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Review #26, by crestwood The Letter

30th August 2014:
This is shaping up to be a really, really interesting AU. From what I've gathered, it's Ginny's 7th year and the Trio have not yet found the Horcruxes and there was no Battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort hasn't completely taken over the Ministry yet and Voldemort has killed Narcissa Malfoy and left Draco for dead. Just from the start, that's a very interesting premise and I would definitely call it original.

Lucius' letter was very well written. You can feel the urgency of it all. He's absolutely desperate, as he should be. I mean, he has to be if he swallowed his pride and left him outside of the Burrow with a letter begging the Weasleys of all people to take him in. I'm a bit shocked that Molly wouldn't want to take care of Draco at first, because she always seems like an especially caring, nurturing person. But of course, that's always in regards to her family or close family friends. We rarely see her having to make a tough decision like this in canon, to have to take care of someone from a family she hates. Knowing how much the two families are at odds, I understand how it would test anyone's will to help others. Of course, after a while to ponder the situation, she came around to the idea, reluctantly. It really would be such a difficult decision to make, but I can't imagine the Weasleys leaving him out to die. I think that's Lucius left him there. He knew that they could never do that.

Your writing is phenomenal. I'm completely absorbed in this storyline already. I can't wait to see what kinds of odds Draco and the Weasleys come to at the Burrow. Not to mention the reaction of all of the kids. Especially Ron... that's going to make for a whole lot of tension.

Great chapter, I'm off to read on!

Author's Response: Hello again, Joey!! Yep, you've got everything figured out pretty well, I see!! Thank you SO MUCH for calling this story Original! I like being unique and writing different things. (As I'm sure you can definitely relate to that, lol!)

The war has changed Molly quite a bit, and I'm glad you seem to have caught onto that. She will lighten up to him as time goes on though, you'll see. And Lucius' letter was one of the 1st things I updated in the rewrite, lol. It was not that good before; he sounded like a whiny baby, honestly. So I was glad to see that you enjoyed the new version of this letter so much! Makes me feel like my hard work is actually paying off now, haha!! =P

You thot it was phenomenal?!?! OMGosh, Joey, you're SO NICE! I am SO ecstatic right now, to see that you are enjoying this so well!! =D

Oh, and you will see the Trio's reactions in #6: Same Side Now - if you wanna read that far into it tonight, that is. I will tell you that Ron's reaction is pretty great, I think! I don't usually like to brag, but I am quite proud of how the new version of that particular chapter turned out; so I cannot wait to hear YOUR thoughts on it now as well!!! ;)


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Review #27, by crestwood Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

30th August 2014:
Hey Deana!

I was taken by total surprise here. I don't know what I was expecting, but I have to say, I was not expecting this. Parts of this chapter are truly horrifying. I mean, Voldemort's always evil, but you've brought him to a new low honestly. There's some terrifying implications in his agreement with Lucius and you did a great job of really diving into just how horrible it is. He effectively took away all of the free will from all of their lives. Lucius and Narcissa have no choice but to raise their child to follow Voldemort's ideology and Draco has no choice but to follow through with it because it'll be all he ever knows. It raises the question; would it have been better just to let him kill their son, rather than allow him to live a life as an inevitable Death Eater that never had a choice? That's a pretty deep question to raise in what is only a prologue. That's incredible!

Also, you've made the Malfoys sympathetic characters in the most genius way. You didn't stray from their characterization at all since Lucius still must raise Draco to follow Voldemort's ways, but you've found a way to make it an honorable thing to do. That's such a brilliant idea and this chapter is so emotionally stirring. You've done an amazing job setting this story up. I can only imagine where you'll go from here. Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: I am going to try to respond to ALL of your awesome reviews tonight, but I am super-duper-tired right now, so there's a good chance I may pass out at my laptop whilst trying to write, lol!! (If that happens, I'll see you tomorrow!!) =P

Anyways, I am glad you were so surprised!! I was equally surprised by your fics as well, so I guess this makes us even now, lol! ;)

Thank you so much for all of your kind words! I like reviewers who are not afraid to show how much the story has made them think - if that makes any sense, haha!! I tend to focus a LOT more on the emotional sides of things when I write, as I'm sure you will see more of later on down the road, should you continue to read the rest. & I really like painting the Malfoy's in a new and different lite for people. So it brings me great joy to see that you are already empathizing with Lucius and Narcissa. (:

Again, thanks so much for all the encouragement!! This has been one of the best swaps that I have ever done!! Now onto the next review.


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Review #28, by Gabriella Hunter The Healer

30th August 2014:

This is Gabbie here with your review and I'm here a lot quicker than usual for once! I was really excited to see all the stories in my thread so I made sure to attack this with all my might!

I was a bit taken aback by the abrupt POV change but I was able to follow along pretty quickly after that. Saleena Blackwell wasn't at all what I was expecting and I certainly thought that she was going to be a bit older so I was surprised by how young she was. I was also really intrigued by the history of her family these gifts that her mother kept talking about, I hope we'll be able to find out more about them soon. The Clan sounds like a pretty interesting route to take, especially since I've never read anything about Gypsies before in a HP fanfic but I think that this came off as sounding like a completely different story. I'm not sure how you're going to work all of this in and I'm certain that it'll all make sense in due time but it was a bit confusing and I feel like the second half didn't add up quite right. I did like that Saleena was opposed to rejoining her Clan and I'm a bit worried about the ones that joined Voldemort--that isn't going to bode well. Saleena's relationship with her mother was a good contrast from the one that you had already established for Mrs. Weasley and Narcissa in the previous chapter so I really like what you did there. Will we be seeing her again?

That last little bit just had me kind of worried for Draco though. The poison might kill him and I hope that Saleena had gotten there in time to save his life, I was touched by how concerned she was and it honestly didn't surprise me that she was the Malfoy's personal Healer (I somehow think that they wouldn't have trusted the St. Mungo's Healers all that much) so I'm glad that you added that little bit in. Saleena as a character seems really hard working and dedicated but on one hand, I think she comes off as a little too sassy but that's just me.

