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Review #26, by WitnesstoitAll Ask

29th July 2010:

I really enjoyed this chapter. I thought that Lisa was adorable. I'm completely shipping Nott/Turpin. :D This is a rambly, squee-y review, but I just wanted to let you know that it was golden to see the five girls together. It was like the first inklings at the lonely hearts club.

Lots of luff,

Author's Response: Melissa! I'm so glad you liked her, she's a darling, just very shy. Nott/Turpin? Now THERE is a ship I never thought of...

It's a lovely review, and it's very relieving to hear that the girls being together worked - five of them is actually quite a lot to balance. Not sure atm if they will officially call themselves a club, but they are going to get much closer very soon.

Thanks for everything my dear, you really are such a support!

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Review #27, by Jellyman Ask

29th July 2010:
I am convinced that Daphne is Jack's idea of an ideal woman :P Crazy, impulsive and pretty! Haha, I have much love for her :)

Brilliant chapter my love, I love how all the other girls pretty much move in and out of Padma's life. It works really well - and might I say, you're pulling it off brilliantly!

Great chapter, am looking forward to more!

Author's Response: It's actually a bit scary - I don't know how it happened, but either I've spent FAR too much time on tgs or reading Jack's work, or both, but she really did somehow become a bit/lot Dom from MM/Jack's ideal.

Thankyou SO much my dear, I'm still insecure about my fluffy ability so that's very reassuring! Padma is really the main character, and the needed link between all the interconnecting stories. HOPEFULLY things will still work when everyone else's stories get more complicated :)

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Review #28, by Schnatz Ask

28th July 2010:
Hey, I'm so sorry I didn't write earlier. I was just so busy with the exams at the university. But now I've got Semesterferien which means actually a lot of sparetime ... which means again that I've got a lot of time to read here ;-)

I was very happy that there were two new chapters from you (one here by the lonely hearts club and one by white houses). And this chapter was as usual a great one. I like Lisa ... oh, she's such a cute girl. I just wanted to hug her! *squeak* I'm so excited how she will come together with Oliver. I hope that she will get rid of her extreme shyness. Indeed it's sweet but it's also a little obstructive for her, isn't it? Oh, and what about her brother? I want to know something more about him. Does he play a huge role in the story, too? Jasper, oh how I love this name *squeak again* :P

Hmm, Theo was collecting some negative points for my assesment-list in this chapter ... but the strange thing is I like him nevertheless - I like him a lot yet.

Now I wanted to know what horrible things Astoria did. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.

Love, Schnatz

P.S.: I love minor characters, too. It's awesome and a lot of fun to write about them ... and it's also so great to read about them because we sadly know so less about them.

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Review #29, by peppersweet An Ocean Apart

28th July 2010:
I saw the words 'Theodore Nott' in your summary and got FAR too excited for this. Then I saw 'Lisa Turpin' and was a bit like 'Ker-chinggg! More minor characters!'

And I was excited for good reason. This is wonderfully quirky and fun already, and the descriptions are top notch. Much love for the minor characters!

I'd love to say something deeply poignant and thought-provoking about this chapter, but my extravagantly deep wit and intellect (hah!) fails me. I just really quite like it (:

Author's Response: Theodore Nott *cue swoon*

before I say anything else, can I suggest googling Theodore Nott and Elsha? You may have read them already, but her Theo stories are pretty much the greatest ever.

But yes, back on topic, I LOVE minor characters, and am really rather impressed you even knew Lisa! Quirky is good/unavoidable, and fun a bonus!

I'm really rather flattered you liked it, I would have been happy with that last line! Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #30, by Lovegood Ask

28th July 2010:
Brilliant chapter! Absolutely loved it :) And we finally met Lisa Turpin! What Padma did was really nice :D

Author's Response: You really are MUCH too kind, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Lisa really is going to play a big role from here on, and Padma, despite her bossy meddling ways really means well.

Thanks for the review! I really do appreciate you taking the time!

