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Review #26, by Whathewhat Sailing Ship

20th August 2011:
When she said I hope your happy, I was listening to defying gravity, and she sang it at that precise moment. Nice. JUNE IS LIKE HE LUNA IF THE MARUADERS TIME!!! YAYZ! :)

Author's Response: Haha! Oh, June hasn't got Luna's wisdom, or at least has wisdom in all the wrong places 8D

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Review #27, by GubraithianFire Sailing Ship

31st July 2011:
Junebug James, you're my hero. And I want to be you. Can I be you, Junie B. James? (Geddit, geddit, like Junie B. Jones. Which admittedly I never read. They were too pedestrian. And mainstream. -gubby hipsterism-). Her cleverness astounds me! It rocks me to my core! And not to mention Sirius and Remus, the tortured lovers we all knew they were! Scandal indeed! So much scandal I am tempted to spell it with dollar signs! But I am not that craycray yet, contrary to popular belief/evidence gathered from recent reviews. I will hold off on the dollar signs.

For nao.

Note that all of my love is going to JUNE. I've given whoever this author is enough love. ♥♥♥ (See? MULTIPLE HEARTS FOR JUNIE B. JAMES, MY HERO. NO ONE ELSE.)

Author's Response: snerk snerk snerk, I see what you did there. Oh, you little elitist child. I bet you preferred watching Sesame Street in Russian. SCANDAL~ I pronounce this in Le Scorp's voice, so big and booming and magnificent it is!

I GIVE YOU LOFFF, I WANT EXTRA LOFFF but fine, whatevsss

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Review #28, by PygmyPuffNamedArnold Sailing Ship

19th July 2011:
This is so hilarious.
I love the bit with Sirius going mad about that fact she assumed Remus would be on top -- my favourite bit.
Really good, I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #29, by Loony_Scorpy Sailing Ship

10th July 2011:
hahahaha I love this! Junebug is a cracker :P haha your stories are just amazing :D and now I am going to read some more :D just because you and your brain are amazing :D

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ For my WIPs, I'll be updating Capers soon, if you want to read that!

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Review #30, by Mad Hatter Sailing Ship

10th July 2011:
So I'm here to review this because the idea made me giggle and I hope it's not too old for you. :P This is gorgeous, pure, adulterated crack and I LOVE IT. The first step is denial...oh, goodness. And when she decides they're already together! Gosh, how does your brain work? It's so wonderful.

SIRIUS IS MY FAVOURITE. If I'm going to be fantasized about, Id rather get the facts straight. Oh, perfection. I love him. And you. XD And god, this love polygon of awesome that's only half-true. I want to marry this fic.


Basically, I cannot form coherent thought about this fic because I'm too busy giggling insanely. It is perfect and a new favourite of mine and lasdfhalsiehtlih brilliance. Junebug is a goddess and oh, I'll just be imagining a world where this actually goes down.

Author's Response: HIII again~

I have a soft spot for this fic. The idea is just too -gigglesnort-. My mind, I worry about it and how it can spawn things like this, my parody fic and that one plunny I gave to Kate involving Tom Riddle as the lead singer in a brainwashing boy band.


Sirius/Remus is my total bromance otp. I swear, the closeness of the Marauders had to have raised some eyebrows and slash fangirls in Hogwarts, no? 8D

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Review #31, by silverstarletworld89 Sailing Ship

5th May 2011:
LOL! I love the way you write your humour it is absoultely fantastic!! I am glad Remus and Sirius aren't together as that would have just been wrong lol. And - The reason weve kept mum... The grin faded and his eyes took a faraway gaze. is because James is in love with me. - I actually choked on my food on this one (yeah that is how I roll) just too funny!! Loving Junebug Janes as the CRAZY stalker girl!! As IF she was hiding in a poisionous bush (I totally would have done it too, but hey no-one really needs to know that =D )


Author's Response: Aw thanks :D I love me some Sirius/Remus bromance crack. Junebug teehee, the slash fangirl living in Hogwarts, I say.

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #32, by TheProphecy Sailing Ship

18th April 2011:

Well that was indeed a very random plot bunny. I really did enjoy it. It made me laugh throughout. I adored the characterisation of June.

I thought you did extremely well with the reactions to her from Sirius and Remus, I really enjoyed them as characters. I thought it was brilliant how she managed to twist the denial into something it wasn't!

