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Review #26, by spreaddapoo93 Everyone but the Girl

13th November 2012:
Ah! Percy (whom only a small niche of writers do justice! In case you were wondering, you are part of the few... At the very empyrean of said niche)... To think the ever-stern, ever-serious Percy Weasley would become COMIC RELIEF! I never thought I would see the day... Heck, I never even conceived such a thing from happening; I mean, never mind the red clock scene which was one of the finest bit of writing I've ever seen, the line "there might have been a slight problem if Percy was saying he should go out more often" - now, that's ingenuity right there~).

And Fred and George... Hahaha, Poor Oliver, trying to have his own dramatic, moping chapter, and yet, destined to be ever-thwarted by the awesomeness of the Weasleys! I shudder to think what they may have been doing to the pigeon in the box.

I'll admit I got the shivers when I read "descend on him like Filch on a house party" as such a notion sends fear like nothing else straight into my heart.

Haha, I really enjoyed the overall theme surrounding girls being trouble in this chapter! The talk between Jeremy and Oliver was really endearing and enlightening with regard to both their characters. It was nice to see some open conversation between the two, and I particularly like that touch with the imaginary cups of firewhiskey clinking (as far as I know, never mind the medal, they can have the whole freakin' trophy!). Your beta and I should get a cup of virtual coffee/tea and biscuits to discuss this bromance shipping business, because I'm in the same boat!

Ah... The end of the chapter... It was really nice getting Oliver's side; it's absolutely phenomenal how the writing style becomes completely different... You're like... some Divine Writing Chameleon! Truly, your writing ability is just impeccable, and it's all in the small things - the really, really, fine, minute details... And this chapter did more than meet expectations; it clashed, demolished and floored them (in only the best possible ways, of course!).

Well, onto the next chapter! Haha, *sheepish grin* sorry for the long review~

Author's Response: Ahhh, Oliver and Percy's intro in this chapter is some of my favorite stuff. I LOVE writing him though I'm not sure if I could've kept it up; he obviously only shows up a bit. I have a lot of love for Percy though, second favorite Weasley after Charlie. Someone's got to be the stick in the mud and sometimes, stick in the muds get the best lines 8D

Oliver's PoV is deeaaavastatingly fun. I'm not sure what a whole story would be like in his PoV, but I like his intermittent thoughts and 'oh god why' sort of thoughts on recent events.

The clink heard 'round the world! I unfortunately never got very far into the post-Game stories, but so much of my notes were just devoted to Jeremy and Oliver's derping xD

ahh, thank you so much! :33 I'm now imagining myself as a lizard with a quill.

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Review #27, by spreaddapoo93 No One Plays to Lose

13th November 2012:
Oh, Rona~ RONA~ My Darling Rohhna~! (I am thinking of writing a song dedicated to Rona; it's one of those names that come out so nice and smoothly when you sing it. Have you ever tried?)

Oh, the fishiness suddenly bursts! And how else to do it than a shower scene? A hot, steamy, shower scene wherein Oliver becomes the scary, beastly nevertheless hunky man he is and Rona ... Well...

I admit, it was an unexpected turn of events... But Wood is right... Wood is always so frustratingly right. :) To think this all started with an unrequited kiss... Rona should seriously pick up Shakespeare's Othello. It would teach her a few things; but I can't help feeling like I should defend her. Admittedly it may be spurred by her P.O.V. but it's typical of a Ravenclaw like her to analyze the situation and... to be truthful, I think any gal would be wary of a relationship like that... Maybe excluding Hannah and Jeremy (who are so adorable, albeit in their divergent paths now...)

Beautiful chapter - As devoid of fluff as it was, as you so conveniently packaged in your lovely author's note (which I, for reasons unbeknownst to me, look forward to after every chapter!), it was as exhilirating, heart-tugging and expertly written as every other chapter! I'm in this strange mediate condition, between wanting to devour the whole last few chapters, or savouring them (but knowing me, I'll probably choose the former).

