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Review #51, by weasly_wannabe Becoming Mrs. Weasley

11th September 2011:
those vows are adorable i love this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you :) Love the username. I too would love to be a Weasley. ~writergirl8

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Review #52, by lelasing8 Happily Ever After

10th September 2011:
Hi! I am a huge fan and was so excited that you completed such an ambitious and charming story. I am so glad that you kept up with it and that you finished stronger than you started, it was wonderful to be on this journey with you and see your wonderfull progression towards a much stronger writer. Congradulations on all our Dobby's, you deserve every one, you have worked so hard.
As always, 10/10
Yours till triple chocolate ice-cream isnt the greatest go to for break ups,

Author's Response: Why thank you, Violet ;) I think you know how hard I've worked for this, so your thanks and congratulations mean a lot.

Yours till Ron hates Hermione! ~writergirl8

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Review #53, by ShadowSpell43 Happily Ever After

10th September 2011:
That was AMAZING. I must admit, if you'd shortened it it would've been a bit dreary, so well done with persevering with your ashum book 8D

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) if it were shorter there wouldn't have been as much story, so I thought this was a pretty good length. ~writergirl8

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Review #54, by PolyjuiceAddict Happily Ever After

9th September 2011:
Of course there's no words for what it is like to say goodbye... I don't know how long I've read this story, but I think it is about half a year or more? I am happy to know that they get each other in the end, no matter how stupid they both are at numerous times... I am happy that you took the time to put it all out here for me to read and enjoy. I can't begin to mention all faults in this story with typos and stuff I don't believe exist in the magical world and so on, not to mention all the horrible things the characters do (AHHH), but on the other hand will I never ever write anything as brilliant. You really have put time and thought into this project and it payed of. Even if this piece wont get the Nobel prize (I don't think they'd even consider someone who writes Harry Potter fanfiction and post it on the internet) but this really proves that you have the talent, patience and imagination to one day become a world wide author. The next thing it takes is a story that doesn't include someone elses characters so that you don't have to pay for them, and you'll be rich, famous, cool and awesome. Hope it works out for you!!!


Author's Response: Wow, that's a long time to stay so faithful to a story. Thank you! I couldn't have asked for more.

Of course they get each other in the end- I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Thanks for leaving this lovely review. It really encourages me to write my own story. ~writergirl8

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Review #55, by Jade Happily Ever After

8th September 2011:
I can't believe this is over. I think I started reading this story when you were on chapter 33. It took me about 4 days to read all of the chapters and as soon as I had finished I started getting withdrawal symptoms. I just really really really wanted to know more. The whole concept of the story was absolutely ingenious. The way in which it is written is fantastic. The story put me through a whole range of emotions, frustration (at Ron mostly), sadness, happiness and a lot a laughter. I think that just proves how well written it is, because good stories and good writers have the ability to make you feel all sorts of different things at the same time and you most certainly are an extremely talented writer.

This chapter in particular had my in utter hysteric, it was perfect, hilarious.

I'm really going to miss this. I'll probably re-read it again, just so I won't suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Just so you know, you have gained my eternal loyalty (I am a Hufflepuff, after all.)

I feel a bit teary, so to wrap up, well done a brilliant story, and for doing justice to my OTP. Oh and, keep writing.

Author's Response: I can't believe it's over either :( Thank you for reviewing and for sticking with this for such a long time. All you Hufflepuffs are SO loyal. You really are.

If you reread it, drop me a review to tell me you've done so, just so I know you haven't forgotten about me :)

I'm going to take you up on that eternal loyalty thing ;D ~writergirl8

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Review #56, by rxxx Happily Ever After

8th September 2011:
i have read all your fanfics, and this is one of my favourites. i love the last chapter, it's hilarious :)
do you think you could write a sort of sequel, but of the rest of the play for their twentieth anniversary?
i dont know how that would work out, but id love it if you did it.
well done on you r dobby!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I liked this chapter too :)

Hmm... wow, interesting thought! I actually might borrow that for the epilogue of the sequel. ~writergirl8

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Review #57, by Emmie Slap in the Face

8th September 2011:
I loved the "You played the Harry Potter card" part of the chapter. IT WAS AWESOME. And I can totally see it happening too.

