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Review #26, by TidalDragon A Ray of Light

16th April 2014:
Well, Delilah got her comeuppance didn't she? It felt rather rushed to me, but the outcome was right in the end.

I did like the touches you made about the legal system in the wizarding world, putting bounds on the use of veritaserum and discussing the pensieve chamber for example. Both were interesting takes on things we know from canon that served your story well.

The biggest thing for me in this chapter was the profanity and outbursts. I can understand some of it, but I think it was a little overboard here. This is a personal opinion, but I think profanity works best when used at crucial emotional points for maximum impact. You used it as a couple of potential right moments here, but when you used it more frequently it diluted the effect. I understand that it helped to make Delilah seem a bit more unhinged, but I think that might have been better developed through a balance of internal thoughts/observations or a more extended confrontation between Dominique and her (former?) boss.

Now that she's gone though and the mystery is solved, I'm wondering where we go next. The A/N says a family gathering, so I'll see you there!

Author's Response: I am sorry if it felt rushed to you, I'll try to fix that.

The little details like that always please me so I'm glad you liked them too.

Since the story is mostly Dom's POV I'm not sure I can incorporate Delilah's inner thoughts here, but I'll try to work around the dialogues and tone down the profanity.

Thanks again for all your helpful feedback !

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Review #27, by TidalDragon Meetings and more.

16th April 2014:
Hello again!

For this particular chapter, the biggest thing I noticed was that the dialogue really seemed to dominate more than usual. We got occasional internal thoughts or emotion language cast in, but by-and-large, such things were much more sparse, and the description not nearly as vivid as in chapters past. This was true of the previous chapter, albeit to a lesser extent, but the descriptions and powerful language you used to set the tone and mood so well in the first two chapters feel a long way away. I think the story would really benefit from taking the time to bring them all the way back.

In terms of plot, things are developing at a solid pace and flowing pretty well. I am following the story easily and not feeling overwhelmed with content and storylines or new developments, but at the same time not feeling like you're plodding along either. I think you could probably stand to inject a bit more detail, as I mentioned, but by and large you're doing well in these areas.

The characterizations were decent in this chapter. I definitely understand Dominique having mixed thoughts and volatile emotions in the immediate aftermath of what happened. I also appreciate Teddy's anger and intensity, but him running hot and cold didn't seem to fit as much for me as it did for Dominique. One minute he was ready to fight, the next he was trying to calm Dominique down and it just seemed a bit inconsistent at times.

Looking forward to the final two chapters you have up!

Author's Response: Hello again! Yes there was a lot more dialogue in this chapter but it had to be done since it was necessary for the scene. The first chapter was a prologue of sorts and it set the tone for the story thus more description there. But I'll try to bring back the imagery and descriptions if I can =)

I am glad you are liking the plot and the pace seems okay.

I'll look into the inconsistency as well.

Thanks =)

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Review #28, by TidalDragon Decisions and Discoveries

16th April 2014:
Alrighty, so diving right in, I thought the moments between Fleur and Dominique stood out as positives, along with the interaction between Dominique and Teddy.

In terms of areas for improvement, I think it would have been useful to look at Fleur's speech patterns from the books and try to mirror them better. I can understand the patterns being less pronounced over time, since she would presumably have lived in the U.K. with Bill for quite some time now and slightly adjusted, but I think it would have made that characterization more nuanced to have them manifest in some way (other than the French words).

Also (and this is really more minor), I felt the part after the transition from Teddy and Dom's spat to the questioning of the attack was a bit rushed - rather than Dominique speaking consistently in larger paragraphs, I think two characters who know one another so well would most likely have exhibited more balance and back-and-forth, which would have made that portion feel a bit less jumbled as well.

At any rate, the plot is remaining interesting with the new developments you are inserting and it is mostly flowing well on the whole.

See you next chapter!

Author's Response: I am pleased you liked the moments between Fleur and Dominique, and Teddy/Dom.
I figured Fleur's accent would have faded over time but I'll see if I can add more of the touches to her dialogues.
I'll work on the dialogues between Teddy/Dom.

Thanks =)

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Review #29, by TidalDragon More Bad News

16th April 2014:
Hello again!

This was a very interesting chapter. When I first read the revelation about Dominique being unable to have children, my gut reactions was - WHAT?! But look at Teddy! And then you followed it up with a very logical well-reasoned explanation. So that was very good.

On the flip side, I think that news and the reactions to it are probably the some of the most difficult things to possibly write. That also makes it hard to comment on because I don't know your personal experience with it. I will leave it at this - I think I wanted a bit more of Dominique's internal thoughts. This was a huge moment - the type that gives you license to make time stand still - and I think you could have massively magnified it by doing so. Drilling in on the smallest details that Dominique notices, her thoughts, her emotions, her reactions to simple things like light and the voices talking to her. I thought it was largely handled appropriately, but I thought those kind of touches could have made it that much more impactful.

We didn't really see enough of Fleur and Victoire here to comment too much on their characterization, but I thought Teddy was solid and the scene you wrote between he and Dominique that represented the beginning of the chapter was well done. Some of Teddy's dialogue seemed overly complex in terms of vocabulary, but perhaps that's an aspect of his character you're laying out.

All in all a good chapter that certainly leaves a big cliffhanger to transition to the next one.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks again for reading and reviewing.

I am glad the explanation made sense. Thank you for the CC as well, I'll try to focus more on her inner thoughts and reactions if I edit =)

Yeah I didn't bring much of Fleur and Victoire in this but Teddy is a huge part of the whole scene in the story so I'm glad you liked his characterisation. I'll look into the dialogue as well.

