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Review #26, by lucy Like Is In The Air

3rd August 2011:
oh my Lilly what are you doing love?
Absolutely ADORE Molly!! Her and Davies are gorgeous! (speaking of gorgeous missed him this chapter! Spose he can't be in them all though) Seriously though the phone message conversation was bloody brilliant! Your a literary genius! I seriously love your stories! I always get so excited when i see that you've updated one and feel so uplifted after reading one! You are an incredible writer and i want to thankyou for the true gift i find your stories to be.

Author's Response: Lily is being a silly little girl. Cross your fingers and hope for the best XD

As for Molly and Malcolm, I am so glad you liked them! (Don't worry, Gorgeous will be back before you know it, aka. next chapter).

I am so glad you liked the story and I am so appreciative that you reviewed. Thank you!

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Review #27, by faerieall Unflushed

27th July 2011:
Oh my god. Rita. YOU PERFECT ANGEL. I LOVE THIS. I decided against reviewing each chapter because let's be honest, you have lots of reviews to read and I think 7 of my blathering ones would just clutter everything up.

First up - I LOVE GORGEOUS (and caps lock apparently...) I want to date him. He looks like Henry Cavill, is a sweet bartender and is literally like too perfect to be true. And I love him with Rose.

I love all of the girls and their relationship issues. You really covered it all. The too-perfect relationship, the workaholic, the commitment-a-holic, and the one that got screwed over by a bad guy.

I loved this chapter best. Especially the line about Lucy's life being a three-act play. That captured so much of what I've seen in many women and it was great. From the sisterly-bond the girls have eating takeaways in bed to the Unflushables, this would make a great story outside of fan-fiction... in fact, besides the characters, we haven't seen much magic have we? Which is a bit curious but I'm not complaining in the slightest! If you wrote something and got it published I would be the first person in line (granted, I only know the basic facts about you from my time at TDA but I'd track it down anyways)

Also, Scorpius Malfoy being frutier than a muffin basket in Elton John's pantry... brilliant. I think Gorgeous is my favorite... because he's gorgeous, but Rose definitely follows. She reminds me of myself, I guess.

So yeah. Obnoxiously long review but all of it had to be said. This story is fantastic and I cannot wait until you update it.


Author's Response: NISHA! *tackleglomphugattack*

I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Thanks so much for this review. You tracked me down and now I have no choice but to love you forever.

I'm glad you liked this chapter best because here, even though they talk about boys and their relationships and such, it's not really about the guys. It's about them. Just them as people, as friends, as family. You get to see how Lucy really feels, how vulnerable Rose really is, how Molly loves and hates her job at the same time, how Lily isn't just a stick of sugar (alright, maybe that's a lie LOL!) But yeah, the thing I enjoyed most about writing this chapter is just giving the reader a good look at the girls and just introducing them properly.

Again, I am so glad you liked the story! MAMA LOVES YOU!

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Review #28, by soliloquy Unflushed

26th July 2011:
i love the fact that you give so much insight into every character. do you have an unflushable, rita? :O i know i do xP

oh, lucy. i love the fact that molly and lucy aren't carbon-copies of bitter!power-hungry!percy when he betrayed his family/etc. and that they actually care about and love their family and friends.

for some reason, i really don't want nigel and lucy to work out. @___@ I KNOW. I'M HORRIBLE. :( just call me horrible!tanya and be done with it. i just don't think they're going to work. idk why. just my gut feeling, i guess.

i just feel like lucy...already met her "one," but she got scared and ran away/made a single flaw bigger than it actually was because she was afraid to get hurt.

and even though she talks about hope, so well...hopefully, i can't help but feel that she's also doing some sort of unconscious self-preservation by dumping before she's dumped.

if you know what i mean xP i mean, i am sleep deprived and rambling here and there (i hope you don't mind xP)

i love the relationship you've built for these girls. it's just really wonderful, and caring and makes me happy. :)


Author's Response: Of course I have an unflushable :D Everyone does, lol!

