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Review #26, by diana Revelations

1st December 2013:
please tell me that you are going to finish this story!!!

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Review #27, by Lydia Revelations

21st November 2013:
Patiently waiting for the next chapter.Hoping that you wont abadone the story like other writers do and actually finish it!

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Review #28, by jessica Revelations

10th November 2013:
I hope you havent forgoten this story..its so good!

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Review #29, by rose Revelations

1st November 2013:
should we expect an update some time before christmas ???

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Review #30, by tiberiusirius Revelations

20th October 2013:
Great story. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Hope you're sitting at your computer right now and writing! :)

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Review #31, by hanna Revelations

10th October 2013:
please tell me that you will update soon.? this story is incredible.

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Review #32, by penny Revelations

6th October 2013:
Cant wait for the new chapter.
Hope it won't take long enough.
one question though: apart from Roxanne,Teddy,Scorpius,the professor and (Albus?) is anyone else noticing that sth is going on with Luke and Lily ?

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Review #33, by lisa Revelations

3rd October 2013:
Liy and Luke are hiding their relationship more than they should..i get that Lily is just 15 and this is her 1rst boyfriend so she doesnt know how to react but Luke is 17,18 ? He should be the mature one.lets not forget that he is dating his best mates sister.Lying about it for a short period for time is ok but its been i see why you say James will not take it well..anyway i love Lily Luke and all the characters..this is an amazing story and you are an amazing writer..please finish this story even if you dont write as many chapters as you would like..

P.S Congratulations for your graduation!!

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Review #34, by Rainbows Revelations

23rd September 2013:
I am so, so glad that you wrote another chapter. This is my favourite story on hpff and I'd thought that you'd abandoned it!
Anyway, I'm glad that Lily told Luke how she felt as it shows that their relationship is getting serious and that they're together because they actually like each other.
I'm looking forward to seeing how James will react when he finds out about their relationship, especially as they have the code and as James and Luke are best friends.
I hope you update soon, but as I love every single chapter of this story I don't mind if you take another year to update because I know I'll thoroughly enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #35, by miranda Revelations

20th September 2013:
Finally an update...Lily and Luke are adorable and i like they talk about other things too instead of making out all over the castle..seriously i think the only place they havent snogged is McGonagall's office (that would be interesting).Where is James i missed him.pls update soon?

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Review #36, by LilyMilly Revelations

18th September 2013:
Finaly !!!
this was so good and i can't wait to read the next one !! hope it will come around soon !!! :D

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Review #37, by melrose Revelations

18th September 2013:
When is the drama going to start? (and by that i mean James finding out). Hogwarts will be turned upside down!

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Review #38, by behati Revelations

13th September 2013:
so glad you updated...
this story is really interesting.
I love how you make the characters interact with each other! Is there going to be a chapter from James,Albus,Damon,Fred or somebody else's pov ? I would like to learn more about them! pls update soon

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Review #39, by chanel Revelations

12th September 2013:
Cant waitfor the next chapter..hopefully we'll have some maraunder action..great story

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Review #40, by samantha Revelations

10th September 2013:
When will Luke and Lily go public ? Playing hide and seek might be fun but i think it would be a lot more ineresting if everyone new about them..unless they dont want to date in public..

P.S I see you are gratuating from your Uni..congrats :))

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Review #41, by candice Revelations

9th September 2013:
Scorpius ir really nice for trying to help Lily.I really hope that Rose will give him a chance in the future.He is right though,Lily should tell Albus and then James about her relationship.What;s the point of keeping it a secret?

P.S when is James going to find another girl ? i'm still annoyed at what that girl from Ravenclaw did to him..he deserves better!

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Review #42, by vivian Revelations

8th September 2013:
Lily and Luke are hiding pretty well in my opinion..though i dont know if this is a good or a bad thing..probably a bad one! are you going to update soon?

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Review #43, by aphrodite Revelations

7th September 2013:
James is going to be pissed when he finds about Lily abd Luke..These are walking a very thin line keeping their relationship a secret..

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Review #44, by paige Revelations

7th September 2013:
i love this story so much..please update soon:)

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Review #45, by skylar Revelations

6th September 2013:
This is the best hpff sory ever..i love that your characters are not overdramatic, that makes your story more real..Usually in next generaions stories there is so much drama and its just ridiculous..Now in how many chapters is James going to find out about Luke and Lily ? Will someone else (James friends/Albus?) find out about them sooner ?

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Review #46, by lisa Revelations

4th September 2013:
I don't understand how the marauders and especially James haven't realised anything about Luke and Lily . I mean they have the marauders map in their hands.. imagine their faces if they see that lol

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Review #47, by antonella Revelations

4th September 2013:
Luke and Lily are so perfect.. however both should consider telling James together and soon..I feel like if James finds about them from someone else or even worse if he catches them in action things will be very bad...

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Review #48, by emily Revelations

1st September 2013:
Just started reading this story and I am already addicted to it...probably the best ff I have ever read..your title "bedposts and broomsticks" is really nteresting..well done

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Review #49, by WottersAreHotter Revelations

30th August 2013:
Are you going to be updating before August ends? And by that I mean in like a day :p

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Review #50, by elena Revelations

29th August 2013:
Honestly Lily should consider telling Albus about her and Luke...Al is more sensible than James and can help Lily with finding a way to tell James.I am sure James won't take well and Fred might influence him against Luke --we all know how protective is Fred of Roxy--But i really dont want the marauders friendship to break..i hope Damon and maybe Louis as a Ravenclaw to understand Luke and his reasons for not telling James about Lily and not turn their back to him!!!

P.S i really dont know why James will react badly..Ginny was Rons sister but he approved of Harry dating her and didnt do anything to stop their relationship! Ron should have a chat with dear James!

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