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Review #26, by Kaylee Epilogue

9th August 2016:
I'm a new reader, and I've read this entire fic in two days. I had to put my phone down at 4 am and reconsider my life choices. I often indulge in the quite cliche and often repetitive James/OC and Albus/OC fics, I was a frequent reader about three years ago and I have found myself coming back.

I have enjoyed some of these fics a lot, cliche as they may be. However, I often find myself enjoying a story less and less as it goes on. When I say you Author's note early on about this fic being different, I'm not sure what I expected. It wasn't this.

I've read hundreds of Harry Potter fanfics, but when I think about the period three years ago, I can only remember once story that stuck with me. I think this might be the second.

Maybe this is because I have been reading this non stop for two days, but I was floored when Albus and Clemence didn't end up together. But then, after reading the epilogue, it just clicked. It didn't really make sense for them to end up together. Maybe it could have worked, but it also made sense that it didn't.

If you had told me maybe five chapters back that they wouldn't end up together, I don't this I could have handled it. But now, I really see it. And I just want to thank you as an author for writing this piece of fiction that really challenged me as a reader.

This has been a pretty nonsensical rambling, but yeah. I just want to say thank you. I feel kinda weird, like this story actually had an impact on me. Is there any way for me to find your original works? This could be a really great novel. Though I've just discovered you, I appreciate the time and craft you've put into this story.

Author's Response: Ahhh! Thank you so much! Nothing against cliches by themselves - I have my own guilty pleasures - but I wished there was more depth to certain kinds of relationships and characters (especially characters like Clemence and love/hate relationships) for when I wanted something *not* cliche. When I went looking, I came up with almost nothing. People have told me how much this fic has meant to them and it brings such a smile to my face because that means these readers wanted same story I wanted to read. And I love when I'm able to write a story that people don't expect to like, and they end up loving it.

I was on the fence about Albus and Clemence, but honestly in my gut, I always wanted her to walk away; I just didn't fully know why, not until she put her distrust into words. Could she be genuinely vulnerable around him? Did she think he would step in the line of fire for her? No. She's seen this time and time again, and it's always been no. With all the time in the world, that might change, but what would push Albus to change? Only losing her. Turned out rather poetic.

I'm oddhour on tumblr! You can find the link on my profile. I haven't posted any original works online, but I am working on an original version of etc :) Thank you so much again! Knowing my story made an impact is one of the best compliments!

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Review #27, by SilverMoonFairy A Kingdom For My Name

9th August 2016:
I'm curious- when they say D.A.D.A., am I supposed to assume they're talking in acronyms?

Poor Barry. He really needs a vacation. Poor thing. He can take Janey with him.

I don't have much on this chapter- I'm taking in the change and the angst whilst writing my own angst at the same time. It's very draining!


Author's Response: I imagine they're saying "DA-DA"; I'm not actually sure what's the correct way to notate that!

Haha, the emotional journey of this story is a rollercoaster. I'd apologize in advance if it didn't spoil everything!

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Review #28, by SilverMoonFairy V-Day D-Day

9th August 2016:
I knew it, but I was too caught up in heartache and racing to the next chapter to get it out on review. THAT *string of expletives* I will MURDER HER! My stomach was clenched, my heart twisting, and she just flouncing down the hallway with Al, I want to cry! FIGHT, CLEMENCE, FIGHT! Dirty, under handed, no good *expletive*! Come on, Clem, put that stick back in the mud! (PUN INTENDED!)

I am okay if Pickett and Clemence end up together as I thought they would in the first couple of chapters, but I can't ship Dom and Al because they're related and I will kill Appy, so Al can't be with her either. Maybe Sandra can have him.

I need to figure out the bigger mystery here- who hates Clemence so much that they are sabotaging her so badly? It can't be Caroline because I feel like she's not nearly intelligent as she thinks she is. It's not Appy if Pickett says she looked confused. I doubt it's Rose and Dom is FOR all this Clembus nonsense, so WHO is AFTER her? And have they already been revealed? IS IT SANDRA?!

WHY DOESN'T DOM LOVE PICKETT?!?! T_T I was so excited when she got a table for them...



*ahem* You will forgive me? Thank you... I'M GOING TO BEAT THE EVER LIVING EXPLETIVE OUT OF AL! I don't care HOW jealous you are! WHY WOULD YOU DRINK LOVE POTION?!