Hahaha! A Nicy (or is it Lugel) hater! Well not really a hater, but you know. One who doth not support their union. I'm partly with you and partly against you. Basically, I am cut in half as to what the fate of their ship will be. Will they make it, will they not. It's a constant toss up with me. So when the answer finally comes, you won't be the only one surprised.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING! I told you already but this really helped me a lot XD I shall get to answering the other reviews when I can, but for the meanwhile, take this as a collective I LOVE YOU!

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Review #29, by soliloquy Zonked

26th July 2011:
oh. we find out about rose's previous relationships. d'aw. would it be weird if i said something similar happened to me? OKAY. SO HE DIDN'T MARRY HER. but he left his ex to be with me and then he left me to be with his ex.

i've also been the transition girl. -_-; and it does NOT feel good, and is definitely a great reason to get drunk as a skunk! and yup.

there's definitely going to be some (?) tension between lucy and rosie over nigel. IT KINDA REMINDS ME OF EMMA. she tries to set everyone else up and then her friend's like, SO I LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND and emma's like OHWAIT! I LOVE HIM, GTFO. /etcetc. of course, you already know the plot of emma, so that was definitely redundant xp

anyways. i'm curious to see what's going to happen. i mean, nigel is definitely a true friend. a great friend. i would LOVELOVE to know more about him! esp. since he said that he's known rose before the bar. ;)


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Review #30, by soliloquy Pastures of Shame

26th July 2011:
The answer of course lay in the fact that Dominique was by far the scariest human being imaginable when she wanted to be. When she told you to dress up in fancy dress knickers, you dressed up in fancy dress knickers.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. when will we meet this elusive dominique character that has been mentioned a few times...but never shown?! and i imagine dominique to be extremely frightening. :P and demanding. and all the cousins are like, YES MA'AM.

but oh my gosh. i did NOT expect rose to be like that with all her racy costumes and whatnot. that silly rose. and i really hope she doesn't awkwardly, drunkenly hit on gorgeous nigel! that would just be beyond awkward.

though, i'm wondering if she's going to one day wake up and realize she's been fancying him the whole time and then they have to deal with the prospect of hurting lucy and DRAMZ. everywhere.

oh, rita. only you could make my brain (i almost spelled brian the first time xp) randomly come up with maybe!plot ideas.

gah. oh rose. i'm seriously in love with all your characters. they're quite the colorful cast! :) i'm inspired.

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Review #31, by soliloquy Ghosts of Boyfriends Future

26th July 2011:
ROSIE. ROSIE. ROSIE! you and your standards -___- sounds like my roommate! she literally listed off everything she wanted in a guy, and then one day i realized that my friend's roommate was her IDEAL, and i told her and of course...she was all oh, no...blahblahblah. it's like they're afraid to find someone who is perfect for them, so by having these ridiculously high standards, they're sort of protecting themselves? i mean, if you're single, no guy's gonna hurt you.



rita, you're brilliant.

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Review #32, by soliloquy Result!

26th July 2011:
GAHAHAHAHAHA. rita, you funny girl! i can't sleep, so maybe i'm just sleep deprived but NOPE. i just think you're hilarious.

“Why don’t you come out, yeah? So we can talk about it.” Like Rose really meant that. She was about as nurturing as a spider eating its young. Still, Lucy appreciated it.

GAHAHAHA. they are so funny. their dialogue is great and it flows perfectly. :3

i can imagine molly like, trying to breathe in the smell of cigarette smoke like an obsessive...idk, sniffer? like, fanning her arms around and just trying to inhale it all. KEKE. might just be me, though xp

and d'aawww. gorgeous! being, well, gorgeous! i'm really digging this. AND ROSE. USING THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. got hermione's sharp wit, didn't she? :P AND WOT. CARL. WHERE'S TEDDY? -flail flail- where is that hot remus-offspring :P

oh, man. weddings. always room for drama and shenanigans. :) lookin' forward to it, rita m'dear :3

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Review #33, by soliloquy Happily Undefined

26th July 2011:
d'aw, toby. i like him. especially because he's matt smith. I LOVE KAREN AND MATT SMITH TOGETHER. -dies- (and the fact that you always seem to pair them together as characters -scratches chin thoughtfully- ;]) but i totally know what lily means when she feels like maybe it's too perfect.

