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Review #26, by froggigirl5972 Dust in the Wind

14th August 2006:
ok, so i've started to read your storys obsessively now. yes, i'm sorry i haven't reviewed, i've been way busy and started printing out storys instead... but anyways, i'm reviewing now, aren't i? O.O so... I LOVE THIS STORY! it's amazing, and ur such a great author. i really like how at the beginning you don't name who it is, cuz then i comes as such a shock that it's not harry, since you'd assume he was one of the survivors. it was pretty schweet...other than the fact that harry dies.... anyways, that sentence up at the top ab how Hermione describes harry as if he was in a soap.... kind of got to me. it seemed really awkward in there, as if it were almost forced. it might be better if you used a thought of hers, like, 'I just described harry as if he were in a soap opera!' though much better than that, of course. I didn't like how harry goes back out with Ginny either- if it were important to the plot, i could see it, but it didn't seem like it, since they could have just ignored their feelings for eachother. though, i do suppose it adds to the drama of it all... well, whatever you want to do with it, it's your story. and i LOVED the whole expelliarmus/almost kissing scene! it was quite inventive, and v. v. romantic.

Author's Response: LOL. No problem. I know what you mean. I read a lot of stories and never review (*slaps hand and yells at herself for being evil*).

I'm glad you like the story. I definitely understand your problems with it. Keep in mind that I wrote this fic almost two years ago... I came back and did do edits to improve it, but I found there wasn't much that I could do, and that i also didn't want to spend my time fixing it when I could be concentrating on the fics I was presently writing. So yes, there are a lot of problems with the fic, as you found. Personally, the only two fics I've written so far that I'm actually proud of are Neurotic and What's Expected of That's my confession.

Thank you so much for reviewing and being honest! I really do appreciate it. :-)

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Review #27, by shinymusic626 Dust in the Wind

21st July 2006:
This is sooo sad. I'm so sorry Im so sorry. The song does go well with the story though. If only there was a way to fix it. *Sigh* Well, the story was really good. I loved it. I really did.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

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Review #28, by bdrman Dust in the Wind

22nd June 2006:
Oh boy. I told myself it would be a very long time until I read this story. I thought it would be easy to ignore- safely buried at the bottom of your stories page. Well, it kept taunting me so I could not resist any longer.
The worst part (not talking about the quality of the story) was that they did not get to experience the great love they had for each other the whole time. That was sad. Then Hermione's love for Harry helped defeat Voldemort- I thought that was the best part.
I don't believe that how you ended it detracted from the story. I believed that it was Harry walking in the cemetary. Then to learn that they both died was something unexpected. It's also really, really sad for Ron because of all the people he lost. :( That just mad me sad all over again, thinking about what Ron has lost.
There is just something about your writing that affects me more than any other fan fiction writer I have read. The plot, action, romance, it just all sticks with me long after I have logged off of the computer. This story reminds me how glad I am that I started reading your work. I am very happy that you are a Harmonian and that I can read great stories about the best couple in literature!! (even if some people won't admit it)

Author's Response: *Blinks* You really need to stop leaving me these reviews, because one of these days I'm going to burst into tears, track down your IP number, find out our address, and send you a big box of chocolates and some flowers.

Seriously. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how much your reviews inspire me to continue writing. It makes up for all of the flames and all of the hours working on my fics (not that I don't adore writing...but sometimes...well,

I don't think I can ever express how thankful I am to you for your support and for reviewing just about every single chapter I've ever written. Somehow every one of your reviews keeps me going and lets me know that it will always be worth it in the end.

I'm so touched by your reviews. I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to properly express my gratitutude. Thank you for everything. :-)

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Review #29, by SiriusLivesOn Dust in the Wind

22nd June 2006:
That was so sad, yet so good. it made me want to shrivel up and die

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry. Thank you so much for reviewing! AND DON'T DIE! :-)

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Review #30, by  Dust in the Wind

8th June 2006:
Another review from me: By chance I looked at this story again, and found it changed, so I think it is worth another review. I very much prefer this version as it conserves the central ideas but expresses them in a form that is somewhat less blood ridden. In fact, I quite like this chapter.However - sorry to be negative - I think that there death might have been a little "lame" as there is IMHO to much talking and not enough action And I think the end is OK - I don't think that it distracts from the ending; when I first read it I thought "Ah, he has survived again. Wait - he _did_ die!" - so it kinda highlighted his death

Author's Response: Oh, I agree with you there. I just had to quickly rewrite it because it sickened me to look at it...but yes, the death remains lame. *Sighs* I'll need to take a day to really redo it, and I don't really have that type of time right now. Thanks for the honest opinion. :-)

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Review #31, by harryfan2111 Dust in the Wind

27th May 2006:
wow. this is so sad. (tear drops down cheek) i was crying while my mom was watching t.v and she had to ask if if was okay. anyway it was a really good story. and your author note shows it was really painful for you to write. you are a very good author and i love all of your stories. you are going on my favorite authors list. keep writing great stories.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry that I made you cry though... Thanks so much for the review and I'm honored to be on your favorite authors list! :-)

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Review #32, by don't have one Dust in the Wind

14th May 2006:
I really liked it, but i hated it when she died, but overall it was a great story.

Author's Response: LOL. I'm glad you liked it, even though I personally think it's one of my, er, crappier fics, to put it likely. *Laughs* Thanks very much for the review! :-)

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Review #33, by  Dust in the Wind

20th March 2006:
I didn't really like Hermione's "violent" death - IMHO a lethal spell would have done just the same as far as the story is concerned, but less cruel in some way. The image of Hermione being stabbed in the heart is simply too much. That doesn't mean that I don't like your writing, but I don't think I want to read that scene again.