Also, back to Scorpius, again, for once, HE is the most intelligent being in the room. ^_^


Author's Response: Ahhh another one of my favorite chapters. The visceral reactions I got from this chapter are some of the best things, yours included 8D Even me, this chapter just pumps me up and sort of makes me want to punch everything at random and see how far I get.

Oh the tangled webs we weave; I love that you are immediately assigning consolation love interests. ALSO I looove the rampant speculation. You are catching all the details ;)

Dom is perpetually on troll-mode.

Don't worry, Clemence is doing all the deserved roughhousing for you.

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Review #29, by SilverMoonFairy Love Overrated, Overruled

9th August 2016:
OMG DOM IS HARUHI! I had a manga from Ouran a friend sent me for my birthday where Hikaru professed his love and interest in dating her and he specifically said, "No dense misinterpretations allowed!" XD

Shame, shame, Potter. Coffee and Firewhisky this early in the morning?

And what exactly did he think she would say? She had been actively against this relationship the whole story. Plus, Pickett is one of her best friends. And besides, while DRUNK, Pickett ONLY wanted to kiss Clemence because she sounded like Dom. It's not like he was dragging her under the dock to shag her...

I am curious to know what it is Al has come to like about Clemence. Sure, she's funny and they have good banter, but that doesn't make a relationship. I'm actually rethinking all the movie and TV relationships that started this way. The only really good ones were the ones that had real history behind them, like their friends or they went through some crap together. I'm equally curious as to why Clemence likes Al. He hasn't been particularly nice and has, in fact, been aiming to use her. Why are these things I never thought about before?

By the way... Pickett. T_T Hahaha, Let's get you drunk- Thank you! *dances*



Author's Response: Albus slowly became a surprise alcoholic, who knew, not me.

Omg I love the half of the readers who go DUH ALBUS, OF COURSE SHE WOULDN'T CHOOSE YOU. Such presumptuous Potters. I also laugh when I think about this a little because Pickett was 100% right; Albus did get jealous.

To be fair, you doesn't need to like one another to have a relationship, ha! Only a healthy relationship. I, too, get confused when the love/hate relationships jump from totally angry to sudden domestic bliss. It's not unrealistic to have a heated, clashing relationship, but follow through! Make it ugly.

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Review #30, by Skrrrt Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

9th August 2016:
Wow, I know I'm late to the party but this story is so good so far...and I'm only a few chapters in

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you like the rest!

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Review #31, by SilverMoonFairy Green for Queen

8th August 2016:
The voice in my head for Pickett (I forgot to mention this earlier) is the guy who does the Scamalot videos on YouTube. Also, this anime-esque story has taken a terrifying turn toward Peach Girl with Appy playing the devious role of Sai Kashiwagi...

These last two chapters are SO PACKED, my head is spinnging. @_@ From drunken 'I love you' to being forced into a situation he did and didn't want. Oh, Al... If only you could be a pygmy puff on the wall of Clemence's life. He has no idea what poop he's put her in. It better hurt.


Author's Response: I imagine Pickett to be from the Scottish coast, but I never entirely nailed down the accent. I had to look up Peach Girl; I can only imagine the horrified look Appy would have if one called her the antagonist, you know, right before she kills you.

I'm also imagining Albus as a pygmy puff.

"It better hurt" -- AHA ♥ my kind of reader.

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Review #32, by SilverMoonFairy The Self-Fulfilling Prophet

8th August 2016:

This will end badly! *sing-song* I wanna smack both Clemence and Albus around a bit, but I'll get over it and hopefully so will they. SO MUCH TENSION! GAH! It makes my skin crawl with anticipation!

In regards to your ending note, I think you're doing a very good job of keeping up with background characters and even little details like Appy's book not being forgotten and such, or the crates of bottles- you really pick up on a lot of the little details that a lot of writer's might forget and it makes it seem more real (aside from the anime vibe, lol).

Ooh, need more!

Author's Response: I forgot all the little author notes I wrote at the end of chapters; it's crazy to think it's been YEARS since I wrote this chapter. I still very much can't wait to expand on background characters when I rewrite this as OF. I have little stories in my head that never become relevant in Clemence's PoV all the time. Thank you again for all your kind comments about this!!

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Review #33, by SilverMoonFairy Bare-Knuckled Heartbreaking

8th August 2016:
PS on the last chapter- why is there now CI for it?


I don't think I can keep this review 12+, but I'll try. This was EPIC. And I'm SO EXCITED! Now the poop will really hit the fan! *pumps fist* I AM SO EXCITED! Oh, I said that already. Um... Hmmm...