Author's Response: Yeah, me as well :) I think Harry would do just about anything for Ginny, tbh. ~writergirl8

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Review #58, by mgiccarpet Happily Ever After

8th September 2011:
CONGRATS!!! Congratulations on finishing this story--it's really great and you should feel very proud of it. Like you said, you can just see your writing get stronger as this fic goes on; it's a sign of great things to come!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I am proud of this- it is a sign of great perseverance and an ardent love of my OTP. It's 50 chapters and because of that and the response it got it will ALWAYS be my baby :D ~writergirl8

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Review #59, by itrustsnapealways Happily Ever After

7th September 2011:
You are a amazing writer. You should write a book, and not just stick to fanpages though I think we'd all miss you if you did! This story. THIS STORY. It just amazing, it describes Ron and Hermione's characters SO well, and though I'm not a big shipper of them myself I couldn't help but to read through this whole thing, and want even more. You depicted their life struggles exactly as anyone could picture them (except mabye the perfect match show part x) ) and you kept to their characters as well also as I took it adding your own spin on them aswell. So Thank you 'writergirl8', and keep on typing

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for reviewing all of the other chapters and then leaving a nice long for this one! It's so thoughtful and rare of someone to do that, especially on a completed story.

I could write a book, but that would mean I have to spend less time on fanfic and I'm not really ready to let go of that quite yet.

I'm extremely glad you read this even though you aren't a big shipper of them. That was quite nice of you- I'm afraid I never give stories about other ships a chance.

Yeah, the game show was slightly far fetched.

I will keep writing and you're very welcome and thank YOU! ~writergirl8

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Review #60, by golden_trio Happily Ever After

7th September 2011:
Oh! This was perfection! Literally, perfection! I have definitely been reading since early on, perhaps Chapter Ten? I loved every word of this story! It makes me sad that it's over, but everything must come to an end eventually. Which is good and tragic in its own way. Ron and Hermione are my favorite canon ship, equal with Harry and Ginny, followed only by Scorpius and Rose equal with Teddy and Victoire. I look forward to you other stories! Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work, and your Dobby! You deserve it!
- K


This is quite bittersweet. Mostly bitter, I must admit ;)

I have several new stories coming soon, and I really hope you will read them and give me an opinion. ~writergirl8

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Review #61, by itrustsnapealways Becoming Mrs. Weasley

7th September 2011:
ah. ;_; me creys. Love love love. These vows weren't just good they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was wondering if those vows were good... they were hard to write. ~writergirl8

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Review #62, by itrustsnapealways The Right Choices

7th September 2011:
ah god I just love these. You should just wow. Keep writing

Author's Response: I promise I will always keep writing. It would kill me not to. ~writergirl8

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Review #63, by itrustsnapealways Always Knew

7th September 2011:
oh. my. god. again, you just. YOU!

Author's Response: ME! IT IS ME! Haha I'm glad you're enjoying this so much. ~writergirl8

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Review #64, by itrustsnapealways My Forever

7th September 2011:
again. You leave me speachless! :)

Author's Response: :O Like that? AWESOME! ~writergirl8

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Review #65, by itrustsnapealways Mood Swing

7th September 2011:
OH MY GOD. That was just perfect. Just ohmy god I'm just ahgakjg;alujike :')

Author's Response: zsldksa;dkas;ld

Thrilled you liked it, keep readin'! ~writergirl8

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Review #66, by itrustsnapealways He's Not You

7th September 2011:
ohno. Ohno no no no :3 I'm worried

Author's Response: Don't be ;) ~writergirl8

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Review #67, by itrustsnapealways A Woman's Prerogative

7th September 2011:
omg :3 THis chapter suprised me.

