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Review #26, by Lululuna It Is Time

4th February 2015:
Hello!! :) Here for your Hot Seat review, and it's great to get back to Dom's story!

I was so intrigued about this chapter and the moment when she would finally turn into a werewolf. After all, these transformations are going to really affect her life and the first one of those is so important. It was really interesting seeing her prepare mentally and physically - I'm glad Hermione was organized to help take care of her!

I agree with Dom that Teddy is being very selfish. Gah, he annoyed me so much in this chapter. :P He's making it completely about him when she's about to go through a further trauma, it really doesn't seem fair. He's acting like a brat. :P

I really liked the description at the end, and how vivid and ominous it was. Poor Dom, I really do connect with her and feel bad for what she has to go through. I think you did a great job of highlighting the isolation and loneliness of her transformation: it's really something that she's been forced to face on her own.

This was a really interesting chapter! :D Great job!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am pleased you liked this chapter. Aha Hermione is always the rational person!

Teddy is being a bit selfish, that's true. We'll explore more of his attitude in the next chapters.

I am pleased you liked the descriptions too and that you can connect with Dom. Thank you!

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Review #27, by crestwood The Worst Had Happened

4th February 2015:
Hi Aditi! I've wanted to come back here and leave some hot seat reviews all week but college has not been nice to me at all. Nonetheless, I'm here now and can finally continue with this story.

Your descriptions within the flashback at the beginning of the chapter were excellent. The entire paragraph had a vaguely nightmarish feel to it, which I think was the intention, considering that she thinks it was just a dream.

I really like the irony of Dominique of all people becoming a werewolf. She really seems to fear them more than anything. In fact, I'm actually kind of shocked that she went on such a rant about them in front of Teddy. She definitely isn't going to take this very well.

I'm really glad her family is all so supportive because that gets rid of one potentially horrible turn of events right there. Of course, there's still everyone else to worry about and, the way things seem currently, herself. This is going to be some serious angst as she adjusts to being the very thing she dislikes so much.

I think you're really shedding light on some interesting perspectives on lycanthropy here. I haven't read many werewolf stories and when I have, it's always been from Remus' point of view, so seeing it from a totally different character is intriguing.

This chapter was really awesome and I think that enough people love this story to make it pretty obvious that you keep it up throughout. I'll make sure to come back this weekend and give you more reviews to make up for not getting as many done as I would have liked to for the Hot Seat. Anyway, amazing work!

Author's Response: Thank you once again for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the nightmare in the beginning - it was more of that than a flashback.

Dom definitely fears werewolves more than normal people.

I am pleased you like the way I've written the family's support and stuff too. Oh yes, there's some serious angst happening.

It's a huge compliment that you think enough people love this story - thank you! I hope you can continue to read forward sometime soon =)

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Review #28, by Rumpelstiltskin More Bad News

4th February 2015:
Hey there!

This is an excellent chapter! You've described Dominique's sufferings beautifully, and I wasn't certain that suffering could be beautiful. Of course, it's understandable that she's dealing with an enormous amount of complex feelings that are making her push people away from her, but she really does need somebody at the moment to help her deal. Which is why it's fantastic that Teddy's around -- no matter what :D.

Hopefully she's able to open the lines of communication between herself and her mother and sister again. And, that's absolutely true, having to continue to write that article is completely unfair! The amount of emotional distress it will have on Dom is reason enough for not having to do it, but, no, they just want the stupid story *twitch*. (Sorry, got carried away there.)

It's also absolutely freaking devastating to hear that she can't have children because of her condition. I never thought of Lycanthropy like that for females, where the process would interrupt the ability to bear children. It's a clever and heartbreaking twist on your story!

The decision? Oh man...that's a mean place to leave off a chapter! I'll try very hard to squeeze another review in before the day is up!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am happy you liked this chapter and found my description and all good. Teddy is just amazing, isn't he.

Yeah I know, I'm kinda mean to put Dom through so much stress but hey it's not called The Worst for nothing xP

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

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Review #29, by Lostmyheart More Bad News

2nd February 2015:
What in heaven's name have you done to Dom?!
Oh my god. This is getting too exciting! And terrible. Both. Very intensely mixed. It's probably a bad mix.

