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Review #26, by Paloma Patil Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous

14th October 2009:
I didn't think this prologue was slow at all. It established some very important exposition, and Dom is terrific. I like that she has an edge, and isn't at all a Mary-Sue.

Team Dom!

(Great banner, btw)

Author's Response: Team Dom! (:
I'm a little biased, but I do have lots of love for Vic.
I'm happy you like Dom ! ( and you don't think she's mary sue like ) She does have that tough girl edgy thing going on.

I love the banner too! I think its so different, thats what drew me to it.

Thanks for reading & reviewing! It means so much (:

becca xx

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Review #27, by InvisibleWitch19 Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous

9th October 2009:
Hey! It's InviWitchie019 from the forums here to make a late review. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I like your characterizations. There's something about Dom (lol the title) that makes her a good character. She isn't the perfect type like in other stories; she's just Dom, which is good if you know what I mean.

Teddy is also quite hopeless with his unrequited love for Victoire. Vic, meanwhile, is a good character yet she's almost falling under the Mary-Sue category. But it's alright, seeing that your characterizations are really good.

There were a few grammatical errors though I think a good look-through and edit would do enough. I also love your descriptions because they really help make the story go alive, which is great.

I do hope that your story will become original and unique from all the other typical Ted/Dom/Vic stories. I'll have to read the next chapter, then!

Keep up the great work!! :)

Author's Response: It's quite alright, thanks for getting back ! (:

For the characterizations of Dom and Teddy they took much thought and its good to hear your feedback on them.

Dom, I tried to make normal, which is break through! hahah There is that 'something' about her that I tried to get readers to pick up on...and you did!

Teddy is quite lovable and hopeless and Vic does fall into the Mary-Sue category a bit in this chapter. I wanted to introduce her with Teddy's POV to show how he thinks she has no flaws. When your in love, your blind to people's traits...well thats how it is with Teddy.

You like the descriptions? (: I was worried they were a bit...wordy and boring as are most desciptions.

Grammer has always been my downfall, but I am working on finding a beta!

Thank you for your lovely review Brianna! Hoped you enjoy the next chapter (:

becca xx

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Review #28, by SparkleInTheSunrise Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous

2nd October 2009:
Characterisation: could do with a bit more depth but as it's your first chapter it's probably right not to go in with heavy thoughts and lengthy rants and whatnot. You have a slight grammar problem but nothing out rageous (this could be that your American and I'm English or something i don't no). Good plot starter though. post on my thread for another review.
Sparkle x

Author's Response: Don't worry, I have a grammar issue, its not cultural barriers ahaha. I'm glad you liked plot so far and thanks for the helpful insight with characterization.

Thanks for reviewing ! (:

becca xx

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Review #29, by miss_aurora The Things We Cannot Say

2nd October 2009:
I'm confused with my feeling as well, but I personally think that Teddy and Dom look good together. As in, they understand each other well, no matter what.

And it's just so cute for him to silence her with a kiss. :p

Author's Response: Yes, its like Teddy to be all romantic and cute to solve problems...its also like Dom to be all anti-romance.

I'm glad you like Teddy and Dom together!

I think thats a universal theme in best friends, not judging and understanding.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

becca xx

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Review #30, by Miss Lily Potter Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous

1st October 2009:
Hey! I'm here from the forums with your review. (:

Firstly, I do like your version of Dom. I don't know what it is, but in all the things I've read about her, she seems so perfect. I like this version, though I may just like overly blunt characters. xD

"Dominique Weasley just walked past a cafe on Diagon Alley, listening to the snippet from the radio."

I think the 'just' should be taken out of that. I don't know, it kind of threw me off a bit...

I like your beginning. (: The radio, I mean. "WWW" and all that. Oh, I adore Next Gen stories that mention the twin...

There were a few minor grammar mistakes - spelling, run-ons, that kind of stuff - but nothing too major. Maybe just look over it a bit? No offense, though. (:

Aww. Poor Teddy, what with his unrequited love. ):

There's a lot of description in this. Not that that's a bad thing, it's not really bad or good, it's just something I noticed. (:

So, I'm sorry this review has been so randomly sporadic... I enjoyed this, I really did, it just may need a bit of work. (:

Author's Response: Hi!
Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm glad you like my version on Dom, it one of the main things I was worried about 'everyone hates the main character!'

Yes the beginning! I am happy you liked it, WWW is a overlooked piece about the wizarding world.

Unrequited love sucks for everyone, but it always seem so much worse for a guy. Thus, a very sad Teddy.

I do have a habit of writing lots of description, and I don't even notice it! I guess I just love 'setting the scene' ahaha

As for the grammar mistakes, I blame the lack of beta and years of not paying attention in primary school. hahaha, but I will follow up your advice for the WWW bit. (:

Thanks for leaving a wonderful review! & I hope you keep on reading!

becca xx

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Review #31, by Leigh Kelley Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous

29th September 2009:
The switch from Dom to Teddy's point of view threw me off a bit. I was just about to get into the story from her eyes, then it switched abruptly to Teddy. It just kept me from enjoying it to the fullest, I suppose.

I can't say that I dislike Dominique. She hasn't done anything yet for me to despise her. The letter to Louis is funny, especially the last sentence. Already I can see her as a blunt girl. Can't wait to see what all you'll do with her character.

Vic bugs me, but that might just be a bias. She's one of my least favorite Next Gen characters. Here she seems like the clumsy, kind-hearted, selfless, lovable loser. Loser since she can't keep a boyfriend. Careful not to let her slip into the 'perfect character' mold.

Teddy is somewhat hopeless, but it must be hard to tell a friend that you're in love with them. So it's not his fault.

Aside from the characters, you have some errors that can be cleaned up with a beta :).

I'm interested to see where this story is going. I've seen the Dom/Teddy/Vic triangle played out before, so can't wait to see how you can make this original.

Adding to favorites, so I can easily check for updates :). Keep writing!

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Hi there!

Sorry the switch confused you there a bit, but I wanted readers to get a taste of both Teddy and Dom-but leaving them wanting more.

You see the tiniest bit on Dom in this chapter, but I'm glad you already picked on some of her traits.

You don't like Vic? ahaha I can see why though, I feel that she is either the perfect romantic good gal, or horrible undeserving sister in fanfics. Vic might seem perfect, but that's because your seeing her from the POV of Teddy, who's completely in love with her. Thanks for pointing that out though! I'll make sure to she doesn't become too perfect for the readers who don't see much of her side of anything since she doesn't any POV time.

Teddy is hopeless, but he's also a guy who wouldn't admit he likes a girl to said girl for his manhood sake.

Yes! I am on currently on the lookout for a beta, so hopefully something will come up soon!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters! Review again anytime, yours are very helpful (:

-becca xx

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