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Review #26, by vulgar23 ...EW! Sirius Essence!

14th December 2010:
simply amazing. please continue

Author's Response: thank you! i'll be continuing this soon

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Review #27, by Alex11215 ...EW! Sirius Essence!

21st September 2010:
I seriously hope this story ends up with Selene and Sirius together. They're really cute now and it seems like they were even cuter at Hogwarts. Are Remus and Tonks together here?

Author's Response: When I was writing this story, yes Remus and Tonks are together :) and Selene & Sirius are perfect for each other :P

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Review #28, by Alex11215 Elephants and Their Butts

21st September 2010:
Ok, so I think that something should happened between Selene and Sirius. I mean, screw the age thing, its not that bad if they're actually the same age. And they're much better than her and Malfoy or George. It would be really cool if her and Sirius got in a fight in front of everyone, exposing Selene. I think that the others need to know her secret. 10/10 Normally I don't read OC stories, but this is really good! Please Update!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I was planning on something amazing for the Christmas dinner. I'm not sure if you're still here/if i'll actually upload it but thanks anyway!

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Review #29, by katebabelovesharrypotter Of Chickens and Roads

19th September 2010:
This is just so creative! I really love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #30, by TravelingHermione ...EW! Sirius Essence!

12th September 2010:
Whenever I read this story I can't help but to literally laugh out loud :) great story and can't wait until the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It's so hard for me to be funny :P

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Review #31, by Cassandra ...EW! Sirius Essence!

7th September 2010:
Oh please, please, please write more!
I love this story so much!

Author's Response: If you're still here, I might be :)

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Review #32, by TravelingHermione Slimy Green Snotball

19th August 2010:
Awww poor Snape :( oh well I'm over it haha I love this story it is absolulty hilarious

Author's Response: I agree, poor Snape :P

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Review #33, by TravelingHermione Oh My Bloody Chicken

19th August 2010:
I was literally shaking in laughter the entire time I was reading this. It's interesting and I can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #34, by Gen ...EW! Sirius Essence!

15th June 2010:
Tehe, love it!!! I'm trying to think how you'll swing this whole Sirius/Selene thing, without him looking like a complete pedo...even if they do find out her real age. But I'mm sure you'll be able to do it! You are a genius writer after all...Good LUCK!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much :D

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Review #35, by endlessly xx ...EW! Sirius Essence!

14th June 2010:
I really like this.. It's something different than what I usually read, and, trust me, I needed the change.

Anyway, good job, and I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #36, by lizz ...EW! Sirius Essence!

10th May 2010:
Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update Update update Update Update update update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update Update Update update PLEASE

Author's Response: If you're still here, I might be :D

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Review #37, by RoseParsons ...EW! Sirius Essence!

25th April 2010:
at first i was like hmmm. then i was like :o wowzaaa benousa.
oh my golly goddness days. i lurvveee the story.
but gosh
so sad.
if i was Selene i'd just be so depressed like i'd cry all day all night. ahahah but i love her character.

but i want her and sirius to be the same age or get together or somethin somethin :(

but why is she still a teenager?
like why hasnt she aged at all, you still age in a coma...?

ima lovin it;)

Author's Response: Haha, because Dumbledore kept her young so she could complete her education :P

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Review #38, by Blue Biro ...EW! Sirius Essence!

23rd April 2010:
i do hope you meant you're going downhill with updating, becuas your writing, is, has been and always will be frickign amazing! :) seriousy, i am addicted to this story! pleasepleaseplease update soon! and forgive me iof the sad excuse for a short review, update anyway! go on, you know you want to! :)
you biggest fan ever becky! :)
1 million/10! :)
you rock! (i mean it!)

Author's Response: thank you SO much, short review or not i'd like to thank you for reviewing anyway.

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Review #39, by Blue Biro Elephants and Their Butts

23rd April 2010:
heheh, of course she would praticaly break georges nose, what else could possibly happen? loved the chapter! (dont i always?) :)
your fan becky!
my fav quote is literly just the whole george-door situation! you rock! (sound familiar?) :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!!

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Review #40, by Blue Biro Bat Cross Moles

23rd April 2010:
aw, cant they kiss then? thats really too bad, i mean surley this doesnt count? she is technicaly an adult? well, i loved it! :)
really, i cant wait for more: literaly!
your fan becky!

Author's Response: I might change it if I can :)

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Review #41, by Blue Biro Holy Mother of Buckets

23rd April 2010:
LOVE the sirius/selene action, i thought it would be weird, but sirius is still as hot as ever in my mind so no dilema there! :) once again, you rock!
no fav quotes becuase i am not copping the whole chapter into this review! :)
your biggest (and coolest) fan ever!
100/10! must read more! :)

Author's Response: hahaha he's always hot :P thank you so much!

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Review #42, by Blue Biro Son of a Mutilated, Wailing Banshee

23rd April 2010:
i love the banner! so cool! oh, meeting sirius, eh? cant wait for that! must read on!
fav quote?
'THAT FUDGING SON OF A MUTILATED, WAILING BANSHEE!' there were so many to chose from! seriously, loved this chapter, i know i say that a lot, but take the hint, ok?
your biggest fan becky!
10/10! again! you rock! again! :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!