So I'm here for the Slytherin Review Tag! Yeah, I know - first review: Review Exchange. Second and third review: Hot Seat, and now? Review Tag. But I need to bump it up, man. It looks a little dull lately :)
But I promise my next reviews are from the Hot Seat.

You make me fall in love with Teddy. I was so relieved to read that he didn't want to break up with her. He's such a good, and caring boyfriend! And he loves her so much, with constantly holding her, kissing her, reassuring her. You make me miss my boyfriend even more... and I won't be able to see him until June or July. Damn you, Aditi! *shakes fist* You make my heart bleed.

I need to find out what decision she makes! And if she's pregnant. She has to be pregnant, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense in having a Healer come by with that anatomy lesson.

By the way, I totally read Healer Smith as Will Smith. Haha!

- Avi

Author's Response: Haha I'm pleased you're still enjoying the story! No matter where the review comes from, I'm just glad to receive your lovely reviews.
I am glad you like Teddy too. As for the decision, you'll have to see.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #30, by Lostmyheart Reflecting and Brooding

2nd February 2015:
PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TEDDY BREAK UP WITH HER!! I beg you, please! *gets down on my knees to beg*

I really, really hope he doesn't. It would make it even harder for her, to live a normal life after that. Being bit by a werewolf AND endure a break-up?

I really don't like her boss, but at the same time, I can imagine a boss in a newspaper company would be distant and cold sometimes. A job is a job-kind of attitude. "Personal touch" my ---. Hmpf. I'm surprised Dom handled it so carefully. It impressed me.

So far, I am really enjoying your story. It's been ages since I've read a werewolf related story. The last one was Rumpel's christmas story, which scared the bejeezus out of me!

I love your story! And I can't wait to read more of it.

- Avi

Author's Response: Aww don't worry they won't break up. I can tell you this now because you already have read the next chapter xP But as to what happens in the even later chapters, I can't say ;)
As for her boss, we'll see what she is up to xP

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #31, by Lostmyheart The Worst Had Happened

2nd February 2015:
Hi Aditi! Continuing my reading, and this time it's for your Hot Seat week!

Wow, this chapter is very intense. I can't even imagine waking up to the news of being a werewolf!
And I'm extremely intrigued by that dream of hers. I wonder if it was true. Is it that guy on the banner? :P He's really cute.

I think you wrote the family's reactions perfectly, and how Dom just pushed Victoire away. Nothing will ever be the same for her, despite her family trying to convince her otherwise. Being a werewolf truly changes everything. And I like that Harry never told anything bad about Remus to Teddy, of course he wouldn't! He's a good guy, and I'd imagine he'd do anything to keep his godson image of his parents as happy as possible.

I'll see if I can read the third chapter right away :) I really should be doing homework.

- Avi

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!
I am glad you liked the way I wrote the stuff in this chapter =)


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Review #32, by TidalDragon Settling

1st February 2015:
We meet again! As your note said, this was a shorter chapter, but in context it's good to know that you're fighting through writer's block with the story. I think you'd be surprised how little people care about chapter length so just keep on keeping on!

As far as characterization, I thought it was realistic and in keeping with what we've seen of each character so far. One element that was interesting is that we didn't get to see as much "inside" the transformation as I expected. I certainly grant you that it would be a challenge, but I think that's something to consider trying as you move forward. After all, Wolfsbane lets werewolves keep their heads, so you could have Dominique see herself at some point maybe to help her come to terms with her new identity. I suppose that also lends itself to pace to an extent, but I thought aside from that there was no issue there.

I thought the most positive inclusion in the chapter was the opportunity for Dominique to explain herself and her reaction when Teddy proposed. I think it's something that readers definitely needed to understand from her perspective and I have a greater appreciation for her side of things now (even if I do think she still went over the top).

Hope this helps - good luck carrying on the story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I appreciate your comments and will think about them. Thank you for all your thoughtful review!

