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Review #26, by A fan V-Day D-Day

26th February 2014:
When I saw that you had updated I literally shouted out loud, something along the lines of "There is a God!"
And you know what, I don't even mind that it took so long to update because, like all good things, I never want this to end!
Another fantastic chapter, but of course I knew it would be!
Thank you so much for writing this brilliant story.

Author's Response: D'aw thank you! Baha, all of the reviews have been like 'Finally!!!' but I totally understand. I'm glad you liked it! ^__^

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Review #27, by Who's asking? V-Day D-Day

26th February 2014:
I'm not in the habit of writing reviews, and less in the habit of writing positive ones, but I feel you should know that I really enjoy this story. A lot. I've been following it for a long time and every time you add a chapter I enjoy it even more. For making me laugh even on the glummest day, you have my thanks.

Author's Response: Aaah thank you mysterious person! c: This fic's so old, I'm always glad when I hear people are still reading after all this time.

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Review #28, by Sanguine V-Day D-Day

26th February 2014:
Haven't read; don't care, it's been long enough.


Author's Response: Hee, well I hope you like it when you read it~

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Review #29, by Sabrina Love Overrated, Overruled

22nd February 2014:
I absolutely love this story! I have it bookmarked and I check to see if you've updated almost every day...I'm pathetic...but really, nice job! You're very talented.

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm sorry for the long delay!

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Review #30, by Shams Love Overrated, Overruled

20th February 2014:
Hey... I have read this story so many times already... But never left a review... It's witty, dramatic and shows us a totally different picture of the Hogwarts School that we all love... You are doing a great job.

Waiting for an update since forever.!!! What's the hold up. Please, please, please update soon...!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sorry about the long delay! I'll be posting it today.

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Review #31, by Anon Love Overrated, Overruled

18th February 2014:
I love it! I only just discovered this story, and those Dobbys were well deserved!! You're an amazing writer, and your characters are amazing! I noticed you said you'd try to upload before Valentines day, and I understand you're probably crazy busy, but I'm just glad I discovered this story around the time you're going to post a new chapter. Can't wait!!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you Anon! I am unfortunately crazy busy, you can kind of track my progress on my tumblr :( Midterms, projects, etc, just being a slow writer. But I am actively working on the chapter, even if it is a few hundred words a day. I hope you'll pop by when I post it! :)

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Review #32, by sunshine&daisies Love Overrated, Overruled

9th February 2014:
Hey...when is the next chapter? I love this story--it's wonderfully written and thoroughly enjoyable, please don't be one of those authors that drop off the face of the earth and leave a great story unfinished.

Author's Response: Hopefully before Valentine's! Definitely not leaving it unfinished :) Sorry about the wait!

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Review #33, by Sakura9879 Love Overrated, Overruled

8th February 2014:
... and he pulls me in for a kiss outside of anyone's view. He tastes like coffee and firewhiskey.

It's not the first time he's done this.

So he isn't faking it, and either she is too tired to notice or she has and she likes it!

Annnd then the last paragraph. What. The. Heck.

Does this mean that Sandra is the one who took the photograph??? dun dun dun. Too many head games, and while it is masterful, I am starting to second guess everything. I guess that is what war is though.

Please update soon!

Best of luck with the writing
-Rachel Payne

Author's Response: It's very up to interpretation 8D I think even Clemence isn't sure what to make of it.

Errything being dropped like they're hot. As I get deeper into next chapter, I have to wonder if I'm answering more things or throwing a bunch more stuff in the air.

I really hope I can get the chapter up by Valentine's Day! c: thanks for waiting!

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Review #34, by Sakura9879 Green for Queen

8th February 2014:
Holy guacamole! This chapter was heavier than heck! Oh my gosh! The last scene sums up all that I am feeling right now, and I am at such a loss for words I don't even know what to say.

Best of luck with the writing
-Rachel Payne

Author's Response: Ooft, yes, I didn't mean to make it heavy, but it ended up that way. Thanks!