Author's Response: I'm glad! ~writergirl8

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Review #68, by peace2lovepotter Happily Ever After

7th September 2011:
It's over. The story that brought me onto this very site, is over. It's very sad that it's over, because I have loved every single chapter of this story. I loved the play, it was so funny! Honestly writergirl8, you have inspired me. After I have had all of my trillions of one-shots validated, I'm going to start work on my own Ronmione novel, which I think should be called 'Run' or something else that my mind runs into. I have never had the courage to write a novel before, thinking that I would never get it finished and I would leave it half written, but I think I will now. Thank you for mentioning my name in the announcment, that meant a real lot. I to have nominated this for a Dobby, in the Category 2011 Legends, Best Novel. I can't thank you enough for writing this little gem of a story, and I hope, when my little novel/novella is finally on my page you will read and review. I really think somebody should get Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to read this, I think they will really really enjoy it. I know HP is gone in some ways, but to us dedicated authors on HPFF, it will always be here, in our hearts. Especially Ronmione! It's official. You are now my favourite author on this site. Forever. Love a very very very very very very very very very very very heartbroken peace2lovepotter, dedicated Ronmione fan, Livvy x :) (By the way, I give this story a trillion out of 10!) x


This story brought you onto the site? W.o.w. I'm very very honored and so glad that you liked it.

PLEASE GO WRITE YOUR OWN ROMIONE NOVEL! Leave a review or contact me somehow when it comes out and I promise I'll read and review like you did for me. I know you can get it done if you really put your mind to it. No matter how long it takes you (it took me from July to July) you CAN do it.

Wow, thank you so much. LEGENDS. I can't believe that. I really, really can't.

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson probably shouldn't read this. I might die. Of both embarrassment and shock and exhilaration.

HP IS NEVER GONE AND DON'T YOU EVER BELIEVE IT IS! Don't you know that those we love never really leave us? < 3 ~writergirl8

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Review #69, by itrustsnapealways George's Other Half

7th September 2011:
awe just awe :) So good

Author's Response: Aw thanks :) ~writergirl8

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Review #70, by Voldemort27 Happily Ever After

6th September 2011:
Hi there its me again!

I decided to write a long review because the end of an amazing story deserves one.

I LOVED this chapter! It was filled with fluffier-than-a-bunny moments and the hilarious play! I could not stop cracking up! I also liked how it had an itsy bit of Teddy/Victoire!

I read this story back in February of this year, when I first discovered the joys of fanfiction! Then, because I didn't realize that the stories get updated...I sorta forgot about it. Back in May, I somehow got redirected to this story and have been re-addicted to it ever since! I checked for updates almost every day. After chapter 49 I checked twice a day. You have no idea how happy I was to see it say 50 chapters at the top.

I'm so sad it's over though! I'm a huge Romione fan, I don't know what I'm gonna do with out this story. Aww, I'm gonna cry! :'(.

Well, once again, you are an amazing writer! I cannot say that enough! I loved this story and a few of your others that I've read! Your writing style is just awesome!!!

Bye to Ron, Hermione and the rest of the gang!!! A virtual jumbo Hagrid-style hug to you! Goodbye!!! *tear*

P.S.: Congrats on the Dobby Nomination! That's bloody fantastic!!! (I had to say it Ron-style)

Author's Response: HELLO YOU AGAIN! What a funny name!

-dies laughing- Oh, sorry, I've always wanted to do that. OKAY IN ALL SERIOUSNESS I LOVED THIS REVIEW!

It was so sweet. I think you'll live without the story ;) If you get withdrawal, try my one-shots. And I think it needed to be fluffy, tbh. It begged for some fluff.

lol- that's happened to me. I've gotten hooked and then forgotten about it and then come back like "OHMYGOD WHAT DID I MISS?"

Please accept this virtual hug in lieu of Ron and Hermione and the rest of the gang hugging you back. They're fictional and therefore cannot do so. ~writergirl8

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Review #71, by KittyLuna Happily Ever After

6th September 2011:
I adore you! I'm so happy how this ended. And yes the reason for my happiness for this story to end is because it needed it's closer. I love this sooo much. And you mentioned me! Oh My Wizard Gawd! I will be looking for your sequel. Now that school starts in oh 10 hrs, I think I will be writing more so hopefully I can be as good as a writer as you. Romiones for life! Beautiful my dear beautiful.