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Review #33, by pointless_proclamations Settling

29th January 2015:
We really must get around to discussing the name of the entire story. It's very misleading, Aditi. This story is far from the worst thing I've read!

I think this chapter showed her relationship with Vic and Julia wonderfully! There is so much unconditional love between them and it's beautiful and I love it!!

I think the way you're handling the relationship between Dominique and Teddy is amazing! You explained it so well.

AND ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER. Goodness, I hope he can help her out some.


Author's Response: Once again, I have to give you a huge thank you for reading and reviewing ALL the chapters. This has made me incredibly happy. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you liked this story - the title is all about the worst that could happen to Dominique so I'm afraid I can't change that xP Thanks again!

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Review #34, by pointless_proclamations It Is Time

29th January 2015:

Okay, these two, Dominique and Teddy, they have a lot of talking to do. There is so much misunderstanding between them at the moment that can be fixed with communication. Communication is key.

I see now that they really should have discussed marriage before he proposed. That might have ruined the surprise, but at least there would have been an understanding. And then Dominique should have stayed and explained, but I really don't blame her for apparating out of there. It really has been such a stressful month for her and, goodness, can she not get a break to just breathe for a moment?! I feel for her. . . Must you stress her out so much?

I also don't blame Teddy either. I mean dude's madly in love with her and he's so kind and supportive. My heart aches for him.

I must commend the way you have built up to all of this! It's incredibly impressive. Again, wonderful work. :D


Author's Response: EM!

You marvellous person, you. Thank you once again for you reviews. I really can't thank you enough.

I am pleased you liked the way they discussed and stuff. Communication is definitely the key. It was not even about the surprise - Teddy just was jumping into things too quickly. He's not as perfect as everyone makes him out to be after all. Poor Dom, I do stress her out a lot.

Thank you!

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Review #35, by pointless_proclamations At The Burrow

29th January 2015:


But they are so happy together! And I THOUGHT THEY WORKED IT OUT! And, and ARGHH!

It seemed like such a harmless chapter. The atmosphere was great, things were going SO well, the family was all jolly and happy, Teddy even has this wonderful little speech AND THEN DOM SAYS NO?! BUT THEY LURVE EACH OTHER!

What's going on?! I'm really sad now.

Em :(

Author's Response: Gah they had worked it out - or was that just on the surface? We go deeper into that in the next 2-3 chapters. Thank you so much again for your reviews. I'm sorry for making you sad!

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Review #36, by pointless_proclamations A Ray of Light

29th January 2015:
DELILAH IS SO BONKERS AND I DESPISE HER! Goodness gracious, what a vile creature. Very egocentric. My word!

The build up to that confession was FABULOUS. Writing such incredibly tense scenes and still seeming to maintain control of the said scene seems to be a strong point of yours. Wonderful work, Aditi!

You have made me so emotionally invested in this story that the feelings I got when she confessed and they had her!! AHH! It just felt so good. . .

And, aww, that lighthearted scene was like a breath of fresh air from all the good angst you had built up inside me. Thank you for that bit of relief.



Author's Response: Aha I'm glad you despise Delilah because she's meant to be despised! I am so happy you enjoyed the build up to the confession - I was afraid it was too rushed but I'm so relieved to read your comments. Thank you so much!
And yes it will end soon - it's just a novella!

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Review #37, by pointless_proclamations Meetings and more.

29th January 2015:

I think that, once again, you have produced another wonderfully suspenseful chapter. Goodness, this is getting addicting.

Wilson Young seems like he isn't very much of a villain. I mean he did offer Dominique the company of fellow werewolves and he isn't the most nasty of characters. I actually feel kind of sorry for him. He just really needs the money, doesn't he? But then that just speaks to his decision-making abilities. Which is to say that it is poor. Turning an innocent woman cannot be the only way to earn money, however fast and easy it may be. In that respect, I don't like him too much. I do, however, admire the way you've characterised him! Brilliant work on your part.

Julia is another wonderfully characterised character. I admire how she isn't prejudiced. Disease does not define a person, however it may influence behaviour sometimes, as you have explored really nicely.