Thanks =)

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Review #30, by TidalDragon Reflecting and Brooding

16th April 2014:
Howdy! Sorry it's taken so long, but I'm dropping in on this chapter to start my answer to your review request as I knew the moment I got your request I had already R&R'd the first two chapters. This story is actually in my Reading List, so that should tell you I already liked what I read earlier.

As far as this chapter goes, I thought it did well at advancing the plot and developing some relationships and characters that I get the sense will be important in the future. I thought it flowed nicely from scene to scene, which is no mean feat when you also involve a flashback, so kudos on that.

As for the different scenes themselves, I honestly wasn't a big fan of the flashback scene. I know you had a lot to explore and resolve in a short frame of time, but the ending in particular seemed a bit hurried and off to me. Maybe having Dominique return to the present to actively reflect on Victoire's acceptance would allow you to keep it succinct but still have the nice Dom/Teddy-centric portion of the flashback? Just a thought.

I really liked the characterization of the editor. I would hate to work for her, but she was certainly distinctive and you absolutely got across the type of person she is in a very short amount of time with her dialogue and demeanor.

I also liked that you came full circle back to Teddy at the end. It made the flashback at the beginning more meaningful, and also made for what I think will be a nice transition to the next chapter.

See you in Chapter 4!

Author's Response: Hello there! I'm so sorry for the terribly late response but I've been super busy! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing my story!

I am pleased you liked what you've read earlier. I am glad you liked how this advanced the plot and developed the relationships as especially the latter was my main aim.

I want to redo the flashback yes, and I'll look into it whenever i get time =) Thanks for the comments!

I am pleased you like Delilah's characterisation as well, and the whole ending with Teddy.


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Review #31, by teh tarik At The Burrow

14th April 2014:
Helloo AD! Well, FINALLY I'm all caught up with the story! Took me awhile but yay, I'm so pleased.

From the beginning, I kind of suspected that Teddy was going to do something propose to Dom, bahaha, and I was right. I assumed that was him in the kitchen conspiring with Victoire and Ian on the best way to do it! :P Seriously, Teddy is my dream partner. I WANT SOMEONE LIKE THAT!!

I love how you wrote a big Weasley family gathering! I always have all the admiration for authors who tackle these huge Burrow gatherings because there are just so many people who know each other really well, and it can be tricky writing these big group situations, but you did it so well. I love Nana Molly and her cookies and her mothering, and Hermione and Percy and everyone. The characters were really well-written, and well-distinguished from each other. I especially loved Hermione and the Wolfsbane potion. Gah, Dom is SO lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive extended family. Everyone is just so good to her. :)

AND TEDDY PROPOSED. What a lovely speech he made, and I love that he made those references to the garden of their childhood. It's so lovely *SIGHS*. Aw no, DOM IS GOING TO SAY NO! D: Hopefully Teddy'll convince her fully in the next chapter!

I can't wait to read the next bit, and what will happen on the full moon! Great chapter, AD ♥


Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Hey Nicole! Great to see you back =)

Haha I am glad you suspected something was up as that was my aim xD Ah, don't we all want someone like Teddy? hehe.

It's such a relief to hear you liked the way I wrote the gathering. Trust me, I am not one of those authors who can usually write these huge Burrow gatherings well - I was very very afraid while writing the scene and wasn't sure how it turned out. But your words have put me somewhat at ease and made me happy =) I am pleased you liked how the characters were written including Hermione - she's a major canon character and writing her was another daunting task for me so I am glad it paid off. Dom is very lucky yes =)

I am pleased you liked the speech too - I wrote it off the top of my head with no "planning" at all xD But yes Dom said no.. sorry teddy. *evil laugh*

As for what happens next, you'll have to wait and watch xD

Thank you once again!

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Review #32, by Twinkleflower The Worst Had Happened

12th April 2014:
It has been a while since I have read this story, but I thought I would pick it up again and I am really glad I did. This chapter just seems to tick all the boxes. I love the fact that it was packed full of emotion, which made your characters so believable and real. This was particularly effective at making me feel more connected to Dominique, as I felt her internal emotional struggle as well as her outward emotions. I also thought your dialogue was superbly written, it just drew me right into the thick of it. I am really intrigued to see where you take it from here. A well deserved 10/10.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for coming back =) I am glad you liked the chapter with the emotions and characters. It's great that you could connect to Dominique. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

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Review #33, by teh tarik A Ray of Light

2nd April 2014:
Hey Aditi!

I'm here for the TGS Review Exchange...last month's, actually, eep. Sorry for the lateness of this; I've been so preoccupied with things, ugh. Anyway, I am SO pleased to finally get the chance to return to your story! I've read most of it, and in this chapter, at last, things are beginning to wrap up, justice is served and all that.

I thought you did a great job maintaining all that tension and drama, as you've done in all the previous chapters. I love how Dominique holds her ground with Delilah, but also how she very nearly goes to pieces in the end; I honestly can't imagine how she must be feeling about the whole thing - it has been a long, hard battle to bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice, and to deal with the effects of her new condition, and it's gratifying to see that despite being pushed to the limit sometimes, she makes it, and that there's a good chance that Delilah will be going to Azkaban.