WHAT IS UP WITH US, WOMEN?? either the guy is a HUUUGE jerk/etc, or he's too perfect. and we find fault in both (well, maybe lily hasn't yet...) gah. why do we always over-think everything to the point that we're turning down perfection?! i mean, do we really want someone to constantly be arguing with us when we complain of someone being too perfect and too boring? -table flip- /rant

cough. anyways. back to the story xP

d'aw. molly's a workaholic! like percy! again, i think the character dynamics are so GREAT. and so realistic. it's not awkward or anything, and obviously they're so close that they probably know what the other one is thinking/etc, like how rose can tell that molly is down in the dumps. also, fabric softener smells wonderful. i don't care what anyone says xP i will sniff as much as i want!

need moar story! again, i've already read this chapter but i kinda stopped after that because RL got in the way, SO RITA. YOU WILL BE GETTING REVIEWS FROM FRESH-EYES AFTER THIS ONE!! ;3

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Review #34, by soliloquy Banishing The Pity-pot

26th July 2011:
RITA! you said writing was hard and what's more encouraging than reviews? :3 even if it's probably not for the story you're working on, keke. but then again, i'm the worst reviewer ever because i've read this chapter ages ago but was lame and didn't review...

SO NOW I'M REVIEWING. YAY! i love this. adore it. a non-whiney, witchy lily? i'm sold! and the dynamics between the cousins are so great and...OMGAH. HENRY CAVILL AS GORGEOUS NIGEL, YES. APPROVAL ALL AROUND. also, i love the fact that the casting you did is so...different, you know? they don't obviously look the same...and it just kinda makes the idea that yes, they're related and they're cousins and they're great friends...but they're also different.

oh, rose. does she know what she's doing? probably not. but i love it. KEEP GOING RITA, YOU'RE GREAT. TANYA APPROVES :3

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Review #35, by dianap00 Unflushed

19th July 2011:
Golly, these Weasleys have a tendancy toward the dramatic. I do not enjoy the idea of trouble with Toby, not remotely. He is all sorts of wonderful, and, although lack of argument and disagreement is odd, I find Lily's dissatisfaction infinitely more troublesome. Rose is, as always, a star. I can't believe Lily turmed Scorpius; it is a mildly perfect development. Revelations regarding Molls are rather shattering. Similarly Lucy. They are opposites in so many ways but the results are the same, almost. For now.

Author's Response: Their life is a theater piece, really XD They just don't know it yet.

Toby is wonderful and their little 'problem' does not affect their individual awesomeness. It's not anything the matter with Toby or with Lily, for that matter. It's something to do with them as a couple. It'll flesh itself out in the next couple of chapters :D

Glad you liked the story! Thanks for the review!

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Review #36, by dianap00 Zonked

19th July 2011:
Of course Rose was involved with an older man. It's funny how easily Rose admits to still liking him in spite of his unrecommendable behaviours, actions, and history. I love Gorgeous; it is a thing all girls suffer through, apparently.

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Review #37, by bedella Banishing The Pity-pot

17th July 2011:
hi. I saw your banner- which was full of win by the way- and wanted to see if your story was good. And guess just might be.

I kid, but seriously. I read your casting list and I thought you had it spot on. Henry Cavill IS Gorgeous Nigel. And the dialogue was surprisingly witty, certainly above the standard I see in most of the stories on here. And even though the dialogue was some of the most hilarious dialogue I've ever read on here, you didn't stop there. No. You also had a keen eye on plot and description. The pace was wonderful. Hot damn, you should be a published author. No lie.

I'm not going to give you any negative feedback, I'm sure you're disappointed :p. But I do have some predictions:

1. Lucy and Gorgeous Nigel are going to end up falling in love with each other.

2. You will get tired of typing Gorgeous Nigel on your keyboard.

3. You will continue to wow me.

4. A fight will ensue between the girls over some hot bloke?

That's what I got so far. Look forward to keep on reading!

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Review #38, by justonemorefic Unflushed

11th July 2011:
OH LUCY, YOU CAN'T SPELL. But I'll forgive.