Author's Response: It isss such a pretty name. I have no idea why I chose it, but I'm glad that it's pretty.

The best way to do anything is with a shower scene. Rivaled only by a lake scene. But you know, /shower scene/.

It's a very split chapter in terms of reactions. It's like people try to understand him but then they're like, 'But why must he be such a git' and I'm thinking /But Rona's the git/ and truth be told, they're both gits. But I suppose that's why it works :'D

Hee author notes. I could ramble on and on and on. I essentially do, on my blog.


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Review #28, by spreaddapoo93 O Captain, Not My Captain

13th November 2012:
I treasure Jason, the severely misunderstood git that he is. I can just imagine him trying to carry the "marriage" metaphor in a difficult but nevertheless smooth way, and suddenly yelling out Spartan-style: "BRING IN THE BOY!" And let's not forget the ever classic toothpick ("I think I inhaled a splinter" - hilarious!!! Had me clutching my side for a full minute longer than necessary... my sister must have thought I was having a hernia).

Now that I think about it, it's quite a mystery how Jason ever got into Ravenclaw! I never thought about it before, but now... I guess there has to be SOME logic beyond there somewhere, right? Nevertheless, I adore him. :)

And the quidditch team is so adorable - the family/parent metaphor is absolutely spot-on!

On a more serious note, I keep saying you have a wonderful way with words, and I'll say it again (just to wear it out that slightest bit more). That image of "the memories of Oliver continued to crumble one by one under the burden of doubt" is so effective.

Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: He loves a flair for the dramatics, and it's why I love him so ;D his presence in this chapter is one of my favorite things in the whole story.

Bahaha, indeed. There is cleverness in many ways ;) And even Lockhart was a Ravenclaw!

Baww thank you so much! I had such a tough time writing angst back then. My friend had to hold my hand the entire way through xD

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Review #29, by spreaddapoo93 Fortune Takes a Holiday

13th November 2012:
Oh, your images kill me! The wondrous picture you created of a disappointed Edie:

"much like that of a bedraggled long-lost puppy limping home in the thundering rain only to find the dog door boarded up in its absence"

It tugged my heart (and to think it's meant to be comedic!).

Oh, Roger, dearest... I guess I can understand where he's coming from. From personal experience myself, I wouldn't be easy to trust anyone with being the brains behind any project if they were head-over-heels in love, never mind with the captain of the opposition... But it's still very harsh.

And, oh... The tension and anxiety is building up! I'm completely tensed up, depriving myself of a relaxing cup of tea because I'm afraid moving from my bed will do unspeakable damage to my body... Sheesh, you do know how to reel a person in.

Wonderful! Onto the next (with trepidation)!

Author's Response: That image is totally inspired by my friend who betas my writing. She has the most expressive face ever and every expression can be related to a puppy in some way. She's got a happy corgi face and terrified pug face and the long lost dripping wet terrier face of sadness quoted above 8D

Legions of readers have booed Roger xD Poor guy, it's not all his fault! It's always been important to me that much of the conflict lies on the shoulders of the protagonist. Roger isn't some villainous captain to overcome; he just wants to do what's good for the team, even if he is going about it a bit jerkishly. (Sudden thought: pretty much the conflict in every one of my stories boils down to conflict of interest, bahaha).

OH dear, hold that tea close. Don't break! You'll spill the tea!

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Review #30, by spreaddapoo93 Happenstance Happens Entirely Too Often

13th November 2012:
I don't think I've ever commented on how much I love Hannah, so here it is, point blank - I love her. I absolutely love her. Sometimes she may seem irritating to the heroine, the wonderful Rona, but she's so quirky and happy and girly that it just has to rub off on you~ And she has passion as fierce as they come (which makes it strange that she's in Ravenclaw, but... I'm sure she's as clever and witty as Rona is, even if she's not as booky).

