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Review #26, by IN POST DELIRIUM A Kingdom For My Name

22nd April 2015:
asdlkjfjlkdakljfdjkadjlkfd ah I CHECKED ETC SO OFTEN THIS WHOLE YEAR YOU HAVE NO IDEA I ALMOST DIED WHEN IT SAID THAT YOU actually UPDATED!! :D :D :D *cries* [on a scale of 1-Appy how melodramatic am I]

Author's Response: YOU ARE MAYBE SEVEN-TENTHS APPY. Let us not underestimate how Appy Appy can be. You do not want to go full Appy.

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Review #27, by GubraithianFire A Kingdom For My Name

22nd April 2015:
I thought I'd do what I did for Capers and only review the last chapter with final thoughts and congratulations and all (and end up accidentally reviewing the second to last chapter because I thought it was the last chapter...), but that might not happen for TWO YEARS so I'll list out my feels now. Because I have feels. And they are not the ones I think a lot of readers hoped they would be at this point, so close to the end, but they are worth mentioning anyhow, so I can look back on this and shake my head at my past self. You know nothing, Gubby. The one thing I DO know is that I am horrible at formal reviewing now, so I might as well get back into the swing of that too, before I do have to somehow gather myself and write a final farewell review.

We've learned something about savagery since - holy bathtub scene, Batman, they certainly have. For all its absolutely horrendous connotations, savagery is so the perfect word for these two and their love. You know I have my ship in this story, but you never fail to make me question that shippy conviction even for a few moments, because God, are Albus and Clemence perfect for each other. Theirs is a kind of terrible, awesome (even awful?) love and I kind of adore it. Especially because Clemence knows exactly how awful it is. This is... it. This is what we've been building towards for 21 chapters... and we get an ellipsis. It's almost cruel. No, it is cruel. Which is what makes it amazing.

Clemence's retelling of her own story in that italicized fairytale portion versus what she thinks is the reality is also super telling. She resists the easy, trope-y reading of every possible story, even her own, and her eagerness to downplay her ~heroism~ is so typical, it hurts. God forbid Clemence Fitzgerald be the romantic hero leaping over baddies to save the fainting love interest. But this is who she's supposed to be now. And the unease she has with that role and everything she's being told she is - a gruff but heart-of-gold heroine, the ice queen melting because of luuurve - is so brilliantly underlined by her conversation with Dom and Janey. But we aren't the problem, she tells them: that's so purely Clemence that it comes across as kind of venomous. What on earth could Clemence Fitzgerald, of all people, stand to learn from the rabble that blindly idolizes her and the story she's fallen into by accident (or so she's desperate to believe)? Her answer, we learn, is nothing. Even in this period of supreme discomfort and disillusionment and, now that I think about it, sheer disgust with the role of Potter's girlfriend, she doesn't know that she needs to learn and grow.

Instead she's so desperate to not learn and not change that she'll back herself into a bomb shelter-esque space in the heart of a giant magical stone castle, and block out everyone and everything that unsettles her, even slightly. That line, I care enough to pretend that I care, that's such a rare feeling to see articulated, and it really resonated with me for reasons, but it's so great because it explains Clemence's attitude towards almost everything. And increasingly, it seems, her attitude towards Albus. Love (particularly their love) is so far from being her fairytale end-all/be-all that it could be scary for what it means for Clembus.

Albus isn't faring much better than her in this love-as-goddess-worship/love-as-obliteration-of-self point of view, but he's trying. Or is he? Idk, I vacillate on what I think of him depending on how hot he is in a particular scene, but he isn't super into growth either, is he? And why would he be, if he has now everything he wanted?

Anyway: it's kind of remarkable how Clemence has blocked herself into a corner actually by obtaining more nominal power/scope than she had before and thereby potentially widening the horizons of her own possibility. She's stuck in a dungeon because she won a kingdom, and just as importantly, because she won the king. You know how I love those kinds of arcs for the cruel, quick-witted characters I like to write and read about, and it's being executed so well here it gives me chills to think about.

I cannot wait for the descent. It's going to be messy and possibly heartrending, but it's only a matter of time.