Speaking of Delilah, wow! She is one completely mental villain! From this chapter, it sounds like Dom has previously done nothing at all to merit such rage and resentment from Delilah - except perhaps to inherit some media attention from her parents. It's not something that she can help, but it's something that Delilah is infuriated about - to think that her lesser employee gets more spotlight than her! And to make things more twisted, Delilah is pretty much the person who hires Dom. Wow. I'm beginning to think that Delilah hired Dom on purpose, either because she wanted to destroy her from the onset (for no reason other than sheer jealousy), or she wanted to compete with Dom's popularity with the wizarding world, and then failed, and then became vengeful and angry and sadistic. I like the way you wrote her emotional arc through this chapter: from indifference, to confusion and feigned ignorance, to rage, and then to the complete breakdown where she goes REALLY INSANE and pretty much confesses to the crime herself. I'm so glad this mad person is getting put away. :P

It's been a great story so far, AD! I'm really curious to see how you'll tie things up, and how you'll conclude things for Dom, now that her life is going to be so different to what it once was. I know you've been super busy, lovely, but I really do hope you'll be able to find a spare moment to write and update! You're SO CLOSE to finishing.

Absolutely great work, AD! ♥


Author's Response: Hey Nicole!

Thanks for stopping by =)

The story is nearing its end and things are wrapping up but there are just a few more things to be sorted out and it'll be done!

I am pleased you liked the whole tension and drama going on in this chapter. Dominique has a lot to deal with so its nice to know that you liked how I portrayed her feelings over all here.

Delilah is pretty crazy yes. She did hire Dom on purpose - she seized at the opportunity to have a famous person working under her - and well things went downhill from there. It's great that you enjoyed her emotional arc.

Yeah I am really busy but I hope to write a new chapter soon, which will probably be the second last chapter!

Thanks for all your lovely words!

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Review #34, by Lululuna At The Burrow

21st March 2014:
Hi Aditi! :) I'm here for your requested review from like a month ago, I'm really sorry it took this long to get here. :( The Battle really took a lot of my reviewing inspiration and time as I'm sure you can relate to. :P

This was a really wonderful chapter! :) I really like how now that Delilah Jones has been taken care of, Dominique is starting to realize the true, lifelong consequences of what it means to be a werewolf. It's so interesting how she hasn't really thought about it much until now, almost as if she's in denial. So much has happened in the last month, and I feel that she's been busier with solving the mystery and bringing the people who hurt her to justice rather than accepting the everyday reality of the situation. Her confused emotions about her scar were so sad - but I'm glad that Teddy is there to support her and show her that she deserves to love herself for who she is.

I loved the Burrow gathering and that warm, Weasley feeling, from how much food there was to how welcoming and supportive everybody was. But then there was also the darker, more stressful undertone, and I could tell how Dom felt a little uncomfortable and like her family was nervous for her. That seems very realistic, although of course a lot of the worry is in Dominique's head. Her fear of the moon and dwelling on how symbolic it would become reminded me of Remus and his fear of the moon as well.

Hermione was just wonderful here, I think you wrote her very nicely in terms of canon. She had that kind, thoughtful and very perceptive character which I loved about her in the HP books, and I like how her nurturing instincts have grown and shown her to be this very motherly figure who also is good at taking action. Hermione brewing the potion for Dom is just perfect since it took me right back to the Polyjuice potion in Myrtle's bathroom days. :P

It's quite upsetting how the Ministry doesn't have the potion on hand for werewolves - seems like they're just as useless as they've always been, sadly. :( The idea of Dom having to wait for the potion and brewing the potion for her being illegal is just quite corrupt and unfair, and makes me worry for the people who are in similar situations to Dom but might not have the resources she does.

One thing about that conversation which made me curious though, was why Hermione was worried about Arthur being concerned about Hermione breaking the Ministry's rules and giving Dominique the potion? I would imagine that the whole family would want Dom to be as safe and comfortable as possible during her transformation, and Arthur isn't exactly a saint himself considering he hid a magically enhanced flying car. :P I'd be more worried about Percy, personally, since he was a bit of a rule-stickler in the books. So maybe that's something to consider if you edit this chapter as it did confuse me a little. :)

And the proposal! Aw, poor Teddy. :( I suspected something was up the whole chapter, and I was right! :D His proposal was very sweet - I especially liked how he mentioned their first kiss and what the garden at the Burrow meant to them, aw. ♥

That being said, I think Dominique did the right thing in stopping him from proposing. It's sad, and uncomfortable, but I don't think this is the best time for her to have something like this, another change in her life, coming onto her plate. She's about to have her first transformation, she's still coming to terms with herself, and Teddy should know her well enough to wait until she's ready and in a stable and accepting place before putting another thing on her plate, even if it's a happy thing. Dom still has a lot of personal issues and identity problems she needs to cope with, and I think she needs to learn to be herself again. :)

Here are a few little nitpicky things I noticed (feel free to ignore them, of course! :))

her thoughts resuming to the scar... I feel like "resuming" is a bit of an odd word to use in this sentence. "returning to the scar" would make sense, or "she resumed thinking about the scar," because of the kind of verb it is.

hide any part of yours from me... "yours" should be "yourself" I think.

She said excitedly, hugging her sister and ushering them in. Dominique hugged her back then fell into step beside Victoire. I just noticed that these two sentences contradicted one another, the way it reads now is that they hugged, Victoire let them in, Dominique hugged her again, and then they walked in. So it's a little out of order.

