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Review #51, by tangledconstellations Everyone but the Girl

29th July 2012:
YOU CAN MAKE IT OLIVER. KEEP GOING. *plays chariots of fire*

Oliver's viewpoint really worked so well here. You can kinda see how stubborn they are BOTH being. {: if he had thrown that clock i swear i would have punched him. then steered him in the direction of Rona. i love the way that neither Oliver or Rona are the bad ones in this situation. usually with like, 'couples conflict' theres always one you can kinda blame, but this is so teenagery and so real and honest. the amount of times me and my own boyfriend have fallen out (though admittedly not over Quidditch) and neither of us know who is right or wrong - it's just so real. i love that Oliver does so obviously care, though :'}

ALSO - PERCY. YAY! i feel as though he properly gets a moment in the spotlight here, and i love him a million percent. he is so sarky and pompous i want to wrap him in a blanket and squish him!

on to the next one! eeep!

Laura xxx

Author's Response: You totally made me relive the days when I first posted this chapter 8D I got flooded with RUN OLIVER RUN! reviews and it was totally like there was this cheering section in made up of my readers and it was the best thing ever. ♥

And hee, I'm thinking you read my response earlier, but yes, I totally looked at my own couple conflicts with the bf. I remember in the beginning, most of them were the little things we don't even realize we're doing, especially when an issue is a bigger deal to one person than the other. Those are the hardest things to learn.

Hee, I had such fun writing Percy 8D He has his concerns in the right order.

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Review #52, by tangledconstellations No One Plays to Lose

29th July 2012:

You are SO mean!! First, I think that they're together forever and everything is rosy, THEN there's a hiccup but its OKAY they'll fix it. NOW - I don't know what to do with myself! Ronaaa, I want to cuddle you and make you not sad, and I want to pet Oliver on the head and somehow set them up all over again just like at Hogsmeade.

But I suppose that despite how utterly heartwrenching this chapter was, it has shown that Oliver wasn't just using her. Which is some comfort. But now, he needs to get down off his high horse, and Rona has to really try, and I mean REALLY try (*shakes fist at Rona*) to get them to work. Her last line actually cut me like a knife, it was so resigned and painful :(

I have to leave for work in approximately 8 minutes, so I won't be able to read the last three chapters right now, but hopefully later! Except, I don't really want to read them, because then it'll be over... :( *cries*

Laura xxx

Author's Response: I can't guarantee anything can be rosy with three chapters left! Or two. Or one. Or even the end 8D That is how I roll.

I always *always* want to pet Oliver on the head. But yes, everyone needs a hug and Hogsmeade right now :c

It was terrifically hard to write this chapter, I remember. It was my first angsty bit. My beta friend held my hand the whole way. I wanted to show what I thought fights in relationships really are like; so often they're just tiny miscommunications, things unsaid, and both sides being unreasonable.

Eep, I hope you can read the rest soon! Not the brightest chapter to end on 8D

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Review #53, by tangledconstellations Happenstance Happens Entirely Too Often

26th July 2012:
No, no, no! Two fluff chapters in a row are perfect perfect perfect! ♥

Omg, I don't know if I want to read the next chapter, because I'm so scared that something will go wrong. I also vote that something magical should happen at a later party...and also, I think Oliver in the towel from the previous chapter should be his permanent attire. Just some suggestions, you know~

Hahaha, love this fic, and I can't wait for moreee :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: There are seven chapters of landmines left to go through! Only seven, -cough-

Indeed, there can never be enough Oliver-in-a-towel ;D never. never ever.

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Review #54, by tangledconstellations Convoluted is an Understatement

26th July 2012:
- I love that there's a new plot thread, with thoughts of a later career and such. I love that you've tied it in too with stuff you mentioned earlier on. I get the impression Rona is burying her head in the sand a bit, but this wakeup call was brilliant - because she is good!
- OLIVER. just. Oliver. I can't even. And. Ugh. THEM. together. PLEASE make it happen! :'}


Laura xxx

Author's Response: OH YES, the other thing I stuffed in the kitchen sink - career choices. It was especially because I was on the cusp of college when I was writing, so it was pretty much what was on my mind at the time.