And I have found a new couple to ship! Jeremy and Hannah (Jennah? Heremy?) are so wonderful together, and despite what happens next (whether it be good or bad), I will hold the memory of them dearly in my heart.

Haha, "It's a matter of what will win: Jeremy's sense or Hannah's estrogen." That gave me a good laugh or two~

Your characterisation of the school professors/teachers is so on the dot - First Professor McGonagall, and now Madam Hooch ("degenerated into waxing lyrical about brooms" Ho Ho ho), which is mightily impressive! I always say that it's the characterisation of the sideline characters that show a writer's true talent, and... with that in mine, yours is exceptional.

Oh, Rona and Oliver... They are the relationship I'll never have in this world of forgotten courtesies and romance... And I do agree. First kisses are overrated. ;) I know what you mean about kiss scenes in fics. But worry not! Your efforts shone through after all, and it come out splendidly~

(P.S. Don't you hate how K-Dramas can be so adorably cute and slightly cliched, but at the same time completely heart-wrenchingly sad? I have a feeling that's coming up here, soon.)

Author's Response: Hannah is a total manifestation of my bad idea bear side. She will encourage you to /do things/ just because it will entertain her. She's the person who will question 'What if?' and then make other people test it out :'D

I sadly never got to expand on the cast as much as I would have liked. I'm glad a lot of readers have enjoyed my minor characters, but I believe they're still quite thin. There is more to them in my head (I imagine Hannah somewhat resents not being taken seriously at times, though she doesn't let this show). Game is definitely the kitchen sink and testing ground for a lot of staples of my writing, large casts being one of them, and I've converted what I've learned into my later stories 8D which actually have planned subplots xD

ASIAN DRAMASSS. What a lot of people don't know is that my story structures are hugely based off of Asian dramas xD I love the pacing and plots and characters of dramas, but their cliches can be the most cliche of cliches and I'm like 'Whyyy, it would have been a perfectly good idea without that!' If you ever read Capers, you can totally see the rich boy-poor girl Asian drama influence in it.


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Review #31, by spreaddapoo93 A Sugar-Induced Revelation

13th November 2012:
Haha, typical of Finnegan to be piss drunk - It's the Irish in him!

*Sigh*, did I miss your quirkiness. Every little smidgen of this story is doused with it - from Rona's imaginary "headlines" to her supposed "eleventh hour plot twist". You have a way with words which, to be absolutely frank, I'm absolutely devoted to and terrifically envious of!

Oh, Rona is so beautifully idiotic sometimes... She can see that Oliver really does care for her, but she gets mad anyway (with good reason, I do realise). I absolutely adore her - I love how she sounds like she's completely crazy and ridiculous sometiems (like, "C-candy made me loony"), but it makes complete sense... Does that make sense? How does Oliver put it... Yes! I found it - "Silly" - that's the right word for it!

Anyway, my Spidey-sense is tingling; there's more to Oliver and that little note ("Rona - Revenge") than you let on, darling. Their conversation about Quidditch was awesome; so props to you! I was completely convinced and ready to bet my favourite trenchcoat that conversation really did happen in the magical realm of Harry Potter in the Gryffindor Dorms, and all you did was document what you saw (obviously, you were hiding under an invisibility cloak next to drunken and passed-out Finnegan).

Brilliant chapter! I adored it~

Author's Response: Slowly responding to all of these day by day xD I saw your MTA questions too! &hearts. It'll probably take a while to answer everything but I read everything, thank you so much!

Even as old as this fic, some of my favorite lines come from here. Partially because it was my first real foray into writing so I squeezed out all of the juices that I've had simmering for years. And partially because it's had the benefit of a year and a half of continuous editing as I improved xD oh, those days.

Ah, silly. I love that word. It's like an affectionate 'you idiot' :3

Baaaha, oh if only I snuck into the Gryff towers dressed as a house elf, creeping on Oliver every time he came out of the shower, and then documented the conversation (but since I didn't, I'll be expecting that trenchcoat in the mail soon).