Mama thought you are not coming... "are" should be "were."

her father who sat on the sofa... Should be "was sitting on the sofa" because... I think it's called a progressive verb? If he actually did the action of sitting down when she was looking at him then it would fit, but because he's already sitting should be "was sitting." :)

This was a really great chapter, I think one of my favourites so far! I'm looking forward to the next one especially and seeing how Dominique copes with her transformation and how it might change her. I wonder if she might even have a positive experience and realize that being a werewolf is something she can cope with.

Thanks for requesting and I hope you find this review helpful.This was a great read! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

I definitely found this review helpful and I'll look into the things you pointed out, and edit as soon as I get some time =)

I am glad you liked the way I wrote Dominique here and all her emotions. It's also great to know that you found the Weasley gathering realistic as I am not very good with family gathering stuff but it's nice to know you liked it.

It's a relief that you liked Hermione too and felt her tied with canon. Thank you! And yes, the Arthur part, I should change it to Percy! Thanks for the suggestion xD

I quite agree with your thoughts on the proposal. Teddy wanted to bring some happiness into Dom's life with the proposal but he needs to understand that this is really not the best time as Dom is still coming to terms with her new identity. Nonetheless, Dom will explain things to him (or will she? ;)).

Thank you once again for your detailed and thoughtful review =)

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Review #35, by ShadowRose At The Burrow

14th March 2014:

*takes a deep breath* I should probably settle myself before I attempt to write a review in all caps. :P

Aww, I love Teddy in this chapter. He's so in love with Dominique, and he shows it in so many ways throughout the chapter - by telling her to let her scar show, insinuating that it's a special night and accidentally almost telling her his plan (I guessed what was going to happen almost immediately at that point and I felt so proud of myself), helping her through her family's weird looks and overconcernedness, and then proposing to her at the end. Gah, that was such a cute proposal and I just want to hug him but I know that's Dominique's job. I can't believe she's saying "no," but I know that'll probably be an important plot point and she has her reasoning, even if it's not the best logic.

I'm so glad that Hermione's stepping in to help! She's so great, and I love that she's going back to her rule-breaking Hogwarts days in order to get this potion for Dominique. "Let’s just say that Voldemort wouldn’t have died if we had all stayed true to rules and laws" was a beautifully perfect line. It's so true and just made me laugh.

Overall, this was a really great chapter, but you really need to update soon because this cliffhanger might just be the death of me!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

(Blackout Battle review 6/20 for opposite house)

heard about Jones been taken away

Author's Response: Haha I am so flattered that you've read your way to the end of this, THANK YOU!

I am glad you liked Teddy here, along with the whole family discomfort thing. The proposal was adorable yes, and her reasoning/logic is definitely flawed and stupid in my opinion but we'll know it later xP

It's nice that you liked the bit with Hermione too, and that line xD

Thanks again! I'll try to update as soon as uni gives me some breathing room!

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Review #36, by ShadowRose A Ray of Light

14th March 2014:
Hey Aditi, I'm back again!

Wow, this is definitely a dramatic chapter. I love how she tries to deny it all at first in order to preserve her innocence, but gradually gets more and more crazy as she realises all the evidence against her. It's so dramatic at by the end as she completely loses it - I love it! She starts off just casually cynical, making a few disparaging comments and accurisng her of being sick and threatening to fire her, but she eventually starts yelling and screaming and trying to make a getaway, which was a really great way to show her descent into madness. Her reasoning, however horrible, definitely seems like something she would view as logical, and I'm glad she got caught for her craziness and everyone knows she's nuts now.

Dominique's gotten so strong as this story has gone on - she's so ruthless here and really lets her anger play a role in intimidating Delilah and getting a confession out of her. I like that she had Teddy ready for back-up - she's definitely done her homework here.

The moment at the end was a great way to wrap it up. After all of the crazy drama, she has a moment of relief to relax with her boyfriend and her best friend, and she almost forgets all of her troubles. After all she's been through, goodness knows she deserved a moment like that.

This was another really great chapter - it was action-packed but came with an immensely satisfying conclusion. I can't wait to see what comes next!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

(Blackout Battle review 5/20 for opposite house)

Author's Response: Hey again!

Thanks once more for your lovely review. I am pleased you liked Delilah's evolution of attitude here, or descent into madness as you so aptly described it.

I am pleased you liked Dominique too - she has gotten strong yes. The vulnerable side is still there, but she is pulling herself together.

I am happy you liked the chapter over all along with the conclusion of it. Thanks!

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Review #37, by ShadowRose Meetings and more.

14th March 2014:
Hi Aditi!

I really love Dom's change in attitude in this chapter. While it's horrible that someone plotted to hurt her, it's definitely put a new fire under her belt and brought her back from the self-pity she's been wallowing in for the past few days. She's got a lot of anger to take out, and she definitely does a good job of intimidating Young into giving her what she wants, even if it means pulling the Harry Potter card.

Wilson Young is definitely an interesting character - he seems like a bit of a wreck, and he doesn't have much of a moral compass, now does he? It seems he was just trying to find a way to get by, and he happened to chose something that was a really immoral and horrible idea. His comment to Dominique, however innocent it may have been, definitely shows how prevalent werewolf prejudice is in their society.

It's also really obvious as she's walking into the office, and everyone's kind of scared of her and wants to keep her at arm's length. It's good that Julia, at least, doesn't feel that way, because at least Dominique has someone to turn to in the office. The dynamic between the two of them is great, and their friendship seems really natural and friendly.

I love Dom and Teddy's relationship in this chapter. They're both so protective of one another but also know when to hold down the other one. They work really well as a couple, because they constantly read one another so well.

