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Review #26, by endings Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

2nd April 2012:
Hey :p
congratulations on the arrival of little "Nugget"
Hope you're enjoying yourself...

I hate Hermione/Draco. So I never bothered reading Regretfully Yours. But I did read half of it while waiting for this epilogue to come out :p And I must say-- It is well written. Sorry but I'd never convert. Hermione/Draco make a terrible couple :/ However, your writing style has always been good, as your stories prove. But it has shown a huge improvement over time. I cant help but feel that 'Oh! The.All' is better written than 'Regretfully Yours'.

Sneaky trick you played there :p LOL! Making it Al's and Tabby's wedding while making us feel as if it was Rose's and Sorpius's.
But I kept wondering as I read. I knew something was up.. sigh! I'm SO smart :p

Anyway, great story. Wish it was longer... and that the epilogue had something more about Rose and Scorpius. But I get it. You have a family to focus on. Good luck with that. Hope you have a great experience. And thank you for this.
You are good at nextgen fics, going by this.

Its a really good story. Very entertaining...and great characterisation. Even other side characters were very well thought of. I'll miss waiting for a new chapter to come out.

Thank you :)

- an avid reader

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am really glad you liked this one. I hope that my writing has improved over time, it is always nice to hear especially since this story was the first time I tackled 1st person.
I too am a Ron/Hermione fan, got into Dramione's because I was so sick of people telling them with Ron being the bad guy, or him getting with someone else. The way I figure it the only way Hermione and Ron would not be togther was if Ron was dead :)
Anyway, again, thank you for reading and your review. Maybe one day I will revisit this story and get some more detail from someone elses perspective... but for now I am going to focus on an OF that I am working on.

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Review #27, by ... Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

21st March 2012:
is there an epilogue coming!??

Author's Response: posting it right now :) Sorry about the delay.

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Review #28, by Zoe Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

27th February 2012:
i just love the family dynamic, the characters, Rose, especially. You did the series justice, and stuck to the way jk rowling made it, but you were clever and creative enough to create an entirely different spin on it. It's the best thing on here I swear to God.. I just adore it, can't tell you enough. Thank you so much for putting all of your time and energy into this, it's brilliant, really. the end is amazing. love. love.

Author's Response: Well thank you very much for such high praise. I really appreciate it. You just made my day.

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Review #29, by Ace Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

26th February 2012:
Its really annoying that Hermione and everyone else isn't telling Rose that her father has dozens of good reasons to both hate and mistrust Draco. There acting like he's a jealous idiot but he's telling the truth and being thrown under the bus for it.

Author's Response: Rose doesnt care why Ron mistrusts and Hates Draco... she just doesnt want that to carry over to his son... which it shouldnt. Also I think that they mostly would like to keep the past in the past.

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Review #30, by Ronsgirl29 Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

22nd February 2012:
What a great chapter! I'm glad they figured things out, they deserve to be happy and with each other! I have adored this story since the beginning, and Regretfully Yours before this. I think you are a fantastic writer and I look forward to anything you might write in the future!

Loved this story :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I am really happy that you enjoyed this as well as RY. I dont know that I will be writing much HP in the near future as I am trying to focus on my kids and an OF that I am working on, but I might venture back one day :)

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Review #31, by fixed delusion Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

22nd February 2012:
WOW!This got really interesting from now on, really curious to see Ron and Astoria's reaction some more

Author's Response: You won't actually get to see too much more from them I'm afraid. I close out the story in the next chapter and it really only wraps some little details up.

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Review #32, by Sophie Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

22nd February 2012:
It was great! It made me just laugh. The statue was hilarious.
Well, Astoria was like a mad woman ... i'm curious about how she will deal with Scorpius being with Rose.
Good job (as always)!!

Author's Response: Thanks. We really wont get to see too much into that aspect as this is ending by the epilogue. Since Rose and Scorpius decided not to care what their parents think, I decided not to get too into detail with it. :)

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Review #33, by Sophie Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

22nd February 2012:
Poor Rose, that was like a slap in the face.
Keep on writing because your story is brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you are enjoying it.