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Review #35, by heartjily4ever Love Overrated, Overruled

23rd January 2014:
Oh my actual freaking god I can't believe you. You may have broken my heart. This was the cruelest Valentines day chapter ever. But amazing writing as always with the best continuation of you witty characters. I liked the bit at the start from Leon's point of view, it was quite nice to see it from someone elses eyes. I love that she got a boyfriend from actually being normal, and not some weird drooling girl that Appy taught her to be.
Clemence and Albus's fake relationship was very good as well, but you started to break my heart with Dom and Pickett. And the ending! I just wasn't expecting it. I can't wait for another chapter.
PS.Did you intend to have Hugo Weaving sneaking in there? I read that and I know it's meant to be something different but all I could think of was Elrond walking down the corridor at Hogwarts heehee

Author's Response: Valentine's Day isn't over yet! Next chapter will be ALL V-Day.

It's really Leon's point of view through Clemence's point of view, like one of those fantasy dream sequences with the fuzzy camera. Normal is relative, but she's probably on that end of the spectrum considering this school :'D

And I did sneak in a punny reference to a certain Elrond ;D I've been waiting an inordinate amount of time to make that joke, and I can't believe I found the opportunity. It was so bad that I had to leave it in.

♥ thank!

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Review #36, by LuciferandCrookshanks Love Overrated, Overruled

22nd January 2014:

Please let it be a love potion, please let it be a love potion. D:


Author's Response: Perhaps, perhaps! But it's never as simple as that!

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Review #37, by Glassw Love Overrated, Overruled

16th January 2014:
Ok so I went back and reread all the chapters and I have to commend you on your prose. But not your punctuality. Please update. For the baby possums, for Morgan Freeman, for purple orchids, for me: please PLEASE PLEASE update :)
Love ya (more your writing; I don't know you enough to form a solid opinion of you).
I may send my grandmother after you if you don't update ASAP! Her cookie torture is ruthless (HAHA)

Author's Response: I'll do it for the baby possums. You're best not to love me; I'll play with your heart~

Cookie torture sounds delicious, where can I sign up?

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Review #38, by oswin Love Overrated, Overruled

12th January 2014:
Oh My God, I just flipped. What the heck! Why would you do this... My heart literally stopped. So much angst! I love it, but I really just want to punch everyone in the face. I've wanted to punch Appy from day one, but this is too much. Plus, plot twist! and stalkers. Honestly, I hate that people assume so much. I mean, Albus assumes and then he acts and then shit hits the fan. I love this story so much. And so many puns! I sort of hate you right now, but I'll get over it. I guess...

Author's Response: Puns and plot twists, you got my writing down in a nutshell :'D I'm glad that everyone understands after 20 chapters that assumptions are lethal. It is the only lesson I'd like people to get out of this whole shebang.

♥ thank ye, don't hate me too much! Punch a pillow with a face on it!

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Review #39, by BookThief428 Love Overrated, Overruled

15th December 2013:
Hi! I've just found this story, it's great to find something so well written and original after reading so many iffy fanfics! This is definitely one of my favorites :) Can't wait for the next chapter! Please don't keep me waiting long :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm still writing it, sorry for the long wait!

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Review #40, by spreaddapoo93 Bare-Knuckled Heartbreaking

11th December 2013:
AaAaAah~ so angsty~

Of course, I adore Scorpius' act of bravado, only to crumple at Clemence's feet. He's such a loveable character (forgot to mention in last chapter review: best coming out scene I have EVER seen hands down).

But the morning after awkwardness was baked and iced to perfection, capturing exactly the heartfelt confusion, regret and fear, especially for a character like Clemence who has never had to really deal with anything like this before. It defies her invincibility... Ah, when she thinks she deseves it! My heart keeps bleeding for her, mwrff.

But excellent way to end the scene!!! Haha, I don't even... Team Clemence? I know it had to start one way or another, but this was inconceivable! Disturbing and ingenious, I say.

As always, your writing takes me by the ankles, upturns and shakes down my world !!

Much love ♥♡

Ps. Your playlists for etc. were amazing! The art, the music, the concept !! Mwwwrrrff, I bow down in reverence.

Author's Response: I've been waiting to do the Scorpius-reveal since forever--a wee Chekhov's gun from the beginning, meaning Albus did have a decent reason for being so angry at Clemence over her article.

I've yet to see a good morning-after scene in fanfic! In real life, if they're not boring, they're just plain awkward. It's not just 'omg we did it'; there's the fear of what other people will think, of practical things like protection, of feeling equal parts regret and wanting more.

Heee, I'm glad you had a chance to look through my blog of stuff! A lot of my favorite music goes into my etc playlists, I love music with a cynical twinge.

♥! Until I see you again!