Ooh, and a confrontation is about to go down. I love the way you've ended this - it's so dramatic! I hope Delilah Jones goes down, because goodness knows she deserves it.

Another really great chapter!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

(Blackout Battle review 4/20 for opposite house)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing again! Apologies for late response!

I am glad you like Dom's attitude here. She's still hurting inside but she has decided to distract herself from that at the moment and receive justice. I also enjoyed putting in the Harry Potter card - after all the next-gen should have some advantage of that xP

Young is definitely a wreck. He's lost in life and will do anything to get by. He is someone to be pitied really.

I believe true friends and people who truly love you don't abandon you no matter what and Julia is one of them =)

I am glad you like the relationship of Dom/Teddy too, as well as the dramatic ending.


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Review #38, by ShadowRose Decisions and Discoveries

14th March 2014:
Hi Aditi, I'm back again for the next chapter!

There are so many good interactions throughout this chapter. I love the relationship between Dominique and Fleur and Victoire - they seem so close-knit and loving, and it's so great to see a family like that. The decision she had to make was heartbreaking, and I think you did a great job of capturing all the numbness associated with it. I love how supportive her family is being, and how they're all there to be with her as she goes through with the procedure.

I actually really like the little spat between her and Teddy, because it definitely makes their relationship seem more realistic. Teddy's a great guy, but I can see why he'd get fed up with Dominique's behaviour eventually. It's nice that they get over it and Teddy tells her he still loves her even if she can't have children.

Oh wow, this was sabotage? That's dramatic! And Delilah Jones? Wow, I can't believe she'd do something like that! Although, in hindsight it does seem a bit odd that she so suddenly developed this human-interest piece idea, so I wonder if that was part of the motive? I guess I'll have to wait and see!

This was a really great chapter, and a great way for me to get back into this story after such a long time! Good work!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

(Blackout Battle review 2/20 on opposite house)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks again for reading and reviewing! I am pleased you liked the interactions in this chapter between the mother and her two daughters. It was a little out-of-the-comfort-zone thing for me to write as I don't do families but it's good to know you liked it =) As for her decision, it is of course hard but yes her family will be there with her through it all.

Yes, I felt like Teddy is human after all and he can't possibly take Dom's behaviour without reacting. Nonetheless, he still loves her and that is one thing which is a constant in Dom's life.

As for Delilah's motive, yes you'll have to wait and see =) I am glad you're enjoying the story, thanks!

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Review #39, by MadiMalfoy A Ray of Light

14th March 2014:
Hi, MadiMalfoy here with your long-awaited review! :)

Wow was this chapter intense! Delilah completely loses it and I found it pretty hilarious that she did! It's so over the top that it's perfect! And Dominique not even caring all that much because she's too upset and outraged at her boss for doing all this just for some power!

The way you had her taken away was pretty great too! No easy escape for the villain! Dominique was pretty ruthless herself but she had a right to be so I'm glad you elaborated on that!

Overall this was a great shorter chapter that tied up some loose ends from previous chapters and set up a little for stuff coming up! I loved it! Please feel free to re-request at your convince. :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! Apologies for such a late response!

I am pleased you liked the intensity of the chapter and enjoyed how Delilah slowly lost it xD I was worried the whole over-the-top thing wouldn't work but I am glad you liked that.

Yes, it was a filler chapter of sorts but it was necessary. Thanks again =)

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Review #40, by ShadowRose More Bad News

14th March 2014:
Hey Aditi - I've been meaning to read and review this story for ages, so what better time than Blackout Bingo?

Wow, Dominique is just having one heck of a day. First her boss comes by, now this bomb? Yikes, I can see why she'd be freaking out - her whole life is falling apart before her eyes.

Teddy's so sweet here, he's so understanding of everything and he's able to finally get her to open up to people, which is something that no one else has been able to successfully do yet. I mean, he's definitely struggling on his own, but he's able to put on a strong face for Dominique and be there for her as all of this is happening. I love how defensive he gets of her when she tells him what happened with her boss - it's so adorable that he cares for her so much!

Wow, that's so heartbreaking for Dominique. I mean, I can definitely see why having a child would be hard as a werewolf, but I'd never really thought about that before. Poor Dominique keeps having all these different opportunities ripped away from her, all because of this one werewolf bite. It's a shame she'll never be able to have kids - I feel like Teddy/Dom kids would be absolutely adorable! I can't imagine what state I'd be in if I had to stomach that kind of news, so I'm definitely proud of her for keeping herself somewhat together as she learns all of this.

Gahh, why'd you have to end it on a cliffhanger? I guess it's not that bad, considering I can just flip to the next chapter, but I can't imagine having to wait to figure out what this decision is referring to - I have to know now! With that, I'm on to the next chapter! :)

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

(Blackout Battle review 1/20 on other house)

Author's Response: Hey! I am glad you got a chance to read this story =)

Yes, the story is called The Worst for a reason xP

I am glad you like my Teddy. He definitely knows how to be strong for his loved ones. Harry and Andromeda's upbringing has led to that =)

I always pondered what happens to a female werewolf's child if she's pregnant, and it just didn't make sense for the child inside to survive the transformations. She has kept it together on the outside but it's eating away at her inside, poor Dom.

I do love cliffhangers xD I am glad you're liking the story, thanks!

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Review #41, by anythingcouldhappen Decisions and Discoveries

7th March 2014:
Hi! Reviewing this for Blackout Bingo :)


I. Want. To. Kill. Delilah. Jones.

But actually.