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Review #32, by spreaddapoo93 Chasing, Seeking, Keeping

13th November 2012:
Oh, what a juicy chapter! Despite my mind's mushy state at the thought of the last paragraph (yum yum, Woodie...), I will attempt to appraise you (once more)! Your dream-writing style is drop dead amazing - I don't know how you come up with some of these images, but they're as ingenious as they come...

I'm guessing here that all of this has something to do with that honeybug (Yeah, right) she consumed which tasted suspiciously like butterbeer?! I'm excited to find out!

Anyway, splendid job! Absolutely amazing!

Author's Response: Hee, I really had to put in an Oliver-in-a-towel scene because how can I not in a fic with /Oliver Wood/ let's be real.

Silly Rona, can't even tell when a honeybug is neither honey-flavored or bug-flavored! She should've known better. Ah well, at least it led to Oliver in a towel - for the benefit of us all :'D

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Review #33, by spreaddapoo93 Convoluted is an Understatement

13th November 2012:
Haha, hello! It's been forever since I've opened this fan fic, wow... I had to start from the beginning, and here I am now. It's as brilliant as I remembered it being - Oh, dear puppetmaster, my heart strings lay prostrate at your mercy!!!

Wonderful chapter; so deliciously tantalising~ Might I also say that your chapter images are absolutely beautiful and quirky (much like Rona herself).

Author's Response: Ah, hello! :D A returning reader, wow! I'm glad you enjoy it as much the second time around ^_^

Thank you! Laura Marling is so pretty :')

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Review #34, by my_voice_rising The Last Match

7th October 2012:
Awww, sweet. What a pleasant ending. I apologize for not leaving the reviews this story deserved along the way--I finished the whole thing yesterday and didn't leave much room for responding before I was hastily on to the next chapter.

I kind of thought/hoped that Oliver was going to take her to meet Jonathan Ridley as the ending scene, but I really appreciate your ability to leave a simple ending that fits the story and your characters completely, and which ties everything together nicely.

And I didn't mention it earlier in the story, but I love Oliver and Jason's bromance, especially the imaginary clink of their glasses.

All in all, wonderful story, easily one of the best I have ever read in my entirely-too-many years on HPFF. I'll definitely be reading pretty much all of your other work ;)

Author's Response: One of the potential ending scenes was actually, her meeting Jonathan Ridley. It actually does happen. That scene was moved into the short story collection, which has stories that take place from post-Hogwarts onwards.

Ah, you mean Jeremy! Yesss, their bromance is the absolute tops to write.

♥ thank you so so much again ^__^

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Review #35, by my_voice_rising Well, That was Unexpected

6th October 2012:
Hehe!! Great relationship between Rona and the team. I feel like Cho is being left out, though I understand that you're trying to keep the characters primarily a pack of wild boys, which is indeed entertaining to read. I love that Jason grabs her shoulders and shakes her, hoping that she hasn't been snogging Oliver. And this line had me laughing for quite some time, "She scanned around at the team, who stood around blowing at their hair or staring at some thrilling scene beside their feet." Also, George's line,
"Give it up, Wood. It's just one girl. You can't expect a flawless record." was perfect.

I love his decision to kiss her as an act of revenge. Even more that she was hypothesizing that he worked out ;) It would have been a hilarious thing to watch, actually, with Oliver still dressed as a woman.

Author's Response: The actual issue with Cho was mostly that she was amongst the younger set, with the fourth years, who don't really do much, heh. In retrospect, could've done a lot more with the team, but ah well. I do love writing the boys though - I still write packs of them - so darned silly ♥

Baaahaha, never did figure out what happened to Oliver properly ;) the mystery makes it I suppose.