I totally laughed at lily's and subsequent reaction to Lily's, because that's exactly my story and I get that OI SHUT UP reaction alll the time. Like in Skype :D

But who am I kidding? I laughed at everything. Oh how I've missed good rom com ♥ none can compare to yous. So delish and girl-bantery and Gorgeous of course. My friends and I haven't relationship gushed in so long (mainly lack of interesting events and males) so reading this was like being in a long missed slumber party.

May the muse be with you~

Author's Response: Lucy was absent the day they taught spelling in kindergarten, but she'll deal.

I'm glad you liked the story loff! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #39, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Unflushed

5th July 2011:
Aww, I love them and this and youuu. It's so funny that after so long away, I just slipped straight back into this without needing any reminder of where you'd left us. All the characters just came flooding back and it was brilliant.

I feel so sorry for...well, everyone, really. They don't deserve all their broken hearts and sadness. The cogs are going in terms of Lily/Toby because there is something fishy and I cannot put my finger on it. I'm starting to understand people's suspicion of him at the start now. People being Jack, that is.

Anyway, Lucy/Gorgeous has to be. Just for a bit, at least. I'm not convinced it'd work but I'd love to see them together.


Loved iiit ♥

Author's Response: RACHEL!

*I hugs you*

Thanks so much for dropping by and reviewing. I love you :D For that, you get a free hug from Gorgeous.

Everyone has their Unflushable. It's a fact of life, I think. It may not even be a guy. It could just be one huge regret that you always look back on. The girls just need to find a way to move on from that and find happiness in the end. I think that really is what the whole story is all about. Friendship and moving on towards the happiness you deserve.

Lily and Toby, like all couples, have their problems...problems that will start to become more evident as the story goes on. Personally, I think it's something that a lot of "happy" couples go through but only a small portion of them notice what's going on. As to what that problem is, I leave it to you to discover.

Lucy/Gorgeous will be. As to how long they will last...well it's the biggest internal battle I've had since the chicken or the egg. In the end, it's all about what I feel the moment I write that oh-important chapter. Hopefully, I'll make the right decision.

Again, thanks for the review and the support! Hope to see you again in the next chapters!

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Review #40, by You Have No Idea Who Unflushed

26th June 2011:
YAY!!! I love your story. Lily is my favorite of your characters but they're all awesome. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Lily-lovers!!!

Thanks so much for reading the story and I hope I see you in the next chapters.

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Review #41, by Aiedail Unflushed

24th June 2011:
Oh so many hours spent lustfully watching him open jar after jar of marmalade.

probably one of my favorite lines in ff ever. and i've read so much...but that--it feels like something professional, clever, witty. it's a great embodiment of your ability to characterize and make each character unique and entirely their own person. seeing that they're all in their own ways completely bonkers, that's quite an accomplishment.

also, keira knightly as rose has inspired me. when i read her parts, her voice, everything--i can see her so clearly! i really love this story REEETZ, GO GO GO for the rest!

i really hope gorgeous and lucy live happily ever after. yes, i do. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review! Really, you're making me blush here! I try my best and it's amazing when people appreciate it.

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Review #42, by ruby_slippers Unflushed

23rd June 2011:
I don't want to be all sappy and stuff but i am in love with you (in a completely straight way). Your stories have quickly become my favourite ones alongside match and the 'delicate' series.
Seriously, you should get published. I'm not saying that just coz i love this story (which i do) but you have an incredible gift with words and story telling and you should be published. And not by some crappy little publishing company that only prints fluff, a serious, legit, literature publishing company. You deserve it. Your characters are always deep and engaging, your plots are original (which is saying alot on this site - dont get me wrong i love this site, have been a faithful reader for 5 or so years now, brilliant for procrastination!) and interesting. I am only one of the masses with absolutely no literary training or credentials other than a love of reading so you don't have to listen to any of this. But I promise you, if you ever did get anything printed and i knew about it, i would go straight out to buy it no matter the cost or plot because i KNOW it would be worth it.
God Bless!

Author's Response: Thanks so much dear! I've loved reading your reviews and I am absolutely thankful for all the support you've given to my writing :D

For the past how many months, my fiction has been taking a back seat to my job and I've been regretting it more and more. Writing fiction is really what I want to do with my life and for a while, that kind of got lost in the effort I was making in getting my foot through the door.

