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Review #26, by CherryBoom darkmark.

7th December 2012:
I quite like your Draco. He seems to be much more realistic than what most of the fanfic writers prefer, but I personally love it. My favorite part was were he describes his life very laconically. I just can't repeat it here because of non 12+ words. =P

While I'm generally opposed to idea of a psychiatrist getting involved with a patient (it's just so profoundly against their ethics), I really like the idea that Astoria tries help him find his way in life. He seems to suffer some kind of posttraumatic stress disorder, which wouldn't be least bit surprising after the Second Wizarding War.

I'm intrigued about Astoria's ability to use legilimency to help her patients. How has she acquired such skill? Apparently after the war Draco has let his guard down, since I think he was quite good at protecting his mind with occlumency. I think it was the darling auntie Bellatrix who thought him this useful skill, probably with a help of painful curses everytime he failed.

It was a very interesting read and I enjoyed your way with words. The flow was excellent despite the angsty material and I was hooked from beginning to the end.

Author's Response: I've always been very picky with my Dracos, and the reason why I wrote my own was because most of them weren't depressing enough for me xD Post-traumatic is exactly how I imagine him, holding guilt that is overshadowed by anger and listlessness. And aha, indeed, Draco enjoys his non-12+ life.

Astoria, I think she believes she's just doing her job when she oversteps her boundaries, and doesn't entirely see the ramifications; i imagine sort of a devil-may-care-ness to her that goes with her youthfulness. It's fun writing her; she's got all the quiet surprises tucked away!

Thank you! :)

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Review #27, by jay darkmark.

7th December 2012:
loved your chapter on draco looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #28, by peppersweet darkmark.

7th December 2012:
YOU POSTED IT AIIIEE I am glad I bunked off studio early so I could catch this at the top of recently added

you = the best, drastoria = the best, this = one big melting pot of lovely bestiness.

first line and I already love your Astoria. okay, I can't base her entire character on those few sentences, but I feel like I already know who she is, y'know? I feel people often have a tendency to make Astoria just another wealthy pureblood, all disdainful and rich and snooty. so I like yours so far.

even if there's only been four sentences about her. I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

mean girls moment ('it's raining' 'I know'). but, yep, loving Draco's languid, stuck-up ennui.

'Mist lumbers outside the window, a paper-white purgatory.' - love this.

you probably know this already, but I love those post-war drastorias that show the malfoys' downfall. so I appreciate that wee snippet about him having his wand confiscated.

'Her sympathy is a ploy, and he knows it. To understand is her job, and ultimately, she will crack more galleons out of his coffers with tea and patience. - THIS, THIS FOREVER

also, I like how you're bringing up Pansy now and again. now that would be an interesting love triangle.

but, yes, I love this post-war society you're building, with all the politics and tension and etc, etc (and life goes on).

sorry, I'm not a very good reviewer - I tend to just regurgitate lines of the fic and squee and say silly things and I'm not very good at concrit or anything like that. Not that I've found much to crit about this, mind.

(when astoria says 'you have bags under your eyes' i just imagined draco going 'yes they're DESIGNER')

damnit, woman, this is making me want to write inceptionfic again.

oooh. oooh dat ending.

update soon, please! I'll just sit here worshipping the ground at your feet until you do, no biggie.

(also thanks for the shoutout in the author's note, heee)

but, yes, I'm digressing in an enormous way (and I always have been, you know, since when have my reviews ever been that reviewy?), so I think I should bring this back to the point: this drastoria set up is perfect. It's so close to my headcanon, it's so real, it's so...RIGHT. downtrodden! tea! angst! nightmares! inscrutable legilimens astoria!

in a nutshell, I'm kind of in love with this

Author's Response: I DID AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT. Let's be real here i have no judgement.

but u da best~ come jacuzzi in the melting pot


PLAIN JANE ASTORIAS ALL THE WAY. You know ittt. Social justice and oblivators etc etc. Of course I know your taste in Astorias; YOU MOULDED MINE~~ Of course, it'll take you until the end of this review for you to see that I mention this in my author's note, so I get to see your ramblings until then~

Draco always has his mean girls on.

IT'S THE TEA and a wee bit of patience.

Wah it's strange actually, I wish I could build more of the world, but the focus of this fic is actually rather narrowly on Draco. Politics make me sad, which is why I channel all my criticism into teenage social politics, because that's exactly the same without the global consequences. Heh.



♥ of course it's close to your headcanon! we have the same head! brrr r r rm

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