Overall it was a really good and well written one-shot! Well done :)

Hannah x

Hannah x

Author's Response: I'm glad you like ^__^ I've always adored this little one-shot. My unadulterated fangirl side.

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Review #33, by ravenclaw_princess Sailing Ship

15th April 2011:
This was favourite line had to be "Don't mind him, it's just his time of the month again". It had me bursting into giggles.

This was a really original fic and I loved it. the characterisation of Junebug was spot on and I could just imagine her sitting in the holly spying. She was written so well that I could just about see her glee bursting out of the page.

I liked all the viewer irony in this story as we knew what was really going down but Junebug of course didn't. The whole story was beautifully written and it all flowed really well. It was also full of humour which I admire you for. Well done on an awesome story.

Author's Response: Hehehe I'm glad you liked it :D I love my adorably stupid characters, of which I have a growing repertoire of. But Junebug is my first and my favorite ^__^

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Review #34, by zeegraciejones Sailing Ship

3rd April 2011:
Mrahahaha. :)

I jove Junebug. Its a great name. A great character. A great e'erything.

I think Miss Janes and I might be braintwins. Though I might be less of a fangirl. But I do find the Marauders era to be my absolute favorite.

I discovered all your oneshots yesterday. And I've become addicted. Like nicotine and Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea. Yurmm. :)

I adore and woship you.
(When I say that, I do mean your writing and am not as creepy as I must be coming off as, though I am just as awkward. Probably even more so than you'd expect.)


Author's Response: Hehehehe, June is my secret fangirl stalking everything put into full view.

I haven't written a oneshot in agees, I wrote a lot when I wrote Game, because I wasn't working on two WIPs, but writing two WIPs is already a lot of work *___*

Tehehe, not creepy at all! 8D I am a creeper myself; often, my own adoration is scary and capslock.

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Review #35, by ericajen Sailing Ship

7th March 2011:

I've been eyeing this one-shot for awhile. Because you are awesome and your stories are awesome and this looked like it was just made of awesome so I decided to be awesome and read it and what do you know, it was awesome. /awesome

Anyway. Very funny. I laughed. June is a very dedicated fangirl. I respect that.

Author's Response: HAAAI. I've always adored this oneshot. Never got angry at it no. I actually think IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN -YOUR- STATUS UPDATE THAT GAVE ME THIS IDEA. I remember it being someone who frequented the forum a lot. But someone mentioned something about Sirius/OCs and somehow that turned into an idea about an OC who fangirls Sirius/Remus.

Much love to you~

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Review #36, by libby103 Sailing Ship

3rd March 2011:

This fic was absolutely hilarious!

I'm pretty sure Junebug Janes is onto something with that hypothesis...

Since this is a humorous story, I really can't critiscize anything. I'll just ramble about my thoughts.

I was really drawn in by this story. I mean, how could I not be? This girl's spying on Sirus (swoon) and Remus (swoon) using, what is very special and original by the way, equipment. The whole concept just drew me in and the humourous writing style kept me reading.

I love Remus and Sirius in this! They actually come off like they're in denial of their connection! (In my twisted opinion.) Their bickering seems spot on. Their quick fix to the problem is absolutely fabulous. They've created a non-existant love triangle between the Marauders (well the ones that matter) to just appease this girl. I find it sweet.

Junebug Janes...oh where to start. Well, she seems like a fan girl with Luna Lovegood's personality. In other words, I love her. I would definitely read more stories about her exploits to prove her theories to be true.

Liberty (Libby103)

Author's Response: Hi! And thanks ^__^ Teehehe, well the world will never know about their true connections ;) But somehow they make complete rubbish seem squishily-adorable. Appease, get rid of, it's all the same thing, really!

Thanks muchly again!

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Review #37, by _Leo_ Sailing Ship

25th February 2011:
Loving this anniversary :D

I don't read slash often, but your summary tempted me.
Didn't expect you'd have me laughing, though. The alliteration in 'Audible Amplifier Attachment' was brilliant, and I just liked the idea of Junebug.

