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Review #26, by Lululuna A Ray of Light

19th February 2014:
Review tag! :)

I love the drama of the confrontation at the beginning. It's nice to see Delilah finally being punished and Dominique standing up for herself.

I like how Delilah exhibited that criminal trait of having a long confession. It was a great moment and cleared up the loose ends about why she wanted to hurt Dominique so badly. She really is a despicable person and I'm glad there was no more confusion about her guilt and that she won't get away with it. I also like how you showed that she has a lot of issues as well, since I think no sane person would be so vindictive. She's a great villain.

I thought this line was so interesting:

"What on earth do you think you're doing? Has that monster inside you already taken control?" It's so sad how underneath all the horror, Dominique does have to deal with the transformation and the horrors which come with it. Her life is going to change, and I like how you're focusing on that as well.

Before Dominique could respond, the door to the cabin flew open... I was just wondering about this, aren't they in an office and not a cabin? Or is a cabin some term for an office that I just don't know about? If so, feel free to ignore me. :)

Officer here ensured no one could apparate... I feel like this should either be "Officer Name" or "the officer." Also, Aurors might be called "Auror Name" instead of "Officer" in the wizarding world, at least I think I remember that from the books, but I'm not really sure.

I like how at the end things come together for Dominique and she seems to sort of pull together and realize that things are going to be okay for her. I love seeing her go through that healing process and beginning to acknowledge that she needs to accept and cope with the situation herself. :)

A great chapter! :) I'll try and come back for the next one soon!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

I am glad you liked the confrontation and how Dominique stood up for herself.

Yes, Delilah is a vile person. She definitely has a lot of issues and I am pleased you liked that and found her to be a good villain.

I love when readers notice those little details =) Yes, underneath all this the werewolf issue is a biggie and now that all this is solved, Dominique will once again faced with this problem on her mind - until now she had a distraction if you can call it that.

As far as I know, cabin and office are the same thing =)

Sometimes I forget that this is the wizarding world xP I must change the Officer to Auror, thanks for that!

Yes, she has undergone a healing process and though the insecurities and all are still there underneath she's trying to be strong and happy =)

I am pleased you liked this. Thank you!

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Review #27, by Aphoride At The Burrow

18th February 2014:
Hey there! I was so happy to see we were partnered up in the review exchange, since it means I can come back twice in a row and keep up with this! :)

First off: I WAS RIGHT. I WAS RIGHT. Haha, I knew he was going to propose! Yeah! I didn't realise she was going to say no, though, huh. Strange, but I suppose it makes sense in a way - it's another change in her life, you know, and she's had so many recently... It might just be one change too far.

That said, I really love your characterisation of her, as you know by now ;) She's such a realistic, human character with flaws and qualities in equal measure. I liked how she was so self-conscious about the scar - it's perfectly natural, you know, for people to feel that way and to want to hide things. (Though, quick note: you might want to cut down on the description of her dress - it's just a bit much all in one go, you know? Maybe take one or two out...) I loved here how she just accepted that her family were going to fuss over her, and how oblivious she seemed and didn't make a deal out of Teddy perhaps being a little vague. It makes them a great couple :)

I liked Teddy in this, too, and Hermione. I liked how Hermione got some screen (page? O.o) time in this - she's such a brilliant character and I thought it was so true to her character that she was the one who made the potion for Dominique so she wouldn't be without. Such a great gesture! Teddy, as always, was incredibly sweet and really, really supportive. I'm so curious to know how he'll react how she's rejected his proposal... I can't see them breaking up, but I don't think he'd necessarily take it all that well.

The details in this were good, too - like how Wolfsbane Potion is illegal to make (presumably if you don't have a licence or something... *shrugs*), and how Dominique is so surprised by that, and how Hermione's so reluctant to say 'isolated' and things. And how Victoire knows what's going on - and Ian too, I'm guessing ;)

Ooh, so yeah, I'm really curious as to what's going to happen next - I mean, this whole dinner kinda seems almost like a set-up for him to propose, her to say yes and then they all sort of celebrate that and Delilah getting arrested, you know? In which case, er, things just went wrong!

So yeah, I'm really enjoying this story, as always! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to respond but I've been crazy busy!

Haha yes I kinda made it obvious that he was going to propose so I'm glad you got it ;) More than the change, it's the fact that she thinks she is "damaged" and doesn't want Teddy to marry her. But more about her reasons in the next chapter (which is still in the works).

I am glad you like Dominique as a character and find her human. I have tried really hard to show that she's not perfect but she's a good person at heart and I'm happy it comes across. Thanks for the tip about the description of the dress - I'll look into it =) And yes Teddy and her do make a great couple xD

It's such a relief to know that Hermione felt in character as I was quite anxious writing her so thank you. I felt like this was the kind of thing Hermione would do, yeah. As for Teddy's reaction, you'll have to wait and watch ;)

I am pleased you liked the little details too as they add colour to the story in my opinion.

And yes the dinner was basically a set up for him to propose along with Teddy trying to bring Dominique out of her shell and meet everyone and relax a bit - but I guess it did go wrong didn't it? The story isn't called the Worst for nothing haha :P

Thanks again!

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Review #28, by anythingcouldhappen The Worst Had Happened

18th February 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review!

I'm just going to go through your points :)

Characterization seems fine! I think Dom's reaction to the whole thing made complete sense considering her fears and the knowledge of werewolves you mentioned in the last chapter. All the other characters' reactions were good too. I guess the biggest thing is just keeping them consistent fro here on out!

The plot is definitely an interesting one! Right off the bat you've given a really major conflict with Dominique having to deal with being a werewolf and what that means to everything and everyone around her. It can certainly carry a story! The one thing I wanted to comment on was her bite. Being bitten in the neck is a really serious injury, werewolf or not, and if healers hadn't reached her quickly, a neck bite probably could have killed her. Maybe you just want to mention something about them finding her quickly at some point in this chapter or the next? If you have done that, just ignore this! And the pace is fine :)

There were just a few grammar things I thought I'd point out.

"Her mind was fuzzy yet a face with horrible yellow eyes and a long snout was plastered in the front of her mind". Beginning and ending the sentence with "her mind" is a little repetitive. Maybe rephrase it in some way to use "her brain" or "her consciousness" or similar?

"hassled appearances". So this is really minor, but "hassled" isn't technically a word. There is no adjective form of "hassle". You could switch it out with "harried" or something?

"Her voice appeased with a certainty only Victoire could muster in troubled times." I was just a little thrown off by "appeased". It seems like an odd word choice for what I think you're trying to say. This is more just my personal word preference though.

