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Review #26, by gingersnape No Pureblood is Safe

22nd February 2011:
This was yet another great chappie, and I would be so scared to go to Russia if I were Rose! it's getting better and better and it's really quite an interesting you are weaving because I've never read anything like it before and am really surprised by how much I like it considering how I usually tend to stay away from medical stories. I did notice a few things in the story about how the reporters acted that crossed my mind as a wee bit odd, but now that I've been over them a few times mentally, I could say that they weren't really anything to worry about since they make sense and all.
I can't wait for more,

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Review #27, by gingersnape Patient Zero

22nd February 2011:
oooh! You've really got an interesting characterization of Rose, and I love how she is portrayed in this as a bit more laid back than other Roses I've read. The writing in this is incredible, and I can't wait for more! (I feel horrible for leaving you with such short reviews when this has brought so much to my mind, but I can't find a way to put everything that I'm feeling right now about what is happening in words, other than you are totally rocking this! It's fantastic and other than a few wee things in the dialogue here or there, I don't see much else to say about it! :D)
See you in Chapter 3.

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Review #28, by gingersnape Prologue

22nd February 2011:
Wow, this has a really intriguing sense of mystery enveloped in it's breathtaking writing that I haven't seen elsewhere very often, and I truly enjoyed reading this! I can't wait for more and will be moving on right away! It's fantastic, and really made me wonder what exactly is going on. Great job, and congrats on 6K reads! :)

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Review #29, by madness In Shock

12th October 2010:
This is really intretuing. Please update soon. Xx

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Review #30, by Luxa Prologue

23rd May 2010:
This story has a very different writing style to it than most others that I've read, and that really drew my attention. I loved how you used description to set the stage, but weren't too overabundant with it. I wish you would have described the institute and the other people who may have been there more, but that's just me. You have a refreshingly different voice and I'm very glad I stumbled upon this story!

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Review #31, by Violet Gryfindor Prologue

30th March 2010:
I knew when you requested that I'd be getting myself addicted to yet another story, and what do you know? I am. :P It's a story I've been curious about for a while as it's so innovative and different from what other writers have been doing. It's a hugely interesting premise, and from what I see in this chapter, your writing is equally interesting to read - a very deadly combination.

In this little prologue, you've done a lot to set the framework for your story. I loved the transformation of Grigory - it reminded me a lot of Frankenstein and how Victor was consumed by his work for so long, then is killed by it. It also reminded me a bit of how Voldemort worked, removing the "loose ends" throughout the series in order to reach his ultimate goal. I'm curious about who the villain is here - you were perfectly vague about him, but gave enough small hints to give me an image of who he might be (which is probably wrong :P).

As for description, you were careful with your words, not over-describing things while still painting a vivid image of setting, character, and events. I really see nothing to critique here so far. I'm also going to add this to favourites so that I can continue reading - it sounds like it'll be a fantastic story! :)

Author's Response: Susan! Sorry for the late reply =D

I've been wanting a review from you for a very long time. I was so happy to finnally being able to request one ^^

Thank you so much for the compliments, they made my day, especially since I've been having writer's block for the past few months.

Although Grigory dies at the begining of the story, he is one of the most important characters (after all without his dedication to the potion, it would have never been created). He is also the only person, besides the evil mastermind behind all of this, who knows the entire plan, except for the fact that we wasn't planning on being killed in the end..but I won't say anything else =P
I wanted to really show how in the short 20 years of developing the disease, he had changed. From being a young talented and enthusiatic magical scientist, to an aged, broken man. It will be shown in the later chapters how he felt and what he did before he was killed. Actually, I can't wait to write that xD

The man behind this admired Voldemort, but not because of what he did, but because of how Voldemort did what he did.

Thank you so much, once again, Susan. I do hope you keep reading =D And if you don't mind, I will request another review from you =P

~ Becca

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Review #32, by aarti_popi In Shock

15th March 2010:
hey, dis is a nice story... different plot u writing on. had been waitin since a long time for update... thanks for updating !

Please update soon !

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Review #33, by serenity_1 In Shock

11th March 2010:
PLEASE keep writing!

This story is AWESOME! 10/10

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Review #34, by hpfan45 In Shock

3rd March 2010:
ahh! i love it!
poor harry! :/ he really should leave, but i can't imagine what it must feel like to have first your oldest son and then wife dying. part of me thinks he wants to get the disease too and rather die than live without them.

i hope al doesn't catch the disease back in russia ! he is a pureblood too...

update soon! ahh i can't wait!

becca xx

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Review #35, by RonsGirlFriday Instructions

8th January 2010:
OK, so I guess my previous question (about why Olivia didn't give the job to someone else) had been answered. XD

This is a really enthralling plotline!! I'm loving it.

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Review #36, by RonsGirlFriday No Pureblood is Safe

8th January 2010:
Haha! Must be pretty good being a Next Gen Weasley kid -- I think they'd have lots of connections. :-)

I did think it was a little weird that nobody wanted the job reporting on the Doctor's murder. I mean, journalism is pretty cutthroat as far as getting scoops and good stories - in the real world, most reporters would be half killing each other to get that job! But I do realize it was important for your plot that Rose be given that job, so I understand why you did it. In the future, if you ever do some edits to your story, maybe you could have Rose tagging along with a more seasoned reporter?