Author's Response: Now you have closure. You don't have to check the site anymore, lol. I'm glad you loved the end, and thanks for the AVPM reference.

You have to be kidding if you think I'm a good writer, lol :) THANK YOU!

You're beautiful too, and keep on writing Romione. ~writergirl8

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Review #72, by Liz95 Happily Ever After

6th September 2011:
I remember the first time I was scrolling around on HPFF. I was never really intrested in fan fictions, they seemed a little to wierd for me, but my sister convinced me to give them a go. My favorite Ship was R/Hr so naturally I gave the mouse a few clicks here and there looking for something intresting to read.

Then I saw this story, at first I had no intrest to read it. As you said in your authors note, a story about Ron and Hermione on a game show? UH, no thats wierd I thought to myself. But after looking around some more I realized that yours was actually reviewed and well plotted so I decided to give it a go.

One of the best decisions I had made

Your story was probably around 20ish chappies at the time. Once I read the first couple I was hooked, I sped through the rest in one day. But became dissapointed when I reached the end. Now I had to go through the agony of waiting!

I went through so many emotions while reading your story. It kept me on my toes and you always seemed to find a way to suprise me. I have read just about all the rest of your Fics and Im glad to say I havent been dissapointed. And every time you updated a story, I squeled like a Fangirl. Something which I dont do very often I may add!

Around this point I became somewhat addictive to this story, checking maybe every other day to see if you had updated. I checked so much that once I got to the search page all I had to do was type the little W and your username came up...

(Cant believe i just addmited that..heh)

I dont review much, too lazy even though I should, so hopefully this makes up for my not reviewing.

(If this review seems lame, long, dumb, or blahhh-y; my bad. heh again)

Thanks for an amazing read and I cant wait for the sequel.

And oh! Once my computer stops being annoying, im heading on over to nominate you for a Dobby. :)


Author's Response: Must admit, it is true that fanfiction is quite weird. Legit, the people who write them are extremely obsessed and some of us are frankly a little crazy. Others, however, are perfectly normal. I find myself to be smack dab in the middle xD

I think it's sad that we totally switched- initially I shipped H/G really hard, and you were opposite.

Waiting. Ah, the pain. The horrors! I've been waiting for a fanfic to get updated since 2006... -weeps-

I love squealing, I think it's healthy, really :) Keep that in mind, Lizzie!


This definitely makes up for not reviewing- it was so sweet. It made me get tears in my eyes, thank you, Liz. I hope you do nominate me for a Dobby- I happen to really want one. NO PRESSURE- YOU BROUGHT IT UP! ~writergirl8

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Review #73, by crazypotterweasley77 Happily Ever After

6th September 2011:
Wow. I can't believe that it's actually over. I loved this story so much, it was just absolutely wonderful and I think you described Ron and Hermione's relationship so well.

I'm super-duper excited for the sequel, I can't wait for it. This whole story was just perfect, and I'm sure that the sequel will be stunning, too :)

And I really, really, really hope you win a Dobby, I wish you the best of luck! This story was wonderful, and I loved every bit of it. So thank you for posting your story and sharing it with the world. :D

Author's Response: I can't believe it's over either. It took a long time, didn't it. -sigh-

The sequel is... well, it's okay, I think. It's just a tide-er-over. I bet there are gonna be some people who wish I just stopped it where it was, tbh!

I HOPE I WIN A DOBBY TOO! It would be awesome. I've always wanted one. ~writergirl8

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Review #74, by itrustsnapealways The First Discovery

6th September 2011:
my eyes, MY EYES. That just killed me.

Author's Response: lol. Harry's funny in this chapter. ~writergirl8

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Review #75, by itrustsnapealways Meet The Grangers

6th September 2011:
~trys to contain laughter as it's 1am, and parents are sleeping~

Author's Response: lol. I love this chapter, too! ~writergirl8

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