I caught a few grammar things in the beginning and middle and a few words are repeated in the same sentence. I'm sure your beta will be able to spot them and they're nothing too major so you shouldn't be worried about them! ;D

Other than what I mentioned, this was a good chapter and I can't wait to see what you've got in store.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello again, Gabbie!! It is always a pleasure to see you back here!!

Saleena is Sirius and Remus's age, so she's close to 40 in this. That's not too awful young for a Healer, I hope. She looks younger than she is because that's part of her being a Gypsy. So if it was the CI at the beginning that threw you off about her age, then that's why, lol... And yes, you will be seeing more of Kireonna again - around chapter 20ish I believe. And I promise you that everything will fall into place in due time my dear, in due time! The chapter that I am working on right now, actually; which will be #9, (I think?) will give more detains as to what "the gifts" are, and which one in particular that Saleena has. And you will see later on how everything ties in, I hope... So please stay tuned, haha!! ;)

I'm glad you have caught on to how hard-working and dedicated to her job that Saleena is. That is a key element to her character, and not too many people really comment on this. Saleena has only ever had her work, so she has kind of distanced herself from people to become successful in her career. Her job is her escape, if that makes sense. She took Sirius' imprisonment to Azkaban really, cuz that happened when they were both so young. Sirius was her only real friend, and when she lost him she just sortta went on and buried herself in her work... I may write a Novella in Saleena's perspective once I have finished this Story. The plunny for it is already there, and I have SO MANY notes on her character. It would be great to be able to share them all with my HPFF peeps one day!! ^_~

My beta & I will be going back over all of this as soon as her laptop gets fixed, no worries!! Thank you so much for another amazing and inspiring review, Gabbie!! I shall be back to re-request. See you in the net chapter. I can't wait!! =)


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Review #29, by pointless_proclamations The Healer

29th August 2014:
We meet again, Deana. :P

Her relationship with her mother is definitely messy. I see a lot of pull from her Kireonna and push from Saleena. On one hand, it is disheartening to see her turn her back on her family and not want to take leadership to at least try to change things. On the other, it's nice to see her quite stubborn in her beliefs because her clan does seem very unlikeable.

"You know already know this." One too many 'know's?

Kireonna is an obviously conflicted character. You have me being annoyed at her for coming into Saleena's life and not wanting to leave her clan regardless of what she believes, but you also have me feeling sorry for her. Her daughter seems to be the clan's only hope to make everything right again. Which brings me to the question, what in the world is Saleena going to do?! Will she go back? Willingly or reluctantly? What will make her return, if she does?

It was so nice to see people caring about Draco. He's spent half of the chapters here so far unconscious, but I can't stop thinking about him. Oh poor, Draco!

I see Molly warming up to him!

I do like how you interpreted Dumbeldore's actions to indicate Draco's being destined for greatness. It's very clever.

You never disappoint, do you?

Author's Response: Yes, Saleena is VERY stubborn. I'm glad you picked up on that because that is one of the things that makes her so much like her Grandmother. Even tho she constantly denies it, her and Queen Carla have a lot more in common that even she knows. Saleena is also a lot like her father too, I think. But he doesn't ever make an appearance in this...

This chapter has not been Beta'd yet because my Beta's computer is down right now, so thanks for pointing that typo out to me. I will be sure to correct that and get it fixed up with my next revision, which should hopefully be coming up here pretty soon.

You will find out about Saleena's choice in about... 5 chapters from now, give or take. And as for Kireonna, she will be making another appearance in the early 20's and will have a reoccurring role in the story from there on out. Their relationship does come into play later on, in the 30's, but I don't wanna give it all away right now, haha!! =P

I try not to disappoint, lol! So I hope that you will continue to feel this way as you read on!! Thanks again so much for your enthusiasm and continued support. You reviews mean the world to me, honestly! Cant wait to see you in the next chapter, Em! =D

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Review #30, by pointless_proclamations The Letter

27th August 2014:

I'm in for another exciting, emotional roller coaster rise. :D

I love the way you were Arthur and Molly here! Arthur's kindness, empathy, and generosity are all evident is Molly's stubbornness and her motherly nature. Amazing characterisation, yet again! Another strong suit of yours I see (teach me, please :P).

I sense that this is the start of something vey interesting! Oh the things they could teach Draco! From 'Doing the Right Thing' it seems that he won't be too unwilling or difficult. . . Unless he is overly distraught over the death of his mother. Oh that poor thing. He'll have to come to terms with that first. And he'll think it's his fault, won't he? Because Voldemort did threaten to kill her and he knew that. Draco needs hugs and/or chocolate, too (if he doesn't mind excessive physical contact and if he's not allergic).

My eyes widened when you mentioned Saleena. I cannot wait to see how she's doing.

The Lucius from last chapter returns. :) He so obviously cares about his son and is selfless enough to give him up to people he realises that can take care of him better. Draco won't see this that way, will he? Will he be bitter about his father? Does he know that Voldemort acted as his mother's midwife and cursed him upon his birth against his parents' wills? Does he know that his father verbally fought for his survival? Probably no. But will he find out? Does anyone know about his dark mark? What is he poisoned with? Can Saleena, with her gypsy, memory abilities, figure it out and synthesise a cure?

You mentioned Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione! I hope they will understand, too. Maybe upon Draco's apology of his mistreatment of them during their school years. . . I shall have to see, shall I? What are they up to? Horcrux hunting?