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Review #36, by my_voice_rising News Spreads Faster Than a Snitch

6th October 2012:
Another great chapter. I love Hannah's character so much! We get a really good feel for her and Rona especially, though I'd like to see a bit more development with Edie and Penny. Clearly Edie is nurturing to her brother and is definitely under constant stress for running around after him, but that's all I've really gotten from her. Also, Penny is head-over-heels for Percy and a bit assertive, but I haven't seen much to separate her from Rona, for example (except that she is a bit more of the instigator.)

Either way, I really enjoyed this chapter. The banter between the friends in their corridor and at breakfast was great. I particularly loved Edie "editing" her paper without her quill actually touching it. Also, Edie is the name of my character for my Oliver/OC and you had me panicked that I'd named her after a canon character, haha.

I was a bit confused by Oliver's parting statement, particularly about publicly mortifying Rona and stories with him in them. It seemed that Rona was confused as well, so maybe that was just your goal--to leave the reader feeling similarly confused.

Reading right along. :)

Author's Response: You're now witness to my great love of large casts 8D Game is sort of like, my kitchen sink fic. It was my first fic and I had basically attempted to stick everything that I wanted into it, and some elements were done better than others. Game lacks a strong supporting cast, but it is something that I've learned from since. One of the fics I write now, Capers, is a rotating-PoV fic that has two leads and three additional main characters. My other fic, etc etc, has two leads and a supporting cast of five. They're much more entwined into the plot/subplots and fleshed out, and learning from Game's mistakes helped a lot.

Game is the only fic where I've been able to write proper girl comraderie though, because none of my other fics have it so that all the girls in the same year are close friends. That's something I can only find here.

Guh, let's just say I was muddling with another plot hole LOL! There were a lot of strange explanations admittedly, but if you make it past the sixth chapter, things start making sense from there because there was actually a two year hiatus between writing the sixth and seventh chapters, and I was older and learned how to plan after that xD

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Review #37, by my_voice_rising Let the Game Begin

6th October 2012:
I'm going to have to review as I go, because there is too much to comment on and I don't want to forget! :)

Really great rationalizing behind why Penny told Oliver that Rona knew who the strategist is. Simple, but it makes total sense. He wouldn't expect to be led right to her.

I can't help but feel that you're satirizing other characterizations of Oliver here... as in, I hope you are ;) He's very flirtatious at first, to an almost unbelievable extent. But then you turn it on its head and make it totally canon--the only reason he was acting so OOC was for the sake of Quidditch, which is entirely IC. Really great, there. I love the line, "'What sort of pickup line is that?' 'One that I thought would work.'" Their dialogue is really great and their characters are well-matched for one another.

And hats off for the little bit of feminism in here! Of course Oliver would think it was a bloke. I love that little twist, but again it makes total sense. Also that she hadn't even thought of calling herself the Strategist. I like that the Ravenclaw Quidditch team seems to have ignored her expertise thus far and that she's finally getting her due respect.

Really, really wonderful characterization here. Even that Oliver has a particular stance he takes during practices and that often he counts things off on his fingers. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation are perfect. And clearly you're an experienced writer. I cannot believe this is one of your "older, embarrassing" fics. I think it's completely wonderful. Reading on!

Author's Response: Bahaha, it's funny because you're mentioning a lot of things I added in after I first wrote this (I was, and still am, a chronic editor. I only stopped editing this fic when I had other fics to tend to, and then I was able to look back and officially classify this as 'old writing'). There was a lot I did to fill up the plot holes. I did try to sort-of subvert the love-hate cliches (I do satirize the hell out of Albus/OCs in another fic I have). I remember I wrote a lot of what I did because I felt like realistic progressions of relationships were underrepresented in fiction.

Feminism leaks into everything I write, aha, sprinkled everywhere really. I try to be super careful about the sort of messages that might come across in my writing, because I feel like the rom-com genre is fraught with enough terrible lessons already, and I don't need to contribute. I think there's a lot of 1) blaming the male lead 2) relying on the male lead, so the sexism goes both ways. What I wanted to say with this fic was, the blame goes both ways, and healthy relationships are all about communication. But I suppose it's still early to be rambling about this sort of stuff xD

Thanks so much again!

