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Review #26, by Cassius Alcinder Gone

24th November 2011:
It's me from the forums with your review!

This story definetely packs a lot of emotion into a small space. You very effectively captured the emotions of a very tragic love story between two complex and layered characters.

It was a nice touch having Dean Thomas be the law enforcement official that visits. It kind of brings the whole story full circle because he was previously brought to malfoy manor as a prisoner. It really shows how much the tables have turned.

You seem very adept at writing Narcissa's character. You effectively captured everything she must have been going through, and how her material wealth didn't bring her any joy.

Lucius was well written and believable as well. I think the movies actually show this contrast better then the books how in the 2nd movie Lucius was swaggering like a boss but by the last movie he was a broken man. You really captured how he would have ended up after everything.

Overall a very touching story.

Author's Response: Hi..!
Thanks a lot for reading & reviewing!
You totally make me feel flattered.
I appreciate your in-depth review.
I am glad you think the emotion overall, Narcissa and Lucius's characters and the thing about Dean Thomas, was all good.
This was my first immediate Post-War story so I'm glad to know I was able to pull it off.
Thank you so much once again!!


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Review #27, by apocalypse Gone

24th November 2011:
Hey, this is apocalypse, here with your review!

First up, I have to tell you that I love reading angst. I like to write it too but I'm not as good at it as you are =) So really good job. I love sad endings =P

Overall, the story was definitely brilliant. It was a good idea and I liked how you chose to write the story from Narcissa's point of view. I loved how you shaped her character. She still had bits and pieces of her strong character but I could see that the war had affected her too, just like it had affected everyone else.

Lucius' character, according to me, didn't have much in this story. There was only slight detail which I would have liked to be more. It would have been nicer of you'd mentioned the memories that Narcissa's craved so much. I would've liked to see his better side; it would've had a more sad impact of his death. I think that if we look at his character regardless of the story, it needs more work. However, when you look at the bigger picture and do not look at it deeply, it fits. =)

The paragraph where you described the condition of Narcissa's family? That was awesome. Simply loved it =) People write huge novels on the after effects of a war on a particular family but you achieved the same effect in one paragraph. Brilliant job!

The angst level was not that high but it worked for you. =) And apart from what I mentioned I didn't find anything majorly wrong with this story. It was very well-written and well thought of. A very good effort =D

Thankyou so much for requesting! I hope my review helped you =) Goodluck and Happy Writing! =)

Author's Response: Hi there!!

Thanks a lot for reading & reviewing!

I love Angst too - both reading and writing! And that comment about not being as good as me flatters me, thank you :)

I am glad you found this overall good, liked Narcissa's character and the description on her family and stuff.

About Lucius's character, well actually I wanted to solely focus my narrative on Narcissa so I didn't go into much detail about Lucius. I'll see what I can do about the memories; thank you for your comments!

I don't write extremely heavy angst so I think this was fine; glad to know you liked it :)

Thanks a ton!

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Review #28, by javct Gone

24th November 2011:
javct45 from the forums with your review!
First off, this story was nice :) You portrayed the emotion very well and your description was really good.

However, there were a few grammatical errors throughout the story (especially when the Elf was talking) and, as great as your story was, I honestly think that characterisation of Narcissa was a little off. I get that it is after the war and everyone is battered and bruised, I still think that Narcissa would hold herself regal and composed on the outside (while on the inside she was feeling like everyone else) but that's just me. I loved Lucuis's character when he had lost it all and when he was just about to die.

Very emotional story, but very good :) 8/10

Author's Response: Hi!! Thank you for your helpful review! I am glad you liked the story nd the emotion overall. I will do a re-read and go through the grammatical errors.
In my opinion though, I think despite Narcissa being strong and composed all the time, the war would have broken her down just like it did many. Everyone think differently though, and I appreciate your feedback!
I am happy you liked Lucius' character :)
Thanks a lot for reading & reviewing!