I would say that since I love fluff, that your second point would be likely, but then I realized I actually have a terrible track record of getting my couples together ;D But you shall see!

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Review #55, by tangledconstellations In Which Oliver is Sensitive

26th July 2012:
Haha, I loved this whole chapter. "In Which Oliver is Sensitive". I think I'm head over heels for both of them. I have literally just swept through six chapters...this is so darn good!

I kinda like that everything each character says is pretty much a big fat lie. It makes the story so much more interesting, because they're both as bad as each other! Little monkeys. I was surprised when they made up - but I love you and I love this a million times more now that I realise they probably won't ever PROPERLY make up, haha! ;D it was nice to see Oliver actually be troubled by Rona though - girl power, in a way!

Can't wait for moreee :D xx

Author's Response: Bahaha the web of lies was too much for me, believe it or not. It was what I had the most trouble with every single time I edited this thing, because I would swear that it didn't make sense!

All of my characters have a serious problem with apologizing aha. This is a complete reflection of myself. I would rather shove cake at people and hope it makes things better xD

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Review #56, by tangledconstellations Well, That was Unexpected

26th July 2012:
AHH. I don't quite know what else to say other than AHH and OMG and OLIVERWUT?!

This was such a good chapter, and I think I am officially in love with this fic. :D

Oliver is so creepy but he's also so shmexi and it's like...gah. This review sucks. I want to read moree! This is awesomee!


Author's Response: LOL CREEPY AND SEXY. Actually all of my leading men are creeps, now that I think about it. Well, there is definitely no perching on windows.

♥ ahh I'm so glad you like it! ^__^

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Review #57, by tangledconstellations Let the Game Begin

26th July 2012:
Oh Oliver! In response to your a/n, yes, I do like him! A lot! Especially as in your banners he is Tom Hardy... - melts -

Another great chapter! The tone was flirty and cheeky and so funny - see you after a few more!

Laura xxx

Author's Response: TOM HARDY ♥ it was very difficult finding pics of him that looked young enough that also did not scream of the '90s. But he is a doll, so I persisted 8D

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Review #58, by tangledconstellations The Secret Has a Temper

26th July 2012:

Well, I've heard a lot of good things about this story since I've been reading fanfiction, and have never really had time to read it - until now! I'm so excited to carry on reading, though, because this was such a great first chapter :)

I know you said at the beginning that this is getting on a bit in age now, and you've majorly edited it, and also that its different to your writing style, but actually, I really did enjoy this, and I don't think any of those things matter at all. This was so fun and such a fantastic way to introduce this fic, even if you feel it is older now :) I love that you've introduced Rona totally legitimately. Usually, I'm a bit wary of OC's - but Rona...I like her a lot! She's cringy and she's got a temper and I just know she's going to make me laugh LOADS! I love her relationship with the Quidditch team. She kind of reminds me of the mother hen :) I also love Oliver in this too - the way he doesn't refrain from making the situation any more awkward than it has to be, and goes right ahead with making Rona look silly. I like that they're not instantly and madly in love or anything - rather, a conflict makes for a good read! It's gonna be so cool to see how you make them really soften to each other and find some common ground - asides from being Quidditch fanatics of the opposing teams.

Aside from the characters and the way this is so funky and colourful, your writing style does really stand out here. I was majorly impressed while reading this and actually thinking in the back of my head ways I could improve my own writing. This sounds very effortless and you don't overload with info or anything - it's perfect! I am really excited to read some more :)

Laura xxx


I always get so mood swingy about Game. I've had times where I hate it and times that I get super nostalgic and want to squish the whole cast. But every time someone pops in and reviews and I take a peek at the chapters, I can't help but love it all over. They're my first cast :3 and kind of a kitchen sink of all my stories. Looking back, Game was trying to write in everything that I liked - ensemble casts, stubborn-arrogant-competitive people, liiies and plot twists, adorkable leading men, smexy leading men *cough* - things that I've learned to refine in later stories.

