. It's very fatherly. Really cannot wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! That's awesome. I'm waiting for a mutiny from this story so the fact that you don't hate it at all is just... glorious. Honestly. Thank you so much. ~writergirl8

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Review #44, by HermioneandRonald4ever Turning Tables

4th August 2012:
I seriously love this story. I have since I read chapter one at least five months ago! I remember sitting at a ping-pong table at school, with my laptop on my lap, reading this story. I didn't want to play ping-pong, I wanted to read this. And it's only gotten better! Please please please continue, for if you don't, you will be the death of me. Well, not literally. But I really do love this adoringly. Honestly, this is what got me into FanFiction. And I've loved every minute of it. From the tears of a fangirl to the heart-pounding joy, this was the rock. So thank you, endlessly, for filling my life with wonder and happiness that I could never replace. Forever and always, Sydney

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's a beautiful mental image- someone at a ping pong table voraciously reading instead of actually playing ping pong. I love it when I get like that- I'm so into the fanfic that I'm reading that I can't get out of bed or do anything but read. It gets crazy.

I got you into fanfiction? Wow. Just wow. That's amazing. Thank you so much for saying that. If you have a tumblr, find me on there and maybe we can talk about fanfic together! I'm whenhermionemetron. ~writergirl8

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Review #45, by HipogriffDancer Turning Tables

1st August 2012:
Wow ok I read this chapter a little while back when it first came out and I was like what?! I actually fell of my chair (the bruise is fading) and then I was like well knowing you and your amazing stories you would have left some hints or something so then i went back and read the whole thing all over again! WOW I can't believe I missed it, probably because I wasn't excpecting it but hey if there weren't any hints who would? So anyway I really don't hate you! I mean it keeps the story going and I'm so excited to see all the reactions and find out where she had been and what was happened to the child and everything! BUT oh my the night with... I can't even type her name when hermione saw her and Ron damn that made it so much more heartbreaking I swear I was crying so much! Ok so I know this is really super long and I could have made it much shorter but you know more how much I love the story this way ok? Wow so yeah I love this so much and please just keep writting I've read and loved every one of your stories and you really could be the next J.K.R. Much love!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for going back and reading over the story! That's amazing of you to do. I'm sorry that I bruised you, but I hope you can forgive me in the events of the next few chapters!

There were a couple of strong hints that would have been CRAZY obvious, so I pulled them out, but you see all the little things that Hermione does are connected to Rose. There are these teeny weeny tiny little hints everywhere.

It's not going to go on *that* much longer, but it just extend it ever so slightly. I didn't want to draw it out to a painful extent, to be honest. I just didn't think anybody would be able to take it on top of all the other crap that happened in the story.

Yeah, that does make the whole thing harder. In the next chapter there's this letter that makes it worse and you're probably going to fall apart again thinking about how Hermione felt knowing that she had Ron's baby inside of her and Ron was sleeping with somebody else.


Hopefully I am JKR... I'll let you know if my originals ever get published, lol. ~writergirl8

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Review #46, by PostPotterDepression Turning Tables

29th July 2012:
Is there going to be more? I absolutely LOVE it so far! keep on going! :D

Author's Response: Don't worry, I wouldn't leave you there! ~writergirl8

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Review #47, by Adrianna Turning Tables

28th July 2012:
Neat cliff hanger. I'm very excited to see where you go with this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ~writergirl8

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Review #48, by S Turning Tables

28th July 2012:
Yes! I knew she had been pregnant! But she took forever to tell Ron, can't wait to read his reaction!

Author's Response: Yeah, it's definitely something that she shouldn't have waited on, but it will all make sense. ~writergirl8

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Review #49, by mrsWeasleyLongbottom Turning Tables

25th July 2012:
OH Snap! Why do you always surprise me! I read your little blurb saying that we were going to hate you and I was really confused. They went out to dinner, they were happy, he proposed, then BOOM BABY! Where is she?? Gosh can't wait for the next suprising chapter!

Author's Response: I surprised you? Wow! Sorry! If you go back you'll probably find lots of hints that you didn't see because you weren't expecting it. Anyways... you'll find out. You will find out everything :) ~writergirl8

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Review #50, by Ginger Lust Turning Tables

25th July 2012:
Kool! Loved it.
I saw nothing wrong with it.
Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Glad you loved it and saw nothing wrong :) More to come soon! ~writergirl8

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