I found your story initially through the review tag. I was going to review for that, but I was at work at the time and before I had a chance to finish reading, I was called away for something. By the time I got back, someone else had already posted in the tag. But I liked your story, so I finished reading and reviewing anyway :)

Great job! I hope this helped!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

I am glad you liked Dom's characterisation as well as everyone's reactions here. Dominique is in a state of shock right now but she mellows down in future chapters =)

As far as I remember, I've mentioned something about how she got from the cottage to St. Mungo's in the next chapter. It's been a while since I wrote it so I don't remember clearly but I think it was mentioned =) It's a relief that you think the pace is fine, thanks.

Thanks for pointing out those grammar nitpicks. English is my second language and sometimes I make these mistakes so it's always good to know them so I can improve on them =) When I edit this chapter, I'll look through your comments again!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing, I am glad you liked it!

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Review #29, by anythingcouldhappen Dreading The Worst

17th February 2014:

I really liked this! You just jumped straight into the action, which is always exciting! Your writing is also really good--it flows really smoothly and is easy and interesting to read. The description is just the right amount :)

And of course I wonder how Dominique's "perfect" life is affected by being bitten by a werewolf! This first chapter definitely pulls me in and makes me want to keep reading (which I plan on!)

Thanks for the awesome story!


Author's Response: Hey Sam! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am so glad you liked this, and how I jumped straight into the action. It's a relief that you think this flowed smoothly and the description was okay.

As for how her life will be affected, that will be shown bit by bit in each chapter as the story progresses. I sure do hope you keep reading - in fact I think I'll request a review in your review thread =)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #30, by Rumpelstiltskin The Worst Had Happened

10th February 2014:
I'm here from review tag! Oops, actually I was ninja'd, but I'll finish the review anyway ;).

First of all, yeah...Dom *cough* sorry about that. I'm still getting next-gen mixed up in my head. I don't think that Victoire was mentioned at all in the last chapter, was she? No, probably not.

Anyway, I think you conveyed the emotions on Dom's end, given she's waking up with lycanthropy, very effectively. One of her wost fears has been brought to life and that has to be absolutely terrifying! The people around her seem to have had time to come to terms with what happened, but to Dominique, it's all very fresh news.

Teddy is very understanding in this, and I love that. (Oh, there's Victoire...hello Victoire.) It makes sense that Harry would omit the little bit of information about that night, or anything else that would dampen Remus' reputation. I found this realistic, as this is often the case in real life -- to idolize lost loved ones, in order to make them seem flawless...because, how could you say something bad about somebody you love when they're gone?

Oh, poor Dom. She's really taking this with difficulty! I'd expect that she would, but I do hope that she eventually comes to terms with her condition.

Fantastic chapter!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

Haha it's okay. Next-Gen has a large cast and it's okay to get mixed up. No, I don't think Victoire was mentioned by name in the previous chapter.

I am pleased you liked the way I conveyed Dom's emotions. Yes, they all had time to come to terms with it - or at least to put on a brave face - but for Dom it's overwhelming and crazy and very sudden.

Teddy is an amazing person and he is indeed very understanding. Haha Victoire says hello too ;) She's a nice one here =) I am pleased it makes sense to you for Harry to never talk bad about Remus. It does seem in-character plus as you said we don't really talk bad about people we loved who're no more.

Honestly, she will never come to terms with it. Yes, she'll accept the fact soon but in the back of her mind, it will always be pricking her. But yes, she'll learn to behave better xP

Thank you once again! I hope I am able to get your feedback on the next chapters too =)

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Review #31, by lindslo2012 The Worst Had Happened

10th February 2014:
Here from review tag!
For some reason it didn't register to me in the first chapter that Dominique was Fleur's and Bill's daughter Dominique. Idk why! But I read this and thought- oh okay!
I feel very bad for Dom, and what she has to go through now. I do know she has a loving family that is going to take care of her though, and Teddy will as well. Also it is good she has her father to relate to at least in this horrible time. I know she will be okay. :)
As usual you are a very talented writer and I see no mistakes whatsoever! Way to go ;)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!
Haha well JKR mentioned it once that Bill and Fleur had two daughters - Dominique and Victoire so I took that up =)
I am glad you feel for Dominique here. Yes she has a loving family and Teddy and they'll help her get through it as we'll slowly see in the story =)
Your words flatter me so, thank you!

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Review #32, by Aphoride A Ray of Light

8th February 2014:
Hey there - dropping off your requested review from the forums! :) I was so glad to see you re-request - I really enjoy reading this story!

Your characterisation, as always, was really, really good! I liked how Dominique didn't manage to keep control as everything was revealed about Delilah's plot and her confession, and how she reacted so badly. It's extreme and it's dramatic, and incredibly stupid in front of an officer of the law, but it really suits the character, I think, to react like that. Delilah's reactions as well were great! I loved how she insisted on denying it at first but then when she realised she'd effectively given herself away, she sort of seemed to calm down and give in and just admit it. It's perhaps not the most normal approach, since most people who commit crimes don't tend to believe they're really guilty, but, again, it really suits the character! :)

Your writing here was really great, too! There were a few shaky phrases, which didn't sound quite right, but nothing which threw off the flow of the story or really upset anything, so it's all good! ;) Spelling and grammar and all was great, too!

There were a few technical details which are wrong in relation to the arrest, which I feel just about qualified to talk about as a law student ;) The phrase for arresting someone is simply 'you are under arrest', and I've never heard of someone describing a crime as 'partially confirmed' (at least, not in English law) since the maxim to go by is 'innocent until proven guilty' so until she confesses, they only have a witness statement which doesn't 'confirm' anything as such until the trial. The more tricky bit is when you talk about Dominique 'lodging a complaint' - since Delilah is being accused of a crime, hence the arrest, then it would be the Crown, or the Ministry in the wizarding world, who would act in prosecution, and Dominique wouldn't have lodged anything, simply informed the Aurors of the crime committed, so the whole phrase wouldn't be said, really. I know this is all fairly technical stuff, so please, please pm me if you're confused or unsure and I'll help as best I can! :)

But yeah, other than the technical stuff, this was really, really great! I loved Teddy bringing the Aurors to the office, Dominique's reaction, Delilah cracking under the pressure and confessing... your writing was lovely, the ending was sweet with Dominique feeling better! This is a really great chapter! :)

I really enjoyed reading this, as you know from before ;) Keep it up! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Aph! Thanks a ton for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you liked Dominique's characterisation. I pondered a lot about Delilah's reactions before writing them so I am glad you enjoyed that too. Yes, most people don't act like that, but her personality is somewhat different - she revels in her power and wants to show off to everyone what she's done not realising the true consequences of her actions - she's just like that =)

It's such a relief to know spelling and grammar were okay as being a non-native english speaker that's always a major concern for me. As for the shaky phrases, I'll go back and try to spot and edit them!