Your ability to produce so many questions in my head only indicates how exciting your story is. Overall, you made perfect sense of this very strange situation. :)

Your fan and enthusiastic reviewer, ;)
Em :D

Author's Response: Hey Em!! Sorry it has taken me a few days to respond to this amazing review!! I'm SO glad that you are enjoying this so much tho. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts in the later chapters too!! =)

Thanks so much for all the compliments you made to Molly & Arthur's characters here. When I rewrote this, I took time to really focus on those two and get them just right. They were a tad immature and OOC in the version that was up before, lol. But it's good to know that everything seem to be coming across so much better now tho. (:

As for Saleena, yes, you will be seeing a lot more of her here SOON!! Stick around to find out more about the trio too; you won't have very much longer to see what happens there... And there is also MUCH more to come on Lucius and his father/son relationship with Draco in future chapters too, lol! Hopefully you will stick around until the end so you can see all of these things unfold. I have many, many more surprised in store! ;)

I haven't actually decided if Draco knows everything about the day that he was born yet or not. I know that sounds crazy, but IF Lucius is to be the one to tell him, then this will not happen until around chapter 12 or 13 somewhere... Once I rewrite those few chaoters, I will then decide as to how much Draco already knows at this point. I imagine that his mother would have told him some of it the day he came of age, and Voldemort would have had to have said some things about it too. So Draco is not completely in the dark about everything in his past right now. Hopefully that makes sense, lol! ^_^'

As far as his recovery goes tho, you'll just have to keep reading to see how that one goes!! I'm glad you have so many questions, lol!! Feel free to ask me as many as you want! I can't always guarantee that I will be able to answer every single one of them - hey, some things have to be a surprise you know - But we shall see how it goes. =P

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Review #31, by Gabriella Hunter The Letter

26th August 2014:

Its Gabbie from the forums with your review, thanks for giving me such a great story to read, you've made my day! I would have gotten here a bit sooner but I was having some boring real life issues and things got a little tense. Like, can you believe that?

Anyhoo, on to this! This feels like a very interesting AU to me and I'm curious about how you're going to work in the events of the past book and what you've done here. I really like what you've done so far with this, it kind of makes me sad to see that the Burrow is empty though without the kids. I did like that your POV with Arthur was very smooth, it really felt like him to me and I think his character was spot on. Although the children weren't there anymore, you could see that he was still worrying about them and where they would be in the next month or so. I think that it really showed in how tired he was and how dull the Order of the Phoenix meetings were getting. The war was quickly falling out of hand and not knowing where Ron, Harry and Hermione were only made it so much worse for Arthur and Molly.

Also, I have no idea why but I want to know a bit more about Percy. I'm kind of a Percy enthusiast at the moment so anything Percy Weasley is going to snatch my interest...

I wasn't expecting this letter! Lucius Malfoy of all people? I wonder how he was able to get it sent without being killed himself? The letter itself was more heartfelt and painful than I would have expected and I was really blown away by how you wrote it. Lucius never struck me as a very warm man but his fear for Draco and the grief he was suffering at the loss of his wife were just so powerful. I think that one some parts of the letter it sounded a bit too juvenile but otherwise, it was very good.

Now, I know that you mentioned that people thought that Molly and Arthur's bickering was sort of childish but I enjoyed it! I think that being married for so long can really create a good banter between couples, it didn't seem forced but I was able to see how close they were. Now, Molly's refusal to allow Draco into the home at first put me off but then I had to try and think of what she had been through. I like that you made her sort of the villain for a minute, that's a side of her that we usually don't see. Arthur did have a good point though in allowing Draco to stay with them, maybe they CAN help! I would like to see how that goes and what Draco will say if he survives. I hope they find the cure for that poison soon! I can't wait to see what he says about everything and what might happen next.

I think you've got something really great here and I hope you stop by again!

There were only a few misspelled words but otherwise your flow and pacing are wonderful. :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie!! OMGosh, this review seriously made my day!! I am SO glad you think that this is such a great story. I have been working extremely hard to make this thing better all summer, so it's good to see that some of my hard work seems to be paying off. =)

Don't be sad tho, the Burrow won't be empty for too much longer. *wink* Thanks for the compliments on my characterization of Arthur. He is one of my favorites to write. And as far as Percy goes... He's definitely an important character in this story, just probly NOT in the way that you might expect. He is present for the majority of this story after, like, chapters 13 or 14 onwards... I don't wanna give too much away here tho, but if you LIKE Percy's character then you're definitely in for a pretty big shocker, lol! Just keep in mind that this story is Book 7 disregarded, for the most part. I started this story before DH was released, and since then I have done my best to incorporate cannon things from the last book into this Novel. It is still pretty AU for the most part tho, and Percy's character is very much different in this than what he is in Cannon. I just hope that you will stay tuned for that and continue to read this story even after Percy's big reveal, lol. ;)

YES!! Thank you SO much for everything that you said about Lucius' letter. I worked on that a lot to get it just right. And I'm glad that Molly & Arthur's dialogue seems to be much better too. This chapter is the only one that has been fully Beta'd now tho, so I am curious as to what misspelled words you found, lol. If you notice these things next time, could you lease point them out so that I can get them fixed asap? Thanks again for reading and reviewing, Gabbie. I will definitely be back to re-request again!! :D


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Review #32, by pointless_proclamations Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

22nd August 2014:

Hello once more. I had to continue reading. I did. I really couldn't help myself. It's such an exciting story!!

I'm not sure if you meant to write 'sure' as many times as you did in the first few paragraphs. If you did, ignore my comment. If you didn't, that's fine too. It doesn't take away from the stupendous quality of this chapter.

This chapter was like a roller coaster of emotions and filled with as much excitement. So interesting! I didn't take my eyes off your words from the moment I read the first word to the last. It's on-the-edge-of-my-chair, eyes-nearly-bursting-out-of-my-eye-sockets, and OH-MY-GOODNESS-WHAT-IS-GOING-TO-HAPPEN-HERE quality writing.

I like how you are very neat and crafty in that you tie the first paragraph to the last two. You have amazing control over the level of excitement, over the aforementioned emotional roller coaster. You knew exactly where to turn at every point. You engineered this piece brilliantly.

