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Reading Reviews for Dominique
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Review #26, by manno_malfoy At a Loss

2nd October 2012:
OH, look who just discovered a new story to stalk! ME! And it happens to be about two characters I really admire -ahem...okay, just one, the other just died.

Okay, squee-ign aside! I think this is such a powerful first chapter! I mean, I don't think I've yet read a fanfic that starts with one seemingly important character dying... wait, how did he die again? Which brings me to my next point! I wonder where you're going to begin the next chapter! Are we going to go on from this point or will you jump back with us in time and let us get to know Dom and Lorcan? I can't be any happier that there's a 'next chapter' button here!

I really adored your description throughout the chapter. The words just flowed with ease and painted surroundings and emotions alike! I think the part that touched me the most was when Dom was thinking about how Lorcan would've had a portrait at St. Mungos too had he survived because, honestly, I think that the hardest part about losing someone you love is thinking about all the things they were yet to do and the things you'll have to make your way through without them. And I loved how this moment was the one that broke Dom and had her try to seek peace somewhere else.

I still can't decide about how I feel about Lysander. I love him by nature because I have a thing for Luna's boys, but this particular Lysander... All I can say is that he's intriguing and I want to know what he has been up to. I'm also very curious about Dom's history with both the boys and can't wait to find out more about that because the scene between her with Lysander was just so intense and brought up all sorts of questions to my head.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll be to review every once in a while as I go on with the story! But I'm so glad I've found this story because it seems to be so promising and so interesting!


Author's Response: You are too kind, really. I'm attempting to clear my unanswered reviews (I was on 76, now on 31) and it's so nice to go back and have a gander at all your kind words. I'm so grateful.

It's difficult to balance first chapters I think - you need a good balance of backstory, current action, character introduction etc., maybe even flashbacks. It's 100% more difficult with a murder mystery, because there's clues as well. So much stuff to consider. So thank you so much for your comments.

I was so nervous about writing grief and loss. I - thank Merlin - have never experienced this kind of loss or heartbreak and so I was sceptical about getting Dom's mindset right, especially as she found the body.

HOT IRISH MAN, I'd think it was obvious how you're meant to feel about it!

Thanks for reviewing! I'm so grateful!

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Review #27, by TenthWeasley Thirty-two.

2nd September 2012:
I've got lots of excuses for why I haven't been by to review this chapter yet, but they're all rather poor. In any case, though, this should mark your 300th review on this story (unless some nasty lurker gets there first), and I can't tell you how excited I am that I get to leave it!

I don't know what it was about this chapter, but it absolutely flew by -- I think that it was one of your best yet! I love each new chapter, feeling more and more wrapped up in this mystery, and I can sort of hardly believe I won't be reading it for that much longer. Four more chapters!! I have no idea what you've got in store for us, or for Dominique and Lysander. Or Scorpius, or Rose, or even Noah... I feel like I know your characters so well now. It's going to be immensely hard to let them go.

I totally get where Dom's coming from, by the way -- I stress-clean like nobody's business. I love that she can still rely on Scorpius, though, even when she feels like she's got no one. I somehow feel as though there's been a thin veneer of ice on Dom, ever since she killed Copperfield (and Featherby, I suppose), and now it's slowly cracking.

And, unfortunately, it's cracking just in time for her to find out that Lysander's slated to die. And this is as good a point as any to throw in a big HOLY COW, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LET HIM DIE. I ship Dom/Lysander now; it's a thing. And even though he's with Molly at the moment, he still shouldn't die, because then how would I have hope?! I'm on tenterhooks, Hattie. I have no idea where you're leading us.

Oh, I love this story. And again, I'm truly, truly sorry for taking as long as I did to read your update; rest assured, it was absolutely fabulous. ♥ You are such a talented writer!!



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Review #28, by Gobsmacked Thirty-two.

18th August 2012:
Woah. Did not see that coming...aksdfjklas;fkl.
Amazing writing as always! :) Glad to know that you're still writing!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #29, by kate bailey Thirty-two.

14th August 2012:
hi you know you said theres only four chapters left when will these be out I NEED to know what is going to happen!

Author's Response: Ah ha ha! Some of your questions won't even be answered in those four chapters!