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Review #29, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick Gone

23rd November 2011:
Wow, what an intense chapter. I liked it a lot. You conveyed the emotions very well, I liked the characterization along with the dialog. Good luck with the challenge and happy birthday!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Both for the wishes and the kind review! I am happy you liked it :)

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Review #30, by parashar_harry Gone

21st November 2011:
its good one shot,
i think u like melfoy family . i too like draco but i am not a draco/moine sheeper and all ur other stories have this pairing so it make me littel sad ( hehehe)
but in reality i want to read more ur stories , i like ur writing skill , may be i will change my mind and start reading ur stories.
can u help me , pls tell me which story is best among all ur stories , i will start from that . most of this stories now in this site has same theme


Author's Response: Hey... haha yes malfoys are my favorite xD well only 2 of my stories are Draco/hermione pairings so u can read the others :-)
I am glad you like my writing skill, thank you.
You can read Change, Muggle Studies, The three generations: Sorting Ceremony, and A portrait existence a: Phineas Nigellus Black. These are my best pieces in the order :-) {and none of these are dracomione}
Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #31, by agathokakological; Gone

20th November 2011:
I really should sign into my account for this review, so I can also add it into my favorites.

That was I adore Lucius Malfoy. He is my favorite Harry Potter character of all time. Reading this made me cry my eyes out, which is a very good thing. I hardly ever cry when reading stories. Just, gah. I thought your characterizations were spot on and your description and detail were stunning. Obviously, you had plenty of emotion - made me cry. And even though I normally don't like Narcissa (at least, I didn't until the last book), she was beautifully executed.

This is an easy 10/10.

Author's Response: Hi there!! Your review flattered me!! Thank you so much :)

Aww I am so thrilled to know it made you cry, I really think it's a great accomplishment for me as an author to evoke such emotion in a reader. I am glad you found my characterizations and everything nice. A ton of thanks for the 10/10!

thanks a lot for reading & reviewing! kudos!

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Review #32, by The Wizard of Potterland Gone

17th November 2011:
It was... amazing. Good job :)

Author's Response: Hi!! I am glad you think so. Thank you for reading & reviewing :)

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Review #33, by lavenderlovegood Gone

17th November 2011:
I loved it, very well written and thought of. Almost cried.:')

Author's Response: Aww I am glad you liked it. thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #34, by xxJazminexx Gone

17th November 2011:
:'( That was beautiful! I feel so sorry for Narcissa and I just want to give her a huge hug. It was a beautifully sad story line and you wrote it well. I couldn't stop crying as I read it (Keep in mind lately I cry because of everything... I saw a kitten eating and I cried xD) I love Narcissa/Lucius so much, in my eyes that pairing was one of the only pairings that you could say was True Love. I am quite sad now :(

Loved the story!
Best of luck with the challenge xx

Author's Response: Awww *hug*

I am flattered that you liked my story so much and found it beautiful but not sure what to say to you being upset over it. Don't cry hon xx

But really, I feel flattered that it evoked so much emotion in you (even though a kitten did it too xP)!

Thank you once again for your sweet review. Glad you liked it!! and thanks for the wishes!


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Review #35, by Minty Gone

17th November 2011:
brilliant! I adore this short story so much!

Author's Response: i am glad you do. thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #36, by Woodrow Rynne Gone

17th November 2011:
Aww.. sob. That was heart-wrenching. To see that Lucius, despite all he had done, still loved his wife so. :'(

I think you characterised both of them perfectly. This was so easy to imagine to happen after the battle- well done on that count.

Your descriptions were again great- they definitely evoked emotion in me. :)

Umm..there was just this one sentence that I didn't comprehend, even in elf-speak. "He is it sits in the living room." Was that supposed to be, "He sits in the living room?"

Your writing is wonderful and keeps me intrigued. Such an enjoyable read. :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you for your sweet review. I am glad you found it so good :) I am so flattered that you think I characterized both of them "perfectly", it really means a lot to me :) Again, thanks a ton for the comments on the descriptions and the reality of the situation; good to know it all went well.

About that sentence, well I thought elves don't generally speak correct english so I put it in there, lol.

Glad you enjoyed this. Your review made my heart melt. Thank you :)

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