I can see Remus and Sirius interact like this; and at Sirius' comment 'Please, Moony on top?' I had to snort too. Not at Remus, just in general because I could picture that happening. And then when they brought James into it?! Nice touch.
Excellent as always, really enjoyed reading this!

xxx Leo

Author's Response: Hiii! It's not real slash, really xD Junebug is adorrrable, my adorable nutty 'Puff (I believe everyone should have one). SIrius and Remus have always been my favorite of the Marauders, the perfect comedic duo.

Thanks muchly for the review! ^__^

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Review #38, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley Sailing Ship

28th January 2011:
Hahahaha that was vaairy funny :) They are a great ship ;) Poor June... She is indeed very dedicated.

Author's Response: Hee, thanks! :)

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Review #39, by Indigo Seas Sailing Ship

9th January 2011:
You might have let a random plot bunny run away, but it was so LOVELY, I am SO glad you let it!

I think the thing I loved most about this was its originality. I, on all my years at HPFF, have never read anything like this. Ever. Which, put quite simply, is just marvelous. I adore stumbling upon fiction which is original and organic and unique, and this was just the thing. It really was unique, which is the first thing you should be proud of when looking back at this.

Also, you've conjured a character out of thin air but she completely has LIFE to her. Do you know how hard that is to do? Especially without making the OC a Mary Sue? It's VERY HARD. VERY. And so you deserve ten thousand HP characters saluting you because Miss Junebug James is most definitely not a Mary Sue, but she's still lifelike at the same time. She beams and pipes up in the wrong places, and it's lovely. I think my favorite thing she said was: "Yes, Ilex aquifolium. It's quite poisonous." I was smirking, which is a rare thing to see me do, so kudos to you.

THIS WAS LOVELY. I LOVED IT. And the caps are quite necessary there, thank you very much. :D

xx Rin

Author's Response: Hullo Rin! Heee, I'm glad you like :D I do have a tendency to think up of the most absurd ideas, and I'm not sure if I should be proud or I should be scared, but I suppose I'll be a little of both. All my characters are created with a shiny place in my heart, Junebug especially because she's got all my crazy condensed into her little fangirl mind. To know she's made you smirk, well! *heart*


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Review #40, by hdawg Sailing Ship

8th January 2011:
This is brilliant. I was actually laughing throughout most of this, particularly where she keeps reciting the bits about coming to terms with something, denial etc, that bit was hilarious :D
My friend Julia said you were funny, and that fanfic that violated all the rules is one of my favourites! I salute you, sir ;D
Oh, and, p.s, if you want some more Remus/Sirius, this site is great: hope this link works

Author's Response: OH HEY JULIA'S FRIEND 8D I have heard of and was expecting you. I am glad you like and that I've lived up to a certain expectation of crack-ery. I take much pride in it. Much woe to the cannot-be-published crack fic, though perhaps I might be able to finagle some appropriateness into it.

SIRIUS/REMUS, the closest to slash shipping I get. OOH THIS SITE IS ILLUSTRATED. BONUS POINTS~

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Review #41, by maskedmuggle Sailing Ship

7th January 2011:
LOL. Junebug Janes, perfect name for her character. I LOVE HER CHARACTER XD She reminds me a bit of Luna, but more.. fangirly, I suppose :P

And I always love a little slash cos I never read it, and this one is perfect! Remus/Sirius? LOL
Gosh, just a very entertaining story, I thoroughly enjoyed the read! :)

As always, your writing is brilliant!

Author's Response: I LOVE HER TOO because she's so proudly crazy. I'm not a slash fangirl myself, but I have lots of friends who are and send me snippets :D And now I absolutely adore S/R. Thank you!

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Review #42, by redherring Sailing Ship

3rd January 2011:
Random, yes, but absolutely genius! June was just hilarious, and so were Sirius and Remus's reactions to everything. "love is love, no matter the gender or species." - loved that xD Completely brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^___^ I do love my cracktastic Sirius/Remus and their...creative... teamwork to get them out of sticky situations :D

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Review #43, by WitnesstoitAll Sailing Ship

30th December 2010:

I clicked on this story because I loved the banner, and the story did not let me down. This was histerical. Junebug reminded me very much of HPOTP-Luna. Very quirky. The whole spying thing was hilarious and the fact that Sirius and Remus had to pretend to be together so that she didn't convince ppl that they were was an amusing escapade. I loved the conversation about who the dominant person in the pair was and the little joke about once in a full moon. Very clever.