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Review #30, by LittleWelshGirl99 At a Loss

6th August 2012:
Oh, my gosh! I don't think I've read such a drama-filled first chapter in...well, ever! It was so intense and emotional and packed this massive punch that made me go WHOA. This is amazing.

I'm so surprised that I haven't read this before! I definitely remember seeing it floating around and mentioned on the forums and stuff. Your writing is so flawless- everything flowed smoothly and it was just completely gripping. It definitely leaves me wanting to know more! There was this massive air of mystery and suspense running through this chapter, too, and I'm completely mind-boggled as to how you managed to do it.

I sense a lot of interesting developments will be happening with Lysander...I wonder why DOm seems to find him so infuriating? I like ODm's character as well- the sort of fiery, violent type. Wow, I feel her pain so much in this. It must be awful for her.

As I was reading, I remember thinking that this was a nice sort of 'taster' chapter, giving us a flavour of the story but without overloading us with information and characters. It was sort of prologue-y...but not really. Hmm, that doesn't really make sense, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean :P

Wonderful. Really wonderful.

Author's Response: Intense, yes. I hate writing first chapters - you have to get the balance right between backstory and introduction of characters and everything. It is stressful. I’m glad you think it worked, though.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, really. It makes me feel so much better about my writing, and about finally finishing the story - which has been going for 32 chapters and for about three years. I love getting reviews like these, especially in the earlier chapters - you really have no clue what is going to happen or what the characters will do.


Dom’s always portrayed as the sassy sister, so I wanted to change that. She’s still confident - but she’s massively stubborn and cynical and aggressive. I hope that got passed on to the readers.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review and for reading!

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Review #31, by BoOkWoRm24 At a Loss

3rd August 2012:
Wow this was intense. My heart is breaking for poor Dom, and Lorcan. I can tell that he was really loved by everyone.

This was a really well done chapter though. I thought it was excellent how you put it together. You gave me just enough information to sort of understand what was going on, but then you left me with a lot of questions. It was really a great set up for a story. I want to know who killed Lorcan.

Then you adde the stuff about Lysander and I can sort of tell where you're going with this story, but at the same time its definitely not the type of story that you just sort of know what's going to happen because its so cliche. No, this is very orginal.

I liked how you incorperated a lot of the Next Gen characters without making things seem crowded. You stuck in Albus in there, and Scorpius and Rose (by the by I love that they're just together, and that they seem to genuinely like/love each other), but most of everyone was just mentioned in passing, and you didn't talk about everyone. You mentioned them as they came up.

I did see one typo, when Dom is talking to Lysander she says : "I though you wouldnt remember" thought should have t on the end.

Other than that one little thing I thougt this was excellent. so keep up the good work, and I hope to see you around the BvB battle again sometime :)


Author's Response: You are too kind, really. I'm attempting to clear my unanswered reviews (I was on 76, now on 33) and it's so nice to go back and have a gander at all your kind words. I'm so grateful.

It's difficult to balance first chapters I think - you need a good balance of backstory, current action, character introduction etc., maybe even flashbacks. It's 100% more difficult with a murder mystery, because there's clues as well. So much stuff to consider. So thank you so much for your comments.

I love NextGen! There's so many characters you can exploit, pick and choose, kind of thing, but I'm glad you didn't think it was crowded. More people will be introduced in future chapters, you don't have to do it all at once :)

Thanks for noticing the typo! Will check it out! And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by Gobsmacked Thirty-one.

1st August 2012:
This should seriously be a book. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Aaw, thank you so much! I'm on the next chapter!

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Review #33, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Thirty-one.

14th July 2012:
I would like to throw rotten tomatoes and yell at you for doing this...
Bt it was such a good chapter, and I can't.
So, of Noah and Lysander being civil, I still don't like Noah. He's pompous, he's obnoxious and he really doesn't understand people. He doesn't understand Rose, or Scorpius, or Rose + Scorpius, or Dominique at all. But he pretends like he does and bulldozes his way through social interactions with looks and status and manners. I find it hard to think of him as someone with a personality at all.
So, to think that dynamic, adventurous, beautiful Lysander could even PRETEND to get along with him is a bit sickening.

