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Review #26, by i.p.freely Charm Those Words

19th August 2012:
Can you PLEASE write a sequel? PLEASE!

Author's Response: Aw thanks for reading & reviewing. I am glad you liked my story, but I will see about the sequel. Thanks anyway :)

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Review #27, by Shortie Charm Those Words

27th July 2012:
Currently invading her personal space. Haha epic *shakes head*

This is very VERY cliche. But hey, it's Dramione. Cliche is always a thumbs up. Hehe Dramione is my second favourite ship. Used to be first but now second. I've read so many of these so my reviews are dad honest.

As usual, your grammar and all are perfect. No issue there. And my my! Going for it in the middle of the office *shakes head* shame on you :P hehe

This is a perfect dramione one shot. No need of me to tell look at all the reviews. But hey, let's get serious.

I like the fact that you didn't make it like, Draco's head over heels in love with Hermione. that would have been too much. But the cliche smoochy areas are just right so yay you.

But personally, I think you're better at Lucius/Narcissa. Bring that aspect into this a bit. Bring that style... You know?

Other than that you're fine ;)


Author's Response: Hello shortie! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

Haha, thank you. I know it was cliche, but oh well I love Dramione cliches xP I am glad for your honest reviews =)

Haha, your comments really make me laugh xD

I am glad you liked it overall. And of course Lucius/Narcissa (angst) rocks xD It's my top too, and well it would be a bit hard to bring that style in Dramione, but I'll try.

Thank you!

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Review #28, by marlita1311 Charm Those Words

30th May 2012:
hot ending :)
i liked the story as i'm always craving for dramione moments ;-)

Author's Response: Haha thanks. I am glad you liked it. Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #29, by tigerseye Charm Those Words

8th April 2012:
great! love it! i would like to know what 'ma cherie' means.

P.S. i gave you 10/10

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you :) Ma cherie means "my dear" :)

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Review #30, by Eesha Charm Those Words

26th February 2012:
wow!!! a beautifully written piece. It was like a written movie. The descriptions in the story created a lot of visual and audio imagery. I felt like i was watching a movie whie reading the story :) just loved it!

Author's Response: Hey eesha! Aw thanks a lot! your review made me smile! so glad you felt so! thanks!

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Review #31, by anonymous Charm Those Words

20th December 2011:
Please keep writing?? Or, start another one, I love the Dramiones ;) Gonna be searching your name I guess!

Author's Response: Aw thank you for your reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked this one! I do have another WIP Dramione (which is currently on hold).. you can have a look at it if you want, it's called Opposites Attract.
Thanks a lot for your review :)

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Review #32, by bri_5_stars Charm Those Words

22nd November 2011:
You've been tagged.
So I love this story, like I lurve it. And you could totally turn it into more than a one-shot if you wanted... I would read it. It was just so good.
Anyway, good luck in the challenge if it wasn't already decided. Not that you need luck, this was great.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! this made me smile. I am so glad you loved it and think it was great. it means a lot! thanks a lot for reading & reviewing!

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Review #33, by I_love_fred_and_george Charm Those Words

19th November 2011:
I saw this on the challange topic and was instantly curious, so I thought I'd take a peak =P I liked it ^_^ I thought that it'd be set in like, actual Hogwarts, but it's a nice idea you've turned it into what it is =) Very nice Dramione!

Author's Response: Hi there!! Thank you so much for reading && reviewing!! I just decided to play around with my quote and twisted the setting xD I'm glad you liked it!! thank you :)

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Review #34, by angie123 Charm Those Words

18th November 2011:
Hahaha, this was a laugh. As much as I love Dramiones, this was a bit of a cliche story. No, don't feel bad, darling. Feel proud because you kept me really interested. Makes me feel like we need another chapter on the rise. ;)

This may be a short review seeing as I'm not good at criticizing. I'm generally a good person. I really liked this story. If you ever make anymore stories about Dramiones, come post in my topic at the hpff forum, darling.
I give this a 10/10

Author's Response: Hi angie!! We share the same name (well my nickname is angie xD)!!

I am glad you liked this.. and I know it was kinda cliche, but now and then cliches are healthy, haha :D

I am flattered with the 10/10 and that you enjoyed this.

I'll sure let you know about my future dramiones!

thanks a lot for the sweet review :)

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Review #35, by DracoFerret11 Charm Those Words

18th November 2011:
Me again. :]

Well, another great story! And I am a COMPLETE Dramione-fan. I absolutely adore them. So this was great for me to read. Thanks for that. :D

I really liked your characterization of the two of them, though it was a bit cliche for Draco and his mother to be let off the hook while Lucius was sent to Azkaban. AND for Draco to change so drastically in such a very short amount of time. But hey, cliches are fine if you write them well. They didn't ruin this story in the slightest.