"Besides, when the well-being of this school hinges on my sexuality, I think there's a bigger problem to address!"

This is probably the most intelligent thing I've ever heard Scorpius say.

Ooh, now I'm really hoping for that happy ending I don't think is coming! *dances*


Author's Response: I'm actually SO lazy about chapter images that if I don't make it the week I post the chapter, it's very likely it's never going to happen lol. It just so happens I only skipped out on the CI once.

That line by Scorpius is probably like top 5 smartest lines in the whole story loool. The poor boy deserves some sort of agency over his storyline.

This one of my fav chapters, hehehe. Excited for your excitement!

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Review #34, by SilverMoonFairy Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

8th August 2016:
Okay, are you ready for a lengthy review this time? I read this at work (thank God you have it on AO3 because my phone DOES NOT like HPFF) and because I couldn't speed read through the last ten chapters (because work) I had a lot of time to think and dwell and come up with some *hopefully* worth while things to say about the story of Clemence and Witchy Business.

The first order of business is that I've decided that this story reminds me greatly of a Rom-Com-Drama anime, namely something along the lines of Ouran High School Host Club or something to that effect, except more sexiness and the girls created their own fan club rather than just flocking to the boy's club. With the rabid fangirls screeching down the hall, the very psychotic Appy Colon who can go from evil to cute in ).5 seconds flat, the whole student body feuding over a stupid cause, and Clemence, the only main character who makes much sense and is sensible, I would totally love to see this as an anime or manga.

Just saying.

Secondly, this is by far my favorite chapter. I was laughing so hard at work, I needed to hold onto a table to stand up. My friend walked by giving me a queer look and asking, "Who are you talking to?" And so I read her Pickett answering Ella's rhetorical questions as explanation. It was hard to tell if she was laughing at the scene or me.

Omfg I LOVE Pickett. Until I noticed that he liked Dom, I almost thought that he liked Clemence and it tickles me pink that he asked to kiss her because she sounds like Dom. Just... Just... XD

AND OF COURSE PICKETT JUMPS INTO THE LAKE! Followed by Boy Wonder, Boy Enigma, and Lady Cynical. FINALLY THE SEX! As much as it is romanticized in movies and books... Sex in the water is no easy feat. :/

Now, apparently I have this habit of assigning songs to stories I am invested in. I listen to music all day long at work, so when a song comes up that reminds me of whatever story I'm obsessing over at the moment, it immediately becomes a part of a mental soundtrack. (I did this with Rose's stories, too.)

So far on your soundtrack, I have...
Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling (due to my own personal inferences into Clemence's character)

By The Way by Hinder (because she keeps saying Al is trying to 'fix' her)

Love Hate Heartbreak by Halestorm (because, mostly the title...)

And finally, this is not official yet, but given the satire and dark humor running rampant, I am not expecting a happy ending, so my prediction for the ending is:

Let Go by Hollywood Undead (although, given who they are and how the story is going, this may happen regardless of a happy ending, haha!)


Author's Response: I'M HERE I'M PREPARED.

I'm laughghghing at your comparison of this to Ouran mainly because I'm familiar with it. It's also funny because I think I DO take a lot from story structures/tropes popular in Asian media; my other story 'And Capers Ensue' totally follows the structure of a typical Korean drama if you squinted. etc would SO work as a manga/anime, you've just given me a new dream.

YES THIS IS THE CRACK CHAPTER!! This is the culmination of all the next gen tropiness I wanted to skewer followed up with lake sex.

Pickett is a blessing. Can anyone explain what comes out of his mouth? Totally worth getting weird laughs from your coworkers.

Ahhh I LOVE soundtracks (I made a bunch of music mixes on 8tracks for etc). I looked up the songs you mentioned and they're so intense, I can see why you chose them LOL.

Steepling my fingers at your predictions :D

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Review #35, by SilverMoonFairy The Casualties of War

7th August 2016:
I was RPing a VERY EMOTIONAL scene with my collab partner today regarding Albus, Scorpius, and two OCs at the same time as reading this and I just... SO MANY EMOTIONS! T_T Bring back the funny.

I can't believe those awful brats! And Al! I get why, but still! I wanted to punch him! (Not gonna lie, totally expected them to throw down after Rose left the room...)

Dom may whine and scream, but in the end, Clemence is doing what needs to be done. It's a stupid feud anyway, especially when Scorp isn't even interested.

5 chapters yesterday, 10 today- if only I didn't have to work tomorrow.