Thanks for that technical bit of advice. I absolutely don't get these legal issues and well I figured it wouldn't matter so much since its the wizarding world and things might be done differently than the muggles so I could basically throw in anything lol xP Anyway, I'll look into what you said and try to make the phrases more authentic =) I really appreciate the advice!

I am pleased you liked how Teddy handled the situation and Delilah cracking under the pressure and stuff. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am glad you're enjoying my writing!

I am re-requesting for the next chapter now, so I hope it's not too soon to do so :/ I just love your feedback so much though! Thanks!

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Review #33, by monstrosity At The Burrow

3rd February 2014:

Okay, Okay, I'm calming down. Here's your requested review! I was originally planning to review the first chapter due to lack of time, but once I started reading it was practically impossible to stop and before I knew it, I was on chapter 8. Whoops.

Dominique is becoming such a strong character, even without the werewolf characteristics influence. She's learning to accept herself for who she is. Being a werewolf does not change her fundamental character and I appreciate how the rest of her family sees that and never judges her at all. In fact, as in Hermione's case, they are more willing to help her deal with her condition.

That being said, it's nice to know that she still has her insecurities and still feels uncomfortable that people will consider her below them, being a werewolf, from now on. It's very realistic as opposed to her just going back to her usual self after Delilah Jones was arrested. I'm glad that Teddy is doing his best to convince her that a bite doesn't change anything. Families are supposed to support each other through the highs and lows.

As I said before, it isn't the werewolf that makes you a monster. Such a case is that loathsome boss. I am so glad she gets what she deserves!

Teddy sets high standards for boyfriends around the world. He's such an angel and only during the confrontation do we get to see what makes him such a great Auror. I'm still in shock as to why Dom didn't accept his proposal, even I (the most oblivious reader in the universe) saw that coming and her turning him down was the biggest plot twist of the century. Sniff, they were supposed to get married and live happily ever after! In all seriousness, I'm guessing that Dominique felt that Teddy shouldn't be tied down with a werewolf without the ability to have children. This is utterly baseless Dom! Teddy loves you!

What I'm also very happy about is the fact that despite there being no Teddy/Victoire (whew!) you haven't antagonised Victoire. She's still the big, supportive sister that will be there for Dom no matter what!
Thus, you've got characterisation nailed :)

The pace is perfectly fine. It's a lovely mix of ups and downs. You haven't rushed to reach the jaw dropping moments and you've given equally importance to the slower moments as well, letting the reader get to know the characters. It's the little details that really provide the plot skeleton with some muscle and skin. I like how you bring Dominique's relationships with her grandparents. Molly is so kind and caring, just like in the books. Arthur is...well, as Arthur should be. Then we get to know more about Hermione and Dom's relationship, which is such an 'aww' moment. Hermione is as practical as ever, while Dom's innocence really shines in this scene. She is after all a young woman and seems to be taking the 'first transformation tomorrow' situation in her stride. I would have been freaking out if in her position. It just shows how mentally strong she's become.

Anyway, this story is awesome and I'm desperately waiting for the next chapter to arrive. I hope that you found my rambling a bit useful and feel free to request again!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for this absolutely lovely review. It took me so long to reply because I didn't know how to respond to this monstrosity! (pun intended haha - love your penname by the way xD).

You have no idea how happy you've made me by telling me that you actually read all the 8 chapters! wow, thank you!

I am pleased you like Dominique's character and the way its been maintained so far. Her family is definitely going to stand by her, after all that's what family is for. She is very strong and yet has her vulnerabilities and insecurities too xP Teddy loves her so much that he will try his best to help her overcome them =)

Yes, the boss is definitely a monster herself and I am glad to punish her haha xD

Teddy is truly an amazing boyfriend and makes me wish for him to come alive and take me with him into the sunset haha xD I am glad you're liking his character. Haha biggest plot twist of the century? I think not xP I can't believe everyone expected her to accept the proposal just like that... I mean come on, when have things ever gone smoothly and drama-free for our poor Dominique? (or maybe I just enjoy inflicting pain on poor Teddy but shhh). Well, nice guess but you'll have to read on to see if that's the case or not =)

Yes, I hate those fics where Victoire is antagonised - I mean, she's her sister and sisters can be great friends, and Teddy/Vic have been long over. I am pleased you like the way I portray her.

It's such a relief to know that you think the pace is fine. I was afraid it was too slow, but I am glad you like the way I've given importance to little details and to understand Dominique. I didn't have much of "plot space" to portray the relationships deeply but I tried to show them as much as I could in that small scene - so I am glad you liked how I showed Molly and Arthur, as well as Hermione. It's so nice to see you've interpreted them all exactly the way I wanted my readers to see!

Thank you so much for your kind words, your review made me incredibly happy! I'll try to update asap!

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Review #34, by keyty At The Burrow

1st February 2014:

Okay I know where Dominique is coming from but seriously girl how dumb can you be! Yeah, yeah, I know we need drama... Just UGH! Haha.

Honestly I think these last two chapters were the best so far. Delilah was portrayed perfectly -I especially love the line where it says she purred her words. Great imagery (if that's the right term - I think it is). I think it would be really interesting to have a trial scene, just showing how she tries to defend herself -if she does.
I also really like the way you had Hermione step in to help Dominique. She is so wise. Of course nobody else plans ahead, that's what she always does! Haha.
I'm really sad this is the last chapter so far, I hope you'll be updating soon! Feel free to re-request when you do, I always love reading this. :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks again for reading and reviewing.

Haha I am glad you feel so strongly about Dominique's reaction xP It makes me chuckle!

I am thrilled that you think these last two chapters were the best. Delilah was fun to write so it's good to know you liked her portrayal and the imagery associated with it. As for the trial scene, I haven't decided whether I'll show it but I'll give it a thought =)
I felt Hermione was most fitting to help Dom here with the potion and I am glad you agreed.
I will updat asap! Thank you again for your kind words!

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Review #35, by UnluckyStar57 A Ray of Light

31st January 2014:
Hello! Long time, no review. So let's change that! :)

Wow, this story is already ending?! I can't believe it! I thought that it was going to be novel-length! But oh well, I guess that novellas are good things, too. This chapter was certainly a very interesting one!

And we finally get to see the fiery downfall of Delilah Jones! She certainly went very quickly, but not at all quietly, that's for sure. I like that at the beginning of the chapter, she was denying everything, pretending that she was innocent, but she started to break as time went on. The bit of information about Wilson being a drunk was a dead giveaway--I mean, I almost didn't catch it, but Dom definitely did! How was Delilah supposed to know that Young was a drunk if she didn't know him? That's right, she actually knew him! HAH!