I enjoyed reading it and I loved how their banter escalated at the end. Really cute.

There were a couple of places where you capitalized words that don't need to be (like "Elevator" and "Brunette"), but other than that, spelling and grammar were pretty good.

I really liked the story. Well done!


Author's Response: Hello again :)

Thank you so much for reading && reviewing. I am a diehard Dramione fan too and I'm glad you liked this :)

Cliches can't be avoided sometimes, at least by me, hehe. And by the way, again it states in the HP wiki that it is indeed true that Draco && Narcissa were let off the hook and Lucius sent to azkaban (and says so in the HP Lexicon too -- it was mentioned by JKR in an interview). Hope that explains it :)

I am glad you enjoyed it, and there are a few minor mistakes I need to correct so I'll look into them when I edit.

Thanks once again!!

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Review #36, by Beeezie Charm Those Words

2nd November 2011:
Hey, here with your first review! (I'm not sure if this is the one that actually came first, but I love this challenge, so if it isn't, please forgive me. :P )

I saw a few mechanical issues - you had some random words capitalized where it didn't really make sense (e.g., Brunette, Not), and your dialogue tags were a little messed up. You also had some inconsistent line breaks - they weren't all the same number of spaces, which I found a little distracting.

Other than that, though, I thought it was good! It was fun, and silly, and neither was so out of character that I stopped being amused by it. I feel very lame, but there's not much I want to criticize about this! It's probably my favorite Dramione that I've read. (Now, granted, I have not read a lot of Dramiones, but still.)

So yes. Very fun story! Sorry I am lame! :P

Author's Response: Hey!! Haha, it's okay you were not lame. I think some light reviews are always good too (not always heavy big CCs lol)!!

Yeah I know the mechanical issues, they always happen with me *sigh* But I'll fix them soon :)

I am glad you liked this and actually made it one of your fav Dramiones!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face with such a sweet review!!


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Review #37, by Lostmyheart Charm Those Words

22nd October 2011:
Quite fun to read! I liked it very much :)

Author's Response: I'm happy you did. Thank you :)

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Review #38, by jillysquid Charm Those Words

15th October 2011:
very good. i hope you win

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing, and the good wishes :)

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Review #39, by NessaTelemnar Charm Those Words

9th October 2011:
Ha ! Great story ^^

Nina x

Author's Response: Hi Nina! I am glad you like it. Thank you for reading & reviewing!

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Review #40, by SweetDash Charm Those Words

8th October 2011:
aw. that was really cute. I think that i was quite a good little one shot and i hate one shots xD and i need to make this review take forever to irk this boy xD so
i like how Draco is still just the Draco we all know and love even though they are grown up and working in the ministry. It just makes him that much more loveable to think that he could act that way forever, no matter how annoying that might be to actually know lol.
i give the story a 10/10 lol
also writing this long review actually succeed in irking this thing. xD hahaha love the story

Author's Response: Hey Ali!!! Thanks a lot for the sweet review. I am glad you liked it :) Thanks again for reading & reviewing xD

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Review #41, by vibha Charm Those Words

1st October 2011:
hey ad,
it was awesome!! absolutely luvd it
btw, howz coll?? gr8 writing on this piece

Author's Response: Hey vibha! Glad you liked it!! College is going good, exam on monday lol. But I'm liking this life - work & play balanced out so its pretty cool though I miss you all!!

Thanks once again for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #42, by Giola Charm Those Words

1st October 2011:
Hey AD! I'm here, finally, with your review, sorry it's taken so long!

Ok, this is a very entertaining story. I personally am NOT a Dramione fan, at all, but this was actually rather enjoyable. The banter between the two of them was very fun and light-hearted, with just the right amount of undertones. You have a good mix of description in here, enough so that I can picture the scene in my mind, but not too much, so it's still engaging to read.

You have a really good grasp on writing a light-hearted piece here, I'd like to see more of that style from you, honestly. You do it very well. There are a few minor grammar errors, but nothing big. You do miss out a few commas, and I suggest putting some in so that your sentences flow more naturally. Also there are a few spacing issues, which I assume are because you used the advanced editor when submitting this - no big deal, but if you use the simple editor you wouldn't have multiple spaces between paragraphs when they aren't really necessary.

Overall, well done :D.


Author's Response: Hey Giola!

I can always count on your for giving sweet yet honest reviews, thank you :)

I am glad you found it enjoyable despite of not being a DraMione fan, and even gladder that you actually gave this a chance :) Good to know that I can write light-hearted stuff well too - now that is something unexpected yet flattering!
Um yeah, the spacing issues always bug me, but hey thanks for the advice - I'll use the simple editor next time - and go through the fic once I've time and do the edits!

Thanks a lot for your heart-warming review! I am glad you liked this!