Author's Response: Omg you probably stumbled onto one of the worst chapters to read for the funny; this is definitely one of the darker ones. No one comes off as all too great in this chapter, except maybe Clemence who does her first truly selfless thing in the story. There never is any good without bad in this story, is there? :'D I remember this chapter being another turning point! I changed quite a few plot ideas after this one.

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Review #36, by SilverMoonFairy Lesser of Two Evils

7th August 2016:
That... Is a devious plan. And odd that Clemence has panic attacks. Hmmm... Appy will not approve! I can't wait for that showdown!


Author's Response: It's been super fun following you read; can't wait to see what you think of the rest! ^__^ Thank you!

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Review #37, by SilverMoonFairy A Lesson in Persuasion

7th August 2016:
LOTS OF PRINCIPLES! Good gracious, girl, you know how to write them all steamy, don't you? I'm gonna have to direct my husband to read this for a few brush up pointers!

Is Scorpius really gay? Because that would be hilarious. Two girls getting the whole school into a war and he doesn't even like girls...

ATTACK OF THE APPY! That is the most horrifying thing I can think of that could happen to Clemence! It's so Mean Girls!

Okay, I'm calming down now...

Author's Response: LOL OMG, why yes I do write a lot of characters with principles, hem hem.

I love reading your speculation; there's a lot I've been keeping mum about. I'll wait for your reactions then 8)

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Review #38, by SilverMoonFairy Denial, What's Denial?

7th August 2016:
Appy is ridiculously scary. There, I said it. (Seriously, where did you get the name Apostrophe Hyphen Colon?) I'm sort of proud of Clemence for not going to meet Al -who knows what scandal may have happened!- but I'm also a little disappointed that she said anything to Caroline at all. I think you would have waited to hear more of the conversation, but now she's just feeding the flames. Oo...

I'm also mad at Pickett. He needs to TALK to DOM. But, then, where's the story in that? ;)

Author's Response: There was this trend back in 2011 with OCs whose names began with A or were some random word that is never used as a name. Apostrophe Hyphen Colon just seemed like a natural choice 8)

I feel like Clemence just does what she wants and calls it cleverness whenever it succeeds, ha.

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Review #39, by SilverMoonFairy He Tempts Me, He Tempts Me Not

7th August 2016:
Wow, that walk away! This is torturous! They want to snog like mindless animals but they can't stand each other. "You're going to suffer, but you're going to be happy about it?" comes to mind...

I think I'm satisfied for the time being and am going to take a much needed break to work on my own next chapter. Woo! *fans self* You certainly know how to keep a girl on edge!


Author's Response: Ha! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far 8) these chapters are flagrantly fanservice-y and were SO fun to write.

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Review #40, by SilverMoonFairy Everyone Wants Me (Dead)

7th August 2016:
Wow, that was genius! I love Clemence, she's so quick on her feet and Al had only planned so many steps ahead. Gah! And that chase! I needed a glass of water to keep up!

I just want them to rip off their clothes already! I mean, *ahem* they would, erm, make a lovely pair. >.>

Found one technical, I think it's missing a word.

I don't have the strength fight him even if I want to.

That's all. Must keep reading!

Author's Response: The quirky girls already got a halfway headstart to ripping off his clothes, so it kind of counts?? I love that Clemence is both ingenious and also so full of herself that she could just as easily drive herself into worse situations.

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Review #41, by SilverMoonFairy Who Wears the Horns?

7th August 2016:


I love the Team shirts. (I have an old Team Jacob shirt from my Twilight fangirl days. My best friend got it for my birthday. She was Team Edward and WE WERE STILL FRIENDS, DOM AND ROSE! Sheesh...) I love even more how excited Dom is about the shirts.

OF COURSE he has an invisibility cloak! Dear lord, he is steaming the place up! I'd wide off my glasses if I wore any!

I will take some cake and put the pitchfork on hold, I'm heading for the next chapter!

PS, I had mentioned in a previous technical about Helen and Helena, and it's mentioned both in this chapter as Helen, so now I'm not sure what's correct...

Author's Response: I'M CACKLING. "the GOOD Potter. The LOW KEY Potter." That's what Clemence thought. That's what we all thought.

ngl, a lot of this was inspired by the Twilight craze, but only the very exceptional craziness that was reported on in the news. And I've been on fandom-heavy sites like tumblr long enough that I've seen how utterly unreasonable some people behave when it comes to their obsessions.