Heh, Rona's awkwardness is all my own 8D she has my tendency to say things I know I shouldn't say, at the very worst times. There is no brain-to-mouth filter. Also the same wee obsession with upper arms and Charlie Weasley ;D

Eeep, I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #59, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne The Secret Has a Temper

21st July 2012:
It was exactly thirty-eight minutes into the Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff game, and she had already shouted enough profanities to make a dementor blush.
I just love that line xD. Just thought I'd say something. Lovely to reread this :)

Author's Response: One of the lines i put in when I rewrote it :D Heheh, I still get all nostalgic when i poke through. Thank you! ^__^

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Review #60, by patroni Well, That was Unexpected

21st June 2012:
Okay, I was not expecting that. Brilliant-o!

(He knows; he so knows).

Author's Response: Hee glad you're enjoying it ;D

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Review #61, by The Little One Fortune Takes a Holiday

26th April 2012:
i finished this story a while ago but i was just looking through all the chapters to see the chapter images
and i have decided that they are AMAZING!!
please continue the sequel :)
~The Little One~

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm definitely trying to find time to keep up with Play ^__^

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Review #62, by EverDiggory The Secret Has a Temper

3rd April 2012:
I'm terribly sorry, RL has got me swamped, but I promise to be better(;

One thing I noticed is your style of writing. I really like it, it's very... Unique? It just seems very different and quite creative.

You're characterization is quite lovely, that's definitely one of your strong points.

The names are unique, and they seen to fit the characters well, from what I can tell. I'm not going to lie, I really live Oliver, so it kinda drew me to this story.

I'm honestly going to be jumping around on your stories, because there's just something quite compelling about your writing. That sounded way less cheesy in my head(; but still!



Author's Response: I generally write like how I would talk. Game is a tad rough around the edges, but I can definitely see how my style developed from here.

Hee, Oliver is definitely a charmer. He's also cast with Tom Hardy, which definitely helps.

My writing's changed quite a long since I wrote Game (which was my first fic). Thanks a bunch! :)

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Review #63, by The Little One The Last Match

31st March 2012:
WOW!! one of the best fanfics i've read :)
i've been too lazy to review because i haven't been bothered to log in and therefore i would have to write a name in then image verify etc. etc.
i am quite lazy...
i love Rona's character and the teams meddling :)
love how they bet on everything :)
i can't wait to read the sequel!! :)
i love the little quote and rona's response to it :)
thanks for the read :)awesome humour added into it all :) loved it all in general :)
~The Little One~

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^ it's quite old, but it was a ton of fun to write as my first fic. Silly competitive Quidditch people 8D

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Review #64, by laughingwithliz In Which Oliver is Sensitive

22nd March 2012:
Your story is making me grin and I feel as though the rest of the library is catching on. Haha. I love it so far!

Author's Response: Hee, I'm glad you like it so much ! ^__^

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Review #65, by laughingwithliz Well, That was Unexpected

22nd March 2012:
It took all of my will not to burst out laughing in class! I love this!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! :D

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Review #66, by Alopex The Secret Has a Temper

20th February 2012:
I'm here because I listened to this as a podcast, and I like to read along while I listen so I can concentrate better. :P I believe this story must have undergone some minor edits since the podcast was made, is that correct? There were a few places where the words didn't quite match up, but mostly everything did match. :)

This was a very entertaining beginning to a story! Rona was a fun character, full of spunk but not one of those crazy/random OCs, which kind of get on my nerves after a while. She seemed to have a little more depth than that. Also, I got a kick out of her interactions with Penny! Having the two friends sort of playing off each other with the dialogue and situations just made it more entertaining.

