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Review #26, by peeving_peeves Russian Bruise

23rd November 2008:
I personaly think that you are the biggest tool in the whole tool shed (aka. the world!)


Thats a big call :)

well i guess I am reviewing myself, I wonder if it will work.

I highly doubt it...

Author's Response: Oh my Golly Gosh, I am answering my own review!

I should really get a life...

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Review #27, by peeving_peeves Destroying Divination

23rd November 2008:
omg you can review yourself lol how rare :)
muah aha

Author's Response: Or study for my french test tomorrow.

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Review #28, by firebolt7 Russian Bruise

23rd November 2008:
hey . i just think there is to much happening at once .but other than that it was realy funny and i want to read your next chapter.

Author's Response: yep, yep keenan.

Thanks, mate :)

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Review #29, by Maria Russian Bruise

23rd November 2008:
I like your story.
Maybe some chapter pictures or something?

Author's Response: I am wokring on some chapter pictures thanks for that :)

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Review #30, by I Luv James P II Russian Bruise

20th November 2008:
Awesometastic!!! I like Daisy.

Author's Response: Thanks,
She is a bit crazy I must say :)

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Review #31, by Adele x Russian Bruise

19th November 2008:
wo,, top job, bloody oarsomee hahaah xxx shave ya toesss,, NO BATHERSS ,,, HOTLES ! ly xo

Author's Response: Haha, del!

I would go swimming with him without my bathers anyday because he is HOTLESS we would guy watch him anyday!
Excuse me how much would it cost to get my toes waxed?



Anyone who reads this will think we are mad, well we are :)

Love you dellyyy

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Review #32, by Melony Russian Bruise

19th November 2008:
She is such a cool person, that Daisy.
I think I might like Dom as much as her, I want to see more of her!
I want to read more!
10/10 from me

Author's Response: Good news: You WILL see more of miss Dominique Weasley!

Even better news: I am expecting my next chapter to be done any second now...

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Review #33, by Samantha Russian Bruise

14th November 2008:
I liked the part about the hanging her cat off the astronamy tower, you should make her try broom-nastics, it would be funny as!

I really like this chapter

Author's Response: Haha, it was pretty random the tower thing but whats not random about miss daisy? Nothing, I tell you! haha.

Just for you, I might put a little bit of broom-nastics in!

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Review #34, by Emaleah Russian Bruise

13th November 2008:
Your story is sooo funny, she is a real laugh that Daisy. I like where this could be going.

Can't wait for another chapter =)

Author's Response: My story has a masssive plot, suprise, suprise...

It may take a few chapters to get running though.
I think you need to know Daisy a bit better :)

Next chapter should be put up in the next day or so..

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Review #35, by klassymarie Russian Bruise

9th November 2008:
This is pretty good, looks like it could be a really cute story. The only thing I have to say is that you shouldn't clump your paragraphs together so much. Without extra spaces, or indents to separate the paragraphs it can get to be really hard to read with people losing their places and not being able to find them, or not being able to focus because it's so crowded.

Author's Response: After my last two comments I decided to try and read my own story, I failed too, which is pretty sad. So I went through and put paragraphing in, it didn't convert from my document.

I am glad you like my story and I hope you keep reading and thanks for reviewing, it makes me want to do my next chapter more and more and even faster!

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Review #36, by marieluz Russian Bruise

8th November 2008:
the content of the story was really good and also very humorous, but its sorta kinda hard to read because of the way the words are placed... so that could use some work..

other than that, that chapter was awesome. i luv the banner, its so cute... and that's pretty much it..

ps: im adding this story to my favorites... so get a move on and post the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

I am fixing the paragraphing, I didn't realise it was so tradgic.

It is nice to see that somebody likes my banner, I had to teach myself to use 'Photoshop' to make that, it took HOURS!

I am currently working on my next chapter and am workin gon bringing in the actual plot.

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #37, by highflyer Russian Bruise

7th November 2008:
Is she a slytherin? I didn't get if she was or not.

Author's Response: She is a Gryfindor, thanks for pointing that out, I am making it clearer in my next chapter.

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Review #38, by BigTiggaPwnz Russian Bruise

7th November 2008:
You are a weird one. You can see a lot of someone through their writing, and you pretty much took the cake, the pudding, and the ice cream cones(without the ice cream; I won that.)

So pretty much... you're amazing and I'll be favoriting this now.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, it made my day!
You pretty much caned me with the ice cream cone call, but it made me laugh my head off!

I am already working on my next chapter and I hope you like it.

Thanks again!

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