So that was clever. I liked that quite a lot. :)

But really, I want to talk some more about Delilah now. Because I hate her so much, so I need to unleash my anger somehow. :P I just can't even understand why one person could be so power-hungry and selfish as to put one of their subordinates in a position of peril for the sole purpose of ruining that subordinate's life!! (I hope that sentence made sense...) Just because Dom had some notoriety for being a Weasley, Delilah bloated up with jealousy and carried out really sadistic and awful revenge. She's a total jerkface, and there are much stronger words that I could use, I'm sure.

But. Butbutbut. Delilah is the angry black cloud that just got beaten by the sunshine. Dom isn't going to be alone as she struggles with lycanthropy for her whole entire life. She's got Teddy and Julia, and her family. They won't allow her to become a monster, and they will support her in the tough times. I think that, above all, that's the important thing about this story. Delilah tried to take Dom's life away from her--not by killing her, but by essentially taking away Dom's ability to govern her own body. However, her "clever plan" didn't work. There is light in the darkest of places, as it is said, and even in Dom's worst days, she'll still have friends and family to help her out. So, in some ways, "The Worst" actually turns into "The Best." It just depends on how you look at it, I guess. :)

Just a few grammar-y/syntax-y things:

"I request you to please cooperate..."~This was worded a bit strangely. Might I suggest "I request your cooperation." or "I request that you cooperate, please."? However, those are merely suggestions. It's such a minor thing, but I wanted to bring it up in the name of constructive criticism. :)

"Well guess what, you are wrong."~This needs a question mark, I think. It would add a bit more inflection to Teddy's voice, which would make the line even more powerful. "Well, guess what? You're wrong!" Again, just a suggestion!

Well, much congrats on being almost finished with this story! I know that you've probably had a lot of fun writing it, and here's to many more stories in your near future! :D


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Apologies for the delayed response!

Yes, the story is soon to end, I think, it will have a total of 10 chapters, or 11 at the most. It was initially supposed to be a 5-chapter short story but my plot bunnies went all over it haha.

I am glad you liked the "downfall" of Delilah Jones, and you enjoyed how I wrote it and brought it about. She was an annoying one, wasn't she? xD

Haha well I am pleased you feel so strongly about one of my characters (however evil she may be)! That sentence did make sense, and yes, it is sad how far some people would go for power. Just look at Voldemort himself. Of course I am not comparing Delilah Jones to him, she is very small compared to him, but nonetheless, she was power hungry and insecure and jealous and did what she thought was right for her - very selfish I tell you. I don't think she actually ever thought about the true consequences of her actions, of what she was inflicting on Dom for the rest of her life. She's a jerkface alright!

Yes, Dom isn't going to be alone. She will continue to struggle, mostly fighting an inner battle, but she'll definitely have Teddy and her family by her side, and Julia as well. She of course still has her worries but she is going to accept them and try to fight them now. I love how you've said that about light being there in the darkest of places because I couldn't have put it better myself. Well, I am not sure if it turns into The Best but yes Dom is certainly learning to battle The Worst here!

Thanks for those grammar suggestions. Being a non-native english speaker, I tend to make these mistakes often and it's always nice to receive some feedback that helps me improve! I'll go back and edit =)

Thank you so much once again, and yes I love to write it, and it's awesome when I see people enjoy reading it!

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Review #36, by lindslo2012 Dreading The Worst

30th January 2014:
What an awesome start to a story.
I have not read many werewolf fics but this one is going to be awesome! I can tell.
I like the way that you made her a journalist because you don't see alot of people put that as a career in their story. Maybe because Rita Skeeter? I am not sure. Dominique sounds like a pretty girl who is about to be more scared than she ever has been in her whole life. If she is out there alone I feel extremely bad for her. I can't wait until you get some Teddy action in there. He is so cute.. :)
I see no mistakes in the story whatsoever grammar wise, you are very prominent in Dominique's character details which is very fun to read,and I can literally feel her fear while reading this because you are so talented at writing details. I hope this review was long enough I really am trying my best to make them as long as possible. Best wishes to you and I hope you enjoy reviewing my story when you get the chance(from the review thread)!! :) I loved this chapter!
Well until next time,

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you think this werewolf fic is going to be good, thanks.
Yeah I like journalists - I am studying to be one myself - so I made her that =)
Dominique is indeed going to be scared, I am glad you can feel for her! Teddy will be coming in the next chapter!
I am glad you like the story overall and didn't see any mistakes. Thank you for all your nice comments =) I'll review you very soon!

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Review #37, by keyty Meetings and more.

30th January 2014:
Wow, what a plot twist!

Okay, so I have a thought for the last chapter. It seems a little weird to have the chief put Delilah's name in the P.S., I feel like he would have just scrapped the letter. But I know you want it to be the last thing we read so it's a cliffhanger. So what you could do is have the chief make Dominique perform another promise spell before he reveals the name? I think that would make a bit more sense.

I like the confrontation with Young. God, what a butt hole! And I like the cliffhanger here, too. I'm so curious to see what Delilah's excuse is!

Also, when Julia and Dominique talk, I don't think these are necessary:
"who was also her colleague." It sounds a little off, a better way to word it could be "her colleague and, more importantly, best friend." or something like that.
"her best friend who had recently experienced a terrible nightmare." this I don't think is necessary at all - we know the awful things Dominique has been going through, we've lived it with her. And since you've already mentioned everyone knows about it, we can assume Julia does too, so you don't need to mention it again :)

I am really liking this story. It's so unique and interesting. I like the hints of mystery you have, and how you keep us guessing. Great job! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing again =)

Haha I am glad you like the plot twist, I love them xD

Ooh thank you so much! I love your idea of having another "promise" spell to reveal Delilah's name! It's way better than my lame P.S. haha. I'll definitely make that change asap!

I am pleased you liked the confrontation with Young - yeah he's no good really. As for what Delilah's "excuse" is, you'll have to read on ;)

Thanks for pointing out those grammar bits. As always, I appreciate the nit-picking and room to improve!

I am happy you're enjoying the story. I am definitely re-requesting. Your feedback is very valuable! Thanks!

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Review #38, by keyty More Bad News

29th January 2014:
...Wow. I have had chills multiple times reading this.

First off, I think the idea behind this is brilliant. It's so original - having Dominique become a werewolf instead of Teddy. I was kind of mad at her in the second chapter for being so cross, but I can't blame her. I can feel her pain in every chapter. It's so well written. I actually found myself tearing up, which is a problem because I am currently at work. It's just so honest.

I do have one comment, though. In this chapter, Teddy refers to Dominique's parents as Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill. While that makes sense since he was raised, basically, as Harry's son, I find it a bit weird. It's a little incest-y. I think it would be better if he called them 'your mom' and 'your dad', and just Fleur and Bill. But since it still does make sense for him to call them that, it's entirely up to you.