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Review #43, by Tara Charm Those Words

26th September 2011:
Aw this was so adorable and simple. I almost wish it wasn't a one shot. I liked it. It made me smile. :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you. Your review sure made me smile :) I am glad you liked it!

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Review #44, by magnolia_magic Charm Those Words

19th September 2011:
Hi! magnolia_magic here with your review!

This was a really fun read! Normally I'm not a fan of Dramione, but I enjoyed this one. It was fluffy and adorable, and I liked the intensity at the end.

Even though I loved the fluffy adorable-ness of this, I would have liked to see some more back story to go along with it. The background you gave was really good, but I wished there was a little more buildup to the romance between Draco and Hermione. Of course, I do understand that this is a one-shot, and the point of those is to focus on one particular scene. I just would really like to know more about how the two of them got to this point, since a romance between them is so unlikely.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. It's all very well-written, although my favorite part is the kissing scene at the end :) And it left me wanting more, so that has to be a good thing! Thanks so much for asking me to read it!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I am glad you found it good =)

Hmm, I know, but as you said it's just a one-shot and I wanted to focus on their particular scene.

Thanks so much for your input anyway! And I am happy you found it nice and were left wanting more - that always makes me happy :D


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Review #45, by emylee94 Charm Those Words

16th September 2011:
I must say this is quite hilarious. I like the flow of the story. I think the ending of this one-shot is perfect.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked it and found it hilarious, lol. and the ending was perfect to you. thank you once again! I am so flattered :)

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Review #46, by slytherinchica08 Charm Those Words

16th September 2011:
This was a fun and interesting one-shot! I love how you did this as they aren't exactly together but yet at the same time the stroy line is going that way! I was wondering how you would incorporate your phase into this oneshot and you did it wonderfully it's a very imaginitive and brillient idea.. I don't think that I could have thought of that!

As a dramione you gave me the hopes of so much and to me you delivered! I like when they seem like they are going to be together but at the end of a oneshot still aren't, it kind of leaves the ending up to the reader so to speak. I like that their banter became more of a thing for fun then of hatred as they work together in the Ministry.

Altogether I think you have done a good job with this oneshot and I think that you have accomplished your challenge as well! Great Job!


Author's Response: hey!

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked it, and took the time to point out your liked stuff =) It really means a lot! I am happy that I was able to pull this off nicely! Thanks once again for your sweet review!

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Review #47, by Allie Charm Those Words

14th September 2011:
omygoodness. that was really good. this is the 1st draco/hermione i've read and i didnt think i would like it, but you proved me wrong!! now i cant wait for more!!! :))

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am glad you found it so good especially it being your first dramione read =)

Wish I was continuing the story!!

but thanks!

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Review #48, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Charm Those Words

10th September 2011:
It was great! I really liked your one shot!
It was a perfect plot, with the perfect characters:)
I really enjoyed this since I hardly read one shots.

Author's Response: hello! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed this even if you dont read one-shots! And thank you so much for the 10/10 :D

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Review #49, by MyMyMiss Charm Those Words

9th September 2011:
I'm ba-ack :)

Scared yet? Oh I would be :) You have no idea how much I missed reading your stories.

This story is quite a gooden - Not that all your stories aren't good, cause they really are ^_^ - I like how you described Draco in this, *raises eyebrows* For me he was slightly OOC, but considering this is after the war, and he has grown up and moved along in hus career/future what not what not, its free range... So disreguard my OOC comment and move along.

I like how you added the French words into this little one-shot ^_^ it was very well done >.< && I love it

Congrats on another marvelous story miss Ange ^_^ xx


Love ~Karni. xx

Author's Response: Hey Karni!!

I totally love your reviews hon, why should I be scared? xD

Thank you so much, you always flatter me :)

Hmm, well about the OOC thing, as you said, it is post-war and well he has matured and plus he has a crush on 'Mione, haha so there =D

I am glad you liked it! thanks a ton!

Love you

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Review #50, by Woodrow Rynne Charm Those Words

5th September 2011:
I don't usually read Dramione fics, but this was so cute and fluffy. (Something I really can't write :P). I loved that this had third person pov, as I struggle while writing that too, so perhaps I'll be able to draw some pointers from this. :) It was fun to read and just about the right length. The characterisation was really good too!

Some CC? Hmm..there were just a few grammatical errors, nothing that can't be fixed, and they didn't distract me, so no worries. One thing I didn't like was the bold line in the middle. Perhaps it was an error in formatting? I don't know- it was just distracting.

But otherwise, a really enjoyable read! :)

Author's Response: Hey! I am glad you found this a good read especially since you dont read dramiones! And I am so flattered that you're taking pointers from my writing!

I will re-read and fix the grammatical errors if I find any, thanks for informing. And actually that line is bolded because this was a challenge entry and I was given that particular line to write my entry about so I had to bold it! Sorry if it was distracting!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! =)

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