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Review #26, by Hidden_Horcrux one for each night

4th April 2012:
Bonjour there :)
I have to say, this was the first second person story I've read on HPFF and I think you did the most brilliant job of handling it. Usually, people don't quite get the concept of second person and tend to make things confusing for the reader.
Lavender Brown is probably one of the most annoying characters in the whole series, yet OC's like her kind of draw me in. Like there's a tale waiting to be told and now you've told it, there's enough room in my heart to take her in and appreciate her as much as I admire the main characters.
The banner is absolutely stunning and I think the story suits it perfectly, and it surprised me because when I imagine a 'Lavendar Brown' story, I picture a pink and purple girly banner that would suit what she appears to be but you've proven me wrong again Gina.

Reading ferociously as ever :)
-Hidden_Horcrux (Weaslebee on tda)

Author's Response: Ah, hullo! It was kind of nice when I started rambling onto my doc, because I didn't consciously choose second person. It just turned out that way.

Eep, I think that's the best complement ever, that I wrote something that can possibly change a person's view on a canon character. Writing these, in fact, change my own views. It all started with a very old Cho fic that I wrote for a challenge (not up anymore), and that's when I started looking at the lesser-liked characters differently. Lavender's very fun, because she's still got that silliness to her, but it means much more now.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #27, by Vivre one for each night

4th April 2012:
I thought this was fantastic. Very maturly written and it worked really well in the second person. I thought that you actaully got Lavender very well. All her insucerties sutbly shined through in the books but were never really pick up on so well done for that!

I like the Rumplestiltskin bit was very good, both unexpected, sad, and imaginative.

I loved how abstract yet real it was.

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :) My canon knowledge is really awful because it's been ages since I've last read the books, but I tried my best to remember Lavender and flesh her out from what we saw of her. I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #28, by losers_lurgy one for each night

4th April 2012:
I really did love it. Finally a piece of writing that doesn't portray Lavender as a psycho spitefull ex. In fact quite a few fics ignore the fact that Lavender was even attacked by Fenrir Greyback. You show Lavender for what she really was- a human, with flaws and insecurities. Which is great!

I really loved the whole feel of your one-shot and the use of Rumplestilskin. I really loved the ending as well. Forgive me if i'm being dumb, but i don't understand what you're referring to by saying "a hush brewed potion, black and bitter".

Also thanks for your critiques on my one-shot. I've taken them on board and attempted to edit it :D!

Overall I loved this piece ! :)

Author's Response: Hullo! :3 I haven't really read much that's involved Lavender, so I can assume some things about how she's usually portrayed, but I actually don't know.

The Rumpelstiltskin bit is one of my favorite parts! And don't worry, it is a bit vague if you're not familiar, but she took a potion to abort the baby.

That's great! :D And thank you very much!

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Review #29, by ericajen one for each night

4th April 2012:

I rather liked this story! Dear Lav Lav does not get a whole lot of attention in the fic world, and when she does, it's usually in some negative way (Ron's 'charming' ex-girlfriend, ftw). So I like this more serious take on her. Actually she was super likable! You managed to capture the sadness of her story (with a few of your own twists, Cormac McLaggen hem hem) but still give her a little wit and spunk! I loved the last line. Why, /everything/. That was just perfect!



Author's Response: ♥ ericuhh.

I never thought much of Lavender myself, really. I felt for Cho and Fleur, but never looked at Lavlav's way. The spunk was the most fun part! It was looking a bit drab in my first draft, but then she got some zing.

Funnily enough, the Cormac McLaggen part happened because of the banner. I needed her to cut her hair, and that led to Rumpelstiltskin and the baby.


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