I CANNOT believe she did that. Of course its probably more complicated than it appears, but if she actually made such a deal and now I guess hopes to profit off Dom's story--that is so twisted. She is corrupt and heartless and I really want to strangle her. She just changed Dom's life irrevocably! You can't just do that to someone! She took away Dom's future children! Honestly that's the part that gets me the most. I know adoption is a great option, but that doesn't make the pain Dom must be feeling any less.


I am so frustrated. So angry and frustrated. What a stupid, hateful woman.

In other news, you have made me get more emotionally attached to Dom than I have been to a fanfic character in a long time. Congrats! *claps*

I really liked this chapter, because it kept developing the dynamic between Dom and her family and Teddy. That was nice. I hope Bill comes in more in the future chapters!

Great job, again!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Delilah is definitely twisted, and there's more to her reasons than just a story which we find out in later chapters. And yes, the not being able to have children part is probably the worst of effects that the bite had =(

I am quite flattered that my story brought out such a strong reaction out of you. I am pleased you could get emotionally attached to Dom. Thank you so much!

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Review #42, by TidalDragon The Worst Had Happened

7th March 2014:
Hello again!

So I definitely liked the beginning of this chapter. I thought it flowed really well from the last and you did a good job of portraying the feelings that Dominique was experiencing there, especially her panic in the nightmare/memory and her relief at coming to.

Some of the interactions with family later felt a bit odd for me. For example I know that Fleur would obviously be devastated, but given her strength in handling Bill's condition and all the experience she would have had with it over all those years, it seemed like she would have taken extra care to comfort her and stay by her side and that Bill would certainly have stayed regardless.

I did think it ended well though in terms of Dominique's overarching reaction of pushing everyone away. It will be interesting to see how she fights through to come to terms with her new condition as the story progresses.

Thanks for keeping this story going!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for continuing to read this. I am pleased you liked the beginning of the chapter as it was something I was pretty anxious about. Her emotions were a little hard to deal with so I'm glad you liked that too.

Well, in my opinion, with Fleur and Bill the situation was a bit different as Bill didn't turn into a full-fledged werewolf and moreover, he was her fiance/husband. But this is her daughter - and Fleur's just had a shock. She'll be stronger further on as she regains composure though =)

Besides, they all know Dominique very well and they know that she wants to be left alone at such a time. Nonetheless, I am glad you liked the ending too.


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Review #43, by TidalDragon Dreading The Worst

6th March 2014:

I will just jump right in and say that I thought you did a great job weaving in the tidbits about Dominique's character amidst the story of how she got into this situation and the varying emotions that she experiences.

I also really thought that as the danger increased and the atmosphere darkened, it was clever to start using shorter sentences that built up a kind of staccato rhythm leading into the cliffhanger at the end.

One thing that did strike me as a tad odd was that she would forget about the impending full moon given the seemingly intense fear of werewolves that you set her up with toward the end. I thought that set up was interesting and believable, but it also made me think that Dominique was someone who would never forget about the full moon while in the midst of werewolves, especially a pack of them. Perhaps this will be revealed when we learn more about her working style and habits - I'm not sure, but I think it would be helpful.

At any rate, this being my first Next Gen fic, I'm interested to see that it looks to be headed for a darker path than most of its counterparts here on HPFF (judging by the summaries) and that it is focused on a character that seems to get comparatively less love than others in Dominique.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hey there! Apologies for such a late response but thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you liked how I gave in some details about Dom and the descriptions etc.

Dom is a person who is easily distracted, who gets so caught up in her work that even the fear of werewolves shall not come in her way of work so that's why she "forgot" about it. But yes it is sort of revealed later - the hows and the whys etc.

This is definitely not a light story - it has its light moments - but mostly its about Dom dealing with the dark turn her life has taken and its not going to be all rainbows and sunshine. I just can't deal with fluff like that xP

Thank you!

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Review #44, by TheGirlOnFire Dreading The Worst

1st March 2014:
Hello, this is for the blackout challenge.

Just like to say that this is interesting. I like the idea of Dominique is being attacked by a werewolf. (don't mean that in a creepy way). She's always portrayed as the vain part veela who gets everything she wants. It's nice to see that you're showing her in a different light and that increases the likability of this story. I though the build up to the on coming attack was very cleverly done and it build just the right amount of suspense.

Keep writing:)


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I am glad you found this interesting!

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Review #45, by anythingcouldhappen More Bad News

1st March 2014:
Hi! I'm reviewing this for Blackout Bingo :)

I felt like crying when the healer gave her the news of not being able to have a baby. It makes total sense, but its still-heartbreaking. I can't imagine what I would do if I was told that. Her response is great. Even though she may not be wanting kids at the moment, to be told you'll never be able to have a child--and if you conceive that child will die, would be so painful. :( This just makes me really sad. So, you should know that I am emotionally invested in Dom. Good job! Its a sign of good writing if you can get your readers to care about your characters! Even if it makes them sad to care :(

Teddy seems like such a great character. He's so supportive and kind, and I think exactly what Dom needs right now. I like that even though this must be really difficult for him to go through, he puts on a strong and supportive face for Dom. I'd love to see his what's going on in his head. (Spin-off one-shot describing Teddy's feelings about the whole thing? *hint hint* *wink wink*)

I think your writing is also better in this chapter. I couldn't find any grammar mistakes, or sentences that are awkwardly worded. Just a clean, well-written chapter.