Anyway, I'm really glad I got the chance to read this. I usually don't read Next Gens, so I wouldn't have found it otherwise. Looking forward to the rest!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you like the idea and think its original. Yes, I felt like Teddy "inheriting" the werewolf trait was a little overdone so I wanted to try something different here. Yeah, Dominique's reaction was not very good in the second chapter but I guess no one's would be after finding out what she did. I am flattered that you can feel her pain and actually almost teared up! *hugs*

Oh thanks for pointing that out. I felt that too and in the later chapters he refers them to as Bill and Fleur only, but I guess I missed the edit in this one! I'll see to it asap. (I really don't want this to sound incest-y)!

I am happy you liked this despite not reading Next-Gen's! I am definitely re-requesting :)

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Review #39, by nott theodore At The Burrow

29th January 2014:
Hello! It's great to see an update for this story, I've missed reading about Teddy and Dominique, especially since you write them so well as a couple!

I liked the fact that you don't forget all the little details that make Dom's life so different now that she's been bitten, and the fact that it exaggerates some of the feelings that she had before. Her insecurity about her appearance, for example, was really well placed and understandable, especially as she's so worried about the transformation - when something that big is preying on your mind, the little things seem even bigger and worse than they really are.

Aw, Teddy is so cute! ♥ I got the idea that he was going to propose here, when he mentioned that tonight was a special night. Dom seemed a little oblivious, but I guess she has so many other things to think about that it probably hasn't even crossed her mind. But he's so lovely, and really good for her - it's great that he's showing he loves her more than ever, and that he's stood by her during this.

I really liked the way that Dominique had to face going back to see all of her family, especially when most of them haven't seen her properly since she was attacked. It was daunting for her and you showed that - it's hard for her to accept herself, and she just wants to go on as normal for as long as she can. In that case, people treading on eggshells around her and paying her special attention would be extremely infuriating and irritating!

Yes, I'm glad that Delilah Jones will be punished properly!

Aw, Hermione! I'm so glad that she's made sure that Dom will have the potion for her first transformation. It seems really in character for her, thinking of those little things that others don't pay attention to, and doing what she can to make sure that her family members don't suffer. The quip about the war fit in brilliantly! It would have been absolutely awful for Dom to have to go through the transformation without the Wolfsbane potion, and I think even with it, it's going to be terrible. I liked the fact that you showed, while laws at the Ministry have become more accepting of werewolves, there's still lots of problems, and they aren't always able to get the potion as quickly as they should be.

Oh, the proposal at the end was so cute! I loved the way that you built up to it, with Dom getting more suspicious and Teddy having disappeared. I knew that Teddy was going to propose, but I definitely didn't expect Dom's response to be that! I wonder if she genuinely doesn't want to get married, or if she's being noble and trying to save Teddy from being tied down to a werewolf? Either way, I can't wait to see what happens next, and I hope she ends up changing her mind!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! As always, I love your reviews so thanks for reading & reviewing!

I have been very busy the past few months at uni so it has been hard for me to update, especially with a massive writer's block, but I am glad I finally got this to update too and even happier that you're still sticking with the story!

I couldn't have said it better - the little things seem to matter a lot when something big like this happens. I wanted to show that in Dom's life and I was a little afraid that it would make this slow-paced but so far I've received positive response about it so thank you =)

Teddy is totally amazing and I love him, so I am happy that you are liking his character as well. He did propose yeah, and Dom couldn't honestly think that he would do it so it didn't cross her mind.

Yes, I felt like it as high time her family came into the picture. I was slightly apprehensive writing the scene as I am not very familiar with such "gatherings" but I am pleased you liked it, and the way Dom reacted towards it all.

Delilah Jones will definitely be punished =)

It's great to know that you find Hermione in-character. I felt it would only suit her the most to brew the potion even if it was kinda illegal. I also wanted to show change in the Ministry but still it's a "ministry" after all and there's bound to be some slacking. I am glad you liked all that.

I loved writing the proposal scene myself (though the end broke my heart too) so I am happy you enjoyed it. As for Dom's reasons for her refusal, you'll have to wait for the next chapter.

Thank you!

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Review #40, by AlexFan At The Burrow

28th January 2014:
Hello there, I'm here with your requested review.

So the things that I liked were the fact that you brought out Dominique's insecurity. Sure, Delilah got arrested and everything but she's still going to have to deal with the fact that she's a werewolf. As far as the wizarding world has come, I have a feeling that they're still not that comfortable with hiring a werewolf to work for them. I love how Dom was going to cover up the mark on her neck and she was so self-conscious of what it but Teddy stopped her. Four points for you Teddy, you go Teddy.

The relationship that the two of them have is really great because they both care about and respect each other and you can see it in the way that they treat each other and comfort one another. Teddy and Dom have the kind of relationship that you're supposed to have and is healthy.

I loved how Dom's entire family was there to support her and make sure that she was okay. Especially the fussing that was being made by her mum and Nana Molly but that's how mothers and grandmothers usually are. They fuss over you constantly just to make sure that you're okay. My favourite was Hermione because she seemed so proud of the fact that she had already brewed the Wolfsbane Potion. I love how unconcerned and excited she was about the fact that she was breaking the law. That's family for you.

I'm so excited for the next chapter because I really want to know what happens between Teddy and Dom! I was so sure that she was going to say yes to him but then she said no and now I don't know what to do! I hope I get to learn why Dom is turning down Teddy (and maybe she might change her mind?)

I only have some minor CC. I noticed while reading throughout the chapter that you slipped up on verb tense in certain areas. I would suggest maybe reading through the chapter again to make sure that everything is written in past tense.

But other than that, awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you again for reading and reviewing. Your reviews always make me happy =)

I am pleased you liked the little bit about Dominique's insecurity as I felt it would be unrealistic for her to go back to normal after everything that happened. Teddy is just amazing yeah =)

I am glad you like the relationship between Teddy/Dom as well. I love them so much and I am happy to get a positive response from the readers about them.

I had a bit of trouble writing the family scene, especially incorporating almost everyone was a bit hard, but I am glad you liked it, and found Molly as well as Hermione well-written. Exactly, family is supposed to always support you.

You'll definitely get to know why Dom said no, and as for changing her mind, you'll have to wait and see =)

I still need to do a proof-read of this chapter since I posted it in a hurry when I saw the queue was very short, so thanks for letting me know about the verb tenses, I'll keep an eye out for them when I edit =)

Thank you!