(Not a year, though. Please not a year).

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Review #28, by teamclem A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
YES BRILLIANT LOVE IT YOUR WRITING NEVER DISAPPOINTS! clementine's emotions are scattered and enigmatic - surprise! clembus is absolutely my favorite ship and i dearly hope theyre still together two chapters from now. speaking of, i cant believe the journey will be over in just TWO chapters! where else will i eagerly check back for updates when this is over? anyway, im gushing/rambling now so again thanks for the update! my day = made

Author's Response: CLEMENTINE? oh she is sideeyeing you severely right now.

...and you can certainly hope! ;D you all are making MY day!

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Review #29, by teamclem A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
OH MY GOD YES YES YES I HAVE BEEN CHECKING BACK ALMOST EVERY DAY AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS CHAPTER!!! (got so happty that i typed this up before reading. will report back after i actually read the masterpiece)

Author's Response: \o/ THE TIME HAS COME.

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Review #30, by greenbirds A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
i'm buuuzzing. the messiah of hpff has come down. it's a new dawn. i am seriously so excited i had to re-read this three times over because i could not stop skimming with excitement. oh my!! clem!! albus!! rita!! happy endings!! sarcastic self-loathing humour!! where do i begin?
you are amazing. i am always looking at your work for inspiration and help both in and outside hpff. i littterally recommend etc, etc to all my friends, even those who stopped being into harry potter aged, like, 9.
so cool. so great. sorry this review is all gushing. i am BEAMING. you ROCK ♥ ♥

Author's Response: YOU FLATTER ME. Crossing my fingers that I don't end up like the last messiah.

Thank you so much for reading!! It means the world that this fic can inspire; more anti-heroines for the world, yes please!

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Review #31, by Queen of Nerds A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
I adore your writing and this story would be fabulous as and original. I've never laughed so hard!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! c:

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Review #32, by FP A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
I am simultaneously shocked but much more so EXCITED!!! that you updated. How long has it been? way too long. I decide to randomly open HPFF tonight in an effort to procrastinate on my essay and this is what waits for me in recently added? WHAT IS THIS GOOD FORTUNE

The irony of this ending is slaying me. That last line, "I have everything I never wanted," is decimating. Wow. Granted it's been a while since I've read the entirety of etc etc but Clemence is now embracing everything she denounced in the beginning, I think? Do I detect character growth??! (yay for character growth!)

Also, when did Clembus get so hot?!?! i love it

(hope this isn't too weird because we haven't talked for 3-4 years now but) just wanted to let you know that I am /always/ a big fan of yours!! & I am excited for etc etc to finally reach its well deserved ending.

lub from someone 2 lazy to log on < 3


:D Ahem. The actual review.

The last lineee. I hope it cuts like a knife. It is a very bitter line. Clemence has definitely grown but I think she's a long way from embracing that growth. In these early stages, emotions are very much a weakness, because she hasn't learned to cope with them. It's all whirlwind, no ground. There isn't a tangible benefit.


♥ time is but a number. Message me whenever if you're ever bored or not-essaying! The forums are lacking without you~

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Review #33, by AlexFan A Kingdom For My Name

21st April 2015:
When I saw your post on tumblr I was very tempted to just tossy homework and head for your fic but I managed to wait until I finished before reading this. IT HAS BEEN SO LONG AND WOW this actually did not fail to bring it. It's a nice way to come back from a year of not writing with a AND YOU THOUGHT THINGS WERE FINE.

Clemence acting like she doesn't care but we all know that deep down inside she cares so much that she has to convince herself that she doesn't just so she won't get hurt. Either that or she really doesn't care. Your life sounds super busy at the moment but I'm so excited for the next chapter and then the epilogue oh my goodness!

Author's Response: IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG. The worries of writing a satisfying ending have not gone away. Oh no, they've skyrocketed.

Clemence + emotions = OTP, amirite. I always like to say that the only emotions Clemence feels are the REALLY STRONG ones, because, well, she can't feel the unworthy ones. So she's either totally flippant or the world's imploded.

Thank you!!