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Review #31, by MarieBlack Ask

28th July 2010:
This story is absolutely lovely.
It's just so. GAH. Amazing.
I've never read anything like it.
The story flows and fits how I think the wizarding world would be years after the war. I've never ever read something so different and good at the same time. (:
I'm so excited for more to come!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, this review is just unbelievably gorgeous! It is a bit different - there aren't that many post school fics not centred on the Trio, but I can assure you there are others out there much better - read anything by Eridanus, SnitchSnatcher or Inti, just to name a few.

I'll admit I haven't put loads of thought into how the world would be post war, but definitely how people are/would be after school.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, and I can promise much more - of all my many wips, this is the easiest and most fun to write! Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #32, by butterbeergal Ask

27th July 2010:
Lisa Turpin. My oh my, this girl intrigues me. I've got a feeling great things are in store for this girl (on her own and in relation to the other lovely ladies), so I'm looking forward to reading more about her. She's so adorable, Jo! I love her already.

The girls are FANTASTIC, as always. Daphne really is something, and I'm loving her even more!

I wouldn't say this wasn't as fun-filled because men talking about Quidditch in such a professional tone is so smexy! I adore Oliver Wood, I wish I could have him and squish him and marry him. And THEO. *faints* I'm snagging him if Susan doesn't want him back. :P

I really adored this chapter, Jo. Something about the way you wrote the characters, the dialogues made me fall in love with them all over again.

P.S. I completely blame you for my current Susan/Theo obsession. XD

Author's Response: Oh I definitely have plans for her, both in her own development and her relationships, but I'm so glad you liked her - I was hoping she'd be likable despite being all pathetic and shy.

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the Daphne love actually, but she is going to be more in the spotlight in the next few chapters with Astoria's announcement...

Oliver Wood! I've never him before, and to be honest I'm a bit worried as sporty men have never been my area of expertise - girly ones like Theo and clever ones like Roger I'm much more comfortable with, but we'll see how that shapes up!

SUSAN/THEO ftw! No apologies there, but many, many thanks for such a beautiful review. You are MUCH too kind and I really don't deserve such loveliness but will lap it up anyway!

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Review #33, by silver sprinkles Ask

27th July 2010:
was there really a lisa turpin in the books? because i certainly don't remember her, much like everyone else... :)

god, i just LOVE padma. i think she's my fave, although this lisa is kinda cute too. she's so no-nonsense and thinks she's in control of her own situation, but really she's not. just love her.

wonderful chapter! i'm really loving this story; it's so different than the usual '7th Year Humor-Romance' story that is popular and that i am guilty of writing as well. wonderful.

Author's Response: hi! Sorry for the delay in responses, I've been holiday and then I went back to uni this week and life is just.. mad. Nonetheless, I really appreciated your reviews and need to leave you some for your hilarious piece!

Lisa Turpin was sorted into Ravenclaw at Harry's Sorting and that was it. We NEVER heard about her ever again, and when I went looking for an obscure character, she fitted the bill perfectly.

Padma is SO much fun to write. She's a very exaggerated version of myself (Indian, dramatic, bossy), and it's fun to play with all these girl's images of themselves vs reality!

I admit, my longest wip is a 7th year romance, and I've read my fair share, but ff really does need stories that diverge a bit. I'm on the older end of the spectrum here, so it feels quite natural to write about post school, but it's also actually much easier because it's been less done.

Anyway, THANKYOu for your lovely reviews! Responses incoming :)

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Review #34, by RonsGirlFriday Ask

27th July 2010:
Oh how I love this story, let me count the ways...

Poor Lisa...literally, nobody remembers her. I'm interested to read more of her, though.

The idea of Hannah's stalking-Neville "hobby" is so hilarious and adorable. Neville/Hannah, I believe, has got to be the cutest ship on the planet.

The Ernest MacMillan Incident...hahaha. It speaks for itself, and it just made me laugh.

I really love all of these characters, and their separate but intersecting story lines. Such a great, entertaining read, it really brings life to these minor characters that are most often ignored.


Author's Response: Oh Melanie ♥
I'm sure I've said it a million times, but it means an extraordinary amount to hear that from you, since TMW was the first humor story that ever hooked me and never let me go!

I wasn't sure how realistic it was that even Padma didn't rememeber but her, but I wanted to play with how minor she is and reality is overrated!