Next, about Lysander and Scorpius. Poor Scorpius is really getting the shaft. Girl of his dreams married to Smirky McJerpants? check
Friends abandoning him/ murdering people? Check.
Messed up family life? Check.
Please, please, cut poor Scorp a break. Lysander talking about his cowardice, belittling his relationship with Rose is the last straw.
Lysander, generally being a bit of a git. I have millions of theories, but the main idea is that this CAN'T be what Lysander actually feels. Because I love him to much to admit that in this chapter he sucks. Big time. Because he does, i just hope there's an explanation.
Finally, Dominique really needs to let up on the angst a bit. Yes, everything is going to the dogs. Yes, her life is crumbling to pieces, but quite a bit of that is her own fault. So what i'd love is to see her get out and try to DO something about it! The few times she's really been assertive it is a misinformed and misguided attempt (as in approaching Rose about manipulating Scorp i the last chapter).
Lysander and Dom just has to happen. Otherwise, i don't know what i'll do.

Brilliant, lovely, beautiful chapter.

Author's Response: Oh, rotten tomatoes... why? Why would that be fun? Glad you think it was a good enough chapter to save me that punishment! :P

Noah's a git, pretty much. He /is/ pompous, he /is/ obnoxious and he /doesn't/ understand people. You've got it exactly right. Really. That's the best description of him I've heard - a social bulldozer. He believes his opinions are right and so oppresses you with him, and he definitely doesn't understand Rose or anyone, especially not Dom. I loved writing the scene with him and Lysander... mainly because they haven't interacted yet, and because Dom hates them for different reasons. She kinda/sorta/ish/maybe despises both of them.

And yeah, Scorpius has got it pretty hard. At the moment, no one really likes him apart from Dom, and she's a bit too caught up in her own thoughts and actions to worry about what is going on with him. He's a bit lonely atm, although he is happy that Lysander's back... well, you saw how that relationship is working out.


Yeah, she needs to sort her life out, shame that's not going to happen soon.


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Review #34, by Pennny Thirty-one.

25th June 2012:
You are such an amazing author :) I am waiting the next chapter eagerly, i'm such a fan of this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #35, by lia_2390 Thirty-one.

21st June 2012:
Oh, Hattie. *sigh*

I loved this chapter so much, I can't even tell you. But it's the sort of sobering kind of love because it had so many aspects to comment on, things that I cannot leave alone.

First of all, I blame Dominique for some of this. Why? Because she should've told him how she felt when he returned, or at least responded to one of his letters! Now he's with freakin' Molly? What? But I understand why he is, like Dom realised, he's trying really hard to get over her. And that line broke my heart:

I'll try, I promise, I'll try and change how I feel towards you, so that it's less painful for you. I want you to be happy.

To me it carries the same kind of feelings when Scorpius told Dom to kill him or kill me, he can't live without her.

Second! In the beginning when Dom said that no one knew about her hiding place, then Lysander walks in with Noah, and starts acting all git-like made me smile. Irony is a witch, isn't she? Honestly, I think he's playing a double role here - as if he's trying to appease two parties. Well, that and he might have said it on purpose because he knew she was there, and is still miffed at her. But back to the double-role thing: Noah obviously is deeper into this than I first thought, and Lysander is as mysterious(ly hot) as usual. You keep revealing a few pieces of the puzzle for us to put together, but so far I'm not quite sure where to stick Noah as yet, but Atticus Deoble does pop up in there somewhere. I'm impressed though, with five more chapters to go you still have me guessing.

And third! Get rid of Molly Weasley (mind you, I sort a ship Molly/Lysander, but not in this story!). It sounds like the happy-go-lucky sort of thing, instead of the bitter, tragic love story that is Lysander and Dominique. Granted, we couldn't expect him to come back home with arms wide open. She, of all people, was convinced that he killed off her boyfriend. I'm not so sure he's forgiven her either. But the end, oh my, I sort of hoped that she would've kissed him. I really did, but she just burned the letter. Not that it will change anything though. She's burning with jealousy, and his feelings are all love-hate. Hee, I could soo see where this will end. Scorpius and Rose probably won't be the only ones making frequent visits to the basement of a very, very old house. (Yes, I do think this is a possibility, Noah has a right to be insecure.)


Author's Response: HI Lia! You are too kind, really. I'm attempting to clear my unanswered reviews (I was on 76, now on 34) and it's so nice to go back and have a gander at all your kind words. I'm so grateful.