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Review #38, by my_voice_rising The Secret Has a Temper

6th October 2012:
Man. Well I know this story is long-since completed and has a thousand and one reviews, but I just wanted to drop in and say how relieved I am right now. I've been looking for a funny Oliver/OC story that isn't founded on the characters hating one another for no apparent reason. And your characterization of Wood seems very refreshing, from what little you've already let on--namely that he wasn't being a completely arrogant jerk within the first few lines of his introduction. Also I think Laura Marling was the perfect person to use as a portrayal of Rona. I can clearly picture her (or her lookalike) doing all of this. I am really really excited to have found my new reading project. On I go!

Author's Response: Ahh, I saw you around the forums a bit, because I noticed you were writing an Oliver/OC too. Bahaha, I remember the disclaimer I put in the beginning of this fic. The beginning's a bit absurd because I wrote it back when I was sixteen, and it was admittedly influenced by all those jerkish Oliver Wood fics, which I've amended over the years. The later chapters I still get quite nostalgic for; I haven't written so much pure fluff in so long, and the plot evens out, hehehe.

Love Laura Marling and her music. I had her as my forum icon for the longest time, so people started thinking I looked like her (and it got so bad that so did I).

♥ thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it!

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Review #39, by shadowcat2 The Last Match

24th August 2012:
OMG. It's finally over. I liked how it ended. the quidditch match was perfect. loved their pre-match snogging scene. The best part was they were so comfortable around each other. The fact that were playing against each other was no longer a problem, which i think was great. Absolutely loved the story. Looking forward to more bromance and romance in the sequel. I am sure i will end up loving the sequel as well. Thank you for this lovely story!

Author's Response: The last chapter ended happily enough so for the epilogue I just finished with even /more/ happy things xD You know, I never really thought of how important it is that they're comfortable playing against each other - I had just wanted to show that they realize there are more important things than winning - and now I really love that you point it out, because I see it in a new way now! ^__^

Thank you so much for your reviews!

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Review #40, by shadowcat2 Intervention Convention

24th August 2012:
Rona got her job back. Roger is somewhat less annoying now.most importantly, Oliver and Rona are finally together.Yay! Happy endings. *heart heart*

Author's Response: HAPPY ENDINGS FOR ALL :D Haha, I love cliffhangers, but I love happy endings even more~ :'D

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Review #41, by shadowcat2 Everyone but the Girl

24th August 2012:
I absolutely loved the conversation between Jeremy and Oliver. They so needed to talk with somebody. who doesn't love a bit of broromance?
Reading about Oliver's brooding and showering *ahem* was fun. I can't believe Rona misunderstood a row for a break up. She can be so silly sometimes. But we adore her, nonetheless. The story is almost over. I think i will read the sequel to Game as soon as this is over. :)

Author's Response: Two of my favorite people finally talking ♥

Hehehehe. I LOVE OLIVER'S BROODING. See, I'm a bit annoyed by Albus' brooding in etc, but Oliver's brooding mmm. He /shower/ broods.

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Review #42, by shadowcat2 No One Plays to Lose

24th August 2012:
It's finally over. i know Rona messed up big time. But at least she knows that Oliver wasn't using her. Your fluffy scenes are always great. But you're great at writing angst as well.
I have always loved reading your stories. It started with Capers then etc etc and now Game. It has been an amazing journey so far. Thank you!

Author's Response: I love that you recognize that Rona's made a mistake. A lot of people ignore that and call Oliver a jerk for making her cry, but the point of this whole blow-up is something I wanted to say about relationships, one that I think isn't shown enough in fiction - that fights aren't simple and one-sided, but they're a bundle of frustration, miscommunication, bad timing, stubbornness and a million other things.