A little typo in the author's note: 'imrpove.' Other than that, this is just your usual brilliant writing. :D


Author's Response: Yes, I must end all chapters with cliffhangers because I love them so xP But I love you too! THANK YOU!

I am pleased you're liking the chapter. Yes, Young is more of a pawn than a villain. Of course, he does lack conscience.

I'm pleased you like Julia too - she's Dom's best friend and our best friends don't judge us =)

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Review #38, by pointless_proclamations Decisions and Discoveries

29th January 2015:

Oh my goodness! The plot in itself is a wonderful piece of work, but your execution of it adds so much to the story.

Here begins a mystery of sorts! Why would Jones do this? What were her motives? Did she have any beyond just getting juicy stories? Why Dominique and not anybody else? Is there some sort of personal vendetta? What is Dominique going to do about this? Are Jones and Young going to get arrested? What in the world is going on? How are you so good at this? Why do you write so well? Why are you doing this? Are you trying to drive me insane?



Author's Response: Have I told you how much I love you? BECAUSE I DO! Thank you for such amazing reviews! Yes, unfortunately this is all necessary - it's part of Dom's 'growth' process. The poor thing. At least Teddy's with her. And as for the mystery, it gets solved. soon.

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Review #39, by pointless_proclamations More Bad News

29th January 2015:

First, you relieve me by assuring me that Teddy and Dominique are going to be fine. And I think that's wonderful because she needs him as a sort of support system right now and then you do THAT.

But before you do THAT, you write the most wonderful explanation about pregnancy and werewolves and, as fond as I am of biology, I think you are ingenious. This is awesome stuff! Supremely well thought-out!

THAT is when you leave the chapter with an unbearable amount of suspense. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS DECISION?! And what will Dominique choose to do?! ARGHHH!!

Your tortured reader,

Author's Response: Thank you for yet again a wonderful review!

Haha Dom and Teddy will be going through a lot of ups and downs in this chapter!

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Review #40, by pointless_proclamations Reflecting and Brooding

29th January 2015:
Again, ADITI! What are you doing to me?!?! What have I ever done to you?! :P

A wee little typo here, I think: 'She giggled before planting a chaste kiss on her lips.' Did you mean Teddy's lips? So 'his?'

Anyways, goodness I love the background story you have in this chapter! It was a marvellous insight to her life and attitude before she was bitten. You've successfully shown just how much her sister means to her and how close they are. Vic is so supportive and sweet!

Dominique's boss. . . What a horrible person! You've hinted at her rather malicious-looking side and oooh. This is interesting. She's still kind of prejudiced against werewolves, isn't she?!

Teddy seems like a lovely guy and I hope that he's not going to break up with her right now because I don't think she needs that right now. I think she needs him to pacify her slightly and reassure her some. These two should talk it out. TELL ME THEY WILL!

Again, another lovely chapter with such well-developed characters!


Author's Response: Naw you've been ever so nice to me with such awesome reviews, I'm sorry for torturing my characters to torture you xP

Thanks for the typo. It'll be fixed.

I am pleased you liked the little background info there. Dominique's boss is definitely horrid and Teddy is totally amazing. I'm glad you're catching on to everyone's personalities!

Thank you!

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Review #41, by pointless_proclamations The Worst Had Happened

29th January 2015:

This is fascinating stuff you have explored! AH! She's been infected! And how interesting that they should take the Wolfsbane potion and still she gets attacked! I have two theories.

1) It was not someone from the pack.

2) The Lycantrophy virus is evolving to become more resistant to Wolfsbane because viruses are mean and strange like that.

I must commend the way you describe things--your descriptive abilities. OH MY GOODNESS! With particular attention to the beginning bits, WOW. You and the way you write suspense! Really, it read like a mental movie. I need popcorn to read this wonderful story of yours. You drive me insane!


Author's Response: Aw thank you again! I am glad you like the way I've explored stuff here, as well as my descriptions. Thank you!