The one thing that was a little confusing was the dialogue tag on this: “I know, I am sorry. I promise I won’t be such a pig anymore. Teddy knocked some sense into me.” Victoire smiled at her sister’s response and nodded." When you say Victoire immediately after the dialogue, it makes the reader connect Victoire with the previous words. So maybe you could split it, or reword the sentence so Dom is mentioned as the speaker?

I loved also that Teddy didn't just spill the beans on what was going on. It kept me curious for the whole chapter and made me wonder what the decision she has to make is. And now I'm STILL curious, so I'll be dropping by for the next chapter soon to find out what it is!

Great job!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased that you're emotionally invested in Dom and can feel for her. It is quite sad, yeah.
Teddy is an amazing person and I'd love to have a boyfriend like him too... if only. LOL
Haha I'll think about the spin-off perhaps after this is finished ;)
I am pleased you think my writing improved here.
I'll look into the dialogue you pointed out =)

Haha I love keeping my readers curious! Thanks again!

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Review #46, by lindslo2012 More Bad News

22nd February 2014:
Hey Angie:)
I am here with a requested review!
This chapter was very intense as your others have been.. i applaud you for keeping up the intensity and the addictive plot going:) because it makes me not want to take my eyes off the story. I feel so bad for Dominique because she can't bare children. It would totally make sense if a female changing into a werewolf wouldn't be able to bare children because imagine what tram a it would bring the child inside:( poor Dom.. and poor Teddy too (if they stay together forever).
I also love how supportive Teddy is. He would be
The type of guy that I would date (If I wasn't married of course) and he is such a nice guy to Dom even though she was quite rude to him at times.
Well I hope things get better after they hit rock bottom for Dom. I guess I will have to read on to find out. What another awesome chapter!!!:D
I see no errors that catch my eye so no CC here :)
Until nxt time,

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Sorry for late response!

I am pleased you found this chapter intense, and that you feel for Dominique. I am a bad writer to put my favourite characters through this but oh I can't help it :P *evil laugh*

I am glad you like Teddy's character too and find him a nice guy. No CC? Yay!

Thank you!

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Review #47, by anythingcouldhappen Reflecting and Brooding

20th February 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review :)

I like how in the last chapter you addressed Dom's family, while in this one you dealt with her job. There are are sooo many things that would change with any major injuries, and I think you did a good job dealing with a lot of them. When she was thinking about the bite on her neck, that was especialy well written--her wondering how Teddy would see her now, and feeling like she was tainted.

I think Dom's attitude is so realistic. A lot of stories can sometimes treat being a werewolf (or other injury/condition) as a shock and initial injury, but the character makes peace with it quickly and discusses how they're still themselves. But Dom's reaction I think is more characteristic of the real world. While people may come to terms with a condition/disability, in my experience it's very difficult and they often feel like Dom is feeling in this chapter at first. Feeling tainted and worthless, despite what everyone says. It's much easier to look at something from the outside and say it wouldn't be so bad than from the inside.

In terms of pace, everything was good. I liked the flashback! The ending was great too. After hearing about how lovely Teddy is, I really wonder why he wasn't smiling!

The following are just some grammar points:

"to accept to be my girlfriend now?” Here it would be a much cleaner sentence if you wrote "to accept being my girlfriend now?" Or something similar.
"She giggled before planting a chaste kiss on her lips". I think you meant to say "his lips"?

“Dominique? You were listening, weren’t you honey?” Dominique blushed and nodded. “Good. So, what do you think?” On this, I think it's just a little bit confusing to have Ms. Jones speaking, but Dom's actions in the middle. Maybe you could have "Ms. Jones asked, as Dominique blushed and nodded"? Just something to note who's actually talking there.

"However, she had not seen him since three days" Just add "three days ago" and it makes more sense :)

Great job! Hope this helped!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Apologies for the late reply!

I am glad you like how I'm dealing with different aspects in Dom's life, from family to job. It's good to know you find her attitude realistic too as that's what I'm aiming for. I am pleased you find the pace okay and you like the flashback as well as the ending.

Thanks for pointing out those grammar issues. I'll look into them when I edit =)

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Review #48, by lindslo2012 Reflecting and Brooding

19th February 2014:
Hi there!
Here for the requested review.
Angie (that is your name right? lol), once again, you have written a beautiful chapter.
I loved the scene with Dom and Teddy and how Victoire was listening in- then gave her sister the okay to date the man she really liked.
I also noticed that you have not made Teddy half-wearwolf as a bunch of people do in fics with Teddy in it, which I love Teddy either way! :D
About her boss- well, she was quite blunt! I would kind of want to slap her in the face if I was Dominique because if I was just hurt and received a life-changing bite that would make me change into a wearwolf. I would need a LITTLE more time than what her boss had given her then.
You once again are so good at discription and I always enjoy reading your story very much because of that. The only mistake I noticed is this-
"She giggled before planting a chaste kiss on her lips." Because I am sure you meant to put his lips, not her's. Because Teddy is not a her ;)

Other than that I think you did very well with everything!! No more CC to give you here!
Great job with another beautifully written chapter. It had me hooked from the very beginning, making me want to read more. Please re-request :D

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.
Yes, Angie is the name xD
I am glad you liked the scene with Dom and Teddy, and Victoire's inclusion as well. It was a little flashback to clear things up about the relationship =)
Yes, it was even stated in the HP books that Teddy was only metamorphmagus and not a werewolf - because werewolf gene cannot be inherited in the HP fandom - and it irritates me when people make him half-werewolf in fanfiction. But I am glad you liked it too.
The boss is a very complex personality and there'll be more of her in future chapters.
I am pleased you like the description as well.
And yes that was a little typo, thanks for pointing it out. I'll correct it when I get time to edit =)
Thank you once again! I am definitely re-requesting!