Dom totally has her priorities in order.

It's supposed to be Helen, but I didn't edit out all instances of Helena; that's what I get for editing out of order!

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Review #42, by SilverMoonFairy And All the Girls and Boys Merely Players

7th August 2016:
So, I love Clemence's take on the school and their sorting and she's absolutely right! One thing I love having in my stories are inter-house friendships, because really, the only reason Harry and Ron made it through school without dying was because Hermione should have been a Ravenclaw. Chalk it up to the Hat getting one wrong for a change.

I'm still in desperate need for this Dom/Scorpius/Pickett thing to be cleared up. And what does Rose think she's doing anyway? A war? Well, crap. I didn't think this story would get that heavy. I've still got 17 more chapters!

Found one little technical:
His mouth open like a goldfish and he is a sliver away from toppling off his chair.

And that's all!

Author's Response: Exactly! I think the basic concept of sorting based on similarity is flawed! Surely we can do better than to listen to a talking hat, even if it's sassy and old. It even hinders the suspension of disbelief required to think that all of our protagonists come from the same house.

A story about fangirls wouldn't be complete without a shipping war, would it? ;)

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Review #43, by SilverMoonFairy Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

7th August 2016:
I feel like I'm going to finish this story in a matter of day, if not hours. It's so torturous and tension filled and OMG I HAVE TO READ MORE!

You know, I'm normally a lot more detailed with my reviews because I stop and open a word document and remark on the scenes, but I can't tear my eyes away from this and now you're stuck with short reviews. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WRITE TOO WELL! XD

Al is... What is he DOING?! My heart is fluttering uncontrollably. They can't go to the QGA, Colon will gouge her eyes out if they're there together! I like how HE is changing HER and not the other way around, but I can't see Clemence just leaving what she does...

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Oh look, something suspicious! Your favorite kind of thing!"

Dom and Pickett better be married by the time this is over. What is she doing with Scorpius? Honestly!

Author's Response: THE SHORT REVIEW COMPLIMENT I'll keep this in mind. I also just read your comments on the book club thread and oh man you're so detailed! It's really cool seeing stuff analyzed. People ask me to analyze my own stories sometimes, but I really enjoy seeing what other people take from it.

I'm imagining you clutching Al's shoulders, 'what are you DOING, you can't DO that.' I'm sitting here steepling my fingers because back then, even I didn't know where this would all lead eventually; I THOUGHT I did, then I kept finding wilder ideas!

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Review #44, by SilverMoonFairy Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

7th August 2016:
*breaking the rules and reading further after finishing all the questions*

Is THAT what changed the story? Because I may have done something rather similar in my chapter update last night. XD

Oh my gosh, my golly! The Quirky Girls are RABID. It's utterly ridiculous! A mob that shakes the floor and it's really funny that Al couldn't remember the password. Is he a Prefect even? Because that's funnier!

I knew he was up to something! Girlfriend indeed! And that kiss was EXPLOSIVE! HOLY CRAP! I'm still jumping from the squeeing! So, question- are they both ice queens? Because Al isn't exactly a bad boy. I'm not very good with subversion, lol.

I most definitely have to go on to the next chapter...

Author's Response: YES, THE REVOLUTIONARY SIXTH CHAPTER KISS. It was hilariously groundbreaking, you can read all the reactions from when I first posted it and it was just utter shock.

Albus isn't a prefect (I thiiink Scorpius is the prefect, I don't recall anymore). Also prooobably not cool enough to be an ice queen (pun intended). It's best not to squint too hard at any subversion unless you see something pop out at you; I wrote the fic for multiple audiences - you can happily read the story just for the characters/story; and then there might be some additional jokes/aha's for those who are familiar with certain tropes/references :)

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Review #45, by SilverMoonFairy Certifiably Quirky

6th August 2016:
I've been meaning to mention this for a few chapters, but I keep forgetting. I like how you segment the story, stopping to almost go into Clemence's personal notes on people and things, completely separate from the rest of the story, but still vital information for the reader. It's one of my favorite parts!

I'm beginning to think that Rose, Albus, and Scorpius are plotting to take down Witchy Business. Al, with his fake girlfriend, and Rose and Scorpius with fake rumors about breaking up.

Another wonderful chapter! I'm bouncing with excitement! I did find a few technicals.

The common room couches could put me in a coma when falling asleep is the last thing I want to do.
This sentence sort of reads like it ends with a different sentence.