I love, love Neville and have to agree - most adorable ship ever! Hannah's never been too confident, and now he's the Snakeslayer she's even more timid.. and yay, I was hoping that would get a smirk :)

Minor characters are so much fun, but I'm glad they manage to be readable! Thankyou si much for this lovely review my dear, it really made my day!

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Review #35, by Inti Ask

27th July 2010:
Daphne I love her so! Awful taste in men aside, I mean McLaggen, really? Although 'six inch heels' -dies-
ALSO ALSO ALSO 'the look on her face caused Padma's breath to catch. Daphne's eyes were chips of blue fire and her full lips set in a thin hard line.' -REALLY DIES-
She's definitely my favourite so far. Pretty sure you couldn't have written her more for me if you'd tried.

Still not convinced by Theo, no matter what you and the massed fangirls say. He's not particularly nice and isn't really charming or funny. I'll just call it one of those twisty angst redemption girl things and ignore it :P

Lisa is lovely in a naw you poor thing kind of way! Do love how Padma has taken her under her wing. Going to be all kinds of fun.

Love the little details you throw around, like: "Susan doesn't drink," Padma said flatly. "Not since the Ernest McMillan Incident in sixth year."
Poor Susan! Think that would turn most anyone off drinking.

Okay am being all rambly and stuff, in my defence it's really quite early and I should be skipping off to uni soon. So lastly, what you're doing really, really well is balancing all these characters in terms of story telling. Pulling the other girls in around Padma. Like with Lisa this chapter, where she's the other central figure with Daph and Susan on the sidelines. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I LOVED it and just a little bit squeeing that I got the dedication xD

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Review #36, by silver sprinkles Bad Poetry

23rd July 2010:
i absolutely LOVE your padma. exactly how i imagined she would turn out. and theo, aww. what a needy little sweetheart.

i liked this chapter even better than the last. the characters are so connected without being too connected. kinda like the movie valentine's day, even though that was a pretty bad movie so that's a poor comparison.

also: "It's not stalking, it's investigating!" too, too true.

looking forward to an update!

Author's Response: Yay! While I love the freedom minor characters allow, it's still tricky making them feel canon! Theo is a bit of a mess right now..I have this obsession with flawed characters, but I just like writing about people who aren't holding it together all the time!

This was meant to be part of the first chapter, so the first was probably a warm up xd. And I was thinking of Love Actually, basically the Brit better version of Valentine's Day when I wrote this, so not at all a bad comparison!

I'm nearly 99% positive that that's a facebook group a friend who knows me well invited me to! Thanks for the reviews, muchly appreciated!

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Review #37, by silver sprinkles An Ocean Apart

23rd July 2010:
i really enjoyed this! it wasn't rolling on the floor funny, but more of a quiet funny, if that makes sense. i really like that padma's in therapy and hannah's a stalker. and i found this line in particular quite hilarious:

"He's such a Slytherin. . every conversation is a mind game, every joke is about ritual suicide.. " haha!

i also liked all the clothing descriptions! they made wizarding robes seem kinda chic.

great start! and on to the next one.

Author's Response: My humour is definitely the snarky quiet type, so I completely understand and am only relieved people can actually recognise it for any sort of funny!

I'm a psych major, and I've spent a lot of time this year discussing unhealthy relationships, so both of those were things I wanted to write about :) Also, I love, love minor Slytherins and am incurably girly girl [/lifehistory]

I'm very glad you are liking the story - thankyou so much for taking the time not only to review, but leave me such helpful feedback! I do appreciate it ^_^

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Review #38, by Gypsy_Girl An Ocean Apart

21st July 2010:
Oh, I think I'm going to love this story - but to be honest I did read it because I thought that it was be set in Hogwarts. Oh well, I still love it :)

Author's Response: Actually there's nothing in the summary which tells you it isn't in Hogwarts.. I'm just a little bored of seventh year stories and I'm a bit older, so it felt natural to take them all out of school! I'm really glad you like it anyway, and thanks for reviewing! I hope the rest doesn't disappoint!