SHIPPING WARS, WHO WANTS THEM? He tries hard, yes, but Dom is 100% not worth it. He's too good for her, she's the worst and a murderer and everything!

YES TWO PARTIES! But what parties? This conversation and Eva and the Ravenclaws is explored in the sequel, coming probably never.

SHE DOESN'T DESERVE HIM! I love her as a character, but she is a complete idiot. She definitely thinks she's tougher than she is and she proves that she will do anything to prove she's 'not like those other girls', and does literally the worst thing ever to prove she's hardcore. After Copperfield, she begins to regret that, obv, but still blames Lysander.

Thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it!

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Thirty-one.

20th June 2012:
HOLY CANNOLI!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO THIS. Seriously, I'd like to kill off Dom. She's such a...argh. I shook my laptop with my hands rather violently because she just frustrates me. IT'S SO SICK. I just never realized it before. It would be so sick if they got together because first she was with his brother and then she's going to go to another brother?

Good thing they weren't triplets, right? LORD.

Author's Response: HOLY PASTRY DESSERT! That's what you said to it. AAAH YES, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I MUST JUST DO THAT. I MIGHT JUST KILL HER OFF SO SHE STOPS BEING /SO ANNOYING/. SHE IS SO FRUSTRATING. Which is totally, like, her character development and everything, because you know, she's got /flaws/ and stuff. (Attempting to justify her cray).


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Review #37, by TenthWeasley Thirty-one.

20th June 2012:

If Lysander and Dom don't just shove all their arguments to the side and profess their love for each other in the very next chapter (Molly who?), I am going to explode.

This chapter, Hattie -- one of your absolute best. I couldn't even believe it when I'd reached the end, because it just didn't feel like I'd read nearly as much as I had. The emotions were basically electrically charged throughout this entire thing, and then she confronted him. LYSANDER IT IS SO OBVIOUS YOU ARE NOT OVER DOM, PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID.

It was unbearably, heartwrenchingly sweet that she could quote his letters. Oh my goodness, my poor shipper heart in this moment. I am so sorry this isn't a more coherent review but he stroked her arm and I am dead with the weight of these FEELINGS. And Noah! And Eva! And the Ravenclaws! Why are you so tantalizing with these hints? Very rude. I want to know what happens!!

This review was such a sloppy mess, and I basically just adore you and you should have seen how I reacted when I saw you'd posted a new chapter. Okay. I'm done. I swear. GAH THIS STORY, IT IS LOVE. ♥

Author's Response: AAAW! SAD JANECHEL MUSH IS SAD! *Picks you up*

Now, really, Janchel. Dom's probably closer to killing Lysander than actually professing her love for him/bearing his children/running away to Ireland. So yes, you are probably going to explode... although there are more exciting things heading your way in the next couple of chapters (like the ending! Woo! Waaa! Etc).

Eee, Jonochol. You're so nice to me. But yeah, I have real problems dealing with sexual tension - this is hardly etc. etc standard, because I try so hard to deal with cliches and perfectly timed lines that I sometimes just give up and slot them in fo lolz. Yeah... I wanted there to be a change: from the readers thinking that Lysander got with Molly because he wanted to make Dom jealous (which he did) towards thinking that Lysander got with her because he thought it would be better for Dom if he wasn't stalking her/loving her from afar, whatever. And yes, your caps are probably right.

Well, Dom hasn't had much else to do recently apart from read his letters - apart from, obviously, the one that changed it all and was probably the most crucial one. YES HE STROKED HER ARM. I was a bit 'meh' about that bit, whether it would satisfy some sexual tension shindig or not. It's hardly a steamy make-out sesh.


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Review #38, by Gobsmacked Thirty-one.

19th June 2012:
AH! I feel like i have to choose one of them to root for but it's so hard! Both of them have a reason to act the way they do...Lysander deserves to make Dom mad, jealous, hurt, pissed-off...Dom deserves to make Lysander suffer but i think she's already done that so IDK. So hard! Love this story it's so well-written! Tell me when you write a book or something i'll be the first to buy it ;)
And how many more chapters are you planning??

Author's Response: ALL OF THEM ARE MAD AND THEY ARE ALL KILLING EACH OTHER! YOU'RE RIGHT! But seriously, you are right. I made it difficult to root for Dom because she's being so damn cray at the minute, what with the killing and everything... but Lysander is being a bit of a git so we'll have to see where that one goes!