You also know how to end on a cliff-hanger or note of interest. :P

Author's Response: Oh hey! xD It diiid. I just... edit constantly -cough- Although I haven't really edited anything in the past 7 months or so. Everything looks so strange now when I read it again!

Rona is my first OC, arguably my most normal. She's some weird mashup of my own qualities, not gonna lie there. Game's also the only one where I get to have all this girlmance going about 8D I do miss writing those.

And I love my cliffhangers. This has not changed ever. :D

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Review #67, by Rumbleroar goes roar The Last Match

26th January 2012:
Aw really enjoyed the story. You're a fantastic writer and thanks for finishing the story :D Loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #68, by LittleWelshGirl99 The Secret Has a Temper

15th January 2012:
Hi there!

There are a lot of Quidditch related fics on the archives, and I have to say, this is one of the best. You've managed to create a realistic character who just makes me laugh out loud, even though she doesn't exactly tell jokes or anything; it's just the way she is and the personality you've created for her, and the way the characters interact. It's hilarious :)
And argh! WHAT a cliffhanger! :P

Can't wait to read more,

Author's Response: Aw thank you! It's very very very old now, hehehe, but it got me started on a lot of things I'm writing now. Especially my love of large casts.

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Review #69, by weasleytwins123 The Last Match

2nd January 2012:
Ahhh I loved it! I have to admit, I wasn't sure I'd like it at first glance, purely because I'm a huge fan of incomprehensible fluff and a whole lo of snogging, not to mention shirtless scenes (or naked, which you did include) when Oliver Wood is involved. (He is my weakness in the Harry Potter world of undeveloped characters.) But honestly, it was funny, it was clever (and believe me a lot of authors can't pull off the intelligent Ravenclaw but you did!) and it included a lot of truth about relationships! A few clichés, but they're my favourite, so there we go. Thank you for the wonderful writing and I can wait to see what you have planned regarding the sequel!

Author's Response: Bahaha this has the most snogging, incomprehensible fluff, and shirtless scenes out of any story I have ;D Oliver Wood is a glorious being. It's quite old now, but still has a lot of parts I still love. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #70, by Dee The Last Match

29th December 2011:
Yes, I did stay up until 5.30 IN THE MORNING to finish this! It was effing amazing!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! :)

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Review #71, by Dee The Secret Has a Temper

28th December 2011:
Ok, I am a mass critique when it comes to novels and I must say, this is the most amazing first story chapter I've read!!! I didn't even notice I had read it all until I'd reached the bottom! Yeah, you've got a talent for writing. Definitely.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) It's a rather old fic, but I'm glad you like it so far!

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Review #72, by theycallherkaush The Last Match

20th December 2011:
So I've been meaning to read this for a while, actually! And hoorah, I finally have. Anyways, I just thought this story was lovely. I especially liked the way that even though you were juggling a lot of characters, you somehow maintained consistency with them. I would have liked to have gotten a bit more out of some of the characters, but they're not called minor characters for no reason, right?

Author's Response: Thanks! :) There are definitely things I would do differently now, but I'm still quite proud of this first foray into fic. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #73, by Elizajane Everyone but the Girl

15th November 2011:
I love you. Just so you know. You are officially my favorite author on this site. :)

Author's Response: Eee, really? Thanks so much! ^__^ Just had a long day, so this really means a lot.

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Review #74, by StEpH_M The Secret Has a Temper

10th November 2011:
First thing to say is this chapter made me laugh a lot. Your main character Rona is amazing and has great depth and brings a lot of life to the story, making some things like book reading, that to some would be classified as boring and skim worthy to be something to read and take in constantly.
I also like the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team in general, all the characters seem, even after one chapter to be different and bring different aspects to the scene. And Penny, how she actually went through with silencing Rona was great.
One of my favourite parts would have to be the awkward moment between Oliver and Rona when she thinks she is being spoken too, how so rambles on, it was very amusing and gave a little bit more of Rona's personality and evasive techniques.
It's a great first chapter and I am enjoying reading the whole story. I love your writing as usual and shall be reading and eventually when I have the time reviewing the rest of the story/series.