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Review #41, by spreaddapoo93 Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

10th December 2013:
AH! You had a night drink / swimming scene! Super amped, my adolescence is complete now!

Wow... I won't even make a fool of myself saying how great this chapter was. Sure, there was that titfortat (whole new meaning in this context) between Albus and Clemence, and obviously those great extracts from Appy's absolutely horrible novel... but there were real, genuine moments from the characters, and that's what I loved most.

I can only imagine how terrifying and intimidating writing the scene appropriately for Albus and Clemence could have been, but you pulled it off just right--the same fumbling, romanticism, adolescent mistakes, passion and fervour. And it went further than a physical description of rigid events... everything led to that point, and there was such meaning in it.

I love it!

Much love (still thinking about those Appy excerpts. They'll keep me warm with laughter for the rest of my days) ♥♡

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I ushered some readers into adolescence with this scene xD It was weirdly fun writing it, so totally worth it all around. The reactions, omg the reactions are the most priceless thing of all. And I'm glad that the scene means something too, and says a lot more about Clemence and Albus than just their feelings for each other.

This chapter is written slightly differently from the rest--quite like an intermission. I like thinking up of AUs of my own stories and this is sort of a branch of that. I know Clemence is willing to share a more honest side of herself, but the opportunity was never there. She needs a certain atmosphere--and here it is. Pickett is a huge factor, actually, because without him, she'd just play her usual mind games with Albus. But with Pickett, she knows he'd call her out and she wouldn't feel comfortable with a close friend witnessing her "act"--I think she's oddly ashamed of it, if someone who knows her better sees her.

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Review #42, by spreaddapoo93 The Casualties of War

10th December 2013:
Oh... my.

Did that just happen? We all kmow Quirkies are CRAZY but this mobbiness is getting out of hand! Absolutely great chapter. Although I will admit it was difficult to see Clemence roughed up like this, I felt violated myself! *shudder to think* And Appy's book?! I don't think I even want to know its contents, blechy meh. It'll make good fodder for amusement, though!

Anyway, it's 01:30am, barely awake (barely ALIVE) and I'm having a hard time paying attention to a thing I'm writing (lol, backspacing to take out typos and WTH words like "pig" or "Tupac".

The point I wanted to make I I absolutely adore this chapter, though. Gyah, you could cut the sexual tension with a gelatine spoon, for the love of Merlin. Love Clemence and Pickett, adore Albus, even if he breaks my heart, and am absolutely terrified of Appy.

Thrilled to see what dangerous new waters you will take us into!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Trying to finish my responses soon! Found a bit of time on vacation c:

But the contents of Appy's book are the best part! Along with the number of trees it took to make it. Not counting the amount that'll take to mass produce it.

Roughing up Clemence was oddly the most natural thing to write; I didn't even think about it until I finished writing that section. I needed to see her a bit cracked; she is, in truth, not as powerful as she likes to brag. Not by far.


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Review #43, by spreaddapoo93 Lesser of Two Evils

9th December 2013:
Oh. My. Gawwrrr.

Ah!!! I see the evil plan! Gyah, I see disaster sweetly mingled with vengeful success in the horizon (question is, who comes out the victor?!) I NEED MOAAAWRRR!

Always love your invisibility cloak moments--where so much is happening around them, and you never fail to deliver the visual oompf of random students flitting by Albus and Clemence. You have mastered the art!!!

Gyah, can I just end this teeny review with absolute, brainwashed devotion and love to this fic? I love every slice of it!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Mmm sweetly mingling disaster. Sounds like a good drink.

The cloak became a much more interesting prop than I thought! Explains how Albus gets around without notice, and now it lets the both of them do it. It's almost like viewing the school in third person and it's how imagine Clemence used to lurk through school, except she didn't need a cloak until she attracted Albus' attention...

Mmm slices of etc. made in the shape of Albus' head. I'll have a nose, you can have his ear.

♥ ♥

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Review #44, by joojoo Love Overrated, Overruled

5th December 2013:
You're pretty much the only reason I keep coming back to this site. Stumbled upon your story a while ago and it's like a breath of fresh air. Your main character's are sharp and intelligent and it makes the game they're playing between them all the more exciting. This new development with Appy is truly mind-boggling. Had not expected anything of the sort. What on earth is Albus up to? Was he so thrown by Clemence's admission that she values Pickett more to try some revenge via Appy? Or is it because of the photos he saw promptly after said admission? I want to knowww!
If you can't tell by my uncontrolled blabbering, I loved the chapter. Cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: Aaah, thank you so much! Smart characters are what I live for. There's not enough, especially amongst teen protagonists. Give me some girls with too much pride and power and real meaty consequences. Brainy is the new sexy.