THANKS FOR READING AND REVIEWING! SO CLOSE TO FINISHING! There's about 5 more, after this one. It depends on whether I can think of filler scenes before the big denouement :D

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Review #39, by DearbornLover Thirty-one.

19th June 2012:
klafdljkaljljfjfjewjfeej3pu92u939u OMG 100101010/10, finally the long awaited confrontation!!! Your the bomb =D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! Worried that people would have different reactions to it... :D

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Review #40, by yippee Thirty-one.

19th June 2012:
This chapter was so intense. This entire story is actually quite intense and I love it. It's one of the most well written stories I have ever read on this site, and one of my all time favorites :) I love the dynamic between all the characters and the fact that you aren't afraid of adding more characters in!! The Molly/Lysander twist was so shocking and I just can't wait for more!

Author's Response: YES! INTENSE! BODY COUNT! RAIN! A few of my favourites (my stories always seem to include them). Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, they make me blush... and yes, Mollysander. We'll see how long they last. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #41, by Sk00t2 Thirty-one.

19th June 2012:
AH!!! I love you :) This chapter was amazing, and I'm so thankful for the quick update!!! Can you pleasse update asap :D Thanks for the little chapter inserts, I went back and re-reaad the ones because everything just clicked. And I also loved this chapter, probably my favorite out of all of them!!! Finally the confrontation and they talked and it was AMAHHZZINGGG :) I'm eagerly awaiting this next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was a little proud of myself with regards to the update time... clearly I am revising hard for my exams. I've already written 250 words of the next chapter, so that should be up soon. :) I thought they would come in useful, I can get a little lost sometimes. THANKS FOR READING AND REVIEWING AND EVERYTHING! :D

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Review #42, by fizzingwizzbies Thirty.

19th June 2012:
Ok just found this story and wow it's intense! Aha I love the Rose/Scorpious element as well - hope they get together? Ah Dom has got crazier and more insane as the story goes on, but I'm glad she's not all hating on Lysander now so they can make up and have cute babies. I am kinda suspicious of Molly because of the perfume and hand wringingy thing. Is she Lorcans killer? Oh and she could be the other Weasley? Scary stuff, i could be wrong though! Ah this story is so exciting :D

Author's Response: Hello! Rose/Scorpius is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, so obviously they had to make an appearance. Who knows whether they'll get together? I don't think I do... yet. Who knows what could happen in the next five chapters? Dom might get even crazier and kill everyone. Ohhh... you're clever, that's a good theory, but I can confirm that Anthony Featherby DID kill Lorcan... or did he? ONLY I KNOW! THANKS FOR READING AND REVIEWING! :D

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Review #43, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Thirty.

8th June 2012:
What! Woah -- first off, seriously Dom needs to think before she acts because accusing Rose of using Scorpius for a book is ridiculous. Even Rose wouldn't stoop that low. She deserved what Lysander said to her.

But what! I knew it was a girl that Louis was trying to say but I didn't know who. It would be pretty screwed up if Dom realizes her feelings for him now and breaks up Molly and Lysander but then again Dom is...well...a bit of a 'risk' to put it nicely. So insane. I don't even know where you're going to go next for the final five chapters. Dom is destined to be alone forever.

Author's Response: Dom is full on crazy now. She's legit mental. Is it because of what she's been through, with the whole murdering everyone shenanigan, or is it because of those little pills she keeps popping? Who knows, who knows.

Me. lol

Dom is destined to be alone forever because she will kill everyone. What.

Yeah, that's the ending. It's a big twist where you find out SHE actually killed Lorcan and then ALL the people ever!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing, you're awesome.

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Review #44, by dracoisadaddysboy Thirty.

7th June 2012:
I don't think I've ever written a review for any of the many fictions I've read here, but yours certainly deserves it. Really, congratulations, it is incredibly well written and I just can't wait to finish reading it. xxx ps. don't take too long to update, alright ? or you'll kill me from anxiety ;)

Author's Response: You've never written a review? I'm your first reviewee? Aaww, that means so much to me... thank you for taking the time to review my story. You're awesome.

And the next chapter is in the queue! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #45, by TenthWeasley Thirty.

7th June 2012:
Holy cow. Oh my gosh. Hang on -- I'm literally going to set my phone down for a few seconds. I need to recuperate.