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #43, by shadowcat2 O Captain, Not My Captain

24th August 2012:
The intervention of the team was quite interesting. I kinda like Jason now. Rona finally told the truth. I expected Oliver to shout and get angry. But he didn't. Either he is too forgiving or something is fishy. I just hope it's the former.
Oh,the Oliver and Rona banter was very sweet.

Author's Response: Jason is a darlinggg.

I was very careful about how I wrote Oliver angry. I think it made more sense that he wouldn't be immediately angry - there were people there and he hadn't quite processed anything. But he did feel betrayed, and was figuring out how to react to that. It's closer to real life, from what I've seen.


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Review #44, by shadowcat2 Fortune Takes a Holiday

24th August 2012:
Rona is Oliver's first date. How cute is that? Their date was quite sweet too. Wish Roger didn't have to come and ruin it. I was kinda expecting the worse. Something like Oliver overhearing their conversation and finding out that Rona was responsible for the Natalie incident. I even thought that Oliver might dump Rona since she got fired and hence, is no longer useful. I hope things get better soon.

Author's Response: The second half of Game has so much fluff :3 also cliffhangers. But mostly fluff.

Ahaha, that does seem possible, but I suppose you saw how I wrote it instead. But you were close on Oliver finding out about Natalie! Only one chapter's worth of events off.

I like how people always seem to expect the worst with my stories though xD

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Review #45, by shadowcat2 Happenstance Happens Entirely Too Often

24th August 2012:
Awww. They're kissing. That was cute. No, that was super cute. That was ADORABLE. Haha. I hope you remember my hierarchy of cuteness :P
I liked everything led to that kiss. I hope the consequences are not bad. As long as Oliver and Rona end up together, it's all good.

Author's Response: The hierarchy returns! 8D (when it comes to me spazzing, it eventually it just becomes incoherent keyboard smashing)

hehe, I suppose you shall see - or you've already seen! 8D

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Review #46, by shadowcat2 A Sugar-Induced Revelation

23rd August 2012:
Awww. that was the cutest night ever. They bonded over Quidditch. But Rona is still lying about some of the things she did before. I just hope Oliver is not hiding anything too serious either. They already look like an adorable couple. Would love to see what happens next. Gee, i think i love this story now. :D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! :3 I'm glad you've been enjoying it. Tis only 2/3s of the way through, so plenty more to come!

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Review #47, by shadowcat2 Chasing, Seeking, Keeping

23rd August 2012:
I like Jeremy and Hannah together. I hope he doesn't get his heart broken though.The dream was so funny.I think she isn't feeling well because of those Honeybugs. It's tested like butterbear. Maybe it has something to do with Edie's brother. Ahh. CLiffhanger. How much i love one of those. Oliver in a towel. This will be VERY exciting.

Author's Response: You caught onto Edie's brother's trick!

I remember when I first thought of Oliver in a towel, and I thought, yes, I must now ;D and so I did.

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Review #48, by shadowcat2 Boys Will Be Boys

23rd August 2012:
Oliver knows about the strategist already? How did that happen? He seems to have a lot of things planned in his head.. Despite that, it appears he is getting protective of Rona already. It's kinda cute. Rona finally admitted that she has a crush on Oliver. Oliver and Rona likes to flirt. I like to see them flirt. I hope you like to write about them flirting as well.

Author's Response: I hinted him about knowing about the strategist last chapter :) More will come! Hee, glad you like their flirting. I always miss writing fluff when I reread them ^__^

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Review #49, by shadowcat2 In Which Oliver is Sensitive

23rd August 2012:
Oliver was watching Rona sleep. How adorable is that? I am glad Rona and Oliver are getting along now. They have also started to flirt which is great.

Author's Response: Bahah, well he only watched a while, any longer and it gets creepy ;D

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Review #50, by shadowcat2 Spare the Guilt, Spoil the Captain

23rd August 2012:
Aww. Rona is crying. Oliver should feel guilty for hurting her like that.

Author's Response: Baww yes, though I think one will find that it goes both ways!

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