On to your characters. Again, very easy to empathise with (excluding Voldemort because he's just a Witch-from-Rapunzel-type of meanie). Every feeling Lucius and Narcissa experienced made complete sense to me. I felt it too. I think it's clever of you to introduce Draco's perspective first and then his parents' immediately after. Again. . . You are brilliant.

Cheers. :D

Author's Response: It's fine, really. These have all been edited now, but not many changes were made to the Intro & Prologue this time around. I am so glad you find the story to be so exciting and addicting tho! Just remember that you HAVE to stop at chapter 8 for right now, haha!! =P

I love taking people on emotional roller-coaster rides, lol. So you will definitely be seeing more of this in the chapters to come, that's for sure. ;)

Thanks again for everything, Em. You are the nicest (and most enthusiastic) reviewer I've had for a while now, lol. I cannot wait to see more of your reactions as the story goes on!! :D

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Review #33, by pointless_proclamations Draco's Introduction

22nd August 2014:

I know this isn't part of our swapping deal, but I had to! Just a quick one!

Once again, your first sentences captured me! I read on to discover even more captivating sentences. And once more, you introduce your characters so well! Furthermore the Malfoy family dynamics are crystal clear. I like how you used

I know you told me to ignore the exclamation points. There were 18 and most should stay, if you're going for frustration as opposed to desperation. :D

You are spectacular! You're writing is too! :D


Author's Response: Hahaha, that's hilarious that you actually COUNTED the exclamation points, lol!!! Thank you so much for this surprise review, dear. You are too kind. ;)

Glad you are enjoying the story so much, and I cannot wait to see what you think of the rest as well! Thanks for the compliments to my writing. I hope that you will continue to see an improvement as the story progresses. =)

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Review #34, by mymischiefmanaged Draco's Introduction

22nd July 2014:
Hiya, I've not read anything in Draco's voice before so this is really interesting. The writing style doesn't quite match up with what I'd expect from Draco but then in the books we only ever see him with Harry so it's completely plausible that there is more to him than we realise.

The discussion of 'All's fair in love and war' is very accurate and an interesting opening to the story, showing something about Draco's character (that he thinks deeply about his situation and is very thoughtful underneath the arrogance we see in the books) as well as reminding us of the horrible state of the war.

Draco struggling with being compared to his Father is interesting as we'd expect him to invite this comparison. It's good to see that he wants to distance himself from his family and be his own person.

It's disturbing but effective to see the way Lucius and Narcissa taught Draco their beliefs from a young age, and you do a great job of showing how as a child he accepted them without question.

I'm glad Narcissa tells Draco she loves him, and your description of Lucius's attitude to love fits in completely with the way he seems in the books. It's sad but probably very accurate to see how Draco grew up not really understanding what being in love means.

I also like Draco's justification for why he's telling his story and his dismissal of Harry. It's just like him to try to one up Harry even after everything they've been through, and it's clear this isn't done with malicious intent.

Good work. This looks like a really interesting basis for a story and I'm interested to see how it progresses.

Emma x

Author's Response: I'll be honest... I was seriously thinking about deleting this whole Intro chapter and just starting the story off with the Prologue. But then I got this review, along with one other, and you made me change my mind, haha!! I am so glad to see that you liked the "All's fair in Love and War" discussion. :)

Yes, there is certainly more to Draco; and Lucius as well, than what meets the eye in this story, as you will see if you continue to read on. This is all under serious construction right now tho, so I'm actually glad you haven't read into it any further yet. I would LOVE for you to come back and red more once I am done editing everything tho!!

Thank you so, SO much for taking the time to review this for me. I really do appreciate everything that you have said. Like I already mentioned, this review helped talk me outta deleting the Intro, lol!! So thanks, again, for that!! I will surely be back to let you know when the updates are posted!! =)


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Review #35, by marauderfan Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

16th July 2014:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

What interesting insight on Voldemort's opinions of Draco - it makes sense that he would be irritated at the Malfoys for taking some of their attention away from serving their Dark Lord. (Also, even though I should probably not be giggling during this scene, the idea of Voldemort there at the birth like a really creepy midwife is just cracking me up haha.)

Oh wow - so intense, first an Unbreakable Vow and then Draco is pledged to be a Death Eater from age 10-minutes. Very chilling scene. This is a really interesting take on Lucius and Narcissa. I realise the story is meant to be slightly AU so I'll not comment on how the characters compare to JK's, just how they are in terms of your story. They do seem very loving and concerned, and it's interesting to see that even this early on they were losing their enthusiasm for the DE's. I felt badly for them as they were really forced into this unbreakable vow and had no choice at all. I can't see how Lucius could have made another decision and still kept Draco alive, so all things considered he did the right thing. But how horrible for them, on what should be a happy day :(

A bit of CC/ things to watch out for... I've noticed that often you tend to use semicolons rather than commas, for example here: This day; as well as the night that followed it, should have been seemingly happy. -- Semicolons are used to connect two phrases that could be sentences by themselves, so after "this day" should be a comma.

Also, I know the intro is told in the POV of a different Draco than in the books, but I thought I'd point out that he seems a bit... off. Just the way there are a lot of exclamation marks and angsty emphasis, it kind of makes him sound like he's 15 - it could be fixed by just toning it down a bit. ;)

Otherwise, I think it's an interesting start, and the AU twist you've added about Lucius and Narcissa seems pretty intriguing. I'm curious to see what you'll do with their characters, and how everything affects their relationship with their son (which, based on the intro, Draco has a negative opinion of them despite how hard they tried, aw.)