Just about everything will make sense next chapter -clacks fingers together- for good or for bad. ♥ thank you for reading (and waiting)!

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Review #45, by LemonSkulls  Love Overrated, Overruled

4th December 2013:
So, either dating Appy is part of some "plan" they have (which I really hope it is) or Albus is being dumb (which could also be a possibility)

And Pickett is always so hilarious;
E.g. ""Pickett mouths, 'I am not a hussy' with a scandalized glare"".
That made me laugh for like 10 minutes. Pickett is the best. I love him. A lot. Okay BYE

Author's Response: Plan or not, this is going to be pretty dumb 8D I can only guarantee you of that.

Pickett is so offended by the hussy comment, I can't even begin. Yeah, yesterday he sobbed his soul out and this morning there's a whole new scandal with him, but //hussy//. Well, that's just uncalled for.

♥ ! thank you for reading c:

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Review #46, by spreaddapoo93 A Lesson in Persuasion

3rd December 2013:
I am always in love with you! So steamy! So WOW~ So scare~ So cutthroat!

Ah, from "tea time with Trelawney" to "Bessie" the table to Albus and his goddamn smirk to the pink glitter lipstick (shudder), there's no stopping your phenomenal expressions!!!

Gyah! From the little things to the BIG things; the small-scale phrase that blows my mind, to the grand-scheme looming-tower-of-awesome that makes me faint by every line; I'm absolutely taken, as ever, by this chapter! :D

Much love, and *guilt blush* over short review; I'm just dying to find out Albus' plan!


Author's Response: SO DOGE~ ~ ~ if images could go in reviews, it would be a terrifying wonderful world.

Hurrhurrhurr, this was an interesting chapter to write. Not much happened but still ;) ya know? Those phrases sound so silly to me the first time I write it (and many times after) but after awhile I read it enough that I get used to them xD I never really thought too much about how they're received by readers, and I'm glad it's sort of... charming? 8D

♥! !

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Review #47, by spreaddapoo93 Denial, What's Denial?

3rd December 2013:
Back in the day, when I was eleven, I waited quite patiently for my Hogwarts acceptance letter to pull through the post; of course, it must have gotten lost somewhere down the line, and to this day I haven't quite gotten it... Point of the matter is, I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts as a kind of refuge, but after the fangirl fandango and Appy as Queen Quirky? My golly, I don't think I'd ever want to step foot. (of course, considering the magic and great hall and banquets, who am I kidding, I'd go even if it would be death by fangirl)

I'm absolutely adoring your "two hearts" opening speech; truly heartfelt and absolutely gorgeous; I think I almost cried, and lord knows why because I don't think Clemence would appreciate a reader blubbering up over her.

Gyah, Appy is truly horrid! My golly, she's the epitomy of disturbing; I swear, by my edible pen, I will run far away, without a look back, the day I meet someone by the name of Appy or Apostrophe Hyphen Colon!

I'm interested to see how Clemence's character will develop... Will she discover what she really wants? Why she wants anything? Will she rediscover her heart? Will she even want to? AAAH~

Much love,


Author's Response: Julia told me she wanted to go to Hogwarts and I mentioned that she'd have a hard time, seeing as it's invisible to muggles and she'd probably catch fire on the invisible candles. More things to keep in mind!

Bawww, I'm so glad it touched you! I love writing the little asides where Clemence just gets to dump her observations out. They're sort of an extreme version of things I see--Clemence is much more absolute and cynical about them. While I wouldn't choose the path that Clemence has currently chosen (sort of hedonistic, drop-everything-and-run-when-it gets-bad), I can also understand its appeal and practicality. It has its cons (like not knowing exactly what one wants and the general feeling of purposelessness), but it's not *wrong*. I want to present it as something that doesn't necessarily need to be fixed.

♥ again!

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Review #48, by spreaddapoo93 He Tempts Me, He Tempts Me Not

3rd December 2013:

I think I should just give up trying to find words to describe how you make me feel. So a punctuation mark and an 'O' will have to suffice.