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Review #34, by Faces The Inner Workings of Malfoy Manor

14th February 2012:
Reading this chapter, I couldn't help but be struck by one thought: Draco Malfoy hasn't changed at all. He's still a selfish, self-centered coward.

Somebody needs to get a copy of the Great Gatsby and beat some sense into Draco. Draco: you are not still in love with Daisy--I mean--Hermione, you are in love with the idea of her. Nobody can go 15 years without seeing the other person and still be in love with them...when he thinks about her, he is remembering who she was then. He can't love her now, he doesn't even know her! The idea of such a thing is a fictin generated by bad romance novels; Gatsby has it much closer to the real thing (although Ron is not Tom lol).

I don't know how anybody can stand Draco. For his whole life, all he does is make other people miserable. Granted, he was there for Hermione for a bit back in the day, but he still made her miserable in the end. He knew she wasn't over Ron but he selfishly proposed to that vulnerable girl anyway; he knew that she would never be able to give herself completely to him. And then when Ron came back he ran away like a coward, just like usual. He knew the whole time how Hermione felt about Ron, so why run away then? He also disgusts me because you know darn well that he wishes Ron had died in that dungeon instead of coming back.

I'm not sure that Draco even feels love for Hermione anyway, I think he just resents the fact that he lost her to his enemy the Weasel. Actually, I should say that he was never able to take Hermione from Ron...Hermione still preferred Ron to Draco even when Ron was dead.

Gangly, poor, stupid, blood-traitor Ron Weasley. Draco has spent his whole life with his nose up at Ron, spitting on Ron and his family with every opportunity. Even when he was married to Hermione he didn't like the Weasleys. Draco always thought himself so superior to Ron, but when it came down to the only thing that mattered, Ron beat him. He finally saw that Ron was a better man than he was and he can't stand it. He lets that hatred poison the rest of his life.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Draco was pathetic back then, and he's pathetic now. I don't know how anybody can stand him, he's a walking pool of misery that looks to splash on everybody within a 10 foot radius of him. Scorpius encouraged me here--he knows that his father is poison. The good news is it's not too late to avoid becoming the pathetic old sod his father.

Author's Response: Yes, Draco still has a lot of the same qualities that he once did... Though his arrogance and superiority complex have been amended slightly. He is still quite self involved and self important. :)

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Review #35, by Abby Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

14th February 2012:
OH MY GOD. Don't do this to me! I'm going to cry. Please up date soon, Rose and Scorpius are perfect. WHY is he being so detached? This fanfic will be the death of me, even if it is perfect.

Author's Response: I promise the wait wont be long. I should probably be able to get it on this weekend as long as nugget doesnt come. :)

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Review #36, by Elizabeth Wolf Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

13th February 2012:
Okay, so I've read your last two comments about Ron and his inability to accept Scorpius because of his hate of Draco, and I just wanted to add something to your argument. I married a man who is the son of a man my mother hates. She hates him, because he was a bully to her in high school and treated her like she was scum because she was poor (kind of like Draco treated Ron, actually). She WAS upset when I started dating my husband, because to her it was like I was going against everything she taught me. She got over it, though, once she met my husband and found how wonderful/funny he is. I believe Ron would be the same way. He'd be upset, even if there wasn't the history that you invented. Would he get over it? Eventually, especially if Scorpius proved himself in some way. But I think it would be uncharacteristic if Ron didn't react negatively at first. So if that's the direction your story will take, I say go for it.

This being said, I'm holding back any feelings of angst I'm having for Rose and Scorpius, because you promised it will be resolved soon, so I'm believing you. Great job! :)

Author's Response: LOL :) It will I swear. And you are correct. That is my feeling exactly. Ron will of course get over it, but that doesnt mean he will ever be cool with Draco either.
That is something that will never happen. BUt he will learn to accept Scorpius, but that doesnt mean he has to be thrilled that Rose is dating him. So thank you :) I appreciate your understanding and support.