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Review #41, by marauderfan At The Burrow

27th January 2014:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

Aaa so ever since that subtle line in the beginning about the day being special, I suspected that Teddy was going to propose and I was SO excited. I felt bad for Dom though, as she's obviously insecure about everything, trying to hide the scar even from her family. I can understand her frustration when everyone kept glancing at her during dinner, but I think part of that might have been people just looking because they knew Teddy was going to propose ;)

Hermione was perfectly in character here, I loved when she asked if she was the only one who planned ahead. Also perfect that she's sort of illegally been making wolfsbane potion, she does seem to have a history of illegally brewing potions. :D

The end!?!?! Why must you keep doing these evil cliff hangers? Haha. Ah, her reaction makes me so sad! She is a little like Teddy's father here in that she keeps pushing people away. I hope she sees sense soon and realises that Teddy loves her no matter what, and stops pushing him away.

This was a really good chapter. I know you've said in the past that English is not your first language, and honestly in this chapter it's very hard to tell. There was only one phrase that struck me as odd - "everyone means well of me" - the word "of" could be replaced with "for". Otherwise, it's very well written! You have a very engaging writing style. I don't have a whole lot to CC except thst Dom should have said yes! XD Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

Yes, he was going to propose. I was hinting at it from the very beginning and I am glad my readers caught on to it xD

I am pleased you felt for Dominique as that was my aim here. Even after everything that has happened, she's still insecure and stuff, though Teddy is always there for her to help her through it all. Well most of the family didn't know he was going to propose, it was actually out of concern, but I guess you could look at it that way too xP

I am so relieved you liked Hermione as I was really afraid when writing her if I do it all wrong - after all she's straight from canon. I figured she'd be the best person to brew the potion xD

Haha I love cliff hangers xP Her reaction made me sad too and I had to steel myself while writing it but you never know, things might get better in the next chapter ;)

It's such a huge compliment to me that it doesn't come across so much of english not being my first language, thank you. I'll go back and correct these little mistakes as soon as I get the time. I am pleased you liked this, thank you!

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Review #42, by toomanycurls Dreading The Worst

27th January 2014:
Hello! Doing a review tag.

I think you've done a great job introducing this story and making it intriguing. when doing a news story on werewolves, I would think the date of the full moon would be quite critical. But I guess everyone has oversights at times. You've built the drama and tension remarkably well in this chapter!

I appreciate the difference between prejudice and fear you call out. It must have been horrible to take an assignment that was so terrifying for her.

oh dear, you describe the bite so well. I like that you didn't mire it with detail but gave enough to build the scene fully.


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you liked the way I've introduced the story with all the drama and tension, and that it was intriguing.

Yes, Dominique had to really steel herself to do it but she took it on, which says something about her personality doesn't it? =)

I didn't want to make the bite scene to graphic so I am glad you liked it anyway. I hope you get a chance to continue reading, thanks!

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Review #43, by Rumpelstiltskin Dreading The Worst

25th January 2014:

This was a marvelous set-up chapter, not to mention a great hook.

Your descriptions allowed for lucid imagery. In a very short space, we already know Victoire Weasley. Because of the events that occur in this chapter, I think that it was very important for you to quickly establish some sort of sympathetic relationship between the reader and character, because I *care* what happens to her.

That being said, her fear was vigorously intense and made for several long, critical moments for me, where I was terrified along with her. Not being able to apparate, alone near the forest full of werewolves on the full moon, reflecting on those who loved her and who she loved... it definitely gives me chills.

As for Victoire's characterization, I'm blown away. She loves her job as a journalist, loves her family, is a Ravenclaw (which gives her room to be frightened because she's most certainly *not* a Gryffindor :p), and has a certain, well-justified fear of werewolves. Gah, I love her!

Then, the ending!! Holy wow, what a hook!

Random notes: I love that Hermione implemented a law that allowed werewolves to obtain jobs. Since she so avidly supported house elves in the books, I can definitely see this happening -- I also believe that it is *awesome*. Holy carps, it was like watching a horror movie (reading one?) when Victoire stepped outside of the cabin. I couldn't help but shout at the computer screen, telling her to go back inside! But, she didn't.

So, yeah, wow! This was awesome! Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Before I carry on with the response, I'd just like to say that the main character of my story is Dominique Weasley and this chapter was about Dominique too haha xP But it's okay, I guess while writing the review you got her confused with Victoire, so it's perfectly okay, I just thought I'd let you know xD

I am pleased you liked my descriptions and imagery here and that I succeeded in establishing Dominique as a character.

It's great to know that you felt what she felt, her fear and such, in all those moments, so thanks.

I am so happy you like Dom's characterisation as I loved writing her too. Thank you! xD

Haha I love cliffy endings so I am pleased you liked it too.

I also felt like Hermione would work to do something like this for the "under loved" species in the wizarding society be it house elves or werewolves or merpeople etc. Haha I am happy you liked the ending scene as well, the rest of the story won't be such a horror story, don't worry xD


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Review #44, by MargaretLane At The Burrow

25th January 2014:
*laughs at Arthur's attire* That sounds like him.

Hmm, I wonder if Teddy is going to ask her to marry him.

Love the part about her being afraid even the smallest thing will drive him away from her. It shows how vulnerable and insecure she's feeling, which makes sense under the circumstances.

*grins at Percy disapproving of the use of bad language* That is SO like him.

I love the way you show how Dominique is feeling and how she's dealing with things. A lot of stories tend to rush stuff like that and it's far more realistic to show how it continues to affect her.

I also like the way her family continues to worry about her and the way that starts to irritate her. Again very realistic and it makes sense that they aren't necessarily sure about the progress she's made.

One thing: in the sentence "she decided she'll interrogate him later," the first two words are in the past tense, then "she'll" is present tense. It would be better, I think, to say "she decided she'd interrogate him later."

Also, in the part about "everyone here means well of me," the "of" is a bit out of place. "For me" might sound better.

You left out a comma in "I guessed as much, Aunt Hermione."

Love Hermione asking if she's the only one who plans ahead. It is so typical of her.

Yikes, the idea of waiting months for the potion is dreadful. That means werewolves would have to go through the first few transformations without adequate protection and deal with all the pain caused by the wolf attacking itself. I guess it's not that surprising there'd be a delay, but still.

Hermione brewing it makes sense.

And, *grins*, I was right. He was planning to propose.

I didn't really expect her to respond like that though. Hmm, I wonder if she'll change her mind, once the transformation and all is over.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. As always, I love your feedback =)

I am pleased you liked the little details I put in about Arthur, Percy, and Hermione. I tried to make them as canon as possible and was a little apprehensive, so your comments make me happy.

I dropped hints throughout of Teddy proposing so I am glad you picked up on that too. Dominique is indeed very vulnerable and insecure and so she's afraid of Teddy leaving her - and yet her response in the end shows how she's unsure of herself and almost wants Teddy not to tie himself to her. More of that in the next chapter =)

This story is all about how everything is affecting Dominique so her emotions and reactions are going to be a priority throughout the story - and it's almost at its end now =)

I am glad you like the family's reactions as well, and find it all realistic. It's such a relief.