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Review #42, by pointless_proclamations Dreading The Worst

29th January 2015:
Dear Aditi,

HOLY COW WHAT IS THIS?! Good grief, my poor racing heart. Allow me a moment to gather my thoughts.

Okay, you wrote well. No, AMAZINGLY well. The suspense was written magnificently! How do you do that?!

Your characterisation of Dominique as someone who fears werewolves is really interesting, given that she's turning into one. To become what you fear, I am so excited to read on to see what she's makes of this!!!


Author's Response: You have no idea how happy your reviews have made me! Thank you so much! I am glad this chapter got you excited to read on!

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Review #43, by Lostmyheart Dreading The Worst

29th January 2015:

I'm finally here for the Slytherin Review Exchange ! And I am so sorry for the delay.

This was such an interesting beginning of your story! And I mean it! *throws thousands of exclamation marks your way*
I can feel my heart beat so fast, and I was so scared for her. And I love that you have a Dominique/Teddy pairing! Though you only mentioned him a little, but I just rarely see that kind of pairing. Go Teddy!

Dominique, a journalist. I like that. It's different, and I like that the Weasley's get different/unusual jobs, rather than the most obvious ones like Auror, some-rank-at-the-ministry or a Healer (not that I don't like those jobs, but it's nice to see something else, you know?)

I really like her character, and that she isn't a Gryffindor! It matches perfectly with her being a little scared, yet stubborn. Ravenclaw. Well, they can't all be Gryffindor's, and we have to think of her mother, who wasn't a Hogwarts student - so that can give different House sortings for their children.

I seriously love this beginning, and I might consider moving on to the next chapter. Despite my homework and housecleaning. They seem to boring compared to reading the rest of your story.

I will most definitely put this into my favorites, because I want to see what happens with Dominique and so on.

- Avi

Author's Response: Hey! No worries about the delay =)

I am glad you like the way I've started my story. Teddy/Dominique is a rare pairing but I love them to bits so I hope you enjoy the way I've portrayed them in this story. I have put some bits of myself into Dominique, and the way her character is, I feel a journalist is the best fit for her =) Thank you for all your kind words, and I hope you continue to read and enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #44, by lindslo2012 It Is Time

28th January 2015:
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE YOUR STORY?
I am in love with it.
So, first of all.. Teddy's rejected proposal.. well, honestly I am kind of on either of their sides. And you did SO well with every aspect of detail on their conversation about it that I feel like I am standing right there with them as a friend witnessing all this go on. I am so impressed at how well you write and I can't wait to continue reading! Back to what I was saying.. I can understand why Teddy is so hurt, he's kind of lost and doesn't understand what he is supposed to do right now. And I can understand his feeling like she is distant from him since this is such a huge change in her life. I can understand how terribly pained he feels that he was wrong in thinking that this proposal will make everything a little bit better for them. Now on the other hand, Dom knows exactly what is right and what is not right for her.. or at least she has some idea what she wants now that she's started to settle with what she is. I think she does need a little more time before deciding to marry Teddy, she's not really at a place in her situation where something as big as this would be a good thing to her mentally and emotionally. As she cried out to him I could FEEL the love she had for him, but it's just not the right time... oh I do hope Teddy will forgive her for breaking his heart a little bit. But I guess time shall tell. I am so happy that I have been with you throughout your whole book so far, it has been amazing. Please come and re-request!


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so, so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my story so much! I will definitely re-request for the next chapter too.
I am glad you could understand both Dom and Teddy's sides. That was my aim =)
Thank you!

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Review #45, by Infinityx Settling

27th January 2015:
I'm baaack.

Dom is so strong and I totally understand her rationale behind refusing Teddy's proposal. But she doesn't seem to be very good at putting her thoughts and feelings forward in the best manner. I mean, yeah, she seems to be thinking about the right things and understands Teddy a lot, but she's not the best at expressing those. And I love that about her. No one's the best at everything and this was a great way of showing Dom's hot-headed side.

I really like how you described the transformation as well. It's always interesting to read about different people's takes on that since there's not much information available and you've written it brilliantly.