Whew. Okay. I'm back! And that probably seems a bit silly, doesn't it? But long days at a computer screen at work, paired with the late hour and the copious amount I've written for NaNo in the past six days -- I think my brain's a bit addled. And by the time I got to the end of this chapter my stomach was in knots and my eyes were all prickly with tears, and I just felt so, so bad for Dominique. She kind of deserves it, but I so want her and Lysander to live happily ever after.

I think this chapter is one of my favorites! I've read a lot of this story over -- gosh, is it nine months now? (Oh, Hattie, I am so forever sorry it took me this long to read this. I'd no idea it would stretch on into June!) But anyway. This chapter. ♥ I love the busy, bustling Weasley family atmosphere, and, simultaneously, how apart Dom is from it. Preferring to spend her time with assassins -- yikes. That says something about her!

More than anything in the world right now, I don't want Lysander to end up with Molly. And I'm getting all sad and anxious just thinking about it again. :( Please, please tell me there's something happy in store for Dom and Lysander, because now I have to wait for updates and I seriously don't know what I'm going to do!

Hattie. I'm CAUGHT UP! :D Oh my word, I never, ever thought this would happen! I'll be watching and waiting eagerly for your next chapter, dear. And I have absolutely no qualms that it will be brilliant! ♥

Author's Response: Really? Recuperation? Eee, Janechel. You're so sweet. All Lysander did was come home with a new girlfriend and make Dom all jealous and cray.

You always apologise for taking so long to read this story, but you really don't have to. Your reviews are so awesome, and I think it was you slowly and surely reviewing every chapter that made me determined to finally finish this story (which has taken me thousands and thousands of years to write) and to actually make it good and not horribly cliche and angsty (although you can't really avoid it when you're writing about a girl who kills everyone who touches her).

*Mushy mush mush sentimentality* Seriously, thank you.

It's strange, because some people really dislike Dominique - they find her frustrating and confusing and she makes the wrong all the decisions. She does. She is. I wanted them to react like that to her, because she is /obviously/ making all the wrong decisions. But on the other hand, you've got people who feel sympathy for her - another intention, because technically she wouldn't had made those decisions if the world around her changed so dramatically.

*Character analysis... whaaa?*


A nuclear bomb lands on the UK and everyone turns into a zombie, but Dom survives and carries Samurai swords and kills ALL the things!!!

But yeah! You've caught up! This is so exciting! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR WONDERFUL REVIEWS! ♥

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Review #46, by TenthWeasley Twenty-nine.

6th June 2012:

The whole time Dom and her family (and, well, the others too, although it was mostly Weasleys) were in the interrogation room, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat because I so wanted him and Dom to speak again. That really must be awful, though, when I think about it -- the immense amount of pressure that boy must be under. One slip, one mistake, and he's in Azkaban for life, except for Featherby, I suppose.

And -- really quickly -- I love that brief glimpse of Luna that we got here. It's easy to forget that the Scamander boys are her boys, but I think you got her character marvelously, in only a sentence or two. That speaks to your writing skills, though, and none of us are surprised about those! :)

AND THEN HE STARTED TO WALK AWAY AT THE END AND MY HEART. IT SHATTERED. I really don't think you understand how hard I ship Dom/Lysander (hee, poor Lorcan!) because I myself didn't really realize it until he was back. And here I was whining about it all those chapters, and I literally felt nervous and tense at what their meeting would be like at the end. That hug. Oh, Dom, you have to make things right with him!

That does it. I've got to move onto the next chapter NOW. That was a cruel place to leave off! Fabulous, fabulous job, as always, and I just love this story! ♥


Well, I figured that the entire Weasley family would work at the Auror office, and even if they didn't, they'd probably want to be there to cheer Lysander on. I tried to hard to create some sort of /tension/, but I found it really difficult. I wanted the pressure be construed to the reader, and the claustrophobia and all the cray conflicting feelings that Dom was having. It was really difficult - plus it's the first time you've seen Lysander in... twenty-one (I don't know fo sho, it's got so long) chapters.