AH~~ So much heartfelt what-what going on right here! I don't know whether to shout or cry or ease my trembling heart! I'm absolutely loving the love/hate between Albus and Clemence; it's so complicated, I can't make head or tails of it...

I don't even... I don't even understand... Ah, it's such a tense chapter, I'm just going to crawl into a hole and rest for a while.

Much love,

Author's Response: ö

It's a little odd looking back, because I'm much surer of where their feelings lie now compared to back when I wrote this chapter. And I think a huge part of it is that Albus and Clemence themselves don't know, and at least Clemence is unwilling to recognize them. Look at their long-winded conversations, look at how hard they try to rationalize /everything/. And thus, the next chapter is called 'Denial, What's Denial' :D

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Review #49, by spreaddapoo93 Everyone Wants Me (Dead)

3rd December 2013:
I love Clemence; she has such remarkable insight into the sticky folly that is humanity! "Mobs are like weather--part chemistry and part chance..." is one of the most enlightening metaphors I've encountered in literature in the past ten years (then again, your whole story is riddled header to footer in them!!!)

But, my golly, that escalated ridiculously fast! AAH~ Your metaphor for being ditched, "Bonded for ten years, made our pacts in the watering hole, but you'll still let me get mauled by a cheetah"---never mind the remarkable figure of speech which I am gawping in appreciation at this moment; "mauled by a cheetah" describes perfectly what that must feel like... It's absolutely terrifying. Probably one of my biggest fears and horrors, being placed smack in the middle of a fangirl mob... *shudder*

Another hot, steamy, raunchy Albus-(with Clemence between)packed scene, GYAH~ It's getting harder to hate him (I don't hate him, of course, but he becomes so much more enigmatic the further this story progresses! YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS MIND-BLOWING!)

etc. etc. should be bound in hardcover, in leather, in whatever and posted to every household.. It's THAT brilliant, gyah!

Much love,

Author's Response: I never would've paid attention to that metaphor had you not pointed it out! And now I like it too :D Cookies for past me and you.

I've yet to encounter a real life mob. The day that I do, I feel like I will be unusually prepared. That, or trampled, but I do like to be optimistic.


oh nooo, don't kill cows for my poor fic. bind it in velvet. Scorpius would like that.

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Review #50, by spreaddapoo93 Who Wears the Horns?

3rd December 2013:
AAahh~ What just happened? I feel an odd sense of gravity pulling my stomach up and down into my throat, then into my knees... (It doesn't help that I've been munching away throughout the entire chapter on a good egg sandwich!). This is Albus on a whole new level; I can't take it! He's more dastardly crazy than Clemence on a frisky day! Aah~

Firstly, props to the fangirl party... Ah, it made me slick inside in ways I hope I'll never feel in REALITY (Really, I don't know what I would do if I were planted right in the middle of that fiasco... probably crawl into a shuddering ball, muttering, "It's ok... It's all gonna be ok..." before they ship me off to St. Mungo's). May not be "Death by fangirl" per se, but it cuts pretty close.

AH! I love your expressions! Miss Polly's Children's Hour (and its perversion thereafter), and "Leave it to Q.G.A. to provide girls the opportunity to eat a torso off of the star Keeper's face and wipe their mouth with six different fitty blokes. How can that even feel hygienic?"

Oh, and the devilish Albus; I'm not sure what to feel about that charming one. I can't help feel that he's absolutely bonkers! Albus, the thrill seeking crazy man, and Clemence the mystery-seeker... They're alike, but in very different ways... And I can't help but feel Clemence is winning the Battle of Sanities here.

I'm going to carry onto the next chapter, confused, thrilled, crazed and absolutely discombobulated!

Much love,

Author's Response: I still cannot believe that I did not originally plan for Albus to be evil. It's GubraithianFire's fault by the way. She had an evil!Albus in her abandoned Albus/OC but then she abandoned it and I accidentally stole the idea, and then she stole the idea back from me for her new evil Albus/OC. This is a common occurrence.

For some reason, it is very easy for me to plan creepy. It might say something about me. I also just do well with describing food and constantly have to stop myself from making more metaphors about food (in the chapter I'm currently writing, I have already compared Clemence's face to a pretzel).

It's interesting to compare their motivations too! Albus is suddenly revealed to be a bit of a thrill seeker but Clemence doesn't really *seek* mysteries (or thrill). She's more of an opportunist, feeding off easy pickings for stories and doesn't like working at anything that wastes her time. Which might also include Albus.

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