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Review #39, by Lovegood Bad Poetry

18th July 2010:
Brilliant, you have me truly intruiged :D I just love Padma and Hannah! Brillant :D

Author's Response: Thankyou! They are so much fun to write, and I have much more planned for them, but it's lovely to hear from readers :)

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Review #40, by propertyoftheHBP Bad Poetry

17th July 2010:
Hi again!

I absolutely loved Padma, I can just picture her holding her head high and stalking (no, not in the Abbott way) out of the cafe to Roger. I loved Daphne and Theodore as well. (Do I sense something coming up between them?) It's really quite cute how she's the only one who can get him out of wallowing and back to the world, and their relationship is adorable, which can be seen through the jabs.

Being the house-elf lover that I am, I have to say that the names "Pip" and "Poppet" are the cutest names ever, it just makes me go "Aww!"

And Hannah is, oh my. ;D I'm eagerly awaiting another chapter!

Author's Response: HI! Sorry for the late reply, I've been away + busy.

Padma is SO much fun to write. She's bossy and motherly and a drama queen to her fingernails. I'm toying with the idea of Theo/Daph but haven't committed to it just yet xd. They are best friends, and their relationship is a deep one, though expressed though hostility and bickering :)

I was running out of inspiration there, so it's a huge relief you actually liked that!

Next chapter is in the que!

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Review #41, by Jellyman Bad Poetry

7th July 2010:
Lovely! Again, your characters are great - I love Blaise as a heartbreaker for some reason. I hope we see more of him! You've got quite the connective thread running through each character's relationships, and you'll pulling it through wonderfully! Can't wait to see more :)

Author's Response: Georgia you lovely, you didn't need to review, but thankyou, it's absolutely amazing to hear from people who actually write humour that you liked it!

To be honest I just threw Blaise in randomly, but it really could be fun to bring him in more -attack of the plotbunnies-

I love, love stories where people are almost connected -vignettes like Love Actually, so I wanted to at least start off like that.

Thanks again for the gorgeous reviews! More is written, awaiting a spot in the que!

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Review #42, by Jellyman An Ocean Apart

6th July 2010:
Jo, this is wonderful! On another note, I loved the summary, it really drew me into reading this :) I also really love the characters you've chosen, this is going to be brilliant, I can feel it!

(Horrible review, I know :P)

Author's Response: I'll take a page out of Rachel's book and inform you you talk nonsense but I appreciate it ♥

Story was formed around summary rather than otherwise actually, so glad it looked fun! I've always had a soft spot for minor characters, but these are ones which really don't get much attention.

You are MUCH too ridiculously kind, but it means the world to hear that! Hopefully this stays a fun frothy read. It's at the same time wayy out of my comfort zone and still sort of natural /ramble

Yes, absolutely horrible review, never talking to you ever again :P

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Review #43, by butterbeergal Bad Poetry

3rd July 2010:
It's not stalking, it's investigating!


Hannah is fast becoming one of my favorites, too. I forgot to mention in the previous chapter that I absolutely adored the idea of Susan and Theo, a Hufflepuff and Slytherin, together. More people should write about them. There's lots of potential with the differing personalities, and your Susan/Theo is very, very promising (even though they've already broken up XD). I am hoping there will be reconciliation in the future. Teehee. Padma, as usual, was awesome.

Daphne getting Theo to pick himself up was such fun to read. Lots of possibilities with their friendship (and wittiness), so I must say, I'm looking forward to more interaction between them.

Most importantly, YOUR MEN = LOVE LOVE LOVE. Seriously, Roger and Oliver and Theo are DIVINE. They have their own flaws, their own quirks, and they are SUCH MEN, but I still love them to pieces. I cannot wait to see where you take them and their relationships with the girls!

This chapter was ♥.

Author's Response: Thats totally a facebook group, I'll send you an invite :)

You must, must must read the Elsha chronicles - they are in my recs at TGS - it's the story of a hufflepuff OC and Theodore Nott and their chance encounter leading to lifetime love. It's AMAZING and I admit being heavily influenced by it. I

fear not, there will be reconciliation and probably another breakup and so on :P

Oh goood. I'm never really sure if my men come across as men-ly (as opposed to masculine, which most of them are NOT). They are quirky, and based in some part on real friends of mine and in large part of all my literary loves (explains why girls like them and boys don't!)
Thankyou so much for the gorgeous reviews Gillian! You are far, far too kind but I do appreciate it!