Author's Response: Yeah, one of my earlier stories...I tend to not like my earlier stories. *Shrugs*. Thanks for being honest! :-)

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Review #34, by DM_SS Dust in the Wind

19th March 2006:
I love sad stories! Even though a character dies, I love it cause stories like this brings out many emotions. I loved your story! It touched my heart. GOOD JOB =D

Author's Response: Aw. I'm glad to hear it. :-)

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Review #35, by Seb Dust in the Wind

17th March 2006:
Damn you! its so sad!!! But so touching, seriosuly iv read all of ur non-comedic/parody works and have loved them. U really are an excelent author!

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks so much! I'm honestly really honored. :-)

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Review #36, by TheWorldISee Dust in the Wind

8th March 2006:
Oh my gosh this one was so sad! Poor Harry, everyone died! Great story, wonderfully written! I love your stories so much!! And you make your own banners, amazing, you can do it all! hehe. So I'm off to read some more of your stories, any suggestions as to what should be next?

Author's Response: Aw. Thanks so much! If you want a sad fic, read "What's Expected of Me." And for romantic comedy, I suggest, "I'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger." Thanks again! It means a lot to me. :-)

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Review #37, by zoe1 Dust in the Wind

28th February 2006:
it was a really moving one shot..but...i dont think you should havewritten about harry and the grave at the beginning, expecially along eith the summary, because i guessed that hermione was going to die and it sort of ruined it..but as you've probably guessed from otherreviewes of your work..i think your a great writer?? would you have time to read any of mine..even if i am a HP/GW shipper?? please?? keep writing!! ~zoe1

Author's Response: I suppose you're But I really don't want to spend time reworking this fic for the fourth time...more concerned with all my OTHER fanfiction projects. lol. But thanks so much for your CC! And I'll see if I can read your fanfiction, although in all honesty I try my best to avoid HP/GW fics...I usually end up in tears because I despise the pairing so much. I know that sounds awful, but, well...Rowling destroyed any hope of me liking it (and believe it or now, I shipped HP/GW in the second book...true, I was 8, but I like pre-OotP Ginny...). Thanks very much for your support! :-)

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Review #38, by HermioneG Dust in the Wind

22nd February 2006:
This was great. Honestly. I had tears in my eyes.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm surprised that my fic brought on so much emotion. Thanks very much for reviewing! :-)

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Review #39, by aharrypotterobcession Dust in the Wind

17th February 2006:
omg. yeah close to crying right now....*sniff* wonderful job

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm sorry you almost cried though. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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Review #40, by hermionefan4eva Dust in the Wind

8th February 2006:
u made me tear...*sob* great story anyway...

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry. I'm glad that you still liked it though. :-)

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Review #41, by Padfoot Potter Dust in the Wind

21st January 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it even though it was sad. :-)

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Review #42, by aleung Dust in the Wind

10th January 2006:
Great angst, but the killing scene of Voldemort seemed slightly rushed. One of the few stories that (almost) made me cry.

Author's Response: Oh yes, definitely rushed. I was not happy with that part at all, truth be told...but I honestly went through the whole fic and rewrote it so that it developed H/Hr a bit more (originally it had cut from Harry saying he was with Ginny to the running after Voldie scene), but I just can't figure out how to fix the Voldemort scene...*sighs* I'm glad that I was able to affect you in the way that I wanted to, that makes sense. Thanks for the review, and for your honesty! :-)

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Review #43, by kate Dust in the Wind

30th December 2005:
i loved this a lot. I know that it's sad, but sometimes i wanted hermione to die just so Harry could wake up and realize how much she means to him! Serves him right. Hahaha. Just kidding. This is amazing! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :-)

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Review #44, by Smith Dust in the Wind

21st December 2005:
That was amazing, it was so sad... I still didn't cry though. How many times have you rewritten this story??? And BTW will you give me a link to where you're doing the christums eve bedtime story? That wouold be grand of you. Merry Christums!!! Your person, MS :)

Author's Response: Oh, I've only rewritten it twice. This time, I looked it over and noticed that there were spelling mistakes I hadn't noticed, so I fixed it. The link is Muahaha. Thanks for the review! :-)

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Review #45, by Faith4u Dust in the Wind

21st December 2005:
it was so sad it made me cry! Good fic, but so sad.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it... Argh, it's always hard to write a response to these, because my purpose was to make you cry, but it's not actually GOOD that you were you know what I mean? I don't even know if I do, actually...anyway. Thanks for the review! :-)

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Review #46, by hermionefan4eva Dust in the Wind

21st December 2005:
tell you wad, i've tears in my eyes when i finished readin it. you're such a great writer!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :-)

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Review #47, by hermionefan4eva Dust in the Wind

21st December 2005:
tell you wad, i've tears in my eyes when i finished readin it. you're such a great writer!

Author's Response: LOL. Don't ya just love double posts? *laughs* Thanks again for reviewing! :-)

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Review #48, by siriuslivesinourheart Dust in the Wind

21st December 2005:
Bloody hell. Bloody effing hell. I loved it! I started crying... you are awesome when it comes to stories.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'm glad I was able to convey the right emotion in the story. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #49, by Kat Dust in the Wind

11th December 2005:
That has to be the absolute saddest and most wonderful story I've read. I love the song Dust in the Wind too. Was listening to it while I read and couldn't help but cry.

Author's Response: Wow. I'm so honored that I was able to affect you like that and that you thought so highly of it! It is a really pretty song, isn't it? Thanks so much for reviewing. It means a lot to me! :-)

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Review #50, by bishop555 Dust in the Wind

5th December 2005:
very good story really enjoyed it you may just be my fav aurthor after jk of course

Author's Response: Wow...that means so much to me. Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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