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Review #43, by Blue Biro Slimy Green Snotball

23rd April 2010:
wow, loving the preview, cant wait to read more! :) selene is so funny! you write her so well, heck you write everything so well! seriously, i am in awe at your writing skills, and i will favourite you and this story asap! :)
chappie 4!
your fan becky!

Author's Response: thank you SO Much, are you still on this site??

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Review #44, by Blue Biro Of Chickens and Roads

23rd April 2010:
hello, me again! love this chapter! i really like her new relashionship with harry ron and hermione! and flitwick was so cute! i wonder when they will find out about her? aw, snape looks about ready to murder her, thats always fun!
must read on!
your biggest fan becky!
10/10! you rock!

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!

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Review #45, by Blue Biro Oh My Bloody Chicken

23rd April 2010:
WOW! hello there! LOVE your writing, seriosuly, your so talented! :) this story is so original, and i really cant wait for more! ;) i tend to review every chapter, so be prepered! though my reviews may be a tad short but only because i like to read on fast! :) chapter 2 here i come!
fav quote?
'The Boy Who Lived. Oh My Bloody Chicken' heheh, so funny! you rock!
your newest fan becky! :)


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Review #46, by The Singer in White ...EW! Sirius Essence!

15th April 2010:
Huh - a bit wacky. It's really not my style, but dammit, you keep pulling me in!!!

Now here's a tip: The British don't flip people off with the middle finger. They use two fingers. Like a peace sign actually. So if you're looking for more authenticity, you might want to have Selene stick two fingers at Sirius.

Author's Response: i'll keep that in mind! thank you!

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Review #47, by FreeWords ...EW! Sirius Essence!

17th March 2010:
theres only one way to describe this fic. crazy! i love the way you've created selene, but you may want to tone the crazy teen down a little and add more of that curious 20 year in the future aspect in as well as making sirius and remus a bit more mature seeing as they've lived through a war and everything.

Author's Response: I'd like to think that Selene brings out the child in them. She has that sort of aura to her and it's just exuded through everything she does, and with their prior relationship, it's hard for them to not feel like a child again.

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Review #48, by love the heart ...EW! Sirius Essence!

8th January 2010:
omg i absolutly LOVE your story!!!

your an amazing authur!!

please please please write more i would love to read it!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #49, by TonksA ...EW! Sirius Essence!

1st January 2010:
OK :), so here's my opinion about your fanfic:
-First, the pros:

Your plot was sooo interesting at the beginning, that I couldn't put it down(well, obviously, I could put it down if it was a book, but whatev). I was just so excited to read it till the very end. Also, at the beginning(note that-at the BEGINNING)I was really charmed by your OC. Her character seemed just so "cool" and fun to read. I laughed at many of her thoughts and comments about the others, till I started reading the 2nd chapter. :D

-Now, the cons:
OK, so that's it, I ended reading the 2nd chapter of your story, captured by the amazing plot. But, the whole "Harvey thing" repulsed me from liking your character. It made her seem like a total Mary-Sue. You know, so pretty that everybody was looking at her, and the prettiest boy of the school wanted to talk to her e.t.c. Anyway, I kept on reading, because it would be unfair to judge a whole fic just by reading the first two chapters. However, after that iccident, eveything that she did just felt so wrong to me. I know you wanted to make an unexpected and likeable character, but I jst couldn't stand reading the rest. And when she went to Burrow, she treated Sirius and the rest with such immaturity, that it crushed the whole "realism thing" you have built before that. Also, she sounded so selfish and immature, sorry if you were intended to make her sound like that, but I believe that this repulses people from reading a fanfic. At least, I just wanted to stop reading it. I would love it if she was a bit more "realistic". Not so "weird", selfish and arrogant. No offence really, I just didn't like her portrait. I loved the way you portrayed canon characters, except from Sirius and Remus. They were a bit too anti-canon, if you know what I mean... I would like it better if Sirius didn't behave so immarute, and Remus so... um, well... anti-Remus...
Anyway, sorry for the harsh judgement, it was just that I wanted to advise you, because "leik omg ur story wass fabulus!!1!!1" but don't poison it with disgusting characters! I was totally disappointed with the manoevre of Selene's behaviour... but in the beginning I have to admit that I liked her, almost charmed by her character...

Sorry again for the harsh judgement, and thank you for reading it anywayz xD ;)

2 points due to the amazing plot... but the cons nearly prevented me from reading the rest of your work...

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH. you're the first person ever to criticise me constructively and I really appreciate the fact that you did. I would never have known of this Mary-Sue-ness to her and I think every OC i would have made would've suited that criteria. But I'm glad they don't because I personally do not like Mary-Sues either. The one thing about Selene though is that I dont think she is. She's very stubborn and selfish and she knows it.

But again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Review #50, by Liljsweetie ...EW! Sirius Essence!

13th December 2009:
AH! I absolutly love this frickin' story! Ah! i laugh wwwayyy too much haha. :) I love that you include flashbacks, they are wonderful!
I also like how sirius and Remus are totally halarious and them old selves around her! :)) I love it.
Can't wait till you write more.
The arivle of Severus should be intresting...
Much love
Jillian (10/10 btw!)

Author's Response: THank you so much! :)

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