Julia and Vic are the best.

David Dale? The wolf pack Chief? Is he here to offer her a place with them? :o
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
Yes, Dom has been very strong and hopefully she'll continue to be. I'm glad you understood the rationale behind the rejection. She is definitely not good at expressing herself very well to Teddy - that's her flaw.

I'm pleased you liked the transformation and Julia & Vic's arrival too.

David Dale is indeed the wolf pack chief. As for what he wants, it's coming in the next chapter!

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Review #46, by Infinityx A Ray of Light

27th January 2015:
Hey Aditi! Here for our swap!

I wanted to review earlier but I was too engrossed in what was happening to stop reading then.

Ah, so much drama. I love it! :D The way you've characterized Dominique and Teddy is brilliant. I really like how you managed to fit in that side story earlier about how Teddy used to date Victoire and everything. It was a small deviation from the main plot but it fit right into the story and brought a balance between the events that were happening and Dominique's inner feelings. Great job there!

I suspected foul play when I read about the anti-apparition charm on the cottage in the very first chapter and I was right! I like your reference to the charm once again as it really was a crucial element in everything that went wrong. And Delilah. Wow, she is crazy. I love how you've written her here, with her lust for power and absolutely no regard for the people she'd hurt in the process.

The entire plan for catching her seemed very well thought out. Teddy came at the right moment with the Auror and the witness, they know exactly how to interrogate her, and of course, ensuring she couldn't leave. You've left no holes there! I especially love how you've brought in references to Harry here and there, and tied Dom to him. A lot of people who concentrate on a particular Next Gen family tend not to bring in members of the extended family into the plot (if you understand what I mean). I love how you've integrated so many small elements and details into this!

A tiny bit of CC:
Delilah was really quick to confess to her crime. Maybe that part could have been focused on a bit more with Teddy slyly getting the truth out of her or something. The pace is really fast in this chapter so it seems a bit rushed. Maybe you could slow things down with each scene. Maybe Dom doesn't immediately blurt out that she knows what Delilah has done but tries to extract a confession from her or something. I think elongating the scenes just a tiny bit more would help slow down the pace a little bit. But that's just my opinion, feel free to ignore it if you don't agree. :)

I really loved this so far! I'm expecting the next few chapters to be focused on Dom's new life. That's got to be interesting. I'm going to read on and review now!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you like my characterisations as well as the little details. Thank you. As for drama, that's my forte xD

Delilah is definitely crazy and I'm glad you liked the way I wrote her.

The plan was indeed well thought out - especially with Teddy by Dom's side. I definitely like to see the entire family as being quite close so I couldn't not put them all connected!

Thank you for the CC as well. I understand that it came across as a bit rushed but the way I see Delilah - I think she's a very hot headed person (so is Dom really) and so she confessed the way she did. Nonetheless, I'l go over the chapter again when I have the time and see if I can do anything about it =)


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Review #47, by marauderfan Settling

26th January 2015:
Hi Aditi! Here with your review!

Aah, your description of the still night in that first section is just GORGEOUS, I can picture it all so clearly. And then when Dom's transformation happens - that was incredibly well written and I feel like I was right there with her. You include all these details that just make the scene so real, I love it.

“Accio wand,” she muttered and saw it zooming towards her from the cabinet -- this stood out to me because can you summon something without a wand? (You might be right, and remembering something I'm not, but this surprised me - maybe something to have a look at.)

I really loved Dom's talk with Victoire and Julia - they are exactly what she needs. Victoire is sensitive and tactful and has all these gifts, Julia isn't tactful but she treats Dom just like normal, which I think is something Dom really craves. Everything is normal with her and her friends again and now she feels like she'll be okay -that is so great. I'm totally on the same page as Dom about the marriage, it's too much to rush into suddenly, but it definitely makes sense to talk to Teddy at this point and I'm glad Vic and Julia helped her come to that conclusion.

