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Review #26, by MidnightMist Burnt

6th July 2014:
It's only the 2nd chap n I'm already in love with this story :D

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Review #27, by Ashcandy Shadow

5th July 2014:
Would have been 10/10 if you didn't have to make Harry Potter look like such a little girl during the cake scene lol... but otherwise good job!

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Review #28, by DancingDisaster Fireworks

1st July 2014:
I think the ending of this chapter is missing. It cuts off in the middle of a sentence. And the next chapter starts at a completely different point. Something's missing. Just thought I'd give a heads up! :)

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Review #29, by Lexiejames1999 Gold

29th June 2014:
No offence, but getting drunk, having sex, drugs at 15? Its a little bit extreame. But then agian this is a Fucking awesome story, so i cant complain.

Thanks for writing a awesome story that gave me feels:)

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Review #30, by Jay Epilogue

27th June 2014:
Omg I hate you!!! On that's not true at all I frogging love you this story is bloody amazing like actually the fangirl in me is dying of giggles, so you know screw you for that but I'm also kinda never going to not love you

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Review #31, by snufflesthedog Epilogue

26th June 2014:
This story was amazing! Right up there with my favourites. I loved the incredible snazzy humour, and the way that you developed the characters so well. I was so upset when I finished it! 10/10, it's great.

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Review #32, by Godfather Prologue

23rd June 2014:
great enticing read! Love the creativity and imagination that you give the protagonist.

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Review #33, by LetterGirl Epilogue

23rd June 2014:
OK All I can say is:
Best Story/Book/FF I have ever read. Seriously. You have some great, great, great, sooper great talent.
This story is worthy a movie. I swear it would be oskar winning. Don't ever stop writing.
Please, if you ever release a real book, announce it here. You have a first reader. I swear. :D

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Review #34, by sdfg Wrecked

22nd June 2014:
I don't like how James tried to force Nora to stop cutting. As someone who used to self injure, guilt and ultimatums don't work. The person has to WANT to recover and as with any addiction relapses WILL happen. Talking to her guardians and getting her into therapy would have been a more appropriate solution.

I also really can't stand Aggie right now. She's acting very selfish and immature. Yes, James was wrong to use her the way he did, and nothing excuses that. But she seems to be making the whole Nora thing about herself, like she does with everything else.

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Review #35, by Asia Prologue

21st June 2014:
That was absolutely hilarious I love your writing

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Review #36, by Abbie Prologue

21st June 2014:
"Viva La Kitty" oh my god I just snorted

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Review #37, by kayleefrank Stunned

19th June 2014:
I think Agatha was acting like potter does and it scared him. I think Agatha's middle name is something no child wants as their middle name like bertha lol. I love this story.

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Review #38, by Shannon Heal

19th June 2014:
I just finished the story and i want to say that you're an amazing writer and i hope that you continue!

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Review #39, by kittiesnpotter Collide

16th June 2014:
That chapter... was amazing. Brilliant writing right there. Completely different from what I expected to happen in each scene. Fantastic. Brilliant writing.

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Review #40, by Brightest Witch Epilogue

15th June 2014:
Wow... Just read this whole story. It was really good! You are an amazing author and I am sad that it is over.

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Review #41, by -H Fireworks

15th June 2014:
Hi- absolutely loving this story, but chapter 32 seems like it got cut off mid-sentence? It seems to just end with

"Well, it p**ed me off even"

(the comment posting thing won't let me type the 3rd word properly, which is kind of hilarious since it's already on the page)

Maybe its a glitch of some sort but thought I'd let you know.
Amazing story, btw, wonderful character development!

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Review #42, by Anna Fireworks

11th June 2014:
I absolutely love reading this story. It's amazing! Except the end of this chapter (32 - Fireworks) is missing (afte "well, it p***ed me off even..." )

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Review #43, by kittiesnpotter Leaving

10th June 2014:
Great story so far! Extremely entertaining! Can't wait to read more :)

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Review #44, by JS Fireworks

9th June 2014:
I would just like to say I really really enjoy reading this story. However, is the ending of this chapter missing (firework)

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Review #45, by eunoia Prologue

7th June 2014:
Hey :)

I was drawn to this story by your snappy summary, and this prologue certainly did not disappoint.

So far I'm enjoying your characterisation, Agatha is an interesting character to say the least and I liked how you made her relatable to the reader from the very first line (I've yet to met someone who likes alarm clocks :P). I also find it amusing that James is channeling his namesake, the little ruffling of his hair, for example, was a nice touch. I usually find it hard to read the typical oc/James II fics where the the two main characters are mutual enemies simply because it's been done so many times before but I like the dynamic you've got going on here between the two of them and I want to find out what it was that made them start to dislike each other so much in the first place.

I also enjoyed your tone throughout and you had me laughing to myself by the end.

I'll definitely be reading more! :)

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Review #46, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Epilogue

1st June 2014:
And now you've practically forced me to reread this story because you reposted and I'm crying again so thanks for reminding me I'm not some apathetic monster :).

Again, again, again, I LOVE this story. Why? The characters (and the sense of humor: but I think that goes without saying). Some fanfic authors have this deluded concept that in order to write true fanfiction, the hero/heroine is not allowed to have a hamartia or a bad quality and that basically makes me feel like ripping my hair out.

And now to the begging part: PLEASE, PLEASE, PPLLLEEEAAASEE post another one-shot about the gang. No need for a sequel-- I fear that may ruin the magic, but just another tiny glimpse into the future for Ags and James. please. Especially since we only got to see their coming-together (wtf) but not their real relationship. Well-- I'm digging myself a hole here JUST POST ANOTHER DARN ONE-SHOT. please? HAHA YOUR FANS WILL ALWAYS HAUNT YOU


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Review #47, by misswow234 Overdrive

28th May 2014:
Agh, this is too much adorableness!! I love this sooo much it's great? James and Aggy are so great tofether and the scene at the end just melted me!!

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Review #48, by misswow234 Real

28th May 2014:
That was such a pretty moment they had!! I loved this chapter it was pretty much what I have been waiting for all this time. It shows how much both James and Aggy have matured. Loooved it!!

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Review #49, by sana Manners

21st May 2014:
i can see that you'e a percy jackson fan too!!! but i love it! like, really really,love it!!! especially the haiku! :D

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Review #50, by ScarletRoses Epilogue

17th May 2014:
So I read this story in three days. Husband wasn't happy. Whatever. I don't care. He can suck it.

I think why I related so well to this story was because I'm a very angry person too. This is seriously the FIRST story in my bazillion years of HPFF that hit my anger spot on. Is that sad? Aggie has my anger. PFFFT she's awesome, why would I be ashamed?

That being said, I loved every aspect of your writing and what you did with this story. You had the perfect angle from the beginning and went with it. You tied it all together at the end and it was brilliant. xoxo

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