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Reading Reviews for Falling To Pieces
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Review #26, by rez Must I Always Be Waiting On You

28th January 2013:

I know you are, because you updated your other story this month!

BUT WHY LEAVE US HANGING HERE OMG -emotional overload-

I loved fall for anything so much when I first read it and now, however many years later, after readjng so many other fics I've realised how good of a job you've actually done with this because honestly, it's so much more captivating and just amazing than most of the stuff out there! I think it's a lot because of the way you know how to extend the suspense and the way that there's just always SOME thing or another that is just out of the reach of our understanding - but I also love how you play with time, and you give us the end before the beginning but not all of it so we're just confused and anticipating and so many feels omg.

do please go on with this, id love to see where you take it from here

you're amazing :)

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Review #27, by Finite Must I Always Be Waiting On You

15th January 2013:
Please please PLEASE finish this story!

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Review #28, by SmileyChabbit Must I Always Be Waiting On You

12th December 2012:
Dear god, that cliffhanger.

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Review #29, by Carrie Must I Always Be Waiting On You

29th October 2012:
If you update I will literally send you a cupcake, wherever you are in the world. No joke.

I remember finding Fall For Anything my freshman year of high school and being totally obsessed with it. And now I'm a senior and even though I don't read much on HPFF anymore, I still check back every couple of weeks to see if you've updated. I can't help but be attached to the characters because you make them seem SO real. Especially Sirius'. When you first posted his chapter, I probably read it about 10 times because you wrote from his perspective so perfectly. You probably don't know that you have legit fans, but I am one of them. If you ever write an actual book, i would read it and buy 10 copies haha.

So anyway. I realize that you are probably very busy and don't have much time to write fanfiction anymore...but I really hope you finish this one.

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Review #30, by Bryn Must I Always Be Waiting On You

10th October 2012:
I love your story! GAH She finally said it! But are you stil writing?

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Review #31, by Mira Must I Always Be Waiting On You

8th October 2012:
Hello :)

I've been your fan, and of this story (and of the first one), for quite a while now. Actually, I've been tuned in to this since the beginning, as in beginning beginning.. I've been following this story for the longest time I can remember and OK, I'll shamelessly admit. I check for updates every 2 weeks or so. Dead serious. And right now I'm desperate... I need a sign, a small spark of hope, that you're not just gonna end it there! Please don't! I absolutely think you're a fantastic fantastic writer, one of the best here in HPFF I believe, and you have the most amazing fans (I'm one of them) and I'm sure all of us here are just always on the edge of our seats waiting for your next godly brilliant chapter. This story is just genius, I swear. And we are moving on with the story yes..but that's exactly it. You've made the most perfect cliffhanger and seriously.. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?? OK. /deepbreaths. Anyway, I'm going to beg if I have to, but please please update soon! We're all going crazy here! Not pushing you or anything, just saying we are all very very ready to praise you and your highness for another gift from the heavens of a chapter. Until then, we'll be here waiting for the next shooting star. Pretty sure it's gonna be worth the wait anyway. *crossesfingers* Stay awesome. /hugs

Love love love,

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Review #32, by melis1907 Must I Always Be Waiting On You

9th September 2012:
FİNALLLY ! ım really happy for them :d please update asap. pleasse!! This is the best fucking fanfiction ive ever read. Its amazing ! really amazing

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Review #33, by melis1907 Still Tangled In Yesterday

9th September 2012:
then dont finish it :D Ok that was a stupid idea but please make them together at the end :)

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Review #34, by melis1907 Your Subtleties They Strangle Me

8th September 2012:
so i think there will more about the death eaters and voldy. I think it would be great for the story. and of course this chapter was amazing as others :)

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Review #35, by melis1907 I Will Bend Till I Break

8th September 2012:
pleasse more sirius and debbiee !!! they have to be together!! I know they need time or something lıke that but please say thy will end up together pleasse :)
P.S:you are an amazing writer

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Review #36, by melis1907 You Left The Frays From The Ties You Severed

8th September 2012:
you are really amazing. I cried when you end the other story lıke that. Sirius and Dee should be hapyy. They are meant to be arent they? Please make them happy :) And dont stop writing. Its really amazing. I'm so happy that you started this story :)

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Review #37, by daisylou Must I Always Be Waiting On You

7th August 2012:
i love this story so much. this is the second time i have read the series. please update soon x

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Review #38, by PotterMistress Must I Always Be Waiting On You

21st July 2012:
Whaw! I've just read FFA & FTP straight through (sorry but jumped on the bandwagon a bit late) and I've been enjoying your stories SO MUCH! I would giggle at your a/n when you're forever apologising for the delayed updates while I bypass the waiting period and go to the next chapter but now I'm at the same stage as everyone else and would love to read what's going to happen next.

Just like to say that your stories are really well written with just enough of everything to make it really work and keep it interesting. I'm so glad I came across your story. Please update soon.

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Review #39, by Korey Must I Always Be Waiting On You

28th June 2012:
I'm literally sobbing my fucking eyes out right now. I read the first installment within the last three days and all 10 chapters of this one today and I NEED MORE.
I'm not crazy, I promise. Just obsessed.

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Review #40, by :( aksdhsajd :( Must I Always Be Waiting On You

11th June 2012:
update please :( I always check to see if you have updated please update?

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Review #41, by JaneP Must I Always Be Waiting On You

23rd May 2012:
asdfghjkl! Oh my gosh, I just put off studying for this it was that brilliant. Honestly one of the best fanfics I've read. I love it! It and your writing style...fantastic. Please update sooon! :)

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Review #42, by Switch Must I Always Be Waiting On You

9th May 2012:
I would LOVE to read the next chapter! This story is great and so well written :) Keep it up!

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Review #43, by Jaelle Must I Always Be Waiting On You

30th March 2012:
oh my, I just came back to this story after al long time and surprise! I found 2 new chapters. wouw! please update another one soon!? amazing writing as always.

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Review #44, by dancegirl Must I Always Be Waiting On You

21st February 2012:
AW! They finally said it! Does this mean they're together again? I can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #45, by kim. Must I Always Be Waiting On You

5th February 2012:

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Review #46, by Lillylover22 Must I Always Be Waiting On You

5th February 2012:
HOW CAN THERE BE NO MORE CHAPTERS!! Gahh. I want to know what happens!! Please update soon. 9/10 : )

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Review #47, by Lillylover22 You'll See My Smile Looks Out Of Place

5th February 2012:
I loved the scene with lily and dee dancing and singing. 9/10 : )

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Review #48, by Lillylover22 He Looked Left; She Turned Right; Meant To Be Together But Not That Night

5th February 2012:
The chapter title is beautiful. Stupid sirius why couldnt he just kiss her. 9/10 : )

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Review #49, by Lillylover22 Still Tangled In Yesterday

4th February 2012:
Oh well, how is dee going to explain that 9/10 : )

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Review #50, by Lillylover22 Your Subtleties They Strangle Me

4th February 2012:
Finally she will read the letters. 9/10 : )

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