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Review #34, by happyanon A Kingdom For My Name

20th April 2015:
oh my lord. god bless this holy earth and everything that is alive. AN UPDATE. AN. UPDATE. I nearly cried. I LOVED IT. OH MY GOD. HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS STORY, THIS UPDATE, IS JUST MASSIVE LOVE. COLOSSAL. CLEMENCE AND ALBUS. I BLUSHED JUST READING THE FIRST PART. LIKE BRIGHT RED AND YOU KNOW I COME FROM A TROPICAL COUNTRY SO IM A BIT TAN BLUSHING IS DIFFICULT FOR ME PERSONALLY AS WELL SO YEAH WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT. I think It shouldn't matter where people would like the story to end. its yours besides people will still read it till the end because 1. The ClemBus Ship is not to be messed with! They have a huge following and also, people are curios anyway plus 5 chapters in and its already 600 better than Twilight saga, how that ever got the popularity it did is beyond me. Sorry vampire fans.. or no, not really. And when you publish your original story I hope they are made available in asian countries as well. Id want a copy please. I can't believe 2 more and we are finally done with ClemBus, Dom, Henry, Scorpius and all the other crazies. I just want to say in advance how much i truly love this story and how I am so glad I waited its update. It got thru very terrible times and despite her faults, Clemence is a very inspirational character. I look forward to the last 2 chapters anf of your future work. Much love! Xoxo

Author's Response: STEAMY FROM THE GET-GO.

Bahaha, I'm much more concerned about where people stand with ships. I know it's a hot issue. Many many teams. People are bound to get disappointed. I would never budge from writing the story how it's meant to be written, but I'm terrified just the same.

If I ever publish my OF, I certainly hope I can get big enough to publish in other countries 8D

Thank you so much for reading! It warms me to think of Clemence as an inspirational character. She may be terrible, but her strengths and flaws are so intertwined. The things that make her terrible can be admired the next day.

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Review #35, by thegreatcatsby A Kingdom For My Name

20th April 2015:


/opens ninety more tabs and loads sketchy websites
/continues freaking out like mindless fangirl (hehe)
/squirts mustard on my shirt to write a G




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Review #36, by glw V-Day D-Day

19th April 2015:
I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply, but I was the one who wrote the slightly vicious (alright totally vicious) review a couple weeks ago, and I want to apologize profusely for it. I read your reply and I didn't realize how thickheaded I was being. Of course this isnt your only thing to do! You have a life outside of writing fanfiction (which is a hobby) and I completely overlooked that and I feel absolutely awful and I'm sorry. You really dont have to prove anything to me or anyone and I'd be happy with anything you wrote, anytime. I am so sorry for being so rude and overlooking!

Author's Response: Thanks for apologizing; I totally get the frustration and the internet makes disconnect easy, and I really appreciate that you understand. All of my readers are very important to me and I shouldn't make promises I can't keep, but at the same time, those same promises are what keeps me going. I do believe it's a writer's responsibility to be timely as well. I'm glad for fan fiction and the community being here, so I can learn before these kind of mistakes matter much more.

No hard feelings at all :)

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Review #37, by Hmm V-Day D-Day

18th April 2015:
I love this story! You write it so convicingly and so well that you've got me thinking like a ruthless reporter and that teenage girls normally act like bloodthirsty sharks:P I've been pulled in, like a tragedy or something...

Can't wait for the next chapter:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's so fun writing this universe; everything's so DRAMATIC and outrageous. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #38, by Basilisk89 V-Day D-Day

13th April 2015:
You're story is so amazing. I am in love with all of the witty banter that goes on in the story! I've been checking back everyday to see if there is a new update. Do you think the next chapter will be up soon? Oh please pretty please with a cherry on top and sprinkles and hot fudge and whatever else you might like on a sundae!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm in edit mode for the update. It's half of what I meant to post, but the other half is coming up soon, too!

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Review #39, by randomnickname Green for Queen

3rd April 2015:
aaah, that familiar feeling when you ook at the clock and suddenly it's almost 5 a.m.
This is excellent, no comments, you've got true wit and grit

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 I'm glad you made it this far. I hope you like the few that remain. I'm going to update with a new chapter soon!