Helen Nott keeps me up to date with the passwords.
It was Helena a few lines up.

before Yule Ball,
the Yule Ball or Yule Balls

Super excited for this story!

Author's Response: Writing etc in this segmented fashion gave me a lot of freedom to try different styles; very, very fun and enlightening!

You've already learned to trust no one! :D That will serve you well.

Thank you again! I'll have to fix these typos up (I didn't even notice the Helena one, because her name is "supposed" to be Helena but I don't use that in the rest of the fic, so moot point).

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Review #46, by SilverMoonFairy A Vivid Imagination

6th August 2016:
*squees* I love this! There's so much tension! And too much Mature Content leads me to imagining them pushing each other against walls, BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!

I feel like Pickett is so on top of this Dom/Scorpius thing because he likes her and is jealous and is trying to make Clemence put a stop to it so he can keep his love a secret... OH UNREQUITED JOY!

Love the chess match! And he DOES like the banter! I feel like dancing in giddiness! *dances* I'm sad, though, because the first thread for the club is only for up to chapter 5 and I want to read it all, haha!

One little technical!

last afternoon' duel

And that's all!

Author's Response: My friend was reading it and she was like, "there is CONSTANT TENSION." Pickett warns you in advance, too :'D everything is sexual tension if you look hard enough!

My other friend made me a graphic for this story that literally just says "unrequited" so you can guess what that means, hehehe.

You can always take a sneak peek at next week's reading ;) Chapter 6 changed everything for this fic when I wrote it. I didn't plan it and it completely shaped the rest of the story. I saw the book club thread and oh MAN those are some quality questions!! I hope people participate! I'd tell people to, but not sure how many people are Ravenclaws?? If there was an open thread, I'd totally direct people there!

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Review #47, by SilverMoonFairy May I Have This Duel?

6th August 2016:
Holy crap, I suddenly ship Al and Clemence so HARD! Wonderful chapter! Pickett is brilliant and DOM TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF SCORPIUS! C'mon, why does she hate Rose so much? FAMILY! Sheesh!

What a show! That duel was amazing! That's something I have trouble with- writing duels and quidditch. You pull it off beautifully and WOW. I want to read it again!

Just a quick technical before I go, found this hiding in all that awesomeness-

But I'm won't make things worse.


Author's Response: HA! THE SHIPPING BEGINS! What would this story be without rampant shipping?

I'm pretty sure I used to hate writing action scenes but now they seem so fun?? Or maybe I'm just thinking after the fact. The duel was definitely a fun one :'D

Ahh, thanks for pointing out the typos; I know I have quite a few scattered throughout but editing on multiple fic sites has made it a hassle to actually fix them.

Thank you for another review!

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Review #48, by SilverMoonFairy Chess for Three

6th August 2016:
I am so in love with your story! It amuses me, actually, that Dom is a reporter. Not long ago, I was reading another story where she was also a reporter, a rather nosy and pushy one, too.

Clemence is wonderful! I love her and I hate her. She makes life interesting. She's very no-nonsense and to the point which makes her that much more hilarious to read. Cool and level headed, getting under the skin of those she investigates- OH!

Being a fan of the Everything Wrong With series on YouTube, I just had to say...

" cetera, et cetera. Life goes on." - Roll credits...


Author's Response: There's something especially infuriating about people like Clemence and Dom when they want something, because they're the type to pursue the thing until they have it, and their shamelessness about it is their greatest weapon ;)

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Review #49, by SilverMoonFairy Manic Panic Mondays

6th August 2016:
Holy crap! We're reading your story for Book Club and, wow, this is amazing! A relation of Rita Skeeter- I've been thinking of writing something with her recently but I don't think I can out do this. The flow and grace and outright audacity of your character is amazing and I love how she doesn't even like what she does, but she's good at it, so she does it anyway. Wow! I'm so excited for the rest of the story!


Author's Response: Ahh, how exciting! I hope you enjoy the rest! And definitely try to write that Skeeter story (ALL the snarky, underhanded reporters, pls). Thank you for your kind comments! c:

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Review #50, by Reader Epilogue

1st August 2016:
Im gonna be honest...I feel like clemence didn't really deserve a happy ending. She never really changed or atoned for her mistakes. A lot of this fic read as blatant wish fulfillment dressed up in pretty words.

Author's Response: Fair enough, I suppose we'll disagree here. I do think Clemence matured, and a big question about the fic is really whether anyone truly changes or atones. I don't think she needs to explicitly do so to arrive to this resolution.

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