“That’s like my girl,” said Julia with a grin. -- here I think it might sound better to just say "That's my girl"

One area you might want to clarify is also this bit: She had braved the outside world for the first time yesterday for an interview for the Prophet. -- at first I thought she had been interviewed (about becoming a werewolf or something) and then I realized you meant she had conducted an interview (because she's a reporter). Maybe it was just me reading it wrong, but one way to clarify this would be to say "she had conducted an interview" or "she had interviewed someone about (insert random topic here)."

Hm. I don't actually remember who David Dale is but I remember the name, I think he had something to do with Delilah Jones' plan. And I think he was a werewolf. I'll look back a couple of chapters haha, as it's been a while since I read those now. I can't imagine what he wants from her though, unless he wants to apologise for something? Mystery. I like it.

Despite this being a bit fillery, I never have objection to filler chapters because I think they're important as kind of a break between really important scenes. And the first bit of this was not filler at all. I think showing her first transformation and recovery was so important and you did wonderfully with that. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Great chapter. :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you liked the first section of the story. I tried my best with the descriptions so I'm glad it worked.

I think, in the HP books, someone does "Accio" their wand (though I can't remember who). I think advanced witches and wizards who have mastered spells can do this kind of magic. And I felt that Dominique could have done it so I wrote it =)

Victoire and Julia are really what Dom needs right now, and I'm glad that came across. I am also happy that Dom's reasoning for not marrying Teddy made sense to you!

I have now corrected the typo, thanks!

David Dale is a werewolf - that's all I'll say for now. More will be revealed in the next chapter. You don't have to look back if you don't want to - it'll make sense in the next chapter either way haha. I do love my mysteries ;)

I felt this filler chapter was important as well - to show Dom's transformation, its aftermath (I actually edited in some content that showed a more miserable aftermath than before) and her dealing with everything.

Thanks again!

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Review #48, by missatron The Worst Had Happened

26th January 2015:
Hi there! Sorry for the delay. I'm here now, with your requested review.

I knew that I'd be back, somehow or another, as I really enjoyed your first chapter. I hope that the second will live up to the first!

Something that I thought was interesting - the werewolf who had attacked her had probably taken Wolfsbane. I didn't expect this, but then again, Wolfsbane is probably a lot more common in this generation. I suppose that it was a nice change.

I liked how you started this off with a dream - I think it makes Dom's fear of werewolves is a lot stronger than we imagined - or were led to believe in the first chapter without much background knowledge. I think that you actually wrote the dream very well. There was plenty of description and the scene was clear. The only thing that I would say to help you improve the dream is to try and smooth it over a little. The part where the man helps her up seems a little rushed and stilted. We also want the wolf's appearance to be fairly memorable. Since the wolf featured in Dom's dream, I want to know more about what it looks like, in case it ever features again in the story. It can be easily fixed, no worries.

I really can't help but feel sorry for Dom in this chapter. My, she really is having a hard time, what with her biggest, strongest fear becoming reality. I suppose that we all have to face our fears one time or another in our lives, but the way you wrote it was so powerful! (That's good!) Emotive too. Well done! The way she reacted was probably quite realistic too, though she was rather dramatic, lashing out like that. I suppose she was filled with fear and adrenalin at the time so that it seemed like her only option.

I enjoyed the fact that she couldn't remember what had happened as soon as she had woken up and that she had to wait a few minutes for her full memory to return. I like how we got to see a glimpse of what Dom was usually like with her family and friends - her personality and actions seem a lot different to how she acts in the rest of the chapter. I suppose that that would be understandable in such a situation.

I'm so glad that you requested for me to read this, as I love it, and it's a nice change from what I usually read. Feel free to re request!

Missy ♥

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you again for reading and reviewing!

Wolfsbane is definitely more common in this generation - more on that in future chapters.

I am glad you liked the way I wrote the dream. I'll try and see if it can be smoothed over further =)

It's great to know you found this emotive and that you feel for Dom here. Her reaction is really a bit over-the-top but she is just very scared right now.

Thanks again!

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Review #49, by Pixileanin It Is Time

24th January 2015:
Hi! I’m back for more.