Great work!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm just glad that SOMEONE out there gets it as to why Voldemort would be upset with the Malfoy's trying to have a baby right in the middle of the 1st war. Some people think that makes him OOC, because they think the Dark Lord would be proud to welcome a new pure-blood into the world. While I do see where they are coming from, I feel like he would say that there is a time and a place for everything, lol. So thank you, for commenting on that first. I appreciate you for agreeing with me, lol!! ;)

I have a new Beta now, and we are smack in the middle of re-writing and editing all of these beginning chapters right now. So thanks for pointing out the little grammar details and such. I will definitely add that to my list of things to look for when I edit this chapter now!! :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and review this for me! I am SO SORRY that it has taken me so long to respond. I have been extremely busy this summer. I even had to miss the last week of this House Cup because of my insane work schedule!! =/

But anyways, I hope you will continue to read/review the rest. I will be sure to come back and re-request once I have all the new edited chapters posted. I am in the middle of re-writing the beginning right now, so stay tuned, haha!! =D

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Review #36, by Gabriella Hunter Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

12th July 2014:

Its Gabbie here with your review! Its nice to meet you! I stalk the forums and archives every once in a while so be sure to stop by and chat if thou would want weird conversation.

Anyhoo, this was a really different beginning for a story. I was drawn in from the first sentence, the scene you created was dark and so foreboding and whatever joy that was supposed to have come from having a baby was completely destroyed. Voldemort holding a baby is enough to make me shiver and what he actually commanded out of Lucius and his wife was horrible! How terrible is that? I thought you wrote the Dark Lord very well though, I had never given him much of a chance myself but he seemed very fleshed out here, I think that you kept a lot his foulness just right. Poor Lucius though! I'd never liked about him as a character but here he seems to real and human, I felt so sorry for him. Draco's life was spared but at such a terrible price! I lost my mind for a second there. Its such a great twist to Draco's life, I'm eager to see how it works out in later chapters. His parents will regret it later, I'm sure...

I'll most likely come back to this but if I don't, feel free to re-request. I didn't spot too many grammar things but maybe a word or two is missing from the third of paragraph? I thought the characters were written well, I would have liked a little more detail on Lucius's marriage and how he felt about Narcissa, maybe just a little background on their romance and relationship. Otherwise, I really liked it!

Now, as someone who hardly ever gets reviews, I understand your pain. I haven't gotten a review for some of my other stories in a year or two? Don't give up on your writing though and make sure that you promote them!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey there!! Sorry for taking so long to respond to this. I have been SOO busy this summer... ^_^'

It's so nice to hear that people think Voldy is in character here now. OMGosh, for a few years, this chapter was so bad, lol! I was embarrassed to ask people to read it because everything was so... off. But then I edited it a few years ago and I am quite proud of how it has turned out now!! :)

Anyways, I am so glad you liked it tho!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read & review this for me. I really do hope that you will come back and read more. If not, I will be back to re-request, but not until I have the newly edited chapters posted. This story is getting a HUGE makeover right now, as you may have noticed. I am quite excited to relaunch this again!! =D

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Review #37, by adluvshp Draco's Introduction

12th July 2014:
So I really like this opening chapter of Draco giving an introduction to his story. The way you've written his thoughts, it's like you're in his head. You seem to understand him quite well, and I like your portrayal of him.
I found that bit amusing about there being a lot of books about Harry and none about the people who helped him. Draco's reaction to that is nicely written and I'm glad he took matters into his own hands and decided to write something about himself (or get it written).

The part about Lucius made me feel sorry for Draco. His relationship with his father was anything but simple and loving. I also liked the whole contemplation about the concept of love. The way you wrote it again expressed Draco's thoughts perfectly, as that's how I'd imagine him to think about such things.

Great start to the story!


House Cup 2014 Review.

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Review #38, by ginnypotter242 Draco's Introduction

12th July 2014:
So, this was an interesting introduction. I'm interested to see where you're going with this story.

Draco does seem a little OOC in this, and I'm interested to see what has changed him. If I could recommend one thing, I'd say try to cut down on the amount of exclamation points. Even if Draco has changed quite a bit, it doesn't really fit in his voice, and many exclamation points in one chapter make it a little distracting and stops it from flowing as well.

This is an interesting idea, and your summary interested me. I really would like to see where this story goes, and how you write Draco and the rest of the characters. The war is over in this story right? Voldemort is dead and gone? I do like Draco's thoughts throughout this chapter, about love. It sets up the story very well, and makes me want to read more (because honestly, Draco and love is interesting). Nice job on this chapter! Looking forward to seeing where this story goes :)

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for checking this out!! I am in the editing stages of this right now, so I will definately look back over this and fix all those exclamation points. Honesty, I forgot all about editing the Intro, lol. So I am very glad you mentioned that, thanks! :)

To answer your question; this story is AU, and it takes place two years after Dumbledore's death. The Trio is still out Hurcrux hunting, so Voldemort is NOT dead yet, and the war IS still going on. This Intro was just written from Draco's POV after everything is all said and done. Sorry for the confusion with that, lol. You will see at the beginning of chapter 1 where everyone stands at, and hopefully everything will make more sense by then! ^_^;

Thank you so much for checking this out hun, I appreciate it! I am looking SO forwards to hearing your thoughts on the rest of it as well. I'm off to bed right now, but I will be sure to check out your author page and swap back asap tomorrow when I get off work! I really, really hope that you like the rest if you do decide to keep reading. Thanks for the review, Sarah. Nice to meet you! =D

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Review #39, by Unicorn_Charm Draco's Introduction

12th July 2014:
Hi there! :)

Aww poor Draco. :( How horrible it must have been, growing up, for him. Never knowing love, always searching for approval, forever feeling inadequate. That was so sad to read. It was fantastic, but horribly sad.

I really enjoyed this opening chapter. I think the idea of making the first chapter in first person was brilliant. I loved how it gave some background and a small glimpse at what's to come. It definitely piqued my interest and will have me reading more, for sure. I would love to see what you have in store for Draco's side of the study!

Great job and I cannot wait to read more!