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Review #37, by Last comment Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

9th February 2012:
I just read the last review, and it made me smile a Ron and Hermoine's common reactions to Rose/Scorpius are based on a joke Ron made in the epilogue? Are you seriously saying that most people out there don't understand that it was a joke and think Ron was serious about hating Scorpius? I was a bit shocked honestly lol.

By the way, Hermione was amused at Ron's comment, which proves it was a joke...this is why it's so hard for me to get into this ship. The whole thing is based off of one throw away comment made by Ron, and most shippers don't even get what he was saying. It's a hard thing to understand. Oh well, it seems to work for people.

Author's Response: A joke that was based on truth. Yes, I do realize it was a joke, but many jokes are based on true feelings. So while yes, he doesnt hate Scorpius, he still is not going to be a huge fan of Malfoy (especially given their history from RY).
Let's be serious here, Ron doesnt like MAlfoy, with very good reason, what person would ever be thrilled to have their offspring dating the offspring of a person that they dont like... No one. And someone with such volitile emotions as Ron would be more likely to shoot off his mouth first and then learn to accept later. Where as Hermione would take the politically correct way out.

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Review #38, by Yee haw! Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

6th February 2012:
I just have one question: is this going to end in a cliche?

In 95% or Rose/Scorpius stories, practically the only obstacle to them getting together is because the author has Ron act like a caveman and forbid her going out with a Malfoy or something ridiculous like that. Hermione never has any problem with it.

So when Ron finds out, is he going to act like the perpetual 15-year-old he is always stereotyped as, or will he get some credit for 17 years of adulthood, fatherhood, being a husband, and a successful businessman and auror? I've read too many stories to hope for the latter, but maybe this will be different.

Author's Response: There is a reason he is portrayed this way so often. It is because while Ron may be a lot of things, when it comes to Draco Malfoy he is not completely resonable (example, his last words to Rose about Scorpius when they are on the platform) and the reason Hermione is often portrayed as okay is due to her response to his comment.
So yes, there might be some of that... but not as much as you think. Mostly it will just be an initial knee jerk reaction from Ron... adn that is all I will say about that.

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Review #39, by Hi A Long Time Coming

6th February 2012:
You asked aboout Hermione's didn't seem very realistic to me. You said that she's barely talked to Draco in 17 years, yet she's talking like their marriage broke up yesterday. Hasn't she moved on? Haven't they both moved on? If not, maybe Astoria was right.

What does Hermione have to feel guilty about? If I'm to believe all that you've written so far, that marriage was never going to work out because Hermione was always going to love Ron more. Maybe she feels guilty for leading Draco on when she never really loved him in the husband kind of way...

It would have been worse for her to stay married to Draco when Draco knew that she wanted to be with Ron. And let's not forget, Draco ended the marriage so Hermione doesn't even have that to feel guilty about. The whole scene struck me as confusing.

So why is she still acting this way, and what would Ron say about it?

Author's Response: She feels bad that he knew that she would never love him like she loved Ron. She feels bad that she broke his heart.
I think that feeling would not go away with time. Guilt is one of the hardest feelings to heal. And especially it is harder when you havent had to deal with it for so long and are once again confronted with it after 'forgetting' about it.

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Review #40, by EarthsTrueGreen Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

5th February 2012:
I dont hate you... much. Man i hope they get back together soon, because i dont like this them being seperated stuff. Anyways i was so happy to see that you updated and i hope that the next update is much quicker and i hope that everything is alright with Nugget. Please have them get back together soon. please please please.

Author's Response: Glad you dont totally hate me... I hope I can make it up to you soon. I do promise that the update will be much quicker this time, unless Nugget makes a surprise apearance.

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Review #41, by anonymous Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

5th February 2012:
NOOO!! :'(
please update asap!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but I plan on updating much sooner.

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Review #42, by fixed delusion Nothing an Avadra to the Heart Won't Fix

4th February 2012:
No! NO! please how can you do this? please bring them together really quick and please update soon.