I love the way you opened this chapter, with the failed notes to Teddy. The morning always puts a different spin on things that happen from the previous night, don’t they? I can feel Dominique’s regret and remorse over the situation, and also the deep isolation when she woke up without someone there to support her. It’s understandable that she blamed herself, especially after running out on him, but I can see how the whole thing built up to this big ball of crazy that she just couldn't deal with at the time.

I liked that Hermione was ready to help and had everything set up for Dominique that morning. That was the help that Dominique absolutely needed at that time. All hail Hermione and her ultimate wisdom!

I can completely understand Dominique’s gut reaction to the cottage, being so similar to the place where the whole ordeal had started. Your description was very strong in setting the scene and also in giving me a picture of Dominique’s emotional state. It all worked together really well here.

I was surprised and hopeful when Teddy showed up at the cottage, but my hopes were dashed very quickly. Gosh, they are both so hot-headed. Well, that ended badly. They both had valid points, but they are also both so hurt that they aren't listening.

The note right before her transformation was a good morale booster, I thought. It's nice to see that Dominique's family is still standing by her and helping her out in any way that they can. It's sad that Teddy has taken this time to bail.

Writing-wise, this feels like your strongest chapter yet. The prose is tight, the action moves, and everything in the plot is coming together. The emotions are still high, and I’m feeling the characters through their words. The dialogue felt relevant and natural (even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear :P) I've been waiting for the transformation and I'm curious as to whatever that’s going to mean for Dominique.

Great chapter! I think I'll have time for the last posted chapter, and then I'll have to bug you for the next installment to see how this thing ends.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Your reviews really have made me so happy =)

I am pleased you liked the opening. Yes, the morning does open perspectives. I am also happy that you can understand Dom's feelings.

Hermione is definitely the person for such things - always ready to help!

I am glad you liked my description in the cottage scene and that Dom's reaction made sense.

Gah it did end quite badly didn't it? They both had their strong opinions and instead of having a mature discussion, they ended up fighting. Hopefully, things will sort out soon.

Dominique's family is certainly supporting her so I'm glad that you acknowledged that little detail.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I'm always worried about dialogue so to hear that it came across natural is a huge relief. Thank you once again and I hope you read the last chapter as well!

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Review #50, by Pixileanin At The Burrow

24th January 2015:
What Teddy says about Dominique’s scar is very touching. It shows, just like he says, that he’s accepted it as a part of her. I can tell that he’s trying so hard, but as the rest of the scene unfolds, it’s clear that he has something else on his mind.

This feels like the first time that Dominique has tried to be herself around the family. The dinner seemed to be difficult for her, mostly because she wanted so badly to be okay with everything, and yet a huge life-changing event was just around the corner - and I’m talking about the full moon here, not the proposal. No one seemed to be addressing it - like this huge elephant in the room. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when Hermione brought it up in the kitchen.

I know you’ve been prepping the reader to think that there’s a possibility that Dominique can just ignore this werewolf part of her and go on living a normal life, but I couldn’t buy into it. I was really surprised that she hadn’t thought ahead of where she would stay for the transformation. She is such a meticulous planner in all other things, and she just wrote an article on the subject as well. I had assumed that she had some kind of plan, or made some arrangement. Anyway, I was so pleased that Hermione had thought ahead and was able to get wolfsbane for the big night, however she did it. She would be the one who would know how to do things like that.

Timing, timing, timing. I’m not sure what Teddy was thinking here. Sure, he wants to be supportive, but… all I can say is timing. It does make for a great way to end the scene, very angsty and cliffhanger-y and dramatic.

Author's Response: Teddy has definitely been very accepting of Dominique. That does not of course say that all is well - Teddy is scared too and we see more of that in the future chapters.

Haha yeah, it was an elephant in the room. Everyone was trying to avoid it to keep Dom as comfortable as possible but it kinda made Dom uncomfortable. Hermione is the rational person in the family and it made sense for her to have thought of everything for Dom. Though Dom is a planner, she avoids thinking of the full moon and thus things skip her notice.

Teddy is definitely not thinking straight xD I'm glad you're liking the story (or at least I think you are). Thanks!

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