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Review #44, by butterbeergal An Ocean Apart

3rd July 2010:
Fabulous start, Jo. Your characters are all adorable, the perfect mix of personalities. Kinda reminds me of SATC even (and I really do love that show :P).

Thank you for showing some Puff love. I really adore how you wrote Susan and Hannah - awesome characterizations. Daphne is also very interesting, I'm really curious to find out what else she'll get herself into in the coming chapters. :P Padma is my favorite so far. She's so much fun to read - perfect mix of crazy, beautiful, uptight, girl power-ness.

Loving this so far (as expected). Off to the next chapter I go!

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Review #45, by WitnesstoitAll Bad Poetry

27th June 2010:
bahahaha. As if portree were the best team in the league.


Jo! I loved this chapter. The dynamics between Theo and Daphne is lovely and refreshing. They seem like very solid friends. Theo's dramatics made me giggle. It read very much like a scene from a chic flic. Sappy music, chocolates and what not. He's handsome, rich, owns a quidditch team, and is sensitive. He's a babe. I likie.

I'm anxious to read more. Please update soon


Author's Response: I'm sorry do I know you?

jokes, ILY, even if you are a crazy Cannon and all. In fact I adore you because you have been so lovely with your reviews and endless support, and I can't wait to have time to skip over to your new stories and be dazzled by Evil!Ted and Manly!Charlie :P

I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and that the friendship came through clearly. This is SO overdramatic x100 but I'm having a ball and Theodore love makes me happy ;)

Updates should be fairly frequent, aiming for fortnightly on this one or so.

Thanks for the review lovely, muchly muchly appreciated!

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Review #46, by RonsGirlFriday Bad Poetry

27th June 2010:
Jo, I am in love with this story, not least of all because it's about these minor characters who never get written about. And I like how they're all connected in some way so you keep the story cohesive without having them all as this big group of friends. And you know, I'm really glad you're including a Slytherin, because nobody ever writes about them in stories like this. I have to say, I like Daphne very much! :-D

Not sure what else I can say at this point, except that this is looking to be a really fun read. Keep it up!


Author's Response: MELANIE. I died (of excitement) just a little bit when I saw this, because you're a humor goddess, and it is so far out of my normal comfort zone that it really does mean the world to hear you liked it! :)

Love, love minor charactors to pieces, and that someone else picked up on that - I want to develop the friendship between the girls rather than just have it fully formed and play on the whole chance encounter things. Slytherins are my pet love really, and Daph has been surpringly fun to write.

Will do my best! Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #47, by collette michelle Bad Poetry

26th June 2010:
JO! OH MY GOSH DO I LOVE YOU! I literally DIED of laughter when I read that ending. It sent me into peels! I saw the line: ...youll find yourself owning Pride of Portree... And snickered thinking too myself 'Poor Portree, can we not catch a break, does anyone have faith in us!'... but then I read on, only to be sent into peels and peels of laughter! It made my day!

Anyway, a bit more controlled now, I can give a proper review. I must admit, it took SO much will power to not read this until I had finished with Exams/projects-- but I [somehow] did! I say this as it is some sort of crazy accomplishment, but I do suppose it is! ;] but I am free now, and I am SO glad! But gosh, do I wish I had read this sooner, it would have brightened my gloomy mood from this week.

I love this line: Its not stalking, its investigating!
-- I don't know if it was part of the previous chapter, and I said it there, but it made me laugh. A friend of mine says she doesn't stalk she just 'does a thorough job keeping up on people'.

I loved the Theodore and Daphne bit. They have recently become my new obsession as I have begun to write a story about them. But I defiantly think they are two of my favourites so far in this story. I loved that she choose a cravat for him. You do love your men in cravats, don't you love?