A couple of days ago, I got a huge reality check and I think I am back on track with regards to my priorities. I think it's reviews like yours (and the reviews of countless others) that helped me find that clarity.

So yeah, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I value your reviews


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Review #43, by iheartzuko Unflushed

23rd June 2011:
Aw, Gorgeous Nigel is now officially my favorite character < 3

Would you look at that, Rose has a soft side. (:


Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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Review #44, by thecookiemonster Banishing The Pity-pot

21st June 2011:
wow, i just stumbled upon After Hours. And I must say, you write in the third person flawlessly.

"It was clearer than Dominique’s pores."

Hahahahaha ^ that line cracked me up!

Author's Response: :D Glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by NessaTelemnar Zonked

5th March 2011:
Absolutely love this story !
Will follow up ^^

Nina x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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Review #46, by Kirsty Weasley Zonked

22nd February 2011:
I'm in love with these characters! Honestly I am! Hense why i've decided to read this rather than last minute cramming I have for an exam that starts in, I dont know 2 hours and 4 minutes! Not that i'm counting or anything... Gorgeous is a babe. Honestly, I want him for my own! He is the gay best friend who isnt gay! But anyway I hope that you update soon! - Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Hey Kirsty! Thanks so much for the review! And right on mate! Procrastination gave birth to fanfiction so more power to you :D

Thank you for noticing that! Yes, that was my very inspiration for Gorgeous. I have this friend who is basically "too good to be straight" and in a strange set of irony, he just happens to be that, so yeah. Maybe that's what makes him such a good friend. The reason why GBFs are so popular among women now a days is because they have the male perspective but you can feel comfortable enough to be candid with them. Gorgeous is exactly a gay bestfriend sans the gay and you are the first person to notice! Well spotted!

Update will likely come next month as I am pre-writing most of the chapters in the story, so watch out for that. If it doesn't come, I give all my readers license to pester me until the update is posted!

Again, thanks so much! ILY!

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Review #47, by butterbeergal Zonked

11th February 2011:
OMG I've missed this story! And such brilliant updates, my love! Really love how easy and natural and HILARIOUS the dialogues are... like I can hear them all, and can actually imagine real people having this kind of conversation. Super awesome, and so much fun to read!

Can't decide whether I want to ship Rose/Gorgeous or not, but regardless, they are ADORABLE, and I love how you've written their relationship so far. I think I'll be sad when Gorgeous finally takes Lucy on that date because my heart will break for Rose even if they aren't even together. I dunno, the dynamics between them is just so awesome that I despair over anything that might get in the way of such awesomeness.

Me thinks I've rambled enough. Like I said, the updates have been wonderful and cannot wait for the next chapter!


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Review #48, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Zonked

5th February 2011:
I've already told you what I thought of this but a review is needed nonetheless, because I don't believe I reviewed chapter 5.

Gorgeous makes my life. I've missed this story and him so much. It's such a perfect excuse to think about Henry Cavill, for starters, but also everything about him is, well, gorgeous. His personality, his face, body, dialogue, attitude, literally everything.

Drunk Rose ♥ I've said it a thousand times but I kind of hate every TGS member that makes me like this girl and you make me like her so muuuch. Her relationship with Gorgeous is fabulous. It really is no surprise that people expect them to get together eventually but I quite hope you don't do that. I like that they can have a friendship like this without romance wriggling its way into the picture.

Wonderful chapter, Rita. I'm so glad you're back ♥

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Review #49, by You Have No Idea Who Zonked

3rd February 2011:
Yay, an update! You're story is really awesome. I love that you've made up some amazingly-well characterized OCs. Your story is an nice break from all of the usual cliches. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read the next installment.

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Review #50, by Aderyn Zonked

3rd February 2011:
I really love this story! The characters are real and have real life problems. I love the character Gorgeous Nigel (what a name!) he's quite reasonable and funny. And poor Rose,even though she really needs to get over Mitchell. I'm glad that you updated with this lovely chapter and hope you update again soon. :D

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