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Review #40, by randomnickname Everyone Wants Me (Dead)

3rd April 2015:
Ooh, that's really rock'n'roll. On my funny funerals wish list, "death by fans" just made it to the top. Incredible scene, thrilled for more too come (10 chapters to go, hurray)
Thanks author!

Author's Response: That's a violent death, just warning you ;) Close to drawn and quartering.

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Review #41, by randomnickname Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

3rd April 2015:
Aand again it's 1 A.M and you've got me hanging. Excellent entertainment, congrats!

Author's Response: Ooh, dare I keep you til 2? Read more, read more!

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Review #42, by randomnickname A Vivid Imagination

3rd April 2015:
My, my, my! Classy, bity, funny. I do really like where this is getting to.

Author's Response: Thanks! I think I'm catching you as you read this, so I hope you like the rest!

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Review #43, by teamclem V-Day D-Day

31st March 2015:
oh my gosh no dont feel the need to prove anything!! your writing is so brilliant and wonderful as it is, and im sure everyone will be happy to have to the next chapter no matter what

Author's Response: Aw thanks, you're too sweet. I've got one section of the chapter left, but I'm moving over the next few days, so hopefully I can post after all this April Fools madness!

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Review #44, by teamclem V-Day D-Day

27th March 2015:
Dang that last review was really demanding...just wanna say that we readers support you and eagerly await the next chapter! Your writing is brilliant and I can't wait to see where Clem and Albus go next :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. I'm a bit terrified of the next chapter because I essentially have to prove that the wait was worth it, and I know not everyone's going to be happy with the tone of it. Such! Angst!

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Review #45, by Glw V-Day D-Day

24th March 2015:
Honestly you can't keep saying "I'm sorry" or "I'm typing". You do realize that you've been working on one chapter for over a year now? I'm sorry but people are losing interest. It's unfair to keep people hanging on for so long, and I know I'm coming off as a witch, but seriously? It's not very nice what you're doing! It's a shame, because this was such a good story. Each day, week, and month you make us wait, our expectations get higher and higher for the next chapter. I am extremely disappointed. Please, in the future, if you choose to continue to write more stories (and please do, because they're bloody brilliant), consider your readers with more care. I apologize for being a total witch with this because I'm not so good with words and can't really convey my feelings very well.

Author's Response: I am sorry and I am writing, and I'm grateful for the readers who stick around. I know people are waiting and losing interest, but understand that this fic can only have so high of a priority. I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with writing. I have friends to meet, errands to run, chores to do, books to read... You might know me only for my writing, but away from the internet, most of my life does not involve writing this fic. Perhaps you don't mean to come off this way, but you seem to think that you're entitled to demand my time and demand that I write. I'd certainly really like to finish this story for my readers, but I don't need to. This is my hobby that I do for free, in my free time. I'm sorry for the wait, I'm sorry for the disappointment, but I don't think it's at all unfair.

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Review #46, by teamclem V-Day D-Day

9th March 2015:
dude please update! this is my favorite story and i've been waiting ages for a new chapter :(((

Author's Response: Trying! Sorry about the wait!

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Review #47, by glw V-Day D-Day

27th February 2015:
ok. It has OFFICIALLY been one YEAR. Please, for the love of all that is both holy and unholy: UPDATE. Give me the next chapter and I promise not to go all out on my punching bag by pretending it's you. :) thanks babe *mwah*

Author's Response: Spare my hands! They're all I have to type with.

Speaking of which, am typing furiously!

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Review #48, by glw V-Day D-Day

11th February 2015:
You do realize it's been about a year since you put up this chapter? You can't possibly wait that long to update dude! It's so not fair 😩

Author's Response: I KNOOOW. I wrote like 700 more words during my flight. IT'S GONNA HAPPEN... EVENTUALLY.

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Review #49, by DessieWeasley V-Day D-Day

6th January 2015:
PLEASE update. This story is amazing btw!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! ;A; sorry for taking so long!

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Review #50, by Kira V-Day D-Day

5th January 2015:

*dies inside*

Please, please update...


Author's Response: ;A; sorry for the long wait!

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