This chapter was brilliant, Jo! This is quickly becoming one of my favourite favourite stories, I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: my darling Collette! never fear, I knew you were submerged under work galore and am most impressed at your self control!

PORTREE FTW. When they were talking Quidditch I absolutely could not resist sneaking that in, and as most of my readers are from TGS anyway, I was fairly sure they'd appreciate the reminder of Portree's amazingness.

'It's not stalking, it's investigating' is not only one of my favourite one liners but actually a fb group, I maybe should have credited it..but far more importantly: YOU ARE WRITING A THEO/DAPH? OR JUST ANY STORY WITH EITHER?

♥ ♥ ♥

I am very excited and will pester you elsewhere about that. And yes, I adore my men in cravats :P

You are far too wonderfully kind, but ILY for it. Muchly ♥

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Review #48, by Lirawen Bad Poetry

22nd June 2010:
Hello, it's me again. :)

So, when are you updating? I'll come and find you, I will. I'll make you write it! You can't just leave me hanging like this!

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop by and review this lovely installment. Loved it, really. Daphne is just awesome. I roleplay as her, and I really like how you've characterized her! She's great! Is she going to have any romance? Too lazy to go look at your author's notes or whatever to see if you mentioned that. Well, if she does have romance, may I suggest Blaise...? I love Blaise, and I love Daphne/Blaise. Don't worry, I won't ditch your story if you don't give in. I love it too much!

I love Theo, too. I love the way you've done him. He was so ignored in the books, yeah? Minor characters FTW!

Gah, sorry for this lame review. It's late you see, and once it gets late, I tend to ramble and make no sense. I'll be back when you update!


Author's Response: Hi Lira!

LOL! I have made this threat to maybe two authors that I stalk obsessively, so I feel very honoured to hear that myself! This is very easy to write, so even though I'm a bit on the busy side I'm hoping to update every fortnight or so *crosses fingers*

THAT IS A BRILLIANT IDEA. I forgot about Blaise. There may well be some Blaise, but I can promise, since this is my silly love struck story, that every one will have romance.

THEODORE LOVE is made of win. I've always had a thing for minor characters, and it's lovely to see other people do as well.

Thanks for the gorgeous review! Sorry for the late reply!

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Review #49, by Jessica N-M-Z Bad Poetry

20th June 2010:
fantabulous! i totally heart it, the minor characters need love too:) at first i was confused when they said theodore was going to the quidditch confrence,i was like wait, he didnt play for slytherin, then it said he was the owner and i was like that makes sense for a pureblood slytherin :) update asap :)


Author's Response: Minor characters are LOVE, especially as they are less cliched and more fresh to write. Thankyou so much for taking the time to review, I can't tell you how much it means :)

Yes, I had to tie Theo in to the other boys somehow and he's not the athletic type at ALL.. an update will be in the next fortnight or so, tis exam time and I shouldn't be here AT ALL.. oops!

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Review #50, by llyralen Bad Poetry

19th June 2010:
I love your men.they are soo.MANLY!

Oliver is adorable, as can be expected and so is Roger (definitely different from mine!) I LOVE THE BOTH! But my favorite has to be Theodore. He's such a drama queen. And you know what, I've met guys like him! I used to be a "therapist" for a guy like him. The guy who can't help but mope over every broken relationship. A sneaky breed, them. You don't expect guys like that to exist but they do. They're just good at hiding it :) I think that what makes me love Theo all the more. Because you would never expect him to be one of them!

Brilliant chapter loff. Must be tired of hearing it, but yes. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Bahaha.. they so aren't, but are, y'know ? (it's stupid o'clock.. can you tell?). Totes different from your Roger who I ADORE btw (can't remember if I reviewed xd) but it's oddly fun writing Oliver, even though I was scared to.

YES I am glad you said that about Theo. I think I've discussed this with Jack once or twice: because most of us are girls we tend to overdo the macho element of our characters, when plenty of guys - most of my male friendy - are in fact that emotional, woe is me, type who likes a good wallow.

I NEVER TIRE OF HEARING IT BECAUSE IT ISN'T TRUE but it absolutely means the WORLD to hear YOU say it my dear! Really ridiculously appreciated!

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