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Review #26, by Reggie Four

23rd August 2010:
yay yay yay!
I absolutley ADORE this story! It is truly in my top 5.
Finally Annie is starting to see she likes Sirius and his way of thinking! This reasures me so much that she may end up in Gryffindor :) I think if she ends up in Slytherin the constant double life may become tiresome. I'm sure you have many tricks up your sleve to keep me loving Annie no matter where she is sorted to though :)
A new girl torn between the two houses and falling in love with Sirius is so cliched yet everything Annie does is so funny and fresh :). Finally someone (aka you) is writing Sirius/OC the right way! I can't wait for more!!

Oh and I wish you the best of luck with your move!

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Review #27, by Emma Potter Three

7th August 2010:
I like this story. Are you planning on continuing it?

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Review #28, by Katie Three

25th July 2010:
I LOVE THIS. Please update it's completely awesome.

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Review #29, by DownWithTheCarrows113 Two

3rd July 2010:

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Review #30, by DownWithTheCarrows113 One

3rd July 2010:
Sirius is AMAZING! Well, I have always loved him and I love Annie as well. She is such a great character and I hate that she is being forced into a crowd of Slytherins, minus Sirius of course. I have a large feeling that she will be placed in Gryffindor. How does her Aunt Pearl even know that she will be in Slytherin to begin with? Don't count your eggs before they hatch, missy!

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Review #31, by Queen Carina Three

13th June 2010:
love where this story is going. please please don't forget about it!!

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Review #32, by SilverFish Three

31st May 2010:
I adore this story! I find it hilarious the way Aunt Pearl and Felicia are treating her. Although, I do of course feel sorry for her as that would suck...

Your writing style is really good, there are some stories where I'm just like 'Meh, I can't be bothered reading this' from the very first paragraph, but yours is one of the ones that captured my attention straight away, so kudos :)

Please update soon :)

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Review #33, by Veronica One

24th May 2010:
Good start! I love your writing style. But..I'm pretty sure I will have to continue this after I finish reading at least one other fanfic. I sometimes get fanfics confused when I read too many at once haha. I am also currently reading Falling to Pieces which is excellent. So don't worry, I will continue reading this one eventually :D Nice job!

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Review #34, by doglover Three

11th May 2010:
Annie is very confused.
please update soon!!!

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Review #35, by doglover Two

11th May 2010:
i love sirius!!! :D

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Review #36, by doglover One

11th May 2010:
this seems very interesting.

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Review #37, by KieraBlack Three

11th May 2010:
I really like this story! its different.. Please update soon :)

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Review #38, by Sparks Three

9th May 2010:
I love this story! Annie is so funny and intriguing, and I can't wait to see where she's sorted. Also, I love the Sirius/Annie dynamic. It's awesome. Please update soon...even though I see you updated recently, I can't help it, haha. Your writing style is captivating. Props! =)

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Review #39, by ontenterhooks  Three

6th May 2010:
I love you and your stories!
Therefore, I bestow upon you the speediest updating skills anyone could ever gift another.

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Review #40, by Elisa Three

5th May 2010:
This story is different (as your characters would say), but in a good way of course.
It must be difficult to be in Annie's position...she knows who she is, she just doesn't know if she can still be that person in England; but fitting in means losing herself.
I'm waiting for her to go to Hogwarts: I guess she won't be put in Slytherin?! If she's not then it would be easier to be Annie, she'd have other people to be with, though there would be bad consequences (like Sirius said).. but I can't see that far!
I guess I just want her to be aware of what's happening around her.

The only thing that confuses me is clothes.. I mean, I know we are talking about purebloods and all...but I'm not sure in the 70's there were corsets and bonnets, even in the wizarding world!

Update soon, it's intriguing!

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Review #41, by MidwinterMasque Three

30th April 2010:
Love this story immensely, so perhaps you could update? I'm thinking... NOW?

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Review #42, by tinydancerm Three

29th April 2010:
i like this story so far and for some reason i hope Annie is a Gryffindor, it would just totally piss everybody else off :) btw why are fall for anything and falling to pieces deleted?

Author's Response: theyre not deleted! they're just hidden until they next get validated because i wasn't very careful and used language in the chapter summaries... my fault! i've changed it and asked for them to be unhidden so just waiting on that! thanks for reviewing, glad you like annie :)

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Review #43, by emilysoxo Three

27th April 2010:
i lvoe it?

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Review #44, by JasDu Three

23rd April 2010:
This story sounds so interesting! I just want to keep on reading it :D definately keep on writing this :))

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Review #45, by jelly_sword Three

22nd April 2010:
THIS IS MAD! written exceptionally well, im realy enjoying the story, your writing flows realy well and the best bit is; its so fun to read.
eagerly awaiting more.

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Review #46, by Reggie Three

20th April 2010:
you are fast becoming my favourite author on the site and I think this is my favourite story.
when I saw you'd updated I was literally jumping in my seat and had to prepare for like 5 minutes so that conditions were perfect before I could sit down and actually read it.

i just hope soo much that annie is in gryffindor. i suppose it would be a completely different story if she wasn't, but it would just be lying to herself!! I love the true annie but i love her even more because i understand the confusion about trying to fit in. Trying to determine which thoughts/actions are you and which are fake is a problem i think alot of people can really relate to.

you are an amazing story teller.
i literally can not wait for more.

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Review #47, by allergictopink Three

20th April 2010:
it's really good, I definiely like this story :) can't wait for the next chapter! I think your dialogue is very strong and well written

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Review #48, by Kelf11 Three

19th April 2010:
Not to state the obvious, but you've updated! Yay! I love the dichotomy that is Susannah/Annie. She's a great character. Congrats on another good chapter. Keep them coming please! 10/10

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Review #49, by Jen827 Three

19th April 2010:
So far, I'm addicted! You've done a wonderful job of characterizing Sirius, and Susannah is quite the character as well. Please put Susannah in Slytherin! Please? lol. I feel like she should keep up the double life that is Sussanah/ Annie. Gryffindor would be too radical. And some more ineraction with Evan Rosier would be much appreciated as well! I can't wait to see what you write next! :)
(Personally I think that Susannah should stick it out as a perfect pureblood princess for a while...perhaps with a slytherin boyfriend? hint, hint) ;)

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Review #50, by HPsmartone32 Three

19th April 2010:
annie! ahhh! i love sirius. god hes awesome. and annie needs to just get over herself and be her annie self around sirius. because hes awesome.

fav lines:
((“Oh. I’ve misplaced it.” Read: I buried it.)) HAHA. i approve.
((“That sounds completely sickening,” Sirius said, “But I want it.”)) haha i have so many convos like this. i love it.

you're awesome.

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