Anyway, I really appreciate the irony of the disease's symptoms, since it's the purebloods who are infected. Not only do they lose their magic, which they believe makes them a higher level of being, but they also need to dirty their blood in order to survive. It's a really excellent idea. :-)

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Review #37, by RonsGirlFriday Prologue

8th January 2010:
Hey Becca! Since your fic is the Featured Story this month, I thought I'd use that as a reason to stop putting off reading it. :-)

Fantastic beginning - it was a really excellent use of a prologue; just enough information to get the reader interested but without giving very much away.

I'm not a huge reader of dark fics, but these fics that have a science-fiction-y feel really appeal to me. It's a fantastic idea for a plot, no doubt about that!

Off to read some more!


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Review #38, by Father Christmas Control

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

Oh good, the icky Minister got what was coming to him :P although the Gray character doesn't seem like the nicest person ever either, it's nice to see that not everyone thinks he's the best either. I could almost feel the tension!

I like the use of the beaded clutch again! Bit of a vintage touch ;) it's really good, and a really good idea. Well done Becca :)

Slight criticism - "It was quite fascinating, but boring nonetheless." this seems a bit contrasting to me. I don't understand how you can have something fascinating but boring.

I really loved this line -
"It was a thing that had always bothered him. All this secrets and locked doors. He hated it."
really cryptic and can be taken differently according to the reader's interpretations. Fantastic!

Oh no, Scorpius started coughing. *cries* I'm not happy. I wanna know what happens next but I'll guess I'll have to wait. :P

Becca, you have yourself an excellent story here and I think you should be very proud of it! I've really enjoyed reading this, well done! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D XX

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Review #39, by Father Christmas Slipping Through the Cracks

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

NO! SCORPIUS MUST LIVE *cries* he's too lovely to die! I hope he doesn't. *sniffles* however I am biased because I adore him. :P

Oh my god! James next! This chapter is already so sad! The pace in this is good; I like how you changed from the tense James scene to the Ministry scene. Expertly done.

This Minister seems like a bit of an eejit. I don't like him already from your stunning descriptions. I also like the way you've portrayed Goyle's death so that it becomes more of a shock to the reader without making a huge deal about it.

More mystery from the two German men. I'm beginning to get tired of this :P nah, I'm joking. And a second cliffie at the end! Plenty more questions now; I wonder what these men do and why they've been called on.

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Review #40, by Father Christmas Instructions

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

Haha, it seems that my thoughts were along the same line as Hermione's - I take back what I said about Russia being a little unrealistic now. :P Rose seems to finally show a weakness, which is good for her characterisation as it doesn't make her seem so perfect. I love Albus, too.

And more mystery! The whole parchment saying "Find this!" and the guys in Moscow left me totally confused! I can't wait to find out what happens with them. Slavik seems like a very sneaky, untrustworthy person. I am intrigued.

Once again, bless Scorpius! There's something quite childlike about him which I can't place, but I can also see how he's related to Draco with the whole file stealing thing. What a cliff hanger at the end! My reaction was "NOOO" haha.

The description was very good in this as usual, and I really enjoyed it! Chapter six next ...

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Review #41, by Father Christmas Family

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

Killer opening sequences seem to be your forte. I am HOOKED on this story now, and I want to know what's in the little potions being created in the lab, why the disease is contagious, how close these people are to finding a solution - lots of unanswered questions. Lovely!

The tenderness of the scene where the mysterious leader (who I'm still trying to guess who it is) at his own home was a really nice touch to this chapter. I'm glad it was there because it also provided a reasoning for the whole reason why the disease came about in the first place, and explained a few things. Plus, it pretty much confirms that this guy is a psycho, heehee.

Aww, bless Scorpius having to be strong for his family! I really felt for him. Sometimes his dialogue was a little wooden, but otherwise this part was very heartfelt.

Ha! Pansy's dead. I didn't like her anyway, haha. This leader guy is becoming more and more evil and sinister ... who knows what he's gonna do next?! Still lots of unanswered questions.

Onto chapter five!

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Review #42, by Father Christmas No Pureblood is Safe

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

The first section of this chapter is really gripping. It's interesting to see that even years into the future the same pureblood stigma is still present - I think this line:
"I'd rather die, than have a single drop of dirty blood inside of me!" She coughed again. "Do it!"
really shows how ignorant some people are. Also, the Healers in this seem very down to earth and realistic - I can imagine them working in a normal hospital in real life.

Haha, Hermione and Ron are right in character here! The idea of Hermione reading and Ron just watching cartoons made me laugh, plus it's typical of them both. Rose seems more headstrong in this chapter, I like it. Great characterisations Becca!

In this chapter some of the sub-themes came a little more apparant, like what I suspect is Pansy's love for Draco still. I'm suprised he wasn't the leader, I really suspected it would be him. Also, the "What have we done…?" line really is very strong and final, and adds an edge to the story.