House Cup 2014 Review

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hey!! =D
I am so glad you liked the intro!! Thanks so much for stopping by to check this out, hun. I hope that you will continue to read more and see where everything goes!! I am excited to hear your thoughts on the rest of the story as well! :)

I reviewed your Remus One-Shot already, and I really liked it!! I would love to swap with ya again some time. Thanks again for taking the time to read & Review, I appreciate it!

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Review #40, by Lostmyheart Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

4th July 2014:

I'm finally here to finish your requested review! I'm sooo sorry it took so long. I had exams, a lot of guests and a computer that broke down. But no matter, I'm here now :)

It was a very nice chapter, I really liked how you portrayed Lucius - like this concerned, and already loving father. But I don't really understand WHY Lord Voldemort wanted to kill his 'top-rank' death eaters newborn son? If Lucius is top-rank as you said, they wouldn't be treated so horribly by their Dark Lord. I also don't quite understand why Lucius feels that way about Draco maybe ending up loving the Dark Arts. If he willingly became a Death Eater, this wouldn't even be a problem... If you know what I mean.
But I do like the aspects of it - how Draco's parents are. It's kind of refreshing.
The story flow was very easy, and I liked how simple this chapter was and it showed that even as a newborn, Draco already had a lot of responsibilities to live up to, to grow up to. Poor Draco.

Normally I end my reviews by saying you can re-request, but I've decided to close my offered review thread - to lessen the burden of responsibilities from my shoulders.
I do hope you found my reviews helpful - though this one was rather short.

I enjoyed reading you story :)
- Lostmyheart

Author's Response: Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your computer! Hopefully it is fixed by now? Also, sorry for the delayed response to this. I keep getting new reviews, and every time I try to play catchup here, something always happens!!

I do see exactly where you are coming from there, and I actually can appreciate your opinions on that. This story is meant to be AU tho, so I apologize it that is a bit off-putting. My opinion of it all, I guess, is that Voldemort viewed the "baby" as a distraction. He is a jealous dark lord, and he does not want to have to share Lucius' time with anyone else. He expects the full, undivided attention out of his followers, at all times. While he does not mind them bringing another Pure Blood into the world, he feels that there is a time and a place for everything. And for them to have a baby, right in the middle of his plans to take over the world; that was not the right time, lol. The Malfoy's had discussed it with him prior to their wedding, and he had forbade them from trying as he did not want Lucius distracted. As it was, however, they were not particularity careful and Narcissa got pregnant with Draco anyways. So I wrote Voldemort here as being angry with them for defying his orders and having a "distraction" anyways... I hope that this explanation helps clear things up some at least. Sorry if it wasn't all that clear in the chapter. I am in the middle or rewriting this right now anyways, so I will most certainly keep this in mind when I redo the prologue again, thanks so much for your input!

Sorry you had to close your review thread tho. It sucks when RL gets in the way of things, lol. Please do let me know if you ever open it back up again tho, as I would love to get your opinions on the first actual chapters of the story now too! It wasn't too short at all, lol. I have enjoyed your feedback, and I appreciate you taking the time to read & review this for me. Thanks so much, and good luck with your computer!! (:

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Review #41, by MrsJaydeMalfoy |Chapter 34| Freedom Always Comes at A Price

24th June 2014:
YUS! First review!! :P

I have so many different, mixed feelings about this chapter. First off, it makes me really anxious for the next one! Haha! :P It's very suspenseful and I'm very curious to see what will happen with Roxi/McGonagall, Roxi/Draco, Saleena/Draco/Roxi, and Roxi/everyone... haha!

But there's also a part of me that's really thrilled that Roxi is back. Because that means she's closer to Draco (although with the situation being what it is right now, I'm pretty sure they won't be together anytime soon...( :(

However, I know Roxi is going to fall to pieces when she finds out Draco is alive... I'm really waiting to see that reaction, and wondering how that will play out.

I felt really proud in this chapter, too, of how Molly and Saleena stood up to Arthur... Girl power! haha! :P I also felt worried for Draco and his legs, but glad to see he was making some progress.

I felt so sorry for Roxi, though. She really has been through so much, and I have a feeling that, unfortunately, there's more to come. I thought the change in her hair and eye color was an excellent touch to show just how much she has suffered, and how emotionally torn she is right now.

I know we've already seen some mixed reactions to her appearance, but I'm really curious about what the other Order members will say when they find out.

And, as always, this was an EXCELLENT chapter, my dear! I can't wait for the next!! ♥

Author's Response: Yes, first review... and probably the only review for a while, haha!! Thanks to all the new edits and such, I imagine it'll be a while before anyone new actually gets to read up to this particular point in the story... All that aside tho, Jayde, I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm!! I've said it before and I'll say it again; you & Michael are the only reasons that I even came back to this, lol. I love you so much, hun. Really I do!! =D

Yeah, Roxi & Draco still have a ways to go before they can get back together. I am still working all of that out tho, but hopefully it'll happen again within the next few chapter or so. There will be more fighting tho, unfortunately, before this happens, so be prepared. ;)

Saleena is the ONLY person who knows the full extent of what all happened to Roxi while she was with Greyback, and even she does not have the full story. Right now, I believe she may mention it briefly to Minerva, and then Roxi herself alludes to it during one of her spats with Draco. Either that, or Saleena accidentally tells him. Either way, Draco ends up finding out and getting extremely PO'd at Greyback. The feeling that he gets, telling him that he has to protect her, ends up returning and, well, now I'm just giving away too much, hehe!! XD

I for one am curious to see your reaction to Roxi's conversation(s) with everyone also. As of right now tho, the only people she is speaking to are Molly, Arthur, Saleena & McGonagall. Idk if she will see Draco in the next chapter, or the chapter after yet. As you know, I am trying to cut back my chapter lengths a bit, so we shall just have to see when they meet again. I am currently writing the scene where they tell her that Draco IS still alive tho, and I am quite enjoying writing that particular part right now!! Again, I cant wait for you to read it! (:

Thanks again so much for your continued support over the years, hun. Words cannot even begin to express how much your dedication and general love of this story has meant to me. (((HUGS))) I love you, Jayde!! =)

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Review #42, by MrsJaydeMalfoy |Chapter 33: A Logical, Medical Explination|

24th June 2014:
Soo, I was on my way to review the newest chapter, but something told me to stop by this one first, and... *Stares at chapter's reviews* o.O ?? How did I manage to NOT leave a review for this chapter?? :O I have no idea what happened but I feel absolutely horrible now! But, I'm here now... hopefully this review will make up for its tardiness!