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Review #49, by Lululuna A Ray of Light

19th February 2014:
Review tag! :)

I love the drama of the confrontation at the beginning. It's nice to see Delilah finally being punished and Dominique standing up for herself.

I like how Delilah exhibited that criminal trait of having a long confession. It was a great moment and cleared up the loose ends about why she wanted to hurt Dominique so badly. She really is a despicable person and I'm glad there was no more confusion about her guilt and that she won't get away with it. I also like how you showed that she has a lot of issues as well, since I think no sane person would be so vindictive. She's a great villain.

I thought this line was so interesting:

"What on earth do you think you're doing? Has that monster inside you already taken control?" It's so sad how underneath all the horror, Dominique does have to deal with the transformation and the horrors which come with it. Her life is going to change, and I like how you're focusing on that as well.

Before Dominique could respond, the door to the cabin flew open... I was just wondering about this, aren't they in an office and not a cabin? Or is a cabin some term for an office that I just don't know about? If so, feel free to ignore me. :)

Officer here ensured no one could apparate... I feel like this should either be "Officer Name" or "the officer." Also, Aurors might be called "Auror Name" instead of "Officer" in the wizarding world, at least I think I remember that from the books, but I'm not really sure.

I like how at the end things come together for Dominique and she seems to sort of pull together and realize that things are going to be okay for her. I love seeing her go through that healing process and beginning to acknowledge that she needs to accept and cope with the situation herself. :)

A great chapter! :) I'll try and come back for the next one soon!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

I am glad you liked the confrontation and how Dominique stood up for herself.

Yes, Delilah is a vile person. She definitely has a lot of issues and I am pleased you liked that and found her to be a good villain.

I love when readers notice those little details =) Yes, underneath all this the werewolf issue is a biggie and now that all this is solved, Dominique will once again faced with this problem on her mind - until now she had a distraction if you can call it that.

As far as I know, cabin and office are the same thing =)

Sometimes I forget that this is the wizarding world xP I must change the Officer to Auror, thanks for that!

Yes, she has undergone a healing process and though the insecurities and all are still there underneath she's trying to be strong and happy =)

I am pleased you liked this. Thank you!

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Review #50, by Aphoride At The Burrow

18th February 2014:
Hey there! I was so happy to see we were partnered up in the review exchange, since it means I can come back twice in a row and keep up with this! :)

First off: I WAS RIGHT. I WAS RIGHT. Haha, I knew he was going to propose! Yeah! I didn't realise she was going to say no, though, huh. Strange, but I suppose it makes sense in a way - it's another change in her life, you know, and she's had so many recently... It might just be one change too far.

That said, I really love your characterisation of her, as you know by now ;) She's such a realistic, human character with flaws and qualities in equal measure. I liked how she was so self-conscious about the scar - it's perfectly natural, you know, for people to feel that way and to want to hide things. (Though, quick note: you might want to cut down on the description of her dress - it's just a bit much all in one go, you know? Maybe take one or two out...) I loved here how she just accepted that her family were going to fuss over her, and how oblivious she seemed and didn't make a deal out of Teddy perhaps being a little vague. It makes them a great couple :)

I liked Teddy in this, too, and Hermione. I liked how Hermione got some screen (page? O.o) time in this - she's such a brilliant character and I thought it was so true to her character that she was the one who made the potion for Dominique so she wouldn't be without. Such a great gesture! Teddy, as always, was incredibly sweet and really, really supportive. I'm so curious to know how he'll react how she's rejected his proposal... I can't see them breaking up, but I don't think he'd necessarily take it all that well.

The details in this were good, too - like how Wolfsbane Potion is illegal to make (presumably if you don't have a licence or something... *shrugs*), and how Dominique is so surprised by that, and how Hermione's so reluctant to say 'isolated' and things. And how Victoire knows what's going on - and Ian too, I'm guessing ;)

Ooh, so yeah, I'm really curious as to what's going to happen next - I mean, this whole dinner kinda seems almost like a set-up for him to propose, her to say yes and then they all sort of celebrate that and Delilah getting arrested, you know? In which case, er, things just went wrong!

So yeah, I'm really enjoying this story, as always! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to respond but I've been crazy busy!

Haha yes I kinda made it obvious that he was going to propose so I'm glad you got it ;) More than the change, it's the fact that she thinks she is "damaged" and doesn't want Teddy to marry her. But more about her reasons in the next chapter (which is still in the works).

I am glad you like Dominique as a character and find her human. I have tried really hard to show that she's not perfect but she's a good person at heart and I'm happy it comes across. Thanks for the tip about the description of the dress - I'll look into it =) And yes Teddy and her do make a great couple xD

It's such a relief to know that Hermione felt in character as I was quite anxious writing her so thank you. I felt like this was the kind of thing Hermione would do, yeah. As for Teddy's reaction, you'll have to wait and watch ;)

I am pleased you liked the little details too as they add colour to the story in my opinion.

And yes the dinner was basically a set up for him to propose along with Teddy trying to bring Dominique out of her shell and meet everyone and relax a bit - but I guess it did go wrong didn't it? The story isn't called the Worst for nothing haha :P

Thanks again!

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