Author's Response: This fic's quite old, but I still get nostalgic about it 8D I forget how many character I introduce in the first chapter alone, heh. Practically everyone! Rona's not so evasive as much as lucky ;D

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #75, by Nadia The Last Match

9th November 2011:
Hi again :D!

My review was too long - can you believe it?! So this is the second part (and I can't review twice the same chapter, so I'm a guest, dammit, what's wrong with authorities of this website?).

Here it comes:

""HARRY, THIS IS NO TIME TO BE A GENTLEMAN!" Oliver's voice boomed over the din. "KNOCK HER OFF HER BROOM IF YOU HAVE TO!"" Yay, I remember that from book. Fun!
Wow. I mean. It was really smoothly, smartly and nicely constructed. At first I was thinking: "Oh, another silly romance, I bet". Then I though "Well, it's not that silly after all, but still nothing special". And then - POOP (please, don't ask me why 'poop', I have no idea xD) - somewhere in me there was growing this admiration for your work. I could see that you actually was thinking during writing. And about the story. You made some smart moves. Somewhere in the middle I felt weird and I was worried and dazed, and was concerned just like Rona was. Then it wasn't actually pleasure to read (but in a good way, you know xD). Yeah, I'm still impressed. And surprisingly glad. It's hard to find a pearl like that in this trash called the Internet. Especially in not-your-native language. Merlin, I was lucky :D.
Weak points, right. I think that you write a little too little about other characters than O. and R. The two of them were solidly and plausibly developed, I believed in them (if I can say that) - they were human. Like: they were so real I could believe that they really exist somewhere. But the others? I could tell a little about Hannah (well, she has some personality, but she's still a stranger), Jeremy (little more), Roger (very little, but something) and the rest is just… I don't know. This girl with name on "E" mixed up with Penny in my mind and I'm not sure what have done one and what another - and what is their character like (aside from things like 'such a good friend', 'oh, she sees everything, she knows Rona well' and stuff like that). It's not like you didn't write anything about them, I'm sure about that. But still I've started reading yesterday and I really have no idea what they all really are. I have a bad memory, but not that bad (I hope xD).
It's late, so I'm going to sleep now, but I will probably [most likely (for sure)] read The Mysterious Sequel (but I have unfinishedstoriesophobia - so it may take me some - unless I'll succeed in overcoming my fear xD).
I hope I didn't make as much mistakes as I think I did (and if I did, then I'm sorry and I hope you won't get distracted by that ^^').

Thanks for fun!


In the first part there's something which didn't happen to show, weird:

""I accidentally told him yesterday. And I don't know if the feeling's mutual." Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, this sounded even stupider out loud. "Logically it isn't. But he makes me feel like it is. Ugh, he must be a bloody pro at this, laughing his arse off at what an easy target I am."" - Ah! Love your writing, really. "Makes me feel like it is" - why don't everybody write normal, logical things like that? WHY?
"What seemed like a matter of seconds... was a matter of seconds." God bless you xD.

Author's Response: I adore my minor characters, but I think I simply didn't plan far ahead enough to handle all of their subplots. They do take a more prominent role in the sequel (if I ever get far enough on it ;_; but don't worry! It's kind of like a series of fluffy one-shots, if anything. So even if I don't finish, there's no cliffhanger or loose strings).

I've gotten really lucky with the plot points I chose, because I didn't plan enough. I was able to make it work with what I had and I just kept chugging along xD

Thank you so so much for your review! Even though I've moved on from this fic, there's still so much of me in here, and this is where my writing got started, so it's been lovely to remember that.

Btw, you're the 600th review! :D

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