I really loved the interactions between Saleena and Kireonna in this chapter, and of course I was thrilled to find out that there was a counter-curse for Draco's legs, but also horrified to discover that it caused him so much pain! It was very selfless of Kireonna to take the pain for him, though, and I think that really shows a progression in the interactions between the two of them as well.

I am still very curious to see what will happen with Saleena and the 'Queen' business, as well as how all of that will play into the rest of the story. Honestly, dear, I know you have one-shots about Saleena, but I really think you could turn her story into a whole other novel. :P

Great chapter, dear, (even if I am saying this wayyy late), and now I'm off to review the newest!! ♥

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Review #43, by Lostmyheart Draco's Introduction

14th June 2014:
Hi there :)

I'm here for your requested review. I know you said that I should just review the prologue insted of this, but since I can't really focus on one thing at a time, I decided to review this and then read the prologue later, when I can.
I hope it's okay for you which it probably will be - because you get two reviews instead of one! :)

First of all, I liked this chapter - it was a great start to your story, where we get to see how Draco is, what he has been through and what he feels about certain things.
One of the things I noticed was how he asked why people didn't see that he wasn't like his father, and then afterwards explain that no one knew what was really happening beind the curtains, that people didn't know the real Lucius Malfoy. I'm not sure if you intended to write it like that, but if people don't know the real Lucius, they wouldn't be able to see that Draco wasn't like him. I may have misunderstood it, but that's what confused me a little :)
Another thing is that the Death Eaters didn't call Voldemort for Voldemort, at least that's what I remember from the books. They only called him the Dark Lord and other similar 'royal' names. But since it's Draco who said Voldemort, and he didn't seem to worship him like his parents (or mostly his father) I guess it makes sense for him to call him that :) Unless Lucius brainwahsed him to call him the Dark Lord - which would also make sense.

You're an exceptional writer, and everything was a joy to read. The story flow was nice and easy. And this chapter gave a good impression of who Draco is :)

I'll get to your prologue when I can :)
- Lostmyheart

Author's Response: Hey there!! Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you on this. I've been over on the forums a lot for the House Cup, but totally forgot to checkup on my stories, lol!! ^_^'

But yeah, you are my 1st Reviewer for this story in like a YEAR, lol!! Do you even understand how much I love you right now? ;)

Sorry if it seemed a tad confusing. This intro is in Draco's POV after the events of the story have taken place. I guess I should probly clarify that somewhere, huh? I am actually about to undergo some serious revision on this story soon tho, so I will definitely keep that in mind when I do start going back over everything. Thanks for pointing that out! It's good to have a fresh pair of eyes on this, especially since I haven't been able to update and work on it in over a year, due to college.

& I think once you get into the story a bit more, you will understand why Draco does not call Voldemort "The Dark Lord" anymore. Again, this is future-Draco talking, if that makes sense. You're actually pretty close with the whole "Lucius Brain-washing Draco" comment, lol! Once you read the prologue tho, I think a lot more things will start to come together... I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that one as well!! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to do this for me, I truly do appreciate you!! =)

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Review #44, by emwalker |Chapter 33: A Logical, Medical Explination|

3rd July 2013:
I love love love love love this story. Please hurry up and write more :p This story is seriously amazing. there are only a few things that I have noticed as a mess up. For instance, Draco did not know that Lucas was a werewolf or that Fenir was his master. All Draco know (according to the previous chapters) was that Lucas was working with someone else and that he had a master other than the Dark Lord. But then in later chapters, Draco suddenly knew that Lucas was a werewolf and that his master was fenir. I could have missed something where this was explained but I didnt think so. :p

Author's Response: Hello!! I know it had been almost a year now since you left this review... I was away ALL of 2013 for school, and I just recently returned to HPFF. I am so, SO sorry for leaving you hanging for this long hun. I have been trying to find you on the forums to let you know that I just added a new chapter this week tho. I hope that one day soon you will check in and see this response, and continue to read the new chapters again. Ch. 34 is up now, and I am currently working on ch. 35, so I hope to have another update by about the middle of next month (which is July 2014).

Since I was gone from HPFF for 14-16 months, I pretty much lost a LOT of my followers for this story. But now that I am back again, I am getting ready to revamp and edit the entire thing from chapter 1 on. Therefore, I will most definitely look into that whole Draco-knowing-about-Lucas thing when I do my edits. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, dear. :)

I am so glad that someone out there finds this story to be so amazing!! Your words of encouragement really do mean a lot to me. They have given me the inspiration to pick this thing back up again; that's for sure!! I just wish that I could actually thank you personally, somehow... Again, I am very sorry that I didn't see and reply to this review sooner. However, if you DO see this reply tho, Emwalker, PLEASE try to get ahold of me on the forums!! I go by RoxiMalfoy over there, so you should be able to find me pretty easily. Shoot me a PM and I would be more than happy to give you a sneak-peak at the next few chapters. I know it's not much, but I feel like this is the least that I can do to say "thank you" for your support. Even when I wasn't around, you read this whole thing and took the time to leave me a review. And to me, that means the world. (((HUGS))) I really do hope to hear from you again some day!! =)

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Review #45, by Ravensclaw93 The Spy

13th June 2013:
Hey, continuing on (Should probably point out that I've read up to chapter 12 at this point) and we finally meet Roxi. I'll be totally honest, I like Saleena better than Roxi, at least so far, but that's not any fault of your writing or characterization at all, just my preference for characters. I will say though that I think Roxi is a good match for Draco. Pairing someone with Malfoy takes finding a character that can put up with him and Roxi is definitely capable of that. I'm sure she'll grow on me!