Thanks for pointing out those little grammar mistakes. As a non-native english writer, I am always grateful for any improvements in the area and welcome constructive criticism.

Well, I figured the Ministry must have a system of registering werewolves and distributing wolfsbane potions but like in the Muggle world, the system can never be flawlessly efficient. And plus potion brewing is tedious and time taking so it must take them some time to supply it to all those who need it. But our wonderful Hermione can't let all this affect Dominique, can she? So yes, I am glad it makes sense to you.

As for whether she'll change her mind or not, we'll see that in future chapters =)

Thank you for sticking with this story and continuing to review it!

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Review #45, by BookDinosaur At The Burrow

25th January 2014:
Hi Deets! :D How are you?

OMG THE END IS KILLING ME. But wait. I need to have at least a half-decently structured review. But there will be a rant later, believe me. ;)

Okay, so where do I start? (The beginning.) I loved how self-conscious poor Dom was about her appearance, her scars and the bags under her eyes, it was so sad but realistic at the same time. I think that little episode especially really showed us how she was going to have to spend the rest of her life - as a werewolf, she'll have to hide the proof of that from others. :( Poor Dommie.

But ahh, at least she has Teddy! Such a sweet relationship they have. Too many feels! (I would put a heart here, but the review box thing mistakes it for a HTML tag and cuts the rest of my review off.) I love how Teddy just reassures Dom about her scars and condition. :) They're just adorable together.

Oh, Hermione is so lovely! Hehe, you write the grown-up Hermione so well, I can really see her doing something exactly like that for Dom! The Weasley family loyalty and care is so present in there. Breaking - or bending, as she puts it - the rules is definitely setting she would do, and brewing that at potion was such a sweet gesture for Dom. I see that her skills in no way have lessened, the Wolfsbane Potion is a really hard potion to brew. :P

Gah, I was so excited when Victoire and Ian and Teddy were all talking and then they told Dom he was waiting for her in the garden. I was literally bouncing up and down going 'omgomgomgHE'S GOING TO PROPOSEomg' and then everything was perfect in the garden and admit stopped him! Why did Dom stp him? Why did the chapter end there? Why is life so hard? Dom needs Teddy in her life how could she stop him? I guess the werewolf thing would decrease her ego a lot, but she needs him, and a wedding would be the perfect thing to take her mind off everything and show her life could go on fine.

Deets, you evil, evil author, stop ending chapters in cliffies! They're just too well executed and leave me dying, :(

Anyway, overall this was a lovely chapter, I really enjoyed reading it! Update soon, Deets, you wouldn't want me dying (would you)? ;)

Author's Response: Hey Emily! Omg your review totally has me grinning from ear to ear. I am great, thanks to your lovely words xD

*evil laugh* I love such endings ;) And yay I love your rants, haha.

Yeah, poor Dominique =( I am glad you liked that little scene though - I wanted to show that underneath all that determination and strong will she showed during the Delilah Jones capture, she is still vulnerable and anxious and scared, and that the bite really has changed her life.

Teddy and Dominique make me swoon. I love them so much xD And I am glad you're liking them too and find them adorable.

I was quite apprehensive when it came to writing Hermione and other Weasley family characters because they're all hardcore canon and I was afraid I won't write them right, but it's a relief that you think I wrote Hermione well as well as the family's loyalty and all, thanks! Haha Hermione is the brightest witch of her age after all, no potion is too tough for her!

Haha I kinda set up the scene towards the ending from the beginning of the chapter and was hoping that my readers would guess he's going to propose and then dash all their hopes in the end with Dom's refusal... mwahahahaha. No seriously, it broke my heart to write the ending of the chapter though... poor Dominique =( well, as to the answers to your questions, you'll get them when the next chapter is up!

Haha I love cliffies. Sorry though, I'll try not to end the next one in a cliffy xP *hugs*

Thank you so much once again for your awesome review, it really made my day, and yes I'll try to update ASAP!

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Review #46, by academica Meetings and more.

22nd January 2014:
Hey Angie, here for Review Tag :)

It's been a while since I visited this story, but I fell right into it very naturally all the same. One thing I noticed that's new in this chapter, though, is a really fiery sense of determination from Dominique, which I love. She's clearly taken charge of her own recovery and put her energy into finding the truth behind her attack instead of wallowing in self-pity--despite the fact that everyone would probably accept her choosing to wallow for quite a long time, if she had decided to go in that direction instead. I love how tough she is and she seems like a real survivor and inspiration to other victimized women, which is always refreshing to see.

It's sad to see how desperation drove Wilson to agree to harm Dominique at Delilah's request. I was disappointed not to see any real hint of remorse from you or any sense that he thought through the full consequences of his actions before he went through with the deal. At the same time, it was nice for him to at least offer to let Dominique join his pack in the forest. I have to kind of wonder, given the way in which Teddy talked about him after they left, if a rift could potentially grow between Dominique and her family as she gets more used to her new werewolf identity and feels more compassion for her fellow werewolves. This story really makes me think and this lovely chapter is no exception!

Delilah Jones really makes my blood boil. ARGH! It's downright outrageous for her to still expect Dominique to do her bidding for the paper while knowing inside that she's responsible for the terrible fate that has befallen the poor girl. Again, I'm pleased to see Dominique stand up for herself, and I'm curious about what will be in store for her evil boss in the next chapter...

Lovely work! Maybe you're not confident in this chapter, but I really liked it and I don't think you should sell yourself short. I'm excited to read on later! :)


Author's Response: Hey Amanda! Thanks for reading and reviewing. As always, your feedback is very valuable to me because you're one of my idols when it comes to writing!

I was pleased that it was easy for you to follow the story despite you reading this chapter after a long time. Yes, Dominique finally got something to put her mind to and thus the determination. Underneath she is still hurting and anxious and scared but she's set her mind to catch her culprit and that is overpowering above anything else =) She is indeed a survivor and though she goes back to brooding a little bit after things mellow down, she has resolved to not just give up.

Wilson is a complex character. He is a very fickle minded person and all he wants is to have a better life. Alcohol and the bite has really taken its toll on him and therefore he barely feels any remorse or thinks his actions through. All he can think about is money and a better life.

As for a rift growing between Teddy and Dominique over this, their relationship is strong that they'll get through it all, but they'll surely have such bumps along the road and we'll see more of that after the issue with Delilah Jones gets resolved.

I am so happy to hear that the story makes you think, especially since your work always makes me think too =)

Delilah Jones is vile, yes. She really doesn't care about Dominique. As for what's in store for her evil boss, you'll just have to read on ;)

I am glad you liked this chapter and I hope you get a chance to read the next chapters too, especially since I just posted Chapter 8 yesterday =)


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Review #47, by patronus_charm Decisions and Discoveries

26th December 2013:
Hey Aditi, here for the review exchange! I just wanted to say how easy it was to slip back into this story even though it’s been several months since I last read it which as a nice surprise.