Great one shot!

Author's Response: I was thinking about the whole ~Marauder celebrity~ trope that goes around in a lot of fics, and I said to myself, 'Well, I know how fangirls work. And there are definitely fangirls who are off their rocker. Someone must write about that!'. And so, Junebug graced the Marauders era. And she totally managed to make Sirius/Remus canon, haha!

Thanks very much for the review ^___^

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Review #44, by _hedwig_ Sailing Ship

28th December 2010:
Hahahahahaha...this was epic.

Author's Response: Heh, thanks! ^___^

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Review #45, by kaileena_sands Sailing Ship

27th December 2010:
Oh my god! Your writing never fails to amase me! That was so... funny and ridiculous. I love June - she's the most dedicated slash fan out there - I salute her, too! :DDD

Anyways, this was brilliant! You've got so many funny lines out there that I just cannot quote them all.

"Come on, you don't honestly believe I'd let you take the reins. You're far too hesitant. Maybe once in a full moon" xD Good one, soo good :DDD

I really don't know what more to say except that you just made my day. That was so amusing. Maybe someday you can write more of Junebug, such a quirky girl. xD


Author's Response: Haha hello again! :D Sometimes I wonder if my true calling is to write crack fic by the bucketfuls. I'm a nutter if there ever was one ;)

And Sirius and Remus, I could squish them both. As dark as their lives were, something about their fandom personas just make me love the S & R sitcom.

I haven't got any other plots with Junebug, but rest assured, I have plenty of kooky characters in store in other fics! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #46, by orderofthephoenix Sailing Ship

24th December 2010:
Hey, orderofthephoenix from the forums here! And this is my snowball coming at you :)

Random plot bunny indeed :) You've written this well and I'm glad I found it. Sometimes it's hard to find good slash and I'm glad your not averse to writing it. Well written, flawless grammar and a fun plot. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey! :D Hehe it's not slash, really. It's like, imagined slash! I don't think I can write legit slash, though I've written crackfic slash. Heheh. Thanks for the review!

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Review #47, by lunarocks14 Sailing Ship

10th December 2010:
Ohmigosh! I actually love this! June is CRAZYY! :D
It's soo awesome, I'm gonna give it 10/10 AND favourite it. I know, right? ;D

Author's Response: She's completely off her rocker! Indeed. And she's my kind of crazy :D Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by leannemariesnape Sailing Ship

30th November 2010:
Tehe... I loved this! That is one crazy fangirl! :P

Author's Response: The most brilliant ones are most often the craziest. The way of the world ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #49, by CornishPixie Sailing Ship

30th November 2010:
Hi, there! It's me!

What a way to start off my reviewness! This story is delightful! It's humorous, random, short and sweet. Junebug Jane is Lavender-esque, and not ashamed of her stalkingness one bit. She was funny. TeeHee!

Remus and Sirius--oh, those boys. -Sigh- They're great in this fic! I completely believe that the way they dealt with this could have happened, they seem like the type for sure. The way Sirius went with it even further and how it turned almost into a Soap Opera was really cute. Junebug Janes is almost unbelievable! But she is a fangirl, and I think you got that part down pat.

I thought it flowed really well, I didn't think anything was flat, and it ended in a good spot. The introductory paragraph goes a bit into the lengths Junebug Janes went to in order to learn everything about her targets, but I almost wish that there was a little bit more of that. Maybe you could have added a bit in about the lengths she goes to in order to follow them without being noticed.

But that might just be a personal perference, because the point of this story is that it's sort of a snapshot in time of the result of this girl's work, right? Great job! An extremely cute read! Thanks! =)

Author's Response: Hullo! It is you! Sorry I've got no cannons ;) Indeed, Junebug is one proud delusional fangirl. Not sure if the Marauders have seen weirder, but she'd be somewhere at the top for sure! I'll think about the introduction (I wrote just enough to introduce the scene, so I might leave it like a snapshot, like you say); there's certainly a lot of potential hilarity, so I'll keep it in mind. Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #50, by ariellem Sailing Ship

29th November 2010:
I love this! It was so funny and I wasn't expecting the plot at all I thought it was just another slash. But this is really funny! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Haha, I'm not even sure what category it fits in! My mind makes strange plots. Glad you enjoyed it!

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