Yes! Luna! I love Luna so I try to sneak her in at every chance I get. She's such an upbeat character in the books, and I wanted her to be pretty much the only one (apart from maybe Lysander, but he doesn't really count) who saw the positives about the situation - Lorcan going to a better place, etc etc. She's great to write and I wish I could put of her in... the last time you saw here was probably the funeral back in... chapter FIVE! SO LONG AGO!!!

YES! I KNOW! But you've got to remember that /Dom accused him of killing his brother/. Even if you love someone the way Lysander loves Dom (or does he? Hmm...), there's some things you can't really forgive. They were never going to rush back into each others arms without some hesitancy and angst and rain and a body count (come on, Janechel, what sort of operation do you think I am running here?)


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Review #47, by TenthWeasley Twenty-eight.

5th June 2012:
HATTIE. I have taken forever, forever, forever to get back here, and I am so sorry about that. Somehow, what with school ending and summer starting, fic reading has fallen by the wayside. And when I realized it had been about three weeks since I'd promised you I'd review these -- and you'd updated AGAIN! -- I hustled over here quickly and read this chapter straight through. And I really am going to catch up soon!

I love how different you've made Victoire and Dominique, because it's so much more believable that they're sisters that way. Somehow one always gets cloned into the other in the fic I've read, which is frustrating, but here you've just done them immense justice. The entire Weasley family, really, as large as that is -- they all have such distinct personalities, so job well done there!

I should not have read this chapter while waiting to take my lunch break. ;) My stomach is making the most inhuman noises right now, but that's beside the point. I loved this luncheon-party scene! Jane puttering around, trying to soothe ruffled feathers, was just awesome. And, of course, everyone's need to flee the room when things got awkward between Vic and Dom. Class! Oh, I just love this story. How you've managed to inject mystery and drama and humor and romance, all into one story... that is just brilliant.

Something tells me Dominique is going to be attending a certain dinner with a certain Scamander. You won't make her miss out on that, will you? She has to see him to tell him what a mistake she's made, so they can kiss and make up and live happily forever after! (Which will happen. ♥)

This story. I am beyond happy to be reading it again. :3 And you're nearly at 300 reviews -- that's incredible! Unsurprising, of course, but incredible all the same. ♥ Cannot wait to read more! Fab work!

Author's Response: JONOCHOL. I really, really don't mind. Your reviews are pretty awesome so I would wait ALL the time for you... cheesy cheese cheese. You really don't need to apologise or make excuses when I take about 6 months to respond to your wonderful reviews. And yes, I've been a bit of an updating machine... it's cray, man. I just really want to finish this story and get it out of the way... and I want you all to know all the things I know!

Their relationship is kinda based on my own relationship with my sister. Ma sis is really clever, nice, pretty whatever... people love her, whereas I'm just a bit sarcastic and angry all the time! (Woo!) So yeah, that's why they are like that. Plus, like you said, it's just more believable. And I reckon that Dom was a bit more like Victoire before Lorcan died... but that all changed.

Aaw, Rachel! You should eat your lunch /while/ you read, much simpler. Unless you're reading etc or something, then it's like burnt or reheated with the steaminess. I love writing little awkward characters like Jane, mainly so I can show a little more of Dom's cynicism, but also to fill in little awkward breaks and sometimes to stop everything becoming ridiculously dramatic and cliche. Aaah, your comments! You! Oh Janechel, stop it.

Yes! She will! Ha! Ha! But no, I don't think that will happen. None of that fluffy nonsense. More rain! Moar bodies! A higher body count! Scorpius! That's the way I will do things. No one will be happy! But yes, they /will/ see each other, and whether anything exciting will happen... well, you'll just have to find out!


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Review #48, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Thirty.

4th June 2012:
Oh wow. Molly with Lysander? I did not see that coming. I guess Dom is too bitter, but it would be so lovely if they ended up together.


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Review #49, by ssb Thirty.

3rd June 2012:
Great chapter, I can't believe you left it here though :( Please update soon, I love your story!

Author's Response: Next chapter is in the queue! Thanks for reading!

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Review #50, by potter_nerd Four.

2nd June 2012:
Ouch. Feeling bad for Scorpius. The poor girl obviously loves him, she should just hurry up and realize it already.
About Lysander/Dom- not much to say, Lysander hardly spoke. So.. moving on to the next.
Good work.

Author's Response: Oh Scorpius... the thing is she doesn't actually love him. She loves her fiancee, so it is much worse for Scorpius.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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