Author's Response: LOL. I am so sorry! I swear it will get better.

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Review #43, by :P A Long Time Coming

4th February 2012:
WHEN will you update??
does your beta still have it??

Author's Response: It's updated. :)

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Review #44, by . A Long Time Coming

25th January 2012:
please update SOON!!

Author's Response: Waiting for my beta... I will get it up as soon as she gets to me... which she said would be this week. Fingers crossed

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Review #45, by Tweedle17 A Long Time Coming

13th January 2012:
PHENOMENAL story! Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks.. Hope to have the next chapter back from my beta soon... Fingers crossed.

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Review #46, by blackangelwings The Break-Up Flu

29th December 2011:
Did they fall out because Scorpius confessed his undying love for Rose, to Seven, and then Seven started going out with her?;).

really good story by the way, just found it earlier on!

Author's Response: Thanks. So glad that you are enjoying. You will see soon enough ;)

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Review #47, by Zoe A Long Time Coming

26th December 2011:
Asdfghj love the backstory with Fred and Angelina and George. Love the way you portrayed Ginny here, she's the total badass that I remember from the half blood prince. All of your characters have so much depth! I love it! Keep it up! I check every day btw, the waiting drives me crazy, but the story is worth it . Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. really glad you like the backstory. I love Ginny too... she is just too much fun to write. I hope to have an update again soon, the chapter is with my beta so fingers crossed :).

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Review #48, by fixed delusion A Long Time Coming

26th December 2011:
HEY!! great chapter and great story as well. I read all you prev. story and whole 27 chaps of this story in 2 days.

Your back story of George and Angelina is beautiful . I just hope Rose and Scorpius will not fall apart, they came together after whole lot of deal already, this is the time they have to be together with each other.

Anyways keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Wow... In two days. I am impressed. Thanks so much. Really glad you are enjoying and hope you continue to do.

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Review #49, by Jenny A Long Time Coming

25th December 2011:
I read a review where someone said that Harry cursing Draco in the bathroom in HBP was just as bad as anything Draco ever did...that is such a lie.

It's not like Harry cursed Draco when Draco had his back turned. Draco was trying to hurt Harry too; they were both willing participants. The only reason that reviewer can stick up for Draco was because he LOST; if Draco would have won, Harry would have been messed up, and would Draco have had the compassion to find help for him like Harry did? Doubtful.

Also, it would have been a good thing in the end if Draco had died there, becuase then Death Eaters couldn't have entered Hogwarts. How many people died or were hurt because of what Draco did? Yet in the end, he lives a life of luxury while others get a bed 6 feet in the ground. I'm not sure why anyone should pity him...he gets to start his life over even after all of his crimes. Many people better than he is never got that chance, and what makes it even worse is that Draco was complicit in some of those deaths. Maybe he's living a good life now, but he's not a saint or anything. It's not like he's donated his fortune to children who were orphaned in the, he just sits in his study and cries over the hardships in his life. I don't know why anyone should feel sorry for him.

Finally, Draco growing up in his family and not knowing how to love or live is not a blanket excuse, which seems to be given as a panacea to all of his mistakes. Harry didn't know how to love either, and he wasn't such an insufferable bag of garbage.

Some would say that it's not fair to compare Draco to Harry...but if it's ok to compare them in that bathroom scene, it's ok to compare them in other areas as well.

Author's Response: This really inst the forum in which to debate this. PLease contain all reviews to actual reviews of the story and not responses to others reviews.
Please also note that this is fiction... if Draco hadnt dont those things then there would have been no story.
Also you realy cant compare the two... Harry was raised to want love, Draco had love... it was just a skewed version that altered his opinion of what love is.

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Review #50, by priya A Long Time Coming

24th December 2011:
I just hope there will not be any more drama between Rose and SCorpius due to Seven. He has caused so much trouble already . Angelina and George's story is superb. And I love the relationship between Rose and her.

Author's Response: Thanks I like their story too... as for Rose and Scorpius *Shrugs* we shall see :)

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