I really loved the family moment between Victoire, Fleur and Dominique at the beginning of the chapter because they were just so adorable with one another and you wrote the family relationship really well. The way they slipped in a few French phrases now and then added authenticity to it as it showed how calm they were to be able to speak another language.

I thought you handled Dom’s decision really well, and you could really sense the pain it was causing her to go through with this. Then the moment was made even worse with remembering that Victoire would have that happy family life one day, and I thought that was a really great touch in showing how sorry Dom’s state was. The final scene of that section with Bill was great, as it all showed how much they cared for her.

It was nice to see a bit of tension between Dom and Teddy given the situation as it added a more realistic feel to it. Then when they resolved it was so cute as you could really tell how much Teddy loved her with the way he was willing to forgo children to be with her. It will be interesting to see if this view will remain or change later on.

So this could have been an organised attack on Dom then? I liked the twist at the end with the letter as it sounds as if you’re introducing another character into the mix which should be interesting. I do wonder whether it was an organised one now, and why on earth did they do it.

A few tiny things such as here ‘“Yes you’re my dear, you surely are’ it would sound better as you are than you’re as she’s agreeing with the previous statement and that would make it clearer. There were a few other cases like that, but another quick read through will omit that.

Great chapter Aditi!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I am so awfully sorry for this super late response but RL has been keeping me busy.

I am pleased it was easy for you to slip back into the story despite a detachment.

The family moment was slightly difficult for me to write as I am not very good at such scenes so it's a relief to know that you think I did it well there.

Dom's decision was one that had to be taken. I am glad you found it well handled though. Dom's state is awful right now and though I haven't been able to include much of family so far, I wanted to show that everyone does care for her and is there for her be it Bill, Fleur, Victoire or Teddy.

I felt it would have been unrealistic for Dom/Teddy to go through this completely smoothly but at the same time Teddy is not going to let Dom go so easily either. As for their view, we'll see how things go later on =)

It was an organised attack, as is hinted by the letter and as it comes out to be in the coming chapters. As to who did it and why, the answers are all there in the further chapters =)

Thanks for that little tip. I'll fix the grammar issues when I go back to edit.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #48, by MadiMalfoy Meetings and more.

27th November 2013:
Hello again, it's been a long time! :)

Well, wasn't this just a mind-blowing chapter? Wilson Young is a great original character, and you've written him very well! The fact he's all alone and doesn't have anything but jumps at the opportunity to get something that just might get him started and on his feet again no matter how he might personally feel about it makes me so sad because no one should have to live like that :( ANyway, great character!

Don't get me started on Deliah Jones. That woman is nasty and I hate her. But, I love the unraveling of her character bit by bit. It's infuriating but also great at the same time because it really pulls the reader in. We don't know what she's going to do next or what might come out about her and her paying someone to bite Dominique simply because she wanted an actual werewolf perspective makes us hate her all the more but in a way I respect her for her job and the way she handles it, but she is just a horrible person.

As a whole, this chapter was really suspenseful and definitely kept me reading straight through it. You didn't give us many details in some places but when you did it still wasn't enough and the mystery remains in all of this. Even though you feel this was a hard chapter for you to write, I think you did an amazing job with it!

Please come back any time for more if you'd like! :)
~MadiMalfoy x
p.s. my account is being weird so that's why my name isn't linked. :(

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Apologies for the delay in responding.

I am pleased you liked the chapter. I was worried about my portrayal of Wilson but he seems to have come across to you the way I wanted him to, so that makes me feel nice =)

Delilah is crazy yeah but I love unraveling her too and I am glad you're enjoying that as well. She is a horrible person and more on her motives for doing what she did are revealed in the next chapter!

I am pleased you found the chapter suspenseful and that the mystery remained as I wanted that. I am so happy to hear that you think I did well on it.

Thanks a ton!

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Review #49, by shez Reflecting and Brooding

23rd October 2013:
So let me just say I haven't read a werewolf story in a LONG time and yours does not disappoint! I'm loving the pace of the first three chapters--right off the bat she's bitten, hospitalized, and now has to come to terms with her condition. It's excellent pacing, not too slow that the readers gets bored. Now, since you've covered all the background story and other general plot points so efficiently , I'm curious as to where you intend to take this story. It's only chapter 3, so I can't make a call on characterization yet, but Dom seems to be well-drawn character :). I don't know how I feel about teddy yet but I like her boss. She seems very work minded haha. Your writing and description is solid. You asked some pretty general feedback so let me see what I can say.

Overall I can you've put a massive amount of work into this story, so be proud :) The selective incorporation of details (how she was a Ravenclaw, her relationship with her sister and Teddy) is phenomenal. I'm very impressed.

There are a few grammatical discrepancies though. I won't go into detail but if you're looking for something to improve, I would suggest combing through the chapters and catching the awkward phrasing and missing words (not very much, though).

Werewolves are a compelling read so I can't wait to see where this story goes :) Dom's going to change a lot, isn't she? Are we going to find out who bit her and why? I'm sensing her life's only going to get worse from this point and am intrigued to see how you balance the human and 'beast' elements of her identity in the future. Remus had a lot of trouble with it.

Keep writing and feel free to rerequest!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

I am pleased that my werewolf story didn't disappoint you so far. I was worried about the pace so I am glad you think it's okay. Dom is pretty confused and frustrated at the moment thus you didn't get to see much of her real character yet, but now that she is getting a grip on herself, you'll see what she's really like further. As for where I intend to take the story, you'll have to wait and read xP The boss is not a very appealing character so I am surprised you like her, but haha good! As for Teddy, we'll be seeing more of him further so I am curious to see what you'd think of him.

It's so great to hear that you're actually impressed with all the little details and such. I did put in a lot of effort into this story so it's really nice to know it seems to be paying off.

English is not my native language so I do tend to have grammar problems at times but I'll try to polish the chapters later on.

We will find out who bit her and why. Her life will definitely take a turn for the worse, but in the end it's all about finding hope isn't it, and we'll explore that journey of hers =) It will surely not be easy.

I'll surely re-request! Thank you!

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Review #50, by Cannons More Bad News

23rd October 2013:
hi, requested review!

Awhh this was so sad!! why must you do this to her :o

you are really descriptive as always and it makes it even more sad!

I'm going to read this through now because I'm excited to see where this is going!

and a cliff hanger at the end! (lucky I can just read the next chapter right now so it doesn't matter to much, but i would have been going crazy)


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot again for reading and reviewing.

I am pretty evil eh xP I am glad you could feel for her though.

I am always worried about my descriptions so it's great you like them.

I am so happy you're going to keep reading, thanks.

Aha I love cliffhangers xD

Thank you!

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