Your descriptions of the various places in this story really are excellent, I love the way you've described Malfoy Manor - the image is really clear in my head. Well done!

Goodness, I'd feel scared if I were Rose - first job is to go to Russia?! Perhaps this is a little unrealistic in real life, but for the sake of the story I shall ignore it, haha.

Fantastic chapter!

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Review #43, by Father Christmas Patient Zero

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

Ooh, plenty of mystery from this chapter. I love how we don't know many names yet, and how the characters all tie in with one another, but I'm liking the effect is creates. I think your strongest point in the chapter was the hospital scene - the description was quite brutal and gory, but necessary.

The characterisation fo Rose is different, which is always nice to see. People (including myself) portray her as a more mature, uptight person but it's a refreshing change to see Rose as a more laid back character. I think this is the first time in a story I've read where she plays pranks!

There were a couple of small things - I think in some places your dialogue was a little stiff and there was a place at the beginning where the word "dirty" was used twice quite closely, so you might want to change that in the future.

Apart from those tiny things, I loved this chapter. I think you've really set the story well and I can't wait to read on.

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Review #44, by Father Christmas Prologue

24th December 2009:
Hey Becca! This is my Secret Santa gift to you ;)

Awesome first scene Becca! I love how you've set the place up to sound with your description; I can almost imagine creepy music playing in the background, haha. The way the letter can't open is also ingenius - loved it. I also love the contrast which you've used in your descriptions too, which really sets a clear image in the reader's head. This line - "The man in the black travelling cloak contrasted with the pure whiteness of the laboratory." really expresses that well.

The urgency which is created also really suits the pace of the chapter very well. This is definitely one of your stronger points, especially with the way it's created with the dialogue from the characters. I really feel as if I'm there, watching the whole thing as it happens.

Ah! I'm so excited for the nexzt chapter now. Poor Dr. Solovyov, though. He seemed a broken man by the end of this. Onto chapter two! :D

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Review #45, by Large Debbie Control

8th October 2009:
your story is absolutely amazing!!! please continue updating, i'm completely enthralled..i want to know what happens..also i was wondering, is scorpius friends with albus and or rose in your story? there hasn't been anything to indicate that, but i was just wondering if they will scorpius get to the hospital if he can't get there by himself??..also how did astoria apparate to st mungo's with draco if there is an anti-apparation charm on the house?

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Review #46, by padfoot4ever Control

3rd October 2009:
Great chapter! Marvelous! I love this story so much (but you already know that!) Seriously, you are a bloody genius. I cannot wait for the next chapter. I just love the sense of urgency in this story, like Rose and Albus getting the hell out of the UK before they catch the disease, and the disease finally catching up to Scorpius.
10/10. LOVE IT!

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Review #47, by marisalovesharry Control

3rd October 2009:
Germany too huh? I hope Rose and Albus figure it out who´s behind this before they too get infected.AND IT INFECTS THE WORLD

Author's Response: Hi!

Believe me I don't like to have Scorpius infected. He is my favourite Next Gen character and the only character I like to write about...well it's a tie between him and the Leader.
But you must admit that it was helpless. I mean he is one of the purest Purebloods there is and has been in contact with the disease a lot...he went to St. Mungo's and all. There was no way he could have been alright.
Thank you for reading and reviewing =)


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Review #48, by luna123 Control

3rd October 2009:
Yeppie. You have no idea how exhilarated I was to see an update. I know it is rather rude to ask, but please update sooner. Yours is one of the few stories worth reading and the only mystery story worth reading.

I have no idea what to think. Scorpius is infected as well.. How will anyone survive, I thought he would have a much larger role. Apparently not given his symptoms. I can not wait for an update and to see rose and Albus going on their own adventure.

keep up the good work

Author's Response: Hey! ^^

I know...I'll try next time. It's just that my muse was MIA the entire summer and now it is not entirely back =/ But next time I promise you won't have to wait this long.

Thank you so much for the compliments. I just woke up and they've already made my day =D

Scorpius being infected doesn't mean that he doesn't have a big role in all of this. He has ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing =D


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Review #49, by luna123 Instructions

8th September 2009:
I love this story and am dying for an update. I have suspicions that Draco is not evil. I feel he may be undercover. Perhaps I am wrong. I cant figure out who the leader is though. Cant wait for more

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Review #50, by Axjion Patient Zero

7th September 2009:
Review Fever: Frantic Frenzy

I believe I had forgotten to mention in my previews review that I adore how you've written the date and place to define the scene. Usually, I despise when people do that, but here it seems to work. It seems to work because you have this dark and forboding air to your writing here. It reminds me of, if you're familiar with either of them, Metal Gear or Resident Evil. ~ Everyone becoming sick, deaths of the scientists who attempt to locate a cure. There's something eerie here. not to mention that there is a "patient zero."

I'm suspecting that it is Draco who's the leader... and the other wizards were... Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott? I always like to guess things, sorry. I'll have to read on to see though, won't I?

My only suggestion thus far would probably be to elongate what you've written. In some places, it seems as though the story is being rushed. This rushing does not go over well when the story is written so mysteriously.

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