Aside - Nice job with Fleur's dialogue in this one. It was very readable, unlike when some others write her and Hagrid and every word is a jumbled mess.

And hey, look, Percy's a jerk! Okay, so...I already knew he was the spy...but still a great reveal.

Another solid chapter, I'm on to the next!

PS: I almost forgot to mention, Neville's name is misspelled here...should be a quick fix :)

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Review #46, by Ravensclaw93 A Drop of Veritaserum

13th June 2013:
I really enjoyed the interview scene with Saleena and McGonagall. It was a tad quick, but I know you don't want to draw it out overly long and bore the reader. The follow up to it though was great, I think Saleena is probably my favorite character in this story. You managed to give her a good verbal back and forth with McGonagall without making her seem weak or overly imposing, and that's pretty impressive!

Moving along.

Oh, yeah, sidenote, 10/10. ;)

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Review #47, by Ravensclaw93 Unexpected Visitors

30th May 2013:
You've got a real talent for multiple characters, if you've never been told that. In that, I mean you're really, really good at including a lot of characters in a single chapter/place/time and keep them all interesting and involved, but not in a distracting way. All the characters contribute, without it being forced or messy. It's also really impressive how distinct you keep their personalities. Each character talks and behaves the way they should, for the canon characters, and Saleena has a real personality to her too, one I really enjoy. Moving right along to the next chapter!

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Review #48, by Sam Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

22nd February 2013:
Love it! This is truly amazing!!

Author's Response: Thanks you so much!! I'm glad you like it. I can't wait hear your thoughts on other chapters too!! =)

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Review #49, by Jchrissy The Healer

31st January 2013:
Hi my dear! Here for review exchange!

I know you were unsure about how much time you would have to review this month, so don't worry if you aren't able to fulfill your side of it. It won't count against you for the next time that you are able to sign up :)

Onto the chapter!

Honestly, the length didn't bother me. Once I'm reading, I'm reading, you know? And we found out a lot of information in this chapter, so it wasn't like you were just going along describing every single feature and that's what was taking so long.

I really like our OC so far. I did feel a little bit overwhelmed by her in this, and I think that maybe cutting back on her own personal information or the things she talks about with harry may have helped that, but it's not a huge deal either, so I wouldn't worry yourself over it.

The line where she tells Draco that he needs to learn to talk about his feelings and the thoughts that followed that, oh gosh. Those were perfect. He'd never been able to share those things. How could he start now? Poor little guy.

I think the memory of Draco and his bear was very,very moving. I almost wonder though if you're planning on showing how Draco did get better, more fatherly, as time went one.. because the man that was so cruel to his son is a big jump from the one who just begged one of his enemies to protect the same son. But of course, in that kind of terrifying situation Lucius may have just realized that Draco is what's important, not his pride. Still, the teddy bear scene was incredibly moving.

Ahhh I can't imagine that it would ahve been a lovely meeting for the trio and Draco. haha. It's hard to tell who I really feel worse for...

this story continues to be a really entertaining read, m'dear!


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Review #50, by Courtney Dark Draco's Introduction

3rd January 2013:
Hey there! This is Courtney, here with your requested review:)
I will start by saying I really like the idea of this story. I have read a few other fanfictions from Draco's point of view, but most of them have been unbearably cheesy and completely out of character. Even in this first chapter, I think you have painted a very accurate picture of Draco, and what his life is like, so well done on that!

I think you started this chapter really well, with the whole "All is fair in love and war." It is short, to the point and an intriguing first sentence. It immediately made me wonder what the rest of the chapter was going to be about and what provoked Draco to say...or think it. I also enjoyed the sentence; 'Well I for one would like to meet the moron who came up with that sentence.' It's great because it adds a touch of humour into what I can tell is going to be quite a dark story, and also seems very Draco-ish. In that respect, I think you have portrayed Draco as a very believable character all throughout this first chapter.

I liked everything you mentioned about Draco's father, especially the paragraph that begins with 'But no matter how well I did or how much I tried' because I feel it accurately shows what Draco's feelings towards Lucius might be-and how his relationship with his father has turned him into the person he is today. You actually made me feel a little sorry for Draco, especially in this part: 'Instead, he liked to point out all of my flaws, and tell me where I did wrong. So I never felt good enough for himÖ never felt loved by him.' The way you worded this was superb-I could definitely tell it was from Draco's point of view!

The paragraph about the concept of love was also very good-and I feel like I'm saying that about every paragraph, but it's true! You have done a very good job with this first chapter. This paragraph, especially the bot about love only existing in fairytales intrigued me, and made me wonder where you are going to take this story next. Will Draco find love? And with whom? The sentence 'It just isn't the Malfoy style' was just perfect. It was so Draco so...right.

Another part I enjoyed (and I'm so sorry if I'm rambling) was the seconf to last paragraph about Harry. I enjoyed this because, again, it added a much needed touch of humour, which I feel fits in well with Draco's character. I've always seen him to be jealous of Harry and this paragraph shows this perfectly, especially the part; 'If you want to read about him then go and find another book. There are plenty out there about him! Potter could open his own personal library if he wanted to, and thatís the problem!' It was a very nice touch.

Overall, there's not much else I can say about this chapter apart from the fact that I really enjoyed it and I can see that it is going to turn into something spectacular. My only nitpicky reminder is that in England it is 'Mum' rather than 'Mom', and 'vacation' is usually 'holiday'. But apart from that this chapter was amazing